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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6a  FOX  March 17, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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tuesday, march 17th, that is st. patrick's day. look who is in. >> good morning. >> love to have have you here. >> thanks. >> i didn't see you here because it is camouflage. >> i know. >> well, i didn't get the the memo it ace parentally st. patrick's day. wrong color scheme. >> it is close enough. >> yes. >> there is some green. >> we can give her something green to put on. >> hey, send us your pictures dressed in your holiday green use the hash tag fox 29 good day. the reason why bob kelly is not here he is in transit up to the northeast. >> to katie o'donnell's. >> like i said, bob kelly and he is going to katie o'donnell's. >> he might rename it today since he is going to the party. >> but, sue, i have to tell you when i walk out the door this morning i was bracing myself and i said ahh. it wasn't so bad. >> it was a rereeve. >> here's the thing, don't get used to it. >> no.
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>> how cuties bus stop buddy to day. within day a year. >> a new outfit. >> he loves it. >> he will be doing the the dance. he will put his hands down when he does the dance. >> have we ever even that. >> well, you have to do it in your imagination because here he goes. >> here's a lucky seven out of ten on this st. patrick's day for your weather by the numbers. it is mild tore day. it is 47 degrees. sunrise at 7:10. no real rain in the area, it the is all to the north. fox cast for today it is for a very pleasant high of 62 degrees but that high comes early in the day and then the the wind pick up and temperatures plunge this evening. what it feels like will be completely different later on. we will have more details in a few minutes but now, lets check traffic with our caitlin ross, good morning again. >> good to see you. >> we will start off on i-95
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southbound right behind me here well, from what you can see of it, which is not much, broad street on i-95 southbound we have a disable vehicle. that will cause slow downs. you can see the the car lights coming at you there so anytime we have a disable vehicle at 6:00 a.m. just watch out for slow downs there. also current travel times the schuylkill expressway east bound we are looking at 14 minutes from the blue route to the vine. ninety-five south, woodhaven to 676, 15 minutes not too bad there we are seeing current travel time at 15 minutes around most of the majors. we will keep you updated throughout the rest of the morning if any problems arise, alex. >> thanks, 6:02. two temple football players were arrested and now face ago salt charges. >> those charges stem from an altercation that occurred back in january during an off campus party in northern liberties. somebody got really beat up, jenny joyce, parentally. >> reporter: yeah, that is right, mike and alex.
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we are waiting to independently confirm the specifics of that incident waiting to hear back from police but what we know is it did happen early this year and temple football players dion dawkins and hasan reddick. they are both 20 years old. both are charged with aggravated assault simple assault, criminal conspiracy and recklessly endangering another person. a temple university spokesperson says the school is aware of these allegations and released a statement saying quote, the the university has and will continue to fully cooperate with the the philadelphia police department in its investigation and we will take appropriate actions outlining in the conduct code. the two students have been suspended from football team activity pending further investigation. these charges were filed early this morning. both dawkins and reddick were released on bail overnight and the next court appearance is scheduled for march 31st mike and alex. >> i guess there would be no football activities, spring football practice and stuff
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likes that. philadelphia police are investigating a deadly shooting in the cobbs creek section of the city. a 19 year-old man was shot twice in the head in the 6,000 block of irving street. he later died at the hospital. this morning no a regularses have been made just yet. if you have any information of course, call the police. a man shot multiple times in juniata park is fighting for his life this morning. police were called to the 4600 block of ellis street just before 2:00 and rush the victim to temple university hospital. investigators tell us he was shot once in the head once in the the chest and twice in the back. the the the suspect was taken into custody charges are pending. this morning investigators are looking for the the person they believed stabbed a delivery man simly delivering ice cream on the lasalle campus yesterday. the suspect is described as a white man in his 20's last seen wearing a lasalle hoodie and a red hat. police say the victim was making a ice cream delivery when he stopped to wash his hand inside a dining hall
