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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6a  FOX  April 27, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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and, that includes people right here in the delaware valley. right now if you call anyone in nepal it is recannot reach anyone at this point. >> earthquake in nepal reaching people right in our backyard, families glued to their phones hoping to hear from relatives overseas. how one restaurant wants to use their fund to help others. and he dreams as a woman. former olympian turned reality star bruce jenner finally confirms what many suspect for over a year now for all intents and purposes he says, he is a woman. who he says has been the most supportive as he struggles to find himself. good day everybody. it is monday april the the 27th sue with the the day off today 2015. >> yeah, good morning everybody. >> so today we will call you sue/bob. >> sue/bob. >> sue was under weather. traffic and weather together. >> that is too close to, sob
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but that is fine. >> a little chill in the air. a little difference when you step out of the front door getting dressed and get kid dressed. make sure they have the jacket on. doppler radar looking good no problems, no clouds in the skies at all. we will kick off with 49 degrees. little windy. sunrise at 6:07. we have six minutes to get out there but then later today we will hit a high of 62. the sunshine in the morning. included will roll in the the a afternoon. get ready for a possibility always a possibility of the stray shower later today and tonight we will dip down to 47 degrees but the the wind will play an issue, in the next 24 to 48 hours. i will tell you her about that in the seven day coming up next time around. 6:01 on this monday morning as we get ready to step outside the front door. we have an accident north bound lanes of i-95 at kurland street our penndot camera here over our shoulder, only that far right lane opened,
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this is north bound, approaching k erlen heading up toward philly international. we have a traffic jam here. this is right a at that on ramp. if you are heading north be ready for delays. also a accident north on the roosevelt boulevard between wissohickon and broad street. here is exit sign for broad to give you a an idea. heading northbound on both the boulevard and on i-95, accidents there ahead of you. forty-two looking good from south jersey, in problems at all through bellmawr construction zone. an accident on the pennsylvania turnpike is westbound right at willow grove. two of the four lanes are block. otherwise bridges are fine and mass transit is running. >> bob, i will do traffic too. police are investigating a crash on the new jersey turnpike that involved an overturn van in camden county. only one vehicle was involved. in word on the the driver's condition or if any passengers were also, in that car. one person was taken to the hospital from a north
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philadelphia, row home fire, crews responded to the scene in the 2600 block of north 18th street. the residents, had to be treated for smoke inhalation. death toll continues to rise from the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake in nepal with huge after shocks. >> keeps going up and up and up. close to 4,000 people now confirmed dead. and, other obstacles are complicating the rescue efforts. landslide now and in remote villages are making it hard to get to the survivors. after shocks continue to raise fears, and forcing many to live outside in tents. meanwhile, local hospitals are being flooded with injured serve wires. >> head injuries, many people who have suffering from head injuries, spinal injuries and internal injuries. >> united states has sent a disaster response team to
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nepal and 45 tons of relief supplies. and some locals with ties from the the nepal are watching, everything as it unfolds in that country. >> jenny joyce is live from montgomery county with what some are doing to help out especially because some people have ties, they have family there in nepal. >> reporter: yeah live here in lafayette hill and as we mentioned if you want to make a donation you can do so with the red cross. stop by here in the persian grill. they are collecting donations as well. this is a local family with ties. thankfully their relatives are alive but their death toll is rising and conditions are worsening. they say they are very concerned about not only their family's well-being after the the quake but all people in nepal. they set up a relief jar and collecting donations. a additionally they are donating a portion of the restaurants profits over next month. they are planning a fund raising dinner on thursday and remember arering as a way to get resources to the people that need it right now.
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there is limited food water, and power supply. they were relieved to get the call that their family is okay. >> on behalf of like a telephone that is working and everybody took turns to call people who had had limited time. >> they called for like two minutes and then we're fine, everyone is fine. >> you try to find even in the street. >> you are connecting with the government directly and all donations will go directly to the government so it can be allocated where ever they need it. >> reporter: this family survives a quake their home didn't take a look at these pictures and neighboring building collapsed on their property. they live in the capitol of katmandu where historic monuments and temples are flatten. persian grill hosting a fundraiser event on thursday and they have a relief jar inside to stop by and donate. if you want to go to the web site persian they are collecting donation there
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is as well mike and alex. >> red cross is involved too. you can use your lunch or dinner to do good for those survivors. the restaurant group and other groups are donating their profits to relieve organizations to been fill nepal. check for locations across philadelphia montgomery and delaware counties and in new jersey. and if you'd like to help victims of the earthquake you can as mike mentioned donate to the red cross. we have put a link up the at my fox philly to the come. just look under the scene on tv tab. >> yes 6:06. smile for the the camera. septa police arrested an 18 year-old in that subway brawl and they say more arrests are on the way. what one teen was allegedly carrying that could have turned this vicious fight into a deadly, fight. things got tense during the annual white house correspondents dinner, that joke that had some people booing cecily strong. was this a dinner or more than
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a roast. >> they make jokes. >> yes.
