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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6a  FOX  March 31, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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a community in disbelief a beloved neighbor killed in the fire last night where he was minutes before the the fire erupted. it is hard. it is really hard. >> you are emotional. >> yeah. >> when you watch a kid grow up like that, it is hard. >> a darby police officer gunned down in his own home, those who knew him are still trying to wrap their head around what happened. charges his girl friend is now facing. and march came in like a lion, for sure and on this last day it is going out like a lion. it is not supposed to work that way. some places may see know again
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today. sue, bob kelly comes back into our lives after a day off, what is going on seriously. >> we won't see snow, it will be too warm for snow but up toward pocono mountains up there towards allentown. >> are you seeing snow in allentown. >> later. >> later today. >> it doesn't start until after 12:00 noon. >> right around nap time. >> yes. >> what time is your nap time. >> we will sleep through it. >> tail of two weather days. >> it is, start with the first half. >> the first tallies sunny to start. the it would be beautiful beginning to the day and a rainy owned for us and a snowy end for folks north and west. that is when weather drama begins. bus stop buddy is geared up later on in the day with the umbrella but it will be sun toy start. pretty soon too with sunrise at 6:47. 44 degrees in the the city with 7 miles an hour wind, and nothing just yet on radar but it is not that far away. the this is kind of a fast
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moving system. it is already spreading rain in the western part of the state, and if you are up in erie pennsylvania you are seeing snow already. so this morning are but for us it is a rainy day after 12:00 noon. fifty-three is the the high. that is why it is only rain for us. we will go down to the mid to upper 30's tonight with the rain tapering off later on. so that is your weather authority forecast, bob kelly, what are we looking at, it looks like a mess. >> a mess coming into downtown philadelphia, an accident involving a down tractor trail their has ramps from the the schuylkill to center city, closed at the moment. here's the the big rig that started a half an hour ago. philadelphia fire fighters on the scene. if you are coming eastbound on the schuylkill expressway, coming into center city this is the ramp to take you into downtown on the vine street expressway. all traffic diverted, basically keeping everybody on the schuykill right now. i'm not sure if there is a fuel spill or somebody injured a lieutenant of equipment just
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pulled up to the scene. the obviously something is going on. if you are heading in to philadelphia eastbound on that schuylkill expressway traffic is starting to backup right around girard avenue heading in towards center city. we have a couple of options. the best one would be the kelly drive or martin luther king drive. forget the schuylkill. stay on the drives. that will give you access into center city. anybody already out the door or not going to use the drives will have a couple of options maybe sitting at 30th exiting at south and basically making the u turn on the the schuylkill expressway here but again, the ramps from the schuylkill to center city is shut down right new with that tractor trailer accident. another accident just involving a tractor trailer for the gang up in the allentown area i78 eastbound, a block for about 5 miles all because of an accident. again that is only eastbound side that is blocked at the moment. mike and alex back over to you. we have some breaking news this morning out of fairfax county, virginia. just a across the river from washington d.c.
