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tv   FOX 29 News at 5PM  FOX  April 10, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> i'm jeff cole in tonight for chris o'connell. fox 29's weekend anchor bill anderson joins us on this one. bill that assignment didn't set well with some parent. >> with parents with the community, obviously with the police. and whether it was an innocent action of a young third grade teacher or political statement using eight-year-olds new jersey jersey's marlon, is in the middle of a national controversy. get well letters written to mumia abu jamal caused an uproar and people are demanding she lose her job. >> i think it's both alarming and outrageous that any teacher would use a group of innocent seven-year-olds to promote a twisted agenda glorifying murder murder glorifying hatred and glorifying violence. >> reporter: backlash continues to grow in the case involving a third grade teacher who had her students write get well letters to mumia abu jamal the man convicted of killing police officer faulkner over 30 years ago. we received a statement from the
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orange new jersey school superintendent that explained that the school's principal and district administrators vehemently deny any knowledge of the assignment and preliminary inquiries find that no approval was ever sought nor were parents notified about this unauthorized activity. the teacher has been suspended with pay and that further investigation will continue after the district returns from spring break. parents in the community may not have been aware of the plans to write the letters to abu jamal but they had plenty of responses to them. >> kids should be writing to role model not to prisoners. i mean they're third graders. what can a prisoner tell a third grader? >> my kid is in the sixth grade. of course he's not there but if that was him i would have a heart attack. social media played a huge part in this controversy as the letters were disclosed on social media by professor joanna fernandez who delivered them to abu jamal. heat discussion continues on social media. although feedback has been mostly angry both union reps and attorneys have told me that
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legally the teacher is entitled to a process and demanding that she be fired is probably premature. literally thousands of comments show how passionate and divided people remain over mumia abu jamal over 30 years after his conviction and jeff and dawn for couldn't tech that's actually before the teacher involved in this case was even born. so we of course want to hear from all of you. you can tweet us at fox 29 philly or leave your comments on our fox 29 facebook page. dawn? >> all right, thank you bill. devastation in the midwest after tornadoes tear through the region. this is storm chaser video out of the illinois giving a terrifying up close view of tornadoes that moved through early yesterday. some buildings are destroyed. video showing a tractor trailer being completely blown over. a fire company official and fair dale illinois says every single building in town is damaged. it's so bad that rescue crews are having a difficult time getting to the hardest hit areas those rescue crews are searching for people still missing in
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chicago far northwest suburbs. tornado killing at least two people and injuring many others. as fox news mike tobin tells us rescue crews are doing all they can to try to reach everyone. >> reporter: from eau missouri to michigan people across the midwest are dealing with aftermath of major storm is this system. flooding power outages downed trees in many areas as the storm continues to move east but the damage was greatest in chicago's far northwest suburbs. where it appears at least two tornadoes hit overnight. devastating two small towns and causing widespread damage in others. >> all i hear is rumbling and i didn't know what to think. final whole it was over, the house was gone. >> reporter: in rochelle illinois at least 30 homes damaged most beyond repair. the storm targeting both officials and civilians as it rolled through the center of town. >> we went to work and helped the other people that need the help and i got there this morning 5:00 o'clock to see that my house was gone. >> reporter: and here in fair dale the town virtually wiped off the map where the twister
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hit just about every building sustaining major damage. >> we went down the basement. 12 of us in the basement until finally got us opened up to come out. >> reporter: as the search and rescue mission continues the community is coming together helping with food and shelter. local officials warning it could take a long time before the town is back on its feet. >> it's a devastating incident. the hardest part is just things don't get done quick enough. >> reporter: air travel is back to normal after more than 800 flights were cancel at chicago airports due to the bad weather. in fairdale illinois, mike tobin fox news. >> more severe storms in kentucky much this video shot yesterday by a man moments after his church van was struck by a tree. you can see the tree right outside the windows of that van. luckily the manana roll escaped injury. the storms in that area brought quarter sized hail and extremely high winds. your fox 29 weather
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authority now. another chilly dreary day here in our area. fox 29's chief meteorologist scott williams is live in reading for fox 29's spring fling. but scott it's not really feeling a whole lot like spring out there. although i know you guys are having fun. yeah we're having fun. but look who is joining me this evening. >> hi. >> we have sue serio in reading pennsylvania. hey, sue. >> i have apologize for that 70 degrees i predicted during "good day philadelphia" this morning. it never happened. >> we had the low clouds. we had the fog. drizzle but warmer air is moving in. i mean it's 66 degrees right now believe it or not in atlantic city. so we're getting there. 70s in sussex county, delaware. >> somebody got 70 any way. but we're happy the rain stopped. we are here at the home of the fightin' phils in reading pennsylvania. and you know what, mascot is here too. screw ball is here. in the house. >> welcome to reading. how is it going. >> all right. >> it's cold out here.
