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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  March 9, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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part of the home in camden collapses with a family still inside, we have the details still coming up. a search for missing eighth grader end in tragedy. college classmate, friend and family are remembering him. and take a live look outside after weeks of bitter cold and snow, we're in for a mild stretch this week. sue serio has your full forecast. comings and goings continue for the eagles this time another big player, evidently leaving the team, jeremy maclin is reportedly reuniting with andy reid in kansas city. what it means for the future of the bird. did you note that is one way sign when you said jeremy maclin leaving. >> it was a one way sign. >> the exit. >> yes. >> we will see a lot of guys joining the team at this point. it is monday march 9th, 2015.
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now sue does the number, right. >> um-hmm. >> now sue if i gave to today a ten i think people would say darn right, because it has been so cold. we are looking at 50's today. >> only reason we are going with the seven is because of the freezing rain we have out there this morning. we have to take the day a as a whole. >> the day starts at midnight. >> right. we have messy weather up to the north. the it is very light but it could be creating some slippery conditions, and if you look out to the west of us, there is more on the way so once this area of precipitation, again very light but just enough to leave a glaze on the ground, once this is out of here we can have a nice beautiful sunny day with temperatures in the the 50's. in particular montgomery and bucks counties as well as, berks county looks like they may have the most problem with this light precipitation but check out our planner for the the day. we are in the upper 40's by lunchtime. fifty-four is the high. sunset 7:01p in m.
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>> yeah. >> right when we're going to bed it is still light out bob kelly. >> that means kid are still playing. >> you move the clock mom could say you could stay out and play until the sun goes down. we have an extra hour of play time. >> that was the 70's. >> my mom said don't come home until it is dark. >> good morning everybody. waking up with that now caution flags flying here as sue just mentioned. melt down from yesterday low temps overnight, fit looks wet, it could be, iced over, that fine glaze that fine look at 202 and intersection of county line road. this looks like conshohocken state road coming to the bottom of the stop sign there. anything that still looks wet there is that chance it could be iced over, be careful rolling out of the driveway. front step could be icy otherwise, major roadways, double five's on the schuylkill, same deal up and down i-95. we have word of a nasty
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accident that could be with us for mess of the morning in mount laurel, new jersey. it is hainesport mount laurel road blocked between mount laurel road and walton avenue. police say avoid it for next couple hours. obviously a nasty accident here, in the neighborhood right there by harrington elementary school, hartford elementary school. so the the school buses will have to go on a school bus as well elbo or union mill will be the the best bet. we will try to get more information on what is going on over there. no delays at the airport. breaking news from huntington county, new jersey a four alarm fire broke out early this morning at sergeantsville inn on the 600 block of rosemont win go's road. building a has a lot of history. it was built as a private home in the 1700s. jennifer joyce is on the way to the scene and we will have a live report in a bit. a home collapses in camden, new jersey story still developing at this hour.
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>> steve keeley has the very latest for us, steve good morning. >> this house likely built around 19 hub and collapsed last night at 11:30 last night just before midnight. three adults and a two-year old inside at the time. they all got out that front door safely even though bottom of the front storm door you can see glass shattered and remaining glass around the frame. you can see front door frame. only thing that did not really collapse at all and that was good because they had a way to get out quickly before anything else came down on them. look at these pile of bricks. do you see these wood sea horses out here? these barricades were here last week, we were told that by the guy delivering the inquirer to the family and also learned from family members, the house add a condemned notice by city officials last week. why the family was still in there. perhaps the notice say get out within 30 days but nobody will
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be surprise that had this happened because a apparently they had plenty of information that the house was in jeopardy somehow and everybody is probably lucky, be in has any complaining to do why some family was still living in here after somebody inspected this from the city and found out it was dangerous enough to have them condemn it. here is patriarch of the family the man who was not home at the time but explains with the history of the home because next door there was a house here to the left chris, pan over to the left, there was a house here to the left he said and fire a few years ago back in 2003 and things were never the same ever since. >> a call and he heard a noise and then he seen the street. he fell. then he got everybody out. >> everybody out safe. >> yeah, my dad, my mom my sister and my niece was there. 2003 the house burned down next to it they demoed the house but they never fixed the wall or stabilized the wall.
