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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  February 10, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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traces of the zika vie just makes its way into our area. and what doctors are doing to keep the virus from spreading. >> video of fight between off duty cops and members of the nfl surfaces, what we're learning about the brawl that has former eagle lesean mccoy under investigation. the worlds is going to respect us again. >> breaking down the result, who came out on top, who may just have to throw in the towel. >> good day, it is february 10, 2016. thanks for waking up with us, going to get into the new hampshire primary in just a little bit. >> it is ash wednesday. >> it is. >> are you giving up anything, going to do something every day? >> i'm going try to give up all of these carbs we had. >> really? >> then of course i had pancakes this morning already. >> you got to think of something else, because you've
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already failed. >> hmm. >> sue serio, have you thought about it yet? >> zip lining. giving it up for lent. >> you're big zip liner? >> just for the next 40 days, yes. so we've got a six out of ten in your weather by the numbers. and here's what to expect this morning, a few more flurries and snow showers out there. snow isn't quite finished with us yet. so, there will indeed be slippery spots on some roads and some sidewalks. so you will have to be careful walking and driving in a few places, this morning, because that new snow that's coming through right now will drop just that extra coating on the ground. sun returns later today, later this morning, actually, and breezy, so here's what we've got. one more area of snow, and jen lip light snow, but it will be moving through over the next hour or so, we'll keep an eye on it, 32 degrees, feels like 23, so make sure you dress for 23 degrees. and here's a milestone, now our sunrise time is 7:00 on
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the dot. so, days continue to get longer even though it is still cold. twenty's, 30's, just about everywhere, it feels lick it is in the teens and 20's this morning. just about everywhere not extreme wind, but makes it feel colder than it is, so continued snow showers for the next couple of hours, snow showers, couple of hours, clouds, and sun, throughout lunchtime. high temperature of 38 degrees. sunset time, 5:31, there is your hump day. bob kelly? >> hump day wednesday. 5:02, good morning, everybody, here's a live look at route 63, the bethlehem pike, where we got, looks like, penndot salt crew coming through here, and that's good news, balls the roads that have been treated were wet, and probably going to be okay. but can't rule out possibility of some black ice, and we got 32 on the temp board here. probably 28 on your dashboard. that's at least what mine showed this morning. so the major roadways are
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going to be okay. it is the secondary roads, side streets, the neighborhood street not treated, that if it looks wet, there is that potential for black ice. so there is also the possibility of any of the snow, like from the overhead power lines, or from the trees, as that drops down on to the road surface could leave us with some ice patches, that are going to catch us by surprise this morning, so, caution flags everywhere this morning, slippery platforms across the board for all of the septa and patco, new jersey transit, airport road at i95 south of wilmington, watch for some high water due to flooding, and flood the out along the brooklawn circle there route 130 at route 47. lauren, back over to you. >> charges could be filed today against former eagle lesean mccoy and few every his friends after surveillance video after club brawl, allegedly shows him getting into a fight with three off duty police officers, dave kinchen is live at central detective with more on the video, hi, dave.
