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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  September 30, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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us. i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland fox 29 weather authority just got update on joaquin's possible path. let's get straight on over to meteorologist kathy orr. >> it just came in about two minutes ago, lucy. this is the very latest on hurricane joaquin. you can see the churning just to the north and east of the bahamas going to stick around there at least another day or so before it makes a move up the eastern seaboard right now maximum sustained winds at 85 miles an hour moving southwest temporarily very slowly at 8 miles an hour. you can see 175 miles east northeast of the central baham bahamas. so what happens next? well, we're carefully watching all of the computer models and this is a very big change in the forecast. you can see most of the models bring it in along the mid atlantic but some of them bringing the moisture up into the delaware valley. the yellow plot very close to isabel as far as the track is concerned and this orange one very close to floyd. see we're what happening some of
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these tracks very similar to past hurricanes and even though they made landfall in the mid atlantic they still impacted the delaware valley. so as we continue to watch this storm, we're watching latest track this is the 5:00 o'clock update from the national hurricane center. it brings the storm toward the north northwest as category three storm by saturday. that has a 115-mile an hour wind. then by the time we make it into sunday, somewhere along the outerbanks, remember, this is the cone of uncertainty, but this is 2:00 o'clock sunday afternoon and then it drives it up the chesapeake bay this is by monday afternoon. now we continue to see this northwesterly track pulling it further and further to the west. and that means by the time we get to the weekend, that mid atlantic landfall looks a little bit more likely at this point. that still means rain and heavy winds for us. we'll continue to keep you updated. we have around of heavy rain before this storm even gets
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close. we'll talk more about that coming up with your seven day forecast. >> all right, kathy. thank you. of course many residents living along the shore still have that memory of super storm sandy fresh on their minds. >> even as the potential knew threat moves up the coast residents in seaside communities they're not panicking. fox 29's brad sattin live in atlantic city tonight. brad, from what you've seen, folks seem to be taking it all in stride. >> reporter: lucy at this point they are taking it all in styled. one person who's not the head of atlantic county emergency prepareness of i talk to him just a short time ago. he has several concerns based on the computer models the way the storm is heade headed. the first one is the fact we can be seeing some rain thursday into friday here and then as kathy had mentioned potentially on monday after see that hurricane or remnants of it we're not sure obviously at this point and on top of that is the ground. there has been really a lack of rain in this area as a result this ground here is very hard and can easily and quickly
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flood. a couple quick downpours today hardly a concern along the jersey shore. still days away from any real threat by hurricane joaquin. richard dee bold running this boat yard in brigantine for the past five decades. and takes hurricane watches in stride. >> whatever happens we just deal with it. >> reporter: but sandy three years ago changed the cavalier attitude for many. the boat yard here survived just barely. this concrete dock was lifted up about 5 feet to the white caps a top the pilings. a few inches more and the whole thing would have floated away. richard is just start to go get calls from boat owners ahead of this next storm. >> people that we generally take care of their boats. they figure they're almost done with it witness storm coming take them out. >> reporter: this sailboat was just brought in today. usually it sits in the mouth of the bay where it's much more vulnerable. >> there's no protection from wind or waves. so i wanted to move it into the cove which is where i am now so it gets some protect. >> reporter: he lost his house
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in sandy but feels the new one is safe. >> less concerned because we raised it if the water gets to where the living quarters are we're all in trouble. i think it's 17 feet above sea level. last name it was nine. >> heavy rain early this morning caused minor flooding in the usual spots around long beach island which streets were underwater as a precaution public works crews began rounding up trash cans to prevent them from blowing or even floating away. in atlantic city the streets are quiet today. a handful anglers were out but not catching much they say. it has been a windy past few days. >> we had a good 40 or 45 mile miles an hour wind constantly coming out of the east. i volunteer at the lighthouse. it was very difficult opening and closing the door. i had to advise people to take off anything, glasses, hats, whatever might blow away. >> reporter: well it's not overly windy now as a result. pretty good day for some fishing as you saw. again, talking with emergency preparedness fishes, they are keeping a close eye on these
