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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6a  FOX  March 25, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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down. >> philadelphia police shoot a man they say pointed a gun at them. this just one day after the justice department release as report criticizing the department. what unfolded before police started firing. >> and it gets worse. also, this morning, two deadly shootings across the country both end with officers dead. a dead officer in wisconsin another in california. details coming up. >> hey, to start the show, with news like that, just horrible. welcome to wednesday morning good day everybody, it is wednesday, march the 25th 2015. boy, march bye, boom. >> and april. >> it is gone. >> thirty-one days, right? >> oh, that's right, okay. i thought were you countdown to maybe actually warmer weather because i've been waiting. >> oh, i've given up on that. >> well, tomorrow we get a taste. >> one day spike in temperature, then back to cold weather after. that will so crazy. next couple of days, we'll see the weather drama, six out of ten, your number for the day. bus stop buddy another cold
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start. the kids need the winter coat again, with the gloves, the hat, all of that really cold out there 28 degrees, not much of a wind at least but sunrise is at 6:57 this morning. there is the leading edge of the rain that's going to start moving in, possibly, later thon afternoon we'll keep an eye on radar with you all day. another cold start. then clouding up throughout the day. possibility of a shower later on this afternoon high temperature of 48 degrees. we'll gain 20 degrees tomorrow, bob kelly all of the details coming up. >> twenty extra degrees a not extra charge. off to pretty good start this wednesday, we go for ride on 95, if you are leaving say northeast philly or center city headed down toward the airport, past the stadium areas, we're in good shape. had earlier disable that's pushed off to the side of the roadway there. coming out of downingtown west chester, starting to see some volume north on 202 headed up through the construction zone.
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looking live downtown, the schuylkill expressway, no problems at all into or out of the city. again, starting to see your normal volume popping at 6:00 hour. like here on the freeway northbound lanes route 42, some headlight coming our way in toward i-295. in the neighborhood, grays ferry avenue still blocked fitzwater, over to bainbridge, with that water main crew. and then south jersey along 295 southbound, just watch for that construction zone. down near the 42 freeway. but otherwise we're in good shape across the bridges mass transit running with no delays. mike alex, back to you. >> thank you bob. 6:02, new this morning, man fighting for his life after he was found stabbed in the street. >> yes happened over in fairmount, so let's get the details on this. >> police were called out to the 900 block of north 29th street before 3:00 this morning. the man was taken to the hospital in critical condition. no word on any arrests in this case. >> and a pedestrian was struck
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and killed in gloucester county, new jersey last night. skyfox over tuckahoe road near route 322 in williamstown. just before 10:00. the unidentified victim died at the scene. the driver did stop, an investigation of course underway to determine exactly if charges should be filed. >> well, day after justice department report on the philadelphia police department determined changes are needed, there was another police involved shooting. >> what do we have, close to 400 police involved shooting. >> other past eight years. >> over the last eight years another one last night. the use of deadly force, big part of that 180-page review, steve keeley is at police headquarters. >> yes, that's one way of looking at it, the other way you have hundreds every police officers being shot at, or having guns aimed at them, and then, if this is happening two other police officers across the country which we will talk about after this story, shot and killed in the line of duty again so, it is a rough time in this country for police officers for sure. fortunately, no philly officer
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killed too last night because someone firing away with a powerful rapid fire gun, in the last minute of daylight last night just after 7:00. fifteen shots to the windshield and door of this mini-van, police getting there, see the van, see a man shot, slumped out of it, in the drivers seat. then a second man step out walks over the guy's body laying in the street, and if he was a passenger, in there would you think he would be happy to see the cops show up. but if maybe he's the one who did all of the shooting then went into the van afterward looking for something well, then woe have a reason to run would you think maybe that's why he did just that, with two guns in each hand, and one of them, authorities miss, with a very long extended ammo clip to hold a whole lot of bullets. >> the officer told the male to stop, drop the weapon, show his hands stop running the male refused. he turned. he pointed the weapon in the direction of both officers. that's when one officer discharged his weapon striking the suspect in the groin area,
