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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6a  FOX  March 26, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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way n what happened when he got the van. some really good news yesterday for football player, with ties to our area continue okay still -- devon stills daughter fighting cancer, we'll checkup with how she doing, may be in our studios in a few minutes. it is 6:00. good day today, march the 26th 2015. how is energy. >> good morning, everybody. >> you have job interview, coat on? >> yep, i do. >> where are you going? >> right here. >> trying to impress us. >> just a little bit. >> probably ready for the great temperatures today. i'm ready for 68. >> i'm just going with 70. >> all right. >> let's go 70. >> let's do it. >> come on, yes. >> make a wager. >> what could be the best? i'm work on that.
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>> do something crazy? >> okay. >> that would be so unusual. >> let's talk about the number of the day. we will have the mile temperatures, but trade off with clouds, and fog and showers, and thunderstorms, so we're still going with five out of ten. specially because of the storms later on. bus stop buddy has the rain gear ready to go. what you can see of him with the fog out there this morning. so that could slow you down. we want to make sure you now about it so you allow little extra time. it is 39 degrees in philadelphia. the warmest morning we have seen in a while believe it or not, with 39. and we are watching some showers to the south big area of rainout to the west, that is associated with a cold front that look coming through later on, so be prepared for showers, and later on in the day, thunderstorms also, be prepared for 68 degrees. you can leave the winter coat at home, and just bring the rain gear today. it will be 45 degrees tonight some thunderstorms in the evening, then lingering showers overnight. we will talk about what
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happens after that, when we bring you the seven day forecast, all right. he is a vision in blue, that bob kelly. >> morning everybody, if you haven't used those wipers since the last time you scraped the ice off probably going to give you hard time probably not going to do what they are supposed to this morning with the rain that's on the windshield. >> i95, patchy fog, up and down the i95 corridor, and odds are you are probably going hit thick patch somewhere between your driveway and the front door of the office there. here is a live look at the blue route 476, rolling through saint david's villanova. again, the fog comes up on you fast, it comes up on you thick, and then that quick bamm, it is gone, and you're in the clear. the schuylkill expressway, some fog coming out of the king of prussia service plaza eastbound in toward the conshohocken curve. any areas that still have snow on the gown where we will see some fog like along the 295 stretch here, crash along democrat road at swedesboro
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avenue. because every rain, the fog both together could leave us with delays today at philadelphia international airport. so just check ahead with the airline before you head down there. all runs with no delaysment back to you. >> thank you 6:03, developing right now new details about what was happening on board the germanwings flight that crashed in the french alms. >> doesn't sounds good. among the 150 killed, mother and caught here went to school, in our area. jenny joyce is on this story new information about what was happening in that airplane. hi jenny. >> one of the pilots left the cockpit, then he wasn't able to get back, in locked out completely banking on that door, still unclear though, why the plane crashed. so we are learning new details but a lot more to learn in this case. >> was 2013 graduate here at drexel university.
