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tv   FOX 29 Weekend  FOX  October 31, 2015 8:00am-10:01am EDT

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this morning on fox 29 weekend. heaven or hospital? a sick five-year-old girl makes a tough decision but should a child that young be able to decide whether she lives or dies? >> plus a school officer slamming a teenaged girl out from her desk. social media blew up. the officer was fired. but it's left a lot of people questioning how do incidents like this need to be answered? let's get some answers. >> it's t for temple u. some traffic problems before you want to know about before you step out the door. but so what. t for temple u! >> good saturday morning on this halloween morning.
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we've got our temple. >> i didn't even go to temple but i'm all fired up. we've got a great show. excitement across the board. >> we can see the kids are already just one block away down there. we've got game day. send us your halloween pictures. let's see what the forecast is going to be. look at that right there. dave warren it's the rock and roll half marathon as we speak. >> they are right there on the parkway. it's better weather than the runners this morning then the spectators. numbers down below freezing as expected in allentown, trenton is at 35, philadelphia still at 42. so a big difference between the city and suburbs. certainly a cold start this morning. you'll have some frost on your
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windshield there's a big temperature difference between the city an the suburbs. a lot happening here around philadelphia. we will stay dry on ultimate doppler despite some clouds increasing and they are ahead of this. an area of rain from chicago down to texas, we're seeing some flash flooding. throughout the day seeing some high clouds coming in later this afternoon. by about 9:00 these clouds are here. that could have an impact on our temperatures overnight tonight. 60, could hit 60 to the south and east but as the clouds increase, that will keep the temperatures from dropping too much overnight tonight. so it could be a little milder. a lot happening here around the city, a lot of roads closed. we have bob kelly here to tell us what to expect. >> good morning, everybody! it's temple gave day live set up
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right up the street here in front of our studios. here's the deal. market street closed between 5th and 6th street right there in front of independence hall. sixth street as you come past the constitution center down to one lane. all of the septa buses detoured through tomorrow. septa has added extra trains on the market-frankford lines. they're adding extra broadway subway trains into south philadelphia for the big game tonight. but that's not the only event in town. right now we are in the middle of running the rock and roll half marathon. the parkway, arch, both of the drives are all shut down and tomorrow the ben franklin bridge will be shut down in the morning.
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enjoy trick or treating later on tonight and let's go temple! >> temple will take on a little known team from notre dame. >> it is huge! people are already here right now. hey, jenny. >> reporter: this crowd is truly unbelievable. we have so many people out here. it's really been turned into owl country here. i've got my own helmet here. we're head i to go. lots of people out out here. hey guys! [ screaming ] you are a temple alum? >> yes.
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>> reporter: tell us how exciting this is. >> it's crazy. the atmosphere is incredible, the team is great, a lot of excitement around this team. we're a little excited as you can tell. >> you've been season ticket holders for how long? >> 25 years. >> and this has been the best year? >> 7 and 0, this has never happened before. how excited are you for tonight. >> extremely. >> now we also want to show you we have some little owl fans here. hi, zoe. you guys are temple alumni as well. >> yes we are. >> this is zoe, she is 14 months old. this is her first game day, it may be her only game day. >> this is an historic day for zoe to be a part of. >> that's why we had to wake her up to get here.
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>> she's very bundled up. >> she looks like she hates it right now, but she doesn't. >> reporter: ready to go, right? are you guys going down to the game tonight? >> we are. we're season ticket holders so we'll be there. >> how exciting? >> we can't wait. we really can't. the 8:00 game is tough because we couldn't bring her but we'll enjoy it enough for her. >> have a great time. >> so the game is tonight at 8:00. all of these fans i'm sure will be migrating down to the link getting ready for that tailgate at game time which we're excited for. >> and we're following some other breaking news this morning. there's a russian airliner carrying more than 200 people, it's crashed in egypt. that plane took off shortly before 6:00 a.m. local time and
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disappeared from radar screens about 20 minutes later. the plane was carrying mostly russian tourists. there were 217 passengers on board and also seven crew members. >> we know one person is in the hospital following an overnight fire in north philadelphia this happened just before 2:00 this morning. it took firefighters about an hour to bring the flames under control. we don't know a cause at this time. >> also new from overnight, a shooting in north philadelphia. this one around 4:00 this morning. police say a woman was shot in the back of the head outside a motorcycle club. officials say it may have been a scare tactic. the woman is in the hospital. no word right now on her condition and so far no arrests. >> and two people were stabbed right near a dormitory at rutgers university. it happened near the metler
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residents hall on the new brunswick campus. police say they do have a suspect in custody. >> and on the loose this morning, two men philadelphia police say held up a lounge. this is surveillance video from j.j.'s lounge. police say the two men walked in with guns. one of them fired a shot into the floor and took cash from the register and a tip jar. one customer was pistol whipped and others ordered to the ground and they were robbed. >> here's some fallout for the blimp that got loose. the army is taking claims for damages. the massive blimp broke free in wednesday and drifted nearly 200 miles to monsey, pennsylvania. today officials will again
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removing remnants of the blimp from the trees. the $170 million blimp is part of an army program that's been in the planning stages for over a decade. it just began flying about two years ago. >> the decision to suspend horse and harness racing in pennsylvania until next friday. so many were concerned the state was originally set to shut down racing yesterday because of a lack of money. six pennsylvania track offers thoroughbred or horse racing. >> allow judges, here's the one i think is very interesting. moms who breast feed and -- this law will take effect early next year. >> coming up, a social media
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firestorm over this video. a school resource officer slamming a teen out of her desk, overstepping authority or justified in some circumstances. >> plus, is there toilet paper all around your tree this is morning? mischief night no more. one town goes to extreme measures to keep kids off the street. are they overreacting? hey mom, i could use some basil. oh, sure thing sweetie. life is loving nature.
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wait, where's the... i can't remember... and a place to grow it in. got it. atlantic county didn't allow its elected politicians to take large donations from contractors doing business with the county. then will pauls changed the law, allowing him to pocket thousands of dollars in campaign cash. now pauls is taking thousands from those who want to move casinos to north jersey, threatening our jobs and our local economy. and he said he wants the vote to allow north jersey casinos "this year." we just can't trust will pauls.
