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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  July 30, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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hard here in philadelphia. we are drying out tonight. it's been a hot day in the city and these storms should bring some temporary relief from all that humidity. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. thank for joining us. i'm in for lucy noland. >> i'm iain page much these storms bringing heavy rain to our area creating flooding some parts. let's get right over to chief meteorologist scott williams. he's tracking these storms tonight. scott. >> that's right, good evening iain and dawn. right now we continue to follow some heavy rainfall in particular for burlington county as well as ocean county. thankfully nothing severe. but all of this activity along and out ahead of a cool front that will drop the humidity but not so much the temperatures in the days ahead. we'll zoom in a little closer right now and you can see drying out around bensalem over to trenton but we're still looking at that heavy rainfall as you move a little farther to the east. philadelphia right now mt. laurel drying out as well as around the chester area. but that heavy rain continues once again mainly south and east of the i-95 corridor. so we'll put a tracker on the
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line of the heaviest rainfall right now. i'll step out of the way. galloway arriving in your area right now. moving toward egg harbor. the next 10 minutes. atlantic city if that line holds together moving toward your area around 6:30. expect some brief downpours gusty winds as well as lightning and the heavy rain has already prompted an aerial flood advisory until 9:15 for sections around buena vista moving toward the collings lake area as well. over the next hour or so, continuing to follow the heaviest rain down the shore. we'll talk about the temperature temperatures and how long, yes our third heat wave continues coming up. >> all right. scott, thanks. of course remember you can track the weather from the palm of your hasn't download the fox 29 weather authority app you can see live radar get weather alerts sent to your phone. the app is free you can fine it in the apple or google play stores. >> to a developing story in the bustleton section of the city. this mangel mess of metal all that's left of what used to be a car. five people were inside when police say the driver going at
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high rate of speed hit a tree, splitting the car in half. fox 29's dave schratwieser is live tonight and dave, do we know how fast this car was actually going? >> reporter: police are saying at least 75 meyer, dawn. tonight, they are urging the driver of a second car they believe was involved to come forward. they'd like to talk to him and find out exactly what led up to this horrible crash. >> i got chills right away goose bums down my arms because i never -- i never saw a car split in laugh like that. >> reporter: that's what gary tip poe saw when he arrived thursday morning and spotted this 2007 acura tl blown apart by the impact of hitting a tree at a high rate of speed. the crash killed two 17-year-old girls and a 20-year-old boy. >> it's sad that parents lost three children. >> reporter: devastating crash left the victims car split in half. police say the car was traveling at over 75 miles per hour. they're now investigating if this was case of street racing.
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>> video showing there was another vehicle close to the car that crashed. >> i don't know if they were racing or what but it's sad that -- my heart goes out to their families. >> reporter: the accident happened just before midnight on this stretch of sand meyer lane off redly i don't know road. the speed limit is 25 to 35 miles per hour. >> when we talked to the driver he was still traumatized and didn't really remember a whole lot about it. >> i'll pray for them tonight. i feel so bad for them. >> accident investigators spent the day reviewing surveillance video from three cameras closest to the crash site. >> there was another vehicle really close to that vehicle. so it appeared they were both going at a fast rate of speed. >> reporter: friends and family members arrived at the scene. some were too upset to speak. >> it's really sad. i'm sorry about your loss. >> i don't know if they were racing. too fast for that read way. >> investigators want to talk to the second driver because they're also trying to determine if he helped the driver from the
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crash leave the scene. they don't believe drugs or alcohol was involved here and they say some of the victims were not wearing seat belts. coming up tonight at 10:00 we will hear from the family of one of the victims killed in that crash. iain? >> all right, dave, thank you. indicted us representative chaka fattah goes on the tack against a federal prosecutor charged him with corruption speaking in washington d.c. after getting array ward from a black business group fattah predicts he'll be in office in the years to come. he's facing a 29 count indictment including a claim he took an illegal million dollar campaign loan and then paid it back with federal funds and money from a charity. >> we're to the going to substitute the views of the voters for enthusiastic determined prosecutor who somehow think that is maybe i shouldn't be doing what i'm doing. >> fattah stepped down from a leadership position on the border of the congressional black caucus today.
