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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6a  FOX  March 10, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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the clue police found along the highway that is giving family some idea of where she could be. and is chip kelly, our coach, trying to create a better team or is there something more sinister behind all these trades. the a as you know by now, one espn anchor from philadelphia says it is a race issue. what do you think will play from yesterday stirring up the country. hi everybody. >> look who is back alex is back. >> good morning. >> you're back, yes. >> that is right. >> the team is back. >> we are back. >> for about two weeks. >> put the the bill board back on i-95. >> yes. hi sue it is tuesday, march the tenth 2015. >> tenth of march, 20th of march is first day of spring ten more days. >> we can make it. >> it was starting to feel like it yesterday. >> 57 degrees. >> we have had snow in april. don't forget that. >> why would you put that out there. >> we have had giant snows in
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april. >> all right. anyway, lets go to the number of day. the first part of the day will look different from the second part. half and half kind of day, five out of ten. bus stop buddy has the umbrella not for new but for later on. there are a few icy spots, mostly in the suburbs where temps are below freezing. black isis around. here comes the rain moving from the southwest, pretty big system that covers a lot of real estate there. we will look in depth at that coming up. you can see temperatures in the 20's at mount pocono, allentown, pottstown, wrightstown, millville, new jersey these are place that he is you could see black ice but we will get to 53 degrees even with the cloudy skies and with the rain moving in have after lunchtime today. that is your fox cast from the weather authority. we will talk about the timing of this rain and how much we will get, and making sure that it is only rain, a all that coming up, bob kelly. >> that last part very important over there. get working on that. >> oh, yeah. >> a good tuesday morning, your ship is coming in, tacony
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palmyra in the middle of an opening here, freighter heading southbound. it will be out of our hair for the rest of the morning but right now, the early goers, stuck on both side of the river there head for betsy ross and you will be okay. here's an accident on the blue route 476, southbound side right at the the ramps from the schuylkill expressway there, in conshohocken, just got a report of the crash in horsham on county line road and kansas, north and west of the city this whole area horsham, lansdale, quakertown chad forward again, where temperatures are hovering right around that freezing mark, any of that melting that occurred yesterday if it was still left when sun went down it could be iced over. leaving northeast philadelphia and heading tat tacony palmyra bridge could be rough. we had a water main break overnight and robbins avenue down to one lane. walker down to alguard, otherwise, schuylkill, come on down, no problems yet coming into philadelphia southbound
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i-95 a brake tap at girard but we are looking g mass transit running with no delays. mike and alex back to you. 6:03. police need your help to find a montgomery county woman missing since friday. >> we have another missing person. steve has been gathering details here. does it seem like she had car trouble. >> reporter: well, maybe because our families now all back together that will bring some luck to this family and they can all get back together. this 20 year-old miss would go man had recently darkened her blonde hair, brown. it looks different then pictures we are showing you but she left home just before 7:00 friday night, remember how cold it was friday too. she's in her sister's car. her sister says her car has a loose battery cable that causes the car to shut off and stop. she figures she hit a pothole. she didn't necessity how to fix the battery cable and did not have a cell phone with her. the in of her credit card have been used ever since either.
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that is another worrisome thing. the since this story has gotten out the police hearsay they have gotten lots of calls and lead from people who saw her either standing next to the broken i odn't car or hitchhiking near it on route 422 in king of prussia last friday night. >> i don't know where she was hitting. i didn't ask. >> she was an i am pulse i have daughter. she was very impulsive. she hasn't done anything to this magnitude. i mean several years ago she left for five hours without telling me where she was going. >> this is the worst. >> my husband went out for hours with a friend of his searching 76, and the the wood surrounding it. and, and putting the tires out. and west chest they are anyone where the junction was going i didn't know what else to do. >> and i tell her to come home.