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it started buckling out. that is why we were trying to get the the city to do what they can. they came out and put a barricade around it. they gave me parents until the 26th to repair it or demo it. you know, $40,000 that we don't have would have fixed it. >> reporter: while it wasness truck last week that everybody noticed the likely cause, probably the same thing that causes potholes but the falling, expansion of the road with the freezing and then that you go yesterday, and then all of the frozen stuff up on the have roof turning into water and seeping down and taking out that front wall but in the taking out the the family fortunately who got out safe and the red cross is taking care of right now chris and lauren? steve, thank you. philadelphia police hepp surveillance video will led them to the two men that shot two others in west oak lane
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this happened at midnight at beachwood and stenton. they drove themselves to einstein medical sent iser. one was shot in the torso and listed in critical condition. the the second man is stable. in word on a possible motive. six people are hurt in a wrong way crash in bucks county. middletown township police say a driver entered the north bound lanes of route one, and drove south. four vehicles involved in the crash near routes 213 and langhorne just after 10:00. police didn't say how long vehicle had been going the wrong way. condition of the injured unknown at this point and investigation is ongoing. how do you getting in the wrong direction, my goodness. tragic ending for search for missing newtown square eighth grader. >> snow covering body of the three-year old cayman naib who was discovered late sunday morning, yesterday in morning by k-9 search teams with greater philadelphia a search and rescue. naib left home wednesday he can after his parents say he
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received an upsetting e-mail from his school about he missed an an assigned. hundreds of community volunteers search for days for the teen but in the end his body was found in the far from his family's home. sunday night several hundred people gathered for a vigil at shiply school where naib was a straight a student. >> an extraordinary young man thoughtful bright, fun loving, he made a difference in peoples lives. >> he could have fallen. it was very snow covered very treacherous back there i cannot tell exactly what happened to him. he was covered with snow. there was a high probability of slippage back there where you could have fallen and injury yourself and heights changed in places. >> the the medical examiner is expect to conduct an autopsy today. meanwhile the naib family released a statement on facebook please understand that the family is still processing and struggling with this most recent news but they would like to thank the the thousands of people over the
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last five days who have come together to support the family to find cayman. now to another sad story where philadelphia police office are robert wilson the third was killed buying a video game for his son. that boy turns nine years old today. >> candle light prayer vigil is scheduled for 6:00 o'clock tonight where he was kill. officer robert wilson the third was honor at a special mass at saint martin depours in north philadelphia during the peace offering members of the community shook the hand of his fellow men and women in blue. they also collect donations to benefit the officer's family. the officers say wilson was a great man. >> every time i saw him at work, there was nothing but a constant smile on his face. he had everybody laughing. there wasn't a bad bone in his body. >> it was senseless. i'm or that it happened. >> reporter: human life doesn't seem to mean anything anymore. people are not sympathetic or having feelings like they do for one another. >> so true. >> suspects 24 year-old ramone
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williams and his brother carlton hipps were arrested at the scene, both the now being charged with murder. a rally for peace was held in honor of officer wilson yesterday. local community group operation save our city organized this event. it was at the 22nd and lehigh where officer wilson was shot and killed. the the event not only honored officer wilson but other officers killed in the line of duty and brought awareness to the violence in philadelphia. a woman from west philadelphia is fighting for her life after being shot eight times by her neighbor. it happened in an apartment build ago this hundred block of spruce street on sunday. police say the 46 year-old woman was ambush by her neighbor 56 year-old steven outlaw. he shot her in the chest and stomach before turning the gun on himself. outlaw died from his injuries police say two had a feud spanning last two years. he believed woman was spying on him and gave him other problems evidently. >> he was indicate ago this she had flooded his apartment at one time. she indicated that he had
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listening tea vice necessary her apartment. >> you don't shoot anyone especially a neighbor for some dispute. >> woman is in critical condition right now. police say outlaw did not have any previous run ins with the the law. their investigation continues. trial is set to begin for a delaware man charged in connection with the death of his ex-wife and another woman. >> david mats switch is accused in the february 20th death of christine bellford and laura bellford. they were set to attend a court hearing when his the father shot and killed the victim, and then turn the gun on himself. met witch was having a bitter custody dispute with his ex-wife. jury deliberations continued in the case of the woman men as black madam. she's charged with third degree murder in the cosmetic surgery death of the london dancer back in 2011. twenty year-old claudia aderotimi died after receiving a illegal butt injections from the woman name winslow in an
