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tv   Fox29 Weekend  FOX  March 28, 2015 8:00am-10:01am EDT

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this morning on fox 29 weekend, a developing story what we're now learning about the pilot of a german plane that crashed in the alps. plus, an american soldier rescued from a taliban prison in exchange for five guantanamo bay detainees. he's now charged with desertion. we talked to the woman in the photo about her new-found internet fame. >> and good morning. we do begin with break news coming to us right now from north philadelphia. >> that's where firefighters have spent hours battling a massive warehouse fire. >> let's look at the scene, this
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is from overnight. it is from the 2400 block of the west west moreland street. >> it appears the fire started just before about 2:30 this morning and quickly grew to four alarms. the fire is now under control but we have no word on what caused it. we do know that the where house where it started was abandoned. >> we want you to know that septa service along this line is suspended. it is march 28th, it's chilly but it is sunny and there's so many events happening on this day. good morning, bill anderson. >> good morning to you karen hepp. >> we're going to find out
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what's going on with the weather. it's been all over the place for the last couple of weeks. we'll get to caitlin roth in just a moment. first we've got a question. >> i didn't quite hear that, play where? >> play on the block without a coat. >> it's time to ditch the coats. and i understand that. unfortunately, not today though. as you head outside you definitely need a coat. this is a very winter-like morning. it's cold, windy, cloudy there are even flurries showing up where you see that gray and light white. this is right just about northwest corner of bucks county, northern montgomery county, some flurries probably flying in your neighborhood. it is cold, temperatures around freezing, 34 in philadelphia, 37 in wildwood, 35 in dover.
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winds out of the north and we are seeing some occasionally higher gusts gusting to 28 miles per hour at the airport right now. that's putting wind chills on march 28th in the single digits for the mountains. it feels like it's in the teens to mid 20s just about everywhere. your forecast for today, a few flurries flying, that's almost 20 degrees below normal. the winds continue to gust as we head into tonight. will it feel like spring at all this weekend? >> new this morning in the news, police are investigating a murder that took place in the frank fort section on the 3300 block on elizabeth street. the victim was shot just laying in their bed. we also know that one person is dead, two people in the hospital after an explosion and a fire. this one happened just around 11:00 last night in morgan town
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in burks county. it was a commercial building. >> and we're continuing to follow this developing story from new york city. police are searching for at least two people who are still missing after that apparent gas explosion happened at a sushi restaurant. >> the ex-girlfriend of the pilot who prosecutors say intentionally brought down a plane killing 150 people is now speaking out. during an interview with a german newspaper the woman claims that andreas lubitz told her he was planning an act so heinous that his name would be remembered forever. we're looking at the plane, but a timeline explained there was
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an eight minute descent before the plane crashed. so you can see the plane going down, the descent that tooked place. and so many people are talking about it on our fox 29 facebook page. one person writing, if he wanted to kill himself do it, but why did he have to take so many lives with him. another person had harsher words. so we're going to talk a little about this. we've got an attorney and also pilot. so you know a little about this. >> 30 years of flying. a couple. >> so much going on right now. let's start with some of the liabilities surrounding this. the airlines seemingly are liable, or are they? >> they would be liable if it turned out they did not take proper or reasonable steps to determine if this guy suffered from a severe mental illness. in the airline's defense the thought that someone would commit suicide and take 150
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people with them is so far removed from anything you would expect, the law requires you to take all reasonable and necessary steps. i think that goes beyond that. >> the big news today is the ex-girlfriend talking saying that he had these kind of thoughts going back a year. should the airline have known. >> the question is how they found out. it all depends what the pilot told the airline. if he had told her that, it kind of begs the question why didn't she alert somebody, alert authorities that this guy is an airline pilot, he suffers from problems, he indicated he's going to commit an act so heinous. she's coming out now, where where she was before that. >> legally, what's next. they're talking about more training. they're talking about a third person having to be in the cockpit. you're a pilot. he seemingly purposely did it.
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would training have mattered? >> after the egypt flight southwest airlines required that there never be less than 2 people in the cockpit. after 9/11 the faa you see the pilot step out and a crew member goes in. there's always someone in there to open the door. they may just end up being the first fatality and it could all be a disaster. the answer is no, more training is not going to solve the problem. the problem with this accident as opposed to 9/11 is after 9/11, they bolted the door shut. they locked the doors. this is a problem that doesn't get solved that easy and that was not an easy fix to begin with? r. >> unless you can figure out it definitely wasn't the arg lines fault. >> there's a lot of different things.
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this is a lawyers talking. the lawsuits will start. we have three americans, you'll see litigation here in the united states as well. there's going to be a big lut and lufthansa is going to have a tough time defending itself. >> let us know what you think. should there be a lawsuit. is there more training necessary. when you send us the message make sure you use the hashtag #fox29weekend. >> still to come, an american solder rescued in exchange for five guantanamo bay detainees now charged with desertion. was the trade worth it or did we negotiate with terrorists for the wrong reasons. plus coffee for a caw??ççóoe
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>> welcome back. in your headlines investigators say it was a murder-suicide. john sheridan killed his wife before he set a fire in their montgomery township somerset county home back in september. >> that's according to prosecutors. they say the medical examiner found she was stabbed to death before the fire. authorities also determined john sheridan committed suicide and died of sharp force injuries and smoke inhalation. the company plans to file a
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lawsuit. they say they still don't have answers as to what happened to their parents. >> relieved and grateful. that is how amanda knox says how she feels after the definitive end to her saga. italy's highest court acquitted knox. they spent years in prison but an acquit al in their second trial freed them in 2011. knox returned to seattle. such a saga now both are completely exonerated with her friend and family by her side after a very long time, she finally spoke and had a very emotional statement overnight. >> you saved my life and i am so grateful and i'm so grateful to have my life back. thank you.
