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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 4a  FOX  April 10, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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u.s. census bureau guard dies after being shot near washington d.c. but the wild scene that unfolded as police searched for the gunman. also breaking dangerous and deadly weather moves across midwest, tornadoes touching down killing at least one person a terrifying scene as communities only begin to assess damage. live look outside right now we are heading in the 70's yet again today but some late thunderstorms possible, and then we will see a cool down. sue is on top of that for us. the class project for a cop killer, why this third grader send get well card to mumia abu-jamal hear from parents who say it was completely inappropriate. good day, it is friday april 10th, 2015, spring fling, we're heading to
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reading, pennsylvania. >> remember on monday which seemed like ten years ago at this point we sat together at phillies home opener. beautiful weather. 75 degrees. now we will bookend the week with more 07's. >> good, we will take it. >> monday will still beat today because we have thunderstorms around and there will be more coming through later on in the day still we will not complain when it is not chilly anymore. we will try not to complain. is there a line of thunderstorms just moving off shore atlantic county and cape may county. we have lightening showing up in cumberland county there. unsettled weather as we have been saying all week longest specially now that the warmer air is trying to move in. you will see another area of thunderstorms toward harrisburg that is moving toward the mountains so maybe in the poconos mountains you may be hearing thunder in a little while. the there is thunderstorms around pittsburgh, punxsutawney and then the area with the cold front that we
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will get later on. those deadly tornadoes we will talk about that in illinois from yesterday. so that is what is going on right now. have the rain gear nearby. we are at 42 degrees. the it is chilly still. 5-mile an hour breeze, wind chill of 39 sunrise time is 6:31 as these days get longer, spring days, love it. seventy-five. we can make it to 75 with enough sunshine but watch out later on in the day especially for the lightening, and listening for that thunder and potentially strong thunderstorms could come through and then we're down in the 40's tonight. we will clear out in the overnight hours. we will have much more details in the upcoming weather including a pay off for the weekend, bob kelly that i think you'll love. >> we have been looking for to that all week, looking forward to saturday and sunday nice forecast. hopefully we will come through with that. 4:02 on this friday. we're good shape. speed in the 50's, no problems
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coming down i-95 but road are still tamp a and wet from the last couple of days worth of light rain, drizzle whatever you want to call it no heavy downpours but again everything is wet behind the ears as we look live here near the schuylkill will near spring gar even street. we are dealing with some fog. some fog that is out there like here on the ben franklin bridge we can barely see the mid span here. keep that in mine as far as poor visibility stepping out of the front door. septa using shuttle buses on market frankford and subway until 5:00 this morning. philly international will reset the clock. we had delays yesterday. the morning could be dicey with the rain and low ceiling so do check with the airline and be ready for possible delays. they are closing the northeast extension, head up the saturday night 12:00 midnight into early sunday morning the stretch between lansdale and mid county. if you are going out and about saturday night, maybe a wedding or an affair you'll
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get there okay but after midnight it will be closed until 6:00 o'clock sunday morning. you have to push yourself over to route 309. keep that in mine if you are out and about for your weekend plans saturday into sunday. chris and lauren back to you. in the meantime at 4:04, we have new video overnight of the destructive tornadoes tearing across the midwest, in northern illinois one person is confirmed dead in the small town of fair dale, seven others had to be taken to the hospital, officials will be out today making sure no one else is just trapped underneath any debris left behind. meanwhile multiple reports of the tornado sightings came out of iowa. national weather service is working to confirm how many tornadoes in fact hit that area. >> that is the other big story, you had guard that was shot has died in the maryland hospital just after 7:00. police say an arm man kidnaped a woman, shot a guard and led police on a car chase through
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maryland and washington d.c. authorities got in the shoot-out with a suspect that left him and police officer wounded. both were taken to the hospital for medical treatment. investigators say they believe the kidnapping started as a domestic dispute. northeast philadelphia family is safe and it is all thanks to the home's smoke detectors. fear fighters responded to the 1700 block of bridge street around 1:00 a.m. when a house was smoking from the second floor. investigators say all five people inside made it out after smoke detector started to go off. one fire fighter was taken to the hospital, for exhaustion the cause of that fire is unknown. rally will be held in vineland, new jersey for a man who died last month while in police custody. three two-year old philip white died march 31st. police took him in custody while responding to a disorderly person call. during the incident white had trouble breathing. he became unresponsive in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. cumberland county prosecutor's office and new jersey state police are investigating this.
