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tv   Fox29 Weekend  FOX  July 11, 2015 8:00am-10:01am EDT

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this morning on fox 29 weekend, a situation at hershey park that isn't so sweet. the company says thousands of visitors may be at risk. what happened that's leaving a sour taste in many people's mouths. plus, a woman accused of shoplifting, the cops are called, but she only walks away with a citation. why one police officer said he just couldn't arrest her. and a philly school bus with a boot? no one is exempt from the parking wars. the reason the bus got the boot may make you even more furious. z . good morning and thank you so much for joining us for fox 29 weekend. this is an amazing saturday morning. it was so beautiful the sunrise.
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i'm karen hepp along with bill anderson. good morning. >> good morning. we're going to have an amazing show. dave warren is back with our weather. how are things looking today? >> i am back here and great sunrise this morning because we have just those high clouds here in philadelphia but they're coming from something and it's some rain. it is moving out, it's well to the south, but part of the area could be seeing a light sprinkle here in the next few hours. the heaviest rain well south of delaware, continuing to push to the southeast, maybe seeing a sprinkle of clouds there in cape may county, just south of cape may courthouse. this is moving through to the south. the storms will be south of delaware and this activity is picked up by the computer forecast. look how it's moving south taking the clouds with it by about 1:00. just a great afternoon again.
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a little bit of a sea breeze. a little change from yesterday. talk about these temperatures and we're going to show you one other number that's key today. 69 in allentown and potstown. the dew points are well down into the 50s. you don't see numbers like this this often in the month of july. on the scale here we are pleasant, but we will start to rise that back to the uncomfortable and oppressive level. i'll look at those numbers and tell you when the humidity returns in the 7-day. that's coming up later. >> it is exactly 8:02 and right now police are looking for armed men who broke into a home of south philadelphia. they duct taped a little child. >> that child was just four years old. and sabina, they duct taped a child? >> reporter: i mean, can you even believe it? can you imagine what was going through that little girl's head?
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it happened in brought daylight. grandma was home with her kids while mom was at work and she says two men broke into the home. we do have video to show you. our cameras rolling just after police got there. it happened 11:30 on friday morning, grandma babysitting when two men got in through a window, they think they climbed a tree and broke through the window. one of the suspects pointed a gun at the grandmother. here is the mom describing the ordeal. get this some of that is coming from her four-year-old child who is able to tell her what happened. >> i could hear my daughter say two guys opened this window, maybe they saw my daughter make
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too much noise and they used tape to cover her mouth and both babies cry and they just want to open -- and the one guy my boy and girl. >> so one of the guys picked up both of your children. >> yeah. they used the gun to point my mom. >> now, despite having a gun pointed directly at her, grandma acted fast, she was able to call for help and police came quickly. this morning the suspects are on the lose and we're told they left empty handed. despite all of this they believe it might have been attempted robbery but the suspects didn't get anything. the kids are okay. we're going to tell you exactly why this family thinks they might have been targeted. >> thank you so much, sabina.
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new this morning, five people have been hurt in a crash in bucks county just about five hours ago. new jersey 413 and state road in bristol. four of those victims right now are in critical condition. that intersection is still shut down. we don't know what caused that crash. amtrak is saying it is not going to be fighting the liability in the first lawsuits that have been filed over a deadly derailment in may. the company admits the train was speeding and pledged to compensate victims. congress does limit amtrak's liability to $200 million per incident. courts may ultimately decide how that money is divided up. eight people died in that tragedy. investigators say the train was going more than 100 miles per hour. >> usair ways will soon be no more. the farewell trip will be a red
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eye from san francisco to philadelphia and after that the website will be turned off and airport kiosks and signs will be changed to american airlines. the two airlines merged in december 2013. usair ways of course is one of philadelphia's largest carriers. >> i saw something thursday that kind of caught my eye. a philadelphia school district yellow school bus parked outside an elementary school sporting a parking authority boot. it turns out the district had not paid four long overdue tickets so the always efficient parking authority disabled the bus until the $675 tab was paid. >> they hadn't paid the ticket? >> apparently not. >> reporter: thursday afternoon
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the tab was paid, the boot was removed and the bus was driven back to the garage. end of story? not really. my take, where to begin. a district spokesman told us the tickets were never paid because they were never received. the bus was registered to a closed district garage and the address had never been updated. as for those tickets, four in total, three were actually for running red lights. once in 2009, two more in 2012. both of those 2012 offenses i'm told occurred around 8:00 in the morning when that bus might very well have been carrying special needs students. in the wake of our questions, the district promises a full investigation. so to review, a bus driver or drivers blows through red lights with special needs students aboard and the district knows nothing about it until the
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unpaid fines caused their bus to be booted. only in philly. >> seriously, you guys were talking about this one on facebook. the parking authority giving the school district a ticket for nonpayment? they're both philly agencies. you gotta love it. the city pays to have the boot removed with their own money. it's kind of like you're getting hurt on your own property and then you sue yourself. >> and ultimately who pays that? >> us. >> the 106th annual naacp annual convention is under way here in philadelphia. the event is expected to attract close to 10,000 people, including president obama, who will give a keynote speech at the convention on tuesday. >> coming up, pennsylvania
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lawmakers and the governor in a budget battle. but this stretches much further than harrisburg. how this can affect your daily life. plus, big changes coming to your computer. microsoft ready to release windows 10. what does that mean for you?