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all i can say. right now i'm still absorbing what all of this means. and what comes to mind is my gratitude for the life that's been given to me. >> she's now working for a newspaper, she's recently engaged. not everyone believes she is innocent. there's a writer who say there's a murderer she just got away with it. for everyone who's calling her a killer, were you there? i wasn't so i would never pass judgment on her. >> let's take a look at your interactive weather. it doesn't look that bad right now. we'll find out what's going on. one of our family is up and out today. chris o'connell is participating in a run this morning, as he always does. we'll get to weather but first let's hear from chris.
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>> good morning, do you guys. chris o'connell coming to you from citizens bank park where me and a bunch of friends are about to step off to the phillies 5 k race. it's a little chilly down here. here's the finish line. we're lacing them up for phillies charities. the event to raise a lot of money for a lot of good work. running all through south philly, through fdr park going to end up here. it is cold out here for a run, but that's all right. it's for a good cause. i'll see you at the finish line. >> thank you so much, chris. i hope we have video at the finish line. we can count on him to be at the races. good for him and for everybody else who's participating in the race this morning. citizens bank about to get a lot busier around this as we head towards opening day not too many days away. it doesn't feel like opening
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day, it is a cold morning, we've got a storm pushing out that is bringing snow across parts of new england, several inches again for the boston area, long island, here we're spared any accumulating snow but that doesn't mean there won't be flakes fliik. your future cast for today, a little bit of sun in spots, but it will be cloudy, it's going to draw the clouds in and flurries are possible even a few sprinkles basically all day and into this evening especially along the coast. that moves out today giving way to nothing but sunshine for sunday. in the meantime it's a chilly, winter-like morning. 34 in philadelphia. your 7-day frost, windy and cold. by sunday we get the sunshine back, it's still only 47 degrees. average highs this time of year about upper 50s. we'll get there by monday with some showers moving in. a chance of showers good on
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tuesday. the full-on sunshine starts wednesday, so does the month of april. and it will feel like spring. it looks like the weather finally breaks for at least a few days. 61 on thursday, 65 with a chance of showers on friday. >> i love seeing the 65 at the end of the forecast. >> i'm going on vacation then. it's spring break for a lot of kids. >> i'll enjoy it. >> fox 29 is getting results this morning and we couldn't do it without the help of our viewers. >> there's this little boy and he has some big needs getting some special gift. it is happening today. we've got our own sabina out there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. if you need any proof that our viewers are nothing short of amazing, you need to look no further than these guys out here. we are at the home of a
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ten-year-old who needs 24-hour care. every day his mom struggles to get him up and down the stairs here. they've been trying to raise money for a wheelchair lift. bruce gord enfirst told you this story last month and our viewers responded amazingly. we've got so many calls from people who want to help. their donations went through the roof. this morning we are joined by his family. today you're getting a lift for your son. how does that make you feel? >> great. >> the parents who donated the lift lost a daughter of their own. what's that like to know those people stepped up to help you? >> it's immaculate they stopped up because it's hard dealing with the laws but being able to
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help someone else through a rough time as well, that's immaculate. >> we're forever grateful. if there wasn't for fox, she wouldn't even know about this. >> we're so happy to help. let's go over here and talk to these guys who are actually helping us. this is jack cook, he's with the local 5 elevator constructor's union. you guys heard the story. why did you want to help? >> our members reached out, we saw it, we figured hey, this is what we do. we would love to help the family and it was an easy solution for us. >> reporter: you are out here on this morning building this wheelchair lift. it's really amazing. >> it couldn't hospital without peggy sutton donating it and that was great. we're glad we could help.
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>> we're so glad to be out here with you guys this morning. back to you guys in the studio. >> i'm bruce gordon. the philadelphia school district is once again wiping egg off its face. the inquire ires reported on a treasure provide of school books and other educational material piled up unused. this in a district that's chronically short of textbooks, where teachers routinely reach into their own pockets to get supplies for their classroom. when we asked to see and photograph the stock pile, a district spokesman told us to come over. when we got there we were informed the basement was off limits, it was a dangerous hard hat area. that's good to know that the pile is so tall that if it
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tomorrowed over it might kill us. they claimed it doesn't have the staff to properly sort through and distribute the unused materials, the promised to find some kind of way to get the useable stuff into the right hands. my take, new census info suggests that people continue to move out of philadelphia once their children get to school age. and every time a charter school opens, parents line up just for the chance to get their kids in the door. with a public school record like hours, is any of that a surprise? sadly, no. only in philly. >> have you heard the phrase yumagunda? excitement grows for pope francis's visit and now kids may have a reason to thank the pontiff. >> we're getting so many of your
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tweets about the plane crash. why did he crash the plane, speaking about the copilot. because he knew the news media would make his a household name like all of the others. that's one of the comments. also it's a big weekend for many easter activities. and we got this cute easter bunny. i love this one. thank you for sending this one in. that's a cute cadbury bunny. i want to show you some of our wonderful events that are happening all over. that's kicking off right at 9:00 a.m. you can make it out there with the kids. let's check out another one of these great events that's going to be happening as well. i think my family might go over to this one.
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>> you can get up and dance around as you're enjoying fox
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>> a group of young men surround another man on the subway platform. they zero in on him and attack.
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the victim tries to fight back but is overcome. the suspects take off running, the victim was taken to the hospital. when i look at this video the first thing you see is a group of punks. this was not a random attack, because this guy, the victim was targeted. there's no if, ands or buts. they were right after him. this is what was determined on the street as a wolf pack attack. they go after this guy, beat him, punch him and take off like the cowards that they are. god forbid some innocent by stander got knocked on to the tracks. the quality of the video was so good that my expectation is that the philadelphia police department will make arrests in this particular case. >> how about this ongoing battle between a casino, this is what's really unusual, and a college. who wouldn't like a college?
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>> the students stuck in the middle. the reason why stocton's purchase of the old show boat casino may not work out. >> the bouncing of the camera out there, we've got some wind out there. use our #fox29weekend and give us your comments.
