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tv   Good Day Philadelphia 7a  FOX  March 31, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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on amazon. >> do they deliver the get to your house i guessy guess so. >> do they pick it backup. >> i hope so. >> not a bad idea. >> i knew that was coming. >> he is here all week. >> yes. >> welcome back. >> good morning, everybody. >> how was kevin h art, in concert. >> fantastic. >> but sometimes you can have a comedy performance, that are called concerts. >> lets get weather an traffic and we will move to the rest of the news and sort that out. >> welcome to the world of mike jerrick. >> we have five out of ten in weather by numbers. we are looking good around here with the sunshine but it will not end up that way. we've got rain later on in the day. than prepared for both. there is bus stop buddy with the umbrella for later on. we have 39 degrees in philadelphia sunrise happened at 6:47, this morning, officially, and you cane in the satellite picture some cloud starting to roll in the area. is there the the mess coming our way later on in the day. for most of us it will be rain
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but the the colder, higher elevations you could be seeing wet the snow later on. so this morning, yeah we're off to a nice bright start but cloud start to increase as we get closer to lunchtime and then it could be a very wet evening commute. the the showers, puddles, the rain, rain will be on and off throughout the evening time and even into the the night time hours, heavy at times, and we will talk about the the snow, expect north and west of the city, coming up in a few minutes but bob kelly, no shortage of problems this morning. >> a little bit of everything here. we have had a tractor trail are accident. now we are dealing with the vehicle accident this is a live look at i-95, i-95 northbound right here near route 420 in delaware county. we are bumper to bumper to bumper from coming up say from the commodore barry bridge heading up towards philadelphia, international. and then is there the first accident and then there is another accident. we just showed you a picture of girard point double decker bridge and that wick sun glare. i'm wondering if the sun glare
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caused a crash because is there a accident now north of i-95 right here near girard point double decker. we have sky fox over the the scene of the schuylkill expressway, come on, ready say it with me, jammo. >> jammo. >> there you go, westbound. >> look at this. >> i don'tathathathathj+ y
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side, coming up from delaware county and again i think that could have had something to do with that crash we're dealing with now, i-95 at girard point double decker. >> after that, it ising out of philadelphia, is there an accident. >> that is just traffic volume. >> wow. >> that is a jam leaving town. >> you are right, how do we do it every day. >> we will continue to follow this breaking news, an armed suspect, has escaped, a hospital, in fairfax county, virginia. >> he made a run for it wearing nothing but his hospital gown but the happies new on lock down. police shut down near pie road as they search for the suspect. this is video of that area near the hospital. there are flashing lights there. fairfax county police tweeted out a photo of the suspect. this is the suspect. he was reportly being watched by a private security guard at the time of his escape and he has guard's gun. they considered him armed and dangerous. police haven't said why he was originally taken into custody.
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>> what a mess. >> all right. 7:04. back in our area fire fighters are on the scene of the overnight fire in conshohocken. fire started in a home just before 3:00 this morning on the 100 block of west first avenue, luckily nobody was hurt. they are wrapping things upright now. darby boro police say they are a step closer to charge something one in connection with the shooting death of one of their officers. >> somebody will get charged this morning, jenny, i believe that. >> yeah, we're standing by mining, for that definitely. we know that mark hudson's girl friend was charge with terroristic threats and now we are waiting for them to take charges one step further, in relation, to his death, on saturday. twenty-six year-old mark hudson shot and kill saturday afternoon inside of the glenn olden home, that he shared with his live in girl friend. police say he was shot with his department issued hand gun and his girlfriend was home at the time. she was taken in for questioning over the weekend and now charged with terroristic threats. hudson served as a volunteer fire fight inner yeadon and
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part-time officer in darby. his professional reputation was stellar but his boss chief robert smith said he knew his personal life wasn't as great. he was in a trouble relationship with a woman who threatened him in the past. one point hudson had a pfa against her. yesterday we have talk to a man who has known hudson since he was a child and knew the the new was not easy to take. >> when you watch a kid grow up like that, it is hard. i cannot even think about how his mother is feeling right now, and may have wife went down and talk to her, you know, yesterday and i can't even imagine. >> he was a very well respected, good, decent person, who death was needlessly, needlessly happened at the hand of another and it takes time to do these things. in the end the whole purpose of this is to do it right, so the the person that caused
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this death has to be punished. >> the investigation continued, family members mourn loss and to help honor hudson's life there will be a candle light vigil tomorrow night at 7:00 o'clock at the scene of the shooting which is mark hudson's home. back to you guys. >> 7:06. just minutes after a darby township man entered his home neighbors reported hearing an explosion. >> that explosion happened on jackson street around 6:30 yesterday evening. fire fighters they raced to the house, fire where a man was trapped inside. neighbors a the man who was found dead in the basement was known as mr. duke. he was a beloved neighbor who they say will be certainly missed. >> he just said mom, is there a fire, went outside and she said mommy, it police duke's house. >> he watched me while i grow up. he was like my god dad to me. >> it took crews an hour to get the blaze under control. fire fighters reported seeing a blue flame which means there was gas in the area. neighbors say mr. duke was a
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scrap metal collector with card and other metal objects surrounding his home. all right. well, a court hearing for two temple football players a accused of beating another student at an off-duty party back in january. they will be in court today. dion dawkins and hasan reddick were suspended from the team. 209 year-old's were charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, criminal conspiracy and recklessly endangering another person. they are out on bail. and do you realize it has been ten years since the public battle between husband and parents led to the removal of the terry schiavo's feeding tube. she suffered permanent brain damage in 1990. terry died 13 days after her husband won a court order to remove the feeding tube. her family started the narberth basedded terry schiavo life and hope network aimed at protecting the medically vulnerable. there will be a mass in her honor at cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul tonight
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at 5:00 o'clock followed by an event honoring those who best embody the spirit of this group's mission. ten years ago. pennsylvania residents can take their budget questions, straight to the governor today. governor tom corbett will be holding a live facebook town hall. >> town hall. >> on facebook. >> on his 2015 budget starting today at 1:30. the governor will address key initiatives like jobs, schools and a whole lot more. 7:08. search is on for passenger who threatened a september driver with the knife. >> surveillance video from the busies pretty clear. if you know this guy. steve keeley is at septa headquarters right now, steve. >> reporter: septa hq and as staff come in they are hoping good day viewer tips come in when they see video we will show you right the now. septa drivers pinned right there, have lots of responsibility already. they are multi tasking, driver, cashier, bouncer, vulnerable behind that big steering wheel.
