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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6a  FOX  March 6, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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i knew him, met him and he was one of the best police officers this city has had to offer, per. >> city of philadelphia is in mourning, mourning the death of officer robert wilson the third who was gunned down inside a video game store during a hole up. the two accused shooters are in custody this morning we are looking back at what he did for the the the department. harrison ford, hurt in a plane crash. he was flying a world war two vintage plane when the engine failed crashing down on a golf course. how the the action star is doing right now. we will check in on his condition. we have a wallup of the winter storm yesterday. some people saw 10 inches of snow and the cold weather isn't going anywhere. so we have to ask sue, when will it warm up. we're in march right. >> well, would you believe
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that we have temperatures in the 50's in the seven day forecast. >> yes good coming up. >> we can get our poodle skirts out. >> yes. good day it is friday march 6th, 2015. reminder all philadelphia public and archdiocesean schools are closed to day. >> because of the weather, sue serio. >> we got seven and a half inches of snow in the city. many places got 10 inches of snow. that is a lot to clean up. getting around is a challenge shall we say. bob kelly will tell but. that we will talk temperature right new with 12 degrees here in the city. the record is ten but sunrise happening at 6:27. it looks like we will get close, once again but no cigar, but it is just cold out there and it feels like zero with that wind chill. there is your record low, 10 degrees from 1978 but so far today we have had only been at 12 degrees. so lets check on bus stop buddy for kids home from school again today it will be fun to play out in the snow
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because it is good sledding snow but you have to make sure you are bunled up because temperatures are not going to get out of the 20's today. we expect record lows in someplace these morning. maybe not here in the city deceptive sunshine all day with the roaring 20's. we were talking about the fabulous 50's bob kelly, well today is the roaring 20's. it is cold out there right now. >> take you through the whole span there. good morning everybody. 6:02. getting out of neighborhood will be your toughest spot. out your front door, pulling out of the parking spot or driveway, make sure you have all that snow cleared off the car. not just on the windshield, the whole thing and leave it the right there in the parking spot because all that snow will eventually just fall back on the roadways, that the the dot's worked so hard to clean up. probably 85 percent of your trip on the major roadways will be snow free but in some areas like route 309 with one good lane the second lane is probably 50, 50 still snow
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covered. in the construction zones at 95 at girard avenue that snow push up a against the concrete barrier. there is no shoulder. that left lane will have have patches of snow and then again where that snow got packed in before the plows could get there at 13 degrees that is a sheet of ice right now. an accident at west chester pike at spring lane, a couple of tips, snow emergency has been lifted make sure you have got plenty of washer flute, clean off not only the car but delivery truck driver or tractor trailer driver, use the broom and get all that snow off the top of the truck before you ride out there this morning. norristown high speed line local trains every 15 minutes otherwise market frankford and subway in good shape. chris and alex back to you. we have both of our reporters on our top story this morning, a philadelphia police officer killed in the line of of duty. our jennifer joyce is live outside between the second district looking back at the life of officer robert wilson the third. but first lets go to steve
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keeley at police headquarters. >> reporter: we in the news media met robert wilson december 11th. that was the night when they had a media event to unveil start of the pilot program for body camera. that is officer wilson in the left in the philadelphia police tweeted picture and his partner day machine stevenson on the the right. reason damon stevenson was still in the pennsylvania patrol car when officer wilson was shot and killed inside that game stop, we have learned they have pulled in that strip mall right where phillies played at that old connie mack stadium site at 21st and lehigh because officer wilson, the father of the nine year-old boy, wanted to give his son a reward for being a good boy get gooding grade in school. knott only a great cop but great father we have learn. two guys now under arrest, one shot in the leg brothers 30 and 25 years old both with criminal histories and one the older one with the longer criminal history just paroled recently. on top of all that chris and lauren we have learn that rafael jones, one of the two