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police are searching for a suspect escaped from the fairfax hospital, armed with a gun. woodson asaya was last seen wearing a hospital gown. shouldn't be hard to spot. he wasn't even wearing shoes. the happies on lock down. police have shut down nearby roads as they search for the the suspect. they is right there. right across the the river basically near falls church, virginia across the river from washington d.c. fairfax county police tweeted that photo of him. he was reportedly being watched by a private security guard at the time of his escape and has the guard's donna parentally. >> he is considered armed and dangerous. police have not said why he was originally taken into custody but we are working to get more information but that is a photo of the prisoner. >> we have a camera on the scene. we will get you a live report coming up. this is new this morning fire fighters on the scene of the overnight fire in conshohocken. fire started in a home just before 3:00 this morning on the 100 block of west first
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avenue. luckily no one was hurt. darby police are closing in on charging a suspect in connection with the shooting death of an officer. >> we're likely to see this person walking in the police station later on, in a few hours from now, jenny is on the scene jenny. >> reporter: mike and alex, yesterday mark hudson's girlfriend was charged with terroristic threats and we think that is a precursor for more serious charges expect to be filed in the coming hours against his girlfriend. twenty-six year-old mark hudson was shot and killed, saturday afternoon inside of the glenn olden home that he shared with his live in girl friend. police say he was shot with his department issued handgun and his girlfriend's was home at the time. she was taken in for questioning over the weekend and charged with terroristic threats. hudson served as a volunteer fire fight inner yeadon and a part-time police officer in darby. his professional reputation was stellar but his boss, darby boro's cheap robert smith says he knows his personal life was not always rosie. he was in a trouble
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relationship with a a woman threaten him in the past. at one point hudson had a pfa a a against her. he thinks that hudson will be charged with the death but it is only a matter of time. >> he didn't shoot himself because forensic evidence proves he didn't shoot himself a lot of ways officer hudson was being coerced by her if a pfa is filed begins a officer you have to take away his weapons. he can in longer work. >> it is hard, really hard. >> you are emotional. >> yeah, when you watch a kid grow up like that, it is hard. i cannot even think about how his mother is feeling right now. family members continue to mourn loss and help honor hudson's life. there is a candle light vigil scheduled tomorrow night at the scene of the shooting at his glenn olden home. that is at 7:00 o'clock mike anal he can.
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6:06. darby township man entered his home yesterday evening neighbors reported hearing an explosion, which cause add i fire that would take crews over an hurry to control. >> neighbors say the the man known as mr. duke as rescuers raced to the jackson street house fire where the man was trapped inside. fire fighters arrived to the the home already engulfed in smoke and flames. the damage was so bad that ten homes were evacuated in the a area. fire fighters had to push back from the scene. >> heavy smoke and a heavy flames. we had to leave the structure because of the heavy intense flames. >> fire fighters responded and reported seeing a blue flame during a fire which means gas was in the area. neighbors say that the man who was found dead in the basement of this home, was known, again as mr. duke. and he was a scrap metal collector with cars a and other metal objects
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surrounding his home. they all knew him very well. and a handfull of attacks here at a local college, a at least four reported in the past few weeks how the school is trial to keep their students safe. time is running out a deadline to strike a nuclear weapons deal with iran is just hours away
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west chest they are students are on high alert after violent crime. >> latest involved a sexual salt over the weekend. in the past two weeks there have been two sexual assaults reported and two robberies as well. three of the four incidents were off campus but the boundaries are really offering little comfort to students. >> it rattles me. it rattles me to my core. because that could be anybody. >> cost it change your behavior, in other word when you you go out where you go out abe who you go out with. >> definitely, i am always with a friend. i don't go out when it ties dark. >> i feel like the campus is safe, it is just people off campus are crazy. >> well, statistics show west chester university averaging just over one violent crime per month. in a statement west chester university officials and they say crime is not increasing but it keeps students information through
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digital crime alerts. lets get back to this a security scare at nsa headquarters this was crazy. how cross dressers got into a deadly confrontations with federal authorities. good morning everybody. a problem coming into philadelphia, this ace live look at the schuylkill expressway, the ramps from the schuylkill, to center city, blocked right now because of a tractor trailer accident we will check rest of the roads and sue has the forecast are you eag flakes