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computer models. they say that are really prepared to ramp up their crews in the next 24 hours if it comes to it. lucy? >> all right. thank you very much, brad sattin live in atlantic city. some folks in lancaster county are still picking up the pieces tonight. yesterday's storms brought heavy rain, high wind. you can see the damage at this warehouse in east hemp field township. the wind ripped off parts of the roof. the storm knocked out power to about 10,000 customers overnig overnight. but ppl electric says only a few hundred are still in the dark. the national weather service is now checking into whether a tornado touched down. and the fox 29 weather authority team tracking hurricane joaquin. you know it as it picks up strength. we'll bring you more details breaking as well on air and online at fox 29.cot. philadelphia police are looking for two gunmen that they say robbed a man inside his frankford home. overnight officers found the 51-year-old man tied up inside his apartment on the 1300 block of seller street. he told them two men with guns broke in, forced them to the
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ground and tied them up. police say the home invaders grabbed 200 bucks in cash and carried out a 52-inch televisi television. the man's wife and 10-year-old grandson hid in the closet all this happened. police say the same thing happened to a family in upstairs apartment about six months ago. the hunt is on for a group of men wanted for burglary after burglary. all of them happened between march 6th and september 13th of the this year. philadelphia police say they're sophisticated burglars because of the tools they used during each burglary. now, we've shown you video earlier this month of these guys using high-powered tools to get what they want. police think they're behind at least four burglaries. if you know anything about them, call police. now to developing story out of north philadelphia tonight. part of a building has collapsed but there is some concern tonight that the rest of would it also come crashing down fox 29's dawn timmeney joins us live from the scene of the collapse. dawn, was anybody inside the building when it collapsed? >> reporter: fortunately, no, iain, because the building is vacant. it's amazing that no one was
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walking by when the bricks started showering the sidewalk below. the building will come down tomorrow as you can see heavy equipment already on sight. the big concern is it's only feet from school which is right across the street and these homes right here. 84-year-old frances democracy is fine but a little rattled. her house only one and a half doors away from a vacant building that partially collapsed on to the sidewalk below on the 2400 block of seventh street. >> them kids go by. >> reporter: frances worried for the neighborhood children. the building is right across the street from an elementary scho school. many students walked by the very spot now covered in bricks den brie every day on their way to and from school. >> she has granddaughter that comes out the door to go to that school, also. yup. so glad she was already in school as well as all the other kids.
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>> reporter: frances' daughter catherine rushing right over to her elderly mom's white house she her the news. since her mom often sits outside on her first steps. she says the building has been problematic for years. >> they have been saying ever since last summer that they was going to come and tear it down and no one never came to tear it down. >> reporter: there is a warning notice posted on the front dated july 10th, 2015 stating the owner has 30 days to repair or demolish the neighborhood eye sore. >> it to fall down and to get some more attention even guarantee they'll get it down now. >> reporter: that's exactly what's happening. license and and inspections taking curb side bids win hours to demolish the crumbling old building after determining it is in eminent danger of collapsing. >> anything could have happened. >> reporter: fortunately no one was hurt. you can see right now, peco is on the scene cutting electric to the building. the gas company and water company on the scene earlier. this building has had numerous violations cited dozens of times
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for all kinds of problems so neighbors here are glad to see it will be finally torn down, again n will happen first thing tomorrow morning. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, dawn. hundreds of janitors are trying to send mess they want good jobs and they want fair contracts so they rallied in center city today just days after pope francis spoke about sharing wealth in the us. these office cleaners from the service employees international union say they're fight to go maintain their benefits as they struggle to keep up with the cost of living. philadelphia mayoral candidate jim kenney joined today's march. the current service employees union contract expires on october 15th. a local couple has made another huge contribution to a philadelphia university. >> and now the school they've given so much to is returning the favor by honoring them. today drexel university welcome david and made today dorn sight for a celebration outside the school of public health and because of the couple's $45 million donation that school will now bear their name.