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>> good morning, sources tell us, the individuals connected to this case would surrender here. >> source telling fox 29 the case file now includes this video, of the fight as obtain by "tmz" sports, not the kind of nfl highlight he would want shows a man to be buffalo bills and former eagles running back shady mccoy in the middle of a late night brawl, at recess lounge olds city this weekend, fight allegedly began over bottle of champagne isn't to the officer's table when member of mccoy's crew began arguing with one of the off the err seated nearby. police sources say, things quickly escalated to one officer being punched, kicked, stomped on, two other officers were allegedly attacked, as they tried to break up the melee, the attorney for the officers described their
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jester. >> facial fractures, very serious injuries, these guys were out, at a bar, minding their own business, and it is unfortunate that they became victims every crime under these circumstances. it appears as though it was unprovoked. at this point the district attorney is reviewing the allegations. >> say mccoy was with friends, former nfl player when the fight broke out. heist obtained noted defense attorney jack mcmahon, although they did not comment on the investigation, and also told the d.a.'s office is looking at surveillance video which shows several people being thrown out of the club sometime after this incident took place. back to you, chris. >> we'll see what they can decifer that video, a lot going on there, and very dark. >> other big story of course at 5:05 this wednesday morning; this one, developing, and goes the zika virus. it is in the delaware valley now, that's confirm. >> three people have been diagnosed, steve keeley joins us live in center city to explain more about what this
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means. hi, steve. >> reporter: lauren, you see in the bright tv lights it looks like mosquitos flying around. these are the snow flurries here in center city, and good thing that's where the similarity ends. because from a to zika the list of viruses in the worlds is in the hundreds, and like ebola, we only hear about a few, and end up learning very little, and fearing a whole lot. and everyone wonders how to avoid it, how to get it, and avoid anyone already with it. well, the health privacy laws prevent much information at all about the cases we know. all that's put out so far locally here is that there is just basic confirmation by state health departments in delaware and pennsylvania, that two women in pa, one woman down in delaware got it, but no information where they got t only that they returned from countries where it is common. there is still money left appropriate dollars for ' bowl, a but for ebola and other infectious diseases, so there is no immediate shortage
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every monday i for the admit to do what they think needs to be done. >> right now the truth is there is a lot to be learned about this particular virus and how it is spread. we don't know all of the answers to it. but we're trying to find out. >> well, us olympic team soccer goalie for the women hopes solo told sports illustrated yesterday if the olympics were held right now she would refuse to go to brazil because of the zika virus, and if the virus is still prevalent this summer she said she may not go and compete which tells you the degree of fear from the zika virus, likely more, from the zika virus coverage as we stayed on the parkway, featuring countries where a zika virus is common. >> steve keeley, thank you so much. >> let's turn to politics with chris. >> lauren, let's talk about of course the results from last night, after months of leading until the polls donald trump comes out on top among the gop candidates, nation's first primary in new hampshire. soon after the race was called, presidential hopeful
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thanked the people of new hampshire for his victory. >> we are going to do something so good, and so fast, and so strong, and the world is going to respect us again. >> john kasich came in second with voters also showing strong support for marco rubio of florida and ted cruz every texas chris christie of new jersey jeb bush every florida didn't finds the push they are looking important, likely they'll now pursue, pressure from fellow republicans to drop out of the race and throw their support either behind rubio or kasich. >> there is magic in the air, we don't see it as just another campaign. >> even though kasich came in second, big gap between him and trump. trump 34% to kasich's 16%. in the two person democratic race, bernie saunders gets huge win overhill hill, hoping his strong showing in the early state remember neck and neck in iowa with clinton
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hoping the momentum in areas that clinton has a lot of support. >> we are going to fight for every vote in every state. >> people who came out in large numbers, that's what will happen all over this country. >> and no rest for these end kates, most of the candidates head today south carolina today to campaign there, and sanders head today new york for a might with the reverend al sharpton, lauren? highest ranking republican in the state senate. introducing resolution to direct tom wolf to remove kathleen kane from office. that resolution outlines reasonable cause, why kane can't performed her cute ways indefinately suspended law license. the senate is expected to vote today on whether to remove kane from the job she was elected to back in 2012. kane's license has been suspended since october. she's defending herself against criminal charges, she
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leaked secret grand jury material, and later lied about it. >> also happening today, delaware county district attorney's offers is expected to hold a news conference in regard to a deadly police-involved shooting. one man was killed, another hospitalized, after the victim's family says they heard dozens of shots fired over the phone. police say, it all started monday when officers tried to stop it but the driver just kept going. officers started chase that suv which ended up crashing, a news conference was expected yesterday but detectives requested more time it clerk happen process evidence. >> royal caribbean cruise ship battered by violent storm in the atlantic set to arrive back in new jersey today. the anthem of the seas ran into high winds and waves, as high as 30 feet sunday night. frightened passengers had to stay in their cabins as all of their stuff was tossed around. the cruise line decided to cut that trip short. critics are now questioning why the ship sailed right into the storm when it was forecast
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for days. calling extreme weather unexpected. passenger posted this explanation from the caption on youtube. >> from this to what you see here, i'm telling you that this weird storm that we experience -- >> weird storm is what the captain is calling it, coming up a little later on good day, we will talk with passengers on board that ship about their frightening ordeal, lauren? 5:11, former chester county high school teacher arrested, text messages police say he sent to a student hasn't got him in big trouble. and, changes are about to get underway at love park. what you can expect when a new project is complete.