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>> a metal manufacturing plant used to take up part of that building. that fire is affecting some septa passengers. we'll keep you updated throughout the rest of our news cast. in other headlines, police in glassboro new jersey are looking for a man to appears to put a bottle of vodka right into
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his pants. gets away with two bottles of booze in this theft. if you recognize this guy, please call police. >> philadelphia students will get an extra day off next school year thanks to the pope. there won't be classes on september 25th in anticipation of pope francis's visit to philadelphia. the street closure will make it difficult for kids to get to school. more than 1.5 million people are expected to come to philadelphia. >> let's take a look at our weather. gorgeous in the pocono mountains. we know that the parade is scheduled today. so let's get to caitlin roth who was away on vacation who looks tanned and happy and smily. but first we've got a question.
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>> hi fox 29 weekend. i want to know if it will be nice enough this weekend so i can run on the track? >> i notice the theme here, nice emuff to be outside, to run, to get rid of our cabin fever. probable today a little too winter like but by tomorrow it will be a little nicer to get outside. i don't think the weather will be stopping you, but it's the cold temperatures and the wind. we've got some flurries from chester county through upper bucks county. don't be surprised to see some flakes. this is a result of some very cold air coming in behind a front yesterday. it's 34 in philadelphia, wimg ton and 36 in dover. so the winds will be howling through today. right now sustained wind speeds 10 to 15 miles per hour. we've seen some occasional gusts over 25. expect that continue through today so those blustery winds feel even colder.
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21 in pottstown, 24 in philadelphia. this is what it feels like. your fox cast for today, mainly cloudy skies, breezy and cold. temperatures well below normal. usually in the end of march you're in mid to upper 50s. sunday looks a little bet are and the real warm-up occurs into next week. >> we all know how powerful social media can be. every day billions of people all across the world log on to social media sites to connect to friends, family, and even complete strangers. but unfortunately some people abuse social media. but today we got a chance to use social media for good. it's national umagunda day. it's a rwandan tradition which means coming together for a common purpose to achieve an
8:33 am
outcome. joining us is the founder of a great organization who is deeply involved in umagunda. good morning to you. >> good morning bill. so nice to be with you. >> thank you for joining us. explain it to us. umuganda. how did you gelt involved with it. >> you know i have a business in rwanda, after the genocide there was a need for reconciliation. they started this practice of umuganda, the last saturday of every month, you contribute to cleaning up your neighborhood. and it has been such a healing positive step for rwananda that now it's 21 years since the genocide and we've started doing a national umuganda day which is today.
8:34 am
>> it was a huge social initiative last year. celebrities got involved cleaning up neighborhoods. tell us some of the things people do to make communities better. >> well, a fashionista ran with this. she loved it. she's on the reel. i think you must know her. anyway. so many of the miss universe and miss usa contestants got involved in their neighborhood. we did park cleanups, but we also did acts of kindness, like even just helping someone across the street or volunteering at a soup kitchen or giving your boss a compliment on one of your coworkers. we want you to even call your mother, write her a letter. >> i try to do that every day. but the social media aspect of it you do something great and you essentially tell people about it. you put it out there, twitter and what have you. >> yeah.
8:35 am
we need to be more communal. we need to feel good about ourselves. the news, i'm sorry to say, is so bad. what can we do as people to really reconnect with each other and feel good about not only our neighborhoods but our fellow man. >> and so what is, when people do these things, what's the hashtag? >> the hashtag is my umuganda and then it would be great if they say my company that helps hiv positive women and women who just got out of prison to get jobs again and have a beautiful life. >> we just wanted to applaud you, applaud the efforts. we're certainly going to participate and we encourage everyone to do it. thank you for spending some time with us. >> thank you bill. thank you so much. and happy umuganda day. >> thank you so much. you have a good one. >> tell us what you think. do something nice for somebody.
8:36 am
bring them breakfast. sweep their front walk. i don't know. make sure you tag it and you can send it to us. use the hashtag #fox29weekend. >> i brought some doughnuts. high five! >> coming and over here. >> these are the guys that make it all happen. happy umuganda day! >> that was first thing this morning as karen in and bought everybody breakfast. thank you very much, karen. we knew you were awesome. we appreciate that. coming up, cookie's real life apology. why taraji p. henson is saying
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she's sorry. keep the requests coming.
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. >> it is national something on a stick day. corn dogs, that's another good one. caitlin, do you like corn dogs. >> i lived in the midwest for four years and i learned to love them. also kabobs. >> what's your favorite stick? >> you send me outside, it's the selfie stick. does it have to be eat it on the stick day? >> do you ever go to del frisco? >> of course. the place to be scene and all that. >> we've got a cheesesteak dump ling on a stick. check it out. >> that's really good. >> it's totally loaded with the cheese inside. that's impressive.
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tell us what your favorite thing on a stick is. please. as we zoom out from karen eating. keep it clean, folks. but let's have some fun because there are so many great restaurants that make amazing things on a stick. >> i'll take a pause for a minute. there's an ongoing battle between a casino and a college and now the students are stuck if the middle. the reason why stocton's purchase of the old show boat may not work out. >> and also the bachelor party. this one is so funny. the perfect stranger comes all the way to our city of philadelphia for a big bash he was not initially supposed to be invited. but he's here what's going on. we will explain that one. also let's look at some of the comments coming in right now. >> we've got a couple of things coming in. pay it forward, thank you pj pay it forward moment for a fan down virginia.
8:42 am
fox 29 weekend it's a umuganda thing. also in response to the question about what's going on with the students and the show boat, the new owners just need to give it up we would love to have a college. and william says god bless all those people helping that little guy, talking about the chair lift story that we did a little earlier. thank you all for watching, your comments and requests. use the #fox29weekend.