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. >> hershey entertainment, some of us go up to the hotel and all the parks up there and that whole group, they say people may
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have had their information stolen. >> a program was installed that was able to steal visitor's information. so credit cards used between february and june may have been compromised. the company is now working with a security firm to resolve the issue and to try to correct for it, they're offering a year of credit card monitoring for any affected guests. >> and a dozen people are out of their homes this morning, we've had so many of these tornadoes, they had a confirmed ef-0 tornado thursday evening. they had sustained winds of about 65 miles an hour. that storm damaged several buildings and cars, knocked down a whole transmission line. the good news is nobody was there when that happened and the power is back up for the 1,400 customers who lost electricity. but repairing all those damaged roof tops, that's going to take
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a while. >> ef-0. i mean, if this is a ef-0, this is the lowest, this was enough for me. i don't want to see a e, f, g, none. >> at least he still has a sense of humor. there was also a local high school that has temporarily opened its doors for people who are out of their homes. >> a school that had its roof ripped off was right in the path of an ef-1 tornado. the national weather service confirmation -- confirms that it was a tornado. winds 105 miles per hour are to blame. look at this, the roof ripped right off. thankfully only one person was inside the school during the storm. that was the principal. she was finishing up from work before heading off for vacation. >> i didn't think anything about it until i saw ceiling tiles
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flying at me. i don't know if i fell or the wind knocked me down or an angel knocked me down or what and i was on the ground and stuff fell on me. >> alternative plans have been made. students will attend class ntion the nearby high school. we were actually talking about this up in the news room this morning. police in rehoboth beach delaware are looking for the person who stole more than half dozen lifeguard stands. these stands weigh about 500 pounds each. the beach patrol has 20 total stands. they say they have backups for the missing ones. they stole about a third of all of the stands there at rehoboth beach. the beach will be opened and protected this weekend. >> another big story of course, talking about money. this affects your money.
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harrisburg has not passed a budget for the new year and this could have an impact on your life. it always seems like déjà vu, this is the fourth time in ten years this happened. the governor vetoed the budget passed by the legislature. and a whole would war of words breaks out. the house republicans see it differently. they tweet who's paying the line's share of taxes in governor wolf's plan? that would be you. let's break it all down with our financial analyst this morning. good morning, dan. >> good morning, to you. >> what does this mean for the regular person. are services going ton shut down? >> try to break this down and make it simple to understand. i'm glad you showed those tweets because this makes for good politics but really lousy economics. here's what i want you to think
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about. imagine running your household without knowing exactly how much income you have coming in and by the way you're running your household paying your bills on whatever money you have leftover from last year. that's essentially what the state of pennsylvania is doing as we speak. they're trying to grapple with three big issues. taxes, pensions and booze. what does that mean for us? as you said in the lead, the reality we've been here before. there's one thing pennsylvania is getting good at, it's learning how to manage without a budget, which is obviously not a good thing. in the short term, meaning say between now and month's end, we're not going to see really the avrnltion citizen is not going to see a -- average citizen is not going to see a lot of impact. the first group of people that get impacted are nonprofits. government agencies can use leftover funds from last fiscal
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year to get them through a few weeks. nonprofits who depend on state funding, they're the ones who are going to suffer. for now state workers are on the job, some contractors may start not getting paid, if you're a state contractor that could be a problem. but the really pinch right now in the next couple of weeks are non-profits who depend on state aid to deliver those services that in many times are critical. >> what about state documents, what if i have a baby and i need a birth certificate. >> are you trying to tell us something? >> don't drink that coffee. >> the governor has issued a letter on the website that goes through some of the detail. if this thing lingers into the fall, the pain will go beyond just nonprofits.
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it may become harder to get that birth certificate. so far the governor has said penn dot is excluded from the pain, so you can get your driver's license. so if this thing goes into the fall, you might see driver's licenses and things like that get slowed down as well. pennsylvania state parks are still open, they're still operating. there has been no plans as yet to either curtail those hours or close any of the parks. and karen you've got kids, your kids, tell them don't bank on school starting late, because chances are schools are going to start on time. why? because schools get a lot of their funding at the local level. if this thing dragged on well beyond the fall, that could impact your local school. >> that's when people would get livid because we need to have the kids in school. >> people will pay double the taxes they pay now just to get
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their kids back in school. >> all right, dan. we always appreciate you break it down and make it simple for us. >> have a great day. >> karen are you trying to tell us something? >> no, no. but look at gorgeous it is out there right now. >> we're going to find out exactly what you can expect, how you can get out and enjoy your day. but first we got this question. >> what's up fox 29? what's the weather going to be like for our tailgate fans, dave? >> i love it. >> you got it guys. good luck today. a lot of tailgating, not only for the game but kenny chesney is in town. 1:00 game time 84 degrees, a
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light breeze 5:00, not the humidity like we've seen. it should be a beautiful evening, a great afternoon, whether you're at the soul or down at the kenny chesney concert. clear on the radar, not quite clear everywhere. we have some showers to the south, a little heavier there in the delmarva. all south of our area. maybe just a few sprinkles in the next hour. clouds will clear out and we'll see a nice comfortable afternoon. that seabreeze is back down the shore so the temperatures will be a little cooler. relative humidity way down at 55%. when it's that low this early, nice and comfortable afternoon. things are pretty clear on the computer forecast. clear overnight tonight. look what happens tomorrow. just a few lines of clouds. that sea breeze coming in that will keep the temperatures down only in the mid to low 70s.
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we'll warm it up a few more degrees tomorrow. in fact we have a few 90s in the 7-day forecast. here are the storms coming back with the humidity both monday, tuesday and wednesday. not quite as hot and dry on thursday and friday. there's that summer-like wednesday on tuesday and wednesday with highs near 90. >> i don't mind the 90s. i'm good. >> it's summer. police officers have just about heard it all, but one accused shop lifter's story touched one cop's heart. >> i love stories like this. also we have some big changes coming to your computer whether you like it or not. microsoft is ready to release windows 10. so what does that mean for you? what are the changes and will you like them? we'll break it down. ♪ go on take the money and run
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welcome back. i bet you didn't know that july 11th is all american pet photo day. send in your good pictures. we have a lot of ones that are cute already. so cute. i love the shades on this one.
