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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  April 30, 2015 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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>> fox 29 news in hd brought to you by x xfinity the future of awesome. >> right now tensions rising on the streets of baltimore as the second night of occur fee just went into effect. here's a live look at that city now where people are supposed to be off the streets right now but as you can see clearly many people do not care. this video shot just moments ago as police starting to confront protesters on the street. things are getting ugly even among the protesters. >> it's not just baltimore. let's take a live look in new york city. hundreds of protesters marching through the streets earlier tonight we saw lot of arrests. look what's going on right now with that police vehicle. crowds they were blocking the holland tunnel. protesters also on the streets of boston, minneapolis and houston tonight. good evening it's starting to change out there. i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page.
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chris o'connell is live for us in baltimore tonight. chris what are you seeing there right now? >> reporter: well, it was all calm until about half hour ago when hundreds of police officers moved in to where we have been reporting for the last couple of days here in west baltimore. the citywide occur fee just went into effect a few minutes ago. police here are showing up in force and that frankly started -- startle add lot of people because this road was open about 15 minutes ago. it is now completely shut down. you have helicopters above. this is one of a line of baltimore city police officers and tact cal units. the same scene scene repeated on intersection. the same scene repeated on that intersection. hundreds of national guard members are here on scene. they are begging people to go home. begging people to have this
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occur fee enforce enforced but it looks like other than the media a lot of people outside. earlier today like i said it was a place of peace. we ran into several peaceful protests along the city of baltimore and the marchers so far take look. ♪ >> i am protesting for my right to exist to be treated like an american citizen the bold privileges this country has given to me. >> i want to show everyone outside of baltimore we're not a violent city. we want piece much we want justice. we want things to be right. >> all night all day we will fight for freddie gray! >> there are people dying in cities all around this nation.
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>> it's our duty and our freedom freedom. >> the baltimore police, the american police system cannot treat black people with respect they got to go and they got to do right. >> as we bring you back out here this is what you're seeing is congressman elijah cummings literally in the middle of this intersection begging people to go home. begging people to and have this curfew in force. it doesn't sound like a lot of people are abiding by that. we can tell you over the past two nights there's been nearly 250 arrests from people violate violating that occur fee to disorderly conduct. we can tell you today about 100 of those people were released from jail with no charges filed. prosecutors say with so many arrests, they can't file the paper work fast enough to charge these defendants within the mandated 24 hours. but you can almost guarantee there will be more arrests to
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night as you see hundreds and hundreds of local police, maryland state police and maryland national guard here enforcing the curfew once again. it may again be a long night guys? >> all right chris. thank you. all of this happening with two other controversying brewing tonight. report just out from the washington post claiming a prisoner in the same police transport van as freddie gray told officers gray was banging around intentionally trying to hurt himself. the gray family attorney disputes it asking how gray severed his own spinal cord. also mounting criticism over why the way baltimore's mayor handled monday's riots. law enforcement source telling fox there was a direct order given by mayor stephanie rollings blake to her police chief to stand down and retreat monday night. the mayor denies there was any order to hold back. 150 new jersey state troopers are in baltimore tonight working to help keep the peace. our cameras there as one of the troopers trucks rolled through
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the city. 300 pennsylvania state police personnel left today to help as well. and here at home, police preparing for rally tomorrow at city hall. this is the facebook page of the group organizing the protest called philly is baltimore. organizers say "many similarity similarities between what is happening in baltimore and what is going on here in philly. right now close to 1,000 people say they're going to the event starting at 4:30 tomorrow afternoon. >> erie site in baltimore camden yards this afternoon. the stadium empty. historic move by major league baseball to keep fans safe. we'll take you inside coming up later in the newscast. as we go back to these live images from baltimore tonight remember give get live updates and watch how it all unfolded on our website at >> breaking news out of north philadelphia. temple university student is in critical condition after a hit run that happened right on campus. fox 29's shawnette wilson is life. shawnette? the student was on bike?
