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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  February 10, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EST

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few inches in media, delaware count. >> i yes, little coating, i would say, this morning we added maybe half inch. >> yes. >> already on the ground. >> chaddsford had four to start the day, probably up to five by now. >> probably. >> last gasp. >> it is wednesday, february the tenth, 2016. >> the people versus o.j. simpson, so "tmz", harvey lever inches will way in on what thinks cast really like. intimate moment, thinking, how did they know this. >> i lived this, i was out in los angeles during this whole thing, then moved to new york halfway through this thing. and harvey levin spent four and a half years of his life reporting every day for channel two out there on this case. >> but you even said some of the stuff, you learned some things? >> i d i want to ask him about a situation with robert kardashian in front of o.j.'s
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family. we will talk about it. >> do you have any questions we should probably ask harvey? tweet us alex holley fox 29. mike jerrick fox 29. >> it is called winter white. >> no, you don't wear white this time of year. others say no it is not white, it is winter white, or it is a cream. so how do you pull off that, you know, some people call it a summer look, for right now? how do you make it winter white? we need to do this. >> i call it bone. here's jen. >> hey, guys, here's something that every mom wants. a little blow dry bar, kids swim lessons, maybe individual changing, so dad can take the kids? but the question for today is fox 29 mom squad, what do you not want for valentine day? i'm going to say it again. what do you not want for valentine's day from your kid, or your husband, use the hashtag fox 29 mom squad and tell us how you feel. we're in ft. washington, at my new favorite place. i wish i had a baby. i need a baby. >> welcome on back, jen.
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>> oh, my gosh. mike? >> i love those segments where women admit this is what i don't want, because it really helps when you go out and buy a gift. >> right. >> sometimes you just have to be honest. >> be honest, please. >> so you don't want the electro lux vacuum cleaner? i got it. i got it. and no membership to a gym. >> oh, my gosh. >> no, no. >> remember when sallyann mosey got that? >> poor thing. >> her husband gave her a gym membership. >> how do you take that? >> unless i specifically ask for that. >> do you have ask. >> almost in writing. just to be sure. >> speaking of losing weight, what did we call, is it lent ton resolutions in. >> yes, sacrifice? >> sacrifice. >> you do, you know, negative things that you've been doing doing, or positive things for the next four days, because it is ash wednesday. >> i have a confession. it is ash wednesday. and mike is like hey, alex, what are you giving up? i'm like i don't know yet.
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he's like really? don't i have time until i go in the service get the ash wednesday service? >> once the ashes hit your forehead, you better know. >> so you can just do positive things. >> what she came up w i think she will get something better. drink more water while i'm out drinking alcohol. >> that's not what i said. i said, drink more water when i'm out eating out at dinner. >> oh, dinner, okay. >> you put in alcohol part. >> and then mike like oh, sure, alex, don't trouble yourself. >> i'm drink more water. oh. >> that's when it really counts, i need tea in the morning to wake me up. >> so 40 days of drinking water. oh. >> that's big. i told that you. >> she does not like water. >> sacrifice for you. >> thank you. >> something that you don't want to do, then that's why you do it, right? >> to me, water, let's be honest, when you drink water just dragging wet air. that's it. >> wet air? i really like water.
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i get in the middle of the night -- >> you do not. you have people believe you're dragging water, but really there is something else in there. >> no, that's recovering from that, but -- okay, losing your temperature significant other, even over something that has absolutely nothing to do with them. maybe perfectly normal. i've -- i admit i do this. >> i to the dry it. >> so as it turns out psychology tends to give the people we love most a sort of special power. what they are calling it. we expect them to be able to fix things, partly because we are so vulnerable in front of them. we complain in front of them. we let them see us cry. we let them in, right? >> right. >> so, parents made everything better. so when we're adult, our brains think okay, this person is real close to me, should be able to do the same. that's what i was used to when younger. >> so your partner takes over for what your parent did. but, are we wired to be somebody else's mom and dad? >> he had fist complex. >> sometimes the woman telling her husband about the problem,
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he wants to fix it. >> like if i'm late to something, i'll blame her. >> do you? >> no question. >> it happened just few minutes ago, people magazine run out of ideas, so they like the sexiest man, sexiest woman thing. >> right. >> they've expanded it now, ryan reynolds, is the sexiest dad alive. >> we can have sexy dad, i'm cool with that. >> just new category. i'm kind of into it. >> but a lot of the other sexy men were dads. >> well, ya. but this is new category. >> now specifically -- >> trying to sell more magazines, starting to wayne little bit. now, he has daughter named james. isn't that interesting?
