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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6a  FOX  March 12, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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were fired, around midnight, bullets struck a 41 year old st. louis county police officer, in the torso and a 32 year old webster grove police officer, in the face. the officers were standing in front of the ferguson police department. officers from multiple departments were in the area, to help keep tabs on a protest. police say about 60 people had gathered, to protest the resignation of ferguson police chief, thomas jackson officials say the protest was peaceful, there had been no problems, and then, at the close of the event the shots were fired police say they don't know who fired the gun but the shooter was likely embedded in the crowd somewhere t appears police were targeted. >> i would have to make assumption right now based on the fact that these officers were standing together, a and several officers standing right there together when this happened that, you know that's correct were shots that were parallel to the ground, not up in the air weren't shots, and have to make a sum
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sean these shots were directed exactly at my police officers? and taking a look now at some video shot earlier in the evening, some protests, again police say no problems, but in general there had been violence and tensions remain high. chief said they can't sustain this so they are not necessarily surprised thinks he is call ate dollars overnight. again two, officers shot outside the ferguson police department. happened around midnight. we don't know their exact conditions of these officers, we're hoping to learn more, as time goes on, we did get that update from police, around 2:45 this morning hopefully they'll come back and give us a update. >> about midnight their time, central time in st. louis area. let's get to some traffic and weather together. >> we do have few changes since yesterday. but it is still really good. we'll give awe eight out of ten in your weather by the numbers today. we still have bus stop budd any his winter coat. even with the mittens because we have the winds that have pick up since yesterday temperatures just going to be little bit cooler. now at 44 degrees in philadelphia, with 20-mile per
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hour winds and 26-mile per hour wind gusts out there. 7:18 is our sunrise time. nothing yet on ultimate doppler radar, won't be until late tomorrow night. so some other temperatures were around 40 allentown reading, lancaster, right at freezing in mount pocono. and 41 degrees in wilmington, delaware. plan on high in the lower 50's, which is seasonable, for this time of year, and the breezes will be around for the rest of the day sunset time 7:04, that takes care of your thursday we'll get you through the weekend in our seven day forecast coming up. hey, bob? >> sue morning, 02:00 this thursday morning actually off to good start looking liver northeast philadelphia, i-95, right near academy road. so far so good for the gang leaving northeast philly coming over the benny. not bad at all yet leaving the camden toll plaza. but, we had earlier opening on the talcony palmyra bridge. so little slow in both directions there. eastbound, on the schuylkill, little pocket of volume, around that conshohocken curve. but after that you're good to
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go coming into downtown. again, that is talcony palmyra earlier opening, that ship headed north waiting for some confirmation whether it is going to impact that burlington bristol if it does. that will probably be around 6:45 fire location, west philly, with some local detours at 46th and fairmount. and four-car crash in willingboro, right at the intersection of route 130 and beverly rancocas road. otherwise looking good at the airport, and no delays on mass transit. mike alex, back to you. >> thank you bob. 03:00, new this morning fire at take out restaurant in north philadelphia. >> they have some amounts above the restaurant, to be evacuated. fire fight are called to the china taste restaurant. take out restaurant, broad street. this is up in north philadelphia. the ants upstairs were evacuated as crews worked to extinguish the flames. nobody was hurt because the fire of course is under investigation, like all fires are. and, you may want to avoid cannon avenue between second and main streets in lansdale this morning. crews are on the scene trying
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to repair broken water main break. north penn water authority is expected to be working on repairs throughout the morning, rush hour. so watch out for that. police continue to search for an escaped prisoner in barnegat, new jersey. he reportedly got out of the back after police car on raven wood boulevard, near garden state parkway this is about 10:30 last night. residents were advised to lock their doors and put on their outside lights. and keep them locked this morning, too. as police search on the ground and from the air by helicopter. the suspect is only being identified as a white male, with a face tatoo. no word on why police took them into custody in the first place. >> 6:04. bullets fly in southwest philadelphia dangerously close to children. >> yes now police are looking for the gunman. >> two men firing at each other along the 6,000 block every elmwood avenue last night. investigators tell us bullets went into a home, where a four and six year old were playing. they weren't hurt. neither was anyone on the street.