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>> reporter: she was lucy. police tell us this vick testimony was on a mountain bike when she was hit investigators tell us she's an extremely critical condition here at temple right now. let's go ahead and take a look at video from the scene we were able to get. this happened just after 7:00 o'clock tonight. the victim we're told a 22-year-old girl was riding her bike on park of a crossing diamond when she was hit. we're told she suffered head injuries an fractured left leg. police say the driver left the scene. now, we'll show you right now some pictures, surveillance pictures of the car that police are looking for tonight. these are pictures taken from security cameras around the area. around the time that this hammed. they are looking for a silver mitts about see georgia atlantic it has all black wheels. it will also likely have damage to the passenger windshield. police say witnesses tell them there were three young males in the car and that allegedly passenger in the back seat told the driver as the driver stopped to take off.
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so again police are still looking for this car that you see pictured in surveillance pictures at this hour tonight. and back here life we're also told by police that the actual hit-and-run was also captured on surveillance cameras. they have not provided that video tonight but again they believe they're looking for a silver mitsubishi gallant. if you have any information on this vehicle they're asking to you call them. 22-year-old girl in extremely critical condition here at temple tonight. back to you in the studio. >> all right shawnette thank you. on your radar tonight enjoy the sunshine while you can. scott track something rain in the forecast. >> yeah, that's right. really going to have to watch the latter part of the week for more clouds as well as some scattered showers but today certainly was beautiful. 77 degrees that was the high temperature. right now it's still pretty mild and quiet. look at the temperatures right now. 66 in philadelphia. 65 right now in trenton. so tomorrow morning we'll call it partly sunny. increasing clouds throughout the day. mid 50's in the morning. by noon, temperatures in the low 60s and by tomorrow afternoon
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mostly cloudy upper 60s with a few spotty showers. more thon coastal system we've been talking about as well as chilly changes and then a rapid warmup with the seven day coming up. >> all right scott thank you. police looking for who opened fire hitting three people in philadelphia's west oak lane neighborhood. skyfox over the scene on the 1800 block of east johnson street just after 7:00 tonight. three men 18, 19 and 20 years old were shot and taken to the hospital in stable condition. no word yet on any suspects. to a story you'll see only on fox tonight. a septa sting involving number one crime plaguing our mass transit system landed two people in jail. only we were there when police arrested them. so what went down? fox 29's dave schratwieser is at septa headquarters in center city. dave? >> reporter: lucy a couple of years ago septa led the nation's transit systems in stolen cell phones but that's not the case any more because septa police have been cracking down. we went along on an undercover
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sting operation today that not only ended with two arrests, but the recovery of the victim's cell phone. when it comes to crime on the septa system, cell phone theft leads the way. cell phone thieves are routinely caught on tape racing down the platform with a stolen phone. sometimes with the victim giving chase. riders say they worry about it all the time. >> even in the subway somebody quick snatch it out your hand. >> i think it's a good thing they're focusing on it it's a problem for a lot of people. >> today was pay day. >> reporter: septa has been cracking down recently. wednesday afternoon only fox 29 was there as police arrested two people after an undercover stink recovered an iphone six taken from a passenger at the septa station at 13th and market. >> they noticed he had the phone when he got on and when he got off he didn't have it any more. >> reporter: detectives checked surveillance video and began tracking the phone. the victim was contacted by a woman claiming to have the smart phone she offered to sell it
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back for 250 bucks. the victim an undercover police set up a meeting in frankford. when the undercover officer showed up, this guy was arrested with the phone. police say this woman was his accomplice. >> you commit a crime on septa you're getting locked up. so unless you have a desire to have a cheese sandwich, keep your hands in your pocket and don't steal anybody he will's property. >> reporter: cell phone theft is down almost 50% in the first four months of this year. the chief credits strong police presence on trains and platforms, riders being more vigilant about thefts and lots of good detective work. riders are glad to see the crack down. >> i think it's a good idea. i really think it's a good idea. >> we've had pretty good success with catching the people right away and if we don't catch them right away, we'll keep on tracking them until we do. >> reporter: now police say the two suspects will face theft, conspiracy and receiving stolen property charges. the victim will get his phone back. the chief has a warning for folks who want to commit crime on septa.