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welcome back to fox 29 weekend. in our cover story this morning, a video that shocked most of the country. spring valley high school resource officer ben fields was caught on this cell phone video slamming a teen out of her desk when she refused his instructions. the deputy was called to the classroom because the teen was being disruptive and the video led to a huge social media debate about proper discipline in schools. the comments were obviously strong on both sides. i see the trend. any time one ignores the trivial instructions of a authority figure, expert to have the full weight of infrastructure dropped on you. deechers don't get paid enough to deal with children like this. no one has said what a better solution for removing a non-compliant child should be. good morning, to both of you. >> good morning. >> guys, we hear every time
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something like this happens, you hear about kind of that debate between the need to comply and what crosses the line into abuse. and kentucky, let's start with you. is there that line, compliance versus abuse? >> there is. let's take a look at what exactly happened here, though. the teacher asked this young woman to pult away her cell phone, which she didn't do. he asked her to leave the classroom. when she didn't do that, he called an administrative assistant from the school to ask her to do the same thing and she again refused again. they then called in the resource officer who supposedly called her three or four times. at that point he had the law to arrest her because there's a law called disturbing schools which is a miss demain -- misdemeanor. but what he did was excessive force by flipping her over in that chair he could have caused
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her serious bodily injury. we had the issue of freddie gray down in baltimore where police threw him into the police van and as a result he died. those six officers are being prosecuted. so officer fields could have been prosecuted had anything serious happened to this woman. >> you work with this whole issue of how to interact with the police. maybe legally he had the right to arrest her but i'm sure you don't think that was the best way to handle the situation. >> it certainly wasn't the best way. what we're learning at is the school to prison pipeline that engages in corp. rap punishment. what we should have had was a school social worker, be brief with the young lady. also there should have been someone there to say listen, maybe she's using her phone because she just got threatened or maybe she spoke to the teacher. when we see these teachers
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against the back drop of dylann roof, so the young lady sees the police officer comes in, i can't image what she was going through, now we're seeing sympathy and empathy on all sides of the color line as the narrative comes forward as it relates to she's in foster care. no one should have to experience this behavior that this officer engaged in. why is it we don't rely on trusted adult. kentucky is absolutely right in one sense that they had several administrators come into the classroom but i have yet to hear that a social worker who knows how to deal with these challenges of students being non-compliant we never heard that there was a social worker. >> there was a protest, several hundred students came out in support of the officer, implying that the school itself wasn't
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safe and the officer kept them safe. does that need to be introduced into this discussion when you're talking about the environment they were dealing in? >> they were also other narratives they called him officer slam. he has a history of slamming other students. remember, it's their matters of interpretation. some students may see him as aggressive, others may see him as an individual that was friendly, created a safe environment if the classroom, what we know, not because of this visual, is that the school-to-prison pipeline targets minority youth, corporal punishment targets minority youth. we shouldn't see it with young people. she's a teen. the chair served as a metaphor for her because she felt safe and she probably looked at this and said listen, i'm in some anotherus trouble. the cop is in the classroom and he allows her not to get out the chair. >> how he was viewed, does that matter? >> it doesn't matter legally.
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i think what police have to learn by this situation, and all these situations around the country, is that police have to learn to deescalate situations, not escalate situations. in this situation he obviously escalated it and it resulted in what it resulted in. i agree with chad. lots of things that should have been done weren't done. >> i miss you kentucky. wish you were in studio. enjoy your saturday. >> miss you too. >> there's not a lot of agreement on social media. you can tell us what you think. go to our facebook page, jump in on the discussion or you can tweet us just make sure you use our hashtag #fox29weekend. >> we have so many events happening on our halloween weekend. can you hear the gin blossoms playing? we've got the rock and roll marathon going on.
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it looks gorgeous. >> we might want to say that's deceptive sunshine. there's a chill in the air when you step outside. a lot of events happening. it's a bye week. >> we need to know one thing, how the weather is going to be for tonight's game, my brother. tell me something good. >> change of wardrobe there. he's a temple fan now. >> cold start, 20s and 30s. we had that quick chill last night. we may not get that tonight. we have clouds coming in. around kickoff 51 degrees, only dropping to about 49 by about 11:00 or so. so not that quick drop in temperatures because of clouds coming in. chicago, st. louis, memphis down in texas, a lot of rain there,
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it is slow sli working its way in. out ahead of that we have that warm southwest wind and very heavy rain there in texas. so a lot happening the next two days. high pressure today, that warmer air with the clouds tomorrow and monday, could see some rain trying to work its way in from the south. let's go ahead and show you what to expect here hour by hour. we'll increase the clouds throughout the afternoon. these are high, thin clouds coming in. there it is by 11:00, enough clouds with some warmer air in to keep that temperature from dropping too much overnight. those numbers are coming up a little bit later. >> good morning, i'm dr. mike. the united states preventive services task force has now recommended that we as health care providers test those folks who are overweight or obese for their blood sugars. about 30% of people with elevated blood sugars will
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develop diabetes. so when you go to your health care provider, get your blood sugar tested. in what could be a major breakthrough, researchers at ucla have discovered a molecule that actually allows nerve cells to regrow. this is important in people who have had a stroke who are debilitated. it may allow their brains to repair and get them back to a great life. the centers for disease control have come out and said hey, we're not doing a good enough job in getting our young boys to get the hpv vaccine. kids that grow up can have throat cancer and other cancers that are in males as well as females. if you're out there, get your kid vaccinated. i'm dr. mike. have a great weekend. >> just got my kids vaccinated and got my own self vaccinated.
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you want to hear something good? i mean really, really good? >> these volunteers, they are knocking the socks off of south jersey. they're playing their passion and we'll tell you more about it coming up. >> plus also, it is the daytime to set those clocks back. you know the expression you fall back to get an extra hour of sleep. we love that on the morning show but it is not good news for everyone.
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we love, love, chocolaty, creamy, with a little something extra. mmm deliciousness.
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cookies or almonds. yumminess. hershey's is mine, yours, our chocolate. >> welcome back. getting ready for the big temple game tonight. when you have a conversation with us you really feel like you're family. let's take a picture of one of our halloween celebrations. happy halloween to her friends at fox 29. our viewer jessica wants to be on tv. how cute is that picture?
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>> did you open your doors today and go outside and say ooh, they toilet papered my trees or car.
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>> it sounds like a personal issue. >> it was mischief night and there's a delaware county town trying to keep the mischief out of this whole halloween weekend. >> this video of the township approaching a curfew. they say that the halloween curfew ordinance has been on the books for more than two decades and has reduced crime and offenses over the years. the ordinance states that children under 18 must be off the streets by 9:00 p.m. until sunrise over each night halloween weekend. it went into effect last night and goes through sunday. the only exception is children can be out if they've got a parent with them. residents got mixed reviews. >> the entire weekend? it's halloween. 9:00 is a little early to me. >> our principal at the end day everyone make sure you're in by
8:31 am
9:00 because of mischief night. >> that teen said her school made an announcement. if children are caught out past 9:00 police will just take them home. there are no fines associated with this ordinance. >> a queens village woman who was robbed and it all happened in the middle of the day. she said she was targeted because she's in a wheelchair. she was on her way to a rehab appointment. all of a sudden a guy comes up behind her, steals her iphone. she wasn't able to chase the guy, there were no witnesses, she's got a message for that guy who targeted her. >> i don't know if any message would get through people like that. i think those people would just take advantage of anyone. those are bullies. and those are people who are going to -- you know, but what
8:32 am
goes around comes around. >> that iphone was tracked to north philadelphia 20 minutes after the robbery. it has since been turned off. police are looking at some nearby surveillance videos. >> let's take a look at your weather today. a lot going on in the city. we've got the rock and roll marathon, we've got celebration right up the street from us and we've got a look at trenton, new jersey. is that the trenton makes bridge? i was up that way and the leaves were off the chart gorgeous this week. >> calhoun street bridge. >> it looks good there. is it going to stay like that? >> as far as the sunshine goes we have it now but a lot of those leaves are coming down and if we have some rain in the forecast, watch the roadways they get a little slick. a lot of runs happening today. >> hi dave. today we'll be hosting a 5 k
8:33 am
one-mile walk. we are expecting over 700 participants. will the weather help our runners? >> the weather will probably help the runners, the perfect temperature for it, we're in the 40s, climbing into the mid 50s by 4:00 this afternoon. look at the clouds increasing though. that will keep the temperature from dropping. not that quick chill we had last night. we get much warmer in the 7-day. >> thank you, dave. fox 29, we are taking you in focus. the fill harmonic of southern new jersey has been making beautiful music for nearly 25 years. as photo journalist bill roher
8:34 am
shows us, there's one man who keeps every note intact. >> reporter: i can't imagine how difficult it must be. keeping a 90-member orchestra in perfect synch. above all else, it's the conductor's job to keep everybody else playing together here in just his second year he has brought this all-volunteer orchestra to improved heights. >> matthew is hugely entertaining and very dynamic. >> matthew is fine tuning this orchestra for their 25th anniversary gala.