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dorn sights help stab drexel center for neighborhood partnerships back in 2012 and now they hope their latest gift will transform its public health school as well. >> we're profoundly inspired by their commitment to help, they will equal lat and social justice. dave and i are privileged to have the opportunity to amplify the school's crucial work through philanthropy. >> the couple also helped establish the office of experiment shall learning at the universities toes lebow college of business. >> some sprays, some anger and some support over a meeting pope francis had during his visit to the us. we've learned controversial county clerk kim davis had a private meeting with the ponti pontiff. >> bill. >> reporter: speaking of the pope's visit, lucy, while many were upset about the streets being closed during pope weekend one group wants cars out of center city more often and their petition is growing fast. coming up what some call a
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radical idea gets mixed reacti reactions. >> iain. >> all right, bill. you can see cars on the roads without drivers in less than five years that's what experts say google just revealed what one of those cars would look like how it just faired in big test. >> what do you think about this sexy halloween costume for a toddler. what one mom saw for sale on one store's website has people across the nation angry. coming up at six nothing sacred for a thief in a local neighborhood. he didn't steal money or valuables but what did he take still has people upset. the connect to the historic weekend we just experienced.
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>> a lot of attention on the tropics right now we're watching hurricane joaquin. we could start to feel the storm's effects tomorrow and over the neck several days. tonight the big question, where is the storm headed and how bad will it be? we of course will keep you update. >> philadelphia police need your help tracking down two men they say broke into a bar in juniata park. it happened at the bar on the 900 block of tioga street early sunday morning. police say one of the burglars forced open a door in the back to get in. men grabbed money about $500 worth of liquor as well. so if you know who these guys are, you know what to do, give police casm. you'll definitely need more money if you ride new jersey transit. for the tim time since 2002, bus and rail riders are going see a fair increase. fares will jump about 9% starting tomorrow. new jersey transit officials say the increases are need to do close a $60 million budget gap that remained even after the agency cut 40 millions dollars.
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higher fares follow service cuts that took effect in september. >> much different city without cars on many of philadelphia's roads this past weekend. the pope's visit essentially cleared the streets in center city. yes, definitely headaches for some. but not everybody is complaini complaining. fox 29 weekend's bill anderson joins us from the newsroom. bill/people are actually pushing to see if this can happen a lot more often. >> yeah, lucy they like it for people driving not city this past weekend the no drive zone was a big headache. but for group of pedestrians and cyclists the quiet streets were great. they say at least a few times each year we should get the cars out and walk or bike our way through philadelphia. ♪ >> reporter: recent pope francis visit raised numerous concerns about security, crowds and street closures. but at least one group saw car free streets and they loved it. open street philly was inspired and started a petition to have scheduled days when center city
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streets would be closed to car traffic and wide open to cyclists and pedestrians. >> at first there was a lot of concern about what the streets would be like. but as residents saw once they got to the streets this saturday and sunday, they really started to enjoy it in a way that they didn't was possible. >> reporter: petition got immediate traction with 1500 signatures in just a couple of hours. and stands near 3,000 signatures in just two days. >> it was mazing. we started it with just thinking a few people would be signing it and literally as i refresh it i seen 10 and 15 more people every minute signing this petition. >> reporter: the idea of a bike friendly philadelphia isn't a new thing. we've got bike lanes popping you will up all over the city. king drive is already closed on summer weekends. but even still, the people that i spoke to throughout the city had mixed reviews about this concept of car free weekends. >> i think it's a great way to see the beautiful architecture and all the great urban parks that we have here and public
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sculpture. >> a lot of times with all the cars and stuff it's very congested septa buses honking horns at everybody. it just takes away from the beauty of seat sometimes. >> on the surface it sounds like great idea but if they do what they did for the weekend of the pope, i've spoken to a lot of retailers who suffered greatly and i don't think that's fair. >> reporter: if you look at the petition, it's becoming a movement and as always we want to hear from our viewer. are you on board with car free weekends here in philadelphia? you can tweet us at fox 29 philly or leave your comments on our fox 29 facebook page. we'll also put the petition there in case people want more information. lucy. >> all right, thank you very much, bill anderson. crit commission mass is still 86 days away. some of us are counting. the big holiday cannot come soon enough for a montgomery county tree farm. buster' social security sendin g one of its best firs to the white house in november. the first familiar l proudly display the 19-foot tall tree in
5:18 pm