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he says, commit a crime, you can bet we'll have your picture. iain? >> all right dave, thank you. a local mom is taking on the philadelphia police department and the city. she says she's seeking justice for herself and the memory of her son and wants reform at police headquarters. here's tanya brown dickerson tonight in powelton attending a mayoral forum on police reform. the same day she spoke out about the lawsuit she's filing against the city. the class action civil suit comes after her ton brandon tate brown was fatal the shot by police last december. she says her son's constitutional rights were violator but legal experts say it will take a lot to discredit police accounts of the incident. >> i believe he was not given a chance and i want reform. i want laws change and that's why i'm standing here. >> they say the jury could disbelieve the police officers testimony and instead find without any evidence there was a gun dropped. first of all that's not the way it works in court.
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>> city has 30 days to respond to the lawsuit. heart pounding moments as a woman purposely sets a gas pump on fire. the entire area goes up in flames. one man barely escaping that inferno. what he told the woman just before she ignited the fire ball ball. >> and caught accused of going a hotel to meet up with a 10-year-old girl he met online. the gift fbi agents say this guy brought for his intended victim. >> and the lunch police. one mom gets a note from school telling her what she pack for her pre-school daughter was inappropriate. what was so bad teacher took it away from a four-year-old. >> ladies, listen up. you're in your 30s and 40s and want to look younger. trend that really take off. >> life look at baltimore. occur fee has begin 13 minutes in the crowds still out fights breaking out and our crews a
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♪ we continue to follow breaking news from baltimore. let's check in and get a live look as tensions are rising on the streets of baltimore. curfew has in effect for about 15 minutes. you can see there are still plenty of people out there. we will of course stay on top of this and check in with this again in a few moments in our newscast. meantime a different scene today. bizarre sight at the baltimore orioles stadium. camden yards empty except for players. first time in major league history that no fans were allowed inside to watch the orioles beat the white sox eight to two. the league says they did not want to put any fans in jeopardy jeopardy. >> fox 29' bruce gordon was outside looking in shoulder to shoulder were you fans as this historic game got underway. >> reporter: it was surreal.
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less than an hour till game time and the usually raucous oriole park at camden yards was empty. eerily quiet. major league baseball's decision to plate o's chicago white sock game without fans in the stands drew curiosity seekers anxious to see history in the making. for a time there were more police officers on hand than fans. >> it's just incredible. you know i wonder, you know, what's going through the player's heads. >> it's a little bit disappointing but i completely understand the decision based on what escalateed over the last few days. >> reporter: did you have tickets for today's game. >> i did actually, yes. >> reporter: did you? >> you have tickets for today's game. how does it feel to be standing out here on the sidewalk. >> it's weird. very surreal but i'll take what i can get. >> let's go, o'! >> reporter: surreal turns to celebration with the first pitch pitch. dozens of orioles gathered on the sidewalk well beyond the left centerfield wall to sort of kind of catch a glimpse of the action and show their colors.