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all the september driver does in this case is tell the guy to get out of the way so people can get on and off the bus. septa has high definition surveillance video cameras on the inside and outside of their buses and good thing too because you can see this passenger very recognizable to anybody who knows him, or ride the number 23 bus, at germantown and erie avenues in the tioga section where this happened last week. he is blocking the aisle, stairway and driver's view of the door as everybody gets on and off and so when the septa driver want him to move the guy goes off, pulls out a knife and threatens to kill him instead of getting off as he did anyway at erie avenue. >> they go through a lot driving the the bus, they get through a whole lot, ain't nothing like they are doing, it is their job. i mean that is how they feed their families. i think they get through a whole lot. >> it is a shame. they get paid, you know, well, but this is the the only pay enough to get hurt. >> it is completely senseless
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to assault a transit worker that is doing nothing but transporting you to your destination. just as simple as that. hopefully somebody can identify this guy, again, his clothing is very distinct. hopefully we can get tips in and get this guy in custody. >> reporter: here's what the the lieutenant was talking about that distinct hat. i don't know if that is gucci or what but it has a brown check that those two designers have and tan scarves to go witt. this is among three attacks on septa drivers in the past week and it is in the lake they don't have enough to focus on already. they don't need to worry about going from the driver's seat to a hospital bed. so everybody hoping that this guy goes from design are dud to a more drab, orange jump suit look real soon. >> that is for sure, ridiculous. 7:10. delaware county body shop is in big trouble accused of insurance fraud. >> oh, yeah. >> prosecutors say, what the shop allegedly did to peoples cars has them worried that they are not safe to drive anymore. delaware county district
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attorney's office spent a four year investigation, four years, shows transformers, collision specialist, in darby boro would smash up peoples's car to get bigger insurance pay outs. prosecutors say that the shop would drive the vehicles, into beams and poles just smashing them up even more, they say body shop would also use a forklift to drop the the cars. a body shop owner franklin thomas wilson is now and rest. hees is not the only one involved though. investigators say 11 people defrauded insurance companies out of $85,000. >> i believe they should seek time in yale for activity for defrauding not the insurance companies but one of the things we know from these cases is that every inning is will person that owns a car, in pennsylvania, me, you, we all suffered as a result of this fraud because that is why our rates go up. >> yep, prosecutors say if you had work done at that shop,
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get somebody else to check out your car. it may not be safe to drive. this is kind of sad fire damages a west virginia church it happened last night at saint john's katrinak lick church. and. >> and, it happened early yesterday morning, as church members return from a service. police say the overrized van, ran a stop sign, crossed all of the four lanes of the highway, and then ended up in a canal. former highway patrolman is looking into where mechanical issues with the the van or was it driver error. iran nuclear power negotiations are expect to continue in a new phase. news comes ahead of what was a deadline tonight to make a preliminary agreement. iran and six world powers are preparing to release a
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statement agreeing to continue talks. officials claim progress but differences remain between the side. goalies to till reach a comprehensive deal by the the end of june. negotiators want to curb the nuclear capabilities in exchange foreign sanctions. sticking points remain over search and development and timing of scope of sanctions removal. and anonymous releases an internet video threatening israel with and electronic holocaust. massive sign's tackies planned for april 7th. the still frame shows someone wearing a mask similar to the one worn by one of the main character in the movie, v for convenient death a they want to eradicate israel from cyberspace for crimes in palestinian territories. >> ridiculous. syria tweeted this photo their latest group of graduates. clad in black with eyes and hand showing, they held tight to their ak-47's. you can see here. isis has a program will for children as well, training recruits as young as eight
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years old. >> what a graduating class. >> criminals in. >> and, and, smash and grab burglaries. >> burglars, crash a car, this is what they do, crash cars through shopping center windows, and they drive through the mall, and smashing windows and glass. this is not an isolated incident. just this morning, a second ram raid occurred in the nearby suburb, using a different car with the same mo. they drive right into the mall, and drive around. >> that is one way to get it done. >> man. >> clean up on aisle six. all right. 7:14. >> let's check with sue because i cannot the belief that we're saying snow on the last day of march. >> we have got snow on the first day of march. it did come in like a lion were not a lot of snow. we had .4 of an inch at philly international. morning low that day was 21 degrees. we had 32 as a high
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temperature, and believe it or not, yesterday we had those flurries flying around and it actually measures a tend of an inch. we are at 27 inches even, for snowfall this season. the not anywhere close, of course to last season the second most snowy winter ever. so, nothing yet on ultimate doppler radar. in fact it looks real nice outside our window with that sunshine but you don't have to go too far away to find the messy wet ther that is coming later on. it is snow to the north where it is colder, it is rain to the south, very light rain in pittsburgh right new but erie getting a little bit of snow and mountains will get measures snowfall and that is winter weather advisory in carbon and monroe counties noon until 10:00 p.m. potential snowfall, one to 3 inches, possible, maybe a little will bit more as you go further, north and west, and kind of crazy for the last day of march but not unheard of. so rain starts to roll role in about noon. we're in the 50's to the the south, in the 40's in the philadelphia area, but 30's up
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in mount pocono and the temperatures cool down and we will get that measurable snowfall beginning around 4:00 o'clock. it starts to pile up, anyway and now it is 33 degrees at 7:00 p.m. in mount pocono and we will see heavy rain moving in, to lancaster and eventually, philadelphia, but it does look like this will be only a rain event, and even later on tonight, when temperatures cool a little bit for us. so today the high temperature, it is 53 degrees. tomorrow, we will cool down to 50 but we will get sunshine for april 1st and then 65 degrees, on thursday. so there is friday, which is, good friday, for some and then the start of pass over is sundown, but whatever you are getting together for, the rain, i day on friday, and lasting into saturday. and, sunday with a mix of sun and clouds, for the phillies home opening day, and a high
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of 60 degrees. so some improvement over previous opening days, would i say, bob kelly. >> all of the chicks in the basket they are all happy there. good morning. 7:17. not happy heading north on i-95, we are looking live from skies fox over the the scene of an accident on the lower deck, of this girard point double decker bridge, this is the the same scene we showed you a few moments ago with the wicked sun glare and thinks again the on the northbound lanes, are the lower deck. so we have a backup from say the airport heading up towards broad street heading up into philadelphia, facing the flood bed here backing up. we have three vehicles on the lower deck on that northbound side. lets go to the live penndot camera here north on i-95, this crash the at route 420 on ramp. everybody is pushed over, into what would be the three travel lanes, so, double accidents on i-95, for gang coming from delco, one at route 420, other one stack up from the airport to that upper side, on have that girard point double
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decker bridge coming in toward the city. westbound on the schuylkill, big jam, 24 minutes from center city to conshohocken. the southbound side of i-95, heavy from woodhaven to downtown. and, and, patco high speed line. and, all eastbound lanes, are closed from, and, allentown interchange. and, tractor trailer there, with a eastbound lanes, are blocked, gannon i70 up there approaching, allentown. mike? >> walk over here come stand next to us. the first of all i know tom wolf is our new governor because i said tom corbett will be having a town hall. did you catch that. >> no, i'm sorry. >> i said tom corbett. >> the tom, tom club. >> i want you to analyze this study that we found. just released study shows how philadelphia measures up against other big commuting
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cities around america. i figured our traffic would be in the top six or seven, worst traffic jams every morning in america. alex has the stats. >> so when you add up number of hours philadelphians spend roughly three days every year in traffic. >> three days every year. >> stuck in traffic. >> if you added it all together every morning we blow three days of our lives in traffic. >> average commute time is 30 minutes. >> okay. >> society i of brotherly love ranks 20th on the list compiled by the mapping company tom, tom. >> they are just like tom corbett and tom wolf. >> top five worse cities to drive-in is lost angeles. >> number one. >> san francisco. >> honolulu. >> that throws me for a loop, honolulu. >> i was in honolulu once, the the traffic is horrific. if you go to the other island maui you can get stuck in major traffic jams because is there only one road that goes all the way around the the island. it is just two lanes. >> for traffic reporter over there, in honolulu.
7:20 am
>> yes. >> yes. >> put in for a transfer. >> yeah. >> well, new york was on there but seattle is another one. it seems so pleasant in seattle. >> pleasant and rainy. >> yeah. >> but you think roosevelt boulevard would get us in the top ten. >> the boulevard, the schuylkill, i-95, all of the construction going on. >> yes, it is only number 20. >> we have to pick it up a notch here. >> you know i'm going to get each of you notes so you don't to have mow your lawn ever again. rent a goat to the folks at amazon. i want to tell you how you can do this and feel some fulfillment. with your goat.
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all right. talking bit all morning apparently you can rent a goat. if there is anybody i necessity in my life, who would know how to rent a goat, it would be lauren simonetti
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with the fox business network. >> for sure. >> lauren, are you renting goats. >> yes, we can do it together. i will need your help but let me backtrack this for you. amazon has a new service called am on home. you can buy a television on amazon and then hire someone to mount the tv for you. not happy with the job that they do they will give you your money back. if you find lower price on angie's list or google local businesses or something they will match that price. thinks amazon like totally moving in and flexing their muscle. there are 700 services available. so, i decided to hire a goat gracer. >> what? >> i have to answer questions in order to get -- well, you see in cities like seattle for instance they use goats to clear out brush and done naturally without the use of chemicals. i had to look that up. that is in the something i know. >> it is a great idea. they do it in los angeles too. they have big field. cities will save money by renting goats.