the blue room. bus buster's beat out hundred of other farms for this year's honor the guys at buster's to see their tree inside the white house it is the highest recognition they can get. >> i've lived in various countries and until you live in other countries you don't realize our country is. and if you can have the opportunity to put your tree in the most famous house in america, that's a real thrill. >> jay and glenn will cut down the tree and personally deliver it to 1600 pennsylvania avenue around thanksgiving. they'llly get the chance to meet first lady michelle obama. iconic costumes are on display at drexel university all part of the robert and penny fox historic costume collection. the collection features 75 artifacts and more than 14,000 garments and accessories from some of the finest and oldest research collections in the nation. you'll get to see queue tour
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gown worn lie grace kelly and close made by oscar did he la ren tee and wang. >> in northampton farm is providing tlc for people who really need it. photojournalist bill roar are went to check it out. >> tucked away on 5 acres of lehigh valley farmland, lynn is preparing to land for a third organic farming. >> we're prepping the fields for cover cropping. some of our new crops are green beans, onions, carrots, sweet potatoes. >> reporter: organic farm is part of the st. luke's anderson camp. >> we produce 45 thousands of produce. we deliver the food to all six of the hospitals of st. luke's. >> reporter: you can call it farm hospital. >> we started with the row dale institute and the idea was to create a farm on campus that would provide food for our patients, visitors and employe
5:20 pm
employees. >> we get to be a nice bright golden color. >> each morning farmers hand pick vegetables and deliver to the hospital's cafeteria. >> food is such a big part of a lot of people's lives if you're feeling sick, what you're looking for in comfort is family friends and also food. >> reporter: the start of the row dale farm the salad bar sales increased 20 to 30%. >> i think it brings value to the idea of educating people as well and that, um, we want people to eat more plant based diet and eat organic it's better for you and your children and everyone else. >> that is a -- patti is a huge fan. tomatoes seeds. >> mose and visitors can purchase organic produce from the farmers market. >> i love that option, too. if they sold meat here i'd buy meat here, too. right. i would have to go to the grocery store. use my bed. >> in easton, bill rohrer fox 29 news. >> that is super cool.
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hungry cat let's his appetite get the best of him desiring fresh hook and all. when vets discovered what happened they decided not to operate. what they chose to do instead. >> a store clerk terrorized on the job. robbers after some medical marijuana. what they told the employee to do to make their mission easier. >> we are just hours away from big changes to how a lot of people use credit cards. it's a bit of a headache for businesses but we're taking a look at what this means for you.
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>> police in washington state on the hunt for a couple of robbers hooter ridessed an employee in a medical marijuana store. they approach the clerk pull out gun and push the guy to the ground. bad guy filled boxes with high grade medical marijuana. then ran out of the store. police say they eventually found some of the stolen loot but the robbers are still on the run. pope francis and kentucky county clerk came davis are grabbing headlines worldwide right now. vatican spokesman doesn't deny the met during the pontiff's
5:25 pm
visit to the us last week. davis went to jail for days for refusing to issue same sex marriage licenses. her attorney says pope francis and davis met on thursday in washington, d.c. after his add dr. toes congress. he says francis told davis "thank you for your courage and stay strong and as does he so often the pope apparently held out his hands and asked davis to pray for him. this just n government shut down avoided at least for now. the house just vote to do keep the government open. spending bill will keep the government funded until decemb december 11th. democrats helped house republican leaders pass the measure with just hours to spa spare. the senate passed legislation earlier in the day for weeks the budget battle hinged on the funding of planned parent p parenthood with a small handful of conservative republicans threaten to go derail the measure. >> simply stop the federal money from going to this organization. give to the organizations who weren't caught on video doing the things planned parenthood was caught doing.
5:26 pm
>> questions about planned parenthood' practices arose after 10 videos surfaced in which employees of the group were shown allegedly haggling with buyers interested in aborted fetal tissue for scientific research. >> prosecutors decided not to charge caitlyn jenner for deadly car crash in california. authorities have said that jenner's suv crashed into two other cars in february pushing one into oncoming traffic. the driver of that car died. sheriffs investigator has previously determined jen they are was driving too fast for road conditions and they had enough evidence they thought to support a charge of vehicular manslaughter. today however prosecutors disagreed saying they do not have enough evidence to move forward with charges. a convicted murderer released from prison for good behavior. how authorities in louisiana say something like this could happen to the full scale manhunt gets underway. >> they traveled hundreds of miles to see the pope here in philly and the trip did not diss appoint. he kissed their baby. what one family says they
5:27 pm
learned during their big weekend here. kathy? >> we could possibly be in for a double whammy of weather. first, we have that cold front that moved through stalling. we're going to be seeing moisture riding along it so inches of rain for the next couple of days, and then looking out for joaquin. the very latest coming up. i'll have that seven day forecast as fox 29 news at 5:00 continues. ññ
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♪ >> here's life a look at wilmington delaware right now.