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his left torso and his left shoulder. he collapsed in the 1700 block of blah is street. when he fell, he not only dropped the weapon with the extended magazine, he dropped a second semiautomatic weapon, both of these weapons are semiautomatic weapons with loaded magazines. >> well, both guys are now stable will survive over at temple. police hope one or both will actually tell them what happened. but will not be surprised if they don't. and police now testing those two guns with the shells they found in the street, and the bullets in the van and in that first shooting victim to see if they match and see if that guy that they caught and shot was doing all of the shoot to go begin with, and relating back to the federal report as standard, internal affairs also now looking into this as well, and of course those officers don't have the luxuries of months to study
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these things, and videotapes and witness testimony. they've got to make these life or death split seconds decisions and then face a mountain of criticism if they're lucky enough to survive. >> yes now, we have couple of store business officers who did not survive. >> yes, police in san jose, california searching for the man who shot and killed one of their own. >> last night officers responds today a call about a man threatening to kill himself. once they arrived on scene the officers were met with a hail of gunfire and a veteran officer was shot and killed. authorities are now releasing the officer's name not releasing his name at this time. the shooters said to be the guy you just saw on the screen his name is scott dunham. and then yesterday afternoon wisconsin state trooper was shot and killed. the trooper died during a exchange of gunfire, with a person matching the description after bank robbery suspect. police say the suspect was also killed during the exchange of gunfire. they've not released the name of the trooper or the suspect.
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coming up on 6:07. a woman's body found in a shallow grave. now, police are questioning the person they think put her there. the evidence that was found at the scene. >> plus, new details about an hour ago about that deadly plane crash overseas. what officials are saying right now about that black box recorder found at the crash site.
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>> we look at the philadelphia international airport, coming up on 6:10. >> philadelphia police find a body burr made shallow grave in the city's frankford neighborhood. >> empty lot basically. now, they are questioning the man they think is responsible for this. police found the body behind a building on the 4700 block of frankford avenue. it was the landlord that tipped off police. once they got there officers say they saw a man running away. and had to use a stun gun to stop him. witnesses say they heard yelling earlier in the day. >> this is philadelphia, you know, people argue all the time on the street, and i just continued minding my own business. then they went back there, and i kept walking, and then that's when i came back and i seen him come out. and the girl never came out. >> also recovered evidence from two dumpsters including bloody clothing and box of trash bags. this morning charges are pending against that person of interest that ran off.
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>> well, new details this morning about that deadly plane crash overseas. what officials are saying about one of the black boxes that was found at the crash site. >> bob? >> good morning shall everybody, 6:11 this wednesday, looking good as we go for a ride here on the blue route. anybody leaving conshohocken headed south, down toward i-95. we're looking good. and if you miss the parade, the saint patrick's day parade, we have another one for you. rescheduled for this w
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jim kenney. son of a firefighter. first in his family to go to college. he's been councilman at-large, representing the whole city. a progressive voice who'll be a mayor for our neighborhoods. bringing philadelphia together... expanding pre-kindergarten improving our schools... ...and partnering with businesses, community colleges and universities to create jobs jim kenny, the block by block mayor we need to move philadelphia ahead.
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>> thunder stormed on the way for tomorrow, so may not be a bad idea to grab the umbrella for later this afternoon f we do get rain, it will it will be very, very light later. milder temperatures move in, then we get the cold front thursday night. that's what could touch off those thunderstorms, and it will also bring colder temperatures back, so the warm air is waiting for us, but it won't be with us for long. so as we look at the future temperatures, at about 40 degrees by later on in the afternoon, and will probably have few showers around, temperatures stay well above freezing, so any precipitation, we get looks like it will just be rain tonight through tomorrow.