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she was traveling on that flight with her mom so, the crash happened tuesday the germanwings flight lost radio contact with air traffic controllers, during a routine trip from barcelona to doors dove germany. at this point it does now a near was any foul play. again, that black box recording, indicate, that one of the pilots was locked out of the cockpit. he left for some reason. he could not get back, in he was banking on the door. among the 150 people on board we have three americans including, a mother and daughter yvonne, emily selke. yvonne work for secret pentagon agency and is believed to be graduate of springfield high school according to its reunion page. her daughter emily is 2013 graduate of drexel west fall college of media arts, design, was music industry major. >> e a family said the entire family deeply saddened by the
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losses of yvonne and emily. two wonderful, caring, amazing people who meant so much to so many. at this difficult time we respectfully ask for your privacy and your prayers. we talk to student on campus yesterday. >> very sad, very unfortunate. she obviously was a student at west fall, i am actually a student at west fall as well which is an art college. my heart definitely goes out to her. >> definately is a tragedy. >> emily member of the gahmgamma sigma sigma sorority, mourning the loss of emily and her mother, emily growing part of the chapter and she embodied the spirit of gahm -- gamma sigma sigma. emily always put other before herself and cared deeply for all of those in her life. so again we know that three americans were on board that flight only two so far have been identified, mike, alex. >> there is no foul play. just mention right after you
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say no foul play, one of the pilots can't get back to the cockpit. something going on here. something bad going on in that airplane. why could could the pilot not get back in the cockpit? waiting for information. daylight over there. so probably just after 1:00 over there. so looking into that. that's big. >> last night, some of the roommates of emily they were talking about her and it was great to see they were saying she is someone who like to see people happy and remember her yesterday. >> odd somebody from our area being on that play. one ooh people on the airplane, three americans, two from our area. all right we will stay on that. 6:06. >> east coventry township police looking foreman who they say carried out strong arm robbery on 12 year old girl. >> it happened outside of a gym that is innings center surveillance video caught this guy as he walked into the center on route 724 on friday afternoon. again, last friday afternoon. police say he left the center then forced his way into
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mini-van in the parking lot. where 12 year old girl was inside the mini-van. they say he struck billion dollars that girl, allegedly pull her out of the van then stole a bag from inside. >> parent stunned about this. >> parent, kids, eyes a lot of eyes out here. i'm always out here. my daughter inside. very shock. >> so, try to remember last friday. police believe the suspect got away in a dark colored new err model honda odyssey. >> hackers gone after big box stores, insurance companies now, they are going after schools. the local school that had their entire system shutdown by hackers. >> and was it all a hoax? california woman back home, safe with their family after she was allegedly kidnapped but, that may not even be the whole story. why police think this was all just an act.
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>> now jersey schools being snacked. >> hard to imagine hackers lock computers at swedesboro four elementary schools for ransom. they asked for 500 bit coins which translates to $125,000. investigators say the attack appears to be random. someone likely opened an
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e-mail or attach. locking down the whole system. >> it i am crumbs the drivers where the school or person can't access their own data. then the hackers hold the key. they go oh, you want your data back? pay me in this case, $124,000 worth of bit coins. >> and why bit coins? not track recall. >> we've gotten those emails that say open this, and don't open t sometimes you get tricked. school officials say no personal data was stolen. the state police cyber crime aoun sit handling this investigation. this weather is headed our way. didly toy nato, same system, expected to come here, sue serio has your forecast, coming up. >> we'll have thunder boomers but hopefully no tornados, bob? >> yep definitely, some thunder boomers on the way and the roads are wet this morning, from all of the rain, and not only dealing with wet roads, also dealing with some fog. which is causing some poor visibility we'll check the jam cams,
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>> sirens have residents seeking shelter yesterday. forecasters say the tornado touched down in the suburbs causing electrical explosions, and, you know, site of deadly ef5 tornado that killed 24 people back in 2013, can't imagine what they were thinking when they heard that siren again. >> my gosh, that time of year again, folks, in the midwest. the destruction, continues in
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several other areas of oklahoma and arkansas yesterday afternoon and evening tornadoes striking during the evening rush hour, one person died after mobile home park near sands springs was hit, bunches of storms hit. believe more than dozen people suffered injuriesment again, one confirm fatality again in a trailer park. >> and now that same system, we're expect to go come through our area, sue but not as severe? >> right. that would be the southern end of the cold front affecting us little later in the day in fact, we can show you the northern part that far front which did yesterday extend indeed all the way down into oklahoma so there is cold air behind it, there is mild air ahead of t what happens with the front when those two air masses clash that is when the thunderstorms break out. we don't expect anything as severe as that, but having said that we could hear some thunder, and see some lightning later on tonight. before that happens though, the high will get to near