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way. >> what a beautiful view, the sunrise they must have looking out the window. >> guy controlling the camera here joe danker has a very steady hand. he is doing this with a little mouth and his fingers basically. >> look at it, look back at it. >> yes. >> okay bob kelly what kind of aircraft is that. >> that is a d.c. nine. >> you have have no idea. >> that is a md-80. >> as long as you speak with authority good put your tray in the upright position. >> let's watch this all the way to touchdown is that is u.s. airways. it is u.s. airways. >> coming in, hold on. >> we are in for a smooth landing. yes. >> we are fascinated by simplest things. >> we will get a little pump here. >> you know it. >> there it is. >> wow. >> so smooth. >> beautiful shot. >> beautiful shot. >> it is almost 6:00 is 11 on this monday morning.
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>> police expect to make an addition at arrest at a brawl at a septa station. >> they are asking for the public's help now, do you recognize anybody else on this platform. eighteen year-old an trays bodniak was arrested saturday. he is face ago salt and weapons charges related to a fight at that spring garden station on the broad street line h that the was tuesday. officials say most of the suspects appear to be students. 6:11. supreme court is getting ready to take on same sex marriage. should the government define who you should or shouldn't be married to. >> or is it a state issue. here's bob. good morning we have a jam on on i9 56789 we are looking live north bound right at cure land street and an accident on the boulevard. we will check rest of the road and seven day forecast when we come right back. kerr lynn.
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yellow mustard. mmm! good morning everybody. we have a chill in the air. 39 degrees in mount pocono. forty-seven in allentown. pot town and reading in the lower 40's. certainly quite the a difference from this time, yesterday. thirty-nine is in south jersey and even down the shore we have pick up a couple degrees there in at atlantic city. trusting for the day dressing kid for the bus stop that light jacket, certainly necessary, this morning. the wind speeds will play a factor in the next couple days. coming out of the northwest 9 miles an hour in mount pocono.
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three in pottstown. nine in philadelphia. those big aircraft coming in could be a little shaky before they touchdown. dover again wind speed even down the shore at 6 miles an hour. remember last monday? well, look at this, 76 degrees and then we went for roller coaster ride. we have dipped on tuesday. another little tease on wednesday but then wham down a big hill, 52 we stayed in the 50's and even saturday outdoors for the soccer games and baseball game, even though it was sunny still chilly, only got up to 64 yesterday. here's the the seven day. today shaping up, sunshine begin clouds are rolling, we will give it a seven. tomorrow looking good sunshine all day but you'll feel the win. give it a nine with a high of 69. wednesday, it is the the day to make outdoor plans maybe that t time or that afternoon lunch sunshine beautiful up to 74 degrees by the time we get to wednesday. thursday we have rain rolling n we will keep an eye on that throughout the rest of the week. the as you grab your coffee
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and keys and stepping out of the front door a couple of accident already on our major roadways. i-95 northbound an accident right at kerlin street here. look at this fellow do you think you're having a bad start to the day. he its facing the opposite way on i-95. there is only one lane opened here as you head northbound, coming up from delaware county heading up toward philly international the airport . get a move on if you go to the airport to get a flight out of philly. the roosevelt boulevard northbound an accident, jammed solid from approaching wissohickon all the way up through broad street. the the accident right here in the background. there is broad street off ramp sign. the south jersey is quiet n problems the at all on the 42 freeway coming toward philadelphia a we have a crash on the pennsy turnpike, it is westbound at willow grove taking out two of the lanes and new jersey transit river line running with delays, they are running delays only every 30 minutes because of some signal problems. mike and alex, back to you.