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well philadelphia police say a five-year-old little girl was taken right out of her home and brutally beaten by a stranger and that man is still on the loose tonight. police are asking neighbors to be extra cautious tonight. fox 29's bruce gordon is live outside of the police department special victims unit. bruce, how is this little girl doing? this is so sad. >> reporter: yeah, actually she's in stable condition right now at saint christopher's hospital for children in good spirits. in fact she seems to be back to her old self swapping man cures with her favorite aunt. police say she may have interrupted an overnight burglary. she's frankly very lucky she's lived to tell about it. >> five-year-old girl lies in a hospital bed her jaw is broken, her face swollen. her mom says she can scarcely believe what has happened. >> it's a parent's worst nightmare. you know, to see my child so defenseless and, you know, to feel so helpless knowing that i
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can really do anything to ease her pain is heartbreaking. >> reporter: hopkins says she went to bed monday night in the row house she shares with her two daughters on the 2600 block of north hutchinson street when she awakened tuesday morning the youngest was gone. a police interview of the little girl produced this frightening tale that she woke up overnight walked into her bedroom and was confronted by a stranger, a man who grabbed her took her out back and beat her. >> she describes stomping to the abdomen, um, and other physical assault. she kind of lot of consciousness at that time. the level of violence at the end of the day no matter how we define it is, um, it's beyond -- hopkins found the little girl in heavy brush behind their home after she a woke discovered her daughter was missing and searched frantically with help from neighbors also shaken by the incident. >> you're keeping a closer eye on things. >> listen, every day. not just myself.
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of parent on my block doing the same -- we're on the same page. high alert. you know. so this don't happen again. >> this is the little girl and her mom in happier times a friendly girl vivacious, prayer full. >> the fact that somebody can have the stomach and the heart to do that's correct you know, he left her out there to die. >> reporter: before mom returned to her daughter's hospital bed she delivered a message to the intruder who beat her child and stole herpes of mind. >> cowards do could you war the things for you call yourself a man and do unspeakable acts your day in court is coming. >> the little girl describes her attacker as a tall black man wearing a black t-shirt and long tan shorts. police interviewed a local drifter with family ties to that neighborhood who is known to be in that immediate area monday night, tuesday morning. but he was released without charges. there is more evidence to sift through. police say if you know anything, saw anything, heard anything,
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please give them call. iain? >> all right, bruce, thank you. a popular restaurant in media closed tonight after a fire. it happened at the iron hill brewery this morning. skyfox above the scene where you see firefighters on the roof trying to putout out that fire. we don't know how that fire started and the restaurant posted on social media that it will be closed until further notice. upper darby man sentenced to sick months in prison after hitting and killing an 18-year-old lacrosse star. jurors convicted vander horse last month in the january 2014 crash that killed donte desimone desimone. he was driving his truck when he lost control, jumped a curb and hit and killed the man. they cleared him of homicide by vehicle while driving under the influence and aggravateed assault while driving under the influence. >> health desire night at a local university. an employee tests positive for legionnaires' disease. >> what the school is doing tonight for students and staff and how it plans to deal with the high levels of bacteria at
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several school buildings. >> and the fbi needs help in finding this man. the ak47 bandit striking again this week. where he hit and why he is considered so dangerous. howard? >> the face of the phillies has changed with one trade. phillies may not be a better team now but they did what they had to do for their future. what the manager thinks about losing his best player coming up in sports.