7:25 am
>> how much do you think this will cost for me in manhattan to have a goat gracer come and do some work. >> lets say you live near the park and you wanted to cut the grass in the park, would i say a you this dollars. >> you don't know. >> well, we have to fill out this form. primary type of vegetation on my land, grass land. >> yes. >> how many acres. we will say five. >> okay. >> i need to service, within a week i reside in the city, land is not fenced and now turf give them an explanation. >> landis not fenced that is a problem. we need a wrangler. >> you have to put a fence up. >> i don't even know what to write. >> i need a get to clear out my backyard in manhattan. >> okay. >> so, submit request. i'll keep you guys posted. i'll tell you tomorrow. >> it is not a bad idea to do this. municipalities do get a heard of goats and they clean up all along the highway. i have seen it. >> try to get those numbers for us by tomorrow when we see
7:26 am
you then, okay. >> have a great day. >> i love her. >> it is time to put cameras in the cockpit of airplanes. we will talk to a pilot, and the attorney, why the the pilots union does not want cameras in the cockpit. day one of spring break and the kid already bored? oh, man. you have a long week coming up here, jen, help. okay they are not bored if they are here in brew mallet the sports arena we are playing nfl press football. cool people verse rest of them. we will tell butt camp. by the the way they are not expensive and do it for one day.
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7:30 on this tuesday morning. welcome, bobbies back, sue is here, hi alex. >> i will be mike. >> you will be you. >> it is mug time. >> i wanted to surprise with you this one. bring the mug in. it was off yesterday. i came back in this morning to this huge box on my desk. >> for the love. >> oh, my goodness. it is our cup and saucer. here's the the coffee cup, okay. >> beautifully done. >> that is it. these guys, they cover like vans and all that, with wraps.
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>> yes. >> check this out. >> the cup is a saucer. it has all of our pictures around the outside, of the saucer. >> look at that. >> fox 29 logo in the middle will. >> ain't that fun. >> it is cool. >> unbelievable. >> now, imagine how much coffee we could put in this. >> yes. >> look at that. >> it is the the guys logo, apple graphics and the guy neil. >> apple graphics. >> that is pretty cool. >> he said he can wrap anything. >> i believe it. >> okay. >> wow. >> thank you so much, yes. >> fill this up and get four straws, so, it is a wrap that he put on there. >> yes. >> it looks like a camera. >> yes, camera lens, he has everybody there, the entire staff on there. >> we. >> it is hard to follow this one up. >> my gosh. >> yes. >> i was hovering over lauren and i thought maybe lauren
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ordered this big ceramic, you know, something or other, i don't know. >> look at the size of bruce gordon's head. >> it is interesting to see the parings, like hoist next to you. >> who do you hook up with. >> i am with mr. bob kelly. >> okay. >> mike, you are with scott williams. shawnette with steve keeley. >> i want to be with shawnette. >> we will see if we cannery rack. >> tom shred chick. >> apple graphics, give them a shot that was great. all right, weather, it is great to start today. to start today. we have sunshine now. bus stop buddy wearing shade for that. we have an umbrella later on for when we get rain. for most of us will there will be rain and there will be snow that will accumulate. we will give the the whole day, a five out of ten. it is 39 degrees right now, and we will get up to a high of 53 with the rain later on, sunshine the at the moment. 35 degrees tonight, still raining, and eventually it
7:32 am
will taper off by midnight. that is your tuesday, from the weather authority, so we're noticing maybe lighter volume, this week, perhaps, bob kelly because of spring break. >> yes, sue definitely unusual traffic volume. this week and next week depending upon the school district, some will have spring break for a couple days this week, others next week, a live look the at i-95, northbound we had an accident at route 420 cleared out of the way but extra backup working your way up toward philly international, and here's that update on that tractor trailer accident that still has the the eastbound lanes, of i78 closed, so this is for the gang, heading in towards allentown along i78, a tractor trailer blocking all of the eastbound lanes, westbound is opened, but for right now this morning, you want to use route 222 as your alternate as you head in toward allentown, and then, another accident, this one on the blue route southbound on the ramp, to head north on i-95, so we a had that crash
7:33 am
here. we have two other accidents on i-95, one right here at route 420 and another one, on that girard point double decker bridge. would i not than surprised if the sun glare this morning, has had an effect on a number of accidents that we have haddon the majors. north on the 42 freeway watch for delays from route 41 heading toward i295 in bellmawr. mike and alex, back over to you. >> thanks, bob 7:33. more developments continue to unfold in the germanwings plane crash. investigators they include reports of leak audio from the black box reporter to a german paper that pushed a time line of all that happened right before the crash. >> yes, leak, come on before the investigation is done. a german prosecutor now confirms that the co pilot had once been diagnosed with suicidal tendencies. so lufthansa, the parent company have of germanwings declined to say whether it knew of co pilot andreas lubitz mental health problems, but said, he had passed all
7:34 am
medical checks since starting work with the the airline two years ago. prosecutor say he deliberately crash the airline inner to the french mountain side last week. lufthansa says, it is insurers are setting aside 300 million-dollar to deal with possible costs, resulting from the crash. so lets bring in former federal prosecutor fred tecci, good morning, fred. >> good morning, mike. >> first of all, lets talk about the leaked data recorder information. >> horrible. >> you hear screaming and pounding and all that. >> in the you had, the in the transportation safety board will not ever release the the audio because they don't want the families to hear that. i think that is so callus to have release that had thing so families here, what their loved ones are going through in the final seconds including the captain who had two young children trying to beat in and get in the door. that was just completely uncalled for. there is no legitimate reason to do that and i had should
7:35 am
have never been done. >> they already had lawsuit filed because they are saying during the investigation normally you shouldn't release all this information coming out about what happen. >> look an aircraft accident investigation is not like clue it is in the like under the colonel in the conservatory. it i a long drawn out process. first thing they teach new aircraft accident deer is you never fall in love with the deer. theories will change. in this case, they have not even found, the flight data recorder, cockpit voice recorder, they have go through the wreckage. there is all kind of things to look at. i think, for anyone to draw any type of conclusion we now know what caused it, i think in a large sense with you investigation has a long way to go. >> there is other debate that has started with this. >> there are cameras every where. we saw one on septa where the guy attack a bus driver. how come we only have audio from cockpits y can't we see what is going on. >> well, first of all you used to do that. american airlines used to have
7:36 am
cameras in the cockpit. >> i remember that. >> we used to watch the planes take off. >> right, exactly. >> after that accident in chicago where the engine fell off the airplane in the dc-10 and passengers watch the whole thing unfold in a television camera they did away with that. i don't think that is appropriate. the lawyers will sit here and a a lot of the show they may say they want to sue airlines and come up with why this ever happened again, airlines should have done something to fix it. aviations as a pilot, i can tell you aviation is countless hours of sheer important dumb and second of sheer terror. having a camera will in the solve that problem. >> it will not solve it but may make us feel better. >> but, you know what, that is not, it may make you feel better but, you know, pilots have to be able to do their job and they have to do what is most important to fly the the airplane. not worry about what people are watching and what the obvious are. their job toys put the the airplane on runway safely. they are committed to doing this job. this accident would have never happen in the u.s. because no
7:37 am
one would have been in the cockpit alone like there was in this case. >> could we not see a surveillance camera in the store, i mean usually all of the hours in the the day is there nothing going on but you need tonight these moments to figure out what happened. >> there is this, what is really going on inside. >> those days are over. >> they are going to get fallen asleep and caught doing things with the flight attendant. >> those days are over. >> and, you know, that kind of of stuff doesn't really happen. maybe good old days, old captain telling me about, when they were young, they would say go back. >> yes. >> those days are over. >> rest of them have have cameras on 24 hours a day why can't a pilot. >> because i don't think it will solve the problem, okay. we have already done things to solve this problem. let's he called this what this is. this guy was a mad murderer, pure and simple. after a mass killing like this we want to climb in the mind of killer and find out yes did it and we want to take steps to figure out what we can do to fix it.