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teddy? >> yes. >> manually thing. >> now, he's married to blake lively. right? >> that's true. and he says that having daughter was dream come true for me. he also said he does not have to prepare to be wrapped around his daughter's finger, because he's been wrapped around him since the day she plopped out into this world. direct quote. plopped. >> okay, i guess. >> okay, so, last year, plus size models ashley gram, appeared in the sports illustrated swimsuit edition, also the one that says quit putting a modifier on all, every time you mention my name, on simply a swimsuit model. why do i have to be called curvey plus size? here we go. well, this year, she will be official part of the annual
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issue. ashley posted on her instagram, i'm a sport you will straight dollars swimsuit model. no modifier on there, thank you. insuring glimpse of the photo shoot, looks good. ashley is one of the five rookies in this year's swimsuit edition, which means, people can vote for her for rookie of the year. i didn't know there was a rookie of the year voting thing with this. >> good thing you know now. >> okay. >> i thought she was in last year's issue. >> she was in a ad. now she's actually in the issue. >> oh,. >> yes. >> moving on up. >> that's the dif. >> but there was what they call plus size mod nel last year's issue, i remember. >> yes. >> so episode two last night of the people versus o.j. simpson. re-enacted one of the most successful and memorable moments. what did i say? >> successful. >> suspend fulls. >> well, they were successful in making it suspense full last night. >> good save. >> what did it show? >> it shows o.j. simpson in the famous white ford bronco. >> right?
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is driving on the freeway his life-long fred, al comes, played by malcolm, at the wheel. shows inside look what was happening. what they believe is happening. >> yes, al's driving, oj in the back seat. >> do you know what's going on here? o.j. is in the back seat. >> can i speak with mr. simpson? >> he ain't speak to go nobody. i ain't speaking to nobody. >> i know. oj, i will hand l t i know. >> we don't want anybody to get had your. >> oj. >> (screaming heard). >> just back off. >> now, they let him drive off. the movie gives insight as to what happened inside that bronco. by the way, that's al's bronco, not o.j.'s. >> they talked about that, in the episode, the exact same car. >> because he was so into oj. >> of course, cuba gooding junior plays o.j. simpson. he keeps that revolver to his head in the back seat.
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when they were filming this, they interviewed cuba gooding junior about this they filmed this for over two different weekends. at eight hours at a time he had to stay in character in the back seat that far bronco. >> and they did nice job recreate that on the freeways of los angeles. i used to live out there. and i lost harvey leaf -- watched harvey levin for four and a half years, harvey. >> yes. long, long years, where that is the only thing that was going on. that was it. that's all people talked to me about. that's all the i dealt with, o.j. simpson. >> what did you think then of the car chase how they portrayed it last night? >> you know, i mean, honestly, i really, really liked the first episode. this one, i mean, there was -- there was nothing really new. i mean, we kind of new everything about that, because remember, he was talking on the phone, so we new that oj had the gun to his head. so there was no real -- i didn't have the same feeling you guys did. i was kind of hoping it would be a little more interesting.
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but what i found kind of funny and interesting, was how they characterize how important the kardashian's are. for obvious reasons. so what they've done is realized smartly, you know, back then, the kardashian's nobody new them, but now everybody knows him. go back, building up that part of the story. guesser i can tell you mom jumping up and down screaming oh, there is daddy. >> let's play that clip for people who didn't see it. here it is. >> i was with oj this morning, and -- he was in pretty bad shape. >> what do you mean? >> was in a lot of pain. >> oh, my gosh, daddy.