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killers kill in the last officer killed moses walker, in that area in court today to be sentenced to life in prison. steve keeley thank you. we will check back as you gather more information about exactly what happened. philadelphia is mourning the loss of another police officer. >> officer robert wilson the third was shot in the line of duty during a robbery at the that video game store. jennifer joyce is live at 22nd police district in north philadelphia where he was assign. heavy hearts there this morning, jen. >> reporter: heavy heart inflation are flying at half staff as officer mourn the loss of robert wilson the third. wilson was an eight year veteran of the force currently assigned here to the between the second. the officer wilson's body has arrived at francis funeral home on wigbee avenue in cobbs creek. we have video from there earlier this morning. wilson was transported to temple hospital yesterday where he later succumbed to his injuries. there was a major police
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presence there last night to support their fallen brother. commissioner ramsey spoke about the officer last night. he said he knew him personally. he was surely one of the best. he was well respected by his peers. wilson had two children and nine year-old boy and a a one year-old babe hoy will learn that their father died a philadelphia hero. we also had this picture of philadelphia police officer michael duffy tweeted this out of officer robert wilson on a met or cycle saying he is a rider who had attended philly's fallen heroes memorial. now he will be one of those heroes honored during that ride now back to you dwight. >> thank you jenny. the city of philadelphia feels this pain all too often. >> in the past ten years, ten officers have died in the line of duty. the officer wilson being the tenth. >> fox 29's lucy noland looks back at those who gave their lives to protect our city. >> reporter: monday, may eighth, 2006 officer gary skerski was shot and killed while responding to a robbery
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at a bar. wednesday, october 31st, 2007 officer charles cassidy was shot in the head as he walked in on a doughnut shop robbery. saturday may third 2008 sergeant stephen liczbinski was shot and killed chasing bank robbers. tuesday, september the 23rd 2008, sergeant patrick mcdonald was shot and killed while chasing a man wanted for assaulting an officer. friday february 13th 2009 officer john pawlowski killed after respond go to a dispute between a man and a cabdriver. saturday august 18th, 2012. officer moses walker junior just got off his shift and was walking to a bus stop when two men robbed him and shot him. three other officers have died in the line of duty killed in car crashes. the officer is bill nazario friday september 5th, 2008.
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sergeant timothy simpson, monday november 17th 2008. officer brian lorenzo, sunday, july 8th, 2012. now officer robert wilson is added to that list of heroes that paid the ultimate price. we will be right back.
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welcome back. market street in olde city one of the road that is cleared right now. all of the side streets still a mess. it took meehan extra 20 minutes to get to work dusting off the cars, scraping windows and take it very slowly on those side streets. >> it is a process. >> everybody is digging out right now. >> in new jersey, snow was enough to turn millville into a ghost town. the restaurants and other businesses closed up for the the day as plows pressed on down the empty street. plow crews struggled to get the road completely cleared because of the sheer volume of snow coming down. several dozen accidents and spin out where is report add cross cumberland county. >> i took the train home yesterday from center city and it was pack. delaware resident well they needed to take it slowly as well. road crew where is out and about, of course, making you safe a parade of dell dot crews armed were 400 plus pieces of equipment worked to clear those road. our bruce gordon was there
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checking up on their progress and with so many businesses closed crew where is able to get the job done. >> coming up on 6:12. harrison ford hurt in the plane crash he landed on the gulf course after the engine on this world war two era plane gave out. how the actor is doing this morning. bob? good morning everybody. here's a live look what the roadways look like on route 309, within mayor 50/50, one lane fully plowed the other lane partially snow covered, the intersections are still a slushy icy mess, we will check rest of the road sue with today's forecast and