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detectives say bullet also hit four vehicles parked on millick street. >> and a missing ten year old boy from the frankford section of philadelphia was found safe. septa police found james jones junior joseph, 11:00 last night on trolley at 75th and lansdowne. now, jones went missing after school yesterday. and he's now back home with his family. >> the secret service at it again. this time, even worse. two of president obama's secret service agents crash into a barrier after a night of drinking. >> just how closely they had to work with the president over the last few years. >> and child trapped 14 years inside a car upside down, going home, we'll tell you what's next for baby lilly.
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♪ ♪ >> would you like to dance? >> by the way before bee get too much further we'll tell but the pothole patrol, this should be very somewhat interesting television. >> i've been getting tweets and requests since yesterday. >> we'll get to that in just a second. first, 6:08. second trial of philadelphia
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priest charged with child sexual abuse ends in a mistrial. >> according to the philadelphia inquirer, jurors were not able to reach an agreement on the charges against the guy you see walking into this, white haired man there reverend andrew mccormick suspended priest, charged with assaulting a alter boy. prosecute letter evaluate this case. they have until april 10th to decide whether to try mccormick for a third time. >> by the end of this morning atlantic city's former revel hotel could have new owners. will it happen? a camden bankruptcy court judge is set to decide if a $82 million sale should be accepted. man that's a low bid. they may sound like a lot of money to a lot of pieces but sources say that building may be worth $2.4 billion. if the proposed deal does not get approved, the judge could give revel ac more time to seek out other offers. revel closed as you know in september after over, well, just two years in business.
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>> coming up on 6:10, many expected to gather today for the 12th annual global business conference. the event is sponsored by the worlds trade center of greater philadelphia. it will be held at drexel university starting 8:00 this morning, so about two hours from now, mayor nutter is among the guests who will be taking part in this event. >> and, mayor nutter also expected to be on hand for the ground breaking ceremony of an ultra luxury tower. construction for the brand new residential condo tower at 500 walnut st. the condo building scheduled to open in spring of 2017. >> i walk by that building every day. beneficial bank is in there or was in there. so your view, if you have the front facing properties you'll look right at independence hall. >> oh, that's a nice view there. >> yes. >> pope francis visit to philadelphia. >> planners of the worlds meeting of families, watch this video cut out of the pope, and i want one.
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there he is, hi, welcome to fill. >> i announce they are putting together 15 committees, will focus on everything from marketing and fun raising to wherever one will stay it, and overall visitor experiences city expect enormous number of people will head to philly for the pope's visit maybe as many as 2 million. hello. >> and i am in awe of thinking that up to 2 million people will come to philadelphia will be crammed into the parkway for mass to see the pontiff, to hear his words and to really celebrate the true nature of this pap as i. >> the world meeting of families. >> so, this is the first time the worlds' meeting of families will be held in the united states, and where did they choose for the first one philly. >> that's right. >> cool. >> so proud about that. 6:11. two secret service agents in big trouble today.