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so cute. chris, thank you. all american pet photo day. isn't she so clever. there's the dog right there. driving to get the morning coffee. all right. let's take a look at our tech tank. >> windows 10 is coming. it's finally here. july 29th. you might have gotten a little notification in your system tray. it's legit and if you click that button you can register to get the software. now a couple new quick awesome features. the start menu is back. live digital assistant, and while siri is awesome, this is a little bit more life like.
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microsoft is jumping back into the music and video market. if you're sick and tired of paying for office, microsoft might save you 170 bucks. you are going to get dumbed down versions for free. if you want the big boy features you're going to have to pay. if you're a gamer it's going to work seamless with your x box live. so overall i'm excited. if you want to talk more with me about it, reach out to us online and we can continue the conversation. >> nicely done. coming up a little bit later on the show, we've got bombshell new information about a deadly church shooting. >> federal investigators now say the accused shooter should never have gotten a gun. the mistake that may have led to that absolute tragedy.
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>> how's the weather, dave? >> that's not an ice cream cone. we are looking at some weather this weekend. it looks pretty good. the sea breeze is kicking in, upper 70s with sunshine. it will be a little warmer inland and that humidity returns in the 7-day forecast.
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taking a look at some of your headlines. the defense rests in the colorado movie theater shooting with lawyers trying to show that james holmes was legally insane when he opened fire lawyers claim he believed each person he killed would increase his self worth. closing arguments will begin next week with the jury expected to start deliberating on wednesday. federal investigators say the gunman in the south carolina shooting should not have been allowed to buy the weapon used in the attack. weeks before the shooting he was arrested and admitted to possessing drugs. that should have disqualified him from buying a gun but
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officials say the person didn't see the arrest report because the wrong police department was listed on the records. >> and a confederate flag no longer has a place at south carolina's capitol. thousands cheered as it was lowered for the last time on friday. the governor signed a bill this past week to remove the flag from state grounds. it will be displayed at a state military museum. >> nasa prepared to celebrate a new milestone. the new horizons space craft is set to become the first probe to fly past pluto. this is a 3 billion mile journey. the space craft looked quite healthy and all should be going to plan for the historic fly-by. it's expected to come as long as 7,800 miles from pluto early thursday morning. >> this morning we're stopping
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in gloucester county where strength, skill and sweat all hit the mat. guys training for a future in wrestling have to pay their dues early on in their tough career choice. >> it's a special person, a special athlete who becomes a wrestler. >> reporter: this is a typical practice. the club's members are working on their hits, throws and moves. >> we teach them the right way to fall. there's an art to doing it. it's no ballet, but there's a choreograph element to it. you need to be able to relax. if not the fans can see it. this is my second home. >> reporter: jim is the club's
8:33 am
owner. >> you have to be serious when you're in the ring, especially when you're learning. you have to pay attention. you have to soak it in. you have to be that sponge. >> reporter: and brian johnson is adding his expertise as well. >> step back and just. >> reporter: he's been wrestling for eight years and hopes to wrestle one day for the wwe. >> i miss birthdays, weddings, i don't care. it's my life i want to be there. >> reporter: he may have an easier time succeeding in the nfl. >> there's six other guys doing it and five might be better. >> it's who you know but the guy wants to be that next top guy. it's crazy. >> reporter: most wrestlers in the business have worked in a place like otw. >> you have to pay your dues and definitely pay your dues here.
8:34 am
it's 110 degrees in the summertime here and it's 110 below in winter. >> reporter: there is more than one obstacle here. >> it's not a trampoline, it's not a mattress. >> reporter: the ring is brutal. >> you've got to be tough. the ring is no joke. bruises the size of bowling balls sometimes. >> reporter: professional wrestlers come in all shapes and sizes, they have different personalities and skills. they have one thing in common, they won't give up on their dream. >> you've got to live it, eat it, dream it. >> reporter: in williamstown, new jersey. >> we already acknowledged i was a little bit of a tech geek, but i'm into wrestling also. i'm loving this show today.
8:35 am
the old-time wrestling arena will hold a show saturday night. go to our website. >> let us know what you're doing and what you need the weather for. one of our new cameras up there, i know you've got a lot of great events. a different neck of the woods, peddler's village. >> blueberries and blue grass. >> it is also national mojito day. >> storming of the bastille day. >> yeah. i think they do tasty kakes. >> let them eat cake. >> we don't have to worry about the rain. our friend brian said what's a little rain it's not going to stop me from having a good day. it's very isolated, one or two showers south of dover, maybe
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the southern tip of cape may county. stormy weather around dc, that is also moving to the south. you can see it over the past hour or so. it's staying south. and this will be taking the clouds with it. you step outside you'll see a few clouds out there but they're clearing up about 1:00. another beautiful day today. just a light breeze and that humidity is down. you don't get many days in july where you have this low humidity and bright sunshine. take advantage of it today because it will return by 4:00, 5:00, things are mostly clear, the sea breeze is back. so if you're down the shore or delaware beaches, nice and cool breeze this afternoon. here's where it returns. this is by monday. there's clouds out there. this is a front approaching and brings the humid air back so that humidity climbs back monday night, tuesday and wednesday. you'll feel that mugginess back in the air. no storms out there today just a few clouds. we'll go from 79 to 84 by noon and we'll top out into the upper 80s, by 5:00.