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>> snow isn't finished yet. but singing spring, out in berks county, already has 5 inches of snow on the grounds, 4 inches in chaddsford, hokessing, delaware, leg over three. bush kill township, probably approaching 2 inches now, little bit more as has just fallen, half inch in philadelphia. so far, because, look, there is some more snow coming through. in fact the white is getting a little brighter, now that this area of snow is moving into chester county, so this is going to dump a quick maybe half inch on the ground on top
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of what's already there, it may cause slippery conditions. so be careful out there. new castle county, delaware, same for you. delco, montgomery county, portion seeing bright white on radar which means the snow might be getting little heavier around west bradford here chester county, hole and, pa, easton, pa, getting some snow, as well, not finish yet in middletown delaware either in new castle county southern delaware not immune. most every sussex county, gently falling snow. so this lasts for little while longer by 8:00 i think it will all be gone, and then we get ready for some sunshine, breezes will pick up little bit as colder air moves in behind the storm. more than 24 hours storm, maybe few flurries, lake effect flurries in the overnight hours, it get colder, and actual temperatures, back down into the 20's, even in the city, overnight tonight. we've got 32 in the city right
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now, 20's to the north of us, but all of our windchills are in the 20's this morning, or the teens, and feels like 17 in lancaster, feels like 14 up in mount pocono, so, you think this is cold? wait until the weekends, polar vortex, cold arctic air coming into our area, in time for valentine day, so, today, 38 degrees. tomorrow, it is cold, 27 is the high. twenty-nine is the high on friday. two high on saturday, don't even make it to 20 degrees valentine day sunday. do see warming pattern getting into the president's day holiday. and by the end. day may see some snow which changes over to rain. that is the early call on the next storm, bob kelly, no break, not much of one anyway. >> keep them coming. you mention that, fresh light dusting of snow, that some areas are getting this morning, that's going to be difficult. now, here is a live look at welsh rd.
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you got salt truck, looks like sitting here any of the roadways treated and had salt down and are wet and passable. no major incident. but secondary streets, 32, 28 on your dashboard, if it looks wet, and it wasn't treated there is the potential for black ice. sidewalk, first step walking out the door, could go slipping and sliding. live look at the 42 freeway, headlights in towards philadelphia, slow going this morning probably seeing planes get de-iced try to pull up the camera for the next hit here expected weather delays, reduced speeds across the bridges, down to 35 on the benny, whitman, betsy, commodore barry bridge. new jersey turnpike, nifty 50 there this morning. >> bob, thanks so much.