8:35 am
it's been used in countless movies and tv and the opening music is instantly recognizable. >> when you get harmonies that all of a sudden line up or are in perfect pitch, the textures of the rhythm are just right, it's really amazing. >> performing music this large takes time and practice. this group of seasoned musicians will be here until they get it just right. >> all right. the orchestra's gala is tomorrow
8:36 am
november 1st at the eastern center for the performing arts that's in voorhees and tickets are still available. >> we know halloween can be a lot of fun but it can also be a little problem right here. >> one of the problems it's a hall day full of temptation. coming up, some tips to help you avoid that temptation. >> you know what one of the problems we're going to talk about? >> people that are candy pushers? >> we've got an extra of sleep tonight. always nice when you host a morning show. not good news for everybody. who does not benefit when we change those clocks?
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zbl let's go now to north wales and this benefits the home at last dog rescue. let's hit a couple in the city right now. here is going to be one of the big ones. their pumpkin fest is 12:00 to 5:00 today. germantown one of my favorite neighborhoods. their halloween harvest festival is going to be at 1:00 today and lastly there will be another event happening in south philadelphia so hopefully you can hit some of those with your kids and have a lot of fun as well. and keep sending those pictures. >> hey, everybody! i'm jen frederick and i'm asking a question, what kind of parent
8:41 am
are you. jared, hi, you went to temple. are you trick-or-treating or tailgating? >> trick-or-treating. >> really? >> will you be trick-or-treating in a temple shirt? >> well, yeah. >> good-bye. asking the question, you went to temple, are you going to trick or treat or are you going to watch the game? >> i'm going to trick or treat early, going to watch the game from home even though i have tickets. halloween, like i said before, halloween is like the fall of christmas. it's like a fall-time christmas. >> it's an nfc championship for christmas. what would happen if you weren't at home, just say you had to go to the game? >> i would probably have to live in your house. >> i'm temple made. >> you're self-made. >> where are you two dads going to be? >> at home with the family.
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with cancer, early detection can mean life or death.
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so, when chris brown and will pauls would recklessly deny access to basic health services like mammograms and annual exams, it makes a real difference in women's lives. chris brown voted against funding for cancer screenings. and will pauls opposed funding for clinics that provide access to mammograms - life-saving procedures women rely on. chris brown and will pauls:
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a risk that women in atlantic county can't afford. >> we take a look at the crowds, not too far from here, karen. getting ready, getting hyped for a little cherry in the white of temple u. >> we also have some great news for you. it's welcome news for you.
8:45 am
we're going to get an extra hour of sleep. >> it is like perfect timing with all the parties, you get to fall back. so set your clock back an hour. doctors say changing the clocks can really mess with our bodies. >> so basically it really depends on their rhythms to begin with. some people who prefer to sleep in are going to like this. some people who are early risers are not necessarily going to like it as much. the -- for most people this will be a good thing. people that have fragile circadian rhythms will find this disruptive, not as badly as the spring one. >> that's my problem. fragile circadian rhythms. clocks will go forward on march 13th. >> what are we looking at? the rock and roll marathon. if you ever see me running, you
8:46 am
should run too, because somebody is chasing me. i don't run. >> 18,000 people came into town. there's going to be a lot of bands out there. >> are you at runner at all, dave? >> i ran a half marathon once. >> good for you. >> it's more than bill and i. >> and we ask you again last year, you'll still have one more than me. >> we are talking about that time change. what i am is a golfer, and who benefits from that time change? maybe a golfer. the sun comes up an hour early tomorrow. so now the sunrise 6:30 a.m. set your clocks, make your tee times. won't have that frost around. the sunset 4:59 p.m. still cold there in pots pottstown 29. we'll see these numbers climb with the sunshine that we have.
8:47 am
right now it's 34 degrees in millville. a few clouds there in ventnor city. bill wants to go to cape may to see the sunset. will it be clear enough? we'll have these high clouds coming in. it will impact our weather tonight the high clouds ahead of this rain. a lot of this rain will dry up as it moves east but the clouds keep the temperatures from dropping too much and on top of that we're getting that warm wind coming in from the southwest. here it comes, the clouds will start to increase really by about 2:00 or 3:00, yale see these thin clouds coming in. if you step outside, maybe a few thin clouds but as you get the warm air coming in along with the clouds, that will keep the temperatures from dropping too much. not the case that we had last night where it quickly dropped. a lot going on tonight. trick-or-treating, temple football, only dropping into the upper 40s by tomorrow morning. a few showers passing by our
8:48 am
south tomorrow morning 62. here come theses numbers into the 70s. lows in the 50s and highs into the 70s four days in a row with highs well above average. >> i'm here to highlight this week 'high school athlete. this week is joshua hughes. a senior captain of the ewing blue devils. he leads the team with 11 pack cake blocks as the offensive tackle of the ewing blue devils. they are currently 4 and 3 wirning their last game -- winning their last game. >> basically my role is to keep the offensive line going. i go out to him, pick him up
8:49 am
right away and make sure everybody is all good. the team is my family. we spend a lot of time with each other in the weight room, they mean a lot to me. they're like family, like brothers. >> he is our rock on the offensive line. we've had some success this year running the football and throwing the football and it starts up front and when we talk about up front, we usually talk about josh hughes. the kid plays hurt, he does everything you ask him to do. he does whatever is needed for the team. >> he's a good guy. he's always there for us whenever we need him and i couldn't pick anybody else better. >> although josh plans on playing football in college, he also has other goals he dreams of accomplishing including earning his eagle scout badge. >> it's in the works now. i'm putting bat boxes in because recent disease, you could call it, affected them and killed them, they needed a new place. if i don't get a scholarship, my plan is to go into the coast
8:50 am
guard and do an rotc program and i'm looking to go to college for some sort of forestry or wildlife management. >> i give you a certificate that signifies you are the student athlete of the week. congratulations. >> it makes me feel proud. i know what i've done is right and i'm going to keep doing it. >> it's hard to call somebody that big a kid, but we're meeting some great kids. so if you know someone you would like to nominate as our high school athlete of the week, send us an e-mail or tweet it to us. just make sure you use our hashtag #fox29weekend so we can find your tweets. >> coming up, heaven or hospital. a sick five-year-old girl makes a very tough decision. should a child that young have to decide at all whether she
8:51 am
lives or dies? >> you've seen the excitement, you've seen the craziness. the undefeated owls taking on notre dame. what they need to do to keep their winning streak going. we work weekends here. because it works for our patients. here, at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, we give our patients the freedom to make appointments that fit their schedules, even on weekends.