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4:05. now fired officer accused of murdering a man in south caroline ace being held without bond at least until august for a court hearing. >> newly released dash cam video shows the the moments leading up to that shooting. walter scott was pulled over for a broken take light in north charleston saturday as officer michael slager was reviewing his information dash cam video shows scott bails from his mercedes. police say slager used a taser before shooting at him eight times. initially slager told investigators there was a struggle over his taser. shooting was captured by a man walking in that area. after watching the video slager was arrested and charged with murder. >> time for a change. our hope that is mr. scott's death and video that left no option but a murder charge is a catalyst for that change. >> i think we're proving in south carolina our justice system is working. >> reporter: man has just come
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forward that slager taserd him in 2013. slager's a attorney is conducting an independent investigation into scott's death. slager could face 30 years to life in prison if quick. two people taken to the hospital following a hazmat situation in burlington county, they are back home. authorities were called to the edge water park apartment complex after someone reported they were sprayed with than a unidentified chemical. hazmat crews showed up a and evacuated one building as a precaution and two others were taken to the hospital and later released. in word on what that substance might have have been. a north jersey teacher is drawing fire after making her third grade students write letters to the convicted philadelphia a cop killer. >> this is polarizing now some are calling information her josh. fox 29's sabina kuriakose is live in center city with this, good morning. >> reporter: well, if you are from this area, if you glue up around here like i did, chances are when you hear the name mumia abu-jamal you feel some kind of emotion.
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the teacher marilyn she had her grade schooler write to the convicted cop killer. she wrote that the get well card were to lift up his spirits as he is hill. hash tag free mumia. mumia is sick from complication from his diabetes while serving life sentence for officer daniel faulkner in 1981. she teaches at forestry elementary school in orange new jersey. our dave kitchen tried to track down the teacher and school officials but she has deactivated her face book and twitter and orange school district has not gotten back to us. you would think it would after it created a fewer or. parent right now are telling us that they are furious. >> very impressionnable when they are that age and to talk to a criminal in the third grade and for a teacher to advocate something like that is crazy. >> i think it is ridiculous, really as a resident here, in
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this town for 11 years i would be horrified about that especially by a teacher. >> reporter: this is the plaque memorial for officer faulkner right in the spot he died at 13th and locust here here in the city. former head of the fraternal of police was saying that she's using her students to promote her own a again a you can bet this story is not going anywhere a lot of people talking about it this morning. back to you guys. >> a absolutely nationwide. a philadelphia woman charged with trying to join isis will stay in jail. judge denied bail yesterday for keonna thomas as she awaits trial. >> our fox 29's bruce gordon was in the courtroom. >> move, move move. >> reporter: keonna family members raced out shoving their way past reporters without comment have after a hearing that added some detail to the allegations against the 30 year-old a accused terror collaborator.
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thomas dressed in green prison dress and muslim head dress sat quietly as a fbi special agent described criminal complaint charges that thomas was attempting to travel oversees to join fight with and martyr on behalf of isil. >> you are confident it is her talking to isil about isil. >> i want not comment but complaint does layout a number of communication as allegedly made by miss thomas regarding her desire to join isil. >> reporter: complaint details electronic communications between thomas and coconspirators dating back to mid 2013, in one thomas police to a reference to martr why rdome a girl can only witch. prosecutors say that thomas planned to fly from philadelphia to spain, then travel to turkey before joining isil in syria. her north philadelphia home was searched on march 27th, he was arrested without incident a week later. >> i can say that since is the time of the search warrant in
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this case and the arrest there has been comment by close associate on twitter threatening an operation here in the you had and also threatening violence in the prison. >> reporter: defense attorneys tried to suggest that the electronic communications from thomas were vague, unspecific, not clear that she was trying to join isil. >> if is there an indictment, that is return by the government, keonna a a thomas will be pleading not guilty to all charges. >> reporter: nearly a dozen of thomas's family and friend were in the courtroom to support her. proof says defense that she has deep roots in the community and would not flee if released on bail but prosecutors note that had thomas appeared ready to leave behind abandon her seven and nine year-old daughters, as she prepared to fly overseas. in the news room i'm bruce gordon for fox 29 news. detectives looking for a missing college student they find human remains near her home. what witnesses saw there around the same time that the
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young girl went missing. temperatures will reach the 07's today and a perfect day for our spring fling trip to reading this morning. >> i thought you were going to say perfect for golfing. >> i will be in redding from 7:00 to 10:00. do you want to tell me who i'm anding with, quincy, bill anderson, scott williams, coming out with us in reading. farmers market is where i'm going.