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>> this letter was written by oj. >> who are you? >> robert, robert kardashian. >> can you please spell that? >> karzashian. >> kardashian. >> please, be respectful. >> this is very close friend. >> yes, harvey. who knows that even happened. that's where it got cheesey last night. trying to cram these kardashian girls into the story line. >> well, look, i mean, we're told that did not happen. and i don't really care it is entertaining. i can tell you, you know, having covered it, robert kardashian was important for one principal reason, and that reason is that there was a moment at rocking ham, o.j.'s house, when oj had just arrived back from chicago, where robert, who by the way
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was a wonderful, wonderful person, and just a great human being. robert carried a louie vet and suit bag out of the house. and nobody ever saw the suit bag again. so there were lots of theories that there was incriminating evidence in the suit bag, and that's what people were talking about throughout the trial, that he somehow, you know, people were saying the knife was in there, which is bizarre to me, that oj would have taken the knife to chicago and then back. so, that really never made sense to me. but that was the main thing people talk about with robert kardashian. otherwise sat at counsel table, but didn't participate in the trial. didn't examine witnesses, cross-examine witnesses, real think for support for oj. >> okay, 401 clip we just saw here. i didn't know this harvey. i thought i knew everything about this case, robert kardashian telling o.j.'s family that he was dead. here it is. >> i was with oj this morning.
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and he -- he was in pretty bad shape. >> what do you mean? >> he was in a lot of pain. he left a note. and we have reason to believe that he has killed himself. >> oh, my god. >> harvey it, that happen? >> i'm so sore. >> i you agree? i don't know. i do not know if he ever actually said that to the family. i just don't know. i don't remember that ever coming out. i don't know. i don't know. >> what else? >> i think another interesting part was when they were talking about the suicide note he left. well, who put the smiley face at the bottom of their -- >> that happened. >> that did happen? >> that happened. and, you know, i will say, that, you know, another thing, they are making robert shapiro
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look so bad in this. >> that press conference? not just the press conference, but when he was driving, and he was playing that easy listening music driving up to his house. >> not caring? >> by the way, well, that totally telegraphs, you know, something almost haneous, and how would anybody know other than robert shapiro what he was playing in his own car. i doubt robert shapiro talked to the producers and said oh, by the way just cruising along listening to easy music? i mean, there was a lot of license taken there. he was not that characture. i mean, robert shapiro is a character, but, you know, i watched that, and i just thought oh, my god, they are just schulkhill. >> he's still alive. go oj, go. go, juice, go. >> now still in the game. still in the game. >> hey, harvey, thanks a l we'll see you soon. see you this afternoon on the show. >> okay, mike. >> thanks, harvey, love it.