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we will first break down the day, so you know what to expect and then we will go into detail. it is a chilly morning. that sunnies start diagnosis come upright now and cloud will roll in by lunchtime with afternoon showers for many of us, but, farther north and west of the city rain will mix with wet snow. up in the higher elevations probably some accumulations before all is said and done, today. so here's ultimate doppler radar and nothing in the area just yet and it could stay away for a couple of hours but don't look too far away toe the storm. there is pittsburgh getting rain. is there erie, pennsylvania getting some snow, this morning. they are colder obviously and they will get the snow. that is the deal. where it is colder we do see possibility of accumulating snow and winter weather advisories for carbon and monroe counties going into
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effect at noon and lasting until 10:00 o'clock tonight. potential snowfall up to one to 3 inches for accumulation and maybe wet snow even if you are closer to us. here's the future cast by 9:00 o'clock it is gotting closer. we are seeing an increase in cloud. by noon we are not seeing much but may see first rain drop be, and may see first snow flakes if you are up in the mountains, then we will get heavier rain moving in for evening rush and that could be messy even if you are getting rain because we do expect heavy downpours. it is out of here by midnight or 1:00 in the morning so we don't deal witt for april fools day. just deal with everything else you are doing, if you'd like to have fun. that is the deal, with the precipitation for today but some folks will indeed get some a accumulating snow. right now we have 33 degrees in pottstown. thirty-seven in reading. 30 degrees in mount pocono. already below freezing. that is when we will have to watch temperatures when
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precipitation moves in. 44 degrees in the city. thirty in millville. forty-five in dover. it just depend if skies are clear and we will have lower temperatures right now. yesterday was a normal high of 58. we were pretty close with a high of 57. decent monday out there but the rain will kind of mess up today with that high of 53 degrees. fifty tomorrow. it is cooler it is below average for april fools day. sunny and breezy on thursday we will zoom up to 65 degrees. it looks like an excellent day. friday would be if we weren't going to get that rain for good friday and for passover beginning at sundown and then rain lingers into saturday morning, 55 degrees and mid 50's and sunshine for easter sunday. the the the phillies home opener against red sox is on monday, high of 60 degrees. how nice for opening day. >> that will be great. last couple of opening days have been wet, soggy damp. good morning everybody.
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a jammo on the schuylkill expressway. the the ramps from the schuylkill to center city hut down right now because of this tractor trailer accident. this is a live look, headlights coming eastbound on the schuylkill expressway, the ramp to center city closed right now. oh, no access, to the vine street expressway involved a tractor trailer, we will see one car getting pulled away there on the tow truck. fire fighters left but the ramp is still blocked. we have a major backup eastbound coming into philadelphia, it starts here at girard avenue and it is bumper to bumper. you cannot coming into downtown so get off at 30th and work your way around 30th street station. we know that is a tree on a normal day. then you have to go to south street to make the u turn or think ahead before you even get and come past city line use kelly drive or martin luther king drives to further your trip into center city. the drives are the two best alternate. eastbound on 422, an accident
6:19 am
right here near sanatoga interchange, right here in the construction zone there and further east we are good to go out of collegeville heading to the king of prussia backup on i-95 in northeast philadelphia, heavy from academy in through girard avenue. mass transit in, delays, mike and alex back to you. >> schuylkill backup that is a shocker. thanks bob. >> you got it. >> what is going on right now. afternoon in switzerland. iran nuclear power negotiations are set to continue into a new phase. they are meeting right now. news comes ahead of what was supposed to be a ted line in a few hours to make a preliminary agreement. will this thing happen? iran and six world powers are preparing to release a general statement agreeing to continue talks. differences still remain between the two sides. but the goal, it is to reach a comprehensive deal by june. so they are already talking with extending this deadline. negotiators want to curb iran's nuclear capability in exchange for easing sanctions.
6:20 am
sticking points remain over research and development, as well as timing and scope of sanctions removal. >> we will keep an eye on it. iranian news outlets are reporting tehran has sent aid to yemen. first such ship. since a saudi led coalition launched air strikes last week to halt advance of the country she a rebels. the ship. contain medicine, and medical equipment and tons of food. these supplies were delivered by air early this morning. authorities believe that the men accused of trying to ram a gate at the national security agency headquarters had been partying and were on drugs at the time of the deadly incident. authorities say the guard gave the men dressed as woman directions to leave but they reportedly accelerated toward an nsa vehicle. the guard and of course, in maryland fired killing one and injuring the other. an officer was also hurt. an investigation revealed that the vehicle had been stolen from a nearby hotel.