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70 degrees, mike says it will get to 70. we'll see what happens. we're watching this area first, this coastal area, which is associated with warmfront. that's the first area of rain, starting to sneak ever northwards. we in lull for moles of the night between systems. and now we see some rain moving into cape may county, and cumberland count any new jersey and then lower two counties of delaware, so, you will definitely need your umbrella now, if you don't need it now, you will need it later on, here's a look at what's going on later with 64 degrees, in philadelphia, by 1:00 in the afternoon and scattered showers around, upon up thunderstorms around, as well. and then by 3:00, 4:00 in the upper 60s and then you can see the cold front, starting to come through any time after 8:00. and then it sips through touches off some thunderstorms, cools us down overnight, and then it isn't out of the question now it looks like in this latest computer model about 5:00 in the morning friday, we could be seeing some flurries, north and west of the city, but nothing more than left over
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showers, we don't think in our area, it will be chillier tomorrow, not getting nearly as warm as it will today and saturday colder still. so that's what's ahead. future rainfall totals, probably when all is said and done, half inch, maybe inch in some places. but not a lot of rain with this storm. walking out the door right now, remember about the fog. it is 39 degrees in the city. thirty-five in reading. forty-one in mount pocono. forty-eight down in wildwood. yesterday wasn't as bad as tuesday, but only got to 47 degrees whether we should have been at 56. today, back to where we were on saint patrick's day but the trade off is the rain. now showers cooler tomorrow, high of 50, instead of 68. high of 39 on saturday. we could wake up to few flurries on saturday morning. how crazes this roller coaster ride? still the chilly side on sunday, but then we get back to where we're supposed to be by monday and tuesday of next
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week. so there is your seven day forecast, bob kelly, waist going on at the shore? >> i think you have a little bit of everything in that seven day forecast there using all of the little weather icons. good morning everybody, let's go down the shore. right outside of wildwood, rio grand, where we're dealing with some fog. thick fog along 47 and 347 the roads are also wet. so it is a double bubble here this morning. wet roads some fine drizzle some rain, and then of course dealing with the fog which is knocking the visibility down. good morning, to cape may new jersey, here is a live look at the garden state parkway right near the cape may toll plaza. so again as you roll out of the driveway, depending upon where you begin and end your trip i'll bet awe jelly donut you will hit some fog along the way. democrat road at swedesboro avenue in paulsboro, an accident. and then as we roll route 73, heading in toward philadelphia for the shaders good morning to you. some fog again along 73, as you work your way in toward that talcony palmyra bridge. the major roadways in good shape.
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no problems coming into town on the schuylkill. starting to see the beginning after delay here on 95. as we always do. southbound, heavy from woodhaven, through the girard avenue construction zone. mike, at egg back to you. >> police now say the kidnapping after woman in california was orchestrated they don't believe she was ever in jeopardy so on monday, denise hoskins her boyfriend reported she had been abduct from the their san francisco bay area by intruders there. was a reported ransom. spark a massive search. she turned up two days later at her father's home unharmed in southern california, police are calling it an elaborate hoax. >> the statement that mr. quinn provided was such an incredible story initially had hard time believing it, and upon further investigation, we were not able to substantiate any of the things that he was saying. >> oh, oh. police say she was initially willing to talk to them but
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now she has lost contact with her family and i think some attorneys are involved now. 20:00. the clock is particular to go reach nuclear agreement with iran. secretary of state john kerry has returned to switzerland in hopes of reaching a deal before the end of the month deadline. he is scheduled to meet with iranian foreign minister. kerry hoping easing sanction also prompt iran to agree to terms, and come up with a plan of their own. >> anybody standing has an obligation to stand up, and put a viable, realistic alternative on the table. and i have yet to see anybody do that. >> it is necessary for the five plus group specifically the four members of the group to seriously come to definite conclusion and reflect in their talks too. >> negotiators set self imposed deadline march 31, next week, for preliminary agreement. but there have been talks every extends that to maybe april. they want a final deal in place though by the end of
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june. meanwhile, iran's foreign minister is warning against air strikes in yemen. they say it is a dangerous step that will likely worsen the crisis there. saudi arabia has launched series every strikes against shiite muslims in yemen. so yesterday yemen's president and close us allies, fled the country officials say yemen is on the brink of ... and the united states began air strikes against isis in the iraqi city of tee keith. senior us official says the air strikes began following request for help from the iraqi government. according to reports other countries in the u.s.-led coalition are expected to take part in the these particular air strikes saddam hussein's hometown. >> 62:00; the grounds opens up under tour bus sweeping it down a raging river. look at this video. the drivers move was just second, saved the passengers on board.