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>> did you have tickets to today's game? >> no. >> bra what brought you over here? >> i just felt like i wanted to come out and support the team, support the community just by me showing up. report roar home team put up six runs in the bott. to first inning and coasted to victory. but that was only part of the reason for the smiles. these are fans of the city of baltimore. and they are already seeing some signs of recovery after several nights of nationally televised mayhem. >> the people of baltimore are great. you know it's unfortunate we're getting a bad rap for what's going on right now but people of the city they'll rise. they'll come together. >> reporter: that remains to be seen. what we do know, major league baseball out of abundance of caution will continue for the foreseeable future to tweak the orioles schedule. they're upcoming weekend series with the tampa bay rays was to take place at camden yards. it has been moved for this friday saturday, sunday to florida. i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. >> as we go back to life images
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from baltimore tonight you can follow along minute by minute watch how this all unfolded on our website we're 17 minutes into the occur fee. people are still out and so are the bull horns with police telling folks to just go home. a former chris christie ally may plead guilty this week for his involvement in a so-called bridge gate scandal. that comes straight from bloomberg news. david wildstein was a top appointee in the port authority of new york and new jersey. he ordered traffic jams outjump washington bridge in september of 2013 he is said to appear in federal court as early as friday and bloomberg news says he may accept a plea deal that. could lead to the first conviction sin the investigation began. it's still unclear what specific charges he might plead to. governor christie has repeatedly denied any knowledge of a plot to jam traffic near the bridge. 17 people recovering tonight after a chemical leak where they work. skyfox was over the home therapy business in hammonton new
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jersey. >> but some had to be are a lifted to the hospital. fox 29's dawn timmeney spoke with employees about the moment when everyone realized something was very wrong. >> there were quite a few people who really didn't feel well. >> reporter: it was around lunch time when worker after worker here at home solutions headquarters in hammonton start started feeling nauseous, headache key, some even having respiratory problems. >> it's a little frightening. >> reporter: the company immediately call the fire department and all 80 to 90 employees poured into the parking lot. >> everybody. everybody vac weighed. as soon as we thought there was a problem everybody was out. >> reporter: hazmat crews county ems a along with fire and police arriving on the scene to assess the situation this as emergency personnel started treating more than 30 people who were overcome by some unknown substance. eight taken to the hospital including two people who had to be air lived out. >> because of the nature of their complaint they were complaining of a burning sensation in their respiratory system. any serious respiratory injuries
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are taken to drama center. >> reporter: the company says because it was so warm dat air-conditioning turned on, and that appears to be the culprit. >> county went in. ran some tests and believed believed that eats refrigerant of some sort either an r22 or isn't other flor row methane rei fridge ran that's used possibly from the hvac system. >> seems like the people who didn't feel well were seated more near, you know, like vents. >> reporter: ordeal over several hours later after officials found no levels of coolant inside the building. if it's now up to the company to pinpoint the exact problem and rectify it. no word on whether home solutions will be open tomorrow. in hammonton, new jersey, dawn timmeney fox 29 news. >> a car backs up and over an elderly woman. the driver does get out to check on her. what he does next that left witnesses stunned. >> a school principal and a teacher both arrested for what went down in one classroom. >> he grabbed him by his neck like this. by his jacket, and slammed him
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on the table. >> it doesn't end there. what investigators say they trieded to next. >> a dangerous new game circulating on facebook. what teens are now daring each other to do that could panic their parents. >> we continue to follow breaking news. here's a live look from baltimore where things are start starting to get tense 20 minutes into the curfew. meanwhile we check in in new york city where we're starting to see people get arrested and put into police vans so the chaos continues around the country and in new york we're following it and we'll be back with more right after this. >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. >> good evening everybody. crews will be out working on the pennsylvania turnpike near willow grove into early tomorrow morning. and then a jammo alert here. 422 down to one lane all day tomorrow from arm and hammer in towards sanetoga also working along newtown road during most of the day tomorrow. rain for the rush hour, sue will have the forecast. we'll see you tomorrow at 4:00
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♪ let's check in now in new york. we have told you before that we have seen people being put into police advance. there are protests around the country supporting what's going on in baltimore. things started in new york in union square. then they moved to the holland tunnel where they actually closed the holland tunnel for sometime. apparently has been reopened and now we're getting some video here showing police vehicles and actually protesters being taken away in some of those vehicles. so there were hundreds and many up to thousands of people protesting in lower manhattan earlier tonight. we of course will stay on top of this for you throughout the newscast. >> a dramatic rescue caught on camera a mid the devastation nepal. crews worked furious toll reach this earthquake survivor in kathmandu buried under the
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rubble avenue collapsed building. they saw his hand move. rescue came after he spent more than thee days trapped in a room with three people who had died. more heavy equipment on the way to dig through the wreckage in the capital city. donations do continue to pour in from all over the world. the story out of israel is hard to believe. israeli police releasing shocking video that you just have to see. a woman asked a man pumping gas for a cigarette. he refuses. she leaves as you see but wait a minute walks back and then watch what she did. she pulls out lighter and sets the car on fire. so the man reacts quickly pulls the pump from the car and takes off. luckily no one was hurt. the woman described as mentally unstable was arrested. hillary clinton is no longer the lone dem cat officially for the white house. vermont independent senator bernie sander social security just announced he's also running for president as a democrat. the self described democratic socialist says among other things he wants to raise taxes on wealthy americans and corporations. wants tuition free education at all public colleges and
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universities and is against the keystone xl pipeline. and we are still following breaking news. take a live look at baltimore. that's looking fairly promising. the streets relatively cleared. 25 minutes into a mandateed curfew. it is the second night of course. chris o'connell is live in the thick of everything happening and we've got an update just minutes away. >> plus coming you one mom gets a note from school telling her what she pack for her pre-school daughter is inappropriate. what was so bad a teacher took it away from a four-year-old. scott.