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airport hotel. coming up remembering bloody sunday the marches speeches powerful moments marking a historic turning point in the civil rights battle. another live look outside for you at fourth and market. boy, it is quiet out there that is one upside coming into this hour of work. >> no traffic. >> there is never grid lock at
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time right now is 5:14. there should not be any delays at the airport today nice and clear out there. once we clear out this system that is hitting parts of the delaware valley right the now. >> you think my luggage will get there. >> they decided here's the deal sue, they decided not fly from atlanta into philly when they saw weather and that is the same day that airport, that plane skiddedded off runway at laguardia. >> it was bad last week. thursday and friday were difficult days. we had our biggest snow fall of the season a lot of that melted over weekend. it won't be long before we see green grass because we will continue our count down to spring. come on, here they come, and, it is a week from friday, folks, march 20th at 6:45 we have our vernal equinox and by then the average high will be
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54 degrees. we already have a average high of 50. we will get to that or exceed it today but first we have to get through this mess. this morning we have some light precipitation moving through the the area we say precipitation because it is coming in a few different forms, light rain, light freezing rain, light sleet out there and it is mostly north and west of the city as we will see montgomery county, bucks county where we are having mess of our problems this morning with that little bit of the blaze coming over the roadways, trenton you could be seeing some slippery sidewalks, slippery roadways as well. temperatures have gone below freezing in some cases this morning, so this could be a problem through about 9:00 a.m. for counties highlighted in purple here. here are your temperatures, temperature critical, to what kind of conditions there are out there. 34 degrees in mount pocono. only 29 in allentown where there is a lack of cloud, that is where temperature can drop more. thirty-two in reading.
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thirty-two in lancaster. moving south we will see 32 in wilmington delaware. in the a problem for everybody but it could be at your house this morning. look at the past seven days when last friday our high temperature was only 26 degrees. we had a bitter cold morning. it improved saturday were 41 50 was the the high yesterday a and 50 is where we are supposed to be this time in march. we will exceed that later today after we get a rough little ice situation in some places and then tomorrow afternoon we will get some rain as our next chance of precipitation, that could linger into the early part of wednesday. then we have an excellent golfing day on thursday for you, mostly sunny, chris murphy high of 52. a wintry mix may move in friday morning depending on how cold it gets changing over to rain lasting into saturday. now we're getting into spring, or close to spring bob kelly we will get spring showers every now and again as well.
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>> those spring showers bring. >> may flowers. >> good morning. everybody. it is monday just a cautionary flag here stepping out of the front door the driveway, all that melt down that occurred yesterday. anything that looks wet on the on and off ramps of your driveway that front step could be a patch of black ice out there we have had a couple reports. here's an example of one. 202 and county line road. do you see glare? that could be wet or iced over. we are teetering a along that freezing mark there this morning. otherwise the areas that sue just mention that had has seen that light drizzle rolling over 422 portions of the northeast extension between mid county and lansdale heading up into montgomery county and then a situation that sound like black ice here causing an accident with an overturn vehicle, haines port mount laurel road closed between mount laurel road and walton avenue right by the grade school and a the elementary school and middle school there you want to use
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el bo or union mill road for next couple of hours according to mount laurel police. crash in jenkintown greenwood avenue at old york road icy spots reported along sumanytown pike. that area sue mentioned was getting a light drizzle. new jersey roadways in good shape, no problems on 42, looking good for shaders along route 73. heading down to the airport this america good to go at philly international. chris and lauren back to you. e-mail scandal around the presumed front runner for the democratic presidential nomination is growing more intense. the last wednesday the chairman of the house select committee of the been gang i up investigation has subpoenaed all communications with former secretary of state hillary clinton related to libya and state department for other individuals who have information pertinent to the investigation. a long time clinton aid says clinton would welcome an independent investigation. >> i think that is a reasonable idea if the state department asks, she will say yes, if is there a subpoena, she must say yes.