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i need a hug. >> oh, thank you. >> we'll have a lot about the weather -- >> forecast for a great weekend. >> we'll much more about that weather coming up. hash tag fox 29 spring fling. temperatures will be in the 50s in reading pennsylvania are for the remainder of the evening. we'll have much more on that forecast coming up. but, of course, you know, the weekend is going to be looking up. we'll talk about those temperatures changes and what to expect plus a whole lot of sights and sounds out here at first energy stadium. >> that's right. >> one of america's best minor league baseball stadiums. >> opening day for the fightings fightings. >> one week from today. >> all right. >> back to you. >> we'll check back with in you a little bit. you can track the temperatures and find out when the sun will shine using the fox 29 weather app just go to to find the app. another in other news happening now a show of unity in cumberland county. religious leaders of different faith coming together today honoring the memory of philip white and supporting local police officers in the community
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community. white died last week in police cut deem the investigation into what happened continues this evening. fox 29's brad sattin is live in vineland tonight. brad a lot of folks still have questions about what happened in this case. >> reporter: jeff, you're absolutely right. of course, any time video like this surfaces, video of a struggle with police it can be interpreted a thousand different ways which certainly the case here stemming from this incident that at this point mapped 10 days ago but today's vigil was not focused on that. it was focused on supporting all sides of this community and also accepting the judicial process. >> we stand together today because there's a need in our city. >> reporter: 26 pastors of all denominations came together asking for calm. >> we're not here to protest. we're not here to pass judgment. and we're not here to point fingers. we're here to pray. >> reporter: and pray they did in support of both philip white's family and the vineland police officers involved in white's death 10 days ago. video surfaceing quickly enflamed some in the community who concluded police went too far but these pastors aren't ready
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to take that leap. >> there's two sides to every story and we can draw -- come to any conclusion until we get all the facts. right now we don't have access to that. >> reporter: the officer's attorney says they responded appropriately against a man who grew increasingly violent and tried reaching for one of their guns. some say white was beaten and bitten by the police k9 even after the threat was gone. vineland' police chief attend the prayer gathering but wouldn't talk about the case. >> it was a message of peace. it was a message of purpose and meaning for the community and you know, something i strongly believe in. >> reporter: as for that online hacker group that posted threats if police didn't release the names of the officers and begin the firings -- >> this was a tragedy. this was a sad event that happened to this young man and those who will promote that kind of discord don't have a place here. >> reporter: and so the
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investigation continues both by the cumberland county prosecutor's office as well as the fbi. one of the big things, of course what did the autopsy and toxicology results find? they are not in yet so for now the speculation continues. of course, until we have more answers. dawn? >> all right. thank you brad. recognize this guy. police are looking for this man. he's believed to be the gunman in a shooting near martha street wednesday morning in the port richmond section of the philadelphia. this was one of two men talking in the middle of the street after honking his horn and exchanging words the driver says he continued driving east towards cambria street. that's when he says one of the two men fired several shots at his car. no one was hurt but police are looking for the shooter. three people mr. charged in connection with a shooting that critically injured a nine year old little boy. this happening last weekend at a lancaster pennsylvania home during a family gathering. police say the boy's father, sister and brother-in-law were test firing a gun in the home's basement on sunday.
