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tv   Good Day Philadelphia 7a  FOX  March 19, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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>> tail of two bridges this morning, the ben franklin, and now the delaware memorial
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bridge. two traffic and weather tore trailers, make one on fire. bob kelly is all over this. but taking a look at the situation at the ben franklin right now, we'll get to that in just a second. >> should you put it all on ken tucky? seems to be two kinds of brackets, those going with the safe bet and those who think another team will win the big dance. we'll take closer look at the teams who could win it all. >> go november a go leopards. >> (movie clip). >> did you see clock boo-boo? wow season finale of empire was last night, it was awesome. >> what was your favorite part that far two hour episode. >> so many.
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hard to pick two beck story, both involving bridge and tractor trailer. >> let's get to bob kelly first with an update on the bring. >> yes, let's begin, the first one, happened about 8:30 last night, when a tractor-trailer, coming into philadelphia, if we can take some of the video there, coming over the ben franklin in towards philadelphia, didn't make the sharp curve. anyone over the benny you know what i am talking becomes you come into philadelphia, do you have make the sharp right turn, around that lightning bolt. flipped over tractor-trailer, has remained that way, since last night at 8:30, it was filled with fruit, and they're in the process of hand-off loading that cargo at the moment. only two lanes open, coming into philadelphia. here's the live look, at our news van, that's on the scene, again, here is the tractor-trailer, obviously on its side. they're pulling off the cargo, it was stack up, there you go, there is the fruit that was on the tractor-trailer, they're transferring it over. so, all of this activity is right at the base of the ben
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franklin, when you come into philadelphia. >> our camera will show the traffic peaking through, the emergency vehicles here, creeping into philadelphia show the jam coming into downtown philly, typically four lanes coming into philly, because that tractor-trailer damage in the concrete barrier, they can't get extra lane in there. so, only basically three lanes, right around here, they flip the light to red, try to push everybody over into two lanes. bottom line, when you come into philadelphia, it is down to two lanes here on the ben franklin. already stacked and packed from the jersey site coming on in. second problem developing now, skyfox is on the way. a tractor-trailer fire, approaching the delaware memorial bridge. on 295, it is the stretch of 295 between route nine and route 13.
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coming up, traffic is shutdown right now, because of the tractor-trailer fire, that is somewhere here, between 295 and the approach to the delaware memorial bridge. so that's going to tie folks up. you have to go up 95, and come over the commodore barry, to avoid this situation. so problems on both the benny and delaware memorial bridge. steve keeley standing by live on the philly side of the ben franklin do you have anything else to add to the mess? >> how is this for promo? we have kelly, keeley, on kiwi. because that is the majority of the fruit on this truck that overturned, show we show you the truck. we are approaching 12 hours since this accident happened at 83 so the truck still on its side. the fruit, still in the truck, this fruit, made it all the way from china and gets to philly and that's when it
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finally get switched. so kiwi jammed for traffic jammo today, bob, for your morning toast. you can see, the truck that they brought in and not much fruit on that truck couple fork lifts, still intact, and then beyond the truck, that they're loading fruit onto, you see that big arm, that red arm, one of the massive tow trucks that has cable attached to it, so once they get the load off the back of the trailer they'll try to right that trail or, the truck front part that far is still in the street. every time one of those overturns, you have got a fuel spill that needs to be cleaned up. the glass from the windows is all over the street. it is still a big mess here at the foot of the ben franklin bridge where the speed limit is supposed to be 20 a truck driver would see that, as we pan right, so he had plenty of visibility, even at light, because they have these big yellow arrows. so we will give them the benefit of the doubt. maybe have him tell us that
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his brakes failed or something like, that that's why his truck overturned or his shift lifted. we're told from the drpa staff here the back up now going to rutgers university right past the toll boot, now, this back up happens every day anyway but the back up bad, because lanes squeezed from several down to couple just to get by. of course everybody has to slow dunn and look at this accident and ask us why it is still there 11 hours and counting later because they think the incredible hulk works for the drp a and can just pick it up with his left arm. we'll have fun with this all morning, because nobody was hurt here other than the morning rush hour. but the produce section is affecting two big bridges, and the morning rush, a real couple of jammos. by the way, toasted fruit down there at the delaware memorial bridge. >> major clean up on aisle
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one. >> at least we know because of the weather, it is chilled fruit. >> truth, chilled kiwi. see that thing on the right side of the screen, that's the zipper machine, that is the real problem. because the truck is casino of out of the way. but the zipper which separates the lanes on the bridge is broken because the truck hit it. >> it stinks. here is the good news, folks, it will snow tomorrow. >> really? >> i know. full of light and joy and happiness. today seven out of ten. not milk and bread and eggs casino of storm, but you have your chance to do whatever you need to do for tomorrow. here is bus stop buddy. sixers cap on. they won last night. , 29 degrees outside, our favorite number, but, we don't like it when it is the temperature, because it means it is coal. sunrise off i shall at 7:06,
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but now. >> it will be snow by the time it get here, because it is indeed so cold outside. we get to high of 46 degrees about sunny skies. it is a chilly thursday, and it is the last full day of winter. mike, alex? >> and it is going to feel like. >> who is your friend? >> he is with me this morning, there he is, he is going to be on fox fursday today. >> good boy. >> that dog standing right next to her leg as she does the weather. >> i told him to sit. sit. >> and he's been watching intentionally, sue. >> good boy. >> he must be worried because it is going to snow. >> that's right. and he knows he's got a good home, though. he was rescued from camden county animal shelter. we'll have women other animals from that shelter on fox fursday. >> welcome rufus. 7:08. >> philadelphia police are looking for the gunman who killed a man in cold blood wednesday morning, at a kingsessing laudromat. >> this surveillance video is crazy. it was released by the police of course, now, watch this.
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jenny joyce has the video for you, quite graphic. here, jenny. >> we lost her there. let me tell you what happened. do we have it now? jenny? let me know. >> mike check. >> we got you now. jenny? >> police are calling this a brutal murder, and all assassination agents on 25 year old man, happened in february. just yesterday they did release this surveillance video. let's look at. that will see the shooter walk into the 53rd coin laudromat. >> he fires multiple shots, the victim, 25 year old eric norman, pronounced on scene all of this happened as other people were inside the laudromat at the time. you can see, one person try to exit, and another in the background. the suspect took off, police are hoping someone can recognize this shooter and help bring justice in this case. they say they are working with the community and they're also
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working with the philadelphia water department. >> ex employee, or somebody just wearing a philadelphia water department jacket, but we are working with them, and they are working with us. >> shooter dieses scribed as man in his 20's, 30's, husky, and again, was sporting philadelphia water department jacket. police say he's armed and dangerous, and they say, as we mentioned before, they can't figure out a motive in this case because the victim a 25 year old family man, he's a stay at home dad to young child and he's married. there is a $20,000 reward in this case, you can call in anonymous tip to 215-686-tips. >> when did this happen? happened yesterday at 11:00? >> no, it happened on february 19th. >> yesterday they released this surveillance video.
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>> because they are trying to find him. i was confused by the two/19. >> still out there. so happened february the 19th. okay. >> still out there seven. >> hillary clinton will be in the guard earn state, former secretary every state will give speech about summer camp at the atlantic city convention center around noon. >> just call her presidential hopeful. boy, do you have information we know? she is not announced. >> true. i think everyone's thinking schedule to address a crowd of 3,000 during the american cancer association, event the largest gathering of camp professionals in the world. >> wow. >> right there in new jersey. >> seems to be no love lost between president obama, this is after the president is one of the only leaders to not personally congratulate netanyahu on his next political term. >> big victory over there in israelment many us allies have reached out to the re-elected prime minister, obama inned minute station got around to
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acknowledging netanyahu's win yesterday. secretary of state john kerry not the president on the telephone, to send the white house's regards, could it be because he spoke to congress snubbing the president? >> called this morning to congratulate him, ongoing government more makes process, they did not discuss substantive issues. not going to characterize the tone of the call. >> the white house says the president will phone the israeli prime minister soon. >> the conversation could go south since netanyahu's decision to turn against palestine will force the us to re-think it approach to future peace talks. goes back to when benjamin netanyahu two weeks before the election over there, did this. came and spoke to our congress. >> all right, 7:12, let's get another check on what's happening with the ben franklin bridge, how it is affecting traffic.