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people across the area watching the tropics closely right now there is a chance hurricane joaquin could have a big impact here. we're tracking that storm and we'll have update for in you your fox 29 weather authority. >> philadelphia police are searching for pair of armed robbers that bound and gagged a man inside his frankford home overnight. officers found the 51-year-old man tied up inside his apartment on the 1300 block of seller street. police say the home invaders grabbed $200 in cash even carried out a 52-inch tv. the man's wife and 10-year-old grandson hid in closet. all this happened. >> part ave ant building collapsed in north philadelphia from a school and several homes. bricks falling on the sidewalk below. it happened this morning on the 2400 block of seventh street thankfully no one was hurt. a moment to remember for a north carolina family there it is. after pope francis kissed their baby right here in philadelphia this past weekend. tonight that family says live it's never going to be the same. >> they have a message for the pontiff. here's fox's joe, one-year-old
5:31 pm
michael may not remember the met he met pope francis sunday but there will be plenty of remind reminders to help him and his family from thomasville remember a special moment. >> i was in tears as soon as it happened. >> he handled it good. secret service agents came and picked him up and took him over to the pope, and he never star started crying one time. all the pictures i've seen he was sitting there smiling. just looking up at him. >> roni family had their mind set on a trip to philadelphia to join the hundreds of thousands lining the streets for the pope. to hear his public mass. so many people that michael's father didn't think his son would have have been picked without other adults closer to the pope helping him out. >> want him to know how lucky he is to get that chance to be one of the few people that gets picked and held and kissed by the pope. >> reporter: michael's father it truly sums up what the pope told the crowd in his mass about
5:32 pm
appreciating and doing little things to help others but most of all it's something his family will be able to treasure for a lifetime. >> i'm going to make him a shadow box. i washed the outfit he had on and i'll put as many of the pictures i can in a shadow box around the outfit. so he can have it forever. >> the family waited three hours in security to get the chance to get that close to the pope and during that wait michael's sister gentry was blessed by the philadelphia archdiocese. >> there you go. wonderful. back to your fox 29 weather authority just a hot bed of activity right now. >> yes, we don't anyone to be panicking. we just want to prepare you. >> right. >> just in the event. were he have to take these warnings seriously but first i want to focus on the next couple of days. joaquin isn't until sunday into monday. a lot could be change we'll be vigilant watching it here at fox 29. right now the temperature 75 degrees. what a beautiful day despite the cloud cover. by the afternoon, warm, some breaks in the clouds.
5:33 pm
dew point at 63. still muggy but not as bad as yesterday. and these dew points will go down the humidity will lower late tonight. winds out of the north at 15 miles an hour. so the winds will be increasing over the next couple of days as well. ultimate doppler you can see some returns most of this not making it to the ground you could feel a few sprinkles but the bigger story a late tomorrow night through saturday here's our stalled front. behind it the air will get drier. temporarily. we're going to be watching a lot of moisture riding along this front with series of disturbances as we look at the upper levels aft months fear we have an area of low pressure this is the jet stream we call this a digging trough but it's our steering wind and it's going to steer moisture up the eastern seaboard and pull in it from the atlantic as well. then our second player, of course, will be joaquin. so this is a bit of a one-two punch. first let's talk about part one and part one is definitely the moisture well ahead of joaquin. not associated with it but
5:34 pm
tropical moisture could be caught up in this. round one of rain, so this is our future weather for tonight into tomorrow. you can see tomorrow morning just mostly cloudy for your morning rush. even through midday fairly dry. some showers in south jersey and delaware. late thursday afternoon the rain moves in, not heavy though to the north and west of philadelphia tomorrow afternoon may be cloudy but fine. but cooler and then the heavy rain moves in thursday night. let's talk about how much rain. this is thursday night through sunday about 3-inches in philadelphia. less to the north and west. 4-inches down the shore. so i do think a general two to 4-inches of rain in this time period before joaquin that's what we're talking about for most of the region with a higher amounts toward the shore and the lesser amounts north and west. inland gusts 25 to 35 miles an hour. that's for all of us. coastal gusts 40 miles an hour plus. now after this, of course, then all eyes on joaquin for sunday into monday. overnight tonight, 61 in the city. 56 in the suburbs skies will be cloudy it will be turning cooler