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the bullet went through a door and hit the boy in the back as he was playing in the front yard yard. elaine key and her father are charged with aggravated assault her hub is charged with tampering with evidence. investigators say he tried to hide the gun from police by placing it on the roof of the home. the fire marshal in newark, delaware working to find a cause of a deadly afternoon fire in that community. officials say one person is dead after fire ripped through the possum park apartments. the call came in around noon and quickquickly went to two alarms. two others were injured in the fire. one of them was a woman who jump out of a window. they remember taken to christiana hospital. no word on their conditions tonight. city police are hoping you can help locate a missing woman from south philly. marsha fowler was last seen back in january in the 5200 block of webster street. police say she suffers from schizophrenia and she needs medication. she was also -- she was last seen wearing blue jeans black coat and head scarf. if you have any information please call city police. still ahead on fox 29
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tonight, remember mostly cloudy's longest serving firefighter. >> the bucks county man serving a local fire company forget this 82 years. >> wow. >> today he's laid to rest. we'll have more on the emotional goodbye next. plus a a philly neighborhood is used to people dumping piles of crash on their street. but they've never seen anything like this. why police are taking a close look at this surveillance video and it's coming up. >> and fox 29's spring fling. we're taking over reading. live coverage from the home of the reading fightin' phils next. ♪
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>> purple heart for victims of the forward hood shoots in 2009. 13 people were killed when an army psychiatrist opened fire on unarmed troops there. military officials denied purple hearts to victims because the attack was classified as workplace violence and not an act of terrorism. the pentagon later changed the criteria for those award. >> you are not a victim. you are a victor. you have a history of victory for the recipients of today's awards both living and deceased today is about victory. today is about fully documenting and acknowledgeing your sacrifice for this great nation. >> the fort hood killer nadal hassan is now on death row many of the purple heart recipients have sued the federal government over the attack and are seeking damages. you decide 2015. guessing game over when it comes
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to hillary clinton. the former secretary of state will reportedly announce her run for president by posting a video on social media on sunday. clinton will make stops in key early voting states including iowa, new hampshire. she's expected to meet with voters at small events. this is her second presidential bid. clinton's campaign fund raiding staff working out of her brooklyn office. philadelphia mayoral candidates taking questions today in center city. the primary just over a month away. candidates participating in forum hosted by the philadelphia parent support groups. questions from the audience focusing on how candidates would help those with intellectual dissable. philadelphia's primary election is set for may 19th. fox 29 will be hosting the next philadelphia mayoral debate right here on i was 23rd at 6:00 p.m. you can also watch it streaming at and follow all the debate news using the hash tag fox29demsdebate. iain page will be the host with
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lucy noland acting as your moderator. well emotional loss for firefighter in bucks county officials today sadly announcing the death of john this week. the 96-year-old member of the egley fire company in levittown was also america's longest serving firefighter. >> remarkable. fox 29 weekend anchor karen hepp looks back on his incredible service and how local officers are honoring him this day. ♪ >> reporter: flag draped casket a remarkable man. john served 82 of his 95 years as a firefighter with one department when they radioed his final call of duty grown men and women buried their faces in their hands and struggled to wipe away tears. john served his country as a young man and his community all of his adult life. buildings training and serving the men and women of egley fire company shaping generations. today they came from all over.
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>> i'm the chief of midway fire company in lahaska. first vice-president of bucks county fire chiefs and firefighters association. i've been a firefighter for 51 years and john doster was my first instructor. meant a lot to his community. to the whole county to the whole state. he's an inspiration. he'll be missed. >> reporter: draped in bunting the house was packed today. john received citations from presidents and leaders. it's the people who are a testament to great one noble person can be. >> dedication more than anything. a legacy to will live on. john was somebody who dedicated his entire life to the community, to his country. ♪ >> great story. on to our fox 29 spring fling. we're taking over reading pennsylvania dawn. >> we are. spring means baseball, and of
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course reading is home of the those fightin' phils. >> the team may be out of town for road game tonight but there's still plenty of partying going on out there by the ballpark. fox 29 weather authority near all the action. first energy stadium scott and sue. what a day for you. both you guys have been there all day right? yeah, that's right. good evening dawn and jeff. we've been all over berks county reading pennsylvania, and right now we are at the home of the fightin' phils. just a beautiful ballpark here. and sue serio is here as well. >> i know. i'm telling you there's not a bad seat in this house and this ballpark has been here a long time. >> yeah. that's right. we have general manager here scott hun sinkier. thanks for joining us. >> nice to be here. >> tell us about the history of this park. >> welcome to baseball town what we call reading baseball town. stadium was built in 1950 we celebrate our 65th year this year. this is the ballpark mike schmidt made his first game in and jimmy rollins, cole hamels