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>> and the colored knee length parka on the family had just gotten home from a week long vacation in florida and they'd love to hear that she got sick of all of the cold, snow and ice and decided to get a safe ride back down to florida and she will call them from there but right now it is four nerve rattling days of not knowing where she is. how great would it be to have a good day family reunion and mother and family reunion at the same time. 6:05. welshing delaware county medical examiner confirms that the teen found dead after he was reported missing last week, did he commit suicide apparently. thirteen year-old cayman naib was found dead on his family's property. it is a big piece of property near the darby creek on sunday. the his family says he shot himself in the head with the gun taking from their home. despite a trigger will be on that gun, the weapon still fired. cayman was first reported missing last wednesday have after receiving a negative progress report from the
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shiply school his school. a fire in west philadelphia this morning end with the arrest of an arson suspect. they got him. it happened at a vacant building at fairmount avenue and hunting streets. fire fighters arrived shortly after 3:00 this morning to see light smoke and flames coming from the rear of the building. the fire was placed under control about 15 minutes later. no injuries. somebody trying to keep warm i think. 6:06. costens of people hurt when an amtrak train heading to new york with a stop in philadelphia a slams in the tractor trailer on the tracks. >> oh , my god. >> this happened yesterday in halifax, north carolina officials say truck driver was trying to make a difficult left-hand turn when it got stuck. the collision caused one of the trains cars to topple injuring the conductor and 54 other passengers. a traveler we caught up with at 30th street station described what happened. >> it has been some
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experience. i mean we're just falling a asleep comfortably on amtrak which i have been riding on for about 20 years and all of a sudden you hear a squeak and then a crash. and you you are thrown forward a little bit. nobody knows what is happening. you know, what is wrong. >> transportation officials say the injuries are non-life threatening in this crash. >> it is interesting the woman in the car with the cell phone saw the penning doom and pulled out her camera. we're moving on here. officials are working to determine the three alarm fire that tore through a landscaping company in montgomery county. this thing got big. sky fox over the 400 block of north park avenue in lower providence. it partially collapsed before it was brought under control around 11:30 last night. there are no reports of any injuries. it seems that everyone is talking about hillary clinton's e-mail scandal, it has gone over a week now. everybody is talking about it, except for, hillary clinton. that is all about to change
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apparently when she's expected to dress the scandal with all of us citizens and what president obama says that he knew about her e-mail. would you pennsylvania pay $10,000 for a new apple watch? well, how about $17,000? recent astronomical price
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into custody overnight with a link to the a attack in paris in january. >> authorities say one woman had ties, to one of the gunman and police woman arrested was his ex-girlfriend who previously suspended for looking at police files. they did not give any details. the the attack at charlie hebdo and market left 20 people dead including the gun man. president obama a issued sanctions against seven venezuela officials yesterday, he said the situation involving them as a unusual and extraordinary threat to the united states. national security and foreign policy. the individuals are accused of violating basic human rights and the order calls for immediate suspension of their travel visas and freezes their u.s. assets. it is all out of venezuela. hillary clinton is keeping quite about her e-mail scandal but that is about to change. the what the white house knew about her private e-mail accounts. bob? good morning everybody. with all that melt down from
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yesterday, the temps are still hovering around that freezing mark, we could have icy spots but as we go for a ride on the 42 freeway so far, so good, sue is handing out passes for a free car wash
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coming up on 6:16. we have a few icy spots this
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morning. keep that in mine, in the suburbs, but you no rain yet but you will have black ice to tiehl with especially places where snow melted yesterday. this afternoon rain arrives by early afternoon, anytime after lunchtime depending where you live you can see rain and then tomorrow, after the cloud get out of the way we could get a high of 60 degrees. nothing yet but rain is moving from the southwest and some cases pockets of heavy rain in mississippi, memphis, tennessee getting deluge right now, of rain by three or 4:00 o'clock it is raining just about every where through the evening rush it could be very messy, evening commute, and the rain continues through about 11:00 o'clock at the night, through midnight. by 1:00 in the morning we are tapering off and we can see a few left over showers early in the morning tomorrow and then by 10:00 o'clock it is all cleared away and we have room for sunshine and those milder