7:38 am
unfortunately, it is not that i am many. after 9/11 it was simple, lock the the doors. this case is very, very different. it is not that simple to solve and i don't think solving problem other than doing as you said making passengers feel better. i don't see it. >> okay. >> all right, fred. >> thanks for having me. >> it is just so hard to believe did he it. >> who would do do something like this when they kill 149 people. it is just boggles my mind, to do that. >> terrible. >> all right. how would you feel if you are in a small town in new jersey, right. you see, military vehicles, patrolling your neighborhood. with an officer carrying a high powered weapon. there is a push in new jersey to stop this from happening in one town. we will take to you that town next. (vo) at jennie-o, we heard of a place in iowa where
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what about web three-point-o and 4-point-o? we skipped them. 'cause they're not good enough. the new apartments-dot-com. change your apartment. change the world. on our students is already scoming through, it's alreadyg showing, and they haven't even taken the test yet. my first-grader came home the other day and cried, because he couldn't - he didn't feel like going to karate practice. after he was done with his work, he said, "mom, i'm just tired," and started to cry. in first grade. what are we doing? what are we doing to our kids?
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i'm tell you what is going on in new jersey. >> well, some people there they are concerned about local police using military republican opposite and trucks in the neighborhood. >> barnegat is one of several police department that
7:42 am
received military surplus transport trucks, hum vees and weapons, as part of the federal program, to help local police fight crime. but some residents wand fur military equipment is really necessary. >> well, we don't see the need for it. if there is in threat what do we need them there. when there is a threat then they should come in. >> so residents are not only ones raising concerns here. and chris christie recently signed a law, banning new jersey police, from requesting the equipment without approval from elect officials. so, and officials say, this. >> we need equipment to get in high water areas to rescue people, and as a result, we acquired both the the hum vees and the trucks and we have need them several times since we have acquired them. >> barnegat made it clear that they don't use vehicles for regular patrols, only rescues, and extreme situations. they want the equipment standing by in case something
7:43 am
bad happens. >> 7:42. day one of spring break and kid are already board. they won't be bored if they go to broomall and meet up with jen. >> okay, so first of all, i love vinny because he said he watches me on tv. i love him because he makes me look like i can go long but i don't have have to. you have have something for me. girl friend, i thought you were going to throw the ball. ashley's brother has came here. awesome. he has, your back. we are coming back with more after this.
7:44 am
jim kenney. son of a firefighter. first in his family to go to college. he's been councilman at-large, representing the whole city. a progressive voice who'll be a mayor for our neighborhoods. bringing philadelphia together... expanding pre-kindergarten, improving our schools... ...and partnering with businesses, community colleges and universities to create jobs jim kenny, the block by block mayor we need to move philadelphia ahead.
7:45 am
we just had the best family vacareally? there were fights breaking out in the street, angry mobs, the whole place was like a war zone. it was fantastic! what about the kids? we shackled them to a post in the middle of town. i don't know what they loved more, the shackling or the pool. my money's on the shackling. with so much to do, stay where the action is. book one of our hotels at
7:46 am
still snowy, at the woodlock resort in the poconos mountains. and they are about to get some more snow before the day is through. maybe a couple more inches of snow. not the case for us, here, as it looks sobriety, it is hard to believe we will have have rain and or snow by end of the day but believe it. chilly morning, sunny to start. hours will roll in this afternoon probably after lunchtime and then yes, far north and west, rain will mix with wet snow and some cases accumulate a bit. and that is just a couple of inches but for almost april that is too much. you can start to see, the beginning of this storm moving
7:47 am
in, it is snow, in erie pennsylvania, and very light rain in pittsburgh, after a milder monday of 57 degrees to day we will get to a high of 53 degrees with that rain in the afternoon and yeah, the snow north and west. tomorrow bright, sunny skies, we've got 50 degrees for april fools day. now we will head into a busy time. we have good friday on friday. we have pass over starting friday night. we have rain, on friday, but a high of 68 degrees. when that rain end on saturday, about midday, we will be left with a high of 55, mid 50's for easter sunday, 60 degrees for phillies opening day, on monday. play ball, bob kelly. you got it. >> good morning everybody. 7:47. live look at i-95 northbound a disable vehicle in the center lane here. watch this knuckle head, he will try to push, the car, off through to the right lane, of
7:48 am
traffic, off on to the shoulder. we just talk about this last week like stay in the car until the penndot arrow trucks can get out there. this fellow has been walking around northbound lanes of i-95 for last five or seven minutes or so but it is i-95 northbound between bridge and cottman. update on this i78 closure it is eastbound lanes, between exit 40 and 45, as you work your way in to the northeast extension, tractor trailer, on its side, all of the eastbound lanes are block, so use 222 to work your way toward allentown. accident southbound lanes of 476 on the ramps to i-95 north and two separate accidents on 295. i don't know what is going on. i will just say sun glare because it is really bright here but southbound 295 a crash right here near warwick road. another accident further south, down near route 30. so double accidents here on
7:49 am
295 as you you head south, down toward that 42 freeway. north on i-95 an accident at girard point double decker, mike, back over to you. >> yesterday traffic was just fine. >> when i was in the here. >> it could be you you. >> so some of the kid are outside on spring break this week. i have a good idea. jen came up with this. there are camps they can go to for just one day give you a little relief, she's in broomall, hi jen. >> hey guys it is cool. say hi to everybody who is cheering, what is up. this is marple sports arena you can do one day camp, bring the kid here later in the day if you like to jump in and all that. >> i need to see flag football action right here and what is cool is you have, the only indoor flag football league in all of delaware county. we are first inn door flag league in delaware county. we are starting in a couple of weeks. we will see who the super bowl champions will be.
7:50 am
>> so what is cool about coming to a spring break camp is you get a preview of what will happen. >> we get to do rock climbing, we get to skate, all sorts of stuff that we will do in the summertime. >> so if people lets say they are seeing this on tv for the the first time and they are like wow my kid can do that they can sign up for wednesday, thursday and friday. >> absolutely, $35 a day for care from 8:00 to 4:30. we have the option to buy a lunch or they can pack their lunch. they get to play and be active instead of being active. >> i know with the video games. >> obviously you have dance, flag football. >> we go big giant balls, where we have tried before i remember. >> yes. >> we will do rock climbing. >> nice catch. >> play different sports. >> good catch on tv. >> nice catch, that is a good one to get on tv. >> what else.
7:51 am
>> arts and crafts, we have a huge arcade that they get to play in. >> this is cool. >> a lot of fun. >> with different stuff all day. >> word on the street here there is a little hippy hop guy that might stop by. >> we have an easter egg hunt from ten to 12:00 on thursday. the easter bunny will be here. again, arts and craft. face painting. the nice morning out for little once. >> thank you mike the camera guy forget ago this on camera so his mom can see this. >> that is right. >> so you will push these guys in and out. the activities will be all morning long. >> i think next we will play some dodge ball. >> i love dodge ball. >> ready to look alive with dodge ball. >> i love it too. >> yes. >> dodge ball. >> hi, marple sports arena broomall. you guys look good. way to go, giants, eagles. >> that is right. >> it is cool, right.