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good morning everybody. now, what we're doggies we're playing some music from this cochillo rock show in southern california. >> so we're listening to the music. >> we're listening to the music. close your eyes. pretend you are in california. you have an adult beverage. you are not at work. you are rocking out to amazing weather. >> do you really want him to to that. >> it is worth a shot, sue serio. >> i have claustrophobia already. all those people. >> i know. >> last year they had super high wind if i remember, for that show. >> santa an aa wind, that is right. i have not checked on that because we have been focused on the ill knows tornadoes. i want to show you this map of the tornado reports from yesterday, they extended into
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ohio, as well with those severe thunderstorms moving through. now lets look the at radar for right now, after we take a look at at our forecast for our spring fling. we have folks in reading or i should say over in reading in berks county this morning and this evening, so it will be about 49 degrees miss lauren when you are in reading this morning. make sure you have a wetter with you and see the the folks, that is a good idea. seventy by 5:00 o'clock news when alex and i helped out there but we do have the possibility of the showers and thunderstorms, so keep that in mind. we have thunderstorms right now we have a report on twitter from thunder in winslow township, there is, cumberland county in new jersey i got to get my geography on, there is lightening there. up toward allentown and pocono mountains a little lightening there, possible thunderstorm activity. we are getting started with this and cold front is still,
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out in indiana a or, yeah, moved out of indiana into ohio. where we're in the world is carmen san diego, do you remember that geography show yeah it was so great. the here's the future cast. we have a possibility of a few then are storms the rest of the morning. probably a break throughout midday around lunchtime and then anytime after 3:00 o'clock keep your eye to the sky, if your kid have a softball game or practice tonight just listen up for that thunder and take cover because anytime say between 4:00 and 7:00 p.m. those thunderstorms could roll through and it looks like by 8:00 it the is pretty much out of here and then we can focus on being high and dry. as you walk out it is chilly but it is a tail of two weather days because it feels wintry out there this morning, 30's to the north of us, 42 in philadelphia, calm wind, the wind are starting to change direction from northeast to
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southeast and then southeasterly wind bringing that warm air in here. so as we check out our past weather before we will look ahead we will were really taking the plunge the past few days as predict but those warm temperatures, beginning in the week 40's yesterday and wednesday and we will head to about 73, 75 degrees by end of the day with thunderstorms possible. tonight we are down to 50 degrees. that is a look at today. we have got weekend and beyond coming up in that seven day forecast but still some wet roadways out there bob kelly a and with the thunderstorm you could get a downpour. >> well, roads are wet and that is going to slow us down just one more take of this yuck iness before we get in the weekend and this afternoon those thunder boomers will rock the afternoon rush hour. right now we're in good shape, 202 north bound slow through construction zone. crew where is out there last night at 401 in problems down
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422. here's a live look at 202 and limekiln pike with the road wet it could be slippery. just watch yourself rolling out of the driveway. take a look at i-95 fog is socking us in here. this is i-95, near highland avenue and in the last ten minutes it has gotten thicker up and over that ben franklin bridge. i think poor visibility will be a factor at philly international today. new pennsylvania turnpike crew is still out on the westbound side between philly bensalem, all the way out to virginia drive. watch for hard hats working there until 6:00 o'clock or so. they are closing the northeast extension, i'm throwing it out there, tomorrow night at midnight until early sunday morning at 6:00 a.m. the stretch between lansdale and quakertown if. if you go to the wedding saturday night 7:30, it will be opened but leaving late at midnight into early sunday morning, that stretch will be
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closed. you'll to have use route 309. keep that in mind heading out to or from the poconos over the course of the weekend. phillies back at the ballpark, washington in town we will kick it off at 7:05. keep our eyes and ears for sky for rain delays for possible rain delays later tonight. a california newspaper published a letter reportedly from robert durst, in the letter posted in the l.a. times web site the writer discusses living part-time in los angeles from 2008 through 2011 and states his interests are opera and pro football. durst's attorney told the newspaper that the letter scrolled cursive looks like durst hand writing, durst jailed without one pleaded not guilty to weapons charges in new orleans. durst is also charged in los angeles in the death of susan ber man. a cameraman from a boston tv station has been banded from the murder trial of the former new england patriots
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star aaron hernandez. judge band the cameraman after he testified under oath that he had followed jurors to their parking spots. he said he did in the talk to them and did not think he he was doing anything wrong. really. we all know in this business you never a approach a juror until after the the verdict has come down and then the judge typically says the the jurors will be incline to speak to the reporters after the case. detectives investigating a disappearance of the missing college student in virginia now fearing the worst after finding human remains. >> this discovery happened outside a home located near rural town where 18 year old angelica hand sell was last seen in early march. fox's patricia starks has more. >> reporter: search for missing college student in virginia takes a grim turn a as crews discovered human remains. eighteen year-old angel i ca, men to friend and family as aj was last seen march 2nd.