6:21 am
fbi does not believe this was a terror attack. >> crazy. >> it is a crazy story. prosecutors in germany say the pilot deliberately accused of crashing a air liner had been diagnosed with suicidal tendency. lufthansa parent company of germanwings declined to say whether it knew andreas lubitz meantal health problems but said lubitz had passed all medical checks since starting work with the airline two years ago. coming up in our next half an hour of good day we will sit down with an aviation analyst to discuss latest developments in this case. we hear now a big debate about should there be cameras in the cockpit. >> pilots union doesn't want it. we will explain why. defense begins presenting case in the trial of boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev. >> it is winding down. his attorneys are trying to show his older brother was master mine of the whole thing. this younger guy which is following directions. well, yesterday before prosecutors, presented their case a medical examiner testified about the devastating injuries suffered by one of the victims of the a
6:22 am
attacks. the jury also presented with autopsy photos. aaron hernandez trial his fee april say took the stan yesterday. she testified that she removed a box from his basement at his request the day after victim odin lloyd's murder but jenkins never looked inn identify before she put tonight a dumpster. she said it smelled skunk i and she thought it contain weed. prosecutors suggest the murder weapon was inside the box because the the gun has never been found. >> she never looked in the box, interesting. well, hang on just a second weatherman gets snared after his report, what he found in his jacket that he had them laughing, laughing up a storm. >> these weatherman. >> do you see what i did there. >> i hate tv people. >> i a hate this tool. >> you literally are a guy who has it all except for respect, love, friend, good parents and a grammy.
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>> nice. >> the the beiber got roasted the stars that came out to make fun of the pop star and how surprisingly great, martha stewart was. >> really. >> yeah.
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it benefit had both teams to lose the game for draft picks. sixth are get laker first pick if they are in the in the top 56789 sixers did their part. to the wells far go center. all right it is in overtime tied at 111. wayne ellington out of episcopal a contacted hi high to jordan clarkson. lakers win 113-11 in overtime but sixers are happy bit. even with his achilles jurying also extended contract of demeco ryans one year through 2016. more to help to reduce salary cap hit for eagles this year. i'm told ryans rehab has gone really well. could be ready by full speed in june by mini camps. i'm told free agent wide receiver miles austin is coming in today for a physical. when that is okay eagles will sign him to a one year deal. he played seven years with the cowboys. the the last year with the cleveland browns. that is sports in a minute. and, i'm still hour eskin.
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>> he is always howard eskin. >> didn't miles austin date kim kardashian. >> a brief hot flash. 6:27. parents concerned over what some students are suspected of sharing at a local high school inappropriate pictures, of female students the message that the principal put on you tube yesterday. steve keeley is covering an attack that happened on the septa a driver steve. >> reporter: we have inappropriate video to show from you septa surveillance camera inappropriate because a guy is pulling a knife on a bus driver while he is just trying to do his job.
6:28 am
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case police have against him. >> i mean they get paid well but they don't get paid enough. >> they pulled a knife on a september driver, what the driver asked him to do that apparently, set him off. and then this. >> this kid has sponge. moxy and probably a few other s td's, okay. >> he is in the hot seat justin beiber get roasted by the anger man stars that came out to poke some fun at the everybody calls him so affectionate thely the tool.