7:52 am
>> i envy you, jen this morning. >> walking in the hockey a reap a with hundred screaming kid. it is fantastic. >> yes. >> yes. >> i love you. i don't know how you do it. >> 7:52. i think i jumped ahead. hold on tour pants, everybody. how many times have you heard this phrase from your mother, a apple a day keeps the doctor away. it was just another lie, apparently it is not true. but it might keep a pharmacist away. doctor mike is here and we will grill him about this. liar. and it is a list i love every year, the philadelphia daily news put together a sexy singles issue, well, we have five dudes who are coming in here all working at city hall we can only have one of the five, into the the issue and you will help choose that man and he will have no clothes
7:53 am
on, no, i think he will be dressed. people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve.
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caring for you ... just got a little easier. pearle vision accepts flex accounts and most vision plans, including eye med. this is genuine eye care, right in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision.
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7:56 am
is what the original meaning of this, you know, fruit. >> yes, well, the statement, an apple a day keeps the the doctor away, goes back hundreds of years probably because apples were one of the only real healthy things around way back in the day. there were plentiful apples. lots of studies show apples are good. this recent study shows, it really doesn't do much for you. it might reduce amount of prescription medications
7:57 am
that you take but i think it is all a bunch of bologne. there are numbers of studies, showing, that apples are an amazing source. >> what is it call. >> peptides. >> yes. >> yes, peptin which is a soluble fiber which is very good. what we tell people with diverticulitis to consume because it allows better digestion. it has antioxidants in it. it is also only got about a hundred calories and then that gives you almost half of the amount of fruit you need. one cup of fruit. so for a hundred calories you will get anti oxidant, vitamin c and you will get something which has some anti oxidant, anti inflammatory effects. all of the studies show apples are a beautiful thing. >> what are you working for apple grower association.
7:58 am
>> yes. >> maybe it goodies for you but not good enough to keep me out of your office. >> i want you in my office. >> yes. >> the thing is, that i can eat and chew at the same time the the bottom line is apples are a good way to get it. >> yes, very good method for health. >> everything in moderation nothing to excess. if you ate nothing but apples it wouldn't good for you either. why do green apples make my stomach hurt, it makes it ache. >> maybe it is just your tummy. >> maybe you are eating too quickly. maybe you have some gas tries. >> i do. >> i know your insides better than do you. >> i found an apple i love, those pink ladies. >> they are amazing what is the other one. >> honey crisp. >> good one too. >> it doesn't matter what color. >> oh, no, not at all. >> great. >> fruits and vegetables are owe important. in fact, we were talking about this study that if you get chefs that come into the
7:59 am
kitchen in schools, and they actually get kids to eat more fruits and vegetables because they necessity how to prepare them. >> they can make them. >> yes, my wife is a vegetarian. i have got men to the plant based diet the which brings me to the next story. >> yes. >> do we have time. >> i'll hurry, do you know when you go to the supermarket 60 percent of average americans calories come from highly processed stuff. >> we know that is bad. >> it is over half and it a has not change. >> you have to go with less property zested foods. >> we know that, don't eat processed food. >> it is just so easy. >> try to find broccoli. >> you have a venue you want to talk about too. >> yeah, yeah, i was at over the the weekend, all right a
8:00 am
wonderful, wonderful hospital, chestnut the hill hospital and gave a talk a wellness conference. i had a blast. we had all kind of people there talking about health and how to eat ride i brought my props here. i had all kind of props there. bob, in the our bob. >> good to see you doctor mike. >> something to help one person sleeping. >> you will make apple sauce. >> i like apple sauce. >> it is tuesday, march 31st, 2015, here we go. >> we are leading charges filed in the connection with the shooting death of the darby boro police officer hearing his girlfriend could be charged in the coming hours, sue. >> the sunnies shining, right new but it is showers, and, snow, for some of us, later on in the the day. bring the umbrella, maybe the
8:01 am
glush escalator on. we will have details in our forecast coming up. >> sue there is a new kind of music will jay-z's new app change the way we listen to music. how we are hoping star power will push impact right over the new thing in town, mike? >> it was a big deal yesterday, this is a big deal every year. will daily news sexy sickles issue, these five guys work at city hall, and they believe they should be the the choice for the the magazine. we can only take one of them. all five of them are in our studio and we will help help us decide iron who gets out of the sexy single issue. >> you can only pick one. >> hi, bob. >> good luck to the guy from mmr, not the radio station, but mary mother of the redeemer catholic school up there in north wales, pennsylvania. >> i'll tell you this, mary mother of redeemer rocks.
8:02 am
>> sue? >> yeah. >> that is a if one. >> and, we got it going to day. thanks mary mother the redeem inner north wales. >> okay. >> all right. >> have an apple. >> yes. >> lets look the at the number this morning. it is five out of ten. it will be half and half kind of day. first half looks great. second half, not so much. we have got the umbrella with bus stop buddy for later on. sunglasses for right now. sun to start. there it is, shining brightly, 43 degrees, and westerly wind at 6 miles an hour. fifty-three by the end of the day, but afternoon rain, and yes, far north and west of the city, you know the drill, where it is colder we're going to see some snow, perhaps measurable snowfall there. tonight we are down to 35 as the rain tapers off. that is your weather authority forecast, so, bob kelly, here
8:03 am
we are getting ready for, easter, this weekend, and maybe shoveling some snow. >> little bit of everything you have got there on the seven day forecast. >> good morning everybody. live look at 30 bypass. we had an earlier accident on the eastbound side, traffic starting to move again, but we have wick sun glare and a closure of i78. eastbound side up here in berks county, right before you get to the the northeast extension. between exits 40 and 45, and overturn tractor trailer. everybody head ing eastbound toward allentown this morning you want to use 222 as your alternate. there we go, here's a live look from sky fox over the the scene of this crash, it is what we are confirming it here. it is a tandem tractor trailers, tam den federal express tractor trailer here, again, it is eastbound lanes of i78, between exits 40, and 45. if you are heading east, in
8:04 am
toward allentown it looks like this will be with us here for a little while. but there is definitely some injuries. there is some nasty damage there to that concrete barrier and i'm just trying to take a look and see if we have a huge backup there. it is eastbound lanes. use i222 as the alternate through berks county for remainder of the morning, mike and alex. >> another federal spread tractor trailer right behind it now. >> yes, they will have have to off load that cargo before they can upright. that we will keep sky fox over and give you an update the in ten minutes. >> we will update you on this breaking news in virginia, bank robbery suspect is being treated at a hospital in fairfax county, and reportedly a struggle with the private guard and then took his gun. shot was fired but in one was hurt. suspect's name is wilson asay, he made a run for it wearing nothing but his hospital gown. he didn't even have shoes on. >> yes. >> so, we will show you a picture of wilson asay from fairfax county police. they tweeted out this photo.