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>> and she's finally cancer free. there she is. hype, lee a little lea, daughter of nfl player, devon stills, from our area. in remission. how she's doing today.
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i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive.
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that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] >> predict the not to even win -- sixers picky win in
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denver robert scored 25 points and new orleans noel, really playing well, added 14 points, 15 rebounds, and the sixers, 99 to eight a win over the nuggets. sixers took both games with denver this season, swept them for a lock at the rest of the night in sports, here's sean bell. dingdong. >> this is fox 29 sports in one minute. good morning i'm sean bell. fans still aren't convinced sam bradford's the guy. despite chip kelly knocking down the rumors of the eagles, getting marcus mariota people want the qb. yesterday at the nfl owners meeting chip talk about his philosophy on trading up in a draft. >> philosophically i want to keep all of our draft picks. i think you build your team to the draft. so if you gut yourself for one year for one guy philosophically i don't think that's the right thing to do. >> former flyers tim owe kim nan receiving some love before the game. coming back home for the first time since being traded. first period here. the blackhawks fail to clear
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the puck. matt reid takes advantage. speeds wayne simmons for the one timer. the flyers get the win four-one. fran dunphy trying to led his temple squad to the final four the nit. jesse morgan comes off the pick sizes him up, and nails the three. they move on to the final four, 77 to 59. that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. >> congratulates toss fran dunphy, they came this close it the big march madness dance. >> true. >> but going to the final four up in new york city at the garden, i think next tuesday they start playing those games. hey, great news to report this morning, about nfl player devon still, who is from our area, and his daughter, lea. >> yes, his daughter lea four years old her cancer now officially in remission. so, this is lea her dad of course, from the bengals posted this picture on his instagram account, saying yesterday was the best day of his live. he he thanked the doctors at chop where his daughter was being treated. he said lea still needs
6:27 am
treatment to make sure the cancer cells don't return, but quote i know my little warrier will get through t she a warrier. devon stills grew up in delaware and went to penn state. we love this. >> fantastic. you may see him in our studio in about half hour or so. big changes come to this camden school district. basically saying the camden school district part of it is getting a make over. how towns thousands of student len have a chance to attend better schools in the fall. >> but first jennifer joyce standing by with the latest on the deadly german plane crash. jennifer? >> mike, alex, 2013 drexel university graduate was a board that flight, with her mom, the flight that crashed in the french alms. learning more this morning about the events leading to up that
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jim kenney. son of a firefighter. first in his family to go to college. he's been councilman at-large, representing the whole city. a progressive voice who'll be a mayor for our neighborhoods. bringing philadelphia together... expanding pre-kindergarten improving our schools... ...and partnering with businesses, community colleges and universities to create jobs jim kenny, the block by block mayor we need to move philadelphia ahead.
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>> what went wrong in officials little end to the black bok recovered from the plane crash site in the alms. what they heard was shocking, why one of the pilots was trying to knock down the cockpit door and get in. >> nothing good going on in that plane. i think this guy is feeling better, his father sent him a get well card while recovering from surgery what was in that that definately brightened up his day. well made his crime.