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bathroom. that is when another man walk up behind him and stab him in the chest ape shoulder and then ran away. >> we looked over and he is sitting ate chair. they have all these napkins taped to him trying to stop bleeding and cop cars every where. >> just like her a lot of or students were eating lunch there. they saw a bloody victim and call 911. the the man was rush to the hospital with, non-life threatening stab wound and university was put on lock down for 45 minutes. police are watching surveillance video to help find at salient. they are in the sure if he is a student or not at lasalle. happening today the trial begins for the the man accused in this caught on tape attack of a teenage girl. damon oliver was charged with assault, making terroristic threats and recklessly endangering another person following a jana tack on the route 15 septa trolley. the 17 year-old suffered a black eye and broken nose and said i had all started when she bumped him with her backpack. pennsylvania governor tom wolf will be in philadelphia today and will speak at the association of engineers
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global conference taking place at the convention center. and preparations are underway for a ground breaking event that has children, and parents excited. >> it is happening right here in philadelphia alex holley. mayor michael nutter made remarks around, well a little afternoon on west more land street. we will give you more information on this. one of the things they will talk about is this new green plan for four different green areas, of philadelphia, including a playground for kids that is all about green. 6:06. we need more information on that because i'm very interested in turning the elevated tracks into a park. >> i love public park spaces as weather gets warmer. this woman has been missing since new years day that with man right there but police believe they have a break in the case the roller contact crippen's mother in law how saw walking in her house may have had in her disappearance. did she help her son hide her body. and is tim tebow coming to
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philadelphia? he work out with the eagles yesterday and twitter was on fire, but is he really going to join the bird? also it is st. patrick's day we want to see you dressed in your who will take green. this is from tamara. happy st. patrick's day. >> even the pets are getting involved. >> yes, of course, send us your pictures on facebook instagram and twitter, use the hash tag fox 29 good day and we will show them on tv
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a special message there at seventh and wal-mart. it says happy st. patrick's day alex. >> is alex on there too. >> it is custom made. >> welshing thank you mike. i feel like you are lying. >> i am. >> well, thank you. >> 6:10. police say a new jersey mother helped her son cover up the disappearance of his wife jo crosby of sicklerville is charged with tampering with evidence in connection with the erika crippen case. crippen has in the been seen since new years eve. she's presumed dead but her body has in the been found. crippen's husband kyle crosby was charged with murder in january. now the the victim's family is hopeful it will lead to the discovery of crippen's body. >> a step closer, we're a step closer we're hoping that she talks and, you know, he know that his mom is in trouble. >> now it is time for him to do the the same to his mother,
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come clean clean the body up, help your mom get out of jail. >> prosecutors say jo crosby played a major role in helping her son kyle conceal at ledge crime but did not elaborate citing an ongoing investigationgation. officers in california are in big trouble over text messages. what he this allegedly sent that was so bad they were taken off the streets. >> um-hmm. a local teacher under arrest for allegedly up skirting his female students. why students and parents are so shocked. some even think it is unbelievable. teacher there for quite a
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so we have been looking forward, looking forward, look i keyed out now. i wore a green scarves through the early portion of the program it was okay, so, here's, do you see what happens when you wear green in front of the green screen. you disappear. so, what i will do to a a voice distraction, is there we go, three days away from the first day of spring but i decided in longer looking forward to it. look at what we have in store, for this seven day forecast it the is just ridiculous. guess what a year ago today we got 4.7 inches of snow. it was the final snowfall of what ended up being a 68-inch season, of course, the second most snowy winter we ever had
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was 2013/2014 winter. fifteen and a half inches is our current total for this season, so far. so here's ultimate doppler plenty of green but it is all far to the north. nothing to worry about with this rain because it will stay to the north today. temperatures are milder then they were yesterday it is 47 degrees in philadelphia 41 in mount pocono. thirty-nine in allentown. forty-one in lancaster. it is almost 50 in dover, right now. now temperatures will get, milder, up to 62 degrees by noon time today but then, cold front comes through temperatures will plunge. >> mike jerrick. >> hold on a second. >> we all have to play. >> put it over your head. >> yeah, there you go. >> it smells good too. >> visibility cloak from harry potter. >> is that fun for you.