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>> good day to you. it the is tuesday last day of march. >> it is true. >> 2015. >> we are moving into april. we are still talking about snow. >> there may be snow in our viewing area it could be happening later in the afternoon, sue. >> if you are in the pocono mountains, lehigh valley, get ready for snow flakes. bus stop buddy is ready for rain because we are going to see later on. so morning wait will be dry, we are just about getting ready for sunrise, so it is half an half kind of day ending up pretty wet with the five out of ten. 44 degrees right now 7 miles an hour wind. official sunrise time 7:47. nothing yet on radar, there is storm out to the west it will move in bye lunchtime by most of us we will see first rain drops, so sunny start temperatures will be up to 45 degrees by 9:00 this morning. we will need windshield wipers for ride home though, showers, puddles, maybe even a
6:32 am
thunderstorm by end of the day, high temperature around 53 degrees for us. we will talk about the potential snow in the mountains and what we have got for the who will take coming up this weekend. quite a few who will taste coming up. we have pass over, bob kelly starting on friday evening and then, of course easter on sunday. >> sprinkled in that we have spring break for schools this week but right now old on to your coffee cup. we are looking live from sky fox here over the closure of the schuylkill expressway ramps coming into center city philadelphia it happened about an her ago this tractor trail herer this is wham seven from the schuylkill expressway eastbound, made a sharp left curve into downtown philadelphia crash
6:33 am
bumper to bumper to bumper coming into philadelphia with that ramp shut down with no access into center it the i. couple options, leaving the the house right new kelly drive or martin luther king drive are two best alternate keeping you from the grid lock and give you access to downtown, and that vine street expressway. folks stuck in the traffic use 30th or south street would be two good alternates. east on 422 an accident near sanatoga and we are seeing volume eastbound from collegeville in toward king of prussia. south on i-95 heavy at approaching academy through construction zone to betsy and girard avenue. otherwise mass transit, 36 trolley using shuttle buses but rest of the system looking g mike and alex back to you. lets get back to the breaking news. police in fairfax county
6:34 am
virginia are searching for a suspect who escaped from fairfax hospital armed with the gun. this is a live look, you can see a heavy police presence there. wilson asay was last seen wearing a hospital gown. he wasn't even wearing shoes. the the happies on lock down at this point. they do believe he is armed and dangerous. he had a gun. police have shut down nearby roads as they search for the suspect. we are taking a live look there. this is the the suspect they believe that has left the area. >> they tweet that had out. so how did he get the gun? apparently he was being watched by a private security guard at the time. then this guy snatched this security guard's gun out of his holster. he is considered as alex said, of course, armed and dangerous. police have not said yes was really taken into custody before he escaped from that hospital. they think he is still right there in the the area. he has in hughes on. darby police are building
6:35 am
their case in connection with the the arrest of the death of the police officer over the weekend. >> jenny joyce is live outside darby police with the details, jenny. >> reporter: yesterday charges were filed begins mark hudson's girl friend related to terroristic threat. we are learning more about their role tile relationship. his chief robert smith told us that the police have been called to their home a number of times and then fortunately a very saddening saturday afternoon when 26 year-old mark hudson was the shot and killed inside of the glenn olden home that he shared with his live in girl friend. he was shot with his department issued handgun and his girlfriend was home at the time. she was taken in for questioning over the weekend and charged with terroristic threats. hudson served as a volunteer fire fight inner yeadon and part-time officer in darby. his professional reputation was stellar but his darby boro chief bob robert smith knew his personal life was in the great. he was in the troubled relationship with a with man who threaten him in the past.