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marlon bare, bat burrell ryan howard played here on their way up. this year with losing jimmy rollins we lost member of our family. but the two guys we got for him zach evelyn and tom are pitching for us now. we tradeed monthly ron bird but ben life system pitching for us now plus number one pick and jesse biddle. we have five starting pitcher. >> a lot of prospects coming out of here. >> absolute much these are the names we need to remember for the future phillies. >> yeah -- >> celebrate the history but the future phillies are playing here here. >> this park won lot of award. tell me about this pool over here. this is a pool inside of the ballpark. i mean, how great is that? >> we got a swimming pool out in right field it's got a cascading waterfall. 310 person pick nim area. 87-degree temperature water at all times. so cold april night it's still warm. >> speaking of temperatures we promise you better weather for the home opener next friday. we're looking at the radar. not a whole lot showing up. the temperatures have been kept
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at bay because of the cloud cover but that warm front it's trying to advance overhead to the south of philadelphia right now. where much of the milder air continues to move up from our area but, of course, we'll be watching for some of the storms to develop mainly to the south of us. that's because that's where most of the milder air has been today. but temperatures are going to be increasing over the next couple of days. and we are going to find some better weather with that seven day forecast for the weekend sue. temperatures will be in the 60s both saturday and sunday. so much improved from today. >> too bad i didn't bring my suit. pysched gone swimming right now. (laughter). >> back to you. >> all right. >> with any luck scott goes swimming. >> there's still time, sue. there's still time. >> very g still ahead on fox 29 news at 5:00 a homeowner who taken a lot of hits says he's never seen anything like this. >> an suv crashes right into his kitchen. he describes the scary scene that played out right in front of him.
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plus this billboard is advertising an app for gay casual dating. what many say are nothing more than hook ups. why members of the gay community want this billboard taken down and right now. >> plus, up or down? why this cat's simple steps are taking the internet by storm. ♪
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>> we have some major traffic delays for commuters heading into the city of philadelphia this morning actually. a tractor trailer overturned on the ben franklin bridge around 6:00. it blocked two lanes coming into the city for more than three hours. right during the morning commute. commuters were advised to take the betsy ross or walt whitman instead. all lanes are open tonight and traffic thankfully is moving along once again. some scary moments after a teen slams an suv into a home in south in order. this happened yesterday in the town of sunrise. police say two teens somehow lost control and slammed right into a house. the homeowner was standing just on the other side of the wall in his kitchen. he's okay but he's wondering how this whole thing even happened. >> they apologized maybe a thousand times but, you know i don't know how many times you
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can apologize for running into somebodi' house. >> the accident is still under investigation. building inspectors say the home is not safe to live in until that wall is fixed. the driver was issued two citations. we're learning more about the man involved in a deadly crime spree near the census bureau in washington. 48-year-old ronald anderson is accused of of kidnapping a woman, fatally shooting a census bureau guard and getting into a car chase and a gun battle with police. anderson arrested yesterday only after an exchange of gunfire left him and another officer wounded. the kidnapped woman was found safe. the census bureau guard dying at the hospital. court records detailing anderson's criminal history. most notably his guilty plea to a manslaughter charge in 19 up in. emotional goodbye for a girl who reached for her dreams despite a brain tumor. lauren hill passed away this morning. she was a member of the basketball team at mount st. joseph university in ohio.
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she fought back an inoperable brain tumor. those who knew hill best say she spent her final year doing what she loved and what inspired others to keep hope alive. her non-profit foundation has raised more than $1.5 million for cancer research. >> good for her. >> inspiring. >> yeah. still ahead on fox 29 news at 5:00 a local neighborhood is used to getting dumped on. >> but they say they've never seen anything like this. why police are now taking a real close look at video that captured a really dirty horrible scene. let's get back out to scott. hi there jeff. we're live here in reading pennsylvania at a america's classic ballpark with screw ball here. home of the fightin' phils. we'll have much more in a live report. sue serio is here, too.
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♪ residents in kensington fed up. they say someone is illegally dumping medical supplies right on their street. some even approach the man responsible, but he took off. now they're looking for help finding the guys leaving their neighborhood. they approached the men doing it it. leaving the neighborhood a mess. fox 29' bruce gordon is live in kensington. bruce, this practice is called short dumping. what exactly actually are they putting on the streets there? >> reporter: well, under normal circumstances, you name it jeff. old tires construction debris but in the predawn hours of this day, well, let's call it illegal dumping with a crooked twist.