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>> oh, the pain from sane. heart break for young girls everywhere. sane from one direction head in the his own new direction simon cowell's message about the future of the ban, a lot of people wondering now what is it going to be like without zane? >> can they go on with just four of the boys left? >> i don't know. >> i say yes. because, what's the alternative? six? >> good day everybody, it is march 26, 2015. >> i think a lot of young girls everywhere sue were so upset. >> tough start for many of us this morning to just go on with our lives really. but, smiling through the pain, this bus stop buddy through the fog for that matter. yes, we've got foggy start we've got some showers around, especially if you're south of philadelphia. so, i have the rain gear with you today. the thing you don't need to do bundle up. five out of ten even with the milder temperatures, kind of
6:32 am
yucky today. nothing in the city. 39 degrees, sunrise at 6:55, officially. so watching an area of rain, here along the coast first from warmfront then we get the cold front later on in the day. so plenty of interesting weather to come. not as cold though as it has been we're in the 40's, by 8:00. and 9:00 we would be close to 50 degrees, we might see pike of sun here and there but generally for the evening commute, it is showers, few puddles, and the possibility every a thunderstorm. still a high of 68 degrees, so we'll take it even with the possibility of rain. that's your thursday forecast. we've got a lot of changes coming up in that seven day. we will break it all down for you just ahead bob? >> get the breakfast buffet there. >> right. >> little bit of everything on the seven day. something new i told you it would probably happen. weather delays philadelphia international airport, just popped up, average delays on arrivals and departures, one hour 22 minutes and typically around this hour at 6:30, when
6:33 am
we start to see the delays, that's when we start to see the most flights in and out of the airport, so already behind the eight ball there. check with the airline, pack your patience if you are headed down to philadelphia international airport. we're dealing with fog that's one of the reasons for the delays, and with that also comes wet roads and accident here in chester county. this is northbound lanes of route 100 right at route 30, there in exton also a stretch where we have the poor visibility, because of the fog this morning. jammo on 95, good morning northeast philly head today work southbound we're heavy academy down to girard. if you look real close here in the upper portion of your screen, you can casino every just see the fog just kind of laying over the road surface plus the glare from the headlights, so we got wet roads, we got some fog so factor in some extra time little extra wiggle room too. between you and the bumper in front of you. we have number of little fender bend that's morning east on 422, starting to see delays here, into collegeville. otherwise mass transit looking
6:34 am
good. mike alex, back to you. >> thank you coming up on 6:04, we continue to follow the latest developments in the germanwings flight that crashed in the french alps. >> among the 150 killed, a mother and daughter with ties to our area. jen is he on the story. jen? >> well, emily was a graduate hereof drexel university. we are also hearing that her mom was a springfield high school graduate. so yesterday, we did talk to some student here, they were stunned and saddened by the news that emily selke among those killed, on the plane that crashed in the french alps. the crash happened tuesday the germanwings flight lost radio contact with air traffic controllers, during a routine trip from barcelona to duesseldorf germany. at this point officials say it, doesn't appear that there was any foul play. however, there are a loft questions to be answered, the black box recordings indicate that one of the pilots was locked out of the cockpit. he left for some reason. co-not get back in. he was apparently banking on the door.
6:35 am
>> two americans on board killed, yvonne and emily yvonne work for secret of penn state on agency is believed to be graduate of springfield high school. according to its reunion page, her daughter emily, 2013 graduate of drexel's college every media arts and design, she was a music industry major said quote our entire family deeply saddened by the losses of yvonne and emily. too wonderful caring amazing people who meant so much to so many. at this difficult time we respectfully ask for privacy and your prayers. >> very unfortunate she obviously was a student, i am actually a student, as well, art college. so my heart definitely goes out to her. a lot of hard work. a shame that that happened. >> definitely a tragedy losing someone from your own
6:36 am
community. and definitely prayers and thoughts go out to her family. >> we are in contact with family members we extend our deepest condolances to the families and loved ones of the 150 people on board. >> the moment we know what went wrong of course, there will be american yourments immediately in place to have an incident like this never happen again. >> emily was a member of the gamma sigma sigma zet a on campus they say they are mourning the loss of beautiful emily and her mother, emily was an integral part of the growing chapter and the group went on to say she embodied the spirit of gahm a -- a sigma sigma. she always put others before herself and cared deeply for all of those in nerve life. we do know there was third american on this flight, however, that person has not yet been identified, we are hoping to learn that information, as well, as new information on this investigation, mike, alex?