5:35 pm
and look at that wind out of the north 10 to 15 miles an hour. tomorrow jeans, sweater weather the teenagers will be wearing to shorts to school we don't pay attention to. 63 the high, cloudy and breezy rain late, north winds picking up. 15 to 20 could be gusting to 25. on our seven day forecast, cooler for friday with rain and wind. gusty winds. saturday more rain especially in the morning. and then of course sunday and monday watching the track of joaquin and its impact on our region. tuesday 68. wednesday looking a little bit better. some sun. temperatures back around 70 degrees. of course, next hour 6:00 o'clock scott will have more on the wind component of this, and what it could mean for the shore communities which will have a big impact either way. >> they had super storm sandy not so long ago. a lot of people rebuilding from that. >> absolutely. >> i just keep hoping to it veers somewhere out in the ocean. >> we have weekend plans. >> we always do.
5:36 pm
>> we always do. >> all right. kathy, thank you. could there be more mysteries yet to be revealed unmummy's too many. what sign tests just discovered in king tut's tomb. >> tortoise gets lost in texas. did he something while he was on the run that might surprise a tortoise can do. >> coming up at six we see a lot of surveillance video but none quite like this. three men break into a local home and their next choice make the job even more difficult. ♪
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♪ could king tut's tomb hold even more mysteries? egypt antiquity minister says hidden chambers may exist inside king tut's resting place. can you imagine? because there's growing speculation that queen nefertiti may be behind those walls.
5:40 pm
>> you can remove the colors you can't see because the painting is first. you can actually see... >> new technology is pretty ne neat. researchers believe king tut died when he was nope years old. i remember seeing that when i was like 13 in seattle. it was a super cool moment. if you've been on facebook at all this week, you've probably seen something that has caught a lot of people by surprise. >> facebook was down earlier this week. a status update making the rounds on the social media site and experts are warning users to be aware this update because guess what turns out to be hoax. a hoax on the internet. the message claims facebook users will have to pay a monthly fee to keep your pictures and video private. well, that's not true. the hoax has been paying the rounds on social media for yea years. >> if your account is private you do own all the stuff that you post on it. some people set their stuff to public if your site, f your profile is public or certain
5:41 pm
parts of it are public then facebook can use that stuff for its own purposes but if you set it to private, only share thing with friends or friends of friends you're in pretty good shape already. >> facebook released a statement on the hoax saying in part while there may be water on mars don't believe everything you read on the internet. pretty good advice. today facebook is free and always will be. >> the water thing is true. we can see cars on the road without drivers in less than five years. that's what experts say google just revealed what one of those cars looked like. >> sexy halloween costume for a toddler? what one mom saw for sale on one store's website got people angry across the country tonight. >> iain you crush me. i don't believe everything on the internet? oh, no. please. the injuries keep on piling up for the eagles. i will run down the list and right now the biggest problem witness eagles and the players talk about their offense much that's coming up in sports.
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♪ search is on for convicted killer in louisiana after he was accidentally released from prison. police are looking for ben johnson who was sentenced to 40 years in jail after pleading guilty to manslaughter but now he's free man after the dixon correctional institution mistakenly let him go on good behavior. >> we're not trying to make excuses. it's something that shouldn't have happened. >> it's not his fault. it's not his fault. he got released. they told him he was no longer their property.