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so a warm but comfortable day with that low humidity. it's back in the 7-day. monday, tuesday and wednesday, showers and storms highs near 90 degrees. the rain clears out as well. >> coming up, sometimes you can tell when someone has had too much to drink. take a look at this guy. he tries to catch a ride home -- yeah. his crazy idea to avoid getting behind the wheel of a car, you know, is going to have an interesting ending. >> do you have dreams of your son being on the phillies one day or your daughter on a world cup soccer team, we'll tell you why you want to get them involved in organized sports sooner rather than later on fox 29 weekend.
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welcome back to fox 29 weekend. and the pictures keep coming in. look at rocky. rocky is up early waiting for his girlfriend to pass by. and pamela sends in don't have a. >> a pet, okay. thank you for that. karen filled me in. and saving the day since 1976. we love pets. keep them coming.
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we love seeing your pets and all of your pictures. we'll be right back. >> when you come to the beach, when you come down the shore with the kids, you've got to be ready. so you have a pack ready to go. >> yes. >> what's in there? >> water, sunblock, money, my phone. >> wet wipes? >> yeah. >> genius. i love it. so you have older children and you say teaching your children the value of? >> no shower happy hour. >> you have lots of kids. what's your bag. >> we always have a cooler capri sun juice boxes. what is your mommy secret code. >> i bring lots of money nothing
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like a hot dog on the beach. >> all you moms out there, stay fun. >>
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. >> taking a look at some of your headlines in the news. talk about a night on the town. a new hampshire man in trouble with the law after getting caught on camera appearing to have had at least one, maybe
8:45 am
several too many. >> he allegedly broke into an a barn in an attempt to catch a lift home on a horse. after three minutes of trying, he finally gets up on to the horse, but he's not sitting pretty. >> why would you want to steal a horse? >> he didn't want to drink and drive. but the owner of the horse was not too happy about the horse stealing. he is now in a lot of trouble. >> what a police officer officer did shocked her. the officer called to the scene couldn't bring himself to arrest her. the mother attempted to steal merchandise including diapers and children's shoes at a walmart in kansas. she explained she was homeless and living out of her car with
8:46 am
her six daughters. the officer did cite her for breaking the law but he also decided to pick up her tab. >> i thought about my children and criminally people might view that as wrong, but i think morally her heart is in the right place. the will to survive and take care of your children. >> it was really nice for him to do. he didn't have to do that. he could have taken me to jail. >> the mom will have to appear in municipal court in august. meanwhile the family is living in a rented room until tomorrow. then, unfortunately, they're still going to have to find a place to live. >> pope francis is going to be visiting inmates at a maximum security prison in bolivia. the pope surrounded by a lot of security he spoke about forgiveness telling them to shun a life of gang violence and crime. he said don't despair. he also plans to visit a prison
8:47 am
in our neck of the woods in september. >> it's time for our junior reporter segment where we bring in the best and brightest from all over the area. by now you know lauren dugan from villa nova university. good morning. >> you were our vatican correspondent. >> this week the world meeting of families has teamed up with the philly mural arts project. 20,000 people are going to have their hands on this mural. this week i attended one of those paint days and spoke with a patient who made her mark on the city. >> i always love arts and crafts, crayons. >> reporter: a 20-year patient says art was her outlet. >> to be creative. to do something in your negative
8:48 am
situation. >> reporter: diagnosed with sickle cell anemia before she was born, she grew up in chop. >> it takes a lot out of your body, it takes a lot out of your family. >> reporter: but her family grew safe in their struggle. her donor. >> i held her hand and she held mine. >> reporter: . >> i grew up in west philadelphia and i've always enjoyed the artwork, the murals and now there's going to be one about family that alicia and i took part of as a family. >> reporter: they have teamed up to commemorate the historic event in a mural featuring pope francis. the mural will stand 4,239 feet. alicia looks forth to the pope's visit when she could point to
8:49 am
her mark. >> it's like now i'm a part. i participated. jane golden executive director of the mural arts program says this is the biggest project yet and will be worked on by 2,000 participants. >> what you see is truly the autobiography of the city of philadelphia. >> it takes a family, it takes a village and the family mural is that. you look at it and you see that's what family is. >> i saw you in there painting, right? >> oh, yeah. >> you were getting involved. it seems like a lot of excitement. are there any more days? >> there's 153 panels comprised of the mural. a lot of work needs to be done. during the week world meeting of
8:50 am
families you can stop by the convention center. >> so we're going to go. >> thanks so much. >> any suggestions for our junior reporters, any comments, you can leave them on our fox 29 facebook page. just use our hashtag #fox29weekend. >> taking a look at a tweet right now dave warren from bob kelly saying he has to get off the plane because they don't have a manual to fly the darn thing. look at how gorgeous it is up there. thank you for the nice forecast. >> hi. this saturday at 9:00 a.m. we have a groundbreaking ceremony in west chester. what's the weather going to be like, dave? >> thank you for that question. a lot goes on today across the
8:51 am
area and a great cause there. certainly a nice day to do some work outside. the humidity is down and the temperature is not quite as hot. only in the mid to upper 80s. surrounding suburbs are just a little cooler today but it is warming up and the humidity is coming back. here's what we're looking at as far as temperatures now. nice and comfortable upper 60s. philadelphia is a little warmer. mid to low 70s south and east but right along the coast here, it's about where it will be all day. that wind will pick up off the ocean, that will keep the temperatures down later this afternoon. coming down right now just a little bit of rain coming down. this is all moving out. heaviest rain to the south. clouds out there, but they're clearing. this will all continue to push south by about noon today, we'll see the includes clearing up, there's a nice breeze between 1:00 and 6:00. similar situation tomorrow except no rain out there.