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>> how about it. >> yes. >> a loin cloth. >> fox 29 green screen look. >> now we have to go right to the seven day because there goes my time. 52 degrees is the early high temperature today. we will fall into the 20's tonight and then get very cold and winter weather continues for friday morning, caitlin, the first day of spring we will start with wet snow. no longer am i looking forward to the first day of spring. >> maybe the second day that looks better. who knows. we will see. that is why i didn't wear green, by the the way. you know who is bob kelly and i'm standing here because he is on his way to katie o'donnell's on woodhaven road in northeast philadelphia stop by and see him there. he is having a great time.
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jen fred will be there too. the katie o'donnell's within bob kelly will be. it doesn't get more irish than. that schuylkill expressway where we are looking right now just east of south street. it doesn't look like too many problems but volleys filling n moving to the blue route southbound right past saint david villanova exit. we have a disable vehicle here on the right shoulder, and everything is still in the green all a appropriate which means we're moving okay. that is 476 southbound. also, we have i-95 southbound before broad street another disabled vehicle there. that is on the right shoulder. it should be cleared up soon but watch out for delays for i-95 southbound by broad, mike. >> kurdish forces have recaptured three villages from isis. twenty isis militants and three kurdish fighters were killed in these clash necessary iraq. u.s. led coalition aircraft provided air support for kurdish fighters the villages had been in militant hand since last june. this is as evidence emerges
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that isis terrorist are using some kind of a chemical weapon in northern iraq. as the the the united states continues to target ice business air strikes in iraq the white house has confirmed its reached out to former cia director david petraeus for help in dealing with the militants. petraeus is advising the obama an ad perfection despite pleading guilty two weeks earlier to giving away classified materials to his mistress. he knows the area better than anybody else. 6:18. u.s. and iran is attempting to complete nuclear negotiations in switzerland. eye rain an diplomates are trying to have move pass an intense intervention from republican senators. last week 47 of them pend a opened letter warning any deals made could expire, the day president barack obama leaves office. the the five hour meeting led by secretary of state john kerry also brought up the subject of u.s. economic sanctions. israelis will vote in the general election that will determine if prime minister benjamin netanyahu will continue to serve as prime minister. facing falling poll numbers
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and fall out from his speech to congress, netanyahu established positions on the establishment of the palestinian state and says owe now opposes one. he also said he would keep building settlements in east jerusalem. >> they have been voting for seven hours now, already ready for poles to close now. >> people have been wondering where is russian president vladamire putin. he is back in the spotlight after a long absence and joking that the world would be dull without gossip. there were rumors he was ill had been isolated by palace coupe or in switzerland awaiting birth of the baby carried by a former olympic gymnast. kremlin denied all reports before yesterday he had in the been seen in public since march 5th. and what makes things even more weird when he was supposed to have a public meeting, and the state news there reported it already happened, before it even happened. >> it happened before it happened, that is state news in russia for you folks. real estate heir robert durst, it has been every where, could potentially face the the death penalty if he does not beat the the murder
6:20 am
charge connected to a death of his friend susan berman, back in the year 2,000. anonymous law enforcement official tells the associated press that analysis of two letters, one written by durst now look at the comparison. they are almost the same. he miss spells beverly hills in both letters. this was sent to beverly hills police alerting them of berman's dead body, so key evidence that they say that led to charges in this 15 year-old case. meanwhile durst is currently being held in new orleans where he was arrested over the the weekend. they are afraid he will take off to cuba new legal troubles could hold up this murder case though. the here's more. >> bob durst didn't kill susan berman. he is ready to end rumor and speculation and have a trial but we are frustrated because the local authorities are considering filing charges on
6:21 am
him here and holding him here. >> as you know robert durst has been the subject of an hbi documentary series call the jinks, aloft people have been watching, which examines durst ties to the berman murder. the 1982 disappearance of his first wife and 2003 acquittal of a murder of his neighbor. he says he admits to murdering his neighbor welshing killing his neighbor, killing his neighbor. he was acquitted. robert durst has ties to our area graduating from lehigh university in 1965. he was arrested in a wegmans near bethlehem in 2001 have after jumping bail in the texas murder case of which he was acquitted later on. he dismembered his neighbor's body. he said it was self-defense. the jury believed him. owner of the boat where boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev was found hiding is expected to be a subject of another
6:22 am
inspection today. the suspect in the jurors went to see the boat yesterday. officials say there are more than 100 bullets in that boat. the window was shot out front window was shot out with a reported blood stained confession that he wrote with his finkers in his own blood in the side of the boat. the defense maintains his dead brother was the master mind and not him. well, four police officers in san francisco were reassigned after being caught send sending racist and homophobic text messages. >> they were sent between october 2012 and 2012 but they were only recently discovered. the text messages are being read out of context. one hundred cases involving the officers will be reviewed by san francisco public defender's office for racial bias. >> interesting. well, local teacher under arrest for allegedly up skirting, in other word videotaping and taking still pictures, under the skirts of his female students.
