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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  August 26, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> it is my very very sad duty to report that allison and adam died this morning shortly aft 6:45 when the shots rang out. >> the suspect leading police on a chase horrifying all of us by krohn anything link it on social media before turning the gun on himself. now sorrow is spreading from virginia across the nation. >> it just breaks your heart you think of the families and so many friends and co-workers impacted by what happened today. >> tonight the chilling chain of events the words from the killer and honoring the victims. might have seemed a morning like any other reporter allison parker and photographer adam ward doing a live report on what should have been an easy assignment. >> they could not have known a killer was stalking them and before the morning was over, these young journalists loved by so many were dead. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. new developments have been coming in by the hour. we want to get up to speed
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parker and ward were shot and killed during a live television interview outdoor shopping mall near mow net at a, virginia this morning. the woman being interviewed also injured. she is out of surgery and in the hospital. the gunman former employee of the same roanoke tv station where the victims worked drove off from the scene before posting video of himself carrying out the killings on social media. he also apparently fax add manifesto explaining his motives to abc news. after chase the shooter drove off the road, officers found him with a self inflicted gunshot wound. he died at the hospital. >> we have team coverage of this developing story tonight. chris o'connell looking what may have motivated the gunman we begin with dawn timmeney with the timeline of a morning we won't soon forget. dawn? >> we certainly won't, lucy. tonight we are learning someone claiming to be the shooter fax add 23 page manifesto to abc news which may explain his state of mind this morning. it was turned over to authorities but it is very hard to imagine. two young journalists 24 and 27
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shot to death the horrific scene unfolding live on the air in front of their co-workers and viewers. >> it was 6:45 this morning, reporter allison parker and her photographer adam ward of wdbjtv of roanoke, virginia are broadcasting live for their morning show. today, a feature at smith mountain lake the two interviewing the head of the chamber of commerce about tourism. but this morning, their story shattered by gunfire. as viewers watched in horror. >> we are not going to show you the video but you can hear the gunshots rinking out on life tv. not too long after, the station general manager taking to the air to notify viewers and staff of the unthinkable. >> it is my very very sad duty to report that we have determined through the help of the police and our employees that allison and adam died this morning. >> at least eight shots fired. the camera falling to the ground
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capturing the gunman briefly on camera. parker can be heard screaming and trying to run from the gunman. >> our hearts are broken and our sympathies go to the entire staff here but also the parents and family of adam ward and allison parker who were just out doing their job today. i cannot tell you how much they were loved. allison and adam, by the wbj7 team. >> the woman parker was interviewing is critical injured. investigators learning the former is a former disgruntled station nace bryce williams a reporter whose real name is vestor flanagan. the 41-year-old let go by the station described as difficult to work with. >> he was sort of looking out for people to say things that he can take offense to. and eventually after many incidents of his anger coming to
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the fore, we dismissed him, and he did not take that well. we had to call the police to escort him from the building. >> reporter: making the killings all the more horrific, flanagan records the shooting with his cell phone as he opens fire on his unsuspecting victi victims. he then takes to social media wall on the run posting the terrifying attack on twitter and facebook. we are not going to show you that chilling video out of respect for the victims. flanagan then starts ranting on twitter about this particular morning team flanagan saying quote allison made racist comments and adam went to hr on me after working with me one time. flanagan had filed a discrimination claim against wdbjtv which was dismissed. >> none of them could be corroborated by anyone. we think they were fabricated. >> reporter: after a lengthy chase about 11:30 this morning virginia state police spot flanagan on interstate 66 using a license plate reader.