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mz live. >> love it every day. >> thank you. >> it is your valentine is an eagles fan, something you may want to give them. this is funny. >> oh, i saw this the other day. malcolm jenkins, well, yesterday, he tweeted this out, i thought it was hilarious. >> valentine day cards that relate to the eagles. >> are we going to show them? here we go. i out kick my coverage this year. >> that means, you're really fine. >> now, there is another one, it get better, get better. >> i pick these for you. >> that's malcolm jenkins one he tweeted out. >> okay, there are some more. >> i'm head over heals for you. >> upside down. >> yes, huff. and then wait for the neck one. >> oh, okay. >> i like that one the best. >> couple more. the great thing is that was -- you can see there is more. you can send them to your
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loved ones. >> a bun of of them. >> hey girl, happy valentine day. the one fletcher cox, hilarious, i'll never let you go. >> you are the center of my attention. of course he's our center. >> so the great thing about there is on the eagles website, you can put in e-mail for one of your loved ones, have it sent to them, you know, valentine day, get this in their emails. >> adorable. >> you may be celebrating van -- valentine this sunday or saturday night with your loved one, but according to new study but you may want to skip the city of philadelphia for a romantic night out on the town. you know i don't agree with that. >> out of all of the cities listed there, look how many there are, we're high up on the list. it is that personal finance website called wallatub. says philly is not the ideal place to come for valentine day, based on findings of the 100 largest cities in the country, that were most romantic and east years on people's pocketbooks. overall, philly was ranked the
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sixth worse out of the hundreds. so, the 100, am i getting this right, the 100 on the list should be the most romantic of the cities? >> i'm confused. >> then why isn't this a good thing for us? >> oh, okay. >> not near the top. >> out of 100 we're 96. >> the city? >> ninety-fourth. >> out of 100 cities almost at the bottom for romance. >> they say it is because the valentine day activities is lack of them, also the weather, and supposed to be real cold this weekend, right, knew. >> that's true. but you know you can spin it a different way. first of all a walk in the snow can be very romantic. >> not with wind chills at 20 below zero. >> you won't even feel -- >> all right. so go stay inside and cuddle. >> i have do have to say i went on first day with, oh, god i just forgot her name. >> you don't have to name
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drop. tell us the story. >> we're at washington square, in manhattan. >> yes? >> at the blue water grill. and so it was going real well. except a cockroach ran behind her head-on the -- >> oh, that's pretty big. >> i wasn't going say anything, but then i went ahh. >> so go on with the store. >> i we walk out, walk through the park, and it is heavy, heavy wet snow, just thick. pounding us in the face, and it was very romantic. >> so like 33 degrees. >> because you had to get close to shield yourself. >> the end of the storey? >> that was it. >> it was romantic. >> okay? >> oh, i think it is all in your attitude. >> your attitude. >> we got attitude. >> valentine day is a long time ago. valentine day is this weekend. as you know. that's not the breaking news. i think you probably new that. >> yes? >> are you look to go get away? maybe go down the shore?
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open table. com ranks ac of the most top 25 romantic cities of america this year. >> are they nut? >> based on romantic dining. >> oh,. >> like go to the borgata, they have nice options there. >> the kia. >> go ahead. >> they took into account three variable, percentage of restaurant very romantic, percentage of tables seated for two. >> okay. >> and the percentage of people who dined out for valentine day last year. >> oh? >> you know what, mike, speaking of dining out, we were in atlantic city that one time last year. >> did you get a table for two? >> no, i was playing third wheel. they took pitty on me. >> hey there. they took pitty on me. so they invite the me to come to valentine day with shelleddh. lda. >> she should get the academy award for not really minding. >> i told you, won't you could with me? i said did you ask her? >> oh, it will be fine. >> we have not had a third wheel outing since. >> no.
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>> valentine's day. >> it ruined it all. i thought we had great time. >> she was late coming down from manhattan, so alex and had i to spend two, three hours together. >> oh, we were waiting in the restaurant. oh, hello, no, not we are together. i'm the third wheel. i know my place. i forgot about that. >> oh, ya, ya, ya. people were talking. >> oh. i was like everyone will have something to say about this, valentine a cast, hotel lob. >> i hotel lobby, yes. >> very incriminating real. >> i what a creepy old dude. >> all right. it is called winter white. can i never figure this out. thank god we have our fashion expert, tori. what exactly is winter white? do's and don't's of wearing it, too.