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they crashed their car after a night of drinking. >> oh, lord. >> just how closely they worked with president obama. >> how was your night? >> my night was great. no problems at all. double five's on the speedometer reading headed north on i95. headed up toward the airport no delays at philadelphia international airport. wait until you see the set up we have for the pothole patrol today. we're going to get
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>> weather is not going to be a problem for you today. and of course, yesterday it, really felt like spring out there, with the 61 degrees high temperature warmest day of the year, still counting down to the actual vernal equinox, which happens eight days from now or a week from tomorrow. yes, friday march 20th, 1st day of spring. but we're already getting the feel of it. it doesn't mean cold air is gone away for good. but, we'll take what we can get of course for mild temperatures. now, this is a look at the next storm system. it is down around the gulf of mexico, and it will be making it way northeastward, over the next day and a half. and probably arrive hereby friday night. let's give you the timing, we jump ahead to friday afternoon, when you start to see the clouds increase, and then here comes, the rain moves in, any time, i would say, after 9:00, 10:00 from southwest to northeast. so it is raining through the night, on friday into saturday morning. and heavy at times probably get about inch of rainout of this saturday storm. now, start to go slow down
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after about 1:00, 2:00 in the afternoon. then, some wrap around moisture still around. so we can't really say it is out of here until saturday night. and that's this saturday situation. 44 degrees right now in philadelphia, 32 mount pocono, 40 in lancaster, 40 in millville, temperatures all above freezing this morning but the winds are really more of an issue than we've had in a while. 20-mile per hour sustained winds in philadelphia, even more windy up in the poconos with the 40-mile per hour wind gusts, and the pocono mountains, and 26 miles an hour, that's the wind gust in philadelphia so you won't have to hold on to your hat today. winds haven't been a issue. but they are today. 61 degrees yesterday. average high five; i think little closer to average today. high of 526789 still gorgeous day, all the sunshine. tomorrow starts out pretty nice, then the clouds take over, we showed you about the rain saturday. sunday we dry out high of 52, still 450's monday, maybe on
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saint patrick's day where it will just be a we bit cooler, bob kelly just we bit. >> just we bit. good morning everybody, 6:17 on a thursday morning. live look, at 422, starting to see the volume pop here. eastbound, coming around that saint gabrielle's curve same deal, 95 jammo southbound, pretty much cottman avenue down in through girard. you have to be passed this spot by 6:00. to avoid any sort of a back-up thereon 95. we talked about this water main break last time around. lansdale cannon avenue, block from second to main. crews will be out there for most of the day, it is about a block away, from septa's lansdale doylestown line station. not impacting getting to the station, you may just have to use mitchell as the alternate. main street is open. if you are headed down to the airport, good shape today. those problems there at philadelphia international airport, talcony palmyra had earlier opening so little slow on both sides of the river. and huge pothole here on county line road right near stump road. and later today we set up,
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quincy harris, and a penndot truck, spending the entire day together. tweet us the location after bolt hole using the #fox29goodday and we're going to get it filled sometime today during the morning here. mike, al next. >> pothole filling friends say if we're going to do this, we have to restrict it to individual counties. so we can only help you out in montgomery count. >> i montgomery county today. and if this goes well, we'll hit every county. do the whole area. >> we can't fill every hole of course only, well, quincy only one man. all right 6:18. two secret service agent are accused of crashing their car into a security barrier. you know, those barriers up around the white house? they hit one of those. the homeland security department is investigating the march 4th incident, according to a washington post report, the agent slammed their government issued vehicle into one of the
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barriers at the while house. here is the problem. after a night of drinking. the two agents have been re-assigned to non-supervisory jobs, one of the agents has been identified as the second in command on president obama's detail, unreal. 6:19. search and rescue teams continue to look for the 11 service members involved in tuesday's helicopter crash in the florida panhandle. the us military has said it remains hopeful even though those who were on board are assumed ton dead. pentagon officials say heavy fog may have played a role in this crash, seven marines and four louie anna army national guard soldiers were participating in this nighttime training exercise, when officials say the chopper crashed. >> and, the european lawmakers starting up against the killing after russian opposition activist. leaders demanded answers into the death of the politicians who opposed the war in ukraine. really opposed vladmeere
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putin's policies, he was shot dead in front of the kremlin in february. >> coming up on 28:00. fifteen year old boy is under arrest, in washington state charged with attempted abduction, that stunned the country. surveillance video caught the suspect running with a toddler in his arms. you can see here. as the child's siblings chase him and scream for help. >> group of teenagers caught up with the suspect and he left the toddler go. the 15 year old was book into juvenile detention facility on second degree kidnapping. prosecutor's office will make the formal decisions at later dade. good new news for the utah baby found float nag car for at least 12 hours friday. >> hello lilly baby lilly release from the salt lake city hospital where she has been treated. her father says the 18 month old is recovering better than expected. little baby lilly was rescued following a car crash which killed her mother last week. investigators of that crash say a small bag of marijuana
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and an unmark pill bottle, was found at the scene. but the major part of this story is lilly's doing just fine. after 14 hours in that cold river. thank god she wasn't in the water. >> yes amazing. well, a flight from fill toy minneapolis makes emergency landing in north carolina. what happened to one of the passengers, that forced the plane to land. and, we're still talking about this. he speaks. chip kelly's finally explaining some of these moves he's made, what he is saying about sam bradford.