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temperatures. with the the almost inch of rain we have in the forecast along with more of the melting snow possibility for some minor flooding later on in the day with that rain but look at these temperatures they are not in the 20's right now. that is where we could see icy spots, even down in south jersey 306789 in atlantic city. twenty-nine in millville. yesterday was delightful 57 degrees was the the high temperature, we will be at 53 today with the cloud and rain in the afternoon. and then cloud give way to sunshine tomorrow high of 60 degrees. nice. and on thursday with a high of 52. increasing included on friday, and saturday, it looks like we will have a high of 48 that means a rainy day and only rain, so half the weekend may be raining, other half looks good and we are back in the 50's by monday. is there your seven day forecast, it the is dry out there but we still have problems. >> that melt down from yesterday anything left overlook at that we are just
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above the the freezing mark and that is here in center city. suburbs as you showed us on the temperatures there are still dealing with black ice. here's an accident on i-95 northbound right at the the the ramp for 413 ape levittown. anyone typically heading north you can see if you go straight you'll head up toward levittown and 413. we have the curve here and there is only that one right lane squeezing by, but crash off to the left and also off to the right. that is i-95 north bound in levittown. the southbound hitting the brakes, south on i-95 heavy from cottman avenue you in through girard. starting to see volume here on the ben franklin coming into downtown. nothing out of the ordinary. if you are heading to the tacony palmyra bridge look out, only one lane opened on robbins avenue. water main break overnight. crews are out there today with one lane between walker and alguard there in northeast philadelphia. a new project begins today. they will shut down i291 a
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little short cut from chester and delaware county a as they get in the a airport. welshing 291 will be closed they will divert traffic on 420 up to i-95. that is a two month project. keep that in mine. they will shut that down after the morning rush hour. mike and alex, back to you. 6:18. e-mail controversy swirling around hillary clinton is picking up more steam here. the white house acknowledges that president obama received e had males from hillary clinton's private account. they were working very closely as secretary of the state and the president. the obama administration had has said in the past it was unaware that the former secretary of state was using her personal account but has since changed its story. >> he did. he was not aware of the details of how that e-mail address and that server had been set up. >> so a source close to the clinton camp says that she is considering holding a news
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conference on the issue, in the next couple of days. she almost has to. how about this, what a slap in the face for the white house, 47 g.o.p. lawmakers released a letter to the public that was sent to iranian leaders during the middle of negotiation that is said any nuclear deal reached by president obama could expire when he leaves office, if it isn't approved by congress. but the democrats call it a real snub for the president saying the group is rushing toward war and shouldn't be doing this during negotiations. >> they need to understand that under our constitution congress plays a very important role of approving international agreement and any deal not approved by the congress won't be accepted by the congress now or in the future. >> i think it is some what ironic to see some members of the congress wanting to make common cause with the hardliners in eye ran. it is an unusual coalition. >> secretary of state john
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kerry there is leading the nuclear talks. there is speculation that the white house will push forward with these negotiations. well, coming up at 6:20. sign sealed but in the yet delivered, vatican is being asked to shell out thousands on have dollars for mail. investigators looking into recovering a letter written by mike angelo it was stole men 1997. authorities say they have received a they're to return the historical note for a hundred you this dollars reward but refused to pay up. the letter is said to be a rare example of the rare italian artists, signature. >> and splattered with paint too. >> he was upside down or however he did that sistine chapel thing. >> that is true. >> laying down on his back. well apple, did you see it apple unveiled their new apple watch. this will change. i really believe the way we are in society, all of us. >> will you get one. >> i believe all of us will
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have this on our wrist in the next seven to eight years. >> okay. >> new it includes the luxury addition, they started with a solid 18 car on the gold version, case is solid 18 car on the gold. that will go for $10,000. so ceo tim cook gave the price of the apple watch addition, however, they reveal it can raise to almost $17,000 when bought with the modern buckle is what they are calling it. it is a strap containing a chunky solid gold clasp. mid tear starts at 549, that is $549 but you can get one for 350 bucks and that just has basics on it. >> i feel like if you think everyone will have this they need to bring down the price. >> people will not get $10,000.01 but 350. here's the problem with these little computers, you have one hand that you can use.