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welcome back. let's take another look at your interactive weather. getting so many tweets of the activities you are doing on this day. it is gorgeous outside even if the temperatures are a little cool. caitlin freshly back from vacation. i like that you have a little bit of skin on your nose peeling. >> i don't get sun without getting red and peeling and there's five minutes of a tan in between there. and we're not seeing too much sunshine today, maybe a little bit. the weather is not terrible but it's more winter-like than spring-like out there. there are a ton of easter egg hunts out there, so this is just bundle up outside-type weather. snow and a decent amount of it
8:46 am
to parts of long island, massachusetts, connecticut and rhode island. for us we're not talking about snow but a few flurries flying especially southwest of us towards baltimore. don't be surprised to see those flakes at any time throughout today. it is cold, it is windy. we've got a little bit of sun now but probably mostly cloudy with a few flurries throughout the rest of the day. can't rule out a flurry and it will be a very cold saturday night into sunday. hopefully this is the last of it as we head into the last days of march. sunday looks beautiful. a lot of sunshine but it will be brisk. right now 23 in the poconos, 31 in pottstown, 34 in philadelphia. 37 in wildwood. a high of just 40. the normal this time of year, 57. 47 still struggling on a sunny sunday, we'll get there by monday with a chance of showers. april begins on wednesday and so does the nice weather. looks like things finally breaks
8:47 am
as we see sunshine. >> let's look at the other headlines making news right now. it's not often that a casino is worrying about a university ruining the neighborhood but that is exactly what's happening down in atlantic city. >> i was actually there yesterday. stocton university is planning to expand into the old showboat casino but it's now on hold. the owners of the trump say they're afraid that under aged students will try to sneak into the casino so trump entertainment is blocking the expansion. they're using a decade-old agreement that says only a casino can be built next to them. >> people don't know where they're living, and with classes and parking, everyone is frustrated. >> i heard from a lot of them and that's pretty much the concern that everyone is expressing. but right now the exangs isn't
8:48 am
completely dead. stockton is hoping they'll reconsidered or they'll be forced to sell the showboat less than a year after paying $18 million to purchase it. and taraji p. henson is apologizing to police. she had claimed police profiled her son in glendale, california when they pulled him over. the police department released dash cam video and it showed the cop was really nice. even letting him get off. henson says as a mother she overreacted. and not only did she apologize to the officer, she apologized to the entire police department. >> in focus, we call it that because this is where one of our
8:49 am
photographers brings us a story. this morning, coffee for a cause. >> walk into the monkey and elephant cafe and see something new. >> it offers employment jobs. >> lisa opened the cafe last month and is hoping to make a difference. >> our mission is to bridge the gap between foster care and independence while providing great coffee in a supportive community-driven environment. >> she's inspired by a friend who aged out of the foster system in south africa. >> there's a lot of kids that are in foster care or about to age out that are in college that spring break, summer break, they don't have a place to live. >> lisa has about a handful of employees that just aged out of foster care, working and
8:50 am
learning. >> we do wher sizes and those exercises come with everything from doing an informational interview to practicing your personal pitch to going to a career or college far. >> naji has met a lot of people while working here. some give him advice and others tell them their life story. >> i met a lot of people that been through a lot of traumatic stuff. and are successful now. and we would never have guessed that they've been through them problems. >> reporter: we may need a little coffee to start the day. naji needs the coffee to kick start his life. >> what i took from that is they didn't let anything, you know, hold them down to succeed. and it just lets me know that i have to push and push and not really let my problems get me down as well. >> what a great place.
8:51 am
i want to go check that out. where is that? >> it's right on gerard. >> any ends coming up in. >> they do. they have one tonight. a grand opening party where you can have a coffee on them. >> thank you bill, what a great story. if you have any ideas for bill, use our #fox29weekend. >> ahead in our 9:00 hour, an american soldier rescued from the taliban now charged with desertion. he could spend time in an american prison. was the trade worth it? plus it seems innocent enough. a woman's vacation picture. so why is it popping up all over your facebook and twitter feeds? so why is it popping up all over your facebook and twitter feeds? we talked to the woman in the
8:52 am
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sometimes, caring for your neighbors means going the extra mile. when our patient, susan, mentioned her dad couldn't make it in to pearle vision to get his eyes checked... we went to him. and we realized, if he had trouble getting new glasses... he probably wasn't the only one. to us, eye care is about living dr. pearles legacy. building a trusting relationship with the person behind the eyes. this is genuine eye care, right in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision.
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>> it's time for fox unfiltered. where we respond to your comments and complaints right here on the air. first up, i'm standing here with our reporter chris o'connell. you did a story last week that set social media ablaze. two young girls missed their school bus. police see them wandering the streets so they pick them up and drive them to school. good deed, right chris? >> cops thought so. not so much for mom. listen to her. >> i don't want them not to trust the police, but they need to be aware that they need to let their mother know.
8:55 am
they need to say call my mom. >> are you kidding me? what is this woman's problem. >> i don't think it maurts what the cops do. some people are just going to complain and play the victim role. no good deed. if they got abducted then it would also be the police department's fault. yes, they should have contacted her but she needs to be grateful. no need for the media to be involved. >> you talked to the mom after that whole social media reaction. what did she have to say? >> her problem isn't with police. the problem is she wasn't contacted either by police or the school so she was a little upset. she did not know where her children were. the first phone call she got was from a neighbor saying your children are in a police car. she got worried, she called up, we got to the bottom of it. bottom line, kids are safe. >> next up, i'm standing with our chief meteorologist scott
8:56 am
williams. >> i didn't do it. >> didn't do what? >> whatever you're here to complain about. >> i like scott, but it seems he delights in giving gloomy weather forecasts. his handsome face brightens up whenever he mentions snow or flurries, lol. >> three to five inches of snow. >> you did look a little happy in that clip. >> i like to smile. i'm always happy around the news room but i do enjoy my job and reporting on the weather. what's wrong with that? i just have one question for you ♪ do you want to build a snowman ♪ >> tom, it is true that many people are concerned about the eagles, including our buddy
8:57 am
monte jake. things are going to be okay with the eagles, right? >> to quote jeff cole, it is march. we haven't hit an off season practice, we haven't even hit the regular season. calm down. the current group won how many super bowls? >> that would be zero. >> calm down, monte. i think they have a good plan. i think there's a little vision here. let's come down and see if this group works. i like what they did. and that's it for this edition of fox unfiltered. we want to hear from you and if you want, send us a video with your comment like monty-g did or do it the old fashion
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. right now we begin with this breaking news for our 9:00 hour of fox 29 weekend. we are staying on top of this
9:00 am
decision in north philadelphia because there are still some developments. investigators are trying to figure out what started a massive warehouse fire overnight. it started at about 2:30 a.m. the scene is the 2400 block of west west moreland street. they did manage to knock this one down and bring it under control. they are still working on hot spots and they still have hoses up above. this is still an active scene. we know that the warehouse is vacant. fire investigators tell us this used to be at one time a metal manufacturing plant in at least part of that building. this is a fire that is still creating problems. if you take the manyunk line. it is suspended. >> and 9:00 good morning. we head into the second hour of fox 29 weekend.