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troopers tried to stop him. minutes later, his car goes off the road and crashes. that's when police say flanagan turned the gun on himself. dying at the hospital at 1:30 this afternoon. >> it's obvious that there was this gentleman was disturbed in some way the way things transpired at some point in this life it would appear things were spiraling out of control. >> reporter: the woman who survived the shooting vicky gardner is in stable condition following surgery this morning. this story certainly has shaken our newsroom to the core. we don't even know allison. we don't know adam. we don't know their families but hits close to home. they were so young. they were bright. they had their careers ahead of em and that taken away in an instant. we have been all been there. >> we think about being a young journalist living your dream out there doing a happy story. this is the last thing you would expect. i mean my prayers i know all of our prayers are with their families tonight. >> absolutely. dawn, thank you. well we're also learning
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more about the man behind this unthinkable tragedy. >> not only about a plan that went beyond his ambush attack but how another high profile shooting may have inspired him. fox 29's chris oh connell joins us from the newsroom right now. chris? >> reporter: well lucy we're learning that a few weeks ago a man called the abc newsroom asking for their fax number wanting to pitch a news story. well this morning at 8:23 a.m. about an hour and a half after the shooting, a 23 page fax came across the fax machine the document was was vestor lee flanagan called his suicide note for friends and family. we have since found out flanagan has had a history of problems in the tv business. >> law enforcement officers have concerns. >> that's flanagan holding a gun in the first shot of his television resume real that was posted on youtube. now the manifesto sent to abc news details what he described as sexual and racial discrimination for being a gay black man and sometimes chilling
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rambling note flanagan lays out the reasons for his planned attack on his former co-workers saying why did i do it? i put down a deposit for a gun on ju june 19th. the church shooting in charleston happened on jun june 17th. now he goes on to say what sent me over the top was the church shooting and my hollow point bullets have the victims initials on them. his former boss with wdbjtv talked about flanagan's anger issues. >> he quickly became gather another reputation of someone who was difficult to work with. would you say? he was sort of looking out for people to say things that he could take offense to. and eventually after many incidents of his anger coming to the fore we dismissed him.
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>> reporter: now flanagan also had to you multi which is time at a florida station where he work back in 2000 sand. he sued the station for racial discrimination that suit was settled out of court. lucy. >> just like you know us here at fox 29 viewers at wdbj very much new allison parker inviting them into their homes. both park car and adam ward were new to this business. both in love with people they worked with, both way bright future. >> i went to journalism route which is okay but when i was younger i wanted to either become a doctor or become a pharmacist but as a journalist, i get to cover those types of fields. so it's close enough. >> parker had just turned 24 years old living her dream of being a journalist. viewers watched her in the morning at wdbj having all kinds of fun. like playing hockey. and she had fallen in love with
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anchor chris hurst who tweeted aft the shooting we didn't take this publicly but allison and i were very much in love. we just moved in together. i am numb. as this shooting played out on life tv, producer melissa ott watched from the control room. imagine her horror not only did she see her friends and colleagues gunned down before her eyes photographer adam ward was her fiance'. the 27-year-old photojournalist had graduated from virginia tech and met the love of his life at work. ott grew up in town new jersey, graduated from penn state, intern at philadelphia tv and radio stations. this day the last day at work for ott right before starting a new job and beginning her new life with her fiance'. >> adam was the camera through which you viewers saw much of what we did and certainly if it was on the morning news and it
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was out life, you saw adam's work. nobody better to work with than those two individuals. >> reporter: with ward's eye and parker's voice viewers experience wad they did except this morning in tragic fashion. parker's love chris hurst grappling with it all tweeting his raw emotion. she was the most radiant woman i ever met and for some reason she loved me back. she loved her family, her parents and her brother. >> my family and i went to mexico about a year ago and we stayed in dell caramel and it was so neat going to see all the ruins. >> parker fouling about her best vacation ever with her family. who now have to grapple with what just unfolded on air and in their lives. >> the third person shot this morning is vicky gardner who survived. parker was interviewing her about tourism when the shots rang out. gardner is the executive director of the smith mountain lake regional chamber of
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commerce. she is now in stable condition after under going emergency surgery. again, a difficult day police say 41-year-old vester lee flanagan who went by bryce williams on the air ambushed a tv crew at a shopping center in virginia. he killed wdbj reporter alibi son parker and photographer adam ward and injured the woman who parker was interviewing. williams was a former reporter at that station. police chased him on a have a is a highway where they say he turn the gun on himself. he later died at the hospital. coming up at 5:15 arc closer look at the role social media is now playing in crimes like these. we'll talk to a psychologist about what happened today and the mind set of the shooter. we of course will continue to stay on top of this story and bring you any updates on our website. just head to and look for the latest right there on the home page. hundreds of pages of documents unsealed by the highest court in pennsylvania. all relating to the criminal charges against attorney general kathleen kane. the high-level conspiracy she