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hi dad uh huh, okay yeah..sorry about that. what do you think? hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. ♪ bring me a higher love ♪ i could rise above
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>> i know they say it is technically different color than regular white, then you have the cream, and on the red carpet this season, seen a lot of white hot looks. >> so how do we wear white too? >> all right, we have somebody who has the answer for us, his name is tori williams, first, tori's take on wearing white in the winter. >> i'm at the bloomingdale's in king of prussia mall. we got a lot of writers how to wear winter white. so i'll give you my take on the do's, and don't's, to wearing white. >> white jean, we all have them in the closet from the summer. two outfit using white jeans that are perfect for the winter. lauren wearing white jeans, notice colored shoe. most of my girls have on colored shoes. because of winter white, you want to do pop of color. think of white as blank canvas. and, you want to make sure that everything is tailored, and that it fits, because white does not hide anything. so you will see all of the
9:25 am
little bunches and this and that. so make sure that it fits. winter white make sure that you keep the look crisp, and clean. you don't want to over access rise, don't do too much. so check out lauren's look. this is great for casual dinner with girlfriend. kristin is a little more casual. she has on cute french sweater, jeans, and her comfy sued booties. >> night out, i got you covered. check out these all white winter white looks here. now, again, the shoes, let's look at that again, jade has on black boots, tracey has on nude sued shoes. >> tracey in the same family because still neutral with her footwear, jade went with blank, black and white is always classic. another rule, mix in your shades every white, cream and beige. jade is wearing a white vest dress and cream coat. tracey on the other hand she has on cream pants, a beige blouse, with a white lays cape. now, if you notice, all four of my girls, i kept the silhouettes very simple. so there you have it.
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that's any take on how to wear winter white this season. keep it simple. don't over ac sell rise, you're already in head to tow white. so already making a fashion statement, girls. and your shoes, we're not going to do all white. we'll use pop of color. we will do some purple, some blues, and also, make sure that it fits. white shows everything. happy shopping. that's tori's take. >> oh, thanks, tori, i'm inspired now. >> yes, that's good advice about that, especially the white pants. >> so true. but it always turns heads f you are in head to tow in white everyone is looking at you, girl. >> and the red shoes. >> oh, okay, sue. >> well, it is valentine's day after all. >> true. speaking of valentine's day, we will tell you how you can make some impressive gifts for the loves in your life. sue, the expert on this. >> i'll learn something, from a young lady, named alley. she will show us how to really spread the love. coming up.
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well, look it is all about love. a snow covered love sign in love park and it is love in the studio too. we have some great, do it the yourself ideas that you can make for your kid or your sweety for valentines day. we've got, we will have a cookie box with treats, champagne, roses and we have allie roomberg and your web site is called baking a moment. >> that is right baking a >> your point is to give us ideas that are beautiful but not too challenging. >> these are all pretty doable, if you have the time, to put a little extra love, it the is always extra appreciated to get a homemade gift. >> it will not cost you a lot
9:31 am
of money. >> it is economical, and from the heart. >> we went to the craft store and got cookie cutters. tell me what you did with those. >> there is a surprise inside these cookies, sue. if you open up the lid. >> yes. >> you can put some treats in there. >> box made of cookies. >> they are made of cookies. >> you put little m and m's. >> you can put fruit snacks in there or a little will candy. >> cut out your cook business a heart shape cookie cutter. for three you cut middle of with smaller cookie cutters. >> before you bake it up. >> yes. >> and then after you bake it, you just stick them together with icing. i have a great recipe for that on my blog. you can decorate it however you like. you can get fancy. >> adorable. >> with the middle do you bake them separately. >> yes. >> is that the middle that you cut out. >> these are just some extra left over right here. my kids love these. >> yes. >> they were there. >> i didn't know until you
9:32 am
just told me. >> yes. >> now this is a gorgeous cake. can i really make this. >> you can make this. easy recipe. cake itself all comes together in just one bowl. the it is delicious. very moist, chocolatey. >> what flavors. >> it is check late. it is valentines day. >> say no more. >> butter cream is raspberry, just a regular butter cream and you put some raspberry puree and you can jazz it up beautifully and really easily by just putting on some flowers and also. >> gorgeous. >> and also add a little bit of sprinkles because it makes it more special. >> where do you get these supplies. >> i get these supplies at the craft store. you can get them at michaels, wal-mart, always get a coupon. >> yes. >> they are a couple dollars but it elevates the whole look. >> it does. can you imagine after din are valentines night bringing that out. >> it is kind of a show stopper, right. >> for kids and adults we all