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>> former chester county high school teacher arrested. saying he exchanged thousands every text messages including naked photos. used to work at downingtown west high school as chemistry teacher. and has been charged with sending sexually explicit text messages, to a 16 year old student. that western on may of 2013 until december of 2014. the students' parents eventually found out and contacted police. >> well over 10,000 text messages exchanged, no the all inch appropriate text messages, but part of the process of befriending the student. >> investigators served search warrant on mitchell's home east miner street west chester where they confiscated both his computer and his cell phone. legs are looking into a sexual assault overbrook, mother sent us this image of letter sent out to parents of deem err beaver middle school. alleged inches dent involves only students and reportedly happened in a classroom with one girl and five boys while a
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teacher stepped out of the room. philadelphia police of special victims unit looking into those allegation. >> 5:19 the time. police in delaware county trying to find the driver involved in a deadly hit-and-run accident. woman killed yesterday when hit by speeding car in chester. this happened around 7:00 in the morning on ninth street. the victim is a 24 year old woman from boothwyne. she has in the yet been identified. chester police say they have found the car that may have been involved but not the driver. they're asking anyone with information to come forward. >> re the search for looking for elderly chester county man has come to an end. harry lister was found inside his car after pulling it from the schuylkill river yesterday afternoon in pottstown. lister left his chester county home on thursday and never returned. now his family says he injured his head in a fall just the day before. police are investigating how that car ended up in the river. today, big day, mayor jim kenney, city officials will participate path in
5:20 am
groundbreaking ceremony at the park. >> park and welcome center renovate in the year and will reopen in 2017. the new design will preserve current features, the famous love statue of course, but it will add more green space, and new fountain. mayor kenly also make special announcement about love parkas historic attraction for skateboarding. >> and speaking of the mayor, you know very creative. he is donating his suite at friday's sold out bruce springsteen concert to a school district fundraising group. the fund for the school district of philadelphia. offering up the suite ticket $556 apiece on the website. the proceeds will support public education, mayoral spokeswoman says he will also donate the sweet for shows like kerry underwood, the who, justin bieber and adele. at that price will get about $10,000, to be exact, $10,008 from donating those ticket. >> for the bruce concert? >> just the bruce concert. >> so imagine four, five others?
5:21 am
he's racking up some monday. >> i oh, ya, and the who will sell out, as well. adele, are you kidding me? >> good idea, think outside the box, i won't be there, the particular rhett there. >> ya. >> all right, you can't start your day without coffee, flight. >> , no i need it every morning. and my mug? >> it wakes your mouth up, absolutely. well, starbucks has three new office key ingredient you'll find this them just in time for valentine's day. >> correct. and. >> looking for a vacation in look no further than your backyard. what they are saying about the city of brotherly love. >> you mean a stay-cation. >> getting winning remarks.
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>> lonely planet ranked philadelphia the number one place to visit in the us this year. >> why is that? well, lonely planet says, quote, the city experiencing a transformation to its urban core, yet, retains its deep american history and uniquely gritty flavor. company noted philadelphia hosed pope francis in september, will welcome the democratic national convention this summer, in november it, became the country's first world heritage sit, all of this, and, living here, is a lot more affordable than other big cities in the northeast.
5:25 am
namely, new york, and dc, also, boston, included. >> being in this business, people often ask you all the time like what's next? where are you going next? what's next? specially knowing your contract situation. >> correct. >> philly is one of those cities where i haven't been always been on the seat of my -- like it here. remember i just got on the train, went to new york, been down to dc, i eat at all of the restaurants. >> loving it. >> northern liberty, i do, i like filet lot. >> the other thing we need? >> what? >> better sport teams. let's go. >> and you know what else we need? a public grocery store. have you been in one of those? in the south? >> no, what's a public licks grocery store? >> get on twitter and tell me if you've been to public licks. >> better than wegmans. >> wegmans is up there, but not better than some of the ones weaver in the city, i think. for one week and one week only. you can order up some special valentine day bruce at starbucks. coffee chain offering up three
5:26 am
new chocolate beverages, including molten chocolate latte, molten chocolate frappuccino and molten hot chocolate. >> sounds like it will burn your mouth. >> sound like it is available through valentine's day. >> the giant near my house has a starbucks in it. >> oh? >> does your publics have a starbucks in it. >> they don't. but they do have banks in the publics in the south. >> so does the giant i go to. >> giant and a starbucks? >> yes. >> where do you live? >> not telling you. you'll come over and harrass me on weekends, five days a week of you is enough. >> next application -- netflix has some competition, coming out with subscription that adds add free music. >> you can come over any time. youtube red came out in the fall, big push for the service will have three made for youtube movies and new series starring on line stars, who is this. >> i don't know who that is, some video game dude.