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>> well, yes. this is live look at the tractor-trailer fire here, so this, looking at the first time, just as you are at home, this is live look from skyfox of the approach to the delaware memorial bridge, this tractor-trailer fire here there is all happened within the last 30 minute or so. this is on the delaware side of the bridge. so this is what technically would be i-295 heading toward the delaware memorial bridge. you can see, they only have what would have been that left shoulder open. but looks like they got everything stopped. look, firetrucks came from both brakes cents here to put out the fire. white smoke is good. but obviously the truck is damaged. go ahead, skyfox. look at the skidmarks here. >> i know. >> wonder if that was a result after accident. >> and looks like the trailer is on fire. a loft times the truck. >> whatever that cashing so in the back. we mentioned he was caring fruit. obviously that fruit is in boxes. so that's pretty flammable. but look at the back up here. >> oh, my gosh. >> this is 295 leaving
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delaware, and this is the ramps, the approach to what would be the delaware memorial bridge. okay? and then there is your truck fire. and looks like they have all traffic stopped right here, they were allowing that left shoulder to get on through. obviously the damage is done here. i wouldn't if there was an accident of some sort that then caused this truck fire, you see the skidmarks all over the roadway, amazing, thank goodness dealing with, well, no, look at the temps, 29 degrees, all of this watt letter get iced over pretty quickly. so that's the deal from skyfox, on the delaware memorial bridge. going to the maps, if we could for a second. gee to this one. live look at the other tractor-trailer accident. this one happened last night, at around 8:30, when a truck coming over the ben franklin bridge, going little too fast around that curve, right at the lightning bolt here, where you begin your trip into center city. flipped over on it side not only causing traffic incident it, damage in the concrete barrier. see the barriers right here?
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that's what we call the zipper. each one every these cement blocks are connected like a zipper. many the machine picks up the barrier, moves it over, that's how we go from four lanes to three lanes. there is the green machine. the barrier system piece of equipment. it is not able to pick up the concrete barrier and give us a extra lane coming into philadelphia. so not only do we have all of the activity, look at this guy, standing there with his hands in his pocket. been out there since last night at around 8:30, you think that they would be moving little faster, to try to just get this whole mess cleaned up here, because it is causing a major jam if we can go to our live traffic camera here, this is 422, on that eastbound side, but the ben franklin bridge stack and packed here coming in to downtown philadelphia where there is only two lanes open as you get to the base of that ben franklin bridge. so if you are coming in from new jersey, i would use the betsy ross, maybe use the walt whitman bridge, as the
7:16 am
alternate. again, that's also going to tie up traffic along i-95 as well through the morning rush hour. so we got problems on the ben franklin, coming into philadelphia, problems on the delaware memorial bridge, coming in to new jersey, i would call it a personal day. >> i would too. >> you know what? it is still early in the year. we can use up a personal day. we will work an extra holiday to make up for it. >> the walt whitman bridge feeling -- >> lonely. >> don't say that, then something might happen. >> maybe they should awe lay free tolls. >> open it up. >> free ride. and a cupcake. >> and a cupcake. >> we rule the world. it can all be fixed. >> no kiwi. >> now i'm craving fruit salad. why is that? fruit cocktail? fruit salad? i remember the wiggles song, too. winter weather advisory in effect for tomorrow. it is to start at 6:00 in the morning, goes until 8:00 at night for all of the count that's you see here, highlighted, these are the counties where we expect snow. that's right, tomorrow is the first day of spring, and this
7:17 am
rain, by the time it gets up here, where it is colder, will be in the form of snow, for many of us, not all of us, but as we look at this particular computer model, this is the north american modem, it is moving in, by 7:00, 8:00 in the morning, into the philadelphia area, snow for a the love us, and then, down to the south, maybe wintery mix or some rain. then the rain line moves a little further north, but i think for philadelphia, for good portion of tomorrow, during the rest of the afternoon, and even into the evening, we will stay as snow, maybe changing over to little bit of sleet before the whole thing exits in the overnight hours friday night, into saturday. then, we are dry for the rest of the weekend. but it is going to be very tricky travel tomorrow. slushy one to 3 inches, accumulation possible, with most of us in the metro area, then to the south, it is a coating to inch, to the north, it is welcome news for the poconos, they can extend their season, their spring skiing season even more. 29 degrees, in philadelphia right now, 18 in mount pocono, trenton, has 22, and so does
7:18 am
millville, new jersey, 27 degrees in wilmington. winds are not nearly the factor that they were yesterday at this time. so, winds have calmed down quite a bit. that's good thing. but will still be colder than average, over the past seven days, we sure had our ups and downs. we got up to 68 degrees on saint patrick's day, but only 45 yesterday. and i think we're only in the mid 40's again today, even colder tomorrow, with the wintery mix, around, and saturday, it is better, but only for a day will are we back to the 50's, cold air comes back on sunday, monday, and tuesday, of next week. so, first day of spring, guys, spring snow, isn't it lovely? >> when does spring start, 6:00 tomorrow afternoon? >> 6:45 in the evening. >> so will the snow be gone by 6:45? >> oh, no. i don't think so. most of it will be. but it could be tapering. >> still don't want to start spring with snow.
7:19 am
>> so the season finale of empire was last night, boy did it have some surprises. >> diehard fans, i don't think anybody was disappointed not that i saw, sue. >> i don't think so. >> we do have some spoiler alerts here. >> warning. >> we'll show you. okay? if you haven't seen it. here it is. >> (movie clip). >> you think cookie ... >> yikes. >> so was he hallucinating? >> yes, because under medication, he confesses to murdering bunji, that's cookie's cousin. and he's thinking that bungees sitting there on the bed. and he's hal lewes mating. too bad for him. >> cookie was listen. >> yes. >> so that was just one of the parts. some people talking about when jamal and lucious did the duet in the old --
7:20 am
>> good. >> that was great. then everyone is talking about the fight between cookie and boo-boo kitty. >> and i didn't even see that coming. she was cool. >> came out of no where. >> flipped over, coffee table, oh,. >> and the music was so good. i said i know they'll have found track out. two of my favorite songs on, there but they should do another cd just with the songs on the finale, because all of them so great. >> yes. >> really great. >> and i'm surprised how the quality of the music is really, really, because do you have wrote some of the songs, like ya. >> so of course we had our watch party last night, but look at this, when i got there, take a look at this line. >> you shot this? >> yes, i'm saying high to everybody, waiting out in the cold. >> hey! >> south street. >> went around the block. >> oh, my goodness. >> yes. so, we had a great turn out. sue came out. quincy was there. bill anderson, lauren johnson, great time. >> my oily face with a there. >> we were all hot, so many people. but we were having a good time, dj, playing some tunes
7:21 am
in the beginning. and then stopped in to join in on the fun. >> i see some people from wurd radio. >> they had the word. >> so we want to thank everybody who was there, but, also, of course, his mother is there, along with family. >> she is in the yellow. >> yesment imagine this, mo'ne davis' mother was there. >> on the left. >> said monet wanted to come, no, you can't watch. >> then the mayor was there, and rash ear's mother then for the next picture. >> yes? >> surprise? >> oh, we don't have the next picture, next picture, sean, the bachelor from philly. so really philly came out and represented. it was great. >> we will talk more about it, tell us your highlights on twitter, instagram or facebook. big story two, big stories today, they both involve traffic. don't even mention the snow coming tomorrow. we have a reckon the benny. we have a reckon the delaware memorial bridge. we'll cover them both after
7:22 am
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>> morning, every, updating breaking news, looking live from skyfox, over the scene of this tractor-trailer fire. on the approach to the delaware memorial bridge along 295. see firefighters pouring water onto what looks like burned fruit. and the boxes used to package the fruit product. so that we can fully get the fire, you got the smoke there, obviously, still a concern for the firefighters. but, more are concern for the traffic jam right now. this is the 295 northbound ramps to the delaware memorial bridge. so anyone leaving delaware right now, heading for new jersey, this is what is ahead of you herement and this happened about a half hour ago. >> were allowing the left shoulder to get by here. see if skyfox can show me. yep, looks like the far left shoulder. but look at that, we tip he
7:26 am
cannily have four lanes. we only have the left shoulder open. can you say jammo? >> jammo. >> all right, headed into new jersey, now that's problem number one. next problem, which also involves a tractor-trailer, this one, overturned, on the ben franklin bridge coming into philadelphia. anyone who typically uses the benny, come into philly, make that sharp right curve, right here, at the lightning bolt. well, obviously, the road went to the right, the truck went to the left it, has been laying on its side since about 8:30 last night, also filled with fruit, and they've been hand-off loading the cargo, and then here is the big zipper machine, as that truck goes by, this machine here is what is used to move the concrete barriers live traffic camera, shows the back up on the ben franklin, bumper to bumper, typically four lanes,
7:27 am
only have three right now then squeezes down it two. so jammo, on both the delaware memorial, and the ben franklin bridge. but let's go up to the news room, where jen has an update on last night's empire. >> it was awful a mess, but completely different casino every mess, bob. here is the situation. i want to tell people we're going to be doing spoilers all morning long, because we're asking people what were your favorite most shocking events. so much to talk about. tweet us, facebook us, we want to hear from you guys. yeah, i'm married. does it matter?