8:52 am
humidity is down. these are the sea breezes developing. a cool day across delaware, maybe inland a little farther tomorrow across new jersey, the temperatures will be nice and comfortable. 86 degrees today, maybe a little warmer in the philadelphia area, but nice and cool along the coast. similar tomorrow, 60s, going up to near 90 degrees tomorrow. a little hotter but 75 in atlantic city and dover is at 77. a comfortable day the closer you get to the coast. >> coming up, check out this woman. would you believe she's 52? she says she has coconut oil to thank. there are some other household items that could keep your skin looking young and vibrant. plus, a not so happy meal toy. these minions causing a bit of a stir. what some people say they hear when this little guy talks.
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>> so cute thank you so much. let's look at some of them right now because they are very good. we're not doing that yet? let me tell you about something else. >> i can show them to you if you want. >> nicole, what's your favorite slurpee? >> i'm not sure yet. these are pictures that keep coming in. we've got all the pictures from national pet day. >> i love this one. from cathy, this is her best friend, just hanging out we love
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that one. lisa thank you for sending in this one. i'm as bad as i am cute. no pet shaming allowed here. my rescue brandy showing me some love. >> we were talking about the slurpee because we've got a new segment. we want your instant reaction. because today is national slurpee day we want to know your favorite flavor. >> today what's your favorite flavor. >> i drink the 90 octanes from fat tuesdays. >> of those three i'm going cherry. >> come to our website and vote or you can do it on twitter. and we'll have some more of your thoughts. what's your favorite? you didn't say. >>
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are your kids involved in extracurricular sporting activities? well you better get them involved. a new study shows that by the fourth grade kids that were in organized sports did better in school, were better behaved, and were ready to go. get em working out. the fda may be coming out with some new recommendations for those cough medicines that have codeine in them. these are for kids 18 and under. why? because these medicines can make them sedated and can actually reduce their breathing. with all the relaxation of marijuana laws occurring in this country, people need to remember one thing. do not smoke or ingest marijuana if you're pregnant. why? it can have negative effects on
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your baby's brain, leading to behavior problems and even an increased chance of them using it later in life. folks, if you're pregnant, forget about it. i'm dr. mike, have a great weekend.
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range of that scale. i'll show you when in the 7-day coming up a little bit later. >> it is 9:02 exactly and happening right now, police are
9:03 am
looking for two armed men who broke into a home in philadelphia and duct taped a child. >> that child is just four years old. sabina is live where this happened. this is an incredibly sad story. what new information do you have for us? >> reporter: what a terrifying ordeal for this four-year-old and for her two-year-old little brother. the four-year-old started crying when the suspects broke in and that's why she thinks that they duct taped her on her mouth, her neck and her entire head. here's video as swat teams surrounded the home. it happened in broad daylight. the grandmother said she was home with the kids when she heard a noise. she rushed over there only to find one man holding the kids and another pointing a gun at her. she grabbed her cell phone, she turned her back and run out of the house. she called the police and the gun men took off. they live above a chinese
9:04 am
restaurant but it's closed. instead they run food trucks around the city and they believe whoever did this has been watching them for some time mapping out their routine as they try to make a living. >> we don't have the money, that's why we working here. if we had money, we don't want to work anymore. a lot of people don't know that. and think they asian people have lot of money. i really scared. the baby's my whole life. >> reporter: physically the kids are okay. they were checked out at chop. but police stay they're looking for the suspects. one of them is described as 5'1"
9:05 am
dressed in all black. if you know anything call detectivives. the mother says what upsets her the most is that even though her kids escaped without any physical scars they're going to be traumatized. it's terrifying for anybody to go through this let alone a four-year-old and a two-year-old. >> it is 9:05 right now. five people were injured and very badly because this car is on the side. this happened in bucks county overnight about 3:00 this morning. the intersection you see is new jersey 413 and state road in bristol. police say the vehicle lost control, rolled over. four of the victims are in critical condition. they have that all still shut down. we don't know the cause at this hour. an update on the situation with the amtrak tragedy. amtrak is saying it will not be fighting the liability in the first lawsuits that have been
9:06 am
filed. the company admits the train was speeding when it derailed and pledged to compensate the victims. congress does limit amtrak's liability to $200 million per incident. many think it should go higher than that. courts may ultimately decide how that money will be divided up. eight people died in the crash in port richmond. investigators say the train was going more than 100 miles per hour. >> usairways will be no more. it will fly its last flight in october. the website will be turned off and kiosks and signs will change to american airlines. the airlines merged in december of 2013 and decided to keep the better known american name. us airways is one of philadelphia's largest carriers. >> we know that at least a dozen people in newcastle, delaware are out of their home after they had that confirmed tornado. it turns out it was the smallest
9:07 am
level, an ef-0 but they say it was more than enough to cause a lot of damage there. the winds were about 65 miles per hour at that level. the storm did a lot of damage to buildings. we could see some of the cars even the backs of them torn out right there. the wall of one woman's trailer was very injured. there were 1,400 people who lost electricity but the remaining damaged rooftops, it's going to take a while to fix it. >> ef-0, if you say this is the lowest? i mean, this was enough for me. i don't want to see an e, an f, an g, none. >> they have provided a place for people to go. there is a high school that has opened its doors for people out of the home. >> a school that had its roof ripped off thursday was in the path of an ef-1 tornado. look at the damage that was done. the national weather service
9:08 am
confirms it was in fact a tornado that hit the school in hamburg. the only person inside the school during the storm was the principal. she was finishing up some work before heading on vacation when the tornado struck. >> i didn't think anything about it until i saw ceiling tiles flying at me and i don't know if i fell or if the wind knocked me down or an angel knocked me down or what but i was on the ground and stuff fell on me and that's probably what protected me. >> alternative plans have been made for the upcoming school year. meanwhile school officials will discuss the rebuilding process. >> coming up, check out this woman. would you believe she's 52? she says she has coconut oil to thanks. there are some other household items you probably already have that could keep your skin
9:09 am
looking young and vibrant. plus, a not-so-happy meal toy. these adorable minions causing a bit of a stir. what some people say they hear when this little guy talks.