5:30 pm
you're watching the illegal dumping of stolen goods. surveillance video object taped exclusively by fox 29 shows a team of thieves unloading unwant unwanted medical equipment and supplies into an alleyway at lettuce street and coral a spot notorious for all kinds of advices. >> there's lot of prostitution that comes on if you can see there's condom. >> virginia shuttle lived around here for decade. >> it's a major, you know, ghetto. it's a ghetto. it shouldn't be like this at all all. >> reporter: police say thieves engineered a predawn break in at the nearby miller medical and respiratory supply company on east hunting park. stole a thousand dollars in cash from the office and took two vans loaded with medical gear. the crooks new just where to go. neighbors say this stretch tuck a block off busy frankford avenue attracts all kinds of trouble. >> there's people that park their car and i guess prostitute. i really don't know, but you see all kinds of things on the ground. drugs condoms.
5:31 pm
you name it. >> reporter: ultimately a man arriving for work down the block scared off the thieves. who a band one of the vans and drove off in the other the. miller employees arrived at the scene to recover as much of the medical gear as they can while police searched for clues into the thefts. folks like virginia schultz vented their frustration. >> it's just disturbing nobody does anything. the city doesn't do nothing. >> reporter: schultz says her once nice neighborhood turned into -- >> hell. hell. >> reporter: now if either of the men they saw in the inside video that surveillance footage shot inside the medical supply company look familiar to you please by all means call philadelphia police. by the way this eye sore sits just a few yards away from railroad tracks used on a regular basis by amtrak. which means that this is the view that greets visitors to our city. dawn? >> all right not good at all. thank you bruce. well, book your fox 29 weather authority. a rather dreary friday. >> yeah but look who is on the field there.
5:32 pm
fox 29's chief meteorologist scott williams scott williams and wonderful sue serio are live in read wrack fox 29 spring fling is in full swing. scotty, when is it going to actually fee like spring, man? >> well, jeff, the clouds, the fog kind of hindered our temperatures today but that warm front is just to the south of philadelphia. it is going to improve by the weekend but look whose joining us in reading. we have our very own sue serio. >> i'm so excited because even though it's chilly out baseball time means springtime. eventually summer, of course. but so many of our phillies legend started here in reading. >> it is incredible. >> and take look here. >> mike schmidt. >> hall of fame. rob be bin roberts jim bunting mike schmidt numbers they played under here at this ballpark retired and here's our manager ryne sandberg right here. jackie robinson of course retired his number is retired everywhere. so it's like you feel a sense of history here. >> we have the pep rally today. then tomorrow --
5:33 pm
>> 10 to seven right here at the ballpark see all these motorcycles. all the fun with that stuff. >> look at screw ball here. screw ball pitching to win. pitch to win. let's do it, screw ball. right in there. >> there you go. so close. >> high and outside. >> take a look at these harleys they have outside. sue, incredible. york pennsylvania famous for that as well. >> there he goes. >> the fans are out here all right. the weather is actually not that bad. it's improving. >> yes. >> i think we'll have milder temperatures by next week because that's opening day for the fightings but tomorrow it will be beautiful. all that sunshine and it's a pep recall toll everybody fired up about the new season here out in reading. >> the weather will be great. in fact let's talk a little bit about what's happening right now or not happening as we look at ultimate doppler there have been a few pockets of some showers but because of the fog the low clouds this morning that has really limit limited our potential for severe weather late on this
5:34 pm
evening. we still have a slight chance especially far south mainly in virginia we've been watching a few storms try to get their act together and potentially turn severe but once again the main threat is going to be to the south of our area for any type of severe weather due to the cooler conditions today. temperatures have been only in the 50s across our area but they're starting to warm up area wide especially in parts of south jersey, central southern sections of delaware. finding a few mid 60s even 70s showing up especially in sussex county down in delaware. those winds, that is important out of the southwest anywhere from about 10 to 15 miles per hour. that's going to help warm us up. the surface feature map shows the cold front off to the west but that warm front, that is the key. that will continue to lift north overnight tonight and that will set us up for nice weekend as we move ahead with the showers the clouds all moving out. but tonight it's going to be kind of cloudy chilly but the cloud cover will be out of here.