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you'd do that for me?
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big morning, we have two tractor-trailer accident, snow on the way. >> let's start with the traffic. >> yep, back to you. >> all right, so, let's get weather done and then bob will tell you which roads, which bridges, to avoid, and what fruit you should be eating this morning, as well. we've got all of the advice for you. here is bus stop buddy, sixers cap, shades out, there because the sun is up. make sure you're warm, cooler than it is supposed to be for this time in march. but still going to give you seven out of ten, because today expecting sunshine, tomorrow, not so much. there are some clouds mixed in, as you can see. it is 29 degrees, right now, there is some rain down to our south. that will will be snow by
7:31 am
tomorrow. but today, dry, sunny skies, and chilly temperatures. highs in the mid 40's. there is your thursday forecast, we will time out this snow for you, the almost spring snow that's arriving, probably by this time tomorrow morning, at least for some. bob kelly? >> sue, problems on two of our major bridges right now. looking live, from skyfox, over the scene, of this truck fire on the delaware memorial bridge. this is the ramps from 295 to the approach of the delaware memorial bridge. anyone leaving delaware into new jersey this is the scene on the approach to the mid-span of that delaware memorial bridge. this tractor-trailer caught fire, somebody sent me a message that said maybe his brakes lock up. which then caused the fire. but the truck was caring fruit. of course, that fruit was pack in cardboard boxes, and that's probably what ignited the flames here, they had a back hoe casino of moving the fruit out of the truck, in order to get more water on it, to put the flames out.
7:32 am
so looks like the fire itself is done with, but take a look at the mess though it has caused for trafficment typically four lanes leaving delaware, headed in new jersey, at this hour, and they only have the far two left shoulders open. and we are backed up for miles. if we can go to my maps here for a second, i'll show you the spot. >> right here approaching the delaware memorial grudge, leaving delaware i would head north up through wilmington and you can connect into new jersey, using the commodore barry bridge. live look at the ben franklin bridge, back up from the toll plaza, all the way into philadelphia. because after tractor-trailer that overturned last night about 8:30. live camera on the scene, right at the base as you come into philadelphia, and you make that sharp turn around the lightning bolt, that tractor-trailer, flipped over on it side.
7:33 am
>> since 8:30 last night, going on 11 hours, they have been hand off loading the cargo, and that has only two lanes available, at the base of the bridge. now, that truck damaged the concrete barrier machine, the zipper machine, and we typically have four lanes available coming into philadelphia. that zipper machine, at around 5:00 o'clock, usually goes across, and adds an extra lane for the morning rush hour. so like a double whammie here, we only have three lanes coming into philly, two lanes when you get to the base of the bridge, so instead of the ben franklin bridge this morning, your best bet, the walt whitman bridge or the betsy ross bridge. and that has folks using that option but now also causing jams on i-95, that some of those folks are not used to. and i know steve keeley, has been standing by live, all morning long, giving us an update curbside. steve, i stopped there this morning, and talk to those guys, when i came in, and i saw that mess there, looks
7:34 am
like it is taking them long while to get this cleaned up. >> bob, i'm sure you will say to yourself i've seen everything there is to see in the traffic business. and i got a new one for you today. state lawmakers on both sides of the river, pay attention to this one. first no talking on cell phone laws, then we had the no texts on cell phone laws. here's a new one, weaver people coming from jersey slowing down and taking pictures while they're driving past this. so don't be surprised if you have a fender bender here to add to everything else. i can't believe it. i don't mean one, now, i know i'm over there ticking pictures but i'm on the sidewalk safely away from everything. and they are taking pictures of us, pictures of the accident, and i guess they're going to be sending these pictures this in, if you see rear view mirrors, driver probably won't want to admit. that will but bobby can't tell you why it is taking so
7:35 am
long. now takes a long time to right one every these trucks. but see not much kiwi fruits, you can see boxes, then cellophane wrapping around the boxes in this righted truck that they brought in. then they have a dumpster on the other side of the zipper truck, for all of the fruit that was smashed. by the way, in new zealand, alex, mike, i don't know if you're wear of this, they don't call it kiki there, because they have the kiki bird, it is the chinese goose berry. so there is little more knowledge on you there. so mike, next time you're you send your vallet out for your morning fruit round up. send them for chinese gooseberries. >> so in the 12th hour, second day of this, how about the poor drpa just as almost wrapping up the investigation of the overturned gas tanker truck, on the other side of the betsy ross bridge, then they got second investigation about why this happened, and they have their suspicions, again, speed a factor in this, supposed to slow down to 20.
7:36 am
and this big metal shiny silver piece of art isn't enough of a warning that you're facing something that you have to turn around, then they have yellow arrow signs, 24 hours a day, that were right next that you can't see. you have some warnings that you're at the end of this bridge and you're making hard right to slow down. what this guy did was he hit the concrete mobile barrier little bit, moved, that i don't know, bob, that he hit the zipper truck, we have to confirm that. because that is sitting there. it doesn't appear to be damaged to me. when i looked at pictures of this from the air from our chopper, this truck settled after it hit the median it, didn't really move the median much, so trying to make the turn, but it overturned at the end of the last concrete barricade. so zipper truck may be in fact totally intact and usable once they can clear this. so, that will be good news. that will help them shift the lanes once again if it is. but, the back up, all the way past the toll plaza now, going down the admiral wilson boulevard, and that is a back
7:37 am
up every day as it is, alex, mike, but it will be made specially worse today, because fewer people going over here, to get to the vine st. expressway. so big mess again here all porn the return hour for sure. >> it looks like the tractor-trailer may have hipped the zip at the self and not the zipper truck. i think it hit the tip of the zipper. >> yes, that's what it did, it hit some of the zipper median, bumped them out. if you look at the file tape from the skyfox shots last night, after this happened at 8:30 see the zipper, meaning, it has a little bump, not as much damage you would think, because these things are mobile to begin with bye did almost make that turn. >> stay on it, 7:37. i know a loft you watched empire last night watch was your favorite moment? most shocking moment? let us know. use the hashtag. >> had a hashtag fox 29. jenn fred will have all of the >> had a hashtag fox 29. jenn fred will have all of the
7:38 am
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arthat's why xfinity is perfect for me.. with millions of wifi hotspots all over the place including one right here at the shop now we can stream all things fast and furious. you've done it again, carlos! with the fastest in-home wifi and millions of hotspots, xfinity is perfect for people who love fast. don't miss furious 7, in theaters april 3rd. >> this is produce truck that caught on fire, 295 on the way to the delaware memorial
7:41 am
bridge. normally four lanes open, then two. if you can even call it two. one every them the shoulder trying to direct traffic on there. so of course this is affecting traffic. bob will have more updates on this, of course, we also have the situation on the ben franklin bridge that over turn tractor-trailer that is also affecting traffic there. it is just a headache this morning, but of course, we've got you covered. well, let's head over to mike, because the road to the final four start tonight for villanova. >> you got my brackets now, alex and have i figured out, we've done our brackets yesterday, if you want to look at our choices go to tom, is it already on there? >> "good day" tab. >> she and i decided we had to work it out somehow, how villanova ends up winning the national championship. so she used a coin and just thinned it for one of the matchups. then just put villanova in at the end. then i tried to use my basketball knowledge, and so you'll see what happens. but we both have villanova winning it all. owe it starts today about 6:00 this afternoon, villanova way up here, number one seed
7:42 am
will take on the lafayette leopards, the number 16 seed as you well know, 16 has never beaten one in the history of the tournament. tom lowden executive producer, common in in just a second. do you think i should hit this, see what happens? >> somehow north carolina state will play north carolina state then advance to north carolina state. >> we'll have villanova just going all the way this way. >> no. circle. >> well, tiff all the way down here to where is the national championship? >> clear this? now just pull villanova down. >> got to love technology. >> toney? >> oh, look at. that will i had it. >> lafayette wins. lafayette is the national chap john. >> go leopards. so anyway, people say 16th never beat answer one, but do not tell villanova coach jay wright about that at all.