9:33 am
love red velvet cup cake. >> i don't think it is valentines day unless you have red velvet. this is my favorite recipe. again, it is really simple. >> baking the moment. >> baking the moment. i love to do it with cheese cheese icing. >> and then you put nuts in between. >> yes, this is how they enjoy it in the south, red velvet and it gives it the eye great texture and a saferriness to it. i just put some cinnamon up ton. >> it the is a heart. again icing in the little bag. >> it is the same thing. i get the bag, and tips at the same place i get sprinkles. >> last minute lets get to drinking. >> this is a really easy cocktail. if you are doing a date the night at home i think this would be a perfect way to make the night more special. >> fresh raspberry. >> fresh raspberry and a few drops of rose water in the asian feud market or if you have a supermarket that is
9:34 am
having some great food section they have used it a lot in the jars. >> that changes flavor of your champagne. >> it gives it a rose flavor which is so romantic. >> it will put you in the valentines mood. >> a little subtle. >> right. >> happy valentines day. >> happy valentines day. >> that is fabulous. >> all these ideas where can we find them again. you will not only have cookie recipe but icing recipe, cake recipe. >> if you go on baking the today i have it the all on there, listed and grab all of these recipes plus a ton of other ones too. i have a lot of valentines day on there. >> who wants to go out for valentines day when you can have a great time at home. allie roomberg great job baking the okay. quincy is back to school this morning. tell me wharf learn. >> yes, i have learned a lot. we are at universal vare school. say hi, everybody.
9:35 am
>> hi. >> this is black history month and ad u.n. de65 is teaching bus block history month. we will find out the meaning coming up next. dune dune.
9:36 am
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9:38. black history month of course. >> students at vare universal charter school are learning about a very rich culture in a rather unique way. >> hi quincy, tell us about it. >> well, boomy from odunde, we know about the odunde festival you throw every year. >> yes you say it is more than just a festival. >> odunde is more than a festival we are a culture movement. i created odunde we will be
9:39 am
celebrating five years in october. we will go in the schools and teach children about african-american culture. is what key we are here for black history month. we, the children are making various craft projects here. we go table by table. tom doing a wonderful job. we want people to know african-american and african-american culture plays a critical role for people in america. >> we are in miss rodgers class. the she's doing a great job. >> principal met calf, thank you so much for having us here at universal vare. we're excited. the children love it. >> they are making different things. can we talk about the specific things they are making. they are making african mask. >> yes, because masks represent different things in the african culture. fifty-four countries. so, mask represent tribes, passed down from generation to generation, making the mask. and we want children to bring home them so they can teach their families good we have the shaker as well. >> yes, shakers are a wonderful instrument.
9:40 am
it is based out of nigeria. we have made it here, with just, you know, just some, tissue paper, and a nice, you know, water bottles, and shake it. and again, another project where people, kid created and take it home and decorate to their liking. she's shaking it the. >> now what was this one thing kid were making. the first of all, let's go here. >> here we have the african thumb drum. >> okay you can make thumb drum and play it. you can make a little will beat, but however you want to do it. african beat. the dance to it. another craft that your children can create and take home and teach their families, teach brothers and sisters. and, it is very hand on. odunde week business arts and craft, very hand on. you can bring this to your site. >> one thing kid will bring home. >> yes, children will bring home, bookmarks. so we have bookmarks that have different arts. it has different history on
9:41 am
the bookmarkers. what kid will do is they will go home, research one of the people on the bookmark. they will write down three facts about that person and bring to it school the next day and they talk about what they have learn. the in the only do children make bookmark but they go home, do research and come back and teach other children. it is a multitude of different things odunde 365 is helping the community. >> how can people bring to you their schools. >> we would love to come tour site. odunde 365, you can tool me personally 26 p-3 204364. or you can e-mail me at odunde festival at g and i can come tour site, your day care center, we are very hands on, very age friendly from three and up. it is arts and craft project that is very hand on and children not only make hearts and craft but they are learning about african and african-american culture. >> thank you, i feel like saying odunde. how are you you doing with your mask, are you having fun.