9:10 am
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the sweetest place on earth, wait until you hear what happened up there. they're saying that your financial information may have been stolen from a number of locations. >> the company says that a program was installed on a computer that was able to steal
9:12 am
credit card information. so cards used at hershey hotels, amusement parks and other venues between february and june may have been compromised. the company is working with a security firm to try and resolve the issue and it is offering a year of monitoring to all affected guests. >> this is something really cool. it's the new horizons space craft is to become the first probe to fly right past pluto. this is a 3 billion mile journey that's been going on at least nine years and the budget is about $720 million. nasa officials say the space craft looks good right now and it's positive signs at this point for the historic fly-by. new horizons is expected to come as close as 7,800 miles from pluto early on tuesday morning. maybe we'll have it on good day. and roger reed, you may well remember him, well known for his
9:13 am
role in the west wing has died. he appeared numerous times on the sitcom "cheers." he was only 71 years old. >> i love that. that gave me chills. so that's a music video that's making the rounds on social media. it's a high school football player tweeting it out and people are responding. joining us now, one of our good
9:14 am
friends. you got something knew right now? >> correct. the philly influencer. >> that's an interesting video right there. we've seen guys that are coming out of high school making their announcement to college. i know there's a kid that went to florida he had a baby gator. i've never seen a kicker hopping out of a private jet. that is just amazing right there. the first time in the history of college sports. laidees will be going after the kicker. >> he's from michigan. and coming home? he's going to penn state. i don't get it. >> we are. let's see what some of the people have to say. we've got a lot of the comments on this one. we've got this one from eric. if he place his cards right he could make as much as $2 million
9:15 am
and maybe in ten years he could rent that plane. he's just as important as any position. >> there's some truth behind that but i will say it's a kicker. come on now. but he better not miss a field goal all next year or throughout the course of his career because people are going to be quick to bring up that private jet and video. here's another hot topic in sports. to step away from the mike, we're talking about tony bruno. what do you think about this? >> this was surprising. he got the opportunity to hop back on where he started and quickly they escalated to the number one talk show in sports talk radio in philadelphia. it's kind of funny right now because all the teams are in the toilet. let's be honest about it. i don't know if they're going to be rising up any time soon,
9:16 am
maybe the eagles. but i will say all the drama in sports talk radio, more interesting than anything happening on the field. tony bruno, goes out on top. >> talk radio always has a little bit of back biting going on. >> it's great. >> do you have any good dish for us? >> check out phil you don't have to pay attention to me, check her out. you won't be the only one. >> thank you for coming around. we appreciate it. let's talk to the trend. >> good morning everybody, i'm mike jerrick and this is "the trend." our first trending video this
9:17 am
week, out of pittsburgh, pennsylvania. at the pirates game during a rain delay. look at that tarp take off, taking one of the grounds crew with it. so a couple of pirates player run over and help the guy out. does that video look familiar? think back eight years. >> a storm hit and the entire phillies crew went out to help the grounds crew. >> none of the rockies players came out to help their grounds crew. i know you've seen this video trending all over the world. it involves a pop star, doughnuts and the united states. that's ariana grande.
9:18 am
with her boyfriend and they are licking doughnuts that they did not buy. they thought they could get away with it. caught on surveillance tape. that's not all. to make it worse what she said about the united states. she later apologized, in fact almost immediately when this came out on the internet. that she's sorry. are you mad at her? will you forgive her? is it bang bang there goes your career? we will see. >> and you know, that hurt mike with his heart because he loves ariana grande. >> nice day there in the pocono mountains. first we've got this weather
9:19 am
question. >> we're celebrating colonial days all day saturday from 10:00 to 3:00. >> it looks like a great event a lot of fun there. certainly a lot of people will be outside and across the entire region. you can't make an excuse to stay inside today. beautiful weather, one or two clouds out there they're clearing out. step outside and enjoy the this comfortable day. constitution starting off 79 up to 84. look at that bright sunshine. it will be a warm day but feeling nice and comfortable without the humidity it just feels he nice and pleasant out there. don't get many days like this in july. move out of the area. they're clear of 95 and over about the last hour they continue to push south just some
9:20 am
light rain in delaware and maybe just a southern portion of cape may county. 77, temperatures are warming up up to 80 already. very low relative humidity. the skies clearing up, a nice comfortable evening if you're outside tonight it will cool off quickly because it's so dry. here's how we end the weekend, nice and comfortable with just a few clouds in the delmarva, so if you're down the shore, look at that temperature, only into the mid 70s. the sea breeze does return and the heat returns. here's the heat and humidity in the 7-day forecast. 90s with storms coming in monday, tuesday and wednesday. just watch those three days. >> i'm actually going down the shore later on today. i'm going to meet friends in manasquan. i don't think i've ever been to manasquan. coming up, a young woman
9:21 am
receives her dream wedding marrying the man she loves in the hospital. why doctors and nurses say they needed to throw this wedding for her. >> and also a sweet dog locked in a basement of a home in our area. nothing to eat. for this story has a happy ending and what's in store for that person accused of nearly killing that dog. and also playing a bit of a money song. we hope you have some winning lottery numbers. there they are. we'll be right back.
9:22 am
i'm whoopi goldberg and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world, and no better place to lean about the people who shaped who we are today. hear about the lives of slaves in colonial new york and about the fight to abolish slavery. pick a stop on the underground railroad and visit the home and grave of one of new york's most controversial citizens. a journey in new york is a journey through history. plan you next trip at there's something for everyone.