6:37 am
>> big news the ap and new york times reporting that one of the co-pilots, left the cockpit for little bit tried to get back in as the plane is descending, knocking on, banking on the door, trying to break it down. but the other pilot would not let him in. we went and saw this, this is new across the wires now. >> says the a320 designed with safeguards to allow entry if a pilot inside is unresponsive, but override code known to the crew does not go into effect if the person inside the cockpit specifically denies entry. so that is saying the pilot who was trying to get in, there was a way to let him in. but apparently the pilot already inside the cockpit did not want that to happen. >> over road. >> so automatic five minute lockdown takes place relieved after that, but by then probably hit the mountain. >> because of a eight minute descent. >> so what was going on there? all right 6:37.
6:38 am
we will keep an eye. something will break-in this in the next couple of hours you bet middle of the afternoon over there. playing investigating overnight invasion, called out 1700 block every south chadwick street. to the home of elderly woman told police, black male broke into her home, and assaulted her. >> the victim not taken to the hospital. police say nothing taken from the home. 38:00. the woman found guilty of and doubling ago five year old girl from a philadelphia school and sexually assaulting her will be sentenced today. >> steve, bring us to up date. couple of years flag. >> yes, found guilty in september. supposed to be sentence in the december, then january then earlier this month. so put off a lot. but, probably, finally today it will be coming here to the criminal justice center to a conclusion, and maybe the case that is probably the most disturbing kidnapping ever in philly, since it showed that somebody was able to just walk into a philadelphia public school and say she was the little girl's mother without
6:39 am
identification, pull a girl out after classroom then out of the school then way worse off that. initially committed by one person only christina was ever charged and convicted now, the kidnapping caught on school surveillance now seen so many times. then an awful brutal rape of a five year old victim, the details of which we have never been able to tell you on tv, because they are so horrific, that left her with life-long physical injuries. later found only wear a tv. i remember being with mike chit wool on rainy morning just an awful story in upper dash that i ended her ordeal at least for the moment, but her lawyer, tom kline decline has told us this will never end for her for the rest of her life. did the is strict attorney's offers says since this list girl's injuries are life-long both emotionally and physically, the sentence should be life-long for christina, and that's what they will be asking for today.
6:40 am
>> really to this day they think she did this all by herself? >> now they do. >> now they do. all right. 6:40. the city of camden announces major make over to improve the city's schools. >> the plan means thousands of camden student lent have the choice to attend better schools in the fall. >> so, let's set this up. four schools are set to become renaissance schools. we'll explain what renaissance means in just a little bit. when it comes to schools. while another school will be retired. district officials say they focused on five of the most struggling schools this morning, the superintendent of the camden school district will be in our studio, during the 8:00 hour, if you have a question for him. >> and the ground opens up under this tour bus. okay we've seen these holes in the road. but watch what happens once it hits the raging river. >> look at that, pops out. i have never seen anything like that, sue. >> it is amazing so we will take a closer look at that,
6:41 am
coming up. although i think you're seeing the amazement right there. >> what's going on with our weather we will get warm. will it last? thunderstorms? a possible. we'll break it all down for you, give you the seven day forecast just ahead.