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she had just returned to her parent's home in norfolk for spring break. on thursday, detectives found those remains outside of the house nearby. >> we are not ruling out any possibilities and human remains fun today we cannot confirm if they are ay's or not. they need to go to the office of the chief medical examiner's office for further analysis and identification. >> reporter: throughout the day investigators could be seen collecting evidence from the home which neighbors claim had been abandoned for nearly two years. saying last time that anyone saw any activity there was about a month ago. >> a buddy of mine, three or four weeks ago seen a newer dodge caravan, dark blue or black, pull up there late at night and drove through the park or in the backyard. that seemed very suspicious. >> reporter: last week a tip led police to search a pond in a town 40 miles away from norfolk but that search turned up no evidence. >> i had divers in the pond
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and people searching around the bottom of the pond, looking for whatever, anything that they could find. >> reporter: the family waits for authorities to positively identify remains, the community is still shaken up by the teen's disappearance. >> i keep in close contact with my child. the she's away at college. >> reporter: fbi is a is is continuing norfolk police with the investigation. patricia starks, "fox news". still ahead new revelation about security at philadelphia international airport and it turns out philly is among the worst in the nation for perimeter breaches how airport officials say they are working to prevent these incidents.
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not a good game by phillies last night at the plate and on the mound but that will happen a lot this season. lets go to the ballpark. david buchanan the pitcher bases loaded, two outs, two to nothing in boston and that is boguards. it is a triple. makes it five to nothing. phillies lose six-two. flyers are getting closer to vacation, last night not a good one. third period, one to nothing carolina but against ray emery ryan murphy scores flyers lose three-one. their last game saturday at the wells fargo. day one of the masters and youngest pro is leading, that is jordan speak, to augusta
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national, thinks 18th. rolls in the birdie. how about this guy. he is eight under, six , 41 off the course record, three stroke lead over three players and tiger woods, if you are counting is one over after the first round. the that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. still ahead a school project leaves many parents outraged, third graders told to send get well card to the convicted cop killer, we will explain that one. new questions this morning after an investigation reveals hundreds of security breaches at airports across the country and what it says about philly international is not good.
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morning, at 4:30 we have breaking news a round of deadly tornadoes tears a across the midwest leveling entire community. we are tracking clean up as residents assess the damage. also u.s. census bureau worker in maryland has tied after being shot by an accused kidnapper, the wild scene that unfolded. and what do you think of this a teacher has her students write get well letters to the convicted cop killer and now parents are demanding that she's fired. we will look at that throughout the morning. good morning to you it is friday april 10th, 2015, good morning. >> good morning to you. >> you are heading to reading, pa. >> i am a two her drive. >> in the bad. only because sue serio, we have some wet roads out there.