7:43 am
>> we could beat anybody, we really k but we're not soup he talent that we couldn't lose tomorrow. >> oh, geez. we're not so talented, we could actually lose this game. no way, villanova will go all the way, according to alex whom i and i go, to, "good day" tab, to see how we manage to get villanova into the title game and then win it all. >> once again before you get on me on twitter and facebook, i flipped the coin, okay? but let's get to jen, of covers talking about empire. >> bring t bring t i want to hear what your favorite most shocking parts of last night were. by the way, there is 42 shocking episodes seen, we'll talk about it all morning long, back to you guys. >> we'll go back to the ben franklin bridge, and an update
7:44 am
from bob in a few moment and also an update for your weather. that counts, right? so make it count... at t.j.maxx. give them brands they'll love, at prices that help you be generous.
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make t.j.maxx your first stop for gifting... and maxx life! sometimes, caring for your neighbors means going the extra mile. when our patient, susan, mentioned her dad couldn't make it in to pearle vision to get his eyes checked... we went to him. and we realized, if he had trouble getting new glasses... he probably wasn't the only one. to us, eye care is about living dr. pearles legacy. building a trusting relationship with the person behind the eyes. this is genuine eye care, right in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision.
7:46 am
>> good morning, update g breaking news, one of two situations we're looking at. looking live from skyfox, over the scene, of this truck fire, tractor-trailer fire, on the ramps from 295 to the delaware
7:47 am
memorial bridge, as the sun begins to rise, we can see, we're back up for miles here. this is impacting everyone, leaving delaware headed up and over the delaware memorial bridge into new jersey, there is what's left of this tractor trail their was caring fruit this morning when it caught fire, they got back hoe here, pulling the cargo out, and they were continuing to pour water on it, looks like they got that job done. but, even though that's a mess, that we have to clean up, there is only the left shoulder getting on by. and we typically have four lanes leaving delaware, heading into new jersey. >> best bet, stay clear, head north 95 through wilmington, jump many over the commodore barry bridge next problem, ben franklin bridge, overturned
7:48 am
tractor-trailer. >> this happened last night about 8:30, right at the approach to the philly side, where the sharp curve comes no play. truck flipped over. also caring fruit this morning, we go to the live camera, on the scene. the clean up continues here. so we have two problems. we have the accident, and then we have this green zipper machine that's not able to give us a extra lane on the ben franklin bridge. moves concrete barriers to go from three lanes to four, so, right now, we're stuck with only three lanes into philadelphia, at the base, where the clean is up ongoing, there is only two lanes open. so pa parking lot from the new jersey side up and over the ben franklin my philadelphia. if you typically use the ben franklin franklin bridge, forget about it, use route 130, to either go north to the betsy ross, or south down to
7:49 am
the walt whitman bridge factor in some extra time, pick one, doesn't matter, you have the betsy or the walt whitman bridge those two options also causing delays on i-95, coming into philadelphia. so, just been a mess, sue, on both of the bridges, but you have a mess on your way tomorrow morning. >> that's right. we have snow in the forecast for friday. and the winter weather advisory list already up from the national weather service starting 6:00 a.m., going until 8:00 at night. will be all day event tomorrow. there is the rain. there is quite a bit of it. by the time it gets here and it is colder it is in the form of snow. temperatures right now, 29 degrees in philadelphia. but it is going to get to only 46. now the normal high is in the lower 50's, so, it is colder than average and still winter. last full day of winter. it will still be winter when the snow begins tomorrow. only going get to high of 35. so spring starts at 6:45 in the evening. hopefully the snow will be out of here by then.
7:50 am
we can get started on spring, high temperature of 54 degrees grew degrees tomorrow. then colder again, starting on sunday, so, last gasp of winter and it is really going to look like it, mike, aling. >> thank you. i don't know if you realize it or not, but finale of empire was last night. >> i think they really. ized it. >> everyone still talking about it, so many big moments, but jen, i have to tell you, the one moment they're sticking out in my mind, no one really talking about that one. >> you know. >> my doctor told me -- >> oh, oh. >> ya, okay, so all morning long, already been asking people to tell us what they think is their most shocking part of empire. use the #fox29goodday. for me, it was the same thing as jersey dray. hello, jersey dray, yes, it is hakeem sleeping with boo-boo kitty. but it is so sexy and naughty and we can't show it on morning tv. so, we can't show. that will but for me again that was my number three.
7:51 am
so of course i have to have a number, another number three. lucious going to jail. heart and fear. those were the two key elements empire co-creator lee daniels felt. first season finale, absolutely had to have. here you have it. lucious might not be dying. oh, is that a spoiler? but he will spend some time in jail. waist busted, arrested for bunji's murder, everyone thinks it is cookie who turned him in. da, da, da, speaking of cookie >> ♪ >> it is over. >> cookie tried to kill
7:52 am
lucious. but it did not work. because lucious will not die. okay, so, for me, the number one shocker in three words from an amazing empire headline, three, two, one, lucious ain't dying. >> yesterday a miracle happened. my doctor told me i don't have als. i was misdiagnosed. what i got is serious, but it is not fatal. >> you're not dying. >> i've been given a second chance at life. >> of course he has. it is a soap opera. the only thing that couldn't have happened, like there should be three babies, right? of course he's not dying. but again, i do believe one of the big moments, but too dirty, too naught. >> i that's our vote for number one. you know of course watching it with haak people's family, so awkward, his mother sitting
7:53 am
next to us, watching that scene, go down, it was like oh, everybody was screaming and in shock. >> so i'll say it again, too dirl i -- dirty for tv in the morning. >> naughty scene for sure. we will get into the fisticuffers, because there were couple of fight scenes, very well shot. >> that one, too. >> and somebody's no longer on the show. if you get what i mean. okay. we will take it to a whole different level here, serious topic. doctor mike says there is a certain profession where most people commit suicide because they have this job, because they're depressed. what, let's see, top five. boy this is depressing, top five suicide related occupations.