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♪ right now at 10:30 we're following breaking news out of new york city. as we take look here's a lot of protests have started earlier tonight in manhattan and started at union square and then a lot of protesters moved to the holland tunnel where they actually shut it down for sometime and now you can see protesters moving along this street. we've had seen -- signs of police vehicles, police have been putting people protesters into vehicles. there were reports earlier that dozens were arrested. so this is a very active scene
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in manhattan. that's been going on for several hours now. >> the city that never sleeps up to nickname tonight. let's go to baltimore though where it seem to be a lot quieter. fox 29's chris o'connell live in the city right now. chris, what are you seeing? >> reporter: well, the good news lucy is it looks like tonight people are abiding by that 10:00 o'clock curfew. this intersection was filled with people, filled with cars. the road was open here about 9:45 tonight and then suddenly the police came in in force in mass. bus loads of police officers and national guard tact cal gear getting off the buses and that kind of started a confrontation because they really came out of nowhere and that's when people got upset when those police officers arrived. i want to show you some of that. we were rolling our video just as those police officers came and kind of got face to face with some of these protesters
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here. it has been a very fluid situation throughout the several days here. tensions are high and with seemingly every move police make every move protesters make it kind of gets people rialed um. for the most part today it has ban very peaceful day. we can tell you of the 235 arrests over the past two days, 101 of those people who were arrested were let out of jail today. as a matter of fact over the last couple of hours that's because the paper work, the arrest paper work for prosecutors and police so overwhelming they were not able to file charges against all these people in the mandateed 48 hours. so many of those people arrested for disorderly conduct and violating the curfew released from jail tonight. but as you can see what we've been calling the epicenter of these riots unrest in west baltimore the street is closed. most people you see behind me
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are media. most people have gone home abiding by that curfew tonight. guys. >> encouraging, chris o'connell. so as we take a look at life images don't forget you can watch all of this on our website let's go to georgia now principal ended up in handcuffs after aparen claimed he roughed up her child during detention. >> a teacher accused of of hurting another student who tried to defend his classmate. think happened back on april april 1st and now avery allen and derek wilder are on administrative leave facing felony child cruelty and battery charges. police say the principal and teacher both tried to cover up what happened. a new principal has been put in charge of the school while that investigation continues. florida man got this mug shot taken after the feds say he showed taupe hotel thinking he was meet ago 10-year-old girl for sex. that girl turned on the to be an fbi agent and get this, the us
3:32 am
attorney's office says this 51-year-old man named michael dougherty bought a disney dress to give to the child if convicted he can get sentenced to life in prison. that is a scary story and so is this. a facebook game spreading panic among parents in france. >> there's a dare called the game of 72. it involves teenagers challenging each other to disappear without a word to their families for 12, 24 or 72 hours. authorities found out about the game after a 13-year-old girl from france went missing for three days last week. the girl did turn up safe but refused to tell police or her parents where she was. saying only she had completed the game of 72 dare. >> crazy what goes on. absolutely. >> we need some sanity in our weather and united like to feel like it did today for a long time. >> yeah. well, we do have a few hiccups in the forecast but tomorrow it's still going to be mild. just increasing clouds. that could be a spotty shower tomorrow afternoon. then friday noticeably cooler