6:23 am
>> yeah, why students and parents are so shocked some even think it is unbelievable. but first. >> tim tebow could bewaring green, we're talking eagles green and new we're talking about st. patrick's day y tebow was working out in philly yesterday. >> tim tebow. >> tt.
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i'm howard eskin. it looks like phillies pitch er cliff lee pitched his final game as a philly.
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phillies put lee on the 60 day disable list with the torn tendon in his elbow. he is on the last year of his contract. it is unlikely he will pitch again this season. not a good game for phillies best pitch tore clearwater, cole hamels was just working on stuff. working on pitching the ball right down the middle to chris davis. two innings, six hits, five runs, not a good day. sixteen-four. phillies lose to baltimore. eagles created more news yesterday but anything eagles do creates news. tim tebow had a work out with the eagles after failing to find a team in the last two years it is unlikely wow make the eagles. it looks like chip kelly needed something to do. sixers were awful last night. to boston. they are awful a lot of nice. submit the submit, uncontrolled shot. terrible shot. but sixers, they just don't know what defense is. they don't get back. boston wins 108-89 after leading by 20 in the first quarter. >> that is sports in the minute. i'm howard eskin. you know it will be the biggest fight in boxing, right in. >> right. >> you are not talking about
6:27 am
the may weather fight. >> no, romney verse holyfield. oh, man why they are entering the ring and they are getting ready to rumble. is sports betting coming to new jersey? we will have the latest on this. >> this is month to talk bit steve, march mass necessary here we go. >> reporter: if it was legal would i put my money on romney to win, i don't know. just throwing monday a way. not mentioned in sports in a minute, what is going on here in federal appeals court here today, also involving a big sports story and whether or not it is legal to bet even though thinks the week where more people than ever in america are betting on the the ncaa tourname
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new this morning two temple football players arrested and release on $10,000 bail. what they are accused doing off campus to another student. >> they build relationships with mr. mayor. now those students are wondering if they were victims of this teacher. south jersey teacher is under arrest for taking inappropriate pictures at least, nine students, up their skirts. there will be more victims that could be out there that will eventually come forward in woodbury, new jersey. and, have you filled out your bracket? new jersey wants to make
6:31 am
sports betting legal and it the is happening during one of the most popular weeks for unofficial betting. the the battle is heading back to court today. >> everybody thinks kentucky will win it. >> yes. >> it will be boring. >> have you filled out your bracket. >> i always put my alma matter in as a winner. >> you feel like you have to. >> at least one of the brackets right. >> hi everybody, st. patrick's day, so why don't you get dressed up in green, just put on something green, use fox 29 instagram, facebook and of course twitter. >> we will show them on tv. of course, we will show you on tv, wearing green. >> everybody is a little bit irish on this day, including, bus stop buddy. he is just too adorable. once a year he wears his irish outfit to school. if you are dressing the kid for the the bus stop you might not want to do this to them but make sure they are warm they just don't need to be as bunled up as yesterday because most of the temperatures are in the 40's this morning.