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
>> four minutes before 8:00. tough subject. we saw new research, workplace suicide on the rise in this
7:57 am
country. which professions are the highest risk for suicide? >> and women who get more rest now are better lovers later. >> oh, well let's hurry up and get to that one, doctor mike. okay, what workplace suicide, why do you think that's on the rise? >> authorities say. >> well, it started after the economic down turn in 2008. and so, a lot of people think that the economy had a lot to do with it. some people think that that led to 10,000 deaths by suicide. just the economy. but there are other reasons. some people think that this is on the rise, because people that die by suicide want to protect their families. they don't want to do it at home. so they protect their families, by doing it at work. so, that they don't have to see the whole situation. >> what type of jobs are we talking about? >> let's take a look. we have a list here. people that are in law enforcement. why? they have access to weapons. so accessible of means to die
7:58 am
by suicide are major cause of this. and -- >> stress, law enforcement, sold earnings, they've seen so much, all of the stress they have? >> farmers, believe it or not, because of the social isolation. >> yes, yes. >> automotive repair people. now why them? we think it might have to do to exposure solvents, which can lead to depression over long periods every time. >> you know, you talk about the farmers real quickly here, you know they have a dating website for farmers now. not kidding. >> that's great. and -- >> manure. com? >> listen. com for everything. truck drivers, businessman jester, even landscapers, and then of course doctors, healthcare providers. they have access to medications. and it is becoming a bigger, bigger problem. >> surprise me, because usually, mine, for the longest time it was dentists, lawyers, and lawyers aren't even on the list there. >> yes. the key here is if you are
7:59 am
depressed, if you notice someone, that's depressed or not acting right, talk to them. i do some work with the american foundation for suicide prevention out of the darkness walk, everyone needs to be part of this. because everyone has been touched by someone who has died by suicide. very, very important. >> let's get into this other thing. ladies? you really do need to get your sleep. you know what i mean? get all rested up for the weekend, because ... >> increases your low beat owe >> oh? >> now, men have had viagra. if someone is able to come up with a female lobito cure, i will be out of here and on an islands. >> oh, all we need to do is sleep? just get some rest? >> this is simple. now, i can tell you, my wife, elizabeth, who i love; chronically sleep deprived. we have two children whom i love.
8:00 am
>> so what are you saying, doctor mike? >> well. >> is that why you work on weekends so much? what sells there to do? >> oh, my gosh. >> i still don't know -- >> i don't know what she gets out of being married to me. >> you're a sweet guy. >> the bottom line, if you're out there, and you're struggling with lobito, get sleep, rest it, doesn't have to be you're just in the bedroom. you get rest, and you're ready to go. >> geez. >> yes. >> i combine the two, women who are with me, they normally fall asleep during -- >> oh, my goodness. >> good to see you. >> i love you, and i love you. >> love you. >> say hello to your wife if you ever see her again. good day, it is thursday, march the 19th, 2015, here we go. >> twelve hours and counting at the ben franklin bridge, tractor-trailer loaded when kiwi last night in prime time just after 8:00 overturned, and mike, look at this, it is
8:01 am
like picking up a wet tissue. you can see a bend in the trail or, as they try to right it. and it doesn't look too -- not exactly armored car, looks more like backyard shed. >> doing just what bob says don't do. forget the truck. fix that zipper. >> all right, more on that in just a second. plus, we talked about ashley judd yesterday. well, she not stopping. not over for ashley. >> people bullying her on twitter, is that possible? could you get arrested for attacking somebody on social media? we'll talk about it. >> and national poison prevention week. these laundry pods have accidentally poisoned thousands of children, but what other items around the house pose a racing? the top tips for keeping you and your kids safe. >> and, it is the nine-point touchdown. will nine-point touchdown come to the nfl? >> colt want to change the story in ffl football.
8:02 am
>> wow. >> how would you -- you would score nine points, basically, with one touchdown. and then some maneuvering for the extra point. pretty impressive touchdown. >> 50-yard kick. >> it will never happen. we'll explain it. >> let's talk about it. >> snow on the way tomorrow. >> that's right. traffic on the way right now. >> just a mess all morning long, on two of our major bridge, first of all, a truck fire, on the delaware memorial bridge, it is on the ramps from 295, leaving delaware, headed into new jersey, happened about an hour or so ago. and it is right at the approach to the delaware memorial bridge. so, anyone leaving delaware, 95, a parking lot, to approach route nine, then the ramps for 295 and did the well wear memorial bridge, only left shoulder open see the censors
8:03 am
down to 14 miles an hour. leaving delaware, and tim i cannily head for the delaware memorial bridge, value to go up 95, and use the commodore barry bridge. second problem, steve just mentioned, happened last night about 830, tractor-trailer coming over the ben franklin bridge, comes to the bottom of the ramp, sharp curve to the right, the trailer flips over on it side, and that is where it has been sitting since 8:30 last night. it was loaded with fruit, they've been hand off-loading the cargo, but that accident damaged this concrete barrier. that's zipper barrier that typically gets moved over. one lane, to give us four lanes coming into philadelphia. so typically for morning rush hour, there are four lanes into philadelphia on the ben franklin. tip he cannily stacked and pack. we're down to three lanes, here on the bridge, and then when we get into philadelphia, as they try to upright and clean up that tractor-trailer, we go down to two lanes. if we could take our live
8:04 am
camera, steve's been there at the base of the bridge, all morning long, i actually stopped there, this morning, right where steve is reporting from, and walked across and talk to these guys to try to get a handle on what the situation was, and you can see them here, they're still brink that cargo up. they should just hold that tractor-trailer offer to the side. it is junk right now. no sense in salvaging it. and get an extra lane open because right now over half hour delay coming over the ben franklin bridge. if you are leaving the house usually use the benny we have to go for the detour, either the be is he or the walt whitman bridge will get new philadelphia, and then you can connect with i-95 from there. steve, i know you've been stand interesting, watching trying to up right this truck here, looks like it is going to split in two once they try to get it up on its side. >> , how flimsy trailers are,.
8:05 am
>> thin skin whatever is around there, when the loads shift, they can sometimes even break through and that's why when they lift it like this you can see, casino of it bending from the middle there, and there was a lot of fruit underneath t bob look at the back of the truck. , they had wooden pal end they just put in there. but most of it is a in a dumpster other side of the big zipper vehicle here that luckily was safely out of the way here on the new jersey side, going into new jersey, so, it was not hit. and only one vehicle involved. that was the other fortunate thing. nobody else got hurt by this. and the truck driver is okay, as well. but as they lift this, they see all of the stuff on the gown. again you have always got a fuel spill and glass. so big clean up there at the foot of the base. you can hear all of the reverse lights on the bobcats, the forks lifts, as these guys try to figure out the the safest way to get this out of herement looks like they are resting it back down now.
8:06 am
you can now see a guy walking on top of the truck, so big problems out here, even just trying get this thing right sided. everyone wondering why it is taking so long. well, these guys don't want to hear that, because there is no strong man out here who can just twist it up with a flick of the wrist. so, big problems out here. people hopefully are watching bob kelly and knowing not to take this way in. but the people that are going by here, even into new jersey, are stopping to take pictures and rubber neck, and even almost cause near misses here, because you have got all of these people merging together as well. so, nothing but trouble this morning in the morning rush hour traffic. after you get through today, well, tomorrow, it will be all rain, slush, and snow, to deal with. so, we'll be looking forward to the weekend a whole lot for those every house commute, especially from new jersey into philly. >> oh, let's get that thing out of thereby tomorrow morning, sue, seriously. >> or maybe kiwi flavored ice cream. >> slush. >> well, wow, you are recipe woman! that's fabulous, very creative, too.
8:07 am
in your weather by the numbers, we go with seven out of ten. it will be sunny today, even though it will be colder than average, at least we will be better than tomorrow: bus stop buddy with the shades, sixers cap, making sure it is warm. 31 degrees, still below freezing, and here comes the mess. >> today's high, 46 degrees, sunny skies, and it will be chilly thursday, but the calm before the you know the rest of it will have the time being of this tomorrow's storm coming right up, guys. >> ♪ tomorrow we're going to have snow ♪ tom. >> a lot better than that. >> you know, bunch our great reporters jennifer joyce, we call her jenny joy. i found this picture. she played annie, i believe
8:08 am
this is in high school. >> oh, my goodness. >> high guys, ya. it is a challenge, and i had to except it. so, i miterer great this come 10:00 o'clock this morning, but, for now, i am on board. and, yes, i will be in full costume, full wig, i'm only singing couple of bars. i said, told everyone, i can't hit those high notes any more, but i'll see what i can do for you. >> are you warming up your throat, me, me, me ♪ >> yes, if you hear hear anybody up in the make up room, that's me. but i'll do some warm ups. i definitely need tonight i haven't done this in a while. it will be an experiment. but it should be fun. it's been more than 15 years! since i played that part. so -- >> oh, this should be absolutely wonderful and horrifying all at the same
8:09 am
time! we look forward to it, jen. >> i more horrifying, yes. >> what a cute ann. >> i wait until you see the wig we found her, lucille ball wig, we had to cut up and mess with, pull the bun off to make it look like an annie wig. it will be just terrible. >> that's going to be something. okay. >> let's talk about ashley judd, the number one kentucky wildcat basketball fan. >> yes, and now she's vowing to fight on line harrassment. she is suing those twitter trolls, we will take a look at her case. can you real dow that? someone being mean to you on twitter, can you see them? >> fraternity brothers over at penn state in trouble. could they be charged with, well, basically showing naked pictures of under what's happened to snacking? how did it become absent-mindedly eating one after the next, after the next?