6:36 am
add one point hudson had a pfa against her. he thinks the girlfriend will be charged with hudson's death. >> there is forensic evidence that is coming into play hourly. there is also statements that are being taken and i am looking for the charges to be escalated, and i don't want to put a time frame on it but over the next day or two i'm looking for that. >> i'm's totally devastated. he was a young kid that turned his life around and on the right track, you know, living his life. i didn't know anything about the girlfriend or what his personal life was as he left, you know from him leaving home. >> reporter: while the investigation continues family members continue to mourn the loss. there is a candle light vigil schedule for tomorrow night at the scene of the the shooting at his glenn olden home and
6:37 am
that is at 7:00 p.m. you heard chief smith say he expects charges to be escalated in the next day or two. it could be hours before wee charges in connection with mark hudson's death mike and alex. >> 6:37. septa police released surveillance video of hopes of finding a passenger with the knife, out on the septa driver. >> officials say yeah he threat end that driver. now we have a picture of him. do you know him, steve? >> reporter: i'm betting a lot have of our viewers know him and maybe even called in tips. if you have not seep this yet and you think you may know him we will show you the video and also show you why he got so upset as you said in the tease there mike. we have a lot of septa buses going by on market street all morning long. these guys have a tough job thankless job and a stressful job. it is made more stressful and dangerous when you try to get a guy to get out of the way and clear aisle and doorways so passengers can get on and off. that is exactly what happened on the number 23 bus up in
6:38 am
tioga a pass evening shore would get off at germantown and erie avenue just stood in the aisle for no reason and because the driver needs to see doorway and passengers getting on and off the busy tells the guy to move. that angered the guy to the point where he pulled out a knife and threatens to kill the driver in front of the passengers and surveillance camera that septa had that can capture high definition video of low life like this attacking drivers. >> of course, we don't want to report any incident but once an incident occurs we have a surveillance video. if we are not able to catch that person on the spot we will make sure that we will identify him and arrest him. >> septa a has very good quality video on their buses there but this is something that is not a transit employee should to have deal with while doing their job. simply trying to get this guy out of the way so passengers can get off the bus appropriately and pull out a knife and threaten him.
6:39 am
it just doesn't make sense. >> we pulled still toss give you a best look philadelphia and septa police with septa bus drivers and probably most of the septa passengers worry this guy could be sitting next to them and dare bump into him and have a knife at a throat, hoping viewers see him here and call in the tip. probably know a guy in the brown and check designer hat with the tan scarves he may be wearing. and police would like this picture to be less designer gq look and cfp, current fromhold prison. police like to make their next run with this guy in the back of the police van. >> hopefully they will fine him. lets stay with septa here. >> police hope new images will help catch a kid at a septa stop. >> beating happened earlier this month. boy was waiting for a train on the broad street line near locust when group of teens surround him and started beating him. he ended up in the hospital. if you you know any of these
6:40 am
kid we are showing you call philadelphia police. here's some big news. >> lawyer for quick cop killer mumia abu-jamal wants to know why his client has been hospitalized. he said abu-jamal is in critical care unit but prison officials won't tell him why. abu-jamal is serving life in prison for murder of philadelphia police officer daniel faulkner. a a lawsuit in response to the taped commencement speech is being reviewed in federal court. suit seeks to determine if victims of violent crime can prevent quick criminals from doing things that will cause further mental difficulties vest. we're working on this story a and try to find out yes is in critical care in a 30 hospital. 6:40. lansdale police are investigating allegations of inappropriate pictures and videos, at north penn high school. it is being shared all over campus. allegations furnishes surfaced last friday forcing district officials to e-mail parents. they say students at the school have been involved in
6:41 am
creating and sharing inappropriate pictures and video. the the images are believed to be of nude female students. yesterday some students threatened to walk out in response to the allegations. instead, the school held talk sessions so students could voice their concerns. in addition the schools principal created an on line video for community to view about the allegations. >> i continue to urge anyone with knowledge that with contribute to the investigation of such activity, to directly contact his or her local police department. >> montgomery county district attorney's office is heading this investigation. there was no holding back last night justin beiber roasted. they taped it a month ago. it finally aired. the stars that came out to make fun of the beiber. all dressed up in his purple suit. >> hair slicked back and everything sue. >> it will end up today a lot