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we get well into the 60s on thursday afternoon tomorrow afternoon, and we see the line of thunderstorms come through probably, any time after 8:00 at night on thursday. it could get pretty loud with the thunder and heavy downpours and the wind and all of the weather drama that's friday, into friday morning we get the hyatt about midnight, in the 50's, and then that cold air moves in, the temperatures drop down, and you can see that by 7:00 in the morning way out to our north and west, might be few snow flurries, probably not in our area, but that's how quickly things will change. 28 degrees in philadelphia right now 23 in allentown and trenton. we have 26 degrees in wilmington and 23 in wildwood. so it is still cold. you still need the winter coat. you still have to argue with the kids about bundling up. you see the roller coast ride. temperatures will take over the next seven days, and the numbers that go along with it, 48 today, 68 tomorrow, and that early high of 52 on
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friday. and temperatures much colder on saturday, we will be lucky to get to 40 degrees, even with sunshine, on saturday, sunday we have early temperatures in the 20's, 48 degrees high in the afternoon, finally gets little more reasonable by monday and tuesday of next week. so, that's a look at your weather authority forecast. what are we looking at right now, bob kelly? >> sue, good morning shall everybody, got looks like disable on 95 northbound, right near bartrum avenue. >> not sure if this fellow is attempt to go change his flat tire here, what looks like the right lane here, 95 north again, near bartrum avenue. try to get a penndot truck behind it. but if you are headed south on 95, out of the northeast already, few folks ahead of you here. southbound heavy from academy down into girard avenue. construction zone, put barriers in 95 and the betsy ross bridge, makes things little tight. >> southbound c street police
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on the scene there. we got parade for you, rained out couple of weeks ago they announce the saint patrick's day parade coming back to conshy, this saturday 2:00. looking for something to do with the kids this weekend put that on the calendar. otherwise 295 and the new jersey turnpike, looking good, as you head southbound down toward 42 freeway head in the toward bellmawr. all of the bridges look fine at the moment. mass transit looking good. mike alex, back to you. >> 6:17. >> thank you, bob. today the french interior minister says the blacks box voice recorder found yesterday from the plane that crashed in the french alps is damaged. meanwhile helicopter crews resumed operations, over the mountainside looking for clues in the wreckage. french aviation officials say the silent sent out no distress call, really lost all radio contact with their control center right before the crash. all 150 people on the german airline remember presumed dead. >> the suffering for the families is i am america your recall. we will do everything they
6:18 am
need to get help and assistance in the hours like these. >> when it comes to finding out what exactly happened, no cause has been ruled out for the crash but the airline chief said there was no sign terrorism was involved. coming up at 7:30, we'll have pilot to come in to talk about what may have happened with this crash. >> friends family, mourning the loss of the victims in the plane crash. special religious services and putting up memorial in honor of lives lost. victims are from france, germany, spain, including 16 high school student set to participate in a spanish exchange program. >> couple of their teachers will on board, too. eviction of home in detroit leads to criminal charges. children's bod wrist found in a freezer in that home. the bodies are of a 14 year old girl, and her 11 year old brother, found inside plastic bags in the freezer of that home. a neighbor says they hadn't seen either one of them for
6:19 am
over a year. early upped case also that's how long they've been dead. neighbors say the family was sheltered and were told the children were home schooled. their mother is now in custody. a friend talked to her just before she was taken away. >> she said torrey, i'm sorry. i said well could you have give the kids to me or my mom. woe we would have figured it out. she was like torrey, i'm sorry, i'm sorry. police officer put her in the car and they drove away. >> she kind of basically admitted to this neighbor that she had done t the women -- the woman's other two children, ages 11 and 14, are now in protective custody. and autopsy is being conduct today determine how the two children were killed. >> and the home of the connecticut man who carried out the 2012 massacre at sandy hook elementary school is now gone. crews demolished adam lanza's home. neighbors say it was a constant reminder of the tragedy in newtown every time
6:20 am
they drove by t lanza killed his mother inside that house then drove to the school where he killed 20 children, and six adult, before taking his own life. officials plan to leave the property, as open space and a lot of tourists were driving through the area, stopping and taking pictures. just not appropriate at all. 6:20. >> the museum in tunisia reopens following a deadly attack. >> as you remember 21 people were killed there last week at the museum. ceremony was held to honor lives lost. officials and members of the media were allowed inside but the museum won't open to the public until sunday. two gunmen killed, third still being sought. several others have been arrested. five security officials were fired after the attack. a police officer charged with surveillance of the museum was jailed. well, miss japan causing some controversy over her looks. and it has nothing to do with what she is wearing in this photo. why some people are upset that she won. >> oh, please.