9:01 am
a lot of great things going on in the program today. we're keeping you informed with everything that's going on with breaking news and social media. and a little bit of weather as well. so caitlin roth will tell us what's coming up and what to expect with weather at the moment as we take a look at the airport, there doesn't appear to be any problems there. we'll get to caitlin but first a question. >> we want to know -- >> thank you so much for the question. if you have a question about the forecast this weekend, the coming week, season, just send that to us via #fox29weekend on twitter or facebook, you can e-mail us and to answer their question, can we ride our bikes? yes you can ride your bikes. there's nothing that's going to stop you although it might be a little cold and windy today. snow in long island and new england it's circling enough back to the west to bring some clouds, wind and even some
9:02 am
flurries. nothing too wide spread but it's out there. 23 in the poconos, 32 in pottstown, 36 in philadelphia. on a cold saturday morning, winds are out of the northwest. they're increasing right now. gusts over 30 miles per hour later today. this is keeping the wind chills in the 20s. there's nothing spring-like about this afternoon. high temperature would reach just 40 degrees, cloudy, breezy and cold. it stays blustery tonight. just 23 for that low temperature, is there a warm-up in the seven-day forecast? hopefully. we'll show you that transition into april and some april-like weather still ahead. >> let's get to our headlines this morning. we know that police are investigating a murder. it happened here, the 4300 block of elizabeth street. we know that a person was shot in their bed. no suspects at this hour. and we also had another terrible fire last evening. this one was deadly. two people are also in the
9:03 am
hospital. it started first as an explosion that. this was right at 11:00 p.m. this is in morgan town, we do know this is a commercial building so lots more questions on this one. the investigation is ongoing. >> and we're continuing to follow a developing story in new york city. police there are searching for at least two people who are still missing after an apparent gas explosion that leveled three apartment buildings. the destruction was centered around a sushi restaurant we know that 22 people were injured in the blast, four critically. >> we want to get your opinion. what do you think about the situation. do you think our country made the right call in the whole bowe bergdahl situation. he is the american solder who was rescued from the taliban prisoner in afghanistan in exchange for five guantanamo bay detainees. he's now being charged with desertion. we've got a lot of tweets on
9:04 am
this one. >> i don't want any more of my tax dollars being spent on bowe bergdahl to keep him in prison to get revenge for dead military veterans. this other one i want to show you a picture, this is one that retweeted numerous times and we're showing one of the people that actually went in that rescue what he looked like before and how he was injured during the rescue and the consequences. so joining us to discuss all of this is a count terrorism expert. there's so many questions about this one now that there are charges filed, people are saying should we have made this decision in order to rescue him. what do you think? >> well, it's really i think the jury is out on that. certainly he was an american toldier -- soldier, he was either captured or he possibly deserted to the enemy and the issue is whether it was worth trading five senior taliban
9:05 am
commanders for sergeant burg dal. there's been a lot of discussion either way. the real issue is did he go over to the other side or was he in fact smachd -- snatched by the enemy. we don't know. one of the reasons we're going to have the investigation or a court marshal to determine those facts. >> an article 32 is equivalent to a grand jury in the civilian legal system. so what will happen is there will be an article 32 investigating officer, most likely a colonel, and he will take witness testimony. the defense will be there. they'll be able to present witnesses, the government will have a prosecutor or a trial counsel there. and he will then make a determination whether there's enough evidence here to warrant a court marshal and he will make a recommendation to the
9:06 am
convening authorities who's a general, and that general will decide whether he should be court marshaled. >> we're a nation of principles, one of them is we don't negotiate with terrorists was it the right call. >> there's been a lot of discussion about that. i'm going to reserve my personal opinion until more facts come out, but certainly i think that a lot of people have thought was it worth sending five senior taliban commanders from guantanamo bay cuba, who's been in incarceration for ten years or even longer, was it worth trading them for one soldier who may have intentionally absented himself from his unit.
9:07 am
that's the $64,000 question. i don't think that the intelligence community or the military likes to negotiate with terrorists. that's been our mantra for many years. this was a political decision made by the administration to bring him home and we'll have to see where the cards fall on this one. >> thank you for your time and insight. >> did we make the right call use our #fox29weekend. >> we'll continue to follow that and bring your comments on the air. in another story, the ex-girlfriend of the pilot, who prosecutors say intentionally brought down the plane killing 150 people is now speaking out. during an interview with a german newspaper, the woman claims andreas lubitz said he
9:08 am
was planning an act so heinous that his name would be remembered forever. >> in all system it all depends what the pilot tells the airline. the airline takes certain steps. if he had told her that, it kind of begs the question why didn't she alert somebody, alert authorities that this guy is an airline pilot. he suffers from problems. he's indicated he's going to commit an act so heinous. could it have been a bomb. where she was before that? >> and those are the questions that pretty much everyone is asking. we'll continue to look into this, continue to follow this, and continue to alert you to any new information and remember 150 people died in that crash. so everyone is watching. >> i know we're looking at a picture of the sheridan. we've got some new information about that investigation that came out. we also want to talk about legalized marijuana. don't look for it any time in new jersey. we will have the debate over legal pot. but right now, we have sabina.