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says it revealed. plus how simple sign and kindness from stranger gave new life to woman who was losing her seven year battle with kidney disease. >> a woman struck by lightning. she says it came right through her cable box. what she says she was doing at the time that made things even more dangerous. scott? >> lucy, right now beautiful weather continues across our area. low humidity. comfortable temperatures as well. how long will that last? plus could we see another heat wave and the latest on erika which could impact the us. ♪
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>> another developing tonight. three people shot including a 10-year-old girl who was playing on playground ton night police need your help to find the shooter. fox 29's karen hepp is live in mantua. karen, what happened? >> reporter: lucy, we're right by the zoo. the scene right here 39th and popular. there's group of young men that are right by this corner store. all of a sudden these shooters roll up in car. there's one with a gunman comes around opens fire at least 19 shots. continues to fire as the minors are running away. all wait down there at that playground, that's where there is an innocent little girl who also gets shot. out of nowhere all we hear is pop pop pop pop pop pop. >> little 10-year-old girl was shot today and two men by a gunman who sprayed more than 20 bullets on a busy neighborhood block. >> we had a noontime shooting here into nice neighborhood where kids are playing on a beautiful day in the summertime where shots are being fired. should not be tolerated by this community. we believe the shooters are from this area and known in this area and the public needs to be outraged because of what
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happened here today. >> reporter: the little girl was a whole block away. she was simply playing on the playground when she was struck by the bullet. >> these guys, they don't have no sense of scruples about them at all. you know, they -- instead of, arc lot of times when they get in any kind of confrontation each other instead of trying to settle it, you know, in the courts or otherwise, they have to use a weapon. i don't understand this. >> concerned about the children's safety and i don't know why they come around here to do all they dirt. >> reporter: there's a lot of outrageous but also a lot of fear. many feel helpless and beg the police for more patrols. >> we need them here so when this happens they can tell themselves instead of them asking the citizens to tell and it citizens don't want to tell because they're dying behind it. they're dying behind it. it's not fair. >> reporter: right now police are asking for any information. we're looking at people. they're coming home from work and they're finding their cars shot out. this simply over car seats. so a scary situation on every
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single one of these porches much you know how it is in the neighborhoods. you sit outside. you want to get fresh air and talk to your neighbors. we've got kids, we've got families out here and this happened in the middle of the day. police the whole community very upset. we know that the 20-year-old that was shot is in stable condition. the 36-year-old man in stable condition over at presbyterian and that little girl she is over at chop. she is also in stable condition. if you have any information, please please please call police. iain, back to you. >> all right, karen, thank you now to west philadelphia where a police officer shot a robbery suspect. it all happened just before 6:00 this morning when officers were called to 60th and spruce for a robbery in progress when they got there they saw someone who fit the description. the guy ran away and police went after him. officers say he tried to ambush them and they ordered him to drop his weapons. police say he was shot in the stomach when he did not comply. we're on top new developments from this morning's tragedy in virginia. tv reporter an cameraman gunned down during their live report and investigators are now saying
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the man who carried out that attack had planned it for some time. manifesto sorts he sent to abc network claimed other high profile shooting motivate the him and social media factored into all of this. >> it's a disturbing trend that some say is quickly becoming common place with these types of attacks. fox 29's dave schratwieser is live in cheltenham township tonight. he spoke with an expert about the shooter today. dave report roar this double murder and shooting took place on life tv the gunman video taped it himself then posted that on social media. he then went on twitter and explained his reasons why. the this afternoon we spoke with temple university professor and psychologist dr. frank farley and he says it's very clear this act of revenge was well planned out. >> lamb have confirmed -- >> reporter: gunman identified as former tv reporter bryce williams aka vester lee flanagan had been a reporter at the very sim station as parker and ward. he recorded himself as he gunned
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down the reporter and cameraman. they posted the video on social media after fleeing the scene. >> it was all planned. it was planned in the light of social media because after the perpetrator did it, he then went on social media to talk about it. report how 21st century is that? >> reporter: williams also posted several comments on twitter. saying, i filmed the shooting, see facebook. then adam went to hr on me after working with me one time. he also wrote, they hired her after that and eeoc report filed finally he alleged quote allison made racist comments. >> revenge getting one's own back is often a motive for this kind of thing, but he sounds like he's pretty disturbed. >> reporter: jeffrey marks the station's president and general manager said williams had been escorted by police out of the station when he was fired. marks described him as an unhappy man and difficult to work with always looking for people to say things he could take offense to.