6:21 am
but first, eagles owner jeffrey lurie breaks his silence on why he gave chip kelly complete control of the team. he sums it up in one word.
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>> sixers lost to the kings by one point, 107-106. in the final six minutes, the sixers playing pretty well, but in the final six minutes of the game, the kings limited
6:24 am
philadelphia to just three points. and no field goals. the sixers play at denver tonight against those nuggets. now, for a look to the rest of the sports from our area, here is shredder. back on january 2nd, jeffrey lurie gave complete personnel to chip kelly remained completely silent until yesterday. lurie said how howie roseman was his general manager, that all changed because of one word. >> chip had a vision of exactly how he thought we could get some good to great. and i thought it was a really sound vision that he is a very bright guy. he is all about football. he is all about want to go win big. and it made so much sense. >> phillies and braves in orlando florida yesterday that's ryan howard with his third homer in the spring, moon shot, very necessary
6:25 am
pitch garren rough solo shot, back-to-back pitches. phillies beat the braves yesterday, five to three. coming up later today the flyers says kimmo timonen of the black hacks, chip kelly scheduled to speak at the nfl meetings, that's sports in a minute. >> should be good. chip kelly talking at the meetings out in phoenix today. >> oh, i want to hear what he has to say. >> probably clips tomorrow night or tomorrow morning. is this night or day? >> this is day. >> this morning right thanks. >> boy, great honor for jack nicklaus nice, nice guy. i've met him. >> really, you are the number one stunner. >> thank you. jack nicklaus, 75 years opened, whole family was there, received congressional gold medal in the capitol rotunda. there is john boehner. while discussing his life and triumphs speakers of the house john boehner called him quote unquote the gold standard. jack is the third besides
6:26 am
palmer, his friends, to receive the honor his entire family surrounded him 25, 30 people there they brought them all up on private jets from the palm beach area of florida must be nice. >> friend's private jet. >> i need a friend like that. >> you sure do. >> ii i barely have shoes. >> new friends in higher places. >> you do. >> if your dreams don't scare you, you need bigger dreams. >> your friends don't scarry? hey, -- >> i was going by the parkway this makes me sad. they ripped down bunch of trees, now, going to bring in bunch of other trees around logan square there. okay, where are we getting the trees? why did they take down the old trees? we'll explain the whole darn thing. >> but first, jennifer joyce is in warminster, where teach is her accused of having romantic relationship with a student. jenny? >> those allegations, teacher
6:27 am
out on bail this morning, hear how the school district is responding coming up next. ♪ i am never getting married. never. psssssh. guaranteed. you picked a beautiful ring. thank you. we're never having kids. mmm-mmm. breathe. i love it here. we are never moving to the suburbs. we are never getting one of those (minivan). we are never having another kid.
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i'm pregnant. i am never letting go. for all the nevers in life state farm is there.
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>> philadelphia police say they were forced to shoot after a man pointed gun at them, one day after the justice department releases report criticizing the department. what happened before police opened fire.