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so fit is all here even though it looks nerdy stupid and ugly, you have your two hand available again. >> if they made it smaller. i know you want the screen to see text messages, i would be more on game. it is exciting new technology. >> i think it is some. >> samsung has already had one. >> my parents have the samsung watch and they use it all the time. >> and they are nerds. >> not at all. >> you see them walking around hello, this is alex's dad. >> this will be so a a anything like a whole plane or train. >> it looks just like that, it does. >> my dad will lean up against the wall and say the watch is here. >> talking to object. >> my gosh. >> it looks weird talking like this. >> yes. >> it is coming. >> what did you think of this yesterday, did you see it, espn anchor that we know very well in philadelphia, steven a smith came real close to accusing chip kelly of the
6:23 am
eagles of racism, his controversial comments about all of the eagles trade in the
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good morning i'm howard eskin. today is kate free agent signings become official. seattle's quarterback byron maxwell will sign his deal at 4:00 p.m. brandon graham also resign with the eagles yesterday afternoon, four years 26 million, 14 guarantied. but now all of a sudden there
6:26 am
are reports that frank gore may have second thoughts about signing with the eagles. he agreed to a deal with the eagles but now is questioning his decision this would not be good if he changes his mind along with jeremy maclin now gone as well. cliff lee has been on his rehab program and throwing since last december after his elbow injury last season kept him out most of the season. the thursday he pitched for the the first time in a game and then next game he felt tenderness and swelling. he had an mri which showed some irritation. he has had one doctor look at the mri. now doctor james andrews will look at it this week but lee doesn't sound too optimistic. >> basically if i have a surgery this season will be done and probably my career, i don't know. >> that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. cliff lee, that is too bad. great guy, great pitcher. but why is frank gore out of the 49ers, why did he change his mind yesterday afternoon. >> there has been so much going on i keep checking my
6:27 am
phone, who we will get to day. >> we will just to have wait until 4:01. he could still be coming here. >> does that mean jeremy maclin might stay. >> is there a remote possibility of that because none of the reports have been right. coach has been macing amazing moves. >> so espn host steven a smith suggested race was a factor in the the decision to jet son three of the eagles top stars over the past two years. >> can i say it, it will be controversial. you have brothers going what is up with chip gone lesean mccoy, jeremy maclin, you know desean jackson. staying riley cooper. >> um, really. really. okay. >> and he went on and on from there. that was taken a little bit of of context but there is riley cooper who was caught on camera uttering racial slurs in 2013 at a cons inert south philadelphia. he publicly apologized and was
6:28 am
later resigned to a fairly big contract. so steven a smith, former long time philadelphia inquirer columnist made comments yesterday on his show on espn called first take. we will talk more about it with players and coaches in a bit. jenny joyce is on the pothole patrol. tweet her and let her know where you see them. then we will tell you who you can talk to about getting
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the one clue that police have at this point in the investigation. police and community members gathered at the game shop in north philadelphia where officer robert wilson the third was killed. yesterday was his son's birthday, and now the the department made sure that he had a reason to celebrate, over at dave and busters. a a lot of people are happy with the warmer weather but with the warm up comes the potholes. jenny joyce is checking roads what you should do if you see a pothole this morning. >> tell us which one is the big necessary your neighborhood, tell jenny, she will take a picture of it, we will call the the roads department. >> it is something when you are driving and you see one. it will hot not help. you have to brace for it. >> well, only one tire instead of three or four. hi everybody, it is tuesday march 9th, 2015.