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eventually after many incidents he said we dismissed him. did he not take that well. >> we call it the frustration aggression theory. and frustration just builds up until you got to deal with it. >> reporter: dr. farley is concerned about future attacks on the media. >> somebody else might copy this and you know the media is -- is pretty ready target, i mean there are interviews going on all the time. media people are traveling all the time and moving around and it can become a focus anger. >> reporter: now, williams died from a self inflicted gunshot wound around 1:30 this afternoon. dr. farley says it's very clear from his manifesto that he sent to abc news that the recent church shooting in charleston was an act of horror that sent him over the edge a tipping point of such. he said he saw that horror and then decided to become part of horror himself. iain? >> all right, dave, thank you. we of course will continue to stay on top of this story and
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bring you any updates on our website. just head to fox and look for the latest right there on the home page. happening now, new documents released in the case against pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane. hundreds of pages of e-mails released that appear to outline the criminal case built against kane. fox 29's joyce evans joins us tonight. joyce, those documents include pornography and alleged threats? >> reporter: they do indeed, iain, and those documents were brought to light after criminal charges were brought against kane. they include scores of e-mails, images of nude or scantily delayed clad women some depicting sexual encounters. they were distributed among agents and prosecutors who were employees of the office at the time. other e-mails contained jokes playing on racial stereotypes or other items that could be viewed as offensive. attorney general kathleen kane said in a recent news conference that she's been wanting to make she's e-mails all of them public for quite some time arguing the charges against her are the result of her role in exposing
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the he can change of some of the pornographic e-mails before she took office in 2013. now, spokesperson for kane says that she is police please that the court has released the material and she looks forward to the release of other material she's going to use in her defense. district judge has ruled that there is enough evidence in the case against kane to go to trial. she's facing obstruction, conspiracy and perjury charges for allegedly leaking grand jury material to the media and then lying about it. allegations that she denies. iain? >> joyce, thank you. american hero back at home. this is one of the men who helped stop what investigators say could have been a terror attack on a friend's train. what we just learned about the man accused of trying to pull it off. scientists now say taking baby aspirin can lower your risk for a deadly kind of cancer but there's special way you have to take it. we'll tell you. >> a group of women kicked off a train. they're accusing the company of racism ton night employees are
5:23 pm
apologizing. why those women though say it's too little too late. ♪
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sad news from the nation's capitol as washington's national zoo says one of its newborn panda cubs has died. this is individual yost mother mei xiang zoo officials say the smaller of her two cubs born on saturday did not survive. they add the larger one appears to be strong and is behaving normally around its mother for few days the national zoo has five pandas for the first time ever. the dow sored back surging more than 600 points by the close third biggest point gain ever breaking one big bad losing streak. how did this one stick? one of the federal reserve bank presidents came out today saying interest rates might not raise -- rise after all. the dow closed at 16,285. one of three americans responsible for helping take down a possible terrorist on a train in france has now returned home. anterior knee sadler arrived back to sacremento today. he along with three other americans and one britt helped
5:27 pm
to stop the gunman before a massacre occurred. meanwhile the suspect was back in court today. the 26-year-old more rock can charged with terrorism. the prosecutor says he was carrying a phone he had only activated on the day of the attack raising fears he was not acting alone. >> first investigation of the mobile phone that he claimed to own allowed to us clearly see the phone's only purpose was to be used during the attack. >> french investigator sauce the gunman watched a radical islamic video on his phone before starring his attack. maybe it's happened to you. you get a flu shot you still get sick. still catch the flu. a lot of guess work goes into developing the flu vaccine every year. >> that could be a thing of the past. we'll explain and we continue to follow the devastating heartbreaking story of the day. two journalists shot and killed on live television. we'll take you live to virginia where the investigation is just getting started. >> scott. >> iain, right now beautiful weather across our area but things continue to brew in the
5:28 pm
tropics. where tropical storm erika is headed next and where it could impact the united states.