6:30 am
>> i just can't believe these teachers are doing this. teacher in bucks county accused of running hotel room where he was supposed to meet up with a teenage student. police say they arrested him before he could make that happen last night. >> the affair he is accused of caring on. >> now former eagles, today herremans, he will be here in our studios this morning we will ask him what he thinks about all of the changes that have been going on with the team. >> where is he going? onto cleveland? is that where todd is headed? cleveland? >> i'm not sure. >> once i heard he was gone, i was like -- >> the colts. same thing. >> all we know is that he is leaving. >> i know. >> great guy too. good day everybody, it is wednesday, march the 25th, 2015. >> i added something to bus stop buddy's end ample
6:31 am
umbrella. >> what does that start? >> later this afternoon, early start than we anticipated. that rain will bring milder temperatures which we could use. it is another cold start this morning. out of ten we give you another six today. >> 28 degrees, starting to see the very combination every sunday rise, if we see any sun today, it is going to be in the morning kind of the opposite of yesterday when the sun came out later in the afternoon. 6:57 your official sunrise time. warmfront will arrive first before the cold front tomorrow so we'll see if any of this makes it into our area but again, it will be warm enough by the time it happens that it would be rain and only rain. >> we will talk about the temperature roller coaster ride precipitation, all of the fun stuff just ahead in the seven day forecast, bob? >> good morning shall everybody, coming up on 6:32,
6:32 am
this wednesday morning live look at 422. starting to see the traffic backups here, eastbound heading in toward king of prussia. right now about 15 minute trip. good morning to delco. live look from highland avenue, the brake lights here headed northbound, headed up toward the commodore barry bridge headed up toward i95 and the airport so starting to see rush hour pop here in this hour. eastbound schuylkill, go for ride, we start hitting the brakes right here. headed into 476 and that continues around the can you into center city. accident on the boulevard roosevelt boulevard southbound, at c street in the neighborhood. >> valley forge for the gang leaving quakertown, lansdale, south on the extention, so far so good at the moment. market frankford to broad street subway lines looking good. and about 11 minute trip east on 422 to 202, her my west chester, south 95, big jam already, jumped up to just un
6:33 am
half hour, from woodhaven into downtown. >> 7:33, exactly. >> man is fighting for his life after found stabbed in the street. >> over in the fairmount section of the city. police called out to the 900 block of north 29th street before 3:00 this morning. no word on any after he cents investigation underway to determine if charges are warranted after a pedestrian is struck and killed in gloucester county, new jersey. skyfox over tuck hoe road near route 322 in williamstown, just before 10:00 last night. the unidentified victim died at the scene. by the the way the driver did stop. >> day after justice department report. >> police forts today shoot a suspect, called to 17th and cioga in nicetown, discovered mini-van riddled with bullet, 23 year old man with gunshot wound. officials say the heavily armed suspect made a run for it, and aimed his weapon at them and an officer fired
6:34 am
striking him three times. police say he dropped a weapon with extended magazine along with another automatic weapon when he fell. no officers were hurt. we'll have report from steve keeley coming up on this. >> this morning, bucks county teacher accused of having romantic relationship with a 17 year old. >> police say tipped off about the relationship just before the teacher planned to take the relationship to another level at a hotel or motel. this was going to happen last night, jenny? >> i don't know when it was going to happen, but police are saying they did have hotel room booked. and it was expected that he would take the teen there and have sex with her. so police put end to. that will now the school district knows and the teacher has been placed on leave, 33 years old michael joseph sweeter, social studies teacher here at william tenant high school. has been teacher here for the last ten years now accused of meeting up with a 17 year old
6:35 am
student after school hours. >> police say again booked hotel room with the intention of having sex with a student but investigators found off about that happened, we talked to parent last night one woman says her daughter had him as a teach they are year, and she shocked by these allegations she said she has talk to her daughter about these types of concerns, that are in the news all too often. >> we had discuss philadelphia number of time, so we had talk becomes you know, not being into those kind of situations, and if something like that happened, to please tell someone. >> as a school community, we are extremely sad ends about the situation. our concern is always first and for most our student in preparation for student and faculty concerns, guidance support services have been put in place for individuals who need them at the high school and across the district. >> that was a portion of the
6:36 am
centennial school district statement. the superintendent went on to say that they are fully cooperating with police, as the investigation continues and they plan to keep the school community informed as the situation develops. so, yet, that teacher was arrested, and arraigned and we know that this morning he is out on bail. mike al next. >> all right, well there is should be interesting. because today former philadelphia sport caster, guy who used to work here, don tollefson will be sentenced for stealing hundreds every thousands of dollars. >> his attorney homes to win sentence without jail time. tollefson could be sentenced to at least nine months in prison for the $340,000 scam. >> a hearing scheduled today for philadelphia 17 year old charged in a shooting death of his friends. ivan charged with involuntary manslaughter and related offenses earlier this month prosecutors say he shot 17 year old james becker, the third, in the stomach while playing with a gun the two
6:37 am
boys were schoolmates at kensington cap a high school. student and employees at temple university will step out today with it first rally to the minimum wage on campus. movement called 15 now temple of the the group demanding temple pay al campus workers at least $15 an hour, this would include work study student, group says they'll endorse the same increased city-wide, the rally set for this afternoon at 1:00 at the temple bell tower on campus. >> $15 an hour on the temple campus interesting. >> christie's $33.8 billion budget proposal continues to spark some debate. it was the topic of a thirds and final public hearing staged by the budget committee. the state senate is holding a meeting today at rowan college in gloucester college, rowan university, isn't it meetings with the department heads are planned, new budget must be enacted by june 30th.