8:10 am
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8:12 am
by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] >> updating breaking news, two tractor-trailer problems causing delays all on two of our area bridges. here's video, from skyfox, over the scene of this tractor-trailer, fire. on the approach to the delaware memorial bridge. leaving delaware, heading into new jersey, this is the scene on the upside of the delaware
8:13 am
memorial bridge. as you can see, only two what would be the left lane and the left shoulder getting on by, and we are back up for miles here from i-95 in mid delaware, all the way up to the approach of the delaware memorial bridge. if you typically head this way, maybe route 13, route nine, route two, that will get you up into wilmington, and i would use the commodore barry bridge, as your alternate. the second problem has been the ben franklin bridge. this happened last night around 83 tractor-trailer coming into philadelphia, right at the sharp right curve there, at the lightning bolt, didn't make the curve, flipped over on it side, and that tractor-trailer, also, caring fruit, but there is still in the process of off load that cargo and trying to upright that truck. but the accident, damaged the concrete barrier. we call that the zipper. and that's typically able to be moved left and right, to give us a extra lane during the morning rush hour.
8:14 am
>> so tuck with three lanes, sardines, coming up and over the ben franklin bridge. this is up and over the span coming into downtown philly. to the live news van, on the scene, steve ' been there all morning long, where they've been off loading the cargo. >> at this point, just push it out of the way. and get an extra lane in there. no way to salvage that. twenty-two lanes at the base of the bridge come nothing philadelphia. causing major back up. ben franklin, one of the heavy use, wove to go to the betsy or the walt whitman to avoid a delay, and this isn't something that's going to get clean up here in the next hour our so. it is taking them 12 ours and not even halfway there yet. so, this could be all the way through the midday. so even if you have plans for
8:15 am
meeting maybe coming in philly, later on this morning, you want to make sure you remind yourself little sticky tab there on the dashboard to use the walt whitman bridge or the betsy ross. once through this morning rush hour, tomorrow, sue, looks like we will have mother mess after different kind on our hands. >> it is true, bob kelly. winter weather advisory went out today for tomorrow starts at 6:00 goes until 8:00 p.m. >> goes until 8:00 p.m. for all of the counties that you see highlighted there. here's the leading edge of the precipitation. it is down in west virginia, western part of virginia north carolina, by about 7:00, 8:00 we see it spreading into our area. it will be cold. so it will be snow. and there will be rain to the south of it. then inbetween, is that area of sleet and/or freezing rain. moves in, it is snowing in philadelphia, by 10:00.
8:16 am
north and west of the city, it is starting to accumulate by 1:00 in the afternoon, by 4:00 in the afternoon still seeing some areas of maybe moderate to heavy snow, at times, and but, again, it is not going to be with us long enough to pile up whole lot. >> just have to see the temperatures at that point in time. so that's the timing of the storm for tomorrow. it does get better, and drier, alex, mike, over the weekend. >> dryer, warmer,. >> waiting for. that will 8:16, actress ashley judd said pressing charges against what she says twitter trolls. sexually harassed her on twitter. earlier this week we showed judd accidentally kissing dixon the lips, well, accidentally. >> accidentally? >> she probably wishes it was. well, judd said the amount of gender violence she received since then has been extraordinary, plus also tweeted about arkansas saying they were playing dirty, during the game. >> she is big kentucky wildcats basketball fan. yet she really went after the arkansas player saying they
8:17 am
were playing dirty. and that started this war on twitter. >> it did start the war, right. >> they started bullying her saying real nasty stuff, sexual stuff. can you press charges against somebody who is bullying you? >> well, you can press charges against anybody, the point is, you know, can they carry through on those charges and actually get somebody convicted? commit ago crime? insult are not actionable. you can go on the internet see insult, running rampid, right? threats are actionable. so if there is a direct threat against somebody, and they put it on the internet, then i would say it is actionable. >> ashley i'll kill you. >> yes. nobody said i'll kill you. she reports that to police. that would be actionable. but insults are not the police -- >> even if they're saying as a woman in some of the things pretty degrading? >> it can be degrading, as i said, insults, having car comments, viral comments not actionable. >> the police won't go after those people. >> how would you track them down? >> curt schilling did that. curt schilling went on the internet and congratulated his daughter forgetting into college, so for the. there were then vial comments
8:18 am
about his daughter. he went after them. you know what did he he? took screen shot of the vial comment, tracked down who these guys were then re tweeted it, the two guys that made those vial comment, one was suspended from college, the other fired, he worked for the yankees, curt schilling did the right thing. everybody said he went into dad mode. he did a pro-active way of going after these people. >> that seems like the difficult part, trying to find, can you like subpoena, private twitter pages? >> i don't think he had much after problem finding out. i don't think he spent much time finding out. >> he is a public figure. he probably had resource toss do it. >> that's the way to go to get the police involved. >> yes, because the police ultimately, do we want our police chasing after internet thugs, or do you want them protecting us from robbers and burglars and everybody else? i mean, you know, police only have so much time spending their money, only so many resources you can devote toward police. >> penn state, the fraternity in trouble there. >> big trouble. >> pictures of passed out girls, no clothes on, things like. that will they took it down, facebook account, but then put another one up doing the same
8:19 am
danker thing with different women. >> they have a problem. been some sus pensions with regard to the from a turn tip, police looking into it, so the police are on this case. for those guys who took those pictures every nude women, they have a problem, because there is a privacy issue. >> but i also heard say i'm fraternity brother, and somebody sends me these pictures, them i pass them onto some other people around the country. >> could you have a problem, too. >> i didn't take them. >> well you didn't take them but certainly passing them on. so if they wanted to, the police wanted to, you could be charged as well. but i would say the people that initially took those pictures, they probably have the biggest problem. >> specially if they are 18 and under. >> no doubt. the problem with the people that passed them on, whole string of people, suppose there is 100 people passed them on, the question are the police going to go after those hundred people. >> do we as society want the police tracking down internet thugs? >> that's the thing, once put one thing, it shares, goes viral on twitter, facebook. >> that's why people have to be careful with facebook and twitter. >> once it is out there it is out there. it can be passed out and thousands of people can see it
8:20 am
at that point in time. >> unreal. >> have to be careful. >> thank up, my man. i know our football fan. listen to this. >> nine-point touchdown. if the an end list colts have their way, me may. may have nine-point touchdowns. we'll explain how you can get touchdowns. we'll explain how you can get those
8:21 am
8:22 am
it's not about hugging trees. it's not about being wasteful either. you just gotta find that balance. where taking care of yourself takes care of more than just yourself. lease an mkz hybrid for $299 a month, plus competitive owners and lessees get $1000 bonus cash, only at your lincoln dealer.
8:23 am
road to the final four starts tonight for villanova over in pittsburgh, pennsylvania, number one seed wildcats take on the 16th seed. lafayette help around. tonight around 6:15 or so, villanova is a 22-point favorite. so, let's go to the east, the big region we're most concerned about tonight at about 6:00. over there in pit burying, a 16 has never beaten a one, so, no matter what the coach says don't overlook. coming over here and winning this first game. okay? but then, alex and i figure out our brackets yesterday. i've got villanova simply because i'm homer, going oh, i
8:24 am
have to hit this first. again arizona look at go on the "good day" tab, click that, you will see how alec and i came up with our decisions on the final game. >> i have them bean the g the arizona wildcats, wildcats versus wildcats. >> okay, and as a disclaimer for me, when it came to picking, trying to break down the atlantic city for me, like you know what, i'm going to flip a coin. that's the only thing i didn't flip a coin for. his logic -- >> which school -- >> close toast home? >> which is closest to the site. not really, you know, a loft knowledge there either.