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because we believe in being here when our patients need us, so they can keep living their busy lives. weekend appointments are now available here. learn more at
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>> we're going to have a little halloween party at the end of this show. we also want to see some of your
8:54 am
halloween costumes. >> and we've got them. this one coming from joe. buzz and woody. the celebration going on. oh, look. frozen. so cute. >> thank you, so adorable, that one. >> and going old school. et phone home. >> happy halloween to them. >> putting a lot of time into costumes. >> you will see ours coming up. a hint they're all philadelphia related. >> this is your fox food bite. they were doing an acorn squash.
8:55 am
this is a winter squash, so the skin is thick so you've got to be careful as you cut them. cut them in half first so you can seed it easier. we want to scoop the seeds out. keep turning into your hands, dig into the flesh a little bit, and there you have it. you want to quarter these squash. cut them in half again. the next step i want to put a couple of score marks. it allows the seasoning to kind of bake in and give it some better flavor. take a brush, we'll baste the squash. don't be shy here. now we're going to transfer these to the cookie sheet and
8:56 am
when we get them in the often, again. if you have a convection oven at home it might take a short time. we're going to make the fruit and apple compote. you can use any apple. take the skin off and cut the apple in half. we want to remove the core, get the seeds out. want to cut that. add a quarter cup of dried cranberry, raisins, pecans. molasses, thyme. we're going to mix this gently so it's all mixed together nice and even. now we add the olive oil to the hot pan and we're going to scrape out the mixture into the pan. you want to cook this for about five minutes. what's going to happen is this
8:57 am
maple syrup is going to thicken up a little bit. this is fresh-squeezed orange juice and our bourbon. this is reducing very nicely. the squash has just come out of the oven, it's tender and beautiful. we want to scoop this compote on top of our squash. they've been in the oven for about 20 minutes, they're ready to go. let's give this a try. feel how soft that is. exquisite. this has been your fox food bite.
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who can name the third president? and the largest planet? someone we haven't heard from.
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live and interactive, this is fox 29's weekend. the first hour already down. so much information and excitement and we've got still more coming up as we go into hour two. >> good morning bill anderson and good morning to you on this halloween. it is one of the busiest things happening right down the street. >> temple coming up so much excitement revolving around temple university. the owls take on the fighting irish tonight. can they keep that unbeaten streak going? >> heck, yeah. also the army is now taking damage claims. if awed problem because of that military blimp that came down in rural pennsylvania, ut-oh... >> let's take look. at your weather. taking a look out there in reading. everything looks good. pretty much all of the cameras we look at today are telling us everything looks good. but dave warren, what's the word. >> two words. >> deceiving sunshine. >> it feels like fall. i'm watching everybody bundled up. they've got their temple scarves
9:01 am
on much it's great football weather. >> cold out here. >> football weather. >> we're warming up. not nearly as cold overnight tonight as it was last night. so look at these numbers right now. freezing in the suburbs. no freezing temperatures now but, hey, thank you doylestown so i didn't have to change that headline still 31 degrees. big temperature difference between the city and the suburbs. you get that when it's a clear sky and light breeze like we had last night. still 36 in washington township. millville jumped up to 43. 50 along the coast of delaware. 30s inland except dover now up to 44. still running that half marathon likely here in philadelphia perfect temperature for it mid 40s with that sunshine. nothing on ultimate doppler but take wider view a lot of rain. this will be falling apart as it moves east but we'll see the clouds increase ahead of this. look what happens here about three, 4:00 o'clock, some low clouds in south jersey, high thin clouds increasing. you'll see them about sunset tonight. it will keep the temperatures from dropping too much overnight
9:02 am
tonight. and there's a few specks of rain that are trying to work their way east. they are overnight tonight really falling apart as it moves into our area. we'll say 58 along i-95. 55 north and west. it will hit 60 to the south. clouds and fairly mild. a lot of people outside right now. there's that bright sunshine. warming the temperatures up. we have a warmer night just a few showers and a number of days above 70 degrees in the seven day. we'll see how many there are coming up a little bit later. >> thanks good. also happening today, we are so excited about this big game. all getting on the band wagon. >> yes. we've been on for a minute less than 12 hours from now, temple's football team will take on notre dame. >> a lot of people like our fighting irish as well. this is a huge game. maybe the biggest game ever for the temple owls. let's get tout jenny joyce. one of the most if you thing she's right down the street we got game day here. all the signs that the kids have made. have you seen great signs? >> reporter: all the signs all of the costumes.
9:03 am
as these students board the bus heading down to independence mall. this the last bus that will leave and head down to independence mall for the game day rally. this is -- the bus driver -- is the bus driver excited. >> been here since 4:00 o'clock this morning. yellow bird shout out. >> can we get a tu? >> tu! >> whoo! >> reporter: that's awesome. yesterday even we were out here and campus was just on fire. there was a pep rally. we saw the dance team out there. so much energy surrounding this football program right now. everyone thrilled to see temple football making history for the first time they've will seven-zero record and the first time they've been ranked since 1979. those are two huge accomplishments. we were down at the game day rally on independence mall earlier this morning. we met temple alum and season ticket holders of 25 years. the payoff has arrived.
9:04 am
>> it's crazy. the atmosphere is up credible. the team is great. a lot of excitement around this team. we're a little excited as you can tell. >> i don't want to wake up much it's like a dream. >> seven-zero this has never happened before. how excited are you for a night. >> extremely. you can tell by the way we're dressed. extremely excited. >> reporter: so an exciting day for the these students. hi. what year are you? >> i'm a junior. >> jury a junior. talk about this achievement for temple football and what the day will be like? >> it's a huge year. no one expected the season to be like this at all. so we're all really excited we're hoping to go eight-zero. >> reporter: all right. have so much fun. this pep rally will last through kickoff at 8:00 o'clock. karen and bill. >> how excited are you, jenny joyce? >> she can't hear. >> thank you jenny. >> really excited. >> reporter: i'm sorry. >> let's show you the cover of the daily news in philadelphia. we are so excited. this front page today.
9:05 am
hoping for a hal o win night. brings to us our instant poll reaction. here's the question will be trick or treating or watching temple? you can vote. you just come to the fox 29 weekend section of or you can vote on twitter. the hash tag z are fox 29 trick or fox 29 temple. we'll show you those results later on. bill? >> we're continuing to follow some breaking news this morning. a russian airliner carrying more than 200 people has crashed in egypt's sinai peninsula. officials say there were no survivors. now, that plane took off shortly before 6:00 a.m. local time and disappeared from radar screens about 20 minutes later. the plane was carrying mostly russian tourists. there were 217 passengers on board and seven crew members. and we'll keep you informed as more information is available. 9:05. new this morning one person in the hospital following an overnight fire in north philadelphia. it happened just before 2:00 this morning. the scene is there at 20th and oxford streets.