6:32 am
we're going to get to the early, mild high, in the 60's. so we will give you luck of the irish a seven out of the ten. it is already 47 degrees. sunrise happens at 7:10. here we are, a chilly start to the day we're in the upper 30's, in many places, partly cloudy and pleasant throughout the afternoon and act a you'll i we are not expecting light showers this evening so lets go back to bus stop buddy. i will make corrections to. that we will look ahead to what could be happening it is a half an hour away, caitlin roth, bob kelly will be at katie o'donnell's up in the the northeast. >> that sound like great irish friend, don't they bob kelly and katie o'donnell. >> go visit him. hang out with him the rest of the morning at northeast philadelphia right off of woodhaven road. lets look at route 30 eastbound at route 100. the it looks like a lot of traffic filling in there. slow go west of the city around 30 eastbound at 100. pretty heavy traffic there
6:33 am
this morning. also blue route southbound past saint david villanova exit. we are dealing with the disabled vehicle on the right shoulder of 476, southbound causing some delays there. but, clearing up soon and actually we are in the seeing anything on my map indicating delays but expect a few slow downs in spots. alex. >> thanks, caitlin. lets get to this developing story. two temple football players were arrested last night face ago salt charges. >> those charges stemmed from a fight that occurred back in the house party off campus. this is all the way back in january, jenny. >> reporter: this was in january, mike and alex. we are hearing those two football players had been suspended and they have that cherry and white game coming up april 25th. we will wait and see what happens here. we are waiting to independently confirm the specifics of this incident. what we know is that the two football players dion dawkins and hasan reddick were allegedly involved in this. they are both 20 years old.
6:34 am
they are both charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, criminal conspiracy and recklessly endangering another person. a temple university spokesperson says the school ace wear of these allegations of what apparently happened in an off campus set nothing january. they have release aid statement saying quote the university has and will continue to fully cooperate with the philadelphia police department in its investigation and will take appropriate actions outlined in the student conduct code. two students have been suspended from football activities pending further investigation. charges were filed early this morning and both dawkins and reddick were released on $10,000 bail. they have another court appearance already scheduled for march 31st, mike and alex. >> can you clear something up for us. they are suspended from the football team. does that mean they are automatically suspended from temple university? we will check back with you. philadelphia police are also investigating a deadly shooting in the cobbs creek section of the city. a 19 year-old man was shot
6:35 am
twice in the head, on the 6,000 block of irving street last night. he later died in the hospital. this morning no arrests have have been made. if you have any information, call the cops. a suspect is in custody accused of gunning down a man in juniata park. police were called to the 46 hundred block of ellis street just before 2:00 and rush the victim to temple university hospital. investigators tell us he was shot once in the head and once in the chest and then twice in the back. the motive is not the clear just yet. happening today a lawsuit focused on a new jersey sports betting law that will be back in federal court here in philadelphia but it is all about new jersey. >> ncaa and major sports leagues are suing new jersey to keep the law from taking effect. steve keeley is outside the federal courthouse, steve. >> reporter: what side do you think president obama is on? as this goes on do you know what he will be doing? in the oval office from andy katz with espn making his own ncaa tournament bracket picks.