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>> i have lost confidence in the state department to make that determination. they are ones that allowed this arrangement. they are ones who did nothing about this arrangement until they got a request from our city. >> the last week clinton tweeted out that she welcomed the public airing of the e-mails but we have in the heard from her she hats been silence. several government watch dogs are suing to get clinton e-mails. judicial watch has said state department may have mislead them in earlier suits seeking the release of relevant communications. russian authorities after rested five men for killing of opposition leader boris nemtsov. nemtsov was one of russian president vladamire putin's most out spoken critics. he was shot dead as he walked in the crime lynn with a companion last week. each of the men appeared in court over weekend. 26 been charged. other three are in jail penning filing of charges which is expect to be done in the next ten days. fiftieth anniversary of bloody sunday brings thousands toss selma,al bam. president obama and the
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first family and many civil rights leader recreated this historic march across edmund pettus bridge. protesters led by doctor martin luther king junior endured brutal attacks by state troopers and hate groups as they marched for voting rights. there king's eldest son martin told participants while progress still need to be done in the way of equality. >> just a couple years ago that our supreme court would difficulties man will the voting right act because today we should go celebrating but we can't celebrate just yet. >> bloody sunday helped bring with the the voting rights act of 1965. still ahead the next big item from apple almost here. company planning to launch apple watch today. how much will it set you ba
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jim: standardized testing has gone from a nuisance to a concern to a crisis. michael: we have this finite amount of time, and yet we're spending so much of it on this unproven standardized test when we really should be using that time in a better way focusing individually on our students. dave: education is supposed to be about our students, and it's becoming about a test. ros: what is our end goal in education? to be masters of a test?
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at 5:24. wall street looks to recover after evening last week on a down load. s and p logged the business one day loss since january on friday the. it fell 29 points. dow jones dropped 278 points nasdaq fell a full 55 points, and, president obama is expect to announce a new program called tech here today. the initiative is designed to prepare workers for growing number of tech jobs, according to the white house, of the 5 million jobs a available today, more than half of a million of them are in fields such as software development,
5:25 am
network administration and cyber security. more than three hundred employers and local governments have committed to helping with that program. face back is warning users they could start to see number of likes, they have drop. that is because social networking giant changing the way it tallies number of likes a page gets. site will no longer include likes from people who have deactivated their accounts or have passed away. >> well, that makes sense. after months of hype, the apple watch is almost ready to launch. apple will showcase today at a press event in san francisco. watch does much of what an iphone can do check text, e-mail, get directions and get this, you know, health information on your watch like how many steps, all kind of stuff. does it machine for blood? i'm in the sure. >> it does have some health info there good it goes on sale in april starting at $350 but anything beyond the base model will cost significantly more.
5:26 am
we're talking thousands of dollars more. well you can get diamond encrusted and all that stuff too apple plans to offer three lines with two different sizes. >> do you think it is too much you have an watch, iphone, i pad, mack tv, apple tv. >> it is too much if i can never get a hold of you then i know you are trying to avoid me if you have all that and can't get in touch with you for a day in a half. ticket sales were down about 35 percent, the sci-fi film chappie fought its way to the first place with modest 13 million. focus, fell to second place with 10 million. i a saw that yesterday by the the way. >> and. >> i loved it. >> unfinish business, faired worse, opening in tenth place. >> real quickly with unfinish business. we had vince vaughn on friday. >> with vivica fox. >> with you kevin mccarthey on fox and friend over the
5:27 am
weekend. he said it is within of the worst movies he has ever seen. >> he is always nice. >> he is always a such a nice guy. he tries to find some little bit of good news in this film. he said there was nothing you could hold on to he gave it a .5. not even a full point. >> that is bad. >> save unmoney. >> one bright spot, a couple of points. >> there is no good movies out there right new. two pilots looking to make history today how they plan to fly around the world without a single drop of fuel. would you trust that.