9:06 am
it took firefighters about an hour to get that fire under control. we don't know a cause yet. also, new from overnight, a shooting in north philadelphia. this one around 4:00 this morning at west venango and north randolph streets. police say a woman was shot in the back of the head outside a motorcycle club. officials say it may have been a scare tactic. the woman is currently in the hospital and no word on her condition. so far no arrests have been ma made. stabbing in a college campus. two people were stabbed right near the dormatory at rutgers university. this happened near the mettle residence hall on college avenue at the campus in new brunswick. rutgers police found those two victims. it's not clear if they were students. police say they do have a suspect in custody. all right. the army says it's now taking claims for damages caused by that military blame that's one of those big my bad, our bad and we're paying. of course it came down in rural pennsylvania. >> yeah, right. oops. the blimp broke loose from its mooring in maryland and floated over pennsylvania for several
9:07 am
hours causing power outages throughout the area. officials will begin removing remnants of the blimp from the trees in monday see a little bit later on today. they're going to keep that racing going. governor tom wolf's administration now says it will delay the decision to suspend horse and harness racing in pennsylvania until next friday. those ponies will keep running much the state was originally set to shut down racing yesterday because a lack of money because a stalled state budget with the legislators preventing the transfer of that money by the state. agriculture said progressive talks were underway about finding a solution for a long-term shortage in the state racing fund. ♪ this is dan ricotta and i'll admit it, i am a speed shopper. in and out. but now retailers are making a big effort to get me and you to slow down.
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why? slow shoppers spend more money. let me tell you why. let me give you a mew examples. so, for example, philly based retailer urban outfitters they're trying to create lifestyle centers so they're installing restaurants, clearing out space and having live counters. the idea is to get to you stay and mingle so their cash registers will jingle and the boutique skin care channeled origins are putting in big sinks so customers can try their products right on the floor. offering free facials and some of the boutiques are putting in selfie walls. you get your facial then you show it off against the selfie wall. makes a lot of sense. and the trendy boutique club mono company installing libraries, flower stores, coffee bars, even whiskey bars in some locations. i guess the idea is after a few drinks anybody looks good in skinny jeans. here's a few tips how you can slow down your shopping but not below a hole in your budget. first, make sure you leave with
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9:10 am
but should a child that young be able to decide at all whether she lives or dies? >> plus, t for temple. you've seen all the excitement. you've seen the craziness, the undefeated owls taking on notre dame. what they need to do to keep eau their winning streak going.
9:11 am
9:12 am
we're taking a look at a story that is trending this morning. a five-year-old suffering from a chronic illness tells her parents she wants to go to heaven. now you're looking at little guiliana snow she lives in washington state and her
9:13 am
family's story is catching national attention. many arguing that a five-year-old can't possibly understand death. i'm sure you would expect, all sorts of comments on our fox 29 facebook page. hundreds of you told us what you thought about this. marilyn wrote when a very young child has a terrible disease and is faced with their own mortality, they absolutely understand what death and heaven is. don't underestimate their ability to be human. but mandy disagrees. she said, are you kidding me? this is not okay to ask a four-year-old that's not the same as asking an adult. if you could have even an extra month with your child why won a parent do everything they could what if she suffers and has painful death at home? at least a hospital would make her comfortable. i'm just shock. and finally, from janay, i have to say that would be a really hard decision. no parent wants to see their child dye. but if the child has little to no quality of life how do you prolong their agony just to keep your child around? there are so many ethical
9:14 am
questions surrounding this and so we asked dr. nora jones a bioethist is the lewis katz school of medicine at temple university to join us. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> the immediate question that everybody is bouncing around, you have a five-year-old, four-year-old at the time, do they even have the capacity to understand the decision that they're being asked to make? >> i think it depends on what type of five-year-old we're talking about. in general, a healthy, five-year-old would not have the legal or probably mental capacity to make that decision. but this is a girl who for her entire life has been in and out of hospitals. she knows she has terminal illness. she has seen her friends come and go in the hospital. so i think to one of your comments you read earlier, the idea that these kids who have such experience with health care system, they know more than probably you and i do about how they think about death and their comfort level with it.
9:15 am
>> don't they -- that raises an interesting point, and again, our thoughts and prayers. nobody wants to question the parents's decision but they also know more about the pain they're in and couldn't that be influencing a five-year-old's decision? i just don't want to be in pain any more. >> sure. definitely. and the mother has written very eloquently in her blogs about the years of conversations she's had with her daughter and how her daughter experiences these hospital visits and the mother has also had years of conversations with her health care team and it sounds to me like they've reach the point where the potential benefits of further intervention are no longer out weighing the costs of living the remainder of her life in this pain. >> from an ethical standpoint, and you talked about her health care team, you talked about her parents, do the doctors have any responsibility to intervene and continue to fight to provide treatment for this child? >> sure. physicians do have that duty to
9:16 am
minors if they feel that the parents are making a decision that is not in their best interest. in this case, it sounds like the medical team, the parents and the daughter all agree. if the medical team based on all available evidence did think that there were further treatments that would extend her life a little bit longer, then if possible the question could be taken out of the parent's hands to the hospital and to the court in a guardianship. so it does not sound like that's the case here. >> this is a tough one. thank you for spending time with us. thank you. sure. >> this is one we'll continue to explore. so many comments on our fox 29 facebook page. we would love to hear from you. you can leave your comments there and tweet us at fox 29 philly. use our #fox29weekend and again our thoughts and prayers go out to that little girl and her parents. it is exactly 9:16. let's take a live look outside right now. we're taking a live look at wilmington, delaware. super fun thing to do with the
9:17 am
kids today. catch that halloween express. that's going to be at the wilmington and western railroad. they'll have a friendly witch or two visit them. kids that are in costume they can ride for half price. lots of fun. dave warren. looks like a lot of fun. looks pretty nice out there. just a little right now. warminwarming up thanks to that sunshine. have to wait for the sun to do its job much it's cold now. a lot of people out there around here and there's that rain that we're looking at on the radar it still has a ways to go before it gets here could be falling apart as it moves east a lot of events today. here's one coming in from south philly. >> hi, dave. we're going to the south street pumpkin festival today. what's the weather going to be like? >> weather looks pretty good. big festival right here in south philadelphia and south street, and temperatures will be climbing out of the 30s into the 50 there is. up to 53 degrees by noon. look at the clouds increasing though. that will have an impact on our temperatures tonight. it stays fairly constant between 3:00 and 5:00 o'clock here in the city.