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thanks, bob. 6:16. trial starts for the man accused of killing 12 people in the crowded colorado movie theater. do you remember this case? look at him now. twenty-seven year-old james holmes entered a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity. he is a accused of opening fire at a midnight showing of the movie dark knight rises almost three years ago. the jury was select from what may be the largest pool in history. 9,000 people, perspective jurors were interviewed among men and women deciding holmes fate a survivor of the columbine massacre in 1999 in colorado. the man who leads president obama's my brothers keeper task force will attend the the funeral for freddie gray in baltimore today. freddie gray died april the 19th from a spinal cord injury a week after being taken in police custody. you know this story by now. 259 year-old was in the secured in the seat belt in the back of the police van but
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just what happened to him is still unclear sparking protests looting, a arrests officials, in baltimore are pleading for calm. >> we cannot and will in the lit a my north of the individual exploit the honorable intention of those trying to exercise their rights. >> we commend and i know the mayor joins me in this to a new normal. a normal where people are arrested for just cause and follow, police follow the rules. >> well, last night some protesters set fire to cars and in some cases attacked police officers. dozens were arrested over the course of this weekend. 6:18. for the the first time we will see intense moments after milwaukee police officer shoots a 15 year-old boy. milwaukee police were responding to a report of shots fired on friday. authorities say it was when
6:19 am
officers stopped two teens that kevin coal was shot. they say coal was carrying a semiautomatic handgun. fifteen year-old is in police custody. cop involve has been placedded on administrative duty. debate over same sex marriage head back to the u.s. supreme court this week. tomorrow, justices will hear extended arguments on cases from kentucky, michigan, ohio, and tennessee where gay marriage bans have been upheld by appeals courts. the justices will also consider two related issues, first do states have a right to define marriage solely as a union of a man and a woman f so do those states have to recognize valid same sex marriages from other states. the decision is expected to be in june. well, white the house correspondents dinner was this past weekend. >> yep. >> all of the entertainers, and news journalist, sometimes called the the nerd prom and they are men for pushing the
6:20 am
bound drizzle. >> light hearted. is there always some, you know testy exchanges. saturday night live cast member cecily strong did not hold back. >> when the president walks in and saw those bell hops he thought finally, some decent security. >> it is okay, i'm's just kidding. the lets give it up for a secret service, yeah. i don't want to be too hard on those guys because they are the only law enforcement agency in the country that will get in trouble if a black man gets shot. >> she got some boos. >> yes. >> yeah. >> so, 99 percent of her act i thought was really funny. >> i remember my father was saying he started looking up some of the memorable quotes from it and he had to watch the the the whole thing especially president obama's speech was hilarious. >> his was good from
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beginning to end in doubt about it. bruce jenner add in myths what many suspect for a long time. he identifies more as a woman. he has felt like a woman his entire life. how kanye west his son in law, actually helped one member of the kardashian clan come to terms with bruce's decision. but first ryan howard's three run home run helped phillies clinch a win. we need to see highlights coming up in sports. >> that was in the first inning.
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good morning i'm howard eskin. phillies won series. phillies took two out of three from atlanta lets go to citizens bank park to take a look. first inning, ryan howard for second time in two days this one a home run. phillies ended up winning a game five-four over atlanta ryan howard maybe finding a hitting stroke but he was asked if he is seeing more fast balls. >> am i seeing more fast balls? man, you guys make a big deal out of everything. >> we have a lot of free time good that isn't the same
6:25 am
question. >> unbelievable. >> i mean, i don't know, i don't really think about that stuff. obviously you guys do. i don't think about that. right now for me it is just trying to go out there and same reply file everything. >> that is bologne by the way. phillies may get lucky finding a team to trade for cole hamels. st. louis lost adam waynewright for rest of the season. the that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. how about that ryan howard, three run home run in the first inning, that was great. anytime you can beat the braves is fine. >> anytime we can win. >> true. >> jonathan gave up a run as he was closing. never good. five-four victory. this is a picture from one of our viewers after howard's power play here. that is so cute. >> yes. >> my goodness, that is just a home run face. >> yeah good well, it is sarcastic too. >> like we have a home run.