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>> we have isolated thunderstorms, out there this morning. we told but chance for then are storms today and this afternoon and a few popping up this morning. we are looking at this area in cumberland county, some just moved off shore and toms river might be getting lightening and thunder up there and then in the poconos mountains as you head back toward williamsport a line of thunderstorms there. it is already unsettled. then we anticipate this cold front which is moving through ohio right now, and kentucky, and that is going to be heading our way later on in the day with more loud thunder boomers possible. weak go in more detail with that. walking out the door right now it is still chilly but whatever coat you are wearing right now you will not need later on. 41 degrees with the wind chill. yes, we're still talking wind chill of 38. 6:31 is your sunrise time and we're planning on fog slowing you down this morning those pop up showers and then are storms a little bit of
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sunshine enough to get us in the lower 70's, but models are looking, right new like it will be more around 70 then 75, but scattered thunderstorms popping up later on in the day. it is a day bob kill toy keep your eye on the sky. >> yeah, got some rain coming in one of our cameras. good morning, everybody. 4:32. tgif. we are off to a good start but we have some rain moving through the area and areas seeing the rain we're seeing yellow cars popping up, that means speedometer readings are knocking down 34 on 202 and the pennsylvania turnpike. here's a live look at route 202 near limekiln pike an area sue just showed us getting hit with pop up storms there. you can start out your trip with just wet roads and then wipers will get a work out here rolling through the the morning rush hour. ben franklin bridge wet behind the ears and we're also dealing with some fog out here this morning, a low ceiling
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and that will leave with us some delays at the the airport. the work crews getting wet here west on the pa turnpike they are still working from philadelphia bensalem over to virginia drive with one of the lanes blocked and they will be out until 6:00 o'clock. septa using shuttle buses on both market frankford and broad street subway. we see them sipping by our studio at fourth and market. busy weekend in south philadelphia. look at the line up, we have phillies tonight, tomorrow flyers at 12:30. they will head out. phillies fan in for game at nighttime and sunday a double bubble phillies at 1:35, soul will come in. that will put a lot of action in and out of the parking lots through south philadelphia all weekend long, chris and lauren back over to you. we have new video coming out overnight as destructive tornadoes tearing a across the midwest. northern illinois one person is confirmed dead in fair dale. seven others had to be taken to the hospital. officials will be out today, making sure that in one else
4:34 am
is trapped underneath that debris. the most of the reports of tornado sightings came out of iowa. national weather service is still working to confirm how many tornadoes touched down. u.s. suns sus bureau security guard was shot and killed thursday by a man police say kidnaped and woman in the domestic dispute. that man led office are on a car chase through maryland and washington d.c. before being shot and capture. guard was shot after he a approached a car that matched a suspect vehicle fbi says a shooting is not terrorism related. northeast philadelphia family smoke detector could be a reason why five people are safe. fire fighters responded to the 1700 block of bridge street around 1:00 where a house was smoking from the second floor. all five people inside were able to make it the out after a smoke detector started going after. one fire fighter was taken to the hospital for signs of exhaustion. the the cause of the fire is unknown by the the way. north jersey teacher drawing fire after making her third grade students write letters to the convicted cop
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killer. >> now some are calling for that teachers job. the fox 29's sabina kuriakose live in center city this morning. this is a philadelphia case that has generated national attention. >> reporter: oh, absolutely we know mumia abu-jamal, convicted cop figure is divisive with supporters and detractors on both side and anything connected to him will always be controversial. lets look the the at picture we have of this picture, her name is marilyn zu.n. iga who teaches in orange school district in orange, new jersey. they are in the responding to this the story has made national headlines. she teaches third grade at forestry elementary school. she had her class write get well card to mumia abu-jamal. she posted to lift up his spirits as he is ill. mumia is sick from complication was diabetes while serving his life sentence for murdering officer daniel faulkner in 1981. people are not very happy
4:36 am
here. former fop head richard costello speaking on fox and friend yesterday. >> i think it is both alarming and outrageous that any teacher would use a group of innocent seven years old to promote a twisted agenda glorifying murder glorifying hatred, and glorifying violence. >> kid should be writing to roll models, not to prisoners. they are third graders. what can a prisoner tell a third grader, i mean really. >> have of course, a lot have of outrage here but do i want to highlight the timing. lets come back out here live, while we're standing here at the memorial here at 13th and locust for officer daniel faulkner. according to the the free mumia web site, i just looked it up, it is national day of service for mumia. they are having rallies from l.a. to new york city, so we really cannot make a connection to the timing here but this story, of course, has
4:37 am
mumia abu-jamal name back in the head lines and papers and we're all talking about it right here today when they are having all these will rally with ace cross the country. owe again can't really talk conclusions but we want to highlight timing there and point it out. it the is back in the head lines for this issue. >> thanks very much. coming up at 4:37 how safe is philadelphia international airport. new report on airport breaches prompts new security questions how many times intruders have have slipped past the the gates.