8:05 am
police believe he is traveling in the stolen car. the the hospital was on lock down but now they believe he has left that area, possibly with his girl friend. asay is considered armed and dangerous. the happies still on lock down police blocked off access as they continue to look for him. officials say he was taken to the hospital for treatment after he attempted to harm him early is. >> everybody be careful because if he is in the car trying to make a run for it, you never know he could jump on i-95 which is close to that area keep an eye on. darby police are close to charging a suspect, it will probably happen this morning with the shooting of that officer over the weekend. >> jenny joyce is live outside with the details, jenny. >> reporter: mike and alex, standing by for. that yesterday mark hudson's girlfriend was charged with terroristic threats. today we are expect ago digsal charges to be filed in connection to his death. mark hudson was shot and killed, on saturday while he was inside of his glenn olden home, and shot with his
8:06 am
department issued handgun. his girlfriend was at home at the time. she was taken in for questioning over the weekend and now charged with terroristic threats. hudson served as a volunteer fire fight inner yeadon and part-time police officer in darby. his professional reputation was great but his boss, darby boro chief robert smith said he knew his personal life was not the the best. he was in a troubled relationship with a woman who threatened him in the past. at one point hudson had a pfa against her. he thinks the girlfriend will be charged with hudson's death and it is only a matter of time. >> he didn't shoot himself i'm hure of that because forensic evidence proves he didn't shoot himself. there are a lot of ways officer hudson was being coerced by her, and if a pfa is filed against an officer you have to take away his weapons and he can in longer work. >> it is hard. really hard. >> you are emotional. >> yeah, when you watch a kid
8:07 am
grow up like that it is hard. i cannot even think about how his mother is feeling right now. >> family and friend will mourn his death. they will do so with a can will light vigil outside of mark hudson's home. in the meantime we will await additional charges, mike and alex. >> thank you, jenny. >> we will have a camera there as jenny said, so when we see her marched in the police station. >> 8:07. here's an odd story, big story in philadelphia, the lawyer for that guy right there mumia abu-jamal a, wants to know why his client has been rushed to the hospital, yesterday. he said abu-jamal is in a critical care unit, at a pennsylvania hospital. he doesn't even know whiz hospital it is. prison officials won't tell anybody what is going on. abu-jamal is serving life in prison for murder of a philadelphia police officer danny faulkner. a lawsuit in response to the taped commencement speech that
8:08 am
he gave is being reviewed, in a federal court. the the suit seeks to determine if victims of violent crimes can prevent convicted criminals from doing things that will cause further mental distress like the speech did especially to danny's wife. more on that. as soon as we find out what hospital he is in and yes is there and maybe in critical condition, we will let you know. i don't know why is there so many secrecy. >> when it comes do his own attorney you would think his attorney would know. >> one hollywood mega pre dueser, you know this guys name, he may be in trouble. it is harris winestein. >> he is being accused of sexual assault. it comes from a 22-year old model according to a new york post. it claims winestein groped her at tribeca film center in new york. police questioned the producer on saturday but d.a. has yet to decide if charges will be filed. weinstein made films of pulp fiction and gangs have of new york. >> new york post is all over it. here she is, 22 years old.
8:09 am
look at the model, italian model a accuses weinstein. you you know who else she has been linked to at a very young age of 22. >> who. >> sylvia berlusconi. >> yeah. >> so, very interesting to go see, more come out of that. >> somehow she got close with the prime minister of italy, years ago. just 22. now she is accusing weinstein of this. all right. robin williams loved ones continue to fight over his possessions how sad does this make you. >> judge has given the latent taner's wife and children a deadline now. >> his widow susan and his three children, zel ta jack and codey were given a few months to quit arguing and come to an agreement over who should own items such as his watches, bicycles, figurines that he had. they are due you back in court now, june the first. the the judge says, get it together. legendary actor and comedian
8:10 am
committed suicide in august. so susan, the now ex-wife or wife his former wife, his widow agreed that robin wanted his children to share in the contents of the family's napa valley home, right but doesn't think they should have have the items in the home that they shared at a different location. at one time there were reports she accused the kids of stealing his possessions. they say, that never happened. arguing over this dead man's estate. >> williams appointed trustees, report that had most of the bigger issues have been decided though. >> yes. >> just the fact that they are arguing. >> memorabilia, goodness gracious. >> we will explain this new term you have to get to know it, it is called tidal. >> is there a tidal wave coming. jay-z's new app change the way we listen to music. how he is hoping star power will push him past spotify. >> plus, quincy...
8:11 am
>> really bad. >> we're going to play the trombone today. jeff brad shaw is teaching me how to play the trombone. he has a new album called home that comes out today and you are performing at tla. we will talk to you and teach me coming up next. watch this, watch this. (clucking noises)
8:12 am
everyone wants to be the cadbury bunny because only he brings delicious cadbury creme eggs. while others may keep trying, nobunny knows easter better than cadbury.
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8:14 am
updating breaking news we are looking live from sky fox here over this scene of the tractor trailer accident along i78, it is on the westbound side, this is all west, of the northeast extension, and, between exits 40 and 45. this fedex tandem tractor trailer. this happened early this morning before the sun even rose, i would say about 4:30 or 5:00 o'clock or so, not only is there significant damage to the vehicle the truck there but look at the concrete barrier, this is westbound side of i78, closed this morning, so anyone, who is heading west, leaving the allentown area, and trying to head west this morning you will need to use i222. there is at least one vehicle
8:15 am
that is also involved, there is another, federal express truck that pulled you the behind them and fire crews on the scene but again, westbound i78 in berks county and we will continue with an update as we roll through the the rest of the morning rush hour, kind of give you a location here, going to the maps there it is westbound, west, of the northeast extension. so if you are leaving allentown, heading west out toward that harrisburg area this morning you will need to use i222, as the alternate. otherwise, wick sun glare. i just walk out to put money in the meter and boy, the sunnies bright this morning. >> it is hard to believe we have rain and maybe some snow in the forecast for later on in the day and march came in like a lion two with .4 of an inch of snow on the first day of month a high temperature of only 32 degrees. that may be the the high in the mountains today but for us, 53. so that is why we're calling for rain for us.
8:16 am
and then sunny and cooler for tomorrow with a high of 50 degrees and a seven out of ten. we will go up to a nine on thursday with sunny skies and then friday, it is good friday, it is the the first evening of pass over. it is going to be 68 degrees and raining. that rain will probably last into saturday morning when we're back in the 50's for easter weekend by sunday it is an excellent high of 57 degrees, and the phillies, they open up their season at home, on monday and for a change we have an accident decent forecast, for phillies verse red sox, high of 61 degrees, guys. >> sixty-one? guys are starting to come in the station now. >> for sexy singles. and the arrival, basically and, only one can get in the sexy singles. >> who are you going.
8:17 am
>> yesterday was a big, big day in the music industry average lieutenant of music industry's biggest stars are preparing for what they call a tidal wave. >> tidal is the the key. it is all part of the new streaming service back by jay- z. >> ♪ the. >> yes, did you see that. >> yeah. >> service is in direct competition with spotify and apple's revamped music service beats music headed by doctor dre. so tidal, quote unquote tidal is designed to give artists a bigger cut and billed as first artist own platform for music and video. artists love this eye tea. >> crazy to see them all at one room. but here are some cost break
8:18 am
downs. you you are thinking about what about spotify how you do this compare. 9.95 for standard sound quality and 19.99 for high fidelity sound quality. >> spotify standard is from free to ten bucks tops. >> but when do you free service you have ads too. >> yeah. >> on beats music you pay $9.99 a in or $99 per year. >> basically the same. they are competitive with each other. lets bring our resident music know it all mr. smarty pants, there is quincy harris, what do you think about this. >> i down loaded the app yesterday. >> i bet you did. >> i did. i had to. it is the same as spotify and beats music, the one difference with tidal i can say is they have video and they have like different artists. they have their actual input, you know, you have like artists blurbs and what they were thinking about when they wrote different songs. they have more extensive play
8:19 am
list on tidal as well. it seemed like the same. i signed up for the 9.99, 19.99 if you have high resolution, you know, speakers but, it seems like the same as, you know, as the other service but for me, i went okay, i would like to support jay-z and the cause. >> you are talking about... you are talking about supporting, quincy, is this really better for artist or better for us listeners like to listen to music. >> i think, for me, an extra dollar to give to artists to necessity that the artist will get more money, from their music, you know, i will give them support. >> i agree that. >> if you like artist, you have to support them. >> because they don't lesser cuts from the the other too. >> because they own parts of the tidal, all of the artists own part of it.