5:27 am
say they have advantage that it stars already have massive relationship with young viewers. >> it is just you see the competition heating up. so netflix does something, then houle low does something, netflix, now youtube is getting in on it, they want a piece of the pie. by the way did you see robin white tweeted out season four? >> i can't wait. house of cards. yahoo. us soccer star hope solo said if she had to make the choice today she would skip out on the summer olympics. what she says her biggest concern is heading to reijo dejaniero.
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>> zika virus, what this means about our health and what doctors are doing to keep you safe. >> fight between off duty cops and members. nfl has surfaced when we're learning about the brawl that has former eagle lesean mccoy now under investigation. good day everybody, it is wednesday, ash wednesday, february 10th, 2016. >> so, pretty last night, getting the dog out for the last walk of the evening, and that snowfall, it was postcard pretty. >> the biggest flakes, but then still wet and heavy. >> that they didn't really stick much, sue serio. but boy, some of the suburbs are just so pretty right now. >> yes. >> it is. and it gently falling snow, not too much winds, like we had with the blizzards, so, it
5:31 am
is still around. this morning. so, maybe, if you're taking the dog out this morning, for a walk you'll encounter snowflakes, on radar, also means of course slippery spots on so many roads and sidewalks. sun will return and it is breezy later on, casino every breezy -- breezy bus stop water still in the waterproof gear. national umbrella day. even though you only need it for couple of hours, have the umbrella around or just say hi to your umbrella this morning. >> moving through chester county, bucks, delco, new castle county, delaware, in fact, almost the entire state of delaware has some sort of snowfall right now. we have 32 degrees, could get
5:32 am
lake effect flurries, cold temperatures tonight, but wait until you see what's in store for the holiday weekend. those low, low numbers, coming up in the seven day, bob kelly? >> leaving us with potential for black ice, everywhere, and an accident here, this is the 30 bypass, ramp, to head north along 202, again, major roadways, are good. they were brined, salted, a loft action on the overnight. however on and off-ramps, secondary roads, side streets, cul-de-sacs, where the buses will be rolling, there is that potential for black ice, this morning, and, instant ice, from any of the snow that will drop down, causing instant ice patch in the neighborhoods
5:33 am
this morning, reduced spree on all of the area bridges, the benny, whitman, commodore barry, 50 miles an hour on the new jersey turnpike, because of the weather, and some flooding again today, on the brooklawn circle, where 130, 47, come together, all of the mass transit systems get being out of the gate without a problem, how much, watch for slippery platforms, some of the slippery tens, again, we may have cleaned the parking lot and shoveled the sidewalk yesterday, but as sue just showed us, mother nature dropping in some areas and another light dusting to half inch on top of everything that was shoveled and underneath could be wet and icy, because we're hovering at 32, my dashboard shows 28 degrees, driving in this morning, so, there is that potential for ice everywhere, some flooding down here, south of wilmington, along airport road and i95. speaking of airport expect some weather delays today at philadelphia international airport, back to you. >> outbreaks of the zika virus continuing to become major
5:34 am
concern now in the delaware valley. >> three people diagnosed with this virus in our area. steve keeley now live in center sit which more, steve, good morning. >> no surprise, list every states is growing, in fact, people in all 50 states, to come back from various countries, with zika virus, so locally we had two women in pennsylvania, one in delaware, you pick up your morning usa today, real about people in ohio, tennessee, and indianna. so the list is growing. in ohio they said there was 30 year old woman in cleveland, here not getting any information from the three cases so they could be from the other side of pennsylvania, on bradford and pit burying, we just don't know. and that is thanks to all of the state health privacy laws right now. we don't even know what countries they traveled from before likely arriving at the local airport with something else besides their luggage,
5:35 am