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a new survey looks at closer security measures across the country. >> it turns out philadelphia is high on the list of airports with the most perimeter breaches. fox 29's brad satan takes a a closer look at these numbers. >> reporter: just how often are fences around philadelphia international airport breached? the associated press surveyed 31 airports that in total handled three-quarters of the nation's commercial passenger traffic between 2004 and 2015 and found there were 268 perimeter breaches, in involving terrorism. >> i don't think it is a lot. >> i think that is high. >> reporter: whether that is a lot or a lit until a 11 year period is up for debate but all a agreed. >> i don't think you can ever protect everything, all the time. >> reporter: most high profile breach in philadelphia was this one back in march 2012
4:41 am
when a driver ran through a gate and sped on the runway as a plane were 43 people on board was about to land. in one was hurt. driver eventually served time in federal prison for it. philadelphia international airport did have the second highest number of breaches, 25 of them, in that 11 year period that ended this past january, 19 involved vehicle crashes for reasons varying from drivers being drunk to mentally confuse todd just simply losing control n a statement the airport tells fox 29 since 2012 they hardened perimeter by add adding crash beams, guide rail and table inside the the fence. that perimeter is inspect and patrolled on a very regular basis but some say in 2015 the the real threat may not be a car barreling through a fence anymore. >> i think we're getting into a world where it is in more cyber risk than physical security. i worry more about hack nothing to commuters. >> that was our brad satan reporting. several big airport in insuring and boston only
4:42 am
released partial information or none at all. >> as for philadelphia, the the airport says any damage to the fence is considered i believe. in the last two years there were just two incidents, in so far this year. >> let's keep that it way. >> absolutely. 4:42. what would you wear to a formal meeting with president obama? >> not that. >> a polo shirt. >> the reason why this dude was so under dressed. ladies listen to this, forget about breaking the ice with that guy at the bar. there is a new app that promises to do it for you.
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what is that move. >> something that you cannot to. >> look at that fog in atlantic city. on the beat maybe. >> do what you were doing? >> little less pronounced then what you were doing. >> now you do it. >> do i have to put my hand like this, as you were doing. >> it might be this suit. >> what is this music by. >> bandit, no bandit something like that. no bandit queen ban it. >> some type of bandit.
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>> sue, good morning. >> good morning. >> you know, it is a friday and there are storms around. it is just, i don't know is what going on over here but i wanted to show you a all of the tornado reports in illinois from yesterday and a few in ohio. well, that system is moving ever eastward and before that even gets here we have lightening and thunder it looks like in parts of the cumberland county, maybe around millville, new jersey this morning. you might be hearing that thunder. isolated downpours as well. we will look up toward the lehigh valley and pocono mountains and we will see some showers up there and they even extend down into berks county and bucks county, and montgomery county, and, so we have got this going on this morning, this area of convection as we call it and then another cold front that will be coming through by the even of the day. so in between those two systems we will see some milder air moving in and that
4:47 am
will get us perhaps to the 70's it just depend where you are. future cast shows scattered storms around this morning. a break in the action probably around lunchtime and then that will give the sun a chance to shine at least in some places then around 4:00 o'clock we will start to see the thunderstorms rolling into berks county which is where alex and i will be a along with scott williams later on in the day karen hepp heading out there for evening shows our 5:00 o'clock and 6:00 o'clock out there and we may be rocking and rolling as these storms role through the city by six or 7:00 o'clock and out of here by 8:00 or so this evening. then we can be high and dry for the rest of the weekend. as we walk out the door this morning beware it is cold out there, kid might have to have that jacket on, in the morning and then they will leave it at school because it will be so mild by the end of the day. thirty's in mount pocono, allentown pottstown reading
4:48 am
41 in the city. forty-five in dover. 42 degrees in millville. wind are not an issue today, they will be, tomorrow. the gusty breezes around on saturday just remember about that. so after two days in the 40's and it was, oh, so chilly the past couple of days how about 70 degrees for later today. sound good? we will take that. temperatures in the 60's and gusty wind tomorrow but it will still be dry and not as cold as the the past couple of days and then sunday, definitely the peak day of the weekend with a high of 68 degrees. we will have two, ten's on saturday and sunday and then monday we're up to 74 degrees. the chance of showers, april showers on tuesday, and then we will stay mild, in more 40's, bob kelly in the seven day forecast. >> wow. >> good morning everybody. 4:48. we have a heavy downpour here in center city philadelphia as sue showed us these storm band. strong storms, band of rain
4:49 am
rolling through, the marching band rolling through but we have got a closure here of the kelly drive. here's a live look again as soon as heavy rain hit we have an overturn vehicle on the kelly drive right at boat house row that first sharp curve as you leave center city heading out of town. so kelly drive closed to vehicle traffic right now, you can see police act a it. this camera is actually on the the schuylkill expressway, looking across the river, so if you are coming into or out of the city right new your best bet, martin luther king drive or schuylkill expressway and just use some caution because again, heavy rain coming up on us fast live look at ben franklin bridge, again getting hit the with this heavy downpour right now. all the of the road are either dam from yesterday or they are certainly getting soaked as the rain moves through, who is ready to eat? that is the manayunk str-eat
4:50 am
festival, food trucks galore. >> they are coming today right here at fourth and market. >> we are bringing samplings. we will have offer 40 food trucks out along main street on sunday and we will sample some of the good eats from the str-eat festival. keep in mind main street will be blocked there in manayunk for the big old festival and philly international most likely will have delays today because of the weather so check with the airline before you put the bags in the trunk, to head to the airport, chris and lauren back to you. it is the the weekend. for most people confidence at bar is difference between getting a phone number or getting ditched for a week even. >> when a guy walks up to you, do you go right away for the number good no. >> how much time does he to have log with you conversationally were you can get his phone number. >> log. i don't even necessity if there is a time. most times i don't even give the right number. >> but what if they call it right then. >> my phonies dead.