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good morning. gunfire rings out overnight in the philadelphia's west oak lane section sending two people to the hospital. plus a family is homeless after part of their home collapses, how they got out, safely. and a baby survives 14 hours, in a partially submerge car how someone's hobby may have taved her life. good day everyone it is monday march 9th, 2015 and lauren dawn johnson is on a rant about horn happy drivers. >> get over it, you know today is national get over it day. >> yes. >> but you feel my pain, don't you. >> oh, yes. i have experience that had too, the light changes, one second later. geese. anyway here's bus stop buddy, after a four day weekend, a
5:31 am
lot of kid had off on thursday and friday because of the snow, but now back to reality. we have a few slippery spots this morning the not only are temperatures conducive to that with you is there snow pack on the ground and temperatures have dropped below freezing in some places. keep that in mine. with our recovery later in the day we will get to a seven out of ten. we have to get rid of this mess first, very light, freezing rain a drizzle throughout the area if you see a surface that looks wet this morning it very well may be icy and that includes road and or sidewalks. montgomery county, bucks county lehigh valley, berks county, even chester county involved in this, slippery spots out there this in morning. the city we are at 35 degrees but we are closer to freezing in many other places. by lunchtime sunshine emerges and it is 47 degrees, 54 is our high temperature today and thanks to the time change sunset, bob kelly, is 7:01 p.m. >> somebody sent out the a
5:32 am
tweet, you can stay out until overhead street lamb presidents came on. >> i remember that. >> we got a tweet from somebody in tacony saying is there a local power outage. we are checking on than that. if there is in power you are not watching us on television right new but could lead to the traffic lights being out this morning. the as sue mentioned with the melt down, low temps overnight, if it looks wet it could be black ice. the here's a live look at conshohocken state the road when you come to the first stop sign or traffic light. it could be slippery. less travel honor off ramps like right here on route 309. with the temperatures right around that freezing mark the next couple of days we will play that roller coaster ride. again areas in montgomery count that i received that light drizzle rolling across 422, northeast extension, route 309, if it looks wet it could be iced over. an accident that could have been caused by black ice here, hainesport mount laurel road closed between mount laurel
5:33 am
and walton avenue buy elementary offer middle school. elbow or union will mill will be your best bet. coming back from say the poconos this morning, we will go right from the ski slopes right in the office as you come south on the northeast extension. again that area saw light drizzle rolling through. so again that fine glaze if it looks wet it could be iced over. accident in glenside greenwood avenue at old york road. we have reports of the icy spots on sumanytown pike near lansdale interchange. coming over bridge, good to go bennie whitman, commodore barry no problems at the moment. south jersey majors looking good in toward philadelphia the chris and lauren, back to you. we have breaking news from hunterdon county, new jersey a four alarm fire broke out early this morning at sergeantsville inn on the 600 block of rosemont road. the building had a lot of history n fact it was first built as a private home in the 17 hundred's. jennifer joyce is on the way to the scene and we will have a live report in just a few
5:34 am
minutes. meantime, developing philadelphia police hope surveillance video will led around 11:30 in the four hundred block of line street. red cross ace cyst continuing five displaced people in the home at the time of the collapse. luckily though, there were no injuries. a tragic ending tie search for a missing eighth grade student in newtown square. >> snow covered the body of the 13 year-old cayman naib discovered in darby creek late yesterday morning by search teams with greater philadelphia a search and rescue. naib left home, wednesday evening, after his parents say he received an upsetting e-mail from his school about a miss add sign.