8:25 am
>> weight both have kentucky being upset, villanova, ken tucky? >> no, i'm villanova kentucky, you're not? >> i was i have arizona upsetting ken tuck. >> i always upset. >> okay, what about this, though, when it comes to the nfl? so when the nfl attends a competition committee missing will be considering new changes in when it comes to the rooms. one request to prove interesting is they actually go for it. >> i can't believe they even brought this up. the colts. >> yes, they want a rule making it posteraro for team to score nine points on single possession, 50-yard kick for extra point after successfully converting two-point conversion. so want to experiment with that during the pre-season. >> okay, so you score, you get your six points. >> and then go for more. >> then if you go for a two-point conversion, instead of just kicking the extra point, you're going to be reward. if you get those two points making it eight points, be rewarded, go to the 50-yard
8:26 am
line, and in a attempt 50-yard extra point. if that goes through, then you would have total of nine points resulting from one tough down. >> that would change everything. >> that won't happen. who came one that? it is to encourage teams not to kick the extra pointing boring. go for two. you will be rewarded with a 50-yard kick. >> how about just outlaw the extra point? every team has to go for a running or passing extra point. >> oh,. >> think of that? steel leave it at one point, but not allowed to kick. the name of the game is football. one of the most bore places you could do, using your foot. >> true. >> what is it called? national running ball. >> i don't know. something else.
8:27 am
spleen ball? >> all right. 8:26. all right, still ahead. it is national poison prevention week. the top to reduce hazards in your home. >> you know what? kids think that stuff right there is canned. >> i ya. there is canned. >> i ya. >> the lau
8:28 am
fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that parker. well... did you know auctioneers make bad grocery store clerks? that'll be $23.50. now .75, 23.75, hold 'em. hey now do i hear 23.75? 24! hey 24 dollar, 24 and a quarter, quarter, now half, 24 and a half and .75! 25! now a quarter, hey 26 and a quarter, do you wanna pay now, you wanna do it, 25 and a quarter- -sold to the man in the khaki jacket! geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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>> still make sure you're warm at the bus stop, it is another cold start to the day. sixers hat might not be bad idea. weather by the numbers, going with seven out of ten, higher number but colder than average again today. just like we were yesterday. 31 degrees right now, rain, on the way, that will change over to snow, by tomorrow morning, when it gets here. today 48 degrees, not as windy as yesterday. and then, tonight, down into the 30's, and getting ready for some snow. that's your weather authority
8:31 am
forecast for today. bob kelly, this bridge and fruit mania this morning. >> bridge and fruit and the whole nine yaourts. here is a problem. a truck fire, tractor-trailer fire, on the ramps from 295 in delaware. to the approach to the delaware memorial bridge. roam far left lane is open. traffic jammo for miles, coming north on 95, trying to get to delaware memorial bridge. the other problem, is right here, on the ben franklin bridge. where yesterday, last night, about 8:30, tractor-trailer overturned come nothing philadelphia. they had two lanes open for most of the morning, but i just heard from steve keeley, he said, they've now stopped traffic, coming into philadelphia, on the ben franklin bridge. they're going to try to upright this tractor-trailer what's left of it, obviously traffic here is jammed from the span, up and over, now,
8:32 am
getting reports that a lot of folks are listening, they are avoiding the ben franklin, which is good. using the whitman on the betsy ross. but traffic still parking lot here on the ben franklin bridge. >> green simmer machine up and over to give us extra lane. that's adding to the mess this morning. and getting word of icy conditions, that has caused two separate accident, on the kelly drive this morning, the kelly drove closed, right near boathouse row, two separate accident, and we have a salt truck on the way, to take care of the ice situation. so, a rough go this morning, for motorists not only on the bridges but also on the drivers coming into philadelphia. mike, alex, back over to you guys. >> we are in the middle of national poison prevention week. the leading cause of injury rear late dollars deaths. so, joining us now doctor jennette, director at the
8:33 am
poison control center at chop. good morning. >> good morning, thanks for having me. >> good to see you. we do so many stories about kids, thinking this stuff you put in your washing machine or dishwasher thinking that that's canned. >> i yes. >> here, demonstrated, then in the stores it comes in little candy looking jars, so certainly looks enticing. >> keep it up high. >> kids, adults, everyone gets at times expose today things they shouldn't. >> do you know if the industry that makes those things are changing? >> well, we're working on it, so definitely partnering with all sorts of children, safety network, as well as consumer product safety commission to try to get manufacture tears look into packaging. >> it came out in like 2012. people talking hey this may not be good idea. >> so initially kids get into laundry detergents all the time, usually not a problem. first case at chop in 2012, child needed a breathing tube put in place. i put together today a loft
8:34 am
different things shall more significant in nature. >> hydrocarbon, dangers, if it were to be ingested risk it every aspirating into the lungs, and causing breathing problems. so, casino every look like apple juice. >> child, sitting around, sometimes people have bad habits of pouring out of original containers, sometimes soda bottles, really bad idea. someone comes along and doesn't know that you put this in there. >> a lot of look like this, flap, donut. >> called button batteries, extremely problematic, if they get swallowed, stuck in the esophagus, they can sit in the esophagus, cause tissue damage, to the point where there have been some patients who have died from having them stuck in their esophagus, having the tissue away to where basically bleed to death. >> can be at burn risk. how is that? >> the burning that occurs inside on the tissue, inside the esophagus, is a concern.
8:35 am
pretty much every house hole device nowadays, very potent. >> oh, yes. so actually, i was going to tear it open. would you like to tear it open and just demonstrate easy it is? >> just simple flip up, and the climb can have access to medications, and actually decided here, one every these actually contains medication, and one just candy. can you tell the difference? >> and one of these? >> yes. >> let's see. >> oh, you're cheating. >> oh, we are cheating? >> not allowed to read the labels. >> oh, okay. look, i think i fawn the candy here.
8:36 am
>> yes. >> look how similar it is? >> yes. so to demonstrate that to a child. >> this is canned. >> i absolutely. >> so even healthcare professionals sometimes quick look, hard to differentiate. >> real quickly, let's do there one. >> okay, so medication exposures force kids problematic, think of these as child resistant, but they're not childproof. >> hold them? >> hold down and turn. >> soy easy to do that, and pour out a large amount. so kids can get the entire bottle emptied, in no time flat. things called flow resistors, you can put inside the neck of the bottle. which a lays you to, sorry, i know i'm not supposed to take too much off the table, but allows to you invert, draw a dose. if a kids gets ahold of this and tries to empty the bottle -- definitely it will, but not to the same extent as emptying the booth. >> where can i get that? >> we have it on our website. get them in any type of --
8:37 am
>> they're available in many pharmacist, but going to our poison control center website, poison control.chop edu there is some information on there, on ordering. >> phone number, 800222-222. >> if you verve question or problem call you us here 24/7, nurses a pharmacists, trained in poison information. you'll get real person immediately to talk you through your situation and decide your risk. >> put it on your phone, frig, whatever. because go into panic. >> and you need it, it is nearby. >> good job. >> thank up, doctor. appreciate it. >> okay, coming up: list of the hardest working cities is out. so, wondering, did philly make the list? >> i bet we d let's see. >> we better have. >> i think we should be in the top ten. having it all?
8:38 am
8:39 am
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darren johnson, oh, you can't quite see it. can you zoom out to see it little bit? trying to show the monopoly boards. alex and have i been playing monopoly this morning, because this is the 80th birthday, of the board game monopoly. so we got to say what's your favorite board game besides monopoly? >> i'm having to refresh, looking at the directions, been so long since we played this game, ya. >> have you ever finished a game of monopoly? seriously? >> maybe one time in my whole life t took all day. >> i think you just give up. that's what most people do. >> and i cheat. the good thing, good thing weaver six hour show. >> only have until 10:00 o'clock. do you even remember how much money you get to start?