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>> chip kelly made the two biggest deals with sam bradford coming from saint lies and running back demarco murray will be coming to town to meet with the eagles today. see if the money is right for them. clear sam bradford is the eagles quarterback of the future. big news was the head coach finally speaking, and did he say what he likes about bradford. >> i think he's got out standing skill set. 's big strong physical quarterback, over six-four, 240 pounds smart he's intelligent, one of the most accurate throwers when you see him throw the football. i think he's smart i think he's wired right. >> and he is the quarterback all right. the sixers lost in over time the to the wells fargo center, end of the third quarter, mike donleavy the chicago bulls. off the glass. and in.
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sixers go to over time. they still lose it, 104-95. and this afternoon at noon, villanova plays their first biggies game of that tournament. that's sports in a minute. and i'm howard eskin. come on, villanova. >> cheering for you. >> that's all we have. >> no pressure, anything, no pressure, right. damaging testimony in the trial of former new england patriots player aaron hernandez. >> accused every killing the man who is dating his fiancee's sister, testified yesterday, that he saw aaron hernandez and his black suv at the hotel. gun expert also testified that the black item, seen in hernandez's hands on a video, was a glock. you know that's a gun. the same weapon that killed owed end lloyd. hernandez's team suggested the object could have any electronic device. , even a tv remote. really?
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>> jurors in the boston marathon bombing case were shown mit surveillance video prosecutor says shows the murder of mit officer collier. witnesses identified the man as tsarnaev, but his attorneys claim it was his dead brother tamerlan, who killed the officer. three people were killed and 264 others injured in may of 2013. okay, 6:26 this thursday. police called to the home lil wayne after somebody called and said four people were shot inside of his house. >> it was a hoax. the dangerous trends continues, that's putting officers at risk. it is called swatting. trying to get the swat to come to somebody says house. here's jen. >> i two officers shot in front of the ferguson police department overnight following protest of the resignation of the ferguson police chief more information about who these officers are and
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>> two officers shot in ferguson outside the police department while protest was taking part outside. how they're doing this morning. >> back here at home, police want to figure out if the two men accused of shooting and killing the philadelphia police officer a week ago today are also responsible for a string every violent robberies. the evidence they have so far that indicates it must have been those guys. >> and, a big name could be coming to empire. i know what you are thinking. who is left? >> had so many celebrities on the show so far. >> the pope? >> nope. will oprah on un the show, what the kree shough show's
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creator is saying about possible guess appearance. >> that would be huge get. apparently she watches the show, big fan. >> of course next season, but wean we only have one more -- >> one more episode. >> but it is two hours and next week. >> that's right. >> good day to you. >> it is thursday, march 12th, 2015. let's get to sue for some weather and then traffic. >> do you know on this date in 1993 it started snowing and it didn't stop until we got to a foot of snow? >> what? >> 1993. i remember it well. a lot of people do around here. so, be thankful for what we will get today. in fact, a week ago that it was snowing around here. we ended up with eight to 10 inches of snow. giving you a eight out of ten today. 44 degrees right now, with
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the winds gusting to up 26 miles an hour, 7:18 our sunrise time, and 7:04 when the sun will set. now, that these days are getting longer, getting closer to spring, a week from tomorrow, but it is a seasonable thursday, the average high is in the lower 50's this time of year, that's where we'll be by the end of the day. so bob kelly don't forget your shades. >> 6:31, shades and police car here live look, at an accident on the vine st. expressway. it is actually eastbound off ramp to eighth streetment left lane open. light volume you can see back up crossing town, headed toward center city, boy that eighth street off ramp, be careful. now the 42 freeway in toward philadelphia, starting to see pocket of volume working into toward both the walt whitman bridge and the benjamin franklin bridge. again, rush hour starting to pop here. then lansdale, getting word
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they're wrapping up this at the water main break. right now mitchell is the bets best bet the going for ride on freeway again in toward philadelphia starting to see volume between 55 and the approach to the walt whitman bridge, watch out for construction cones at the 295 interchange in bellmawr, new jersey. willingboro, beverly rancocas road, four car crash. mass transit looking good, no delays. mike alex, back to you. >> 6:32, back to breaking news shots fired and two police officers found. that's what happened in ferguson missouri just hours ago. >> yes, the shooting happened about six and a half hours ago outside the ferguson police department. as a protest was winding down, i guess it was supposed to close down about midnight central time when the shots were fired jenny? >> yes, when the shots were fired, and in the last half hour i spoke first to the st. louis police department, while the office remembers in serious condition, they are expected to survive.