6:42 am
different then we begin. we will see some sunshine to start, some seeing snow before the end of the day don't get freak out alex. we are kicking off fox 29 spring fling tomorrow we are spending all day wednesday in mount laurel new jersey. hang out with us wednesday morning at victoria's bagel bistro at 7:00 o'clock. >> that is our first stop at her bagel bistro. >> fox 29 will spend the day checking out spots all across town. we will be live in the around here, we're all about fast. that's why xfinity is perfect for me. with millions of wifi hotspots all over the place including one right here at the shop
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so yeah, march did come in like a lion in case you forgot march 1st of this month, we had .4 of a inch of snow. morning low was 21 degrees, high temperature was only 32. for us we will end up warmer then that. nothing yet in our region on ultimate doppler radar down around punxsutawney out there out west it looks like snow. pittsburgh has been rain. erie pennsylvania a little bit of snow. we have a winter weather advisory that kicks in at noon but only for monroe and carbon counties up in the poconos mountains. potential snowfall we're thinking maybe an inch or three, when all is said and done. it just depend on the
6:46 am
temperature and this is later on this afternoon. it could make for a slippery evening commute. we have to watch temperatures as we watch precipitation roll in around noon time today we might see our first rain drops here in the city. it won't be much around noon but by 4:00 o'clock we are starting to see more on and off rain in the area but up in mount pocono it is 34 degrees. we could be seeing accumulating snow there. we've got heavy rain possible. we will see that area of orange moving in later on around 6:00 p.m. that could affect latter part of the evening commute and maybe a couple wet snow flakes mixed in areas like allentown even trenton by the end of the day. when all is said and done by midnight it is all gone and it will be dry for the the start of the april, but it is going to be an interesting situation maybe a sprinkle or two during the day tomorrow but that doesn't look really likely. slightly cooler temperatures tomorrow as well. 33 degrees in pottstown. we are close to freezing there
6:47 am
below freezing in mount pocono right now. 44 degrees in the city, 40 in wilmington delaware. but only 33 in atlantic city. 30 degrees the temperature in millville. we will need to warm up in those places before the precipitation, arrives. 58 degrees, is the average high, for this time, the end of the month of march. fifty-seven was our high yesterday, big improvement, from the weekend and 53 will be our high today and then 50 tomorrow. zooming into the 60's for thursday and for friday but the trade off for friday is of course the the rain, cool things off on saturday with a high of 55. mid 50's for easter sunday. monies when the phillies play their home opener season opener as well with the red sox and it will look pretty decent the at least at this point, early call is for a high of 60 degrees and some sunshine as well bob kelly. >> i like your chicks in the basket there little popping
6:48 am
up. >> peep, peep. >> beep, beep, we're open on the schuylkill expressway. we are looking at sky fox over the scene of what had been a accident in the last hour or so. they have just reopened up all of the lanes on the eastbound side a tractor trailer, two cars, two people were injured. but traffic is starting to move again coming into center city. lets go to our fix jam cam our penndot camera kind of shows the back p now, a quick early backup at 36 minutes from this point here in toward i-95. so we're jammo from pretty much city avenue inbound to downtown philadelphia. bum tore bumper. that is an early jam for folks getting ready to step out the the front door. your best bet kelly drive or martin luther king drive or just go for jumbo cough eve and necessity that the ramps are opened coming into center city. septa does some track work all this week. thirty-six trolley putting buses from 80th and eastwick to seventh their and elmwood. there is an accident right at
6:49 am
sanatoga interchange i delay from collegeville heading in toward king of prussia just that normal rush hour volume. same deal here south on i-95, heavy from the betsy ross bridge down through to girard in the the construction zone. mike and alex back over to you. well beiber got burn last night during comedy central's roast. it finally aired last night. philly's own kevin hart played master of ceremonies. there was an unexpect guest that caused most of the commotion though. >> justin, were i go here's my final piece of advice. you need to settle down bring some balance into your life. find yourself a right girl but she has to be someone powerful famous, and rich. i'm talking about a playa in the board room and a freak in the bedroom. so justin my final piece of add rise is, call me. >> oh, my goodness. >> okay martha stewart good wow. >> that set them all off.