9:18 am
maybe getting a little cooler in the suburbs. but we have a ways to go before we get there. still pretty cold in a few of these suburbs north and west. mount pocono at 33. it's up to 43 degrees now in millville. philadelphia at 46. now into the 50s but not much of a drop tonight for the temple game or trick or treating. 51 down to 49. that's thanks to the clouds increasing somebody warmer air trying to work its way in. we'll keep an eye on this rain. it's in chicago right now. you'll see it slowly try to push east. cold weather was in place yesterday with that breeze. high pressure right over us today. there's the weather tomorrow. monday we'll watch an area of low pressure maybe passing by to our south trying to push a little moisture up our way. that's the one chance of rain that we have. the clouds will increase this afternoon. these are high, thin clouds tonight. and this keeps the temperatures from dropping too much. and then they only go up from that in the seven day forecast we're talking about 70s for a few days. those numbers are coming up later.
9:19 am
i'm bruce gordon. last week at this time and place i made note of the three iconic images that represent the city of philadelphia. the liberty bell, rocky and the cheese steak. well, this week came proof the last of those the cheesesteak may be taken more seriously than either of the other two. how do i come by this belief? simple. the 2,015 cheesesteak festival held last saturday in the parking lot of lincoln financial field. >> we love cheesesteaks! >> reporter: the event the first of its kind on this scale drew more than 20,000 customers. tickets ranging from 20 to 60 bucks a peace and some of the proceeds going to charity. sounds great, huh? well, not so much. >> nothing but lines. >> reporter: turns out the crowds were too big, the lines were too long, the parking too expensive and the cheesesteak samples too few. >> i'm kevin, from the philadelphia cheesesteak festival. >> reporter: hundreds of angry
9:20 am
fans took to social media to blast the event and its organizer kevin baxter this according to a midweek story on the line that caught my attention was somewhat buried. four paragraphs deep. explaining that baxter was doing his best to answer his critics but felt the response was somewhat of an over reaction. quote especially since he's received three death threats since saturday. excuse me? three death threats over a disappointing cheesesteak experience? that does seem a little harsh. you have to wonder how our three threateners react to an unmade bed at their hotel room or a car that cuts them off on the highway. look, i understand folks spend their hard earned money for a day out with their family and expect to get what they paid f for. but death threats over a cheesesteak fest? for his part baxter is promising to fix the first year kinks and to get it right for next year's version of the event. here's hoping he succeeds. death by cheesesteak should come
9:21 am
the old-fashioned way, be it a heart attack and not by angry customers. only in philly. ♪ death by heart attack. all right. coming up, mischief night no more. really? well there's a town that goes to the extreme measures to keep kids off the streets. are we overreacting? so what do you think about this one? what we need to do to keep our towns safe? plus halloween can be a lot of fun but it can be a problem for all right weight lines. one of the problems it's a holiday full of temptation. you pass the candy dish, you grab a treat. coming up some tips to help you avoid that temptation. there's your winning lottery numbers. we hope you have them. good luck. ♪
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you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec®-d to powerfully clear your blocked nose and relieve your other allergy symptoms. so, you can breathe easier all day. zyrtec®-d. at the pharmacy counter. ♪ welcome back as we continue playing halloween music for to you get in the spirit as we look out on allentown. a little early much not nearly as much activity as going on here. but there is some activity a little bit closer to home at the deptford mall today. if you're in that area, stop by. there is an event benefiting veterans. it's a touch a truck event. lots of different trucks that you can check out. see how things work but our jared ball one of our photographers will be with our
9:25 am
satellite truck. you can go over to the deptford mall, see how everything works, see how we do everything when we're out in the feel. it's actually pretty cool. i enjoy going out and playing in those truck. i might have to head over there after the game day show a little bit later. karen, we are getting so many people sending us pictures. >> we love it. high boys love truck. that's a great event if your kids like truck. say take a look at this one so cute. kevin has a wedding tonight. little man will be dressed up with grandmom. we love that tigger. we have a really cute one from katie this is the theme of the day. she's got her temple owl and she's got her fighting irish boosters right here it's a divided house. it's a win/win for molly shaye. this one from grab brielle page and casey mario and luigi happy halloween. and we have a very special halloween edition of the chief. ♪ i'm mike chitwood superintendent of police in upper darby. tonight i'm stewart the minion and i'm here to give safety tips
9:26 am
for halloween. the first safety tip is to make sure that if you're under 12 years of age that you go out with an adult. the second tip is when you're going to and from houses, be careful crossing the street. make sure that you can safely cross. the third tip is if you get candy, peak sure an adult checks it so that nobody had been tampering with it and only eat factory wrapped candy. and the fourth tip is the drivers out there, drive caref careful, don't drink, slow down. our children are our most precious assets. i'm mick chitwood, upper darby police. ♪
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♪ this is good gay philadelphia alec holly with this week's look at what those silly scientists have decided to spend years studying. >> the tractor beam made famous in sign fiction like the original star wars movie a new hope hans solo millennium falcon
9:30 am
pulled into darth vader's death star an spaceship full of our favorite rebels are powerless to resist. ♪ >> for decades they seemed like nothing more than a bit of hollywood plot device magic and now scientists have figured out how to actually -- >> use the force. the force is strong. >> reporter: group of researchers from the university of bristol created a tractor beam device that uses an ultrasound frequency to move, hover and rotate items without even touching them. fit sounds to you like a bunch of sciences trying to make their favorite movies come to life, it's not as silly as that. in all seriousness in a sudden publish in the journal nature publications researchers say some day their device could be improved to man late cells, liquids or living things without contaminating or touching them. that would include medication that is could be delivered direct toll tissue that needs them.
9:31 am
and that sounds simply amazing. even if it started with some silly scientists. ♪ my inner nerd got into that just a little bit. >> luke, i am your father. >> she's a they are. taking a look at your news now. a delaware county town is trying to keep the mischief out of halloween weekend. >> how they going to do that? they had a big meeting and decided to make temporary curfew for kids for some of the teenagers during their last meeting on wednesday. they say that the halloween curfew ordinance has been on the books for actually two decades and it really works to reduce crime and offenses over the years. the ordinance states that children under 18 must be off the streets by 9:00 p.m. to sunrise each night over the entire halloween weekend. so it went into effect last night. goes through sunday. so they put this in effect and had that meeting because they want you to know all about it and tell to you get the kids off the streets. the only exception children can be at past 9:00 o'clock if grown ups are with them.
9:32 am
residents have mixed reviews about this. >> the entire weekend? like it's halloween. at 9:00 o'clock that's lilly err toll me. that's just me. >> our principal at the end of the day was like everyone make sure you're in by 9:00 because of mischief night and be safe. don't do anything you shouldn't be doing. >> the teenage says high school sun valley high made that announce many about the curfew yesterday. children are caught out past 9:00 o'clock this is what's going to happen much police will take the kids home or back to the police station. parents have to come pick them up. there is no fine associated with this ordinance. not a bad thing. get them off of the streets at a reasonable time. let's take look what's going on out there. looking out at the ben franklin bridge. pretty light traffic but i'm not bob kelly. i won't try to tell you about traffic. >> you know what's happening tomorrow? >> they're shutting that down running over that bridge. >> yeah. >> they're doing it twice in two months. but looks pretty good there, dave. you tell us it's going to be pretty good all day. >> karen just gave us a nice traffic report there. way to go, karen.