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a philadelphia police officer is dead after being shot. police say officer robert wilson the third died while inside a game stop in north philadelphia yesterday afternoon. two suspects came in and tried to rob it when the deadly violence erupted. >> those two suspects are in custody, one of them was injury from the gunfire exchanged with police. >> we will have more information on this story and we will cover this throughout the morning it is 6:15. sue, we got quite the snowfall totals yesterday. >> we did we did indeed. i was go toking recap with you, he we will pass this graphic. we are at 23 inches of snow for the the season. the average is close to 22. so, that would be okay if we don't get anymore snow this season. now in boston they are less
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than 2-inch's way from their all time record snowfall for a season of 107.9 inches of snow. so no matter what you are complaining about today with the snow at least we're in the boston. 12 degrees in philadelphia very close to the record but that is going to end up being the low for the day, because the the record is ten, i don't think we will even tie the record but we've got single digit temperatures, in many places, and that is cold enough. but then you factor in the win, the wind out of the north where cold air is coming from. this is air particular air that moved in as soon as the snowstorm was gone late in the day yesterday, the cold air rush in and so you factor in the wind and here is what it feels like outside. zero. in philadelphia. so remember that if you are going to need to shovel some snow this morning, especially but really any time during the day take frequent breaks because with the wind chill this low it doesn't take long to start to get symptoms of frostbite. it is this sunday march 8th at
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2:00 a.m. that we will spring ahead. it is start of the daylight savings time. turn your clocks ahead one hour. so 2:00 o'clock will become 3:00 o'clock and in essence you lose that hour of sleep. that is a bummer but look at the non-bummer temperatures that we have coming up in that seven day forecast. it is a gradual warming trend which is nice because it will gradually melt the snow that fell yesterday but not today, not too much melting going on with a high of 27. tomorrow we are up to 38 not the quite as harsh. we will have sunshine. forty-four on sunday. forty-six on monday. forty-eight on tuesday, and then into the 50's, on wednesday, and thursday that is a lot to look forward to but today bob kelly, i don't think we can give people enough reminders about cleaning off a car. i saw a knuckle head this morning that didn't down their back windshield. >> don't you just want to lay on the horn and pull them over right there and issue them
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your own little personal citation. clean off the the snow -- all of the snow off the car. roof, trunk, hood. last week when we went through the the situation the snow that stays on the hood of your vehicle, the engine eventually warms up melt that snow and that flies back the two guy behind you. here's a live look at the road conditions. look at this fellow here with the snow on the roof. it will slide back on the road surface. this is 202 at county line road. here's a live look at route 309. here's an example, one side of the roadway you have all blacktop. good to go. this side however we have one good lane the right lane partially snow covered. don't get that false sense of security. little further up the road surface could look partially snow cover. it will be hit and miss throughout the the morning rush hour. you'll know what i'm he talk about once you get out there accident at the the west chester pike at spring lane. couple tips snow emergency has been lifted you will need a ton of washer flute all that
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brine and salt kicks up on the windshield. fill that up this morning. clean off the whole car truck driver delivery guy, get all the snow off the top of the truck that will fall off there as well. september, norristown high speed line, local trains every 15 minutes. otherwise market frankford subway looking good however they have suspended bus routes, five of them and 30 other bus routes are on a detour through the morning rush hour chris and alex back to you. back to our breaking news from yesterday, late morning officials say delta flight 1086 from atlanta did not make contact with the bay but instead landed on the embankment. after skidding off a runway at new york's laguardia airport during that snowstorm. two people treated for minor injuries. at one point a gallon of fuel per minute was leaking. that has been clean up. the ntsb is investigating. the prosecution and defense go head to head over emotional testimony in the boston marathon bombing trial.