6:50 am
>> yes, i bet it did. >> that was surprising. >> beiber sat front and center, as local hollywood and hip-hop community went in on the scandal went in on him on the singer. nothing was off limits. celebrities talk about everything from beiber's rocky romance to selena gomez to his numerous run ins with the law. >> there is no secret that justin wants to be black. the justin loves the black culture. everybody knows that. >> justin, i want you to say you are not gangster. that is justin's main problem. you you are not a gangster. expect that. orlando bloom took a swing at you, that is not gangster justin, it is not. you have a perfume called girl friend. that is not gangster, justin. you threw eggs at a house. gangsters don't throw eggs. when was the last time you threw eggs at somebody's house, snoop. >> we don't do that. >> my goodness.
6:51 am
>> it is uncomfortable seeing justin beiber's reactions. >> i know it is all in good fun but it is like wow. >> he got them back. he let them get up and talk for four hours. >> kevin hart posted something on instagram. he said before this airs tonight know these are just jokes, it is all in good fun. >> they were sweet to him at end of the each one of the routines. it wasn't that bad. >> you punch and then you suiting. >> we like to watch weather men on different tv stations around america this guy gets hung up. >> because of something he found in his suit. so wardrobe malfunction that has his co anchors just laughing. look at that, they are double over.
6:52 am
6:53 am
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this is the "name your price" tool. it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at you know, that is the the gdpd beach girard point double decker bridge. >> that is what i call it. >> okay. >> i'm not hip. >> no. >> i know. >> you have to get hip. >> okay. let's talk about a meteorologist who does tv and weather up in minnesota. >> meteorologists do. >> they do weather.
6:55 am
they do do weather. >> okay. >> so apparently the the newscast is going on and then he find something in his suit pocket. >> he ran in the news room and put on his suit coat and jacket and didn't realize there was something in it. >> what was it, was it this. >> the chillies not completely gone. >> no. >> i'm sorry. >> you have a kink in your neck. >> yes. >> i thought it was just right. >> he was in a hurry, he slaps his jacket on and there is a wire hanger still in there. >> how do you not feel your hanger. >> i don't know. >> that is funny good but i said oh, god, hold on a second. >> what are you pulling out and where. >> oh, god. >> wow, that is a big hanger. >> i had pants on and i ran in and sometimes i don't wear pant on the show.
6:56 am
>> okay. >> so glad you got that out. >> thank you. >> anyway would you like to rent a goat, would never have to mo your lawn ever again. i necessity where you can rent a goat. >> really, at amazon really. >> rent them through amazon. >> do you want a hum vee patrolling your neighborhood with a high powered weapon. well, push in new jersey to stop that from happening.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
he didn't shoot himself will because forensic evidence proves he didn't shoot himself. >> he was shot in his own home, a darby police officer his girlfriend is facing charges of terroristic threats but could she be charged with something more latest in that case. >> it looks like it. >> don't feel like doing chores around the house or maybe mowing your lawn well, how about renting a goat. >> okay. >> you can rent people, and goats, on amazon, we will tell you how you can do that in case you are in the market for a goat. >> the the things you can find
7:00 am
on amazon. >> do they deliver the get to your house i guessy guess so. >> do they pick it backup. >> i hope so. >> not a bad idea. >> i knew that was coming. >> he is here all week. >> yes. >> welcome back. >> good morning everybody. >> how was kevin h art in concert. >> fantastic. >> but sometimes you can have a comedy performance, that are called concerts. >> lets get weather an traffic and we will move to the rest of the news and sort that out. >> welcome to the world of mike jerrick. >> we have five out of ten in weather by numbers. we are looking good around here with the sunshine but it will not end up that way. we've got rain later on in the day. than prepared for both. there is bus stop buddy with the umbrella for later on. we have 39 degrees in philadelphia sunrise happened at 6:47, this morning officially, and you cane in the satellite picture some cloud starting to roll in the area. is there the the mess coming our way later on in the day. for most of us it wi


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