9:42 am
>> yes. i put lots of stickers on it, so it is colorful. >> colorful just like her personality. thank you guys in the studio. odunde 365. >> yes. >> it is more than just a festival. >> yes, it is. >> she wants to to say hello to you, mike. >> hi, mike. >> she wants to say hello to you. >> what is her name. >> boomy. >> yes. >> she wanted to say hello to you. >> yes. >> i have always had a problem over the years what to get moms for valentines day. >> they won't say what they like or don't like. >> whatever you get me is fine. as long as it is from the heart. >> but we know, we want to teach you something. >> so jen will break it the down for us. we have to honor moms. >> yes, fox 29 mom squad is speaking out, they have great stuff. molly on twitter says she wants a nice dinner, no electronics with the family. come on back we will give you more advice on what not to get your mom for valentines day.
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♪ i've been a turkey farmer my whole life... and i raise turkey for shady brook farms®. we don't use growth-promoting antibiotics, that's just the way things should be done. that's important to me. my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) shady brook farms®. no growth-promoting antibiotics, just honest, simple turkey.
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okay. let's hear from the mom squad. when it comes to valentines day it is hard to come up with a gift for mom. you might want to put the that glitter gift together but as jen learn, that is not always the case. >> what? >> what is the number one thing that you don't want to get from your kid from valentines day. >> anything with glitter, any sort of crafty pasted together something i have to hang up in the house indefinitely.
9:46 am
>> noah, mom does not the want these things. >> last year you got. >> i got flowers from my husband and i kill them in like three days. so, just save your flowers. >> a vacuum, i do not want a vacuum. >> okay. >> well, they always come home from school with little projects that they made where the paint is still wet and glue is still not dry and then you get in the car and something breaks, and there is a big melt down. let's not do that. >> to be honest were you there, so what do they want, jen? >> okay. well, we will get to what they do want in a second but i love this one, nothing i have to use to make everyone's day better. these are some of the things fox 29 mom squad we are still here at the gym in fort washington. good morning. >> good morning. >> so what do you not want
9:47 am
from your kids. >> i would say a definitely don't want the temper tantrum or five alarm freak out all day long. >> anything that you you do want. >> just have a nice day, quiet, relaxing. do something fun. >> so we have asked people on twitter and facebook you will see those comments. anything that you do not want. >> i do not want candy or chocolate, it will be a ploy for them to eat it the in the even. >> yes. >> one woman doesn't want whitman sampler. >> yes. >> do you see. >> one of the things that you do not want. >> i would probably say glitter. >> yes. >> because glitter gets all over the place. i would rather have a day where they all cook me food, cook me dinner, and i would love that. >> yes. >> i think a lot of people are saying they like the special moments. one mom allison said she put love notes on their door every day for 14 days, and she with like a little love back. >> wow, that is impressive. i would love a card that they
9:48 am
make with the special note. >> i also can say maryann vaughn said she didn't want a vacuum. she has a 13 year-old son. she has a teenage boy. she would like something hand made. when they are older, if the kiddies 13 he is probably making something better than a glitter piece of paper. >> yeah, i agree, if he is 13, he is probably going to be bringing home card or a necklace which would be wonderful, but i don't know if i would want something like candy, or any of that. >> spa day. >> yes, spa day would be perfect. >> i could use a massage any day of the week. >> i will do public surface announcement on behalf of all moms. if the dad or the kid buys the spa day, they have to pick the day they want us to go. just getting us the cards and saying there you are and in the get a baby-sitter but you need to be around so i can go
9:49 am
and indulge. >> absolutely you need freedom to get out of the the house. he needs not to just be staying at home and watch the children. >> i love when they are like i have to baby-sit tonight. that is ridiculous because it is the other partner. >> it is his child too it is not baby-sitter. >> yes, exactly. >> i agree. >> i agree, that is like i would definitely need sometime alone and he can take the kids, and cook me dinner. >> i tell my kid for mothers day i wanting to to the conshohocken marriott, i want to watch a couple jennifer lopez movies and drink a becomes of wine. the babies are in the pool, everybody is having a fun. there is gift, we have dad in the pool so moms don't have to get all wet. >> so what we have learn here that is mothers, really want you to stay away from their families. >> that is the way their love. >> that is love.