5:35 am
hundreds of community volunteers searched for days for the teen, in the end his body was found not far from his family's property, sunday night, several hundred people gathered for a vigil will at shiply school where naib was a straight a student. >> extraordinary young man, thoughtful, he was bright he was fun loving. he made a difference in peoples lives. >> he could have fallen. it was very snow covered, treacherous back there. i cannot tell exactly what happened to him. he was covered with snow. there was a high probability of slippage back there where you could have fallen and injured yourself and heights change dramatically in placees a lot of questions about what exactly happen. to end that the medical examiner is expect to conduct an autopsy today. naib family released this statement on facebook, please understand that the family is still processing and struggling with this most recent news but that they would like to thank all of the
5:36 am
thousands of people over the last five days that have have come together to support the family to find cayman. candle light vigil is scheduled for 6:00 outside game stop where officer robert wilson the third was kill. unday he was honor at a special mass at saint martin depourness north philadelphia. during the peace offering members of the community shook the hand of his fellow men and women in blue. they collect donations to benefit that officer's family. trial is set to begin today for a delaware man charged in connection with the death of his ex-wife and another woman, david matusiewicz is charged in the february 203 shooting death the of christine bellford and laura muscle forward. matusiewicz was set to attend a court hearing when his father shot and killed the victims and then turn the gun on himself. matusiewicz was convicted of taking his three daughters to central america in 2007 during a bitter custody dispute with his ex-wife. jury deliberations continue in the case of the woman known as the black madam, page winslow charged
5:37 am
with third degree murder in the cosmetic surgery death of the london dancer back in 2011. 209 year-old claudia aderotimi died after receiving an illegal budd injection from his winslow at an airport hotel. >> 5:37, coming up, it is history in the making as first ever around the world fuel free flight takes off how long journey is expect to take. plus jeremy maclin returning, reuniting with andy reid. i don't know is what going on here. what is chip doing. j mack was one of the best receivers in the the league last year. looking at the the future of the bird straig in my world, wall isn't a street. return on investment isn't the only
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return i'm looking forward to. for some every dollar is earned with sweat, sacrifice, courage. which is why usaa is honored to help our members with everything from investing for retirement to saving for college. our commitment to current and former military members and their families is without equal. start investing with as little as fifty dollars.
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the eagles went on a spending spree signing two free agents but let another get away. eagles sign byron maxwell to the six year, 63 million-dollar deal, 25 million guarantied, also sign running back frank gore, a away from the 49ers, three years, 7.5 million guarantied. eagles signed quarterback mark sanchez, but eagles wide receiver jeremy maclin will not be an eagle this season. two sides were talking and both chip and maclin agree that they would get a deal done but mclynn was upset eagles got other deals done before his so now he will be gone. flyers blew their playoff chance these weekend saturday in boston, right here sean couturier misses open net. they are down four -two to
5:41 am
the devils. but then they fall asleep. steven gionta with the break away against steve mason. that is unbelievable. cliff lee hurt again with tenderness. the the same one that kept him out last season. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. jets running back chris johnson was wounded in a drive by shooting this weekend in orlando, florida. police say johnson and two friend were stopped at a traffic light when another car pulled up to the jeep and then the men were in and opened fire. jeep's driver was kill. other passenger and johnson were hit with bullets in the shoulder. so far police have not made any arrests. coming up a baby survives 14 hours in the partially submerge cars, how someone's hobby may
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good morning welcome bam. i'm glad i can keep you entertained all morning long lauren johnson. we talked you never necessity is what coming out of your mouth when you wake up in the middle of the mouth i called it muton instead of muton october instead of october. get a shot of lauren on camera two, i dare you, they are laughing at how ridiculous i
5:45 am