5:46 pm
bonded out and now you hunting him down like a dog. like he escaped from prison or something. but no, he didn't escape. ya'll let him go. ya'll opened the doors and let him out of there. >> authorities also say police are handling the search for johnson the same way they would a prison essay's cape pee and as for prison officials they're blaming a computer glitch saying the manslaughter conviction didn't come up when they processed his release. >> almost october and halloween costume have already hit the shelves. but when a child's hal lean costume not a kid's costume. one mom says an outfit sold at a party city store goes a little too far. report as our chris o'connell shows us a lot of parents agree. >> would you let your daughter wear that. >> oh no. no, no, no she look she about to go to club. >> reporter: it's the costume parents are buzzing about. >> it's a little too -- it's not your young girls i don't think. maybe teenagers, but not like under 10. >> reporter: this is what they're talking about. a toddler cop costume for girls.
5:47 pm
the outfit complete with a badge and handcuffs is now being sold at party city stores nationwide. >> hell, no. there's no way my daughter would be wearing that. >> reporter: mind if i ask you a question much we asked a dozen parents outside the south philly party city what they theft costume. >> going to the club or something. i don't think a child should wear that at all. >> i wore that costume two years ago. i'm 26. >> lady cops don't wear that kind of uniform it. >> went viral after a mother put this open letter to party city on facebook calling the costumes too sexy and accused party city of having quote antiquated views of gender rolls. she compared this costume with the more traditional boy's version. party city responded saying on facebook, "nothing we carry is meant to be offensive and party city is always evaluating how to make shopping in our stores and online a fun, welcoming experience" as for pulling the costume, they were still on store shelves tonight.
5:48 pm
>> i think that's nice. >> reporter: you don't mind that. >> no, that's nice. looks very nice. >> reporter: even for child? >> yes. >> reporter: one parent told us they thought the costume is okay for kids. but most had this reaction. >> she looks like she's about eight or nine years old and too sexy and i wouldn't let my daughter wear it. >> reporter: party city also says parents should choose their halloween costumes just like they select any other wardrobe. the company also says the girls cop costume is one of its biggest sellers. in south philadelphia, chris o'connell fox 29 news. >> one kitten in california is hooked on fish and i do mean literally here. check out this x-ray that little object in there it's a fish hook inside the kitty's belly. someone rush the cat to the vet after seeing the four month old feast on fresh fish that was still attached to the fish hook. the cat was so hungry it ate the hook, too, obviously. vets opted not to do surgery. they scammed the guy every
5:49 pm
single day to make sure the hook was moving through his body and on the third day the kitten was declared hook free. he was off the hook. he's now up for adoption by the way. so tilton middle school in southwest philadelphia is one of the 16 schools in the country getting a special grant from 21st century fox and give a note foundation. >> there's specialty comer who made till don an obvious front runner for the prize. ♪ >> reporter: miss abrams makes all the kids feel special. >> i want kids to be able to know that they have somebody they can come to that they can be have been. >> ♪ >> reporter: the music teachers has kept the program running with her own money. literally buying new equipment as the old stuff breaks down.
5:50 pm
>> headphones, batteries because the power supplies are gone. cheaper for me to buy bat rows than the power supplies they cost 25 bucks a peace. >> she does this because her music did the same for her. >> she sent me to mew zig camp over the summertime and she really enriched my life and it made me feel better about myself because i didn't really good about myself. >> i was kind of slipping in music sometimes and she brought me together and i'm very thankful for her. i decided i'm going to be a music teacher. when i do i'll pay it forward don the same thing. >> it make me feel like, wow, like a teacher like miss abrams is helping me to be like her. like she want us -- she want all of us to be like her. with a nice music career. thank you miss abrams. i love you. >> reporter: aww ♪ >> reporter: today 21st century fox an give a note foundation gave the till don music program $3,000. >> $3,000 to support the music program.
5:51 pm
(applause). >> reporter: give a note and fox supports music in schools. the foundation believes there's a simple but frustrating reason why music programs are so easy to cut. >> so it's not tested. i mean that's very simply because it's not a tested subject. it's an easy thing to toss out or under fund. >> $3,000 will certainly help mrs. abrams she's hoping other companies will come forward and also help her kids. jenn frederick, fox 29 news. (applause). >> great story. hours away from big changes to how a lot of people use credit cards. it's going to be a headache for businesses but we're taking a look at what this all means for you. and coming all new at six a theft at one local neighborhood that may leave you scratching your head. these guys aren't stealing money or valuables. why police still want to catch them. >> kentucky county clerk came division at the center of a new controversy. turns out she met with the pope during his visit to the us and some people are not happy about
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
it's intelligent enough to warn of danger from virtually anywhere. it's been smashed, dropped and driven.