6:38 am
so they have some time. two emergency managers for atlantic city calling for layoffs and deep spending cuts to help turn around the troubles. study released how the deep struck recalls are in the sit that i includes multi-million dollar budget shortfalls for the city and school district, the emergency managers are now recommending $10 million in budget cuts, hundreds of layoffs, and say meet aid ores need to negotiate with casinos and the unions. meanwhile, a plan to transform atlantic city showboat casino into a college campus could fall through. listen to. >> this an agreement with the casino's old neighbors stands in the way. a clause they found in the legal contract, from 1988 requires the showboat to always and casino. contract is with trump entertainment resorts who wants to enforce. >> this last year, stockton university bought showboat to
6:39 am
use as a satellite campus. >> and university officials are trying to work out a deal with donald trump. plans to show slow both if a deal can't be reached quickly will have to be scrapped. so he want them to stick to that casino or nothing no college. >> maybe study looking to go into that field or sog? >> you know, i think that's the last place i want my child to go to, a school inside after casino. >> all right well, 39:00. if you have been to logan circle lately probably noticed some things little different. >> shocking change, first drive by, what, what? the trees are gone. >> this is what it used to look like, and now all those trees, are gone. >> shocking. >> trees cut down recently, part every penndot plan for overpasses above the vine street expressway. it is really just fades one after five-year $80 million
6:40 am
project. having hard time getting used to this new view. >> great wide open, yes looks a lot different doesn't it? >> a lot different. >> saw a whole bunch of trees cut down, i wondered why i saw cryptic messages written on the tree stumps. it adds to the mystery. >> well it will look great when it is done. >> will replace the trees thousands of trees and bushes will be replant dollars after the vine street expressway project is finished but won't happen until 2019. >> hold on a second, i thought maybe for the pope, the convention? >> under construction when the pope comes? >> four years? >> incorporate to keep the older trees? sad to see old trees go away. >> true. >> really? thousand dollars start just scrape it clean? >> what did you say bob? >> what if those trees were donated back then? i remember when they did that. probably donated in the name of relatives or something. >> oh, my goodness.
6:41 am
by the way too someone just mentioned, our clock says 6:27. we know, sometimes it gets stuck. it is 6:41. >> what time is it? >> well it has been saying 6:27 for the past 20 minutes. >> did we take everything down? >> that way we're not confusing people. i just got a tweet about it, we know. women, she looks like the beautiful girl. and she was crouds at this year's miss japan. so why is her look causing so much controversy? some people didn't think she is thereto win. you won't believe this. >> she's beautiful. what's wrong? is it her sleeveless dress? >> no, nothing that she is wearing. we'll tell you coming up. >> okay. >> sue? >> mysterious. we'll finds that out. but no mystery what will happen with the weather. it will be kind of crazy over the next couple every days, we'll sort it all out for you coming up. alex? >> well, summer almost here, casino of not really. that means summer jobs, you can get ready for t the philadelphia parks and recreation will host its first annual job fair. we'll tell you all about it
6:42 am
6:43 am
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>> beautiful sunrise. >> the philadelphia parks and recreation department will host its first annual job fair. there will be info about summer jobs for teens, 14 and older as well as summer camp
6:45 am
info for kids ages six and up. information session will be tonight, from six to 8:00 p.m. at the christian recreation center on south 55th street in southwest philly. mike what was your first summer job? >> i can tell you this, it was -- i work all through school, i was in grade school, in a garden center, like a greenhouse. >> oh, nice. >> plant willing and selling to people. >> i was a pet sitter. i would like go to people, whenever they would go out to town, feed their pets when they were away. >> oh, you went to their homes? >> yes pet center -- sitter. you would go and sit on the pets? >> sitter, yes. well not really, but i would feed them and clean up. >> cool job go it was all right. >> sue, what did you do for summer job? >> when i was 14 i started working at the blue bowl bakery in baltimore maryland. and i worked there all through high school, then i got a job at rite aid. >> were you a check out person? >> yes. >> ah. >> this is why i'm so good with people.