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6:44 am
>> a lot of us are experiencing rain with our fog this morning as we get ready for sunrise. not very much sunshine if you see any at all. you see little bit of lightning, that was moving along the border between delaware and maryland there about an hour ago. and we do have rain in southern delaware, in southern new jersey, cape may county, part every cumberland county, i think it is now going up into atlantic county, as well. than is a look at just little bit every lightning so first thunderstorms probably already happened, maybe around ocean pines, around lewes, delaware, as well. so we look into the future, we see our temperatures zooming into the 60s by about 1:00 in the afternoon, will we make it to 70? we've got 69 degrees here at 4:00 in the afternoon. according to our projections entirely possible we will make it to 70. cold front around 8:00. it starts to move in from northwest to southeast
6:45 am
touching off those thunderstorms, in the overnight hours could get little loud for awhile, and cold air moves in, behind it, so friday won't be nearly as warm as today will be. we start off in the 40's, but probably stay in the 40's, maybe briefly hitting ooh degrees, by the middle of the day on friday. and then it gets even colder on saturday, another weaker cold front comes through friday night. crazy weather. so the ups and downs of temperatures chilly out there right now. but, you won't want to bundle up whole lot. knowing that we will get into the upper 60s later on. 39 degrees in philadelphia, look at the mild air that's headed northward. in lexington kentucky, 60 degrees. sixty-two atlanta. so temperatures that are as much as 15 to 20 degrees above average at least for today. past seven days, we have been chilly for awhile, last tuesday, was our 68 degrees, with saint patrick's day back to 68 later on today with your trade off of showers and thunderstorms.
6:46 am
temperatures back to the normal range this time of year gets you could call the seven day forecast the poo poo platter, light variety in our weather assortment. >> i think you need to go outside and stomp when you get the thunder stowe. >> when we get thunder snow i'll do that. >> problems at the airport with the thunderstorm, and the rain and the fog delays, now, of about an hour-22 minutes at philadelphia international airport. so that's going to send things downhill for the rest of the day, if you are traveling today, or maybe just heading down to drop someone off or pick up, going to need to check with the airline on the flight status, already delays, on 95 southbound, into girard avenue. the schuylkill going to up bucks county, live look at i-95 in bucks county, some example of the fog that pops
6:47 am
up and then that quick it is gone. so it is hit and miss, as you roll from the driveway to the office this morning live look at the bring bridge headlights on, see the fog coming in toward downtown philly. with the fog and that light drizzle, the roads are all wet this morning the schuylkill, already a 20 minute trip into downtown, put half hour on the clock there for i-95, and for the gang leaving south jersey pockets of fog along both 295 and the new jersey turnpike, as you head south in toward bellmawr. then 42 northbound heavy creek road in to 55. mike alex, back to you. >> i can top all of those reports, no matter how bad it is on your morning commute. the delaware valley. it is nothing like this. >> yes entire tour bus gets swallowed up by a massive sinkhole. here is the video northern brazil. because the raising flood waters have already weak ends the roads there, the bus driver noticed other holes in the road, evacuated the tour bus, just moments before this
6:48 am
happened. >> he knew to get everyone offer the bus. >> thank goodness. >> just moments before. imagine, watching it do this? >> yuck. >> oh, that's something. >> oops. >> all right. i have a quiz for you. how many elephants does it take to keep a tractor-trailer from tipping? from the looks it every two. deputy got call about stranded 18 wheeler on the interstate, so when they arrived on the scene, they got surprise. two elephants were holding it up. keeping it from tipping onto its side. well, thanks for the help. turns out circus had been moving the elephants to texas and they stopped to help out. tow truck arrived. and the elephants were on their way. >> first time the trucks have trunks. >> hahaha. >> good one. >> all right 6:48. >> so, some kids so upset
6:49 am
about one direction going in a new direction. >> i'll try to get through this. zane as you know by now leaving one direction. so what does this mean? >> i often video tape myself crying. >> do you? >> yes, last night. fans were upset to say the least. >> so zane apologized, after five years, it is time to leave. >> i don't know if there is a level of popularity to explain where they're at to be honest. i mean, when i was younger it was new kids on the block. they are whole another level. >> the first time that a big like band such as one direction, with social media behind it breaking up, big news. >> a lot of girls crying. >> i was really sad when i heard.