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>> here's live look at allentown tonight. clear skies, mild temperatures and low humidity a stretch of really perfect weather continues but how long will it last? that's coming straight ahead in your fox 29 weather authority. ba tock our big developing story tonight. two journalists in virginia gunned down on live television by a former co-worker. >> that gunman posted video of the attack online after he raced
5:31 pm
away from the scene. hours later as virginia state police tried to pull him over he turn the gun on himself. fox's paul wagner is live along interstate 66 where this all came to an end. paul, we understand that you were in the area when police say the gunman shot himself. >> reporter: yeah, lucy, we were actually traveling to roanoke and we were westbound on i-66 when we saw a lot of activity on the highway and realized that something was going on in connection with this. i listen to the if a inquiry county sheriff channel and heard the dispatcher say that they're just been a self inflicted gunshot wound on i-66 and it was in connection to what had happened down in franklin, virginia and they were asking for an ambulance to come to the scene. so we immediately made u-turn got on to 66 on the eastbound side and got up there to the scene and we shot that exclusive video that i believe you're looking at right now. we have video of the gunman being carried out of his vehicle. he's been loaded into an ambulance and put on to med vac
5:32 pm
helicopter. that helicopter then took him to a inova fairfax hospital where he was pronounced dead 1:30 this afternoon. >> this happened just hours after the shooting live on air. paul, how did police track vester flanagan down? >> reporter: it's an unusual story. perhaps you've seen these tag readers on the back of police cruisers. i'm sure you have them in the philadelphia area. you've seen them. they're basically cameras on the back of a police cruiser and as they drive along, these cameras record license plates as they're driving. the trooper the virginia state trooper who actually spotted this came here to talk to us today. the story she told us what unusual. she said she was sitting on the ramp from i81 to eastbound 66 when she got a radio call giving her the tag number of the car they believed the shooter to be in. it was a chevy silver chevy sonic. she said she typed in that tag
5:33 pm
number into her reader and, bang, all of a sudden it said that the car had passed her just three minutes before. she was able to pull up a picture of the plate and see that it was the car. she then took off in pursuit on i-66. she caught up to the car. she then radioed for backup and as other troopers got in behind her, some got in front of mr. flanagan and as they were trying to pull him over, he then ran off the road, either shooting himself as he was driving or even shot himself as he ran off the road. so that's how they were able to track him, but we also heard earlier in another news conference in roanoke that they actually knew that he was coming up i81. they didn't say how. they just said they were tracking him somehow. lots of times police do that with cell phones but they've not said specifically how they were doing that. so they knew he was coming north and be in this vicinity somehow in that time period. lucy? >> all right. fox's paul wagner, thank you very much. reporting live from virginia. we are staying on top of this story. we will bring you the breaking
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details 24/7 on fox look for it right on our home page. all right. let's get back to your fox 29 weather authority now. that perfect weather stretch just continues. >> beautiful conditions, low humidity, high pressure. it's in full control it will stick around for several hour days. but there could be another heat wave in that seven day forecast. let's look at ultimate doppler right now. high pressure that is prominent and dominant giving us the beautiful conditions. a couple of fair weather clouds right now as we take live look right now in old city. but if you're stepping outdoors later on this evening, really no problems it will stay comfortable. temperatures right now take a look at this. 60s already in the pocono mountains. 77 in reading and allentown. we're looking at 81 in philadelphia. 81 degrees right now in millville as well as wildwood. what about the dew points the measure of moisture atmosphere. we talk about this any time it's below 60 it feels comfortable. we have dew points right around 50 right now in the philadelphia area. so a very dry and comfortable air mass. 78 degrees by 7:00.