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>> this one is so cute. ready for the beach? uh-huh, absolutely. looking to check the sky for the day's forecast. he gets so excited for a water bottle. and this one, would you look is that a rabbit? so cute. adorable. we love it. hi bill. >> hey. as we told you, we don't mess around here, we're high tech. so we're tallying the results instantly. blue ras perry and cherry are running neck in neck.
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>> the fbi has raided another city hall office. federal agents spent the day friday searching offices but the fbi is not saying why. a city employee said they were looking for evidence linked to a lehigh valley political consultant. he was a campaign advisor for reading's mayor. his offices were raided by the fbi last week. >> and a chester county high school teacher is under arrest, accused of having a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old student. the 31-year-old is an english teacher. last week they received a call about a suspicious car. the caller said the couple inside was having an intimate
9:30 am
encounter. officers say they found them in the car. the teen told police he's had a physical relationship with her since february and they have kissed in her classroom. so far the school isn't commenting. and a philadelphia man is pleading guilty to animal cruelty charges for leaving a young dog locked in a basement. the dog was removed from a house back in december. officials say the dog was locked away without enough food or water. but since then santa paws has been nursed back to good health and was adopted by a family in april. the former owner was sentenced to two years' probation. >> holmes' public defenders have ended their case after playing surveillance video showing james holmes in his cell running and slamming his head against the
9:31 am
wallace they claim each person he killed would increase his self worth. closing arguments in this case are going to begin next week with the jury expected to start deliberating the case on wednesday. also federal investigators are saying that the gunman charged in the charleston, south carolina shooting should never have been allowed to buy a weapon in the first place. the fbi says weeks before the shooting dylann roof was arrested and admitted to possessing illegal drugs. that should have disqualified him from getting a gun. the person who was doing the background check didn't see the arrest report because the wrong police department was listed on the records. >> the confederate flag no longer has a place in south carolina's capitol. thousands cheered as it was lowered for the last time on friday. the governor signed a bill to remove the flag from state grounds. the flag will still be displayed
9:32 am
at a state museum about a mile away. >> in your health news, this is a picture we are all looking and talking about. this woman looks phenomenal. her name is pamela jacobs, she's 52 years old. she says people mistake her for 20 all the time and she has a secret to her amazing skin. she loves coconut oil. >> i agree coconut oil has changed my life for the better, clean eating. i also am grain free except oats. i use coconut oil in my cooking, in my smoothies and as a moisturizer. coconut oil may be good for your skin but there may be some other things out dl. a lot of people in our station says they use coconut oil on
9:33 am
their kin and it helps with eczema. >> you can use olive oil. especially elbows and knees and hands. >> my aunts do that. they say they smell like a salad all the time. >> and you have it in the kitchen cabinet. >> exfoliation helps us look younger. go to your pantry, get some sugar, cut a lemon, squeeze it in, stir it up and you can see it forms a paste and it helps to exfoliate that dead layer of skin. lemon has alpha high -- hydroxy acid in it. here's another one. cooked rice, a little bit of agave, lemon again, so this is a
9:34 am
little bit milder. stir it up, put it on and again, you have a very nice exfoliator. if you use the rice and it's still warm, it feels terrific. also helps to hydrate. >> is agave a sugar? >> it's a sugar substitute. you could even use honey also to hydrate. and honey is a great antibacterial agent. for your lips take coffee, kosher salt and a moisturizer, any moisturizer of your choice, mix it together, and this is a great lip exfoliator. doesn't it smell wonderful. >> i'm so hungry right now i'm going to eat the rice and have the coffee. >> you can use it to exfoliate. >> that feels good. >> it does. >> some tea?
9:35 am
>> that's delicious. you're not supposed to eat it but you can. >> green tea and white tea are great exfoliators. so if you take some green tea and mix in brewed white tea, stir it, you can use it as a mask. i put a little bit too much of our brewed tea. you can use it as a mask on your face. >> how long would it sit on my face? >> about five minutes. the white and the green tea are terrific antioxidants. it's really the ant antiobjection -- they can make us look more radiant. >> we really appreciate it. >> i'm going to try so many of these. >> we've got some tips as well. we're going to find out what's
9:36 am
going on. beautiful day if people want to get out and enjoy it. >> beautiful day out there and it's national pet day people have been sending in pictures. i have pets of my own, these are my peeps. looks great out there, nice and comfortable, just a few clouds. here's the radar. not the best picture to the south, but it is improving. all of this rain is pushing out. there's some light rain coming down, last bit of rain has moved out of cape may. heaviest rain will stay south and there's that back edge moving through. it will be clearing out here in the next two hours. picked up by the computer forecast and it pushes it south by 1:00 and things are nice and clear by 2:00, 3:00, bright sunshine with just a few clouds. low humidity, the temperature could climb into the upper 80s, the humidity is down. it does return. there's the time on monday. by monday morning, storm over
9:37 am
the great lakes, brings back the moisture. the heat and humidity return and there's a few thunderstorms as well. that's monday by the end of the week. we have a nice break here. just a few clouds this morning, temperature about 79 degrees, warming up to 84 by noon. there's a nice clear sky there with bright sunshine, maybe just a few clouds this afternoon, 89, warm but not nearly as humid. the humidity returns and that brings back the thunderstorms by monday, tuesday and wednesday. a stretch there of hot and humid weather. it doesn't last by thursday and friday, we are not nearly as hot and it's nice as comfortable. temperatures dropping back in the mid to upper 80s. >> there's a young woman who received her dream wedding. she does have a medical condition. why doctors and nurses say they felt they needed to throw this wedding. >> plus, a not-so-happy meal toy. those adorable minions, what
9:38 am
some people say they hear when this little guy is talking.
9:39 am
9:40 am
>> franky, our beloved rescue says yo. where's my margarita. that says it all.