8:20 am
>> last time, he was in town i went to his concert at kimmel, it was so great. >> well, mike, now, that show at the kimmel center is now a cd called home. >> yes. >> it is in stores today. >> yes good you have a performance performing tonight. >> at tla. >> yes, live at tla. it will be incredible. >> who are some of the people coming down. >> tonight i have special guess eric robeson, kenny lathmore, the roots, and then a few surprises. >> i gotcha. >> so next hour, guys i will be playing the trombone. >> yes. >> yes. >> we're looking forward to that. >> yeah. >> let's just go, thank you, quincy. >> that will blow. >> big news for disney fans that cinderella woman is not the other live action film to hit the silver screen. no classic remake coming to
8:21 am
theaters, it is in the just cinderella anymore. movie night gone wrong, two teens ruin a movie night for a mom and their daughter. now her mommies speaking out. her surprising reaction to
8:22 am
8:23 am
you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh!
8:24 am
mulan may be the next cartoon to turn live ago. disney is interested in recreating the chinese legend. the film follows a young with man who disguised herself as a man who became a skilled warrior and eventually blossomed into a greater heroin. disney is hoping for same success that cinderella recently had, that made money in the box office. >> and also, their stage performances, they come to life. >> true. >> new host of the late, late show is making a name for himself with the help of famous friends. >> so he stripped down, yes, stripped down with a very attractive celebrity last night. >> lets take a look.
8:25 am
>> for men to be truly happy, he needs to be able to see, expenditure life in a box, being judged, and different than today. is there a reason for this. >> my goodness. >> i like that james corden the show has been pretty good. >> yes. >> well, look at those man boobs on the right. david beck ham showed his humerus side alongside james last night and it was funny. let's move on here because sexy sickles are in the house. >> yeah, there they are. they all work the at city hall. only one can be rothed into the daily news sexy singles issue, you will help us out, viewers, ladies get on twitter, facebook and instagram, it will be in about 15 seconds and then you vote, okay. they're here. come on guys.
8:26 am
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now we can all choose amazing sleep, only at a sleep number store. right now, you can save $600 on the number one-rated i8 bed. know better sleep with sleep number.
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tomorrow is a big take to keep our fox 29 spring fling. we will spend all day in mount laurel, new jersey. come hang out with us wednesday morning at victoria's bistro at 7:00. some people have been asking if i can come at eight or 9:00. we will than at mount laurel fire department from 8:30 to ten. those two spots you can go. if you cannot make that in the evening in the 5:00 o'clock hour we will still be out there atco kok-kee. come join us. have a spring plunge. >> i have been assigned to cocoa, key because it is a water park. you may go to the school in the area at a baseball game. >> yeah, it will be fun. >> do you have swim trunks. >> i am wearing a speedo, since it is a water park, sue. >> no good no. >> okay. >> please reconsider for the sake of the children.
8:30 am
>> yes. >> with the umbrella for later on and sunglasses for right now, it will be a different end to the day then the beginning. it looks nice, 43 with westerly wind at 6 miles an hour. we have some know, lehigh valley, pocono mound tapes, that is right. tonight we are down to mid to upper 30's, rain continues. it tapers off at midnight. that is your fox cast for tuesday. bob, you have had aned adventurous tuesday. we have been crazy in and out of philadelphia. here's a live look over sky fox over the scene of the nasty tractor trailer accident that happened 4:30 this morning in the westbound lanes of i78, up in berks county this is just west of the allentown interchange, and, of the northeast extension. significant damage obviously not only to the truck there but it looks like truck is fulled loaded. there were two tractor trailers and vehicle involved
8:31 am
in this accident and huge damage to the guardrail. i just talk to the police. they say expect closure to remain in effect until at least 12:00 noon this morning. lets go to the maps. if you are leaving allentown ate i78 westbound. owe leaving allentown it is closed at exit number 45. folks are push off, going through township until at least 12 noon. you have best bet would i use route 222 as alternate. we are grid locked at moment and will only get worse before it get better. mike and alex, back to you. >> alex, this is your first year to experience the philadelphia daily news, the newspaper sexy single issue. >> i have heard about it? yes. >> we have posters up in the news room because some of our co-workers have been in that. shawnette wilson there, she was in it. bill anderson has been in it. >> look at that good oh, yeah. >> it is always kind of fun. i believe next time we have
8:32 am
sexy singles issue will be in august with people vying to get in the issue already. >> these five guys work in the same office of city hall they are trying to get a chance to appear in this issue but only one man can appear and you get to pick them. make sure you are watching. to hear more about this contest it is philadelphia daily news column tonight helen vina. >> hi helen. >> if we open up at to daze's newspaper you find out about all five of them. >> right. >> do we vote on line or how do we vote. >> is there a coupon in the paper. you have to get the original coupon is what you have to send in. you vote for one of the five guys which i will tell you will be really hard to pick. i spent time with them, they are great. >> they get picked only on the biggest vote. >> yes. >> do they have to take their shirts off and get in the the schuylkill river or anything like that. >> it is on them. whatever they feel comfortable with. >> they all five of them work together and they each think they are the one for the job. so, let me meet them and you
8:33 am
start judging on twitter, instagram and facebook. >> first up. he is 22. graduate of lah will sal university. andre devalley. >> welcome. >> you have 152nd to sell yourself. >> i'm youngest one out of our group. oligemia collogues i still necessity what twitter ace and justin beiber is. i should get the vote. i'm young entrepreneur. i made an app called not shell politics. legislative assistant. i'm in law school. out of all of them i have the biggest heart. >> and in fact, i saw you and retweet had you already. you are only one of the five that tweeted this morning. >> yes. >> thank you very much. >> so, we have next, from frank for, we have... >> somebody help in the control room there, please. >> hi, akeem, welcome to the show. >> good morning, how are you.
8:34 am
>> step down you have 15 seconds to sell yourself. >> i'm god bearing, i'm a family man, very intelligent, charismatic and i can benches from about 465. >> 465. >> wow. >> wow. >> wow. >> you can bench press the other three guys. >> easily. >> thank you, akeem. >> good to have you here. >> thank you. >> third hopeful is carlos, from north philadelphia but said called me andy, andy rendon. >> strike a pose blue steel. >> good morning, good morning, good morning. well, what else can i say, i think anybody who knows what sexy is instant how you make the other person feel. i think i'm the the sexiest person in this building right now. >> now, i have to ask why andy. >> i have always, andre is my middle name. i have been called andy my whole life. carlos is not something i'm very used to. >> have you ever been called
8:35 am
randy andy. >> no, not the that i recall. >> you sound like a very nice guy. >> thank i, i am thank you so much. >> contestant number four. >> born in the the dominican republic and travels back as much as possible. we have this contestant. >> good morning. >> so, born in first generation dominican american. life long philadelphian. very involved in the city of philadelphia i have six wonderful kids. i'm doing this to bring awareness to the social injustice, going on in the district. >> that is great. >> you have six kids. >> yes. >> that can still be sexy but you are single. >> yes, i am okay, good, just clarifying. >> thank you. >> so our final sexy single hopeful was born in puerto rico and now lives in north philadelphia. rafael alvarez. >> welcome rafael. >> welcome, tell to the mike, you have 15 seconds. >> good day philadelphia, i'm rafael alvarez.