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74 by 9:00. we're looking at low 70s by 11:00 o'clock tonight. it stays pretty comfortable. temperatures north and west even in parts of south jersey will be dipping into the 50s so take a look at temperatures by thursday morning. 53 degrees in reading as well as mount pocono. so open up those windows let in that fresh air. 57 for the low in coatesville. low 60s along the i-95 corridor. parts of south jersey upper 50s in medford. we're looking at about 60 degrees for the low temperature in millville. so tomorrow, another great day a lot of sunshine out there. high temperatures in the low 80s. so get outdoors and enjoy. take look at some of the national temperatures right now. you can see it's still pretty cool once you move around parts of the great lakes only 66 degrees in chicago. but look at 90 wichita. 90's in texas that's the heat that will head in our direction by the upcoming weekend and errly next week to potentially bring us another heat wave. take a look at the tropics right now.
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tropical storm erika maximum sustained winds at 45 movement to the west at about 17 miles per hour. this is the center of circulation. you can see most of the convection is off to the south and east. so it's not really organized right now. it's going to encounter some dry air some wind shear but as we take a look at erika's projected path you can see it stays a tropical storm through much of the upcoming weekend. however, as it approaches the southeast coast it will run into a more favorable and environment moisture air, the wind shear will relax so it could intensify to a category one hurricane. so we're talking florida maybe even as far north as parts of the carolinas need to be on the look out for a potential hurricane as early as next week spaghetti plots and good agreement taking it toward the bahamas then eventually toward the southeast coast. some bring a little farther to the east so that will be something that we'll watch. but it look like an area of high pressure will be setting up around bermuda that could continue to steer it toward
5:37 pm
parts of the south east coast. so you can see it will encounter wind shear and dry air but we will watch it and keep you posted over the next several days. that weather authority seven day forecast is going to show that our weather stays pretty nice over the next several days. 83 for the high temperature tomorrow. 84 on your friday. we start to kind of warm things up by the weekend. 88 degrees then 90-degrees or better temperatures it looks like begin on sunday continuing through early next week. there could be couple of pop up storms early next week but, yes, enjoy the low humidity, the comfortably cool evenings and overnights because the hazy, hot and humid weather triple hs as i like to say it's headed back. >> still summer. >> i know, right. >> all right, scott, thank you. all right. do you toss and turn last night? >> i did. >> we may know why. >> you do? >> maybe. all right. why what's outside our homes could make a big difference for the way we sleep. how a simple sign and kindsness of a stranger gave new life to woman who was losing her seven
5:38 pm
year battle with kidney disease. >> and coming up at 6:00 could sworn enemies be coming together to work for piece. >> big project mcdonald's and burger king could soon unveil.
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>> to your health promising news about preventing cancer. our joyce evans in the studio with that story and the day's other big health headlines. >> it turns out that taking one or two baby aspirins a day for at least five years they say will help lower your risk for colon cancer. now earlier studies have suggested that aspirin may help protect you against company low rectal cancer but it was never clear how much you have to take and for how long to reply those benefits. in general the risk of developing company low rectal cancer varies with age, race, ethnicity and lifestyle, but danish lee seven chess found taking low dose aspirin
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continuously for at least five years appears to reduce the risk of colon cancer by 27%. still doctors want to remind you that aspirin can come with its own side effects. and we can be closer to a simpler way to fight the flu. every year scientists have to guess which flu strain may be the most common. then they develop a vaccine. some times as we know they get it wrong. but now scientists say they've been able to use a different part of a virus to provoke an immune response. this means that we can be closer to a universal flu vaccine and you can find those two studies supporting this in the journals nature medicine and science. and having access to park, oceans or beaches might help you sleep better. that is if you're a man or senior citizen. university of illinois researchers look at a quarter of a million people comparing their sleep quality with where they live and they found those who
5:43 pm
live closer to nature faired better but, again, it was only true for men and seniors. here we go again with the men. why is this? they figure that living near green spaces usually means that you're more active during the day. therefore you get more tired, leading to more rest full sleep at night. i will take it iain and lucy. >> same here, joyce. the big apple and city of brotherly love share a very special relationship. >> in case you didn't know a lot of same people. u.s. census bureau released this data looking at when people move between countries 10 biggest cities and it shows that most of the people who leave new york move to philadelphia. and vise versa. residents move from philadelphia most heading to new york. we're talking thousands of people and for years. a group of women kicked off train now accusing the company of racism and tonight employees are apologizing. why those women say too little too late. a woman struck by lightning says it came through her cable
5:44 pm
box. what she says she was doing at the time that made things even more dangerous. howard? >> some good news and bad news concerning the eagles preseason game on saturday night in green bay. it was like old times phillies game last night. got a look just in case you missed it. that's coming up in sports. >> fox 29 ised who ago school supply drive and we'd love for to you help us out. stop by the fox 29 studios at fourth and market this friday is the day the time seven to 10:00 a.m. bring all kinds of school supplies. we will make sure children in our area who desperate the need them get the supplies they need for a successful school year. ♪ hey terry stop! they have a special!