9:50 am
>> okay. >> i promised for lent i with never talk about kardashians. >> is that what you are giving up for lent. >> i have to be quiet, you two talk. >> kendell jenner dresses up as a icon where she doesn't know much about feminism. >> what an idiot the. >> why she decided to dress up. >> did she get to school? >> i don't think so. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
9:51 am
9:52 am
9:53 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. a snowstorm is still inching its the way off the the coast, bye-bye, snow, absecon, new jersey, we just found out what mike will give up, for lent. >> bye, so long. >> yes, no more snowstorm. >> let it go, let it go. >> get out of here. >> we were talking about lent
9:54 am
and mike, you just decided what you will give up. >> forty days without saying the name... >> kardashian or jenner i guess. >> yes. >> anyone related to the kardashian clan. >> starting right now. >> so, now, you do have a kardashian story that means turf read it. i will be reading for next 40 days. the ken dell jenner is using an famous icon to encourage young people to vote. yes, rosie the rivet or in campaign for rock the vote and independent journal review. she once said she doesn't know much about feminism but in the photo and video she can be seen wearing the shirt, bandana, flexing maybe it inspired her to learn a little bit more. >> what a dope, because i don't know rosie the riveter was considered a feminist. it does she know why she had to go to work. >> world war two. >> men were all overseas. >> women had to hold it down in the home. >> make the airplanes and the bombs and all that and do the
9:55 am
riveting work for these airplanes together or whatever. >> yes, and then when the men came home from work, and they got their jobs back. women were like hey, we like working. we don't want to be back in the kitchen. >> but typical man fashion when they took pictures of the rosie the rivet erin steady of just in greasy clothes you have to sex it up, and you have to look sexy is that feminism. >> who is that. >> beyonce. >> it it was saying we wanted to do this too. >> yes. >> i think feminism was born back then, because things changed so much after the men came home from world war to. >> insult to rosie the riveter i'm glad she's not with us anymore to see that. >> so, let's talk about teresa gu id ice. >> she went to prison. >> but her emotional reunion. look at her when she saw her little girl, everything for
9:56 am
the first time since getting out. we know because it was on camera. >> of course, it was. >> hi, honey, welcome home. >> we cannot share the whole thing because it wasn't released but just a promotion to tease their show. >> yes. >> i hate all of these shows. so what he did hug her. >> he went to jail. >> he went to jail. >> they staggered their sentences. >> lovely. >> yes, he is not in jail yet. >> he is expect to go next. >> he is heading there next. >> what a lovely family. >> she toll the story to her daughters that mommy is going away to camp to write a book. that is what she told them about jail. not mommy committed a crime.
9:57 am
>> fraud. >> to pay for it. >> no. >> like they will in the grow up and read about their mom and dad. >> yeah. >> okay. >> so what are you doing. >> because he is, new details about his next movie called collateral series. >> didn't he make bad boy movies. >> this is different. he was in the bad boy movies. >> with martin. >> so he is going to star in the map hat on advertising executive whose collogues inspired to improve his mood after personal tragedy lead to depression. it will be keira knightly alongside him. this is where it gets interesting, ed norton, helen mir even. >> where does it get interesting. >> michael pena. i don't know, love and death. >> this is heavy. >> here's interesting part, he told bbc radio there will be a bad boys three and he will be in it with martin lawrence. >> martin. >> but he won't do an independence day, people missing trailers for independent day. >> that would be easier to
9:58 am
make. i liked the bad boys movies. >> hilarious. >> what are you going to do.
9:59 am
10:00 am
"wendy williams" live from new york city it's the williams show. >> you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight. now, here's wendy! [ cheers & applause ] ♪ >> wendy: back at ya. thank you for watching.


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