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>> it is time. >> what did i say. >> the ninth. >> it is the the tenth. >> okay. >> it really is. >> you are a ten mike. >> thank you. >> way to go, alex. >> that was quick. >> would tomorrow be the 12th. >> we can call it that, sure. >> i'll figure this out. >> we will take a look at what buddy has got here. but it is not for now. it is not raining or doing anything right now. the it will be later on. keep an eye out for icy spots this morning when you are walking because if you are in the suburbs especially those temperatures are below freezing this morning. the it is a five out of ten though, we will have warmer temperatures later and then by that time this precipitation will be here. we will have details, we are breaking that town when rain arrives. temperatures in the the 20's in mount pocono, allentown, pottstown, below freezing in lancaster being millville and dover, delaware this morning.
6:33 am
so there are some icy spots but it is not as cold as it was, yesterday. so showers moving in, by lunchtime or shortly thereafter in the upper 40's by then. we should top off at 53 with on and off rain throughout the evening commute. bob kelly, the end of the day commute will be a lot mess year then it is right now. >> definitely make sure you are ready to go there free car wash later on by mother nature. 6:33. live look at 42 freeway in toward philadelphia we are seeing volume pop for the gang heading in toward both the the walt whitman and walt whitman bridgees. backup on the boulevard. headlights heading southbound working their way from the will kelly drive down toward the the schuylkill expressway. rush hour starting to unfold here but north and west of the city where temperatures are hovering right around that freezing mark we have had a couple accidents already. we will blame it on black ice. route ten near the bypass this vehicle slid off roadway and down an embankment in horsham a county line road at kansas
6:34 am
road. new one in northampton jacksonville road at tramore avenue. we have enjoyed sunshine and melt down yesterday, it is that roller coaster ride. we melt down during the day and refreeze overnight. first ones out of the gate this morning here's some slippery spots. 422 eastbound not the that bad. we are seeing a delay, working your way in toward that king of prussia interchange but so far, so good coming out of the suburbs along 202 and king of prussia overnight water main break. this will be rough for gang trying to get to the tacony palmyra bridge robbins avenue only one lane opened this morning between walker and alguard. otherwise bridge lease fine and mass transit is running with no delays. mike and alex back to you. 6:34. search continues for a missing montgomery count would i woman. >> steve has the details, upper providence police department steve. >> reporter: well to help that search they will make flyers and start handing them out anywhere around 422 and king
6:35 am
of prussia where she was last seen. police hearsay that the public has been great the and terrific calling in good solid leads since they put out the word, people either spotted or standing by her sister's broken down shoulder, or hitchhiking just past 7:00. you remember how cold and icy it was in the dark still at 7:00 friday night before the time change. so she took her sister's car without telling anyone. her sister says the car has a bad battery cable that comes loose if jarred and figures her sister hit a bad pothole friday night. that then knocked off the cable, killing power and ignition. the problem was her sister had no cell phone with her to call anybody for help. the other worrisome thing none of her sister's credit card have been used since she went missing. >> when she left here she was helping me bring groceries in and she saw an opportunity to bureau her sister's car and i don't know where she was heading.