6:46 am
>> right. >> but yes. when you deal with the public, you see all kinds. anyway, let's talk about what's going to be happening over the next couple of days. yes, temperatures will soar tomorrow thursday, to near 70 degrees. we've got this warm air moving in after a warmfront warmfront starts its progress today, then late tomorrow comes the cold front. so cold air wait to go come right back us to, but we'll have this one day tomorrow, when we get near 70 degrees. ultimate doppler right now nothing going on in our area, but see the leading edge of what will be that warmfront starting to move into southwestern pennsylvania right now. we could see some showers. it now looks like latter on this afternoon we thought they would wait until tomorrow, but, we see the clouds increasing by noon today by 2:00 here comes some rain moving in, and that continues its progress, it is really going to be very, very light whatever you see this afternoon. if you see anything at all. and then we're into tomorrow. we are seeing on and off rain
6:47 am
throughout the day maybe few lulls in the action, but clouds socked in with clouds even though we are going to get pretty warm. and then tomorrow night that cold front comes through touches off some showers and thunderstorms, and then it gets cold after that. temperatures will drop throughout the day on friday, instead of rising like they usually do. and then it is really cold on saturday. it is really cold right now. it is 28 degrees in philadelphia, 18 mount pocono, 23 in reading and 20 in millville. 25 degrees in wildwood. next, seven days, it is really going to be that roller coaster ride, that's when what it looks like on a graph these are the numbers 48 degrees today, 68 tomorrow that early high of 52 on friday, and temperatures dropping throughout the day rain in the morning, and then sun, we think, in the afternoon. much colder on saturday, stays in the 40's sunday, back to the 50's, by monday, and tuesday. so we really could get pretty loud tomorrow night bob
6:48 am
kelly, but at least we're ready for it. >> and boom, got the thunder boomers on the way. 6:48. good morning everybody live look at another accident here, along route one. this is northbound lanes of route one, near hulmeville road. looks like got both the right lane and the left lane blocked. kind of single lanes zig-zag here, as you head north on route one at bucks county, this is located just above the pennsylvania turnpike. so, for anyone exiting at philly-been cell many headed north, watch for the one lane pattern there with a delay and then coming in from south jersey delays on the freeway northbound, starting to see some pockets of volume here from the a.c. expressway, headed in toward i-295, and then i-95, look out there is a disable fellow trying to change his tire here northbound, right near bartrum avenue. and then the off ramp for 291, they have that construction, east on 422 from oaks into king of prussia. delays of about 12 minutes. thirteen minutes on the clock coming north on 202.
6:49 am
as you work your way in from malvern in toward the king of prussia area. market frankford brought street subway, regional rail lines running so far so good with no delays. at least at the moment. and 24 minutes inbound on the schuylkill expressway, the sun hasn't popped up above the tree line yet. and the big delay is 95 south about 34 minutes from woodhaven into downtown. mike alex, back over to you. >> how about some ham for breakfast, bob, what do you think? >> let's do it. >> john ham, madmen's john ham just completed not so secret stint in rehab. >> yep, reps confirms he checked into treatment program for alcoholism. and now back home. report suggest he entered facility in connecticut at the end of last month. ham and his long time love actress jennifer westfelt have asked for privacy and sensitivity as they move forward. >> that's interesting. i was watching that show as, was it entertainment tonight maybe access hollywood, they are all the same, extra whatever the heck the name, all one show, and that jerry penacoli, use today live here in philadelphia, worked at
6:50 am
channel three, so he is doing an interview with john ham over the finale, last seven episodes, so he dresses up like john ham with the glasses, and offers him a glass of scotch. he must not have known about that. >> oh, no. well, it was secret for awhile just coming out. of course ham -- >> just yesterday he interviewed him. >> just out? >> he said i'll just drink my coffee. jerry would never embarrass him like. that will he he didn't know. >> he didn't know. >> and part of the show, you know madmen, they drink a lot of scotch and smoke cigarettes back in the 60s. >> true, just recently uncovered a ben in new york city near the building where where was it, sue? >> the time warner building. >> yes. >> if you watch madmen, you know the opening scene? >> columbus circle? >> him sitting on a bench leaning back, like his sill owe set. so great. >> if you foe madmen you know what i am talking about. >> the opening silhouettes -- >> the cigarette. >> we'll find picture.