6:26 am
>> yeah. >> yeah, second of the year. >> he has been struggling. let's hope he got his stroke back now. >> philadelphia eagles will announce this years cheerleaders today. this is a jam packed show. >> this is big ger than the nfl draft on thursday. >> yeah. >> hold final audition and new squad will be announced live on stage at the conclusion of the show. >> where is broad avenue in philadelphia or out in holy street. >> for the love of... >> fans can watch the additions on line at philadelphia in case you cannot find broad avenue watch on line. >> i have never been on broad avenue. >> it exist. >> it probably looks like broad street. they will stream it live, right. >> yes, they will. >> eagles. >> philadelphia eagles. >> what is it. >> philadelphia >> yes. >> philadelphia >> makes sense, that is the web site. >> that is my afternoon plan.
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how is this for punishment a mother is accused of locking their four children in the basement of their home, no food, bathroom breaks for 15 hours how they have managed to call for help. jenny? well, owners of the persian grill here in conshohocken has ties to nepal what they are doing to help people following saturday's earthquake and how you can help too, we will tell you coming up next.
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4,000 people dead following a massive earthquake in nepal. now people are stepping up trying to help survivors. how you can get involved. what type of person does this to their kid. that is not even a type of punishment that you do. >> locked in the basement of their home for hours. police say a local mom said they did to her four children. how they managed to call for help, after being stuck down there for 15 hours no bathroom no food. and a world record smoked by this kid in bucks county, when we will tell you how long this former record holder will do this, you will be impressed with this guys skill. you can read the time there too. we will talk more about it. rubix cube in five seconds. i could not do it in five days. >> i never could figure that out. >> you rip colors off and put
6:31 am
it back on. >> 6:31. a chill in the air stepping out of the front door but radar looking good. not a cloud in the sky as we begin our monday. right now 49 degrees. make sure kid have the light jacket on stepping out of the front door for the school bus. wind will play a factor in the next couple days. today we will get up to 62 degrees. we will have sunshine throughout the day but then cloud will roll in this afternoon with the possibility of the stray shower, and then as we go down on the overnight to 47 the wind will roll in and the wind will play a factor in our next couple of days. i'll give you more details next time in the seven day but good looking week ahead of them, in the so good looking right now on i-95, northbound jammo on i-95 heading in toward kerlin street an accident with only the the far right lane opened here, as you
6:32 am
head northbound up toward philly international. look at the backup already i-95 at high land. if you are getting ready to head north and you have a flight to catch out of philly international go for the the detour, 291 is the the way to go. an accident on the boulevard here has all northbound lanes closed, and this is a live will from the broad street camera so we are bumper to bumper from the schuylkill all the way up to broad street. again north bound deck of lanes are closed, southbound there is a gaper delay. we have a chopper on the way to this accident. we have a truck that is filled with printing ink and tanker that has sewage waste and a hazmat team on the way thinks all taking place in lower providence on park avenue just off of eagle view road. for folks leaving trooper watch for delays and closures egypt road is the way to go and as soon as chopper arrives we will take you their life. new jersey transit service delays this morning trains
6:33 am
running every 30 minutes as opposed to the normal schedule due to signal problems, mike and alex, back to you. more than 3600 people are dead in the aftermath of the massive earthquake in nepal. >> huge, 7.8 quake? >> search efforts continuing in the country this morning, of course many obstacles are complicating the rescue mission landslidees specially in the remote village making it very hard to get to survivors and after shocks, big after shocks, continue. >> hundreds of people crammed in the airport just trying to get out of the affected area. it has left many feeling december celebrate thousands lost their homes and hotel rooms are in shortfully. the conditions has forced many
6:34 am
to, set up conditions worldwide. the united states is sending a difficult aster response team to the country to help out. >> even locals are doing what they can to help. jenny has their story, jenny? >> reporter: mike and alex, clearly that relief is needed in nepal. restaurants here like the persian grill in lay fey yet hill are doing what they can to help. the owners here of family members in nepal and their relatives alive as their death toll continues to rise. they are very concern by not only their families after the quake but all people in nepal. they have set up a least leave jar inside, they are collecting donations and collecting a a donation of the portion of the restaurant's profits over the next month. they are raising a fun raising din are on thursday and remembrance walk to get resources to the people that need it right now. is there limited food and water. limited power supply. most people have not had a roof over their head since
6:35 am