5:35 pm
sunshine returns as we move ahead to your saturday. temperatures will be in the low 60s. and that weather authority seven day forecast is going to show much improved weather bite upcoming weekend. temperatures will be in the 60s. 70 by monday. then maybe another shower chance as we move toward two tuesday of next week. but once again we're live here in reading pennsylvania. home of the fightin' phils. first energy stadium a pep rally out here and look at all of these harleys. we'll try and get some on some coming up there's a monster truck here. we'll have to check that out. >> all right. i want a ride. >> all right. >> back to you guys. >> you guys are having too much fun to call it work. >> a party in reading tonight. >> it is. i want to see scott on... >> on the harley. >> monster truck or harley. sue razuressing down the street. still ahead on fox 29 news at 5:00 apple watch could be on your wrist. when to pre order and how much.
5:36 pm
how much it will cost you. that's next. >> that's the question, right. plus the big city or a quiet pasture. what scientists sashes these horses actually prefer and it might just surprise you. >> new at 6:00 vietnam war vet is final laid to rest. how his family is finding closure in all of this. 45 years 45 after this brave soldier was killed in battle.1 underline evertz test text1
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♪ here's something a new study out showing carriage horses are less stressed in new york city compared to being out in the pasture. >> interesting. >> way. >> fox' sharon crowley tells us this conflicts with the mayor's push to end those carriage rides in new york city. >> reporter: it turns out tyson like the other horses in this business are perfectly happy and content and they do not have any kind of elevateed cortisol levels indicative of any long-term stress. >> tyson is one of 13 central park horses to take part in a study that's find these horses are not u any undue stress. researchers tested cortisol
5:40 pm
levels hormone producing during stress in animals and humans. the horses got tested on the job in central park. at rest in the 59th street stables on vacation on farm in pennsylvania. the study which was funded by the horse and carriage industry found the horses were relaxed. in fact the horses actually seemed more stressed while on vacation. >> the vets say this could be because horses are most comfortable in a routine and going to the country is not part of the daily regimen for the central park horses. >> this is what we've been telling people for years and years and years based on what the horses do, how they act everything about their health the way they behave. but it was really nice to have this you know, basically a scientific proof that what we've been saying about our horses being relaxed and happy is actually true. >> reporter: this tourist attraction attracted quiet of bit of controversy in the past year ever since the mayor announced his support for banning the carriages in central park. in a statement released from his
5:41 pm
office today a spokeswoman said "we believe the legislation represents a humane and equitable solution that moves the horses off our streets safeguards the animals and protects the livelihoods of the men and women who provide carriage rides". >> that was former employee here fox 29's sharon crowley. she's now up in new york reporting. she also tells us that some veterinarians do not like that study and they are certainly challenging the methods used in it. still ahead on fox 29 news at 5:00, howard is head with potholes his message to the city about his rough ride. >> plus a a billboard advertising a gay casual dating app is sterling up a lot of controversy. why members of the gay community are angry about the message it's sending. our fox 29 spring fling continues. we're in reading. coming up alex holly and karen hepp join us from the peanut bar bar. >> the phillies lose their first series to the red sox. no surprise, right? not
5:42 pm
nationals are coming to town so it doesn't look like it's getting any better. manager ryne sandberg talks about bouncing back later in sports. ♪ there is no royal blood in this country. nothing is reserved for anyone. it's all just out there waiting for someone to reach out and take it. ♪ and the ones who do. these are the kings and queens of america. ♪
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>> frightening front row seat to devastating storms in tornadoes in the northwest suburb of the city of chicago. professional storm chasers and residents could absolutely do nothing but watch. they caught amazing video of that severe weather. fox 29's meteorologist caitlin roth is here now with a look at some of the um amateur video shot at the heist storms. caitlin. >> thank you jeff. amateur video and also professional video of what is
5:46 pm
now the largest tornado to date for this year. it has received a rating ef4. it touched down on thursday in the rochelle fair dale neighbors of north illinois and here's some video of the -- clear rotation of that storm. now, some of this was on the highway. some storm chasers driving this looks like professional video of the tornado as it formed in northern illinois. and we have other video that shows magnitude of called a wedge tornado. now, a wedge tornado is a more informal maybe a slang version of what you would hear from a storm chaser that's become popular because it makes sense it's a tornado that looks like a wedge it looks wider than it is taller from the base of the clouds to the ground. here's obviously some storm chaser video you can hear them in the background which we hope of course was just professionals they're being safe while they see such a powerful tornado. we have of course don't encourage anyone to do that here in our area. in any severe weather area. but as i mentioned this tornado
5:47 pm
has received a preliminary rating ef4 with winds up to 200 miles an hour. that's right on the border of ef4 and ef5 winds over 200 miles an hour considered an ef5. more imagery actually from someone's house. probably gives you the clearest depictions of this violent tornado you can see the cloud base. you can see the actual wedge of the funnel touching the ground and even slightly you can see it spinning up debris luckily this was right over some fields open space, open land, it wasn't causing any damage here. but as it went through those neighborhoods of rochelle and fairdale it did cause plenty of damage. we've talked about that earlier on in our newscast. both those towns sustaining the heavy damage. we'll of course keep you updated as we hear more through the rest of the weekend. >> dawn and jeff. >> amazing pictures. thank you caitlin thousands of penal descending upon southern california for one of the biggest festivals of the year. it's the first weekend of company cello festival 2015 it's one of the america's most popular events.