6:50 am
>> think of all of the bands that broke up. remember when spice girls broke up? a lot of people couldn't take that. >> posh left first? >> i thought it was ginger spice, solo career. >> oh, that went well. n'sync? >> yes. >> justin took off. >> and he is still doing well. >> bfb? >> did one every them break off? >> destiny child. >> yes. >> here is the thing. he says it is just too much stress. he wants to be a normal 22 year old. i don't know howell be a normal 22 year old. >> i can tell you what this is. his fiancee was about to leave him. oh it all comes down to love. bands has every intention to get their move on. i think they'll still be successful with the fourth. do you replace him or go on with the four? >> i say you have to go on. because destiny child they tried to replace some people and, well, actually it went well. michelle williams, first it was like oh, what happens? >> and they bounced the two.
6:51 am
>> yes, all the sinned you have the cd cover wait a minute. >> we digress. how about put westbound nerve there as the fifth? >> oh, my gosh. do you think bieber could be in a band? ella -- he's a solo kind of guy. i can't see him ac team player. >> solo dolo? >> yes riding solo. >> riding solo. mitt romney on jimmy fallon last night, pretty funny. before his big interview he posted -- poke little fun at himself getting ready to go on the show in the mirror. >> jimmy probably going ask me why i decided not to run for president. what should i say? tell him you enjoy the freedom, sit back, golf all the time, go on variation whatever you want, a/k/a be president. >> good one me. well, you know me. i love to laugh. haha. by the way i got to ask.
6:52 am
are we still scheduled to box evander holly field? what are we thinking? >> don't worry, knawl good fun. it is for charity. what's the worse that could happen? that's true. i guess it won't be the first time we lose to a black guy. >> oh, my god. >> funny, went on got better and better and better. >> you know, great thing about this too before he went on he took a picture because one of the guests, and picture of him on instagram. everybody like this is just the strangest picture ever. all buddy buddy. >> he's going to fight holyfield for charity coming up in may. >> i remember talking about that, i think that was last week really? >> all right get well card that makes you feel a whole lot better, especially, for this dude. >> yes, what this man found inside a car that is making him rich this morning.
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
>> ♪ ♪ >> 6:55, okay, this 46 year old dude was sick, right? so, he was recovering in the hospital after surgery. so, this guy his name is joe his dad gave him a gift card, right? get wilson. and he stuck a scratch off lottery ticket in it.
6:56 am
so, he pulls it out of the card. and it is worth $7 million. >> i crashed off the top part, then i came back back this way, i stopped here, it says win, $7 million. >> oh, my. so he'll take it in a lump sum about $4 million. >> i bet he is singing get luck. >> i but then his stitches split open. >> because he was screaming? >> he and his wife didn't plan on quitting their jobs yet. they say they'll continue with their work. >> good. take a lot of vacation, though. >> yes, how about that? >> are you paying your student loans? some say it can take away your drivers license defaulting on your paint including one in our area. >> this could happen to you. you could lose your license if you don't pay up.
6:57 am
6:58 am
yeah, i'm married. does it matter? you'd do that for me? really? yeah, i'd like that. who are you talking to? uh, it's jake from state farm. sounds like a really good deal. jake from state farm at three in the morning. who is this? it's jake from state farm. what are you wearing jake from state farm? [ jake ] uh... khakis. she sounds hideous. well she's a guy, so... [ male announcer ] another reason more people stay with state farm. get to a better state. ♪ ♪
6:59 am
>> more details coming out about a plane that crashed in the south of france. definitely something was going wrong with that cockpit. what officials heard on the black box that might raise more questions than answers. >> can the state take away your license if you don't pay back your student loans? one state in our area can, you can lose your right to drive if you don't pay up.
7:00 am
>> yikes. >> former sports cast or don tollefson is head today jail. may do as many as four years behind bars. so, we have an attorney coming in to talk about that case. what exactly went wrong? what went right? >> good morning, everybody. >> will he will we see any sun? whenever i hear 68 degrees, i want there to be sun. >> there will be some lulls inbetween periods every rain. >> you can't rule out a pop up thunderstorm. >> or a blizzard? >> no, probably the only thing that won't happen today. a five out of ten because of the fog and the rain in the forecast, and the thunderstorms, but still will be mild today. so something to look forward to. see him through the fog isn't easing up in a lot of spots it is a day to hav


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