9:33 am
nice out there now. we have the sunshine deceptive sunshine you step out there's a little chill in the air especially the suburbs. big question is, what will it be like tonight? well we'll try to give you an answer. first this. good morning, karen and dave, bill and everybody at fox 29 weekend. happy halloween on this saturday morning i started my trick or treating a little bit earlier trick or treat. i'd give you some candy but first i want to hear dave's forecast. dave, can you hear me out here. i want some candy. >> i'll help you out i'd like to make a real burrito for me sometime. i get the munchies f you're out tonight, 6:00 p.m. dry weather. we'll say it's dry but look at the temperatures. they are starting into the 50s but unlike last night, only dropping a few degrees. maybe a little chill in the air but only down to 51. that's thanks to clouds moving in. they're not there now. we just have few high thin clouds that's the moon off in the distance it's nice and clear this morning. thank you pete for sending that in. 55 is the temperature now.
9:34 am
but it's not as cold only dropping into the upper 40s overnight. climbing into the 70s in the seven day forecast. that's coming your way in just a bit. ♪ hi, i'm barbara king from valley forge flowers with this week's around the house. any suggestions for dressing up my thanks giving table? yes, dressing up the thanksgiving table definitely sets the tone for how great the feast is going to be. and it really does help with those memories that we all have of family gatherings. i love fall. it's warm, it's cozy. this tray is something all of us have laying around the house. if you don't have candles, easily gather candles from all different areas. they just have to all have that same tone of fall harvest holiday. so we took pillar candles, we also took paper candles, and we
9:35 am
filled this tray with gourds like the squash here, some feathers, bittersweet, bittersweet is something you'll see me use all the time. it's in abundance in the woods right now. this pg hydrangea is also something if you don't have in your own backyard maybe your neighbor do's. ask them first before you go out and cut. but this dries beautifully. this is something you can do way ahead of time. it's not going to stress you out the day of the party. this is something you can real dollar the week before thanksgiving and enjoy it yourself. if you have a question you want answered, tweet us at hash tag fox 29 weekend. ♪
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music: "thunder clatter" by wild cub ♪ ♪ ♪ most weekends only last a couple of days. some last a lifetime. hampton. we go together. always get the lowest price, only when you book direct at
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♪ in your halloween health this morning, it is temptation central probably just about everywhere at your house, at your work, you got those jumbo sized bags there are on the cupboard or the kitchen counts, your co-workers desk, you know you've been raiding that left and right. a lot of people are facing this item teague. here's what they're saying. princess says i already dipped into that halloween candy bowl. i couldn't resist. who can? once you start, oh, my gosh. j jason says someone brought a bunch of halloween candy to my office. i to not have the will power to resist coffee crisps. that's my biggest problem at work when everybody bring it in. we have this monday were pearl, couldn't resist had to bust into
9:39 am
the halloween candy. yeah, you know you probably have done it. joining us this morning our medical team beth galvin. >> reporter: good morning, karen. i've already got my little plastic pumpkin full of candy and i have to confess that i have already eaten all of the milk duds. you will not find any milk nutter my halloween candy because i ate them. >> karen. >> i was going to ask you what your favorite was. right from the jump there's a decision we shall be making that's important about what we are actually buying. what's that? yes. if you haven't bought the halloween candy here's a little bit of advice. when you go to the store, pick up something that you don't really love. so pick up the candy that you don't crave because if it's something you're kind of ever different to like maybe you don't like m and m's get a bunch of m and m's and give that out to the kids that way you're not adding to the temptation of the situation with huge bowl just looking at you, you know, just begging for to you dive in. karen? >> also, you know one of though things you said that whole bowl
9:40 am
sitting there calling your name. how about the whole out of sight out of hyped? >> reporter: very smart. so if you can, if you've got the candy there before you are going to give it out tonight or whatever tuck up into a cupboard so you're not sitting there staring at it. we know from habit if we see it we want it. if you can try and curb that. put it off to the side maybe leave it in your car until it's trick or treat time, then you're less likely to sort of, you know, overeat. >> my co-anchor he's a great guy and i love him to death but he's a candy push cher and he's always trying to push his candy on the rest of us. how can i shut him down and not just, you know, give into temptation? >> reporter: so and then a lot of people aft the holiday will be bringing in excess candy and the best defense that you can have karen is to keep yourself full. never get to that point where you're hasn't agree and you got hit that candy. you got to hit the candy now b big. you know if you can do that, and if you can also maybe just try to avoid his desk and stopping by his desk where -- if you can switch out your routine a little
9:41 am
bit, um, so that you -- you're not actually putting yourself into that situation where the item station very difficult to resist. those are a couple of things that might help. >> aside from an apple or raisins is there any kind of healthier halloween treats? >> yeah. all treats are not created equ equal. i think the healthiest is something like smarties. smarties you get this whole role of candies about 20 in there much it's 25 calories. it's 0-grams of fat. not so great for you are these little candy bars then don't seem like they would be dangerous but the problem, karen, is, they we don't eat one or two. we eaten or 15. >> yup. >> maybe 20 of them in a sitting. and one of these canny bars has seven to 8 grams of fat. like 100 calories. so tiny. i know. i know. and so, you know, the damage sort of is cumulative and we can't stop once we start because chocolate is addictive. >> karen. >> perfect timing. we know this is exactly the decision people will be making in these moments right now. beth, thank you so much. happy halloween to you.
9:42 am
thank you for having me. you, too, karen. >> all right. let us know what your guilty pleasure. what's your favorite candy? use our #fox29weekend.
9:43 am
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♪ you make me feel so young... it's what you do. ♪ you make me feel ♪ so spring has sprung. ♪ ooh, good song. looks like a ghost town right now in the pocono mountains from that vantage point. we are having such an exciting halloween and we're getting ready for our big halloween reveal. let's see your pictures right now. melanie brown sent in an absolutely adorable picture of
9:45 am
her kids which is -- poll results. what are you going to do tonig tonight. so many things happening. are you going to trick or treating with the kids or are you going to be going over to the temple game or watching it on tv? so what we have right now. temple -- how about that one? temple winning 54% right there. trick or treating was the other one. we had quincy with his and jared talking about they'll be home with the kids. now let me show you our pictur pictures. i love babies. thank you so much melanie. happy halloween from emma the cabbage patch kid trick or treat. so cute. we also dave warren, who is this. >> evan he's watching right now. >> high buddy. you are a cutie and michelle this one is adorable. happy halloween from the kings of the circus wrangling those lions. and this one blew me away. beyonce' eat your heart out. look at the storm picture from
9:46 am
the x-men arielle stunning stunning costume. this last one dope from philly, they're buzz and woody. so cute. dave warren, what's the foreca forecast. >> forecast looks pretty good especial follow trick or treating to night. not quite as cool. a lot of people outside right now just down the street getting ready for that temple game tonight. we'll look at that with the forecast. certainly plenty of sunshine out there right now, and remember to turn your clocks back tonight right before you go to bed. here's what it means for us. tomorrow morning, sunrise 6:30 a.m. sunsets just before 5:00 p.m. now. so turn the blocks back change the batteries in your smoke detects. right now these temperatures are trying to work their way out of the 30s not having much luck despite that sunshine we have now but likely the next hour the top of the hour these numbers update we'll see them climb into the 40s. closer to 50 here in philadelphia. we're at 46 right now. wilmington is at 42. millville is up to 43 degrees. wildwood is at 48.