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♪ italy may be the world leader in tomato sauce but no one can host thome tow fight like spain.
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40,000 people flinging 40 tons of tomatoes. at the annual festival. the rules of the game you got to smash those tomatoes before flinging them. throw only tomatoes. obey orders to stop and not rip anyone's shirt. a lot of that goes on. festival celebrating its 70th year dates back to 1945 political protest during a group of young men through tomatoes at each other. new developments after an incident on the napa valley wine train ceo is now issuing a apology to group of women kicked off the train over weekend. >> at the time wine train official said the women were being too loud. but the women say they think the train singled them out because of their race. fox's noel walker has the ceo's plans to make amends. why the women say too late. >> reporter: napa valley wine train is making tracks to make amends. >> we had a major, um, customer service blunder.
5:49 pm
>> reporter: ceo tony, is talking about what happened last weekend. on saturday 11 women who planned a special wine train book club outing were kicked off the tra train. >> that is just unacceptable. >> reporter: some passengers complained they were laughing too loudly. the women believe the issue was not the tone of their voices but the color of their skin. all but one is african-american. they posted their experience on social media with the hash tag laughing while black. >> this was definitely a customer service issue 100%. >> not a race issue. >> not at all. >> totally disagree and, um, you know -- i don't know what to say other than i have been black all my life. i know wait feels like. report roar lisa johnson is one of the women in the book club sisters on the reading edge. >> seems that everybody wants us to say they apologize so, you know, now get over it. you know what i mean? and i just want people to recognize that it is our life. you know what i mean? it's something that we've experienced
5:50 pm
that's not going to go away. >> reporter: in written apology to the women ceo of the napa valley wine train said the company was 100% wrong in the handling of the issue. that they were incentive to march the women down the center of the train to disebark. that police didn't need to be waiting track side and finally that the wine train aired in place an inaccurate post on its facebook page that described the group's behavior as physically and verbal al abuse seive. it wasn't. and that post was deleted. >> we could have done better. >> reporter: ceo says they will use this as a teaching tool to keep it from happening again. >> we're only human. we'll make mistake. if we make a mistake we're going to make it better. we're going to make it right. >> reporter: the wine train has invited the ladies back for a do over of their first experience. >> that first experience will forever be etched in my mind and i'm just not interested in repeating that. the women say while they appreciate the offer and hope changes are coming, they aren't likely to climb aboard the napa
5:51 pm
valley wine train again. >> the train company says incidents like this one that happened saturday happen about once a month and that most of the passengers who get kicked off are white. the feds bust what's being called the largest online male escort service in the country. federal agents nypd investigators removed boxes of evidence including several computers from the new york city offices of rent seven employees of the company including its ceo are now under arrest. all facing charges of promoting prostitution across state lines. the online company advertises itself as the world's largest destination to meet the perfect world he is corescort. it was founded back in 1997. in california, it's the coast guard to the rescue yet again. this time hikers fell off a cliff. investigators say a woman and man were walking their two pitbulls this morning they
5:52 pm
plunged down the side of the trail. the man managed to pull him up and ran to nearby home for help. coast guard chopper had to fly in to hoist the woman to save team one of their dogs is still stranded with rescuers still trying get to him. a simple sign and kindness from stranger gives new life to woman who was losing seven year battle with kidney disease. michelle stuart was having no luck after seven years on the organ donor waiting list so her husband bob stepped in. back in february he posted sign on his truck saying his wife needed a kidney. he then took a picture of that truck and posted it online. while images of that truck went viral and touched the heart of a special man. 22-year-old mason holland from denver who decided to donate his kidney to help michelle. >> it was pretty much just relief. i mean it was -- you know, such a challenge to try and find someone. all you need is that one person but you start to lose hope at a certain point. >> the operation took place at