9:41 am
adorable face. my love bug. he loves his toys. i'm translating auto correct. also bill anderson had a birthday this week. happy birthday buddy. >> thank you very much. and a quick shout out to my cousin jam who is in town. congratulations on being selected as a scholar. a 24-year-old woman receives a woman of her dreams. they fell in love right away, had two little girls together, but last august while in the hospital following a car
9:42 am
accident, doctors discovered she had stomach cancer. so the staff at the hospital made it their mission to throw the couple a wedding. >> being sick is not a reason to stop a dream come true. that she was able to do this and she has the proof today that despite this illness she was able to make her dream come true. >> the couple also received a honeymoon. they'll be spending the next few days at disneyland together along with their daughters. we'll be right back.
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
>> taking a look at your news now, uncle jesse has checked himself into rehab, according to people magazine. >> reportedly seeking help for substance abuse. he was charged with driving under the influence last month and he was briefly hospitalized. we don't know why, though. >> so we're taking a look at what's trending this morning. some parents are furious over what children are getting in their happy meal. it's a minion toy that talks. but some moms and dads don't like what it has to say. they're meant to promote the minions movie. it's supposed to be all gibberish. many parents are complaining
9:46 am
they hear a curse word. in a statement mcdonald's swears it's not saying anything inappropriate. people pretty fired up. >> yes, they do say bad words. my cousin bought a happy meal for her daughter. and am i the only one that hears blah blah blah blah when the minions talk. i try to hear words but nothing. and finally we're all overreacting. it's a minion, for crying outloud. so let us know what you think. are you upset about the minions? you can tweet us at fox29philly.
9:47 am
>> it's grown up. and not grown up in a way where you can identify with it. >> people in philly already know who you are. but i feel like we're going to get a little more familiar with you.
9:48 am
9:49 am
>> freestyle the weather. >> i hope our bob kelly got out. they didn't have a manual for his flight, which apparently is very important in order to fly. let's take a look at our weather on this day, dave warren. there is a weather question for us. something special is happening in this one. >> tomorrow looks like you're okay. i have a lot of friends who always ask me on the weekends, will it be dry, i need to ride my bike. long ride tomorrow. this is across south jersey and this is tomorrow. there's just a few clouds. but it looks nice and comfortable. mid 80s, a nice cool breeze the closer you get to the coast the temperatures will be cooler. right along the coast it will be into the upper 70s.
9:50 am
today it's dry there as well but a little farther south there's some rain out there. just a few showers. this is a future cast, the clouds are clear. by 6:00, a nice night tonight, a nice morning tomorrow and tomorrow afternoon nice and clear. sunny and just a little cool breeze out there. it's national pet day this is zoe. nice and comfortable, waiting to go outside into the mid 70s. 74 in allentown, warming up in philadelphia. almost up to 80s. it will be into the upper 80s but we have to talk about 90s. it stays dry this weekend but here's a 90-degree temperature tomorrow. that humidity is still fairly low so it's nice and comfortable. it comes back monday, tuesday and wednesday. we put that humid word back because it will feel a little
9:51 am
uncomfortable and there will be showers and storms by tuesday and wednesday and it clears out as temperatures drop back down to 85 degrees. >> the naacp national convention is under way here in philadelphia. things officially kicked off yesterday and nearly 10,000 people are expected to attend the event. this year's theme pursuing liberty in the face of injustice. while some leaders are excited the convention is here, in philadelphia they hope organizers bring a pro active agenda. >> my issue is to ensure that while the naacp is here that they are participating in the african-american community. if we've got hundreds of such groups coming to down and if the major african-american conventions come to down and don't do that, then we don't have much hope. >> he also pointed out that millions of dollars will be spent during the convention and he says if some of that money
9:52 am
doesn't get into some of the communities, then the naacp hasn't lived up to its responsibilities to the community. joining us to talk about this solomon jones. what do you think about the comments? >> i think bruce has a point. i think what happens is when these conventions, not just the naacp conventions, but all conventions when they come to town, we count the economic impact regionally. we're not counting what happens in our neighborhoods. one of the things we talked about making sure that people from the neighborhoods, black people can go and have temporary vending licenses. so they can sell material, so they can make some money. when you talk about that economic impact, it's not really impact that comes straight to the neighborhoods that need it most, where one out of four people live in poverty.
9:53 am
>> i took it to social media. i asked people where they thought the money should go. not to the realm of crooked, wicked politics in this city. the revenue should be disbursed to the community, families and the like who are in dire need. some will be visiting african-american historical sites. let's hope they pay attention and sigh. so with that level of responsibility. and being held accountable going into the communities, is the naacp, do you think, going to do the right thing. and are they still relevant in taking on these challenges? >> i think a number of things are going on. one, we've always had the struggle in black activism where you've had the oeler generation against the younger generation. you have the naacp versus a younger breed of activists who operate on social media.
9:54 am
in some ways the naacp has not caught up to that yet. what i'm hoping to see is a coming together generationally of these activists. the naacp with the younger activists. the other thing i'm hoping to see is that the people who compromise the naacp, because it's made up of local chapters will actually go into neighborhoods and spend money. leave center city go into north philly and west philly and spend money. >> we'll continue talking about it. always a pleasure to have you. >> thank you. >> it's been a spirited discussion and debate on social media. so tell us, should the naacp be held accountable to get some of those dallas into the community. you can tweet us @
9:55 am
9:56 am
9:57 am
. >> look at this one. looking for your money on uncle sam. >> and we have proud americans sweet pea and peanuts. >> i love this dog. thanks for send thanking one in. >> finally we have piggy. >> you see how they go together? >> happy birthday bill anderson. we can't believe you snuck it by
9:58 am
us last weekend. >> see you tomorrow, guys.
9:59 am
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