the zika virus. >> outbreak of the various caring by mosquitos, health secretary said she really wanted to emphasize to the news media, and hopefully get this word out, that the cases pose no threat to the public. and those with it recover usually within a week, the symptoms, fever, achy joints and skin rash. biggest danger is to pregnant woman's unborn children, at serious risk of birth defect, and the headline on those birth defect has been babies with small heads, but this morning's new york times says it is also now learned that babies are at risk of severe eye damage, because of their pregnant mother having the zika virus. biggest warning to people really traveling to the countries and continents where cases are most common. and basically southern half, southeast airasia, a south america, caribbean, mexico, and africa, many whose flags
5:36 am
are flying here ray long the parkway. and you guys tees solo story i mentioned before but now if you look, if you google zika virus in the news, you will see headlines all around the world, should brazil even cancel the olympics, if this is so prevalent in brazil like it is right now, chris, lauren? >> already questions about the quality of the water, and now this, steve, thank you. >> charges could be filed today against former eagle lesean mccoy and few of his friends after surveillance video of club brawl allegedly shows him getting into a fight with three off duty police offerser. >> dave kinchen for the latest on this, dave, good morning. >> reporter: several people connected to this case, including mccoy, could turn themself in, after reviewing evidence. sources tell fox 29 the case file now including this well
5:37 am
seen video of the fight as obtained by "tmz" sports. this video is pretty much all over the place now. it shows a man who appears to be buffalo bills and former eagles running back, shady mccoy in the middle of a late night brawl. that fight allegedly began over booth bottle of champagne sent to the officer's table when a member of mccoy's crew began arguing with one of the officers seated nearby. police sources tell us, things quickly escalate today one of the officers being stomped on, punched, kicked, two other officers were allegedly attacked, as they tried to break up the melee, the attorney for the officer says some of them have severe facial fractures, here is more of what towed say. >> unfortunate, when you have individuals professional athletes, becoming involved in physical altercations with other individuals. sometimes it is unfair. and it appears as though under these circumstances, based on what we've been hearing, that
5:38 am
the officers were victims in this case. >> some incurred serious physical injury as a result of the incident. it appears as though it was unprovoked. >> investigator says including at the time the fight broke out, also learned, mccoy has retained jack mcmahon, although mccoy's agent and bills organization have not commented on the investigation so far. and we're also told the da's offers will look at surveillance video, which shows people getting thrown out of the club, as part of this investigation. so, details are still being put together on this case, guys. back to you. >> thanks for the update. >> villanova plays its first game as the number one team in the country, could they retain that? straight ahead. winter is hard on your nose.
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from first sniffles to endless runny noses. puffs plus lotion is soft. they help soothe irritation by locking in moisture better
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so you can face winter happily. a nose in need deserves puffs indeed. and try puffs softpack today. >> good morning, villanova playing first game as number one team in college basketball, i'm sure it was not a real good test against a bad, but nova left no doubt in this game. lets guess to chicago last night, villanova to start the game on 16 to two run against depaul. that's josh heart, who scores, all right, second half. start the same way. beats the ball easily 86 to 59. and the flyers are struggling lately, wells fargo center down two-nothing, anaheim. penalty shot against steve mason, that was not good t made it three-nothing. anaheim played the night before. and brandon manning, gets beat
5:42 am
in this fight. flyers lose it four-one, lost three in a row. north carolina roy williams some struggles lalls night. arguing with the official because it is a tight game. then collapses on the bench. taken to the lockerroom. no further word. north carolina beats 60 to six a. that's sports in a minute.