6:36 am
so far we have not heard from the three appellate judges whether they will temporarily adjourn to watch the the president make his picks among the 07 million estimated to be doing that with their brackets this week gambling an estimated $9 billion. an attorney for ncaa will be here in federal court with the pro sports teams and league attorneys arguing to the judges that gambling legal in vegas but illegal in new jersey and harm irreparably college sports. new jersey lawyers should and may likely argue betting with these brackets is what makes everyone watch and ncaa tournament one of the most watched sporting events of all in the country outside of the super bowl. also one of the most profitable to the ncaa more than anything making more than a billion dollars now in tv ad revenue. well ncaa lawyer will be joined for the major sports league and nfl baseball, and what a lot of people see as pure pip chrissy, two of the
6:37 am
federal appeals court judges by the way hearing this case have family ties with big backing of legal gambling. donald trump sister is one of the judges and wife of pennsylvania governor responsible for having casinos here in this state, ed rendell's wife also one of the judges. by the way mike, the hip pick is arizona they think they will overtake kentucky. four teams named wildcats, one team my favorite albany great danes and uc your vine ant eaters. >> the ant a eaters are in it i didn't realize it. >> yes u.s.c. your vine ant eaters. >> against louisville. >> they will win. >> louisville has a big nose in them. gloucester county teacher under arrest accused of the unthinkable invading the privacy of his student especially female students by recording images of their private parts. at the gloucester county institute of technology.
6:38 am
>> thirty-seven year-old adam mayor is accused of taking in a prep eighth secret videos of the nine victims. mayor a tenured english teacher was arrested friday after they discovered videos of the students private parts, video taking during and after his class. students say they are in disbelief. >> we're horrified. a lot of kids had mr. mayor and build relationship with mr. mayor. >> mayor is on unpaid leave from the gcit and facing charges including misconduct invasion of privacy and endangering the the welfare of the child and in jail on $300,000 bail. detective are asking anyone with any information or potential victims to please come for. my goodness. in pennsylvania, sky fox over souderton area high school and, and health officials recommend any students who have a cough stay home from school until they see a doctor. camden county police hope
6:39 am
you can help them find a missing 15 year-old from sicklerville new jersey. mekhi mcmilan last seen yesterday at his home on the 100 block of summer lee drive. officials say he had gone missing before and men to frequent north camden. anyone with any information about his whereabouts are also urged to contact the the police in camden. well preparations are underway for ground breaking event that has children and parents excited we love public space and new public parks. >> and green spaces. >> yes. >> that is what ben franklin was all about when he built five green parks in our city years ago. mayor michael nutter will deliver remarks this afternoon at a the jose emmanuel playground on west moreland street in north philadelphia. the current play ground has fallen in disrepair and will be the the sight of the green environmentally friendly playground. a green playground.
6:40 am
>> that is pretty cool. >> especially as weather gets warmer. so mitt romney facing a new opponent. no, not for the white house but in the boxing ring. yes is taking on evander holyfield. >> he seems happy bit, sue. >> i think in that picture he didn't know about it yet. anyway so will we be lucky to day with our forecast. you with think we have some luck but wait until you see changes in the seven day. alex, we call them chilly changes. >> just when i'm used to the warmer weather. of course, it is st. patrick's day so this is from sue, it says happy st. patrick's day from primarily what a cute happen. he doesn't seem happy to be wearing it. >> no. >> does this hat make me look chubby. >> send us your pictures or facebook, instagram and twitter and use the hash tag fox 29 good day and we will show them on tv. >> this is our third cat.
6:41 am
humans can take pictures too. >> yes, they can. >> maybe they are not up yet.
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all right. 6:43. irish music all morning long. >> of course for st. patrick's day. i like your green, olive green. >> i was desperate i ran out of white shirt. >> really.
6:44 am
>> let's talk about this huge cyclone, my goodness. >> relief workers are trying to get to the outer island following that devastating cyclone over the weekend. >> look at this damage it killed at least 24 people and displaced american 3,000 others in the developing nation. this is according to the united nations. radio and telephone communication was outer island have not been establish days after the storm, and 90 percent of the buildings in the capitol are now damaged or destroyed. >> 90 percent. >> it the has all been wiped out. it looks like we will have start a new again. >> they have to start over. >> yeah. >> so australia, and new zealand are taking a lead in the efforts for now because they are closest countries to them. with the u.n. relief agencies ramping up for this long term recovery. my goodness. 6:44. >> sue. >> that was a category five storm when it hit.