9:09 am
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♪ if you want it ♪ ♪ ♪ go out and get it . >> welcome back. at 9:13 in your headlines, investigators say it was a murder-suicide. john sheridan killed his wife before he set a fire in their montgomery township home back in september. >> that's according to prosecutors who said friday that the medical examiner found that joyce sheridan was stabbed and was dead before the fire. the medical examiner also determined john sheridan committed suicide and died of sharp force injuries and smoke inhalation.
9:14 am
the family says it plans to file a lawsuit over the investigation's findings. they feel it, quote, convicts their father based on guess work and an inadequate and incomplete investigation. they say they still don't have answers as to what really happened to their parents. >> two teenaged boys are under arrest charges with robbing and raping another teenager. she was going to the gym and had left the gym and was trying to come back on thursday evening when those suspects walked up to her and dragged her behind a building and assaulted her. investigators say this 14-year-old and 17-year-old had a gun, robbed the woman and then raped her. police say the teens threatened to kill her and her family if she called the police and police caught and arrested those teens shortly after the attack. she was not silent. >> the amanda knox case, she is relieved and grateful today. that's how she says she feels after that definitive end
9:15 am
finally to her eight-year court saga. italy's highest court acquitted her. both were convicted in 2009, they spent years in prison then there was an acquit al in their case then they were free in 2011 and she came back home to seattle. but then it wasn't over. they had a third trial which overturned those acquittals. finally the court has completely exonerated her and her former boyfriend. >> here at fox 29, we love it when we can get results for you, our viewers. >> a resident here, if you want to get results, he's the guy. he gets the help that you need. last month he did this absolutely wonderful story about a young boy who's got some pretty big needs and this time our viewers, you always know how to step up when people could use it. >> sabina is out there, live in
9:16 am
west philadelphia where something good is happening right now. in the theme of umuganda day. something good is happening for that special little boy. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. something amazing. talk about getting results, getting results. they're all volunteers with the local 5 elevator instructor union, they're building a wheelchair lift for a 10-year-old who is in a wheelchair and he needs this lift to get in and out of his home to catch the school bus every morning. we're joined by the family watching as this wheelchair lift goes up. how are you feeling? >> so great. i'm happy. >> and the story behind how you're getting the lift. the lift itself was donated by a
9:17 am
mother who needed it for her daughter and her daughter passed away and she wanted to do something to help you guys with the lift. >> yes, miss peggy. miss peggy reached out to us through the news and she donated the lift. so now we can use it. we forever grateful for that. >> reporter: and saleem is inside the home recovering from surgery. as a mom just how are you feeling when you see people out here this morning working to get this done for your family? >> well, we're just excited and we're happy and grateful and we appreciate everything that everyone has done for us. peggy sutton and the local five elevator constructors and everyone who donated. >> that's right. there was a go-fund-me page and after bruce did the story, their donations went through the roof. that's how they were able to get all of this. i do want to give a shout out.
9:18 am
elevator constructors local union 5. this is jack cook. thanks for coming out here and helping. >> we were glad. we saw them and we're glad we could help. and it's a pleasure for us to help them out. >> so do you guys to our viewers for stepping up to help. back to you. >> thank you sabina, thank you local 5 and for all of our people who pitched in on that one. >> phillies opening day is quickly approaching. it's coming up next week. i believe their home opener is with the red sox. >> that would be fun. that would be great. are you going to check that one out? >> no, i'll be at work. >> get out of here. all right. let's talk about it. are you looking forward to this season? >> we're going to get to some of your comments and we'll be checking in on that one. let us know. >> it feels like the opposite of baseball weather. a very winter-like morning out there. cold, windy, there's even some snow in spots. flurries are flying across our
9:19 am
area. when we'll start to feel more like spring that's coming up in your seven-day forecast. >> take a look at some of your comments that are coming in right now. this is the one we did about the bowe bergdahl situation. we keep your opinions coming. we value what you have to say and we will be right back in just a moment. >> good morning, i'm chris murphy. >> and i'm alex holly. and this is the trend. you know, it's always fun to play catch with your dog. but the thing is, the dog has to be able to catch it, and this dog just can't do it. >> so this is fritz, the golden retriever, and his owner insists that he's actually getting
9:20 am
better at this. >> we really have some big boy band news. >> ryan dennis our web producer to talk about how this impacted people. >> zayn is leaving one direction. let's take a look back.
9:21 am
zblp the trends are crazy the last couple of weeks. last week we had the finale of empire and this week we had the news about one direction. >> i wonder what's going to be next. whatever comes our way we will be here on monday for good day.
9:22 am
9:23 am
9:24 am
all right. time to talk a little bit of sports right now. and for that we go, as we always do, over to 97.5 the fanatic good morning sir. >> good morning. >> jon, we're all following the ncaa tournament, but let's make it local. >> karen's favorite subject is to talk about the sixers being good in 2020 or 2019. so let's talk about it. because right now you're watching the tournament with a local flavor because there's a couple of guys that could be in sixers uniform next year. number one he did have a great game. he's only 19, you're seeing the video, so skilled around the
9:25 am
basket. he's got soft hands, great feet. he's going to be the number one pick in the draft if the sixers can get him. the sixers have two big guys already. you have a couple of bigs already with the sixers so if you can't get okafore, there's
9:26 am
two guards that can really help this team. >> what are your predictions for this year? >> do we have to talk baseball? >> opening day is coming up in less than two weeks. but we asked our viewers out there, fox 29 weekend viewers. my prediction is a lot of losses 70 wins, it's a long and bad season. the phillies aren't in any position to contend this year. they're in a rebuilding mode. lose games. >> karen hates this whole concept but we're not excited about the sixers because it looks like its working. the phillies should tank it and get some players. >> you're drafting young guys but you do that in the nba. the phillies need to be bad for a couple of years.