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yesterday, the father of the eight year-old boy killed in the bombings testified describing seeing his son dying. the prosecutors are using stories of damage and heart breaking loss to trying to secure the the death penalty for defendant dzhokhar tsarnaev. the defense has admitted their client participated in the bombing but say tsarnaev was a confused teen influenced by his brother. it is up to the judge to sentence convicted killer jody arias. yesterday jurors dead locked on whether to execute her or send her to prison for life. arias was quick in the murder of her lover travis alexander back in 2008. the the judge will sentence areas april 13th to life in prison or life with the possibility of parole after 25 years. internal 2011 state department cable obtain by "fox news" shows then secretary of state hillary clinton's office told employees not the to use personal e-mail for security reason while she had used her to conduct government
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business. white the house counsel office says it was unaware clinton was using a personal e-mail account during her tenure. government officials are required to conduct business on official government e-mail accounts so they can keep track of them. harrison ford is lucky to be alive after a crash landing yesterday. >> it was the pilot of the small plane they were flying or he was, his win stage plane on thursday when it lost engine power. he was able to bring it down on a golf course near santa monica era port. no homes were hit. in one on the ground was injured. tmz, you have to hear this tmz has a distress call. >> 178 engine failure immediate return. >> 178, clear to land. >> clear to land his son tweeted at the hospital daddies okay battered but okay. he is every bit the man you would think he is. he is an incredibly strong
6:22 am
man. thanks for all of your thoughts and good vibes for my dad. ford was taken to ronald reagan ucla medical center. >> did you hear pan nick his voice. >> yes. >> i cannot imagine. >> no. >> evidently he is an avid pilot. he started flying in the 1960's and he keeps a plane in santa monica and then he flies to the midwest a lot back and forth. not only a avid pilot and experienced one but he crashed before back in 1999. >> it takes a lot of skill because the fact that there are hems lining that golf course and you aid it could have been so much worse. >> he is being credited with doing just that, avoiding a worse collision. >> 6:22. more than hundred dogs are rescued from an illegal breeding operation but they are not out of the wood why. why the center they are being kept at need to start adoptions right away. bob kelly thank you, thank you for flyers win last night. you need to go to every game
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good morning i'm sean bell. eighteen games left in the regular season, five points back in the final playoff spot. flyers have some work to to. they have lost three out of the last four games despite
6:26 am
out shooting their opponents. they would need to score against the the blues. third period down one, tm michael dellzotto ties the game up with the rocket shot. now we are in business. just 1:50 late wayne simmonds gets the goal flyers get a big, big win, three-one. they are four points back of the final playoff spot. spring training, cliff lee taking on the houston astros in the second inning. he gets this double play, pretty good day for lee. he went two scoreless innings. phillies lose six-three but that is okay, main guys look good. college hoops, temple trying to break the ncaa bubble will cummings gets it done they win 70-56. that is it, that is sports in a minute i'm sean bell. the 6:26. back to our top story officer robert wilson the third gunned down in the line of duty.
6:27 am
we will look at how he is being remembered this morning
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officer wilson was an outstanding officer, leader of the squat. >> robert wilson was shot multiple times trying to stop a robbery at a local game stop. his partner feet away in the car outside. this morning philadelphia police say men responsible are in custody. how the the department is remembering him this morning.