saturday's earthquake. >> it the is raining outside. they don't have tenth and everything. >> they are living outside right. >> yes. >> they can't go inside because buildings are unsafe. >> yes. >> even the hospitals they don't have any more space. they are treating people out in the street. so for medication and all of those that need to be treated, water, they are running out of the drinking water. >> reporter: running out of drinking water as many homes and buildings in the area have collapsed. there is also people getting sick because of the dust in the air. the the family lives in the capitol city of katmandu where several monuments and temples are now flattened. persian grill doing what you can to help. if you want to assist go to the red cross web site. you can stop by here and drop a few bucks in the the relief jar. >> anything will help thanks, jenny. you can use your lunch or
6:36 am
dinner to day to do, some good. for those earthquake survivors. the nar ula restaurant group and tiffin group are donating their profits to relieve organizations to benefit the country of nepal. check for location as cross philadelphia montgomery county and delaware counties, and also, in jersey, especially south jersey you can find those location as the the my fox if you would like to help victims of the earthquake donate to the red cross. what they always like to have instead of perishables they want money. we have put a link up on our web site at my fox, look under seen on tv. we will hook you up with the red cross. philadelphia police need your help finding this boy cast seem wright is missing from his home on ashham road in the north east. his family says this isn't the the first time. whiteys known to frequent felt on will. if you see him call police. a philadelphia a mother is facing some serious charges
6:37 am
after police say she lock her children, four of them, in the basement of her kensington home. >> lets get to steve keeley because they were lock up for 14 hours this weekend before they were rescued steve are the. >> reporter: we are often here reporting on bad kid doing really bad things. the the criticism often aim at parents because they are not knowing what the kids were up to or where their kid were and in the disciplining their kids enough here beforehand. this case may be other extreme. credit cyst many and crime is taking discipline way too far. angry over one of her daughters taking some money from somebody the the single mom, according to detectives investigated now for punishing all four kid, nine to 13, by locking them all together boys and girls down in the basement on saturday into sunday and firemen had to climb through a window on the second floor to let them all out after the oldest boy 13, wisely used a cell phone without service but still can call 911 as we often point out. after he was left with his
6:38 am
sisters and no bathroom no food, no water and a place one first responders described as not exactly a nice finished basement but dark, dirty damp one with no rent slayings and zero comfort of home that they have upstairs. >> honestly it doesn't seem like something she would do. >> i didn't know she was that type of person that would do that to her kids. like i started crying. like i was like what type of person does this to their kids. that is not even a a type of punishment that you do. >> it is just a sad situation. it really is sad. the is there kid involved. >> the kid they were good. they didn't tell me anything that happened with their mom or anything like that but i told them if they needed to talk to me, it is okay. >> reporter: police haven't said where they eventually did find the mom yesterday before bringing them here. not to reunite face-to-face with her kids who were also brought here but likely to face four charges of
6:39 am
endangering instead taking tough punishment and parenting way too far no charges yet that will come today once the district attorney consults with the detectives here. >> yeah, all right. 6:39. philadelphia city leaders will launch a new web site supposed to make it the better to access social services available to them. it will include you 22 categories and agencies providing services. leaders will talk more about the launch at city had hall this morning. >> lets hope that things improve. largest catholic gathering is looking for participants when it stops in philadelphia this september. we are talking about the world meeting of families. they will launch volunteer registration web site. i get people tweeting look at what i volunteer. variety of different job opportunities will be listed on line week lock event will include a rare u.s. visit and address from the holy father and pope francis. >> there will be a mass on the ben franklin parkway looking so forward to this.
6:40 am
i bet they might give you vest with the same color, don't you think. >> purple i bet. >> they had a yellow hat yes. >> back in 79. >> yes. >> i was one of the volunteers. >> we will update you on the launch, of the web site to log on and register as a volunteer from pope frances to bruce jenner bruce jenner comes clean for all a intents and purposes he says i am a woman. whom he says has been most supportive through this entire thing. not surprising. the the here's bob. good morning everybody. 6:40. we have been telling but this accident in lower providence. this is a live look, from sky fox, and a accident, vehicle will fire, and this is all taking place a along south park avenue, between egypt what we are looking at here is a a crash between a truck that was carrying printing ink and a tractor trailer that was
6:41 am
carrying sewage waste. >> what? >> not quite sure what those boxes are all over the roadway. >> could be the ink. >> that is printer ink and there is a hazmat team there you can see that white foam, fire fighters spraying foam on the fire, this is a very well populated area in lower providence park avenue, between egypt and main street. >> it looks like an on ramp. >> it is not an on ramp, it is a main drag there. i'm not sure if somebody ran the intersection or the not or not but here's is what left of the tractor trailer there so we will get more details and stay over their life, stay with us we will be right back.