9:27 am
what's the prediction this year. they disband and don't even finish the season. regardless how bad the phillies are, parody exists. -- parity exists. i disagree. i think a lot of phillies fans feel like this year. look in the toilet, you have a prediction. just remember they have to get young players in the draft, if they do that, maybe in three years when the sixers are going to be good, the phillies are going to be good as well. >> we've got a game tonight, the temple owls are playing tonight. >> fight fight fight for the cherry and the white. bottom line is they play the games to try to win them. and they look impressive. >> thank you, jon. we appreciate it.
9:28 am
>> see you guys. >> what do you think about all of our sports teams right now? we have a big debate on legalizing marijuana. but do not look for legalized pot in new jersey any time soon. but do not look for legalized pot in new jersey any time soon. governor chris
9:29 am
9:30 am
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so many events happening today. i know jen fred is running five miles. i think my husband is running a race this afternoon. we do have this weather question. let's take a listen. they're having that big race today. go st. agnes. >> a little hard to hear but they are all in good spirits. karen was just talking about all the races across the area. we are in spring now. there's plenty to do outdoors. it feels more like winter. outside right now, storm towards our northeast bringing snow to parts of long island and new
9:32 am
england. including snow showers in philadelphia right now. if you're across delaware into south jersey and you're seeing flakes right now, that is to be expected. a few flurries as we go through today. maybe a few peeks of sunshine at time. otherwise it will feel like winter. here we are 7:00 still snowing up across parts of new york city. it will be very cold into tonight. temperatures right now 23 in the poconos, 31 reading, 32 pottstown, wind chills, this is what it feels like outside and even still on this march 28th we have wind chills in the single digits in the mountains. it feels like it's in the teens or 20s elsewhere. so 40 degrees is it for the high temperature on saturday with some wind and flurries. winds can gust over 30 miles per hour at times. luckily we only go up from there. sunny tomorrow, beautiful looking day.
9:33 am
still brisk starting off at 23 and rising to just 47. showers are possible on monday as we turn milder. same with tuesday but at least temperatures are into the 50s. april begins wednesday and so does a nice stretch of weather where temperatures rise into the 60s through friday. >> thank you, caitlin. kids got to thank the pope because the philadelphia students are going to be getting an extra day off next year. the school district announced there will not be any chances on september 25th in anticipation of the pope's visit to philadelphia. the street closures will just make it too difficult. some of the center city colleges are making that same call. more than 1.5 million people are expected to come to our city for the world meeting of families which will start on september 22nd. >> and this morning we're talking about some controversial comments made by this man. he's new jersey governor chris christie of course. he likened tax revenue from
9:34 am
sales of marijuana to blood money. he believes marijuana could be a gateway drug leading people to addiction. but his comments aren't being taken well by pro-marijuana advocates who would like to see it legalized for recreation. one person tweeted i like him for the most part but his views are misguided and outdated. we also got this one, new jersey collects 550 in taxes for every gallon of liquor sold in the state. does christie consider that blood money. so to talk about this topic joining us this morning and every week solomon jones. good morning sir. >> good morning. >> you and i have had some discussion about this. you've got some strong opinions about this. are we moving towards legalization and should we? >> i'm not in favor of legalization of marijuana. and it's not because the studies on either side of the issues say one thing or another, because there are studies on either side that you could refute.
9:35 am
there's colorado which has legalized marijuana but at the same time is running an ad campaign that says don't be a lab rat. so i don't think anybody knows. what i know is this. i grew up in north philadelphia. i saw people sell marijuana. i saw somebody get shot in the face with a shotgun over marijuana. i've seen my community torn down over marijuana and the other drugs that i believe it does lead to. i've seen my own life and other people's lives affected by drugs in a negative way. and so no, i don't believe that legalization and the government profiting from any drug sales helps anybody. >> governor christie called it blood money, but all those examples you used, you could make the argument, if there was more regulation, if there was more enforcement, if you weren't buying it on every corner, that that would make it safer. so is it blood money, would it be better to have the government involved? >> when you involve government in stuff, sometimes -- i sound
9:36 am
like a republican. i sound like a conservative. but sometimes when you involve government in stuff, it messes it up even more. i think if government really wants to help with the drug problem, than government needs to find ways to treat people who fall victim to addiction. the government needs to find ways to keep people out of jail. they need to find ways to fix the disparities for more serious drugs like cocaine and heroin. there are medical uses for cocaine too. are we going to make that legal? i don't think so. so i think it's a slippery slope. especially when in a state like colorado where it is legal, you have these mixed messages coming from the government. >> you said you sound like a conservative. let's talk money. what we got from social media was the taxes in new jersey on alcohol and other things. you see the places where they legalized it are climbing out of some of these budget deficits. the state of new jersey and pennsylvania considering it as well. is the benefit from taxes worth the potential risk of
9:37 am
legalization? >> i don't think so, because if you're talking about destroying lives, which is more important, money or somebody's life? you saw what happened when we started to tax cigarettes for the schools. the schools were still suffering from economic deficits. so taxing a substance isn't always a problem. i've seen people avoid that cigarette tax by walking across the avenue and buying cigarettes 4 and 5 packs at a time. we have to think about people's lives first and taxes second. >> this is a debate that's not going anywhere. new jersey continues to have this discussion. pennsylvania now is actually considering legalization so we'll continue to talk about it. thank you sir. >> thank you, bill. >> and we want to know what you think as always. you can tweet us, leave your messages on facebook. send us your ideas. should they legalize? maybe, maybe not. but make sure you use #fox29weekend. >> it is a woman in a bikini
9:38 am
getting a whole lot of attention. the reason could surprise you. as we go to break, if you're looking for something to do, there are so many easter egg hunts that are happening.
9:39 am
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>> we're getting a lot of tweets about the discussion we had about marijuana. will there be any chance of legalizing marijuana in pennsylvania any time soon. it's an after thought for him pot for life. so we love your comments. someone send us a beautiful fox 29 cake with a jelly doughnut.