6:45 am
they call them cyclones in the south pacific but same thing as an hurricane in the atlantic. the just devastating. that the was friday when they hit and they still don't have communication. about the worst a storm can get. it was one year ago march 17th, st. patrick's day 2014 here in philadelphia we got our last snow storm of the season 4.7 inches and that gave us 68 inches of snow for 2013/204 season you will recall the second most snowy winter we have ever had. so far we are at 23 inches which is about an average winter. and that might not be it. wait until you see the seven day forecast. ultimate doppler has rain to the north. we expect to it stay to the the north but there is a cold front coming through around lunchtime you will feel the difference feel the wind pick up and temperatures start to drop. so we will show you the current temperatures, mostly mid to upper 40's this morning. it is a little more
6:46 am
comfortable. we will get to 62 degrees in the city by about noon time today but then temperatures plunge. we are in the 30's and 40's by 7:00 p.m., bottoming out in the 20's overnight and what will happen with the wind? well, as temperatures drop the wind pick up by noon we are at 31 miles an hour win gust in philadelphia and those gusts get higher throughout the region. especially down the shore, throughout the rest of the afternoon as those temperatures plunge. you can see win direction change to go a northwesterly wind, so yeah cold, cold change, not even a chilly change really but temperatures will drop as we hit that early high of 62 and then only 43 tomorrow. very blustery. cloudy and chilly on thursday. cold friday on friday we pennsylvania may have wet snow changing over to rain, ironically for the the first day of spring. we have a roller coaster ride up to the 50's on saturday and down to the 30's on sunday.
6:47 am
change of season caitlin roth it is always a roller coaster ride. >> every day is an adventure, thank you. thanks for let prognosis me bureau your scarves too. we have challenging not being able to wear green standing in front of the chromeakey. she's such a good friend to let me get in the the spirit. you know who else is in the spirit, bob kelly is still in route to the katie o'donnell's so come down there this morning and have a green beer with bob kelly. i-95 we have a new disabled vehicle. we were talking about southbound near broad street. the that is filling in. still bus there i southbound right there but it is northbound by enterprise avenue island avenue exit that is where we are seeing this disabled vehicle off on the side. the that is northbound, not eag any delays stacking up there just yet heading in the city but more heavy traffic southbound on i-95. watch for that area. next in lower moreland byberry road between huntington pike and buck road we have a disable vehicle there. moving to the blue route southbound finally our third disable vehicle of the morning
6:48 am
still there but still on the shoulder, right shoulder, of 476, southbound, and finally if we are traveling today in reports at the airport of any delays, so that is good news if you have a flight out early on this st. patrick's morning no report ared delays or cancellations, mike good do you want to know about this story because you use uber car service all the time. uber's cfo is stepping down according to fortune magazine n an e-mail to the company brent says he wants to spend more time with his family. he joined the ride sharing service, just a year and a half ago and will remain with uber in an advisory role he says. a replacement cfo has in the been named. >> uber has been getting competition so things have been heating up their shared services like lyft good already up and running. >> spend more time with my family is always a little suspect. 6:48. emma thompson is gearing up for a new kid friendly role.
6:49 am
a great actress. >> she will join the cast of the live action version of the beauty and the beast. so thompson will portray mrs. pots, the the teapot in the film of course, according to disney, it will feature 1991 movie's original songs which you all love and will be released in march 2017. cast is still unfolding but emma watson has within tapped to play bell, from harry potter. >> i can guarantee you i will never see it. a special screening of the breakfast club was held at the south by southwest film festival in honor of the film's 30th anniversary. my gosh, 30 years. molly ring world allie shedy the basket case, greeted fans and reminisced about the the 1985 film. the film starred the brother of charlie sheen and the athlete anthony michael hall as the brain. judd nelson also in there as
6:50 am
the criminal. the breakfast club will be back in select theaters two days only march 26th and march 31st, was rob lowe in that sue, breakfast club. >> he was in the brat pack. >> she looks good. >> hey girl. >> well, mitt romney is up against a new opponent. >> this time it has nothing to to with political adventures. he will fight evander holy feel. >> do you think this is really happening. >> no, no. >> the failed 2012 presidential candidate will enter the ring with former heavyweight champion there he is evander holyfield, it is all to raise money for charity vision is the name of the group, charity vision a group that provides medical equipment to the most poor areas of the world. they face off at the union pacific depot in salt lake city, on may 15th. >> i know what is happening here, they are stepping in the ring because they will be slap boxing. you no way, because there is in way you are going in there
6:51 am
and will fighte vanner holy feel. >> i bit mitt romney by the his other ear off. >> lets take flight. >> an eagle takes world record for highest flight just how high off the ground he was when he took off and at macing bird eye view of dubai. >> don't forget about our empire viewing party the the party starts at 7:00 at miss tootsie's down there on south street. we will see you at 7:00 and two hour finally for this season is 8:00 to 10:00. >> can't wait.