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we're looking live, over the scene of this nasty accident, that is taking place in lower providence township right now. trooper to be exact. what we're looking at is an entire mess along park avenue that involved an accident, which had a box truck, carrying, printing supplies along with a tractor trailer tanker style that was carrying sewage waste. what we're looking at right here is there is the tanker make out the tanker and tractor trailer. it looks like they have kind of collided right at the intersection. i'm looking a at the map. it is park avenue between
6:45 am
egypt and ridge. we're not talking about a main highway here but a residential, two-way street. you can see yellow line here. it is one way in each direction this is also part of a detour, that is in play. >> yeah. >> you can see construction sign construction detour that is in play as part of the 422 construction. fire fighters are here. they have sprayed the white foam and you have that smoke that is billowing in the air. the this is a residential area gang. this isn't like 422 or schuylkill expressway. as we pull out you can get a better idea. look the the at homes right there. >> yeah. >> thinks south park avenue between ridge and egypt. we don't have any reports of injuries at this point in time but obviously with a hazmat situation. we have ink that is flammable sewage waste there. >> it looked like it is head on you know, on the curve if we can zoom in here for a
6:46 am
second, guys are probably listening to us up there there is your tractor trailer. that would be your cab. here's your oil tanker. i wonder if one was actually going in opposite direction here. >> yeah good that looks like the back of the tanker. >> yes. >> it is probably head on right at the curve there. is there the the cab of the tractor trailer. thanks di looking at the big screen. we are looking at this for the first time as well. sky fox doing a great job getting there fast. but obviously a clean up underway here. i'm not quite hure if they've vac waited homes in the a area. this is lower providence just off of between ridge and along south park avenue. this is all part of the 422 reconstruction where they are pushing folks throughout the neighborhood and this obviously happened about a half an hour ago right around sunrise time.
6:47 am
we could have had the darkness that played a factor in the crash here and maybe even speed but you still have that, smoke, over here. that is what concerned me here because, you know, it looks like fire fighters put the foam on whatever flames that popped up here. we will keep an eye on this and stay over it for the rest of the morning and see how this develops. lets go to the maps. because, the the detour right now if we can take my traffic maps i will show you exactly where it is taking place. right here in trooper, it is south park avenue between egypt and ridge. that is a long stretch. use either egypt road or sunny size to get your self to 422. this will be with us for most of the morning rush hour. i'm in the quite sure whether the wind will play a factor in that clean up there but right now as we check weather at 6:47 39 degrees in, mount pocono so certainly a chilly start, make sure you have jacket this morning.
6:48 am
make sure the kids have that light jacket. they don't need parkas or hats but certainly colder this morning then it was yesterday morning. 44 degrees down in dover. watching us down the the shore, 41 down there in atlantic city. wind will play a factor as we role through today maybe next 24 hours. the right now they are out of the northwest at 9 miles an hour out of mount pocono. philadelphia same deal 9 miles an hour. even down the shore we have got that bay grease coming in at 6 miles an hour. take a look at the the temperature ride that we are or roller coaster ride we have been on with the temperatures. seventy-six do you remember last monday? gorgeous out. took a dip. seventy-three on wednesday. the then we have gone downhill since then. even though we had sunshine on the baseball and soccer fields over the weekend we only hit a high of 64 and those wind played a factor. the here's your seven take forecast. we will get up to 62. unshine. cloud roll in as we roll home for dinner. sunshine tomorrow. winds will pick up. we are looking at 69, and then
6:49 am
on sunday the nicest day of the week, sunshine and nice all the way up to 74. we will give that one a ten. then we will go downhill with rain but we will worry about that when thursday rolls around a, mike anal a ex-back to you. >> did you watch friday or over the weekend. maybe on key manned what bruce jenner said. he really most of his life felt like he was a woman. listen. >> why not 65. >> why now. i just can't pull the the curtain any longer, okay. >> yeah. >> he doesn't want to hide anymore. >> the first minutes of his interview bruce jenner announced he is a woman. he feels like he is a soul of the woman. he struggled since he was a kid. the the father of eight says his stepdaughter kim kardashian has been most supportive by far. >> she goes, you know what really turn me around on thinking about this, and i said what. she goes can yah.