5:53 pm
the university of colorado over one month ago. to a storm drain rescue that's grabbing headlines. law enforcement out in in force colorado springs to rescue a kitten who got stuck in the drain. officers teamed up to search for that kitty and that dark storm drain using her meows as a guide win 10 minutes they found the little girl rescued her. >> facing another officer down at the other entrance and mowinged her out and he was able to pick her up and get her out of there. >> aww that's good. officials say rescues from storm drains are common especially for itty bitty kittens they can't jump back out. the kitten is named stormy and she's going in foster care until she's old a enough for adoption. >> young mother is sitting on the same couch where lightning struck her. >> she says the lightning came through the cable box as she was talking on the phone. fox's phil, has her amazing story. >> reporter: it started raining and lightning and little
5:54 pm
bit of hail. there was light rain tuesday but nothing like the storms that moved through parts of north texas monday afternoon. with thunder and lightning. >> as soon as i saw that one lightning bolt come down i mean it was just -- i mean, like, like, it was just so surreal. like it was i was living in dream. >> reporter: casey martinez was inside her home when the lightning hit her. >> it just was so fast. it pushed me back into the couch like that. >> reporter: she says the lightning surged through the tv box. >> i guess like the side splash from hitting the direct tv box to me on the couch, um, but it did come through this window. >> reporter: martinez was on her cell phone plugged into a charger. her husband called moments after the lightning strike. >> god, please don't let me die. i can't breathe. i just got struck by lightning. >> few streets over from martinez lightning star add fire on the roof of this two-story house. the homeowners are okay but the fire department says the firefighter was injured
5:55 pm
bioelectrical wires. bill, was a few doors down when he saw lightning strike his neighbor's house. >> sort of like a big bang. the weather just started kicking in. the rain came down we started getting hail real quick and lightning and boom. and we looked over and his house was on fire. >> as you can see casey is doing just fine and no one else was hurt by those storms. ♪ >> ahead at 6:00, struggling to understand a senseless act of violence. shock, sorrow, disbelief across the country now after two young journalists are gunned down live on tv. >> i cannot tell you how much they were loved alison and adam by the wdbj7 team. >> the gunman also dead. early evidence shows he'd been planning this for awhile. tonight we're looking at the
5:56 pm
clues he left behind as we honor the young journalists whose bright futures have come to an end. bright futures have come to an end. ♪ leave early go roam sleep in sleep out star gaze dream big wander more care less beat sunrise chase sunset do it all. on us. get your first month's payment plus five years wear and tear coverage. make the most of summer... with volvo. i was about to head to thecheck. bank, but out of nowhere it just started to rain.
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>> fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome. ♪ right now at 6:00 murders that have nation reeling tonig tonight. >> we're in shock. all there is in our building today is hugging and crying and consoling. many members of our staff were
6:00 pm
close to alison and adam and everybody knew them. they were loved. they were positive people. they never shied away from an assignment. if you asked them to work late, they did it. if you -- you didn't even have to ask them. >> wdbj's general manager struggling to find words to describe reporter alison parker and photojournalist adam ward former colleague shot and killed both of them during a life tv interview in virginia this morning. >> the gunman opened new wounds when he posted video he recorded during the killings on social media a few hours later. tonight he's dead of a self inflicted gunshot wound. i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. let's get caught up on fast moving day. former colleague of alison parker and adam ward shot and killed them during live television interview at an outdoor shopping mall in virginia this morning. the gunman shot a woman park derr was interviewing. she's in stable condition with non-life threatening injuries


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