6:36 am
i never asked. and then we realized about an her later that when my other daughter jamie was leaving that the keys were missing. so things like that happened. we had called the police about that because we were worried with diedra doing something like that. so by 11:00 o'clock police called and said they found the car at the junction of i-76 and 422. so jamie retrieved her car the the next day. we talk to upper providence police department, and so that we had an official, 24 hours later we had to do the official missing persons report at 6:00 o'clock saturday night. we have not heard from her ever since. >> reporter: family not expecting police here in upper providence to do the work even her father and brother went out overlooking the shoulder and down from the guardrail to see if they could find any sign of her. they a say her pictures do in the show her latest look. she has a new dark brown hair
6:37 am
color that she just switched before any of her recent pictures were taken. one tippy want to give out to anybody who will be driving and doesn't have a cell phone, like she didn't. you can get somebody else's old cell phone, it is no longer connect to any carrier. the the phone, if it has juice, power, battery will still call 911 even if you don't have a contract with a phone carrier. even an old phone will save you if you're in a situation like diedra. >> she could have called a friend, come pick me up something like that. speaking of the road we're getting tweet about the worst potholes and there are thousands of them. this one from nicole kirby there is one on the 4600 block of old york road it is huge. so jenny,. >> we need to send her there. >> old york road your next
6:38 am
stop. >> okay, 10/4. >> we're here in church road in cherry hill and every where we have been so far has been just proof that these roads have become obstacle courses. take a look this section of church road. we are watching the cars dodge these potholes trying to avoid blowing a tire as we have heard a lot of people have been doing lately but just chunks of the road just missing. there is even a cone here, i don't know fit is there to warn people but it is halfway in the pothole. it is impacting traffic here. the it is a small road, so is there not enough room for people to be going out of their lane. but yesterday, bill anderson was out and about and he hit up baltimore pike and he also saw crews in camden county doing what they could, to patch up these potholes quickly. still a lot of people having problems. they are telling us they are blowing their tires and they are frustrated at this point in time that it is costing them a a lot of headaches
6:39 am
and a lot of money. >> the front passenger side tire was completely shredded, bent my rim, my rear passenger tire was slowly leaking. i come to find out 20 minutes later after the thing completely deflated the rim was also bent. >> they are pretty deep, they are wide there is cracks every where to the road. it took a toll on my part. >> reporter: if you see a pothole in your area you are concerned about reach out tour municipality there are a number of different ways that municipalities go about , learning of these pot the holes, reporting these potholes so give them a call but taking a look at a chunk of the road all this asphalt here this is a problem. like we have shown you this massive hole in the roadway here so hopefully they will get out to this section of the church road soup mike and
6:40 am
alex. >> what are you blaming it on, asphalt, whose fault. >> i don't think it would mess up your journal stick integrity if you pick up that cone and put it upright, would i like to see that in your big orange coat. >> reporter: lets take a look here, we just didn't want to get hit by traffic but there is none coming. >> it is filled with water. >> you you are helping have been out. >> thank you. the murder of philadelphia police officer robert wilson the third is affecting the entire city. >> it is, because he was such a nice guy a community members joined together with officers to show wilson did not die in vein. >> the group one day at a time drug and chill recovery where officer wilson volunteer join together to pray for the the officer a and important peace outside, where he was killed on thursday. they say the officer believed change was possible but it won't come easy.
6:41 am
>> i had two felonies. i worked full-time at temple university. >> it is time for us a as african americans to stop pointing the finger and point finger a at ourselves. we have a problem right here, an epidemic. >> reporter: members of the between the second district and other officers across the city were in attendance wearing black band around their badges. many had just come from a birthday party for wilson's son at dave and busters. police commissioner charles ramsey says violence has to stop. >> i left the crime scene before i came here, and when will it even. there was so much blood on the street it nearly turned the ice red. decent law abiding people want same thing we want and that is peace for themselves and peace for their kid. >> funeral arrangements have not been formally announced but services will be on at day. >> pretty sure it will be saturday. we had a retired police officer get killed yesterday good it is just something. >> head to my fox
6:42 am
for how to donate to the police and fire credit union fund for officer wilson's family. is there a go fun me page that has brought in $7,000. >> let's check that web site because it had has gone up from seven. lets try to get it up a as high as we can. 6:42. we have seen him on the hit show here on fox, it is called empire, and it is tomorrow night, and, within of the stars gets a standing ovation for something he did off the the set yesterday, his big announcement and it wasn't about his hat although that is a cool hat. >> it is. he is always cool, right sue. >> yes. >> but anyway, lets get to the weather because it was all last week we were having problems with ice and snow. we have to make sure we are
6:43 am
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taking a look at our count down to spring but this is easy math. it is the tenth of march. first day of spring is 20th of march. i know, even i can do that one without a calculate or. ten days until the vernal eke knock at saturday march 20th at 6:45 p.m. equinox means almost equal day and night. the day time and nighttime will start to change though, after the the equinox, and that means that days will get longer and nights will get shorter. we like that. most of us do. here's the warm front.