6:52 am
♪ ♪ caress presents a fine fragrance breakthrough. ♪ ♪ the world's first body wash with fragrance release pearls. touch your skin to release fragrance up to 12 hours. new caress love forever. for an unforgettable fragrance up to 12 hours.
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6:54 am
doll shot of the city sky line. >> speaking of sky line dubai has an amazing sky line this eagle they took an eagle up to one of the highest point in the entire region, strapped a camera to its head and a reallying will i'm not talking about a philadelphia eagle. and then sent it off the world's tallest building in dubai. >> we got a bird eye view good conservation group strapped camera as mike was saying live stream right. this was happening live. >> look at this view. >> the group freedom conservation claims this is
6:55 am
highest recorded flight captured from a manmade structure. from the video you can see downtown dubai it was a minute and a half long and you could have watched it on bbc news. >> right down to that guys arm. >> you oner. >> wow. >> there it goes. >> ask you what kind of animal, you know, other hand human i always say a red tail walk, is there one that floats around washington square every day. >> you want to pray on people. >> there is that too, you get to eat mice and stuff. little creatures. no, it looks cool. >> it would be nice to see everything from their point of view. >> as we just did. the the national zoo need your help naming some of the new residents down there. >> the zoo has two bear cubs that need names. >> they are from the andes mountains. >> here they are as they want to name bears in honor of the
6:56 am
languagees from their communities in the anes region. you have until sunday to pick from a list of names posted on the national zoo web site. so. >> choices include a word meaning loving. >> and happy. >> loving and happy. >> um-hmm. >> how can you pick between those two. >> yes. >> aren't you happy if you are loving, and if you are loving you are happy. >> alex, i love to be happy and i'm happy to be loved it all goes together. >> oh, barf. there is an e-mail offering to pay you hundreds of dollars willing to use your car as a rolling advertisement but it is a big scam how it works and how to protect yourself. >> we want to you come out to our st. patrick's party already happening. by the way a free continental breakfast involved up on woodhaven, right, sue woodhaven and northeast a beautiful restaurant called katie o'donnell's woodhaven
6:57 am
road, it is happening right now, come on.
6:58 am
yeah, i'm married. does it matter? you'd do that for me? really? yeah, i'd like that. who are you talking to? uh, it's jake from state farm. sounds like a really good deal. jake from state farm at three in the morning. who is this? it's jake from state farm. what are you wearing jake from state farm? [ jake ] uh... khakis. she sounds hideous. well she's a guy, so... [ male announcer ] another reason more people stay with state farm. get to a better state. ♪ ♪
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7:00 am
the chilling audio from the hbo documentary the jim where robert durst admits to the killings he was a suspect n could he face the death penalty. and then this... >> you can hear what he is saying he is supporting benjamin netanyahu in the big election, taking place right now a few more hours before the the polls close over there in israel. chuck norris is a big fan. >> i feel lick we can do a chuck norris joke here. >> probably not a prop eighth. it is st. patrick's day. so bob, what are you up to. did you make it. >> i made it, gang yes good morning. we are coming to you live from katie o'donnell's in northeast philadelphia woodhaven road for the family friendly fox 29 st. patrick's day part which a


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