9:47 am
ultimate doppler all clear. we are clear now. but look at all that rain in chicago and st. louis and memphis. it's all slowly working east. we will see the clouds out ahead of that. high pressure controls us right now. we are clear. that cold wind is gone but the cold air is in place. sunshine trying to do its job to warm it up. we'll talk about that winds and the clouds on sunday. monday that area of rain to the south. might try to pass by to our south so that's the thing we're watching for the shower chance here. it should stay mostly to the south. as these high clouds increase tonight, and the warmer air develops with that south wind, it keeps the temperatures from dropping too much. it will not be like it was last night when we get that quick chill. shout stay into the upper 40s for trick or treating and even for the temple game. look at the numbers into the 50s right at 5:00 o'clock. only dropping into the mid to upper 40s and staying there overnight tonight. these are the temperatures tomorrow morning. 50s in the suburbs. a good 20-degree difference
9:48 am
thanks to the clouds and that warmer air coming in to the south also into the mid 50s and we are going up from here we're climbing into the 60s and we'll even be closer to 70 degrees here in the seven day forecast. talking about today, sunny and cool, 50 degrees at noon. but the clouds increase. we're at 57 by 6:00 o'clock. that is sunset tonight. clouds -- sun goes down, temperatures they don't. they stay right about 50 degrees between about 8:00 and 10:00 o'clock tonight. so we'll say not quite as cool. here the 70s after that chance for rain on monday. that should stay mostly to the south. bright sunshine tuesday. beautiful day there. sun and clouds on wednesday and thursday. and by friday, we are into the 70s. we are getting ready for our big halloween reveal. that is coming up in just a little bit. we'll be right back.
9:49 am
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9:51 am
♪ welcome back. thank you so much for joining us because now we have our big reveal coming. we've got all the runners finish the rock and roll half marathon. and i think they have a couple of their pictures. we'll take look at if we do. if not we may just show you our own pictures. so cute. we did show you this one. adorable. we love them. thank you so much for sending those pictures in. so let's get ready for our big halloween open. here it is, guys. ♪ happy halloween i'm betsy
9:52 am
ross we're doing a philly theme this year i want to see who will come to our philly party. so i just love darning my leg flag such a good up pollster err. who will come first to the doorbell. let's check it out and see. who is coming to the party? look it's request love from philly much philly's own request love. what's it like working late night television. >> you know i'm doing my thing. i have no idea what quest love really sounds like so. it's a good look, right? you see the comparison. can we get the side by side going? good look. i just got put into the hall of fame in philadelphia. so i carved out little time to come see you guys. >> whose your favorite member of roots there? >> me. >> quest love. >> let's see who else is coming to the party because, you know, you got to bring it when you come to this kind of a party. let's see. who do we got? ready. >> ♪ >> it's rocky, everybody.
9:53 am
dave warren. yo, adrian! >> you probably already know this life isn't all about sunshine and rainbows. when it is, send me a picture i'll tweet it and put it on the air. >> very clever you are. >> i had to look that up. >> that's really good. look at you from sylvester stallone. very own rocky. >> who is bringing it up right now. we've got our own jill scott. man she can take a long walk. she's so talented. >> hi. is this the party? >> nicole rocking it. top to bottom. >> what's your favorite jill scott song. >> living live like it's golden. >> you go to all the concerts. >> yes. >> we should collaborate. >> we'll come into light. we know how to do this. hi, philly. >> producer he was going to be chip kelly. we love him. now we have a very special guest that's coming to our party right
9:54 am
now. who? >> he'll be playing himself. >> you got it. playing himself we got come on n you didn't know you were coming to our halloween party. hey, buddy. thank you. temple's own. we appreciate it. real quickly, this isn't even a costume. that's legit super bowl ring. it's going to seem a little silly because we're all in costume right now but you're here to talk to us about the game. we see the hat. >> we're family. he's philly. you're representing philly. happy halloween. all right. everybody is here. big celebration and you have hard time looking at me like this tell us how much does this mean to temple and to the program that you got a situation like this coming to filly? >> it means a lot. you know, where the program has been when i was there and it's grown so much in the last couple of years with matt ruhle, he's dawn great job with these young guys, and, you know, they believe in the system and they've been playing like they understand and you know making plays and playing like
9:55 am
championship football. so, um, it's going bring a lot of good to the organization. a lot of recruits will start coming to philly. so we're competing with the pits and the penn states and the other big schools that's in pennsylvania and i think it's good for us and we'll be able to recruit good players. >> you got to the league, got a championship but when you were playing, it was tougher times. >> yeah. >> tough getting people to come out. tough getting recruits to come in as you said. will this have lasting impact on the actual program. >> that's the thing. it's something that started when al golden was here. matt ruhle was here, al golden left and came back and he pick up where he left off. i feel as though everybody feel as though, you know, this is our time. it's going to continue to grow. we have a bunch of good kids there and if you look at it, if you look at them play, you know, even when the first and second team guys aren't out there, you got the third team guys and they never miss a beach that means it's not just the starters, it's working its way down to the younger guys so that means they have good leaders on the team,
9:56 am
and it's going to be like this for a couple of years. >> putting you on the spot. can they win the game? >> of course they can win the game. >> will they win the game? yes, they will win the game. (applause). >> they will win the game. >> whoo! >> from what i saw they played championship football. they know how to finish games. if ya'll watched the last game, you know, they came and finish the game, you know, just like the penn state game and people thought they won within that game. they were down about 10 points and they came back and won the game. that's championship football. that's what they're playing right now. i think they're going to win this game. >> and you know -- >> i know what championship teams look like. >> keeping with the philly theme right quick -- >> nice, man. >> you've done some things in philly. you invested on temple's campus. the kind of temple growth bringing development to philly does it have that overlapping impact on the city as had a a whole. >> definitely. the whole area north philly at temple university has grown as a whole. you know, and we got a new stadium that's about to be
9:57 am
built, you know, on temple campus. so temple is growing. it's getting better and we getting more kids coming in and, you know, it's not the same like it was when i was there a few years ago. it was a basketball school. everybody wanted to go to the basketball games. now, you know, we got football, football team is doing great and it will bring in, you know, more people and everybody is going to support the football team now. >> good stuff. let's go temple. let's get everybody back in here. whoo! >> we got temple. take it out. you stay. you're part of philly. bringing everybody in it's a philly thing to say our halloween goodbyes and get everybody excited. >> can we get a temple fight song? >> you ready. >> you ready. >> i know how to do the whole thing. ready? >> we're t for temple u, u university. fight, fight, fight for the cherry and the white for the cherry and white we'll fight fight fight. >> sing it! >> whoo! >> thanks for spending your
9:58 am
saturday with us. >> go, temple? >> you need a solo. ♪
9:59 am
10:00 am
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