5:48 pm
579,000 people attended last year over sick days that event pulled in more than $78 million. it's one of the reasons why local business owners are making sure visitors have no problems getting around this weekend. >> we're fully committed for the weekend as we are for every cochello they make it convenient. it's all about service that takes guests out to the grounds and back so they don't have to drive. pretty evident less. >> sound like fun. some of the weekend big headliners include a cdc drake and jack white. >> new billboard tieing a casual gay dating app is causing controversy in dallas. fox's sean rob takes a look. >> reporter: this is the billboard hawking attention from motorists on canton street driving. site for men to have hook ups with other men. >> there's no dating aspect to this site whatsoever. it's completely for sex. >> not going over well with some in the gay community.
5:49 pm
>> what bothers you about it, john? >> the main thing that bothers me is that the gay community is trying to you know, we're trying to get equal rights. we're trying to get marriage rights, things like that. and something like this being put up in a public place completely immorals. >> the invitations allows sex with strange men in public places. >> when you see malls bathroom parks listed. >> anderson share his opinion. one writes, we are so much better than this. another says, saddest part it's next to my living room window. a third post, it's stupid to even ties it. the cruiseing part especially. >> not everybody thinks it's out of bounds. >> i don't think it's over the top. i don't think it's too much. i think it's catching up with the times in what we're doing today. >> this one which i found really really interesting it was a bmw ad ultimate
5:50 pm
satisfaction and you can see what it's implying, and yes the woman's face is being covered up with bmw ad. >> joe owns the fastest growing public relations firm in the southwest. sex sells she says whether it's another product or sex. >> we live in the united states of america. god bless it. we have freedom of speech. so what you find offensive may not be what your next door neighbor finds offensive. >> also told that the county health director says everyone has the right to free speech but adds more efforts and messaging to be dedicateed to save sex education as well. >> we continue our fox 29 spring fling celebrations. all spring long we're sending members of our fox 29 news team to visit the great towns in our area to get to know our neighbor hoods and today we are in reading. fox 29 weekend's karen hepp joining us live with alex holdly from it good day. you are at the peanut bar right now. >> we're having the best time.
5:51 pm
what a wonderful assignment. it's famous for the peanuts obviously we'll talk about that and also famous for their wings. this place has been around for 91 years. so excited for jazz fest kicks off tonight right here in reading. but alex is sitting here with the opener who can tell us all about. >> we are hee with michael. you said 91 years. this is a landmark here in reading. isn't it? >> it is a landmark. we're very happy that we're included in the jazz fest. have been kicking it off for 25 years. >> talk about the story of the peanut bar. how it got started here in reading. my grandfather started the business about 91 years ago roughly. and he started because he wanted to be involved in prohibition business. he wanted to move it around. he was really fungi from everything i'm told. >> it sounds like he was a lot of fun but really had a lot of staying power to be here this long. >> we've got a lot of staying power because the people in the area have been very if to us. people enjoy the peanut message we send out relaxing throwing
5:52 pm
the coal shells on the floor. >> we have to talk about that. how do we get started with that? throwing it right on the ground here. >> relaxation. (laughter). >> my grandfather like the idea of people beingable to eat the peanuts, throw the shell on the floor, just relax and have good time. >> can i interview i'll put you on the spot. our good friends over here. i've got kim and i've got june. ladies how long have you been coming here for? >> we've been coming here for over 20 years. >> why? >> we love the food, love the atmosphere and i love to be able to throw the peanut shells on the floor. >> it looks so good. what did you order tonight. >> i order the amazing fish cakes. >> they do look amazing. >> all the food here is fabulous fabulous. i've been coming here for probably 30 years. just love it. >> thank you guys for being good sports. >> they're talking about how great the food is they're known for mazing wings. we have a lot of wings here. what are the different flavors that we have? >> effort flares are buffalo hot wings, we've got garlic herb and barbecue. >> hmm. >> how is that tasting karen. >> amazing. >> you know what's funny too.