am every morning. >> laugh at me not with me. >> then we were like what was the the word you said wrong. >> first thing pre dueser tom loudon runs down and said did you say hunterdon or huntingdon. >> is there breaking news. i said it correctly for with once sue serio. >> hunt are done, yes. >> did you remember are yesterday, or were you kind of cacooned in the house. you shouldn't have been. did you turn your clocks ahead yesterday? hopefully, you sprang forward, you sprung forward, i don't know which one that is, now i'm in trouble. great. we springed forward yesterday, it is not spring yet but we are getting spring fever yet. we have light precipitation moving into our area. this is why it could be an issue this morning. there could be black ice
5:46 am
around, and because of puddles that froze over overnight if your temperature happens to be at or below freezing and because of this light sleet or freezing rain some cases it is rain that freezes at the the surface and some cases it is sleet pellet coming down. if you can hear it, it is sleet. all right. that is what is going on. the north and west of the city mostly but just keep an eye on that. few you tour cast shows this continuing through seven or 8:00 o'clock by 9:00 it is gone and a nice day ahead temperatures in the 50's. then tomorrow, we will see the the cloud rolling in by noon time on tuesday and then rain coming the at least though with these temperatures be milder, it is rain and only rain at three or 4:00 in the afternoon and lasting throughout the night into wednesday morning. but then again, it looks like rain and only rain for that round of precipitation that has been gone by 9:00 o'clock on wednesday morning. so it is nice ton forecasting rain, and only rain.
5:47 am
that is the situation for tomorrow. temperatures are at or below freezing in many place these morning but we will get more melting this afternoon but at high temperature of 54 degrees. so 49 tomorrow with that rain and only rain, did i emphasize that it will be just rain tomorrow? >> rain. >> 56 degrees on wednesday after the rain end and then a great the day on thursday mostly sunny high of 52. now it gets kind of cold thursday night. friday morning we could be dealing with slippery conditions. wintry mix possible. that changes over to rain with 45 degrees and then may linger into saturday morning. we have got some rain in the forecast here and there but that is what happens when we get close tore springtime. >> next couple nights that roller coaster ride. 5:47. good morning. got an update. it sound like a local power outage in tacony near bridge and unruh and ditman street involved possibly torresdale
5:48 am
avenue. watch those traffic lights could be out in that area with the le temperatures anything that looks wet could be out there in the form of black ice. here's an example of an intersection at 202 and county line road. the the the best bet where you see that glare on the road surface that could be wet, an accident that could have been caused by ice here, mount laurel road closed between mount laurel road and walton avenue. that is right by he will meantry school and middle school, harrington and hartford. even the school buses will have to go on attestor using elbo or union mill road. that area that received a fine drizzlal long 422 northeast extension up in toward montgomery county. icy spots report add long the sumanytown pike. icy spots here on eagleville will road and arcola road. first ones out of the gate this morning are picking up and tires are slipping. be aware stepping out of the front door. crash in glenside in jenkintown glean wood avenue at old york road. bridges looking fine n
5:49 am
problems coming from south jersey along the freeway and we're good to go on mass transit. chris and lauren, back to you. wisconsin's attorney jennies promising a thorough, transparent investigation in the the death of the black teenager at the hand of the mad on police officer. saturday's deadly shooting sparked outrage but the victim's family is calling for peace. the the city's police chief met and prayed with the grandmother of 19 year-old tony robinson in hopes of the calming the community and avoiding similar riot such as what we saw in ferguson missouri. a north carolina teen is recovering after being shot and injured by a police officer this was saturday. charlotte officials say the five-year old refused to drop his weapon causing the office tore shoot him. he was wounded in the leg and wrist. the the officer was not injured and is now on administrative leave, pend ing an investigation. and a 18 month-old baby girl recovering after spending 14 hours trapped upside down in her car seat. >> police are calling it a miracle. they say the the baby's mother was driving over a bridge late
5:50 am