6:46 am
that will get here first with milder temperatures and then le pressure system should bring heavy downpours later on in the day. we expect all of the rain to get started. anytime after lunchtime say three or 4:00 o'clock in the afternoon and you will need that umbrella. you will have lots of puddles to dodge all afternoon and evening because of the additional snow melt plus all this rain probably about an inch of rain when all is said and done tapering off by early morning hours. by the time we are in the morning rush hour we may see drizzle but that should be it. cloud clear. we have a nice afternoon on wednesday. here are the temperatures in the 20's causing icy spots on sidewalks and maybe some roads, mount pocono allentown, pottstown, some of the suburbs were a above freezing in the city. just watch out for that. new with calm wind out there we have issued by the delaware valley regional planning commission an air quality alert actually for today for a couple of counties in
6:47 am
pennsylvania, including philadelphia, for poor air quality. there was wind blowing the air around right now. that will probably be a problem until we get the rain. 57 degrees was our high temperature yesterday. so pleasant outside. so nice. but of course all that mud out there right now with all of the snow that melted. here comes more with the rain later on in the day. bob kelly, you get rid of one thing and you get another problem. >> they keep on coming. >> 6:47. here's the the latest on the accident on i-95 i-95 northbound at 413 levittown interchange. they have it all off in the center divider area but attracting some attention. this area does not have overhead street lamps there rolling up into bucks county. live look at bennie coming into downtown philadelphia pockets of volume starting to wake up and heading in to center city. southbound i-95 slow go from the betsy ross bridge down through girard avenue. i got a tweet from one of our guys at fishtown and northern
6:48 am
liberties riddled with the potholes. it the is like playing frogger with your vehicle. the other thing you want to look out for go to your left or right to avoid that pothole and somebody next to you. i saw that yesterday, guy veered to the right to avoid a pothole and getting into an accident by hitting the guy in the right lane. an obstacle course out there this morning. north and west of the city where temps are below freezing downingtown, chester county, up toward the the the pocono area, look out for black ice. we have had a number of accidents this morning this one on route ten. guy off the road and down the embankment the right near 30 bypass. horsham same deal county line road at kansas just outside warminster. northampton by the the air base jacksonville road at traymore avenue. there is some black ice situations depend ing where you begin and end your trip. don't be fooled by yesterday's melt down. the the next couple have days we will have a melt down during the the day and refreeze overnight. the water main break in
6:49 am
northeast philadelphia, robbins down to only one lane today rolling in toward that tacony pennsylvania palmyra but mass transit looking good, mike and alex back to you. well helicopter collide ape explode killing ten. it happened near andes mountains. >> helicopter were filming a popular european reality show called dropped in argentina it involves dropping brian folded celebrities into remote locations among the dead were olympian gold medalist. there is a swimmer, and boxer. it does not appear that any americans were on board. >> they are olympian from his europe interesting idea, drop, how ironic. still 6:49. almost 6:50. >> it is a big loss for fans of the simpson. >> yeah, one of the co creators sam simon the the show's co creator died pretty young too. died sunday after a battle with cancer. he helped create this hit show on fox with matt growning and others.