5:53 pm
the fact you've been here for 91 years. if i wanted to get a fancy lobster tail 91 years ago how much would that cost? >> 35 cents. (laughter). >> isn't that funny. >> thank you michael. the big kick off the jazz fest tonight. we'll talk about that coming up in about half an hour. right now let's eat. >> bye guys. >> see you later. looks very good, guys. our spring fling continues next friday april 17th 17th we're taking over lansdale. starting at 6:00 a.m. all the way through our five and 6:00 p.m. newscasts. i'll be there so will chris o'connell and a bunch of people from the fox 29 news team. so we look forward to seeing you next week. >> sounds great. apple now taking pre orders for its new apple watch customers can purchase the device online at the apple store website or at an p apple store like this one in new york city. folk lined up early this morning it starts at 3:00 -- 349 bucks in the u.s. and goes as high as, ready, 17,000 bucks. 17 grand. delivery is set for april 24th april 24th. the apple watch is the company's
5:54 pm
first new major product under ceo tim cook. first we argued over the color of a dress remember that, black or blue or white and gold? well now it will likely be a debate going up the stairs or going down. it's all about this cat and this photo that is already set social media and fire. everybody is talking about this. the big question whether this feline is moving up or down the stairs. the image has been around for a few years. but a website resurrected the debate aft the dress drama. the photo is believed to have come from a iran but the source is still unknown. so let the debate begin. >> going down the stairs. cat is going down. >> all right. >> okay. >> i have to look foreclosely. >> springtime means a bumpy ride in a lot of local rides. >> it has our howard eskin rattled for sure. howard has had it with dodging potholes. ♪ are you kidding me? i'm done. i've had it. i am really upset with the
5:55 pm
city shock something it? not for the obvious problems this time but because the city has allowed our streets to become very treacherous. it's mid april. and we still have pothole issue issues. i've really had it. i have already blown out one tire and i'm lucky it didn't happen a couple of other times. the roads are not safe. i feel many times like i'm playing dodge ball driving on these streets. i may miss a pothole but could hit another vehicle. hey, gang, the winter is over. isn't it time to fix the potholes and get rid of the problems? one of the worst areas is on i-95. what's beautiful is that it's around international airport. just imagine. how out of towners view our city whether in a rent a car or a cab and they bounce around on wonderful roads. after the ride i bet they have had it as well. i'm tired of hearing the cries for federal funding. whether it's the city or penndot penndot, this state makes millions and maybe billions on
5:56 pm
the tax dollars from the 55% they get from the casinos. should not safety be first rather than the other places they may bury that money? i'm tired every day of driving on obstacle course. please fix the stinging potholes potholes. i'm howard eskin and i've had it. ♪ >> new at 6:00, it's a notorious illegal dumping ground but the trash left behind is in local neighborhood this morning is like nothing residents have seen before. the early morning heist that ended here. ♪ plus, a heartbreaking mystery solved. >> we finally getting closure to know what happened to him. >> why a family is finally able to lay a vietnam veteran to rest 45 years after his death.
5:57 pm
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>> fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome. >> right now on fox 29 news at 6:00 a local neighborhood used to getting dumped on now dealing with trash with a criminal twist and the dirty deed is caught right on tape. good evening everybody. i'm jeff cole. >> i'm dawn timmeney. evidence of an early morning crime left behind in kensington. that's where fox 29's bruce gordon is live and bruce neighbors have really had it. >> reporter: they sure have. for good reason much this street is off the beaten path which may explain why it's become up official landfall for folks who team or laci to dispose of their trash. very early thi


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