8:36 am
emmy believe i'm philadelphia sexy single, because i'm an avid art collector, community activist, i'm very active in the lgbt community in philadelphia. i have a passion for justice. art collector. all types of good stuff. i have great energy. i'm looking for someone that can match me. >> yes. >> hey guys. >> yes, okay. >> okay, everybody. >> we have five here behind us. >> who should win this, seriously, tell us all about each other, we can all should know. >> come on. >> we all work together. >> yes good you are the best looking. >> yes. >> you are the smartest one. >> let me get here. >> the the techy of the group. >> i'm the troublemaker. >> the troublemaker. >> he has the kids. >> mike? >> i'm looking for justice and working together for people. >> so again, how do we vote,
8:37 am
helen. >> you have to buy the paper. >> yes. >> you have to go into the store and coupon and fill it out and send tonight to the daily news. >> mail it in. >> will we know before who makes the cut or wait until sexy singles coming out and then we will know. >> you have to wait. >> that is a long wait. >> but also we want to do our own tabulation here on twitter, facebook and instagram, what do you think? is what you're mediate response to these five guys. >> we want to know. >> i want to get out of the way so they can really see them. >> thank you, helen. >> lets talk about this you this movie all about philly. >> it is all about west philadelphia. it is called brotherly love. stars are here on good day. they will be in the studio and join news about an hour. >> but first real estate granny, thinks the most adorable story, i'm telling you, photo you are guarantied to make your day.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
okay. twenty years ago. >> yes. >> selena was kill. >> my goodness. >> today is the 20th anniversary of that, and you know she was from texas and stuff. we all loved selena so much. really all across the nation, they loved her. this is just one of her songs. >> wow. >> twenty years. >> she was only 22. >> now, president of her fan club. >> president of the her fan club kill her. >> they met up at a hotel and she was shot and killed there. >> man, they adopted her. >> she was born in lake jackson, corpus christie. >> yes. >> so, yes. >> twenty years ago. >> my goodness. >> well, how about this young woman, a florida grandmother may have come up with a good way to sell a home, by photo bombing it.
8:42 am
>> yes. >> how funny is this, right here. so her smiling face can be seen on several real estate pictures. she's looking around the corner and couch. her granddaughter was taking photos to sell the house but she could not resist the she posted on twitter with the comment my grand mommies trying to sell her house in florida and these are pictures, i'm laughing so hard. >> it just may do the trick because she's an internet sensation. more people looking at the homes, better chance of someone buying. >> that is how people are shopping for homes right now, and all that but she send her daughter, every room in the house and she's in every single picture. >> even a virtual tour. >> yes. >> oh, god. >> do they have a bedroom shot. >> but first they used to say don't have your stuff, and too many things in your home and new she's photo bombing it. >> it is spring break for kid. jen, what are we up to right
8:43 am
now. >> you got yours on. i didn't get hit. we're playing dodge
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
good morning, updating breaking news. we have just confirmed that one person is killed in this accident this morning, this is a live look from sky fox, over the the scene, of the westbound lanes of i78, at about 4:30 this morning. this fedex tandem tractor trailer, another tractor trailer and vehicle collided, again, westbound lanes, police say closed until around noon. this is all west of the northeast extension, allentown interchange. so anyone leaving allentown this morning, and heading west on i78 this will be with us until about noon time, according to the state police in that area, again an investigation plus obviously they need to hand off load all of that cargo, you can see look at the skid marks in that area there. this happened about 4:30 this morning westbound lanes of i78 remain closed leaving allentown you want to use route 222 to the at least the noon time hour.
8:47 am
mike and alex, back over to you. >> they have been sitting there for four hours. >> they are pushing everybody off at exit number 45 which is a 5-mile stretch of folks stuck there. >> wow. >> you've got easter this sunday. we have pass over on friday. >> yes, and later this week some kids will be on their spring break, some are on it this week, some next week a lot of time, kid and parents they need to fill. so jen is helping out with that in broomall. >> yes, it is pretty cool. this is the the sports arena baby, you are going down. >> somebody got him. >> i have been dying to do that all morning. >> very cool, great athlete. dodge ball, one of the things you happen to do during spring break. >> absolutely. >> why is it fun to do dodge ball. >> it is a friendly game more or less. >> kid love it. look at that. >> i have to say, the dodge
8:48 am
ball of 2015, it is like a spa treatment. >> yes, agree. >> i a hate to be that guy. >> we just heard from chad. >> yes. >> he came in talking about this earlier, a lot of people use this as a one day spring break camp as a try out for summer camp. you have an open house. >> our open house is on friday from 4:30 to 6:30. that is a perfect time to start out because our last discount for summer camp preregistration is saturday and that is $20 off per week. >> how much per week. >> 265. >> that is nothing. snack and lunch is included. >> yes. >> and for 6:00 o'clock at night. >> yes, ma'am. >> this is my favorite time. get over here. >> you have been nailed 400 times. have you ever got even off the court. >> here's what i want to you
8:49 am
do. you can do it. i believe in you, come on. >> these kid came in with all kind of swagger and they are amazing kid. >> yes. >> everybody has different skill sets. many are very good at throwing balls at people. >> yes. >> in particular. >> yes. >> we have a situation here. >> we need some help. >> mike jerrick. >> hey. >> right in the butt. >> yes. >> vinny junior ising down you you may in the get him back. >> she's mad. >> a lot of things going on there. >> philly land on the list of the worst traffic cities in america, which city do you think rank number one, it is surprising where philadelphia landed i think, hey, justin.
8:50 am
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by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] 8:53 on your tuesday morning and it is chilly but it is sunny out there right now and not going to last. the showers, as the the cloud role in first by lunchtime and then this afternoon it will be on and off throughout the rest of the day, but, if you are north ape west of the city that rain will mix with wet snow and especially in the pocono mountains we are expect ago accumulation as much as
8:54 am
3 inches of snow in some places. so that is your march guys,ing out like a lion. >> speaking of lion, i have got the to congratulate you earlier today, we have a basketball team in the tournament, the nit, our temple owls play tonight. go temple. >> represent us. >> they will be at madison square garden tonight. pet owners often say my doggies just like my child. >> twinkle, twinkle little star, how i wonder what you are. >> my goodness. >> so this is posted by someone in upper darby dave mckenny. look at that, my gosh. >> puppy pacifier. >> that is his puppy falling asleep with the pacifier. >> lea is loving that pacifier. >> good night. >> and down she goes.
8:55 am
>> off to sleep. >> i never thought about doing that. >> that is great. >> he out to sell those puppy pacifiers. a binge i for your boxer. >> and maybe coated in dog food or something like that good with a little bit of -- >> maybe a a crossbone yes. >> we just got an idea. >> yeah. >> movie night gone wrong two teens ruin a movie for a mom and her daughter talking through the film, right? well, the loud mouth mommies speaking out a
8:56 am
my tempur-pedic made me fall in love with mornings again. i love how it conforms to my body. with tempur-pedic the whole bed is comfortable. it's the best thing we ever did for ourselves. it's helping to keep us young. (vo) visit your local retailer and feel the tempur-pedic difference for yourself.
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that building at third and market, with the cvs and restaurant, 59 different
8:59 am
units. it looks kind of cool. >> it does. >> yeah, cvs is already up. >> wow. >> good day, it is tuesday march 31st, 2015. >> hi. >> hello. >> justin beiber roasted they did this a month ago but they aired it last night on comedy central. people line up to poke fun of home. we have put together some of the better jokes and then our philly's own kevin hart hosted the thing. >> and, we get selfie stick at home, why big music festivals are banning you from bringing devices. >> really. >> a new film set in west philadelphia, it is all of the buzz right now. it is called brotherly love. the the stars of this film are in our studio, this hour. >> can't wait to meet them. >> it will be fun. >> mother's facebook apology has led to an outpouring of support for her, across the country. >> alabama a mom took to facebook to say sorry on baffle of her kid being rude during a movie, so this is a screen shot of the message.
9:00 am
mom, keisha smith sent out hoping to track down a woman the girls offended in that theater. the the mom called out her own kid saying this rude, disrespectful and awful behavior is unacceptable and they owe you an apology. >> her son told her the two girls were reprimanded, by a woman inside the theater. the woman, who asked the girls to quiet down told them that her husband had just been laid off from work and this may be the last time in a while she will enjoy move business her families because she wouldn't be able to afford it. keisha hear about this. she is the mom, of the rude girls, keisha is glad the woman in the theater spoke up to her own children. >> she's the most gray gracious, kind, forgiving woman and i'm so humled by that. i have been telling people the real hero of the story. i have been getting a tension. real hero is her. >> there you go. >> girls to have use their allowance money to


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