8:42 am
>> two. >> you got two. >> bills. >> i remember, you get two, 50's. >> okay. >> and i think six, 20's. >> you're right. >> show me the monday. >> i you can tell bob has six kids. >> really. how many times has he played this game. >> my kids think the monopoly money is the real game when they do the dishes. >> you space them out, give him this? and this is real? that would never work with me. >> five's, is that ten? >> i think you get ten, five's, yes, and ten, one's. >> all right. >> ten-oneness. >> banker, you don't know what you are doing. >> okay, do it yourself. wasn't to talk about something else. philadelphia ands often get a bad rap with our cheese steaks, and our teams don't win very often. you know what i mean? but according to new study, we're hard workers. >> so the office of the new york city alert released study
8:43 am
on the hardest working cities in the country. >> philadelphia 13 on the list. >> that's wrong. >> we work average of 47 hours a week, first on the list, new york. >> hold on, the study was put together by the comptroller of new york? >> yes, bias here. >> oh, boeing us. >> yes, so they apparently, 49 hours a week followed by washington, d.c. and san francisco. >> i feel like philly known for being hard-working, doesn't make any sense to me. >> san francisco was above you. >> really? need to do our own study. >> darn right. cheap ers. >> you're still counting money. >> all right. >> something that happened last night. >> of course talking about em empire. jen, recap for us? >> birthday party, on a budget. fancy pants, right? we will break it down so you know how they did this, so
8:44 am
much less than you might think. look at this, fancy
8:45 am
8:46 am
we just had the best family vacation. really? there were fights breaking out in the street, angry mobs, the whole place was like a war zone. it was fantastic! what about the kids? we shackled them to a post in the middle of town. i don't know what they loved more, the shackling or the pool. my money's on the shackling. with so much to do, stay where the action is. book one of our hotels at
8:47 am
>> we're playing a little monopoly. >> i want to be the car. you toll me not to bring a car. >> she sole her car and she's still mad at me. >> he's leak you don't need a car here in fill. >> i i'll and throw back, because the iron was retired, and this have vein taj boards. >> you are so vintage. >> really? >> good thing, so fashionable now. >> just call me vintage. now, you know why i like the dog, sue wants to be the dog today, because i discovered you can put the dog on its face. >> what? >> look at that. >> i thought it was because it is fox fursday. >> that too. >> oh, okay. so back to this story. have you noticed people like kim kardashian, they have outrageous birthdays, for a kid who will never remember it, very first birthday, right? >> so remember the kid chella
8:48 am
birthday team? you can have the fabulous party without all of the big budget. jen showing us thousand does. >> this thing probably cost half million dollars, jen, we can't afford that. >> we can't afford, that but you can afford this, if you meet this we del team. good morning, ladies. i love what you have done. we ooh and aah, mock set up of first birthday party for little hudson, best birthday party isn't really about the little guy or girl, it is more about mom? >> mom, he can actually, and the mom's friends. >> so let's talk about what you guys have here, we begin with little boxes, instead of doing cake pops, did you? >> usually way more expensive, at like 3.50 a pop, no pun intended, we chose donuts, because you know what, you can get donuts anywhere, dunkin' donuts, get them made from a bake shop, you can get them anywhere. and they're cheap, inexpensive. and you know what? kids love them. and they go. >> little stars common the little sticks? >> , no we actually glue them
8:49 am
together. >> and then the little, like, fake straw, that's actually shredded paper? >> yes. sprayed with like furnishing. >> you can get a bag that far? >> at ac moore, michael's, any of those place. >> i love. that will. >> then those little click lights, those are actually the battery powered lights. those are the candle things from your upstairs, right? >> right. we basically took them from our dining room, and we used it for the party. you really need to like look in your house and decide what you can use and what you can't. you snow. >> and think outside the box. >> speaking of thinking outside the box, i love that you use, i think we all have one of these things, someone gave it to us for our wedding or maybe use it every once in a while, but turn it into the style of the party, right? >> exactly, we got that for $12 at home goods. >> okay. >> we use it all the time for several different things, whether it is a candy dish, or we can put flowers in it, use it as a base, whatever. >> okay. >> whatever you want. >> milk and cookies, baby, i
8:50 am
love how you did that. >> what adult doesn't like million being and cookie's. >> i always like you kept it jenner neutral using flowers you said, high draining a can really fill up the vase. >> exactly. tan is like 2.50 a stem. super cheap. and fills it up the base. >> also has that rustic look. >> speaking of russ continue, that sign thing on paleate. >> pallet board. we found that on the street. actually yesterday morning. >> i love it. >> and this is one the other amazing creative things you did. mike, my photographer and i, trying to figure out what that is. it looks like something out of martha stewart living. >> exactly, looks like crepes, simulate philadelphia, because crepes, kind of like fun thing for adults. but, why not, why do crepes when you can do pancakes. you can do pancake mix, fine it anywhere for dollar 50 a box. and, you know, every kid lovers pancakes. you can pair it up with berries, whip cream, maple
8:51 am
syrup, different types of syrup for adult, and whip cream for children. >> you wrote on that with chalk paint? >> yes. we actually printed out some stencils, and filled it in with chalk paint. >> the last tip that you guys had, to make it look kind of fancy not so homemadey is to do like you basically did the thank you from the stamps, right? >> the stamps you can use all the time. whether it is for christmas, whether it is for thank you cards, i mean, honestly they last forever. and the stamp pad, as well. and we are looking at $7 here. >> also use it. >> yes, thank you, really good. it is a big statement. >> and put their canned any those to take home with them. >> oh, for the goody bags. >> you guys are ridiculous. >> all of this stuff is then stuff that you can then take up to the children's room and decorate, so stuff you can move up and down, right? specially the marquis sign.
8:52 am
obviously what kid would not love that when they get older? it lou look -- makes the room pop. has more character. >> i love it. good. okay, well, we are sticking around, because coming up, guys, this is the next idea that they have. i think it is amazing by the way. what if you have two kids that need to share one room? they'll do some decorating. this was my torture by the way growing up, home with a boy, we shared a room. yikes. we not only were roommates, we were women mates, can you tell? >> hey, jen, where are you? i like these two women. >> okay, i am in basically northern liberties, is that where we are? you might remember. can i say? former ballerina. and miss twinkle toast. and she was a sexy single, i forgot about. that will yes, you probably remember her. but this house is amazing,. >> it is a house? >> you got it going on. yes, can i show them your house? >> yes. little mess. >> i check it out. this is where you should be living, mike jerrick.
8:53 am
high. >> this is a nice place! >> creepy? ya. >> hello? oh, you tease! >> i guess we have to see it next time. >> i have an idea what she can do with the home. draw a line down the middle for the room. if she has two people sharing. cute. >> you know what i did for my first birthday? i think my mom c
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
>> today, basically, going to be fine. sunny skies, little chillier than average, like it was yesterday, but, not as windy. winter weather advisory, kicks in tomorrow, at 6:00 a.m. and goes until 8:00 p.m. so this is pretty much a friday, all day event, let's brick it down real quick for you. temperatures will be in the mid to up 30th's. a mix of wet snow, rain, expected to begin late tomorrow morning, we're thinking maybe 8:00, 9:00 here in the philadelphia area. slick roads, expected to
8:57 am
impact travel all day long so tricky travel is what we'll ' be saying for you all day long. one to 3 inches in the philadelphia area, three to five to the north of us, maybe coating to slushy inch to the south. try saying slushy inch bob kelly. >> slushy inch, bob kelly. 8:57. sue, good morning, everybody, the latest from our breaking news all morning long. we have two separate tractor-trailer accident. northbound, 295, coming out of delaware, to the delaware memorial bridge. that truck fire, and looking live here, from skyfox, berry just got update at 9:00. in three minutes. they're going to shut down the ben franklin bridge access, all traffic, love off to the top left. see the sharp turn? that's fifth street. all traffic is going to be forced onto fifth street. so they can try to upright this tractor-trailer, again, that's going to go into effect at 9:00 a.m.
8:58 am
, talk about a mess, getting ready to leave the house right now, again, that betsy ross, walt whitman is the way to go, mike, alex, back over to you. >> oh, we'll do it in three minutes, take that shot again and shutdown a bridge in a major city of philadelphia. hey, if you watch, if you like empire, what do you have to do? >> do you have watch it, will happen in the next couple of moment, okay? all fans, calling you out right now, you must watch what we will do right ♪ ♪ ♪ you're only young once. unless you have a subaru. (announcer) the subaru xv crosstrek. symmetrical all-wheel drive plus 34 mpg. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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