6:30 am
mayor nutter unveils his budget plans and not everyone is happy about this. he is talking about a big tax hike to help the cash strapped school district. the just how much it could cost you. and yesterday's weather got the down right dangerous, caving in the roof of a local building, and we're expecting some more extreme weather today when it comes to the temperatures. sue serio standing by with your weekend warm up forecast. it will warm up. we're expect ago this. >> good day it is friday march 6th, 2015. we want to remind you all philadelphia public and archdiocese an schools are closed to day. >> sue serio lets do weather by the numbers, shall we. >> we will go with the four. that could be your temperature outside your house right now four out of the ten in weather by the numbers but it is better than yesterday's one which we deserved. we expect sunshine today but we are off to a frigid start. buddy, some kid going in delayed, some schools closed. it is all at the bottom of the screen. also on my fox with
6:31 am
the complete list of schools. so with the record le of 10 degrees that was set in 1978, so far we have only been at 12 and i think that might end up being the the low temperature. we got to 11, we wouldn't tie that record. it is mighty cold. nothing will melt anytime soon. with the sunshine it will be better. sunrise, happening well it happened already at 6:27. here we go with the deceptive sunshine. sunset close to 6:00 p.m. that is a good thing too the these days are getting longer. so as the the weekend goes along we will give more of a chance for that snow pack to melt but luckily it is a gradual warm up we will have in the seven day forecast, today though the high temperature only 26 degrees. the roaring zero's bob kelly, is all we will get for today. >> definitely. there is a sign that anything out there this morning is frozen and will stay frozen. the here's a live look at route 202, don't get that false sense of security coming up route 202
6:32 am
everything is nice smooth dry near 29 but as you work your waste north up toward chesterbrook boulevard you will start to sees what happened to the plow train here. where they were entering or exiting the roadway, packed down snow and it is pack down on the roadway and 12 degrees there it isizedded over. the road conditions will change rolling out of the driveway heading into the office. sun glare popping out here but here's a live look at i-95 where we are getting word of the ramps, to the airport patches of ice. i think that the on and off ramps you'll fine icy spots this morning. and then again the salt crews have been putting down that salt even in new jersey north of 55, an accident right here near route 47, septa suspended service on the cynwyd regional rail line because of amtrak switch problems. otherwise delays south from i-95 bet thecy into girard look at the work zone here. where they have plowed there
6:33 am
is no shoulder in the construction zone at girard. a all that snow just hugging that concrete barrier so that you really don't have a fully, a full lane, if you are in that left lane heading south in toward center city. we have five septa bus routes that are totally suspended, 30 others on the detour and watch for slippery spots on the platforms or bus steps this morning. chris and alex, back to you. we have both of our reporters on our top stories this morning jennifer joyce outside between the second police district looking back at the life of officer robert wilson the third. >> lets go to steve keeley. he is at police headquarters with more on what happened at that game stop yesterday afternoon. >> reporter: we have learn overnight that 30 year-old robert wilson didn't just die being a good cop but he died because he was i ago great dad too. lot at picture we have of him and his partner damon stevenson on the right. this was tweeted by philadelphia police back in december, the the night they unveiled to the press the
6:34 am
start of the the pilot program, where 30 officers in the city in district 22 were going to start wearing body cameras. his fellow officers tell fox 29 news the the reason yes went into that game stop store and his partner was still outside in the patrol car because on a quick break while on duty they pull in the strip where connie mack stadium and phillies played in 1970. officer wilson father of the nine year-old son and one year-old baby was go in the game subpoena to buy his son a new video game forget gooding grade in school. the his son will grow up knowing his dad got killed because he loved him. >> i think incidents like this put in could be text a lot of what has been discussed. people lose sight of the dangers inherent in being a police officer. the the kind of individual they come across on the the street and they have to contend with. they have to deal w sometimes as a result they are seriously injured or even murdered as a result of trying to protect
6:35 am
every single person in this city. and in that community. >> while the two people accused of killing officer wilson are brothers, 30 and 25 years old. the older one with at least five prior arrests and convictions, just paroled recently and put back out on the street. his younger brother with a history of arrests and, mug shot. and, another mug shot at 7:25 we down want to show you rafael jones, one of the two killers of the last officer killed in the line of duty, coincidently is being sentenced to life without parole today. >> that happened in the same district, the the the between the second district. >> sad coincidence at that steve, thank you. we are learning more about officer robert wilson the third and what kind of officer he was. >> he was an eight year veteran of the force. the lets bring in fox 29 a's jennifer joyce live at the
6:36 am
22nd police district in north philadelphia where he was assigned. jen, what else are you learning. >> reporter: we have been watching all morning police officers from other districts, stopped by here this morning flags also flying half staff, 12 hearst after officer robert wilson the third was pronounced dead. wilson was an eight year veteran of the force assigned here to the 22nd district. the officer wilson's body has arrived at the the francis funeral home