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>> two officers from two different police departments were shot while trying to keep tabs on a protest. as the protest was wrapping up multiple shots were fired, it happened about midnight. bullet struck a 41 year old st. louis county police officer, in the torso and 32 year old webster groves police officer in the face. the officers were standing in front of the ferguson police department. st. louis county police chief john bellmawr, set the scene for us earlier. he said roughly 06 people had gathered in the street, following the resignation of ferguson police chief thomas jackson. it was pretty peaceful, really no problems, but there were police officers from multiple departments, on scene just to watch and make sure everything was going okay. and as the protesters were wrapping up, someone opened fire striking two police officers and they were rushed to local hospital. their conditions, again not specifically known we think they're serious we're hearing they're expected to survive and while we heard the st. louis county police chief say
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last night's protest was peaceful, prior to the shooting it has been a volatile climate down there. there has been violence. there have been several protests. and he says he's not surprise that thinks he is call ate dollars. >> i think we've been very fortunate, as we've moved forward, not to have similar incidents happen to us. but i've said all along we cannot sustain this forever without problems. that's not an indictment on everybody that's out there certainly expressing their first amendment rights, but when we have seen and in law enforce. that this is a very, very, very dangerous environment for the overs tears work in, regarding the amount of gunfire that we have experienced. chief says it does appear the person took aim at police officers specifically. police say they don't know who fired the gun. but the shooter was likely embedded in the crowd somewhere. and it appears that police, again, were targeted. the st. louis county police
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chief is expected to hold another press conference later this morning. mike alex? >> okay, keep us posted on that. 6:34, another vigil for one every philadelphia's finest. anthony williams along with community members plan to pay homage to officer robert wilson the thirds. >> last night another one crowds gathered on the 5400 block of locust street, right outside the home of the fallen officer. family friends shared stories of the 30 year old cop, described as a family man, had two sons, even those who didn't know officer wilson personally came to pear their respects. to do what he did goes beyond our understanding. but it takes a brave man and very spiritual prayer full man. >> tonight's vigil for police officer robert wilson iii will be held at the basketball courts on 61st and baltimore?
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west philadelphia, schedule to begin at 7:00 tonight. officer wilson shot and killed in a attempted robbery at lehigh avenue, the game stop there. that was boy, a week ago today. week ago this afternoon. >> now police are trying to determine if the accused killers of officer robert wilson iii also held up several stores in north philadelphia. >> boy, steve it seems like it is these two guys, you know, the same mo, and now have the robbery stopped now that they're in jail. >> reporter: well, when one of the guys, one of the brother the one that wasn't shot, was brought here a week ago tonight, he confessed to the killing, but would not confess to any other holdup saying he and his brother had not been robbing other retail stores. welshing obviously detective didn't believe him a single bit. now, they may have linked the brother to many unsolved armed robberies around town, since november. surveillance videos we've obtained from nine of the hold-ups so far show very similar things in it. two guys, two guns, hitting stores the same way the game
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stop was hit. when he confessed to the game stop killing he said the reason they didn't see the police car out in the parking lot and officer damian stevenson in the car in the lot or officer wilson inside the game stop at the cash register before they pulled out their guns and announce ahold up because because they had their hoods up and heads down to avoid any potential witnesses from seeing them and recognizing them later on. also in one of the unsolved hold-ups besides the cash and cigarettes, they stole a 40 caliber glock gun, was taken that is the same make and same caliber as one of the two guns used to kill officer wilson. >> these guys, the one guy should have never been out. they are talking about body cameras on officer wilson. they should have probably put body camera on this guy when they let him out of jail. i mean, sign release promise not buy a gun. i mean, parole is parole. if you don't deserve to be on the street you shouldn't be on the street. and you know they're out there terrorizing central division, north central division, people, where good people live in the community and they