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♪ >> a manhunt tonight for this heavily armed bank robber. fbi is calling him the ak47 bandit. they say he hit a credit union in iowa earlier this week and made off with an undisclosed amount of cash. the fbi releasing this video of one of his heists last year in nebraska city. they say he's also behind a robbery in 2012 in which he shot a police officer seriously wounding that officer. right now a 100 to us san dollars reward is being offered for information leading to his
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arrest. a west chester university employee has tested positive for legionnaires' disease. the school alerting both students and staff but was enough done to keep of one on campus stave? >> fox 29 weekend's bill anderson joins us tonight in the newsroom. bill you spoke with one parent who was pretty upset tonight. >> reporter: they did tell parents and students but apparently there are sports camp also held at the university with children as young as 12 and one parent told me that those children regularly use a building with high legionella bacteria and their parents found out mostly from watching the news. ♪ >> reporter: with the recent outbreak of legionnaires' disease leaving two dead and several others sick in new york city, there was obviously concern when word got out about an employee who tested positive legionnaires' disease here at west chester university. campus is pretty quiet right now during the summer months. but bryce nutter's 12-year-old daughter was at basketball camp here for the last week and when
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he heard he wanted more information and he wanted her out. >> yes, we heard about one building that had higher levels was where the children and the basketball camp were eating. so we were concerned and pulled her out. >> reporter: it actually wasn't one building that tested with hire than acceptable levels of legionella bacteria. it was eight. mr. nutter was not only upset about that, but also the fact that the university didn't alert the parents of the possible risks. >> i really would have liked to have been involved in the original decision on whether to keep the children in camp when they found out last week. that there was more than normal levels of the bacteria. >> reporter: west chester university officials didn't want to go on camera. but a letter that was sent to all employees acknowledged an employee would legionnaires' disease and the buildings with hire than acceptable levels of bacteria but also pointed outre mediation firm was hired to make sure all buildings were cleared. even so, mr. nutter thinks the
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situation should have been handled better. >> i could have lost my temper on the phone with west chester university but i waited a little while to call them. but still i'm very very angry. >> reporter: now the incubation period for legionnaires' disease can be as long as two weeks. mr. nutter says he'll wait and he'll monitor his daughter. he won't however, wait for the university's explanation. he said that they'll be hearing from him in the very near future. he is still pretty angry iain. >> i can imagine. bill, thank you. bill mentioned the new york city health department is also look nothing legionnaires' disease outbreak in the south bronx. the department says two people have died since july 10th. more than 30 cases have been reported and that time frame the city health commissioner says the cases represent a quote unusual increase. what is legionnaires' disease? how do you get it. it's a severe form of new known ya. you cannot get from it person to person contact but instead from inhaling the bacteria symptoms include headache, muscle pain, chills and a fever.
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it thrives in water systems like hot tubs and air-conditioners so those mist sprayers at grocery stores. the disease is treated with antibiotics and the sooner the medication is started it decreases the chance of any serious complication. the search for the next american idol makes a stop right here at fox 29 on good day doll philadelphia. more than 130 people lining up in front of our studios for their chance at super stardom. they performed for the chance to win a silver ticket which guarantees them an audition before american idol producers. today' judges including kenny gamble lien i don't know huff power 99, patti jackson from wdas and our very own jenn fred. so did they find the neck american idol? >> there were a couple people that had some potential and they just needed more development you know and finding a great singer or great performer like finding a needle in a haystack.