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and there is a better chance for some showers as we move toward your friday but look at the temperatures right now. still pretty mild. 66 degrees right now. winds out of the south at 10. visibility is perfect. look at the numbers right now. 65 in trenton. 61 right now in atlantic city. low 60s in wilmington so overnight tonight no concerns just a few passing high clouds and you can see right now we're really looking good across our area after a wonderful wednesday. a lot of folks were outdoors in their yards jogging eating out doors, eveven throwing something on the grill across the area. as we look at the satellite/radar, though, to the south, off the carolina coast this is what we'll watch for. increasing clouds tomorrow. and in particular on friday and this will allow for temperatures to be cooler. not so much tomorrow. but tomorrow we'll watch the clock for a few spotty showers in the afternoon. but watch what happens as we move toward forty four yi day we're still watching that area of low pressure out in the open
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waters of the atlantic and that fetch we always talk about winds out of the north and east that. will pump in the clouds and also keep temperatures below average as we move toward your friday, but most of the energy will stay offshore. just take look at the temperatures expected by friday afternoon. you can see upper 40s likely in cape may with that fetch coming in off the ocean. right around 60 degrees at most for the philadelphia area. so that seven day forecast will show tomorrow more clouds but still looking good upper 60s and then at best 60 degrees for the high on friday. then as we move ahead to the weekend, 70 on saturday. 76 on sunday. and look at monday and tuesday. temperatures top out in the low 80s. it's going to be a little warm early neck week. back to you. >> all right. can't wait, scott, thank you very much. all right. a car backs up and over and elderly woman. the driver goes to check on her but what he does next left witnesses stunned. >> russian spacecraft spinning out of control over our heads
3:35 am
right now. why it could come crashing back to earth. plus a piece of rock and roll history swiped right from a museum. elton john's glasses gone. the clue the thief accidentally left behind though that helped police track him down the. >> we're on top of breaking news out of baltimore. that news looks to be good so far. chris o'connell tells us most people seem to be abiding and heading back to their home. new york city and we have been sky fox over large numbers of people on the streets and you can see them right there try to orien our camera getting a little dizzy. a lot of demonstrators out there
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♪ we continue to follow breaking news. let's check in now in manhattan where protesters are marching. they're near the lincoln tunnel in manhattan and earlier they were at lincoln square. then they shut down the holland tunnel right now they are march marching near lincoln tunnel in manhattan. so things are on the move there. meantime we check in with baltimore. we've been checking in there in and out throughout the hour with our chris o'connell. things are -- this is actually
3:39 am
not far where chris o'connell is and things are different here. to night a curfew in effect for almost 40 minutes and what chris has been tilings and you can see on your screen most people are abiding by that curfew tonight and so far it is relatively peaceful. video of a russian spacecraft spinning out of control. the cargo craft was supposed to dock witness international space station. that is not going to happen. the concern now the russian cannot stab contact it could fall back to earth on an uncontrolled path and fragments could land in populate populated areas though that's a slim chance. in your money the power is back on at atlantic city's former revel casino. new owner glenn straub says the electricity came back on this morning. the florida developer reached a two week door with acr energy and fire detection and suppression systems at the casinos closed since september. atlantic city has been fining straub $5,000 for each day the system wasn't running.
3:40 am
straub says the casino won't be ready to open by memorial day but he hopes part of it can reopen during the summer. >> i'll check it out. a piece of rock and roll history swiped from museum is now back where it belongs. >> all thanks to a clue the thief unknowingly left behind. elton's iconic heart shaped frames stolen from the rock and soul museum earlier this month. they found fingerprints on the display case. he admitted taking the glasses and told me police where to find them. museum workers are relieved. the museum director says they're on loan from a private owner. >> one mom gets a note from school telling her what she packed for her pre-school daughter is inappropriate. what was so bad a teacher took it away from a four-year-old. >> ladies listen up. are you in your 30s and fours trying to look younger? how far would you go? the trend that's really taking off if you can stomach it. >> we're still following breaking news a live look now at baltimore. see how empty the streets are.