6:38 am
turn around and do this. and now unfortunately we're burying a cop at the expense of the parole board. >> there is even one more possible link between the brother, accused in officer wilson's killing, and more violent crimes. as we first reported on good day on friday, the morning after the police officer was killed detectives, with a search warrant found assault rifle, a ak47, a cop in the brother house hid never there. well, that kind of gun has been used in hold-ups, and shootings around philadelphia recently too so were they involved in those? that gun is being tested. while facing life without parole for a police officer killing, the question s. why would these guys not admit to the other crimes here, really have knock more to lose? that's because no one is offering them anything. no plea deal. no time cut. or even a extra pillow or blanket, or a not so mean bunk mate when they do that life without parole, if convicted so, they have no reason to suddenly find some human decency that police figure,
6:39 am
and that's why they're not talking much about these robberies right now. >> boy 6:38, attorney general kathleen kane is under pressure in pennsylvania supreme court case. she is accused of leaking confidential information to the philadelphia daily news, then lying to grand jury bye t fox 29 was there, as kane entered the courtroom in philadelphia city hall yesterday. the special prosecute nerve this case says kane didn't like the signings of his to and she broke the law. kane's attorney ago a judge had no authority to appoint the special prosecutor. >> i will tell you that i'm very cautiously hopeful about today, and i'm very grateful that the court took the time to listen to this important case for me and for pennsylvania. >> if the court rules the prosecutor should not have been appointed, kane's troubles would likely go away. but if the case goes forward the montgomery county d.a. will decide if kane will face criminal charges. >> well, the philadelphia district attorney plans to go back to school this morning. challenging student to be
6:40 am
their very bell selves. >> yes, our district attorney seth williams, there he is will visit fifth graders at cook wissahickon elementary school. he will have a frank conversation about bullying and problem solving. the d.a. says he want student to be example of an out standing citizens, he plans to encourage this by giving every child the title of assistant district attorney against bullying. >> that's so cute. >> man, he is looking good, lost about 60 pounds. congratulations to him on that. 6:40, police called to the home of lil wayne after somebody called and said: four people were shot inside of his house. >> it was a case of swatting. they want to get the swat officers to come to the house. yes, all a hoax. this is dangerous trend though. hey, sue? >> one week ago we were covered in snow. anything like that in the forecast? we'll have the weekend, and beyond coming un in the seven day, alex? >> coming up at 7:00 going ban
6:41 am
on pt, the pothole patrol. >> oh, ya? >> that's the name we gave t so if you see a pothole in montgomery county send us a picture and tell us where it is, but this is what you need to do, make sure when you tweet it out use the #fox29goodday so we can see it.
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>> sue, how many days until spring? >> eight days. >> eight days until spring cleaning. >> oh, that's the part i don't like. >> the mayor is hoping you'll pitch in, and help clean up the sit. >> i okay, snow is individual joe from last year city-wide clean up. officials are taking registrations for volunteers, as well as project sites the deadline is march 27th. there will be kick off party later today held saturday, april 11, sore mark your calendars for april 11. >> did i that two years ago it happened to rain that day. >> did you also inspire to you clean your apartment. >> no. >> maybe the mayor can come to my house and help me clean my apartment? >> that would be a tags being for the whole sit. >> i mayor nutter? >> well, we'll have to work on the forecast for that day maybe it won't rain, and a lot of good will be done. 61 degrees yesterday, first time since christmas do you remember christmas
6:45 am
56 degrees. >> you. >> no, i was out every town, but were you work that day. >> i was yet with all of the eggnog i forgot it was 65. ultimate doppler showing where our next storm system is. it is down in the gulf of mexico here, it will move toward the northeast and be here by friday night. so we've got all day today and most of the day tomorrow, to. >> out and play. but here's what's happening. we have warmfront then it will be followed by cold front, so it starts to move in, you can see in virginia by 7:00 friday night. by midnight, it is here, and then we get some heavy downpours, as this low pressure system goes right over our area, in the middle of the night saturday, into saturday morning and throughout most of the day, we are going to see decent amount of rain. not out of here until the evening hours of saturday. so this one at least saturday the first half of the weekends, could ends up being a wash out. 32 degrees in mount pocono. we have 39 in pottstown.