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>> good luck to the three finalists who will be performing life. watch good day tomorrow morning starting at 6:00 a.m. right here on fox 29. let's check in again with your fox 29 weather authority. i think that rain is kind of out of our area but it's still in the viewing area. >> yeah. maybe some of those that i was digged are singing in the rain right now across the area. in particular south and east of philadelphia we're watching that cold front cool front it will knock the temperatures down a bit as well as that humidity. but right now the heaviest of the rainfall will zoom in on ultimate doppler. where you see the red and/or ranch right now little egg harbor moving toward bass river galloway still looking at some downpours. this continues to move toward the east so it will be crossing the garden state parkway so just be on the look out for some brief downpours there. a lot of the activity to the south kind of fiss link out but we'll keep tabs on this as it tries to move toward atlantic city. elsewhere as we move into central southern delaware those showers and thunderstorms diminishing as well. we still have a flood advisory for southern sections of camden,
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gloucester county as well as northern atlantic county until about 9:15. due to the heavy rain that fell earlier this afternoon. so by 7:00 o'clock, still a broken line of scattered downpours. down the shore as that front clears the coast tonight. the humidity will drop tomorrow we're looking at a lot of sunshine, but it looks like our string of 90-degree heat will continue. in fact into tomorrow. but, yes, it is official. our third heat wave of the year. we hit 90 degrees briefly today before those downpours. and take a look outside of our studios. rape cooled right now at 79 degrees. as folks they are hopping on that bus right now as we speak. as far as those temperatures right now, you can see 77 in millville. 77 in trenton and we are looking at dew points that are still pretty high right now. in the low to mid 70s. pretty much area wide across the area. so for tomorrow, we are talking temperatures topping out around 91 degrees. it will be more of a dry heat
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and then as we move into the upcoming weekend we continue that string of 90-degree temperatures. so, yes, it look like the heat wave will be extended several more days. >> all right. >> thank you scott. >> looking at a lot of 92s in there. >> play that number. >> why not? >> play that number. >> all right. the phillies, yes they're moving moving to their future with the trade of cole hamels. the phillies lose their best player hear what the manager thinks to team that doesn't have enough good players now much that's coming up in sports.
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♪ i try to wake up every day and you know drive to citizens bank park and you know play with the big p on my chest and that's kind of what i've done since the moment i got drafted by them and that's what i'm going to continueed to until somebody says
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no. >> that time has come. what now has happened although still not official yet which is kind of hard to believe. but it's the best thing for the future of the phillies. i know many fans will miss the 2008 world series mvp and the tepp years that cole hamels pitched with the phillies but their future needed the influx of really good pros specs and i believe that they got them and so do lot of people from the tech text rangers. now i don't think people are surprised cole hamels was traded when something finally happens many fans have to adjust knowing the best player on this team is now gone. ruben amaro gambled with the patience to hold out for top prospects and it appears he got them. i heard in spring training the phillies hike the catcher they got back and that would be catcher jorge alfaro he has chance to be very begun the phillies have no catching in their minor league system. two of the other players in the six players they got back have a very good chance as well out fielder mike william and jake thompson they think they can be
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good but nobody will forget what hamels has done. >> cole has done a fabulous job for this city and the organization and we don't -- i hate to lose him. the guy can pitch and he's top notch pitcher. he got to this point because you know, players get older and things change and some things don't pan out the way you want them to pan out. >> you know the situation we have going on this year you knew it was going to happen. first pitch of the season we knew it was going to happen. >> it did. cole hamels leaves the phillies with one friend wins. six most in the team history. he had over 1800 strike outs in his 295 starts. guess who got a save today? mr. wonderful. to miami jonathan papelbon that's the final out. and washington wins one to nothing. i'm still waiting for the explosion to drop in washington as he bumps the other closer out
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of his closing job. but hay listen, gone, see you later. we don't have to deal with him any more. washington does. they didn't get any really anything in return for him. the on the players won't be traded -- forget about the trade deadline tomorrow. non waiver period where those players it's hard to explain can go through waivers gone to other teams sometime in august. so phillies did what they had to do. they did the right thing i think think. >> all right. sounds good. be sure to join us tonight for the fox 29 news at 10:00. family pulls into a wal*mart parking lot walks in the store leaving their two year old in the car. what her mom told police really happened that still landed her in handcuffs coming up tonight at 10. >> that will do it tonight for us here at 6:00 o'clock. >> we'll see you back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next.
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ben and jen divorce shocker. was he really having an affair with the family nanny? >> you were with ben affleck? >> where we found her today. and medical crisis for beloved actress valerie harper. >> found unconscious and rushed to the hospital. then the world's most hated dentist. >> that was not a hunt. that was a murder. >> but has the uproar gone too far? >> you tweeted today he should be preferably hanged. you don't really mean that? and after this. >> get out, now. >> and this. >> what should you do if you get pulled over by police? >> what are my rights? what can i do and what can't i do? exclusive the queen of versailles breaks her silence. they own one of america's greatest mega mansions


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