6:50 am
the nine time m.a. ward winner also work on shows like taxi, cheers drew carry show. bobbi kristina's boyfriend appears on doctor phil a as she rays in the hospital bed. the interview reportedly turned into an intervention with the sources a say nick gordon did go to rehab afterward. brown family hopes to block the the interview from airing. they suspect foul play. gordon has not seen his daughter since she was found face down in the bathtub inside the home that they shared in georgia. 6:50. >> one of the stars of empire comes out during a talk show appearance following a major plot line of the show. >> come out as in come out sexually. >> yep. >> he went backstage from the quick interview with the ellen degenerous show and the actor, who plays jamal. >> that is right. >> jesse admitted he is gay and never felt neat to discuss his personal life before this. in fact previously refused to
6:51 am
discuss his sexual in any interview until ellen came along. >> his co-star are weighing in, they say so proud of you. she put up hash tags including shine baby shine and lead by example. >> um-hmm. >> and one other tweet you are true master of your craft, yourself and self worth. you are a king. >> well, that is precious. >> yes. >> pretty good there. >> really. >> tomorrow morning we have another star from empire on "good day philadelphia". >> realliy will not reveal which one. >> you better tell me i have been gone. i'm very excited. yes, and then tomorrow night is the second to last and week from tomorrow night the the last episode but they have been pick up for another season. >> it is coming back. >> i can't believe what else will we do here so many crazy things happening on the show. >> dawn imagine the cliff hanger on the show a week from tomorrow night ape they will set it up tomorrow night.
6:52 am
>> so, star coming tomorrow on good day philadelphia all right. >> she is daddy's little girl, reagan was born with only seven fingers but her father wanted to make sure she felt like everybody else. how he was able to make her a new hand discover card. hey! so i'm looking at my bill and my fico® credit score's on here. we give you your fico®core each month for free! awesomesauce! wow! the only person i know that says that is...lisa? julie?! at discover, we treat you like you'd treat you. get the it card and see your fico® credit score.
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6:54 am
okay. that is a pretty shot. they have got the the lights
6:55 am
on. >> nice. >> it the is 6:54. would i call this a labor of love. north carolina a dad gives everything to offer his daughter a a normal life. >> thirteen year-old reagan ford was born with the birth defect called poland syndrome that left her with seven fingers making it challenge to perform every day tasks. reagan's father brett said he created a glove like hand using a 3-d printer. >> the look on her face when she caught a ball for the the first time in ten years. that makes it all worthwhile. >> it looks like, does she have five fingers on one and only two on the other. >> yes. >> brett is a says the 30 hour project was well worth seeing his little girl happy. she's excited. he's willing to try everything to make sure his daughter can do everything good that technology spread arm the world. >> that is a father a's love all right. >> 6:55. eighth graders cayman naai
6:56 am
got a negative progress report from his school and many people asking are our kid under too much pressure. we will tell
6:57 am
6:58 am
oh my god. >> om my god is right, heading to philadelphia when this happens.
6:59 am
dozen people were hurt after that amtrak train collided with that huge tractor trailer truck sitting right on the tracks this morning those people are back home in the delaware valley. we will hear from some of them. >> gone, lesean mccoy. jeremy maclin. you know, desean jackson. staying riley cooper. >> really. >> okay. >> is race playing a part in chip kelly's decisions with eagles roster. that is what steven a smith suggested on espn. former eagle will tre thomas was a coach last year what he believes is going on in south philadelphia. and it is here not spring, but pothole season. the road crews are busy filling in this morning, or are they? we're on pothole patrol. we like to call it pp. we put jj on the story.
7:00 am
coming up at 7:00. >> make sure you tweet us then about the potholes you are seeing in your area so we can send jenny joyce there to up investigate. >> it will be tough with the rain coming the potholes get filled up with water. you don't room ice they are even there. >> it is worst feeling in that car and you are like ahh and you hit one. throw some doughnuts the in there. >> a pun much. >> let's just make soup. >> keep it warm. >> yes. >> this is creativity at its best this morning, congratulations, guys. >> it feels good early in the morning. >> best advice toys bring an umbrella rain is coming later on. we have a five out of ten. bus stop buddy has his umbrella a you don't need it now, but you may in a little while. the it is 34 degrees. your commute is fine, dry, may even see a little bit of sunshine. 36 degrees by 8:00. upper 30's by nine but cloud are taking over. the here's your evening commute,


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