9:42 am
speaking of the weekday folks, let's check out jen fred. >> easter is coming, i don't want any candy gifts because i know the easter bunny is going to handle that. >> you're going to have to give your kids because that's the kind of mom that you are. art is big. air brush, t-shirts. they're fun. >> grandma would love those. she likes things that relate to her childhood. slinky is 70, etch a sketch is 50. you like to give your kids
9:43 am
practical gifts. >> i do. i also like to give them books. >> you do. how about a book with their name in it? >> and of course the stuffed animals that you can add. >> the bottom line, i like candy, moms like candy. enough with the candy. supplement some of these amazing things.
9:44 am
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>> welcome back to fox 29 weekend. it's 9:45. there are a lot of stories we've been following. usually when you throw a bachelor party, you invite your best friend. but when a total stranger was mistakenly sent an invite because of a typo in an e-mail address, that stranger decided to go to the party. joey arrived at philadelphia international airport last night all the way from seattle. he was put on the e-mail list for the bachelor party of jeff. jeff and his fiance was there to great him. his e-mail address was one letter off. joey and jeff got to talking and now joey is in town for the bachelor party tonight. he started a go-fund-me account to pay for the trip and it brought in more than $8,000. and what's not spent on travel is going to jeff and amy's honeymoon. they're set to be married in may and joey hopes to come back for the wedding. >> we flirted with 70 degrees
9:47 am
this week. a reminder that our summer and beach weather is going to be here sooner rather than later. that means it's time to get in shape before anyone sees us in a bathing suit. there is's one woman's picture the talk of the internet this week. she's not afraid to be photographed in her swim suit. she's a mother of three boys and she says she's not afraid to show off her stretch marks calling them the stripes she has earned and not scars. i she looks better than some who wear a bikini. >> i used to wear a bikini now i'm a little heavier but i would still wear one if i were thinner. good morning to you. >> good morning. i love that this sparks conversation. you've got hundreds of thousands of people sharing and commenting on your picture. did you think you would get that much reaction? >> no.
9:48 am
i don't know how i got it. i could have anticipated this. i post things all the time to instagram. and i you know they get 20 likes, 15 likes. i had zero idea what was going to happen. and quite frankly it was never my intention to do this. i just thought that it might resonate with some of the moms i had who follow the site. >> take on the banner for a second. when you have a number of kids as i've had and you had, it just isn't tight and perky anymore. you're a young woman. >> 32. >> and i think so many women looked at that and they said i feel like i've earned the right to be this way. >> exactly. i think what is amazing to me is all of a sudden these women are posting their own pictures and they're showing off their own stomachs because the truth is that most of us look like that.
9:49 am
most of us who have had kids, some of us who haven't have those scars. why don't we just be open about it. why don't we just take ownership of that thing and be proud of what our body has done for us. >> i can't to show off your family because you have three boys who are 8, 6 and 2 and a half. >> yes, ma'am. >> and your husband, what did he think about the picture? >> he was super excited. i don't know how he feels you now that there's a bikini shot of me everywhere on the internet. but he's so proud of what happened to it. >> whenever you have something like this, there's always going to be people, we'll call them haters, that have something negative to say. i want to read you one of those comments we got. that's for your husband to see. wear a one-piece. how do you respond to people who do say things that are not so nice. >> you know, honestly, having run a website for a few years now, there is -- you're never going to please everybody and if you try you'll go crazy.
9:50 am
you'll always find people that are grouchy or misread your intentions. i try to be honest about my life and where i'm coming from. if that offends steve, well, i'm sorry. >> thank you for your time. we really appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. >> so what do you think about this whole discussion about posting a picture where you may not have the most flatting shot or you're just proud of your body. share your comments use #fox29weekend. >> i'm chef robert bennett of classic cake and this is your fox food bite. today i'm going to be making potato sponge cake. no flower. it's good for gluten free people and it's good for passover. to properly separate an egg, you don't do it on an edge of a bowl.
9:51 am
crack it on a hard, flat surface. eight egg yolks and 3/4 cup sugar. now the juice of one lemon. now the zest of one lemon, and 1/8 teaspoon of salt. 5 ounces of potato starch. you can get this at any supermarket. add this on low speed. continue mixing for about another two minutes. while this is mixing i'm going to prepare my pan. non-stick spray and i'm going to coat it with potato starch. and lastly i'm going to whip my egg whites. this is eight egg whites, using
9:52 am
a balloon whip which incorporates the most amount of air and they whip up quicker in copper as well. the reason copper is really good for egg whites because they share common ions and you get a stronger meringue. i'm going to add 1 cup sugar. whisk it a little bit longer. and i'm going to fold everything together. nice and thick. take the egg yolk mixture into the white. now you just want to just fold gently. let it fall on to itself, preserving the lightness. you don't want to beat the air out of it. just so it becomes homogenous.
9:53 am
you can just eye it if you like. preheat your oven to 350 fahrenheit. if you have a convection often use 325. now into the oven. >> in the pans baking any longer, this is a light sponge. this is good just by itself. just a little confectioners sugar. i like to eat it just by itself. nice and light. this
9:54 am
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9:56 am
welcome back. it is the weekend for the easter egg hunts. wanted to hit the ones over the area. ambler, pennsylvania. they have one at the soccer field and this one until doylestown, pennsylvania. that's caitlin roth's neck of the woods. >> it sure is. >> bundle up though. >> a lot of people have a lot to
9:57 am
say about this whole marijuana debate. chris christie needs to stop with that crazy talk about marijuana because if he won't try and get alcohol illegal -- i'm a little confused about that one. i think he's comparing alcohol and marijuana, you've got to do the same with both of them. i think it's a good idea to legalize weed. it hasn't killed anyone and in pennsylvania we need a tax break and that seems to be the argument. monty-g says please say happy brother to my brother eddie. >> happy birthday. >> you always look so pretty. i love the dress you're wearing today. >> i got this one, it's a theory dress, so it's a nice designer dress but i got it for 10 bucks at the thrift store. >> i love that. >> thank you so much for joining us on this saturday morning. come back and join us tomorrow.
9:58 am
us on this saturday morning. come back and join us tomorrow. we're going to do it all over
9:59 am
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