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>> happy birthday to actress elizabeth banks. she starred in the 2008 movie, invincible, alongside mark wahlberg. based on true story of philadelphia's own, vince papale. >> cool. >> she turns 42 years old today. she played in the hunger games, gale, in the pitch perfect movies. >> okay, sue serio, you remember her. >> yes, versatile, very versatile actress. all right, here's what we got going on. seeing at the bottom of your screen, delayed openings, so check if you haven't already gotten the robo fowl call yet. this is as we've been saying dumping quit coating on the ground making things slippery out there. chester county, montgomery county, bucks county, delco, new castle county, delaware, all seeing snow that isn't
5:46 am
briefly increasing in intensity, so, we could have an additional maybe half inch of accumulation, before the morning is done. even extending as far north as easton, pennsylvania, parts of the pocono mountains, getting fresh coating there. dover, delaware, seeing some light snowfall there. and, some heavier snow down if see forward, sussex county, just couple examples what's happening. >> this continuing through probably the 6:00 maybe part of the 7:00 hour this morning. and then, by 8:00 we think it is all out of here, we get ready for some sunshine later on, breezy throughout the afternoon, but at least this round of snowfall will be gone. we won't be talking precipitation, as we get into the weekends, cold, cold, cold, those will be the words, as many cold's as you can put in there. that's what's going on with that, right to the seven day, talk about temperature. 38 degrees, today, only 27 for high temperature tomorrow. twenty-nine on friday. and then another blast of cold
5:47 am
air over the weekend, giving us high of 20 degrees on saturday, 19 on valentine's day sunday, with windchills in the morning, well below zero, president ' day, we start a little bit warmer, but at night we could get some snow that could change to rain on tuesday, more on that, as we get closer to the time. but that's going to be our new weather headline after we get rid of the snow, bob kelly. >> speaking of new, check out my new fleece. >> hey, look at you. >> you know last week was catholic schools week. i had a chance to go to the schools. one school did i not make it to was our lady of confidence day school. >> nice and warm, one of the nuns down there, i am aim coming i'll get, there but thanks for the fleece keeping me warm. here is a live look at philadelphia international airport, where the plans are being de-ized, so make sure you throw a few extra minutes into your itinerary, let's go
5:48 am
outside, live look at the 30 bypass, eastbound on the 30 bypass. an accident right here. >> lock like like a big black of flower, flew it all over place this morning on top of the road salted, treated, shoveled your sidewalk or driveway last night light cutting of snow, under that could be black ice, and the major roadways are okay like nine, a the schuylkill moving good, those secondary roads and side streets we will see the problems, route seven delaware, your area rolling down nice wet road surface, look right here, right there, you try to make that right turn, off, at the intersection, and could be all iced over, you got that half inch of dusting that is created a slushy intersection there, and that exam somebody being repeated all throughout the area this morning. chris, lauren, back to you. >> thanks so much, bob.
5:49 am
>> 5:48 the time. the month of february is a month where we celebrate black history month, and today we spotlight actually two people. >> andrew bremer was appointed the first black person to serve on the federal reserve board back in 1966. he served on the board until august of 1974. he was born in louisianna to share crop err, and in 1926, attended segregated schools, went on to go to college at the university of washington, taught at harvard university on the federal reserve board. led efforts to reverse the country's balance of payment deficit. died at the age of 86, in 2012. >> ♪ >> killing plea softly ♪ >> killing me softly ♪ >> happy birthday to singer rob area flack, who was born in 1939, ashville, north carolina, flack performed some of the best loved soul songs
5:50 am
every all time including this one, killing me softly, and the first time ever i saw your face. classically trained on the piano from a very early age, miss flack received music scholarship at age 15, to attend howard university. while she was busy earning her degree, flack also became the first black student teacher at all white school in maryland, turning 77 years old today. >> talented. fred, and bill, who played gene and clark in the soft bands the blue jean committee got together for big announcement. >> darryl hall, john oath, we used to make fun of them because they were from philadelphia. oh, i want a cheese steak. >> hey, cheese steak, cheese steak. hey, you want some good food? chicago. chicago hotdog. >> we used to give them so much crap. we take out the tire string, remember taking out darryl's guitar strings? helped him out. pyrotecnics at their shows are wild. >> constant, darryl and john always had a loft checks on stage, and the minute they hit it big, they just left us in the dust. they don't really talk to us