6:50 am
i said oh, okay. they were talking about. he said to kim, look at it, i can be married to the most beautiful woman in the world, and i am. i can have the most beautiful little daughter in the world. i have that. but i'm nothing if i can't be me. if i cannot be true to my self. they don't mean anything. >> from kanye. >> from kanye yeah. >> since then kimberly has been by far the most accepting and the the easiest to talk to about it. >> well, that is great. way to step up kim. >> it was a beautiful quote from kanye. >> first person he told was his first wife christie back in the 70's but when paparazzi caught him on his way to a doctor's appointment that he knew he a had to address
6:51 am
rumors. >> that is why he shaved down his adams apple they caught him coming out of that. >> we will play more clips from that. about nine minutes before 7:00 o'clock. >> lets get an update on the accident in lower providence bob. >> we are looking live at this nasty crash here that has hazmat team on the scene. it is park avenue in lower providence an accident that involved a tractor trailer carrying printing ink and a tractor tanker style truck that was carrying sewage waste. >> grass fire too um. >> and this is a residential area i'm not sure if there is any evacuations underway but this will cause havoc for morning rush hour through lower providence this morning. we will have the rest of the tea tails detour and your seven day forecast when we come right back.
6:52 am
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this is in park avenue between egypt and ridge is what left of two trucks that collided here on a residential neighborhood. just outside of trooper. the barrels, they came out of that tractor trailer. we're told tractor trailer carrying printing ink and supplies and that tanker truck was carrying sewage waste. if you look down below you can see fire fighters still
6:55 am
pouring foam on is what left of the accident. we have seen the fire. we saw good flames in there. we are trying to get the more information on if anybody is injured but there is definitely a major clean up and major detour through lower providence. we will have more information when i come back in a couple minutes. >> hey bob, i have a question. >> um-hmm. >> where is the cab of the tractor trailer. >> that is what we are trying to look at here this happened on a curve. you can see the tractor trailer, ripped apart on the front. >> where did it go. >> we can see one of the cabs of the tractor trailer. >> sit shoved back in the trailer is that the exhaust pipe of the cab. >> that is one of the cabs there in the grass. >> yes it. >> it is tough. >> that concerns me that is tarp never good when we have a tarp over something like this on a accident scene. so police are being very tight-lipped right now. we are trying to get some information but until then
6:56 am
what we're looking at right now is park avenue between ridge and main street where we have seen detours and fire fighters continuing to spray fem on these hot spots there. you can see the guys with the foam. it is happening he will deep almost there. >> yeah. >> we have printing ink and sewage waste on the roadway there this morning. >> maybe the tarp is covering the cab of the tractor trailer. >> we will come up with an update at the top of the hour. >> what a mess. >> all right, thanks bob. 6:56. is there a new world record hold inner our area and he is only in high school. >> and what a record he broke. solving a rubix cube faster than anyone else, ever watch the clock. >> i say, what?
6:57 am
rubix cube are a big deal with young people. >> they have always been a big deal. >> they are making a big come back. >> 5.25 seconds is all of the time it took 15 year-old colin burns to solve the rubix cube. he lives up in doylestown i believe. he is a freshman at sent is rally with bucks west high school. he competed at world cuba so competition in doylestown over the weekend. colin was crown u.s. national champion last summer and first american to hold world record since 2006. wow. a amazing. you know what the old record was 10.4. >> wow. >> he cut it in half. >> my goodness good we have to have him in here. >> if you necessity colin please have him come to fourth and market right now. >> it might take him on. >> we would be here all week. >> really, mike. three minutes before
6:58 am
7:00 o'clock. man, thinks just horrible, death toll continues to grow in nepal. >> many people are having a hard time getting in touch with family and friend there how facebook and google are helping connect families overseas. >> 7.8 magnitude quake. >> nearly 4,000 people dead. >> ahh.
6:59 am
flo: hey, big guy. i heard you lost a close one today. look, jamie, maybe we weren't the lowest rate this time. but when you show people their progressive direct rate and our competitors' rates you can't win them all. the important part is, you helped them save. thanks, flo. okay, let's go get you an ice cream cone, champ. with sprinkles? sprinkles are for winners. i understand.
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