6:46 am
forty-four in the city. and 40 in millville. forty-one wildwood, as well. wind speeds are up there. we have breezes out there that we didn't have yesterday. so, things have gotten little windier. 20 miles an hour, the winds in philadelphia. 40-mile per hour wind gusts up in mount pocono this morning. so yes things are little, feeling little chillier than they are. so breezy and cooler than yesterday. high temperature of 52, and then, 53 tomorrow with sun and in the morning only, and then the clouds take over in the afternoon. rainy day saturday, sunday high of 52, and we stay in the 50's through saint patrick's day, just little cooler by then. and we do have some chillier air moving back, middle of next week, so maybe just before spring happens, it will feel like winter once again. but let's enjoy today. while it is here, right, bob kelly? >> for sure. 6:46. good morning stepping out the front door, i95 starting to back up already now from academy down into girard avenue.
6:47 am
typical for this time of the morning, live look at the blue route, 476 near saint david's villanova. pockets headed southbound headed down toward the airport. and then the schuylkill expressway again, starting to see some volume coming out every king of prussia. make that trip in toward downtown. burlington bristol bridge traffic stopped on both sides of the river right now. quick opening, tac-pal or betsy ross is your best bet. heading out of south jersey headed down 295 turnpike, good shape as you roll down through mt. laurel toward dollars 42 freeway and bellmawr, new jersey, then 422, 202 in from the suburbs no fog this morning that's good news. starting to see some delays headed into king of prussia. again your travel times i should say the speedometer readings, 19 and 37 thereon that schuylkill expressway. and mass transit looking good. mike alex, over to you. >> 6:47. do you have friends or family members fly to atlanta out of philadelphia last night? american airlines flight that
6:48 am
originated, yes, in philadelphia, made and scheduled landing in north carolina. actually this was tuesday. >> the reason? a pregnant passengers a water broke. ambulance met the woman at the airport of course and was headed to the hospital immediately but the baby didn't want to wait. cherry the mom said she couldn't believe what was happening. >> i was embarrased, and he's asleep i'm like wake up, i'm having a baby. >> now fcc regulation, any time do you a birthing baby or baby story, you must -- the baby and mom are doing well. >> we like to here it, mike. >> sure we do. >> entertainment news, could oprah be the latest star that's going to grace's fox's newest musical hit umpire? if lee daniels has his way.
6:49 am
>> the success every his show empire, he said he asked oprah to guest star many, many times. as of yet she hasn't agreed appear in the show, but also hasn't said no either. oprah work together, 2013 film the butler. already have a connection. already have danzel washington press welshing lee daniels expressed interest. >> never agreed do it. but she hadn't said no same thing could be said about me or madonna. >> well, true, the difference rid there. big difference. >> maybe we'll see danzel washington. >> who was on last night? >> oprah. marry jay blige and jennifer hudson, raven simmone, we'll talk about it later in somebody got shot right at the end. >> look at you, were you watching? >> i was watching. okay, police respond to shooting at lil wayne's house he has a beautiful house down in miami. only learned it was a case of swatting, you agree that is, police say someone called a non-emergency line and said that four people had been shot
6:50 am
inside his waterfront home. police set upper iometer around the house and swat team was on the scene before determining it was all a hoax. lil wayne's label tweeted that the rapper was not home at the time of the incident, and he is just fine. if the second time police have been responding to call at lil wayne's house in less than two weeks swatting incident pulled police away from other situations, of course, the swatting is about swat team showing up at people's houses. >> lindsey lohan posted this pick on instagram. take a close look below i guess how do we say this? her rear. >> her butt? >> yes, the wavy wall is a tell tail sign of a sloppy edit job. >> oh, down by her calf? the wall is wavy? >> exactly. so critic say she was likely trying to make her thighs appear smaller. >> exactly what happenedment and made the wall appear smaller, too.