5:51 am
any more. and real philly thing to do, i think, real philly thing to do. >> so that's the way to announce hall and oats 2016 tour. now, this tour will come to our area july 10th, perform at camden's pavilion. >> very cool. i love some of their music. >> i saw them in concert when they were there for the opening night of the new philmore. >> oh, really? oh, you did, you did. >> man, what a great venture is, and it was a fun night, too. >> we have some good shows coming here soon. >> yes, it was casino every funny, they said on stage, you know, back when we were growing up, fishtown was not an area you hung out. and now it is just all, you know, revitalized and fun. >> everyone is moving to fishtown, construction everywhere. >> us star goal keeper hope solo said she has concerns about competing in the olympics because of the spread of the zika virus in brazil. monday told sports illustrated if i had to make the choice today i would not go to the olympics. she added competing in the olympics should and safe
5:52 am
environment for every athlete and female athlete should not be forced to make a decision that could sacrifice the health after child. olympic organizers in rio are already monitoring the olympic facilities for the type of mosquito that spreads the zika virus. >> you have to be scared and on alert, flight? >> and huge concerns about the water quality in the area for the divers and swimmers. so -- >> yes. >> okay, social media. attracting food east near and far. look at the deck can't dessert people are lining up two hours for. straight ahead. >> really? if you could see your cough, you'd see all the sickness you're spreading. new robitussin cf max severe soothes and delivers powerful relief of cough, sore throat, stuffy nose and fever. new robitussin cf max severe. because it's never just a cough.
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>> hall and oats performing in july in camden, this is the title track, private eyes, released september 1st, 1981. live look at old city for you. roads are clear after last night's snow. social media continues to heighten the demand for trendy foods, in new york, some folks are spending more than two hours in line, for the latest hyped up treat. all right, take a look at this ooh he gooey cupcake, will cost you $15, when customers say why wait that long in line where you can get great milk shake at hands full of other places, turns out social media was the answer to that question. >> saw on the internet, seen it on instagram. >> instagram, snap chat, everything.
5:56 am
>> everyone is posting about this. >> you got to try it yourself we got to try it. >> a lot of people say whether they like the shake or not, they will, you know, leave instagram gold. soap, in other words, if it is on instagram, it will sell. country's first primary election in the books, and we are breaking down the result. who came out on top, and who may have to throw in the towel now. and former chester county high school teacher arrested, the text messages police say he sent to a got him into serious trouble.
5:57 am
after trying brookside chocolate, people talk about it online.
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that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ will shady mccoy and six others be charged today? we thought that would happen yesterday. all about that philly bar fight early sunday morning, about 2:45 in the morning. see if it happens today. >> plus state health off initials pennsylvania and delaware, dealing with patients testing positive for zika, positive cases of zika in our area, what you need to know right now.
6:00 am
>> and the people of new sham she's republican party tonight has spoken very clearly, about mr. trump is their prefer renz in the in this selection. >> governor chris christie spoke graciously after the new hampshire primary last night. what the new jersey governor is planning now, after this disappointing place. what, sixth place, out of all of the candidate. will this be it? he is headed back to new jersey apparently today, if not already here. >> good day, it is wednesday, february the tenth, 2016. >> we're still getting some snow this morning. >> it was spitting on me all the way in today. >> yes, it was. >> well the storm is playing out the way it was supposed to, supposed to link near the early hours of wednesday, and indeed it has. but, we will gave you a six out of ten, because, things will improve, as soon as this last rounds is out of here. so snow showers, kind of breezy out there, have your umbrella with you, you might need it, and the snow boots are probably good idea. look on the bottom of your screen, see


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