6:51 am
>> so they used an actual bench in central park probably. >> yes. >> after 13 years x times coming back to fox because we've run out of ideas. but it is only for a sixth episode event series. so david and that jillian anderson, who i haven't seen in a long time, but i have met her, and i've met david many times, returning as f.b.i. agents fox mold err and dana scully. mold err and scully. production is set to begin this summer. you know what? i actually watch that. >> yes? >> yes, i love the original. >> so good, do you have bring it back. as long as it is as good as it was back then. sometimes they bring it back it is like ugh. >> i seen him doing california -- i haven't seen her doing anything in a while. great to see her. so let's finally reveal. >> this the new miss japan facing criticism by not jobs, because she not japanese enough. oh, shut up. >> arianna the first by racial miss japan the first
6:52 am
half japanese half african-american to compete in the miss universe pageant. so the 20 year old she japanese citizen, grew up in japan. >> so she not african-american, she african-gentleman neice? >> yes. >> right? >> well, ya, i guess if you put it that way sure. so two fact, the fact she grew up there she is japanese, allowed her to compete. >> what's the problem? >> they say that she doesn't look japanese enough on the outside. >> oh,. >> really? >> seriously just go home. >> she grew up in japan. >> well, she japanese then. at least half of her is. >> i feel like if you grow up and were you like that's your culture, that's all you know. >> yes. >> japanese. >> you do you have us. one drop of black right? >> one drop, really, you'll bring that up? >> new addition at the san diego zoo that's great zoo isn't it? this little bundle of joy the. i know what that is actually. >> oh,.
6:53 am
>> this baby comes with its own music. >> ♪ ♪
6:54 am
6:55 am
>> 1100 block of mopchunk road appears this is large warehouse, you can see latter truck, breaking news out of bethlehem. the smoke is white. that's always good sign. pretty large warehouse.
6:56 am
>> it is huge. they have quite a few of those up there in that bethlehem area. >> we'll have to get more information for you. bob, do you have something? >> i know the off initials bethlehem have asked folks you will have a smell heavy smell of smoke in the area. >> keep the windows close philadelphia you're up in that area. we are just arriving here now. obviously pretty good size fire. looks like they got a handle on t but you can smell that smoke for miles. >> it is thick. >> i'm sure you're probably able to see it as well. >> even though white long way from getting this totally under control. so we have an ion t6:56. san diego zoo has new edition. >> newborn hippopotamus. baby hippo delivered monday, its gender not determined. i wonder if it is difficult when it comes to hippos? zoo keepers say mother and cafe peer to be bonding well. >> i won't look, tell that you, they're big and crank. >> i father is off while baby
6:57 am
and mom are having time. >> story yesterday about some zoo in the country or in the world, i think it was in the united states, where they've been trying to mate and they were finally realized, that they're the same sex. >> so must be really difficult. >> yes, push them together, all of this. same sex. >> really, mike? >> sometimes -- >> all about the pushing pushing them together? >> ya? >> it is almost 3:00 before 7:00. we have new information now about 2:00 in the afternoon over in europe. and crews are back out they've been lowering officials and workers down to this crash site in the south of france. going through the wreckage. hardly anything left. they say the biggest piece is probably the size after refrigerator. we're going to have former pilot, a commercial pilot to talk about why would the plane have gone from 38,000 to drop
6:58 am
27,000 feet, and then crash into the side after mountain in the alps? what happened? dave: the effect that standardized testing is having on our students is already coming through, it's already showing, and they haven't even taken the test yet. my first-grader came home the other day and cried, because he couldn't - he didn't feel like going to karate practice. after he was done with his work, he said, "mom, i'm just tired,"
6:59 am
and started to cry. in first grade. what are we doing? what are we doing to our kids?
7:00 am
>> one of the black boxes from the plane crash in the


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