friday night when something cause had tore lose control of the vehicle. the the car ran in the cement barrier and plunged it into the freezing water where it remains for hours before being noticed. >> there was a fisherman that came to fish along the river and noticed the vehicle in the river. we call 911. >> so rescuers say luckily the water never reached high enough to touch the the little girl but unfortunately her mother a 25 year-old died. doctors say the girl, lily, is expected to be okay. three police officer and four fire fighters were treated for hypotheria during that rescue. wow. five credit 50 the time. record break ago tempt to fly around the world in the solar powered plane is now underway. >> i don't know about this but two pilots took off in the specially designed aircraft. they hoped their flight which will take several months will create awareness about new technology in the aviation
5:51 am
industry. fox's kelly wright. >> reporter: report pair of swiss pilots hope to make history by flying around the world in the solar powered plane. the aircraft taking off from abu-jamalu dabi on monday in the attempt to fly around the globe. the the adventurers, are taking turns piloting the single seat, 5,000-pound solar impulse airplane. they say goal, to pro mote clean technology in the aviation sector. >> unaudible. >> to bring on the market new plane technology that save energy, save natural resources of our planet create jobs, and assist in growth. >> aircraft has wing span greater than boeing 747 and propelled solely by the sun's energy. it is made of carbon fiber and it has more than 17,000 solar cells built into the the wings. those cells apply the the
5:52 am
plane with renewable energy. pilots says a lot of work went into preparing for this flight. >> there is a strong sense here to make sure that all of the decisions will be taken will be the right one. >> first leg of the journey includes stops in oman, india and china the flight will also travel across the you had stopping in three locations including new york city. then a chance to see so many countries is a thrill for the pilot. >> i guess we are bordering level of excitement which is special but excitement and also conn send trailings and simply happiness. >> reporter: around the world trip is expected to be completed around late july or early august. kelly wright, fox news. bakery break in recipes disappear from the california bakery was it an inside job we will tell but that discover brookside
5:53 am
and discover an exciting combination of tastes. rich, dark chocolate covering soft centers. flavored with exotic fruit juices. it's chocolate and fruit flavors like you've never experienced before. discover brookside.
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(mom) when our little girl was born we got a subaru. it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where she grew up. what? (announcer) the 2015 subaru forester (girl) what?
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(announcer) built to be there for your family. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. five credit 55 degrees. it will be in the 50's today. what a nice day. you know popular bakery in san francisco, it is robbed, of its secret recipe. the owner of mr. holmes bake house said somebody broke into his shop and stole nothing
5:56 am
except for binders of more than 200 recipes including the ones for bakery hit signature pastry the muffin croissant. after just three months after being opened customers have been lining up, outside for the product which takes three days to make. stores owners think a copycat baker is the culprit the. >> some would be wanted something that was in the their and they came in. >> it might be a fan who wants to try to make it for themselves. >> so, the police have opened up an investigation and they are looking through nearby security camera. no equipment, in cash, nothing else taking except for the the recipes. so, some bakery opens up in san francisco and now selling the crmuffin police might talk to that guy or girl. coming up historic new jersey building goes up in flames. we will have a live report straight ahead. how about this, jeremy maclin reportly leaving the eagles? he is hitting to kansas city. he may be pared with his old
5:57 am
coach andy reid? do you still trust chip? we will take a look on good
5:58 am
5:59 am
a 300 year old inn destroyed by a four alarm fire. we are there with a camera. and jeremy maclin reuniting with andy reid.
6:00 am
eagles can't sign new players until tomorrow but that is in the stopping rumors about hoist staying and hoist leaving. we will take a lot at future of this team. >> that is chip kelly, we have another kelly in the the house beside bob, that guy a astronaut scott kelly is getting ready to blast off to the international space station but before he does that he is stopping in our studio because this is such a historic trip and study that he is doing with his twin brother, how long he will be crammed into that space station, i could never do it. >> welcome back. >> did i miss anything as far as the weather. >> yes, you pick a good week to go away. >> 10 inches of snow. >> it was great. >> i'm still itchy on my neck from the sunburn. >> you are a little sunburn. >> i heard snow squals moving through so i put on one more sweater. >> is there light freezing rain but light sleet, it is really lig


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