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it's perceptive enough to detect other vehicles on the road. it's been shaken, rattled and pummeled. it's innovative enough to brake by itself, park itself and help you steer. it's been in the rain... the cold... and dragged through the mud. introducing the all-new mercedes-benz gle. it's where brains meet brawn.
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>> fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome. ♪ google just offered us a look into the future on the roof of the google x headquarters in california. group of reporters introduced to
5:56 pm
self driving car. the tech company unveiled a prototype of its driver less cars. the project started back in 2009. small demo showed the tiny bubble shaped car drive through a few real world obstacles including a car arc person an bicyclist veering into the lane. google and other auto manufacturers said the technology to build self driving cars should be ready by 2020. >> i still like stick shift. anyhow one big tour russ went on adventure on texas he's back home. turbo, see how big he is 16-year-old, 110 pet tortoise. he broke through the garage day. police officer and others found and rescued the big guy miles and miles away. reuniting him with his how man mom. she says turbo acts more like a dog than a reptile. >> he put down his head and i start petting him right away. he knew it was me. he knew his mom was back. >> i couldn't believe what happened. i mean there he was. he was big enough to ride.
5:57 pm
>> that's awesome. turbo owner says he moves chairs and tables and barbecue pits and she says the tortoise will be hanging out inside the house until she reinforce the garage and the backyard fence. there you go. new technology is going to change the way you use your credit card. >> starting tomorrow businesses will have to be responsible for processing transactions with new chip imbedded cards or they'll possibly pay the price. fox's kelly wright shows how the changes will impact you. >> reporter: swiping your credit card may soon become a distant memory. this as retailers face a deadline tomorrow to install terminals that accept new chip enable cards. >> they have a computer chip in them instead. it's a little square you'll see on your card as opposed to magnet stick trip on the back. >> reporter: known as emv technology the chips help prevent thieves from producing copycat cards making them more secure than traditional magnetic strip cards. >> instead of passing your credit card information to the merchant, what it does, it pas
5:58 pm
passes unique transaction code that the merchant gets and if a hacker gets into and tries to reuse they won't be able to use it. it's basically like stealing an expired password. >> reporter: for the past few months banks have been sending out million of new credit and debit cards. analysts estimate more than half of all u.s. couldn't sum mers still haven't received their replacements. regardless, the consumer's liability for fraudulent purchases does not change. >> we're swiping and signing. >> banks haven't gotten enough of the cards into people's hands and overall there's just a lot of confusion. >> reporter: new terminals that retailers must install cost a few hundred to more than a thousand dollars. a price putting a strain on smaller businesses. >> some merchants just aren't going to bother with it because they don't necessarily think that it's worth their money. >> reporter: retailers that won't install the new terminals by thursday could become libel for fraudulent transactions.
5:59 pm
meantime, cards without chips will continue to work until they expire or until consumers activate their new ones. kelly wright, fox news. ♪ tonight at 6:00 tracking the storm that is now getting a lot more attention and creating a lot more anxiety. what will the neck several days bring? the latest on hurricane joaquin's possible track. ♪ and a type of crime that might leave you asking, really? two thieves target a home but they don't make their get away very easy. how this comedy of errors ended. >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. right now at 6:00 preparing for the worst hoping for the best. here's the trouble. hur wayne joaquin currently gathering strength in the tropics. it's a safe bet we'll see some
6:00 pm
effects from the storm but just how bad will it? that's the big question tonight. >> bahamas already getting a preview with high winds and heavy rain with hurricane warnings now in place. people are taking every precaution g evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. fox 29 weather authority trac tracking all possible scenario tonight. let's get straight over to chief meteorologist scott williams. >> that's certainly right iain and lucy. good evening. all eyes right now on joaquin. right now it continues to gain some strength right now just outside of the bahamas. a category one storm but we can be talking about a major category three storm before all is said and done as it moves to the north. stationary boundary will provi o tropical downpours well in advance of this system as we take a closer perspective you can see a lot of deep convection earlier this afternoon. there was an eye that was showing but that has now been clouded over. but it will continue to intensify around the bahamas. latest stats we have 85 miles


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