6:51 am
>> got to trim out that white piece there that's wave. >> i you have to look twice if you photo some. >> and you got it. >> to make sure there is no evidence. >> okay. >> okay, lilo. but this picture isn't photo shopped. we are bea to tell you a 13-foot gator on the green. he actually shows up, so often, that people at the golf course are thinking of naming him. what would you name a gator like that? >> i would just have him play through, that's for sure. >> i know i would be saying see ya later gator. >> nice. what about bogey?
6:52 am
now, more and more americans are discovering that... shred after shred... dish after dish... day after delicious day... shredding galbani mozzarella yourself inspires meals, and moments, that are simply better. mmm, galbani (sfx: kiss). italy's favorite cheese brand. now, america's number one block mozzarella.
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you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me?
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no. uh-huh-huh! >> another lovely, lovely day. yesterday i was driving and i had the windows down. >> oh, listen to you 61 degrees for high. >> you know, rolling. >> rolling. >> sunglasses on. turn the music up. >> crank it up. >> here is something that's very relaxing, golf, of course. >> but but at certain golf course in florida, golfers know they can't let their guard down. >> golf course down there in englewood, florida, posted these picks 13-foot gator roaming the course. here's what's weird. workers say seeing a gate over at this particular course is almost a daily occurrence, and even factored into the way the holes during recent women's tournament were
6:55 am
played. thinking of calling this gator viral. >> oh, that's dumb. >> why? maybe it goes viral. >> is this an employ. >> how about name it wallet. >> why walt net. >> shoes. >> oh, really? >> belt. >> i'm sticking with bogey. excited for the apple watch we told but the other day. >> what the price tag mike? >> $17,000 for -- >> oh, wow. but the bottom price get one for almost $400. >> of course we're following it breaking news from overnight. two officers shot right outside the police station, in ferguson missouri. their injuries right now are very serious. according to police. more on what happened when good day philadelphia continues.
6:56 am
6:57 am
6:58 am
>> two police officers shot in ferguson expected to survive. shot outside the ferguson police department, late noose protest just wrapping up. what officer was shot in the face and the other struck in the shoulder. >> yes jenny what did you learn the last half hour? >> well, what we had heard initially, two officers from two different departments were shot as they were helping the ferguson police department keep tabs on a protest that was happening. police say as the protest remembers wrapping up, that's when multiple shots were fired, it happened around midnight. bullet struck a 41 year old st. louis county police
6:59 am
officer, in the torso he's set a member of law enforcement for 14 years a 32 year old webster groves police officer was shot in the face he's been out force for at least five years. the two officers were standing in front of the ferguson police department, when the bullets hit them. st. louis county police chief john bellmawr said roughly 60 people had gathered in the streets last night following the resignation of ferguson police chief thomas jackson. there were police officers from multiple did the on scene, to help keep watch and for the most part it was peaceful. but, as the protest was wrapping up, someone opened fire striking the two officers, they were rushed to local hospital. their conditions not specifically known. they are expected to survive the st. louis county police chief says that while last night's protest was peaceful, in general it has been a volatile climate down there, there has been violence, have been several protests and he says he's not surprised that thinks he is call ate dollars.
7:00 am
they'll be looking for different ways it approach this situation down there, his number one priority is protecting it the community followed closely by his commitment to protecting the police officers making sure they're able to do what they need to do in toward stay safer. also no word on the shooter. we don't know who he is. we believe he was embedded in the crowd somewhere and that police were specifically targeted. mike, al next. >> my goodness. all right, straight up 7:00 now. right to sue. >> sue please, nice weather. >> you like? you can handle it little cooler. >> an ace? >> we give you a eight because it will be right around where we're supposed to be for the middle of march which is where we are right now, so we've got breezy, chilly bus stop buddy we put the gloves on, because it is a little breezier, little bit of windchill out there current temperature being factor in the win it, feels even


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