4:51 am
>> that is good. >> sometimes finding the right person to talk you up, it can be tougher than finding a date. >> so dawn will show us a professional wing woman and how this all works. >> ♪ >> reporter: whole dating scene can be intimidating, solve game others just don't. >> don't ever do that again. >> reporter: if you need help before the next hot date call susan baxter ceo of hire a wing woman. >> confidence is everything. >> we're looking to give that to a client out with them. >> reporter: being curious reporter hey had to see this we went to hopscotch in jersey city and asked fox five intern jackie and susan to do role playing. >> hi jackie. >> i'm susan, nice to meet you. >> hi. >> so basically i'm here to help you, you know, meet whoever guy you want to meet a lot of women say my friend all have boyfriend and they are
4:52 am
married and in one wants to go out anymore why not hire a profession willal, because they are that much better ape not compete with you. >> reporter: with the male clients. >> some clients say, you know, i don't have a problem approaching women. i need to seal the deal ape get phone number and can you put in a good word for me. >> reporter: ken and michael like the idea. >> i think it is perfect. it work well. it named well. i can see it taking off. >> reporter: it already has susan started four years ago in boston. she has more than ten wing woman along with dating and image consultants who have help hundreds of clients. services are $82 an hour, susan plans to expand to chicago and washington d.c. >> i think it is taking someone away from the computer, meeting someone in real life and you know in the first five minutes if you air track to someone so were not just have have help going out and a knowing right then and there do i like this person or not. >> i'm paying somebody to help me find a date.
4:53 am
>> eighty-two bucks an hour. >> please. >> all right. >> coming up, a man thought he would be sitting in the audience when the president came to town but he ended up meeting the president face-to-face the story behind this presidential surprise.
4:54 am
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4:56 am
the outdoor concert and it tarts to rain and that is worse and there is already 9 million people there. >> like wood stock if you go way back just a muddy mess. >> but cochilla, in southern california just in the desert area, palm springs area that was florence and the machine, what a great name, florence and the machine. dog days are over. so, a salt lake city man was told hey he had been in the audience for this conference where, of course, the president was evidently going to perhaps visit this meeting. didn't think it would really happen meeting the president face-to-face. >> he thought it was a senior white house official. he asked a local solar company to send a representative to the president's visit. the company chose 26 year-old lance butch who designs solar cells and is serving his fourth year in the utah national guard but it wasn't until he started reading the name tags on the table in front of him that he realized he would be sitting, within
4:57 am
reach of the president. foot said his boss told him to dress business casual but had he men if he was meeting the commander in chief i would have gotten dulled up. >> here i am with the commander in chief and i'm a little under dressed. >> a little under dressed. >> beside wishing he would have been more dressed up his mom points out he had his you will best on the table, during the meeting. >> my goodness. >> moms always notice things like that, don't they. get your elbows off the the table young lady. >> or young man in this case. >> i was just mocking my mother. >> good morning everybody. >> don't hunch over when eating. >> my mom would say bring your spoon and fork tour mouth instead of hunching over like that. >> good point. >> on that note we hope you are enjoying your breakfast and we will take a quick break.
4:58 am
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tornadoes touching down killing at least one person, the terrifying scene as communities begin to assess the damage. >> u.s. census bureau dies after being shot near washington d.c. the wild scene that unfolded as police searched for that gunman. >> live look outside temperatures heading in the 70's today but right the now it is raining. what areas have the best chance have of seeing some thund


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