3:41 am
it is a good thing. hopefully it will be calm tonight. 41 minutes into a mandateed curfew on the second night. now let's go to new york city where the scene is slightly different. of course there's no curfew in the city that never sleeps and the demonstrators are out in force sympathizing with the
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♪ we are staying on top of breaking news right now. taking a live look in new york city manhattan this is near the lincoln tunnel where protesters who are sympathizing with the protesters in baltimore on the move and you can see some skirmishes there between police and some of those protesters we've had arrests in manhattan because of some of these protests which started in union square, went to holland tunnel where they shut it down now they're near the lincoln tunnel a little bit of a situation there in manhattan. meantime the situation a little bit different now in baltimore as we take a live look there. looks pretty calm and quiet. our chris o'connell says most people are abiding by this occur fee it is 10:45. so we're 45 minutes in to that mandated curfew. that is the scene looking pretty calm and quiet right now in baltimore. >> take look at this. a driver backs up in a parking lot and knock down an elderly
3:45 am
woman. it happened at a mcdonald's in underring beach california. the driver and passenger did get out, get this they jumped right back into the car and took off. the woman is expected to be okay okay. that driver can face felony hit-and-run charges for leaving the scene. looks like something you'd find inside a torture chamber but could be the best option for some people desperate to smooth out acne scars stretch marks or turn back the clock. >> while technique is not new our joyce evans shows us why more people seem to be lining up to bleed for beauty. ♪ >> reporter: poke a bunch of holes in it, pour in all kinds of fertilizers to speed up healthy lucious looking turf, now, how about doing the same thing to your face? >> erase almost like you're air rating your lawn. >> as a lawyer i was skeptical. i'm ready to dry anything at this point.
3:46 am
>> to smooth out deep facial scars to smooth out add dull acne. >> i was embarrassed. >> but this 30 something year odd navy reservist is determined to beat it. >> at first i wanted the strongest treatment out there. >> reporter: so did this 40 something-year-old lawyer self conscious about acne scars sun damage and general aging. >> other people couldn't see it. i knew it was there. it did. it affected me. >> reporter: both michelle cory and jada dalfonso say they were surprised micro needling. it's not exactly new but apparently growing in popularity popularity. >> what i thought was how is this going to work. are they going to stick a needle inject it into my skin? >> reporter: nope. they're going to use a device that sticks lots of needles in your face over and over and over again. >> this is something that can literally be done on everyone. >> but you've got to name up first. >> it's a little weird the first time. >> michelle takes angela's table
3:47 am
table. >> here we go. >> since jada is new to the needle kathy is going easy. >> we'll concentrate on the deeper scarring. you okay jada. >> um-hmm. >> it feels like a brush like a light tickly brush. >> i've had scrubs i felt more invasive than this. >> i started around the lower setting since this was her first time. i'm now increasing the depth. >> jada is turning red. >> you should see the pinpoint bleeding. >> reporter: you can see a lot more next door with michelle. >> we're creating little micro channels. >> you're drawing blood. you're drawing blood. >> there is pinpoint bleeding. and that's basically what we want. >> angela is going deep on her third treatment in a zero receives sessions that claim to jump start and intensify healthy skin regrowth. >> now i'm just remembering everything into back into the
3:48 am
epi determine miss. >> right under your eye. >> if witness painful i'd be -- >> i'm putting all the nutrients back into the skin. and by doing that it's causing the collagen production to happen by itself to the skin. >> injuring the skin to rebuild it every six to eight weeks. faster and gentler according to dr. steven davis and the so- so-called vampire facial. >> it's a whole night crop of patients to get something like this done that would never have thought about doing it because they were worried about lasers. >> reporter: this is not worry free. infection dark spots may be rare but possible. >> this feels like what. >> a mild sunburn at this point. >> reporter: there's a lot more fertilizing and massaging for both michelle and jada and by the time they're done, in less than an hour --
3:49 am
>> it will take the redness away away. which is almost gone now. >> reporter: here's michelle. >> the goal right now is to hydrate and protect and i'm just massaging it in. i did notice the residual scarring starts to become smoother. >> i never felt like it was getting into the skin and here i can feel that it's penn straighting my skin. >> reporter: now both ladies say they're going back for more in six weeks. it costs about $300 for a single treatment. but there are package deals of three or more with home care products included we find several do it yourself skin needling devices online but either way there's a risk of real damage if not done properly. joyce evans fox 29 news. >> don't go poking your face by yourself. >> definitely don't do that. >> goodness gracious. a lot of talk about that. a lot of talk about this. a pre-school that is in colorado that handing out a scolding to
3:50 am
mom. >> so what's the mom's offense? packing oreos in her daughter's lunch box. they weren't even double stuffed. the school sent the four-year-old home with a forbidden cookies an note reading in part, lunchables, chips, fruit snacks and peanut butter not considered to be a healthy snack. the mom says the school needs to back off. she says the lunch included a sandwich and cheese. we've got no comment yet from the school. >> you know what, good thing it wasn't double stuffed. would have been an expulsion right. >> i like peanut butter and it is healthy. so there. it is healthy. the draft is less than 24 hours away. and eagles are trying to trade some of their players for draft pick. i'll run them all down and it was the strangest major league baseball game you may ever see. no fans.
3:51 am
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3:53 am
♪ i know draft crazy time but the phillies did play tonight. sending their best pitcher to the mound that would be aaron harang. let's go to st. louis. ryan howard in the fourth with the phillies done one to nothing
3:54 am
hits a homerun. it's one-onely fifth inning watch this play. close play at the plate. it's tied at two. matt carpenter at first good throw by ryan howard. cardinals go up three-two. phillies challenge it lose it five-two to st. louis. strange day to camden yards in baltimore. they didn't let fans in because of the idiots that created the violence. it didn't matter. chris davis hits a homerun. they scored six times in the first inning. but watch this. i've seen it happen. you see when a player runs off after the last out what does he do with the baseball he tosses it to the fans. all right. so chris davis at first the last out of the inning and here you goes to it to the -- oh, i'm sorry there's no fans. get it next week. what do the players think of playing in front of nobody? kind of like, you know, instructional league, arizona
3:55 am
league -- regards fire league. it was different. >> ♪ the draft this year is different. to nfl draft begins in less than 24 hours but i would not put any credibility into marcus mariota to the eagles talk. forget it. there are things i know that are real. the talks i know to be true are based on sources and i've talk to them. they're trying to trade boykin linebacker my kill kendricks evan mathis and quarterback matt barkley. jason kelce taken in the sixth round out of university of cincinnati. he is one of the most important players on this eagles offensive line. draft day for kelce last add while. he didn't want to watch so came down to the last day. found something else to do. >> i was out bowling with my dad, my mom my brother my uncle trying to avoid watching
3:56 am
it because you know that can get just nerve racking sitting there watch pick after pick a guy you think you're better go ahead of you yadda yadda. i was back in my apartment. a little bit frustrated i dropped little bit at this point i'm wondering am i going to be a free agent much what's going to happen? and i knew the eagles had two picks that round. i was just staring at my phone and sure enough 215 number comes up and it was the philadelphia eagles. >> he's now made about 20 some million dollars. >> birthday boy look what's here for you. yeah. it's howard's birthday. >> happy birthday. >> you don't want -- >> he's had it. >> there you go. >> there you go. >> happy birthday. >> thanks. >> thanks for watchin
3:57 am
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3:59 am
4:00 am
good morning it is 4:00 protesters in cities across the country unite nag call for justice over the death of freddie gray. plus details on an event happening today right here in philadelphia. >> and local college student hit by a car the driver just took off police just found the vehicle. live report coming up. >> yesterday, it was a ten right? >> yes. >> how about the next few days? >> maybe. >> let's hope. sue has your full forecast. >> good day everybody it is thursday april 30th, 2015. the weekend almost here. you know, after a day like yesterday it, felt like friday didn't it? just hoping for the weekend? >> i called you around 5:30 p.m. right in the height of the beautiful weather to talk to you about something. >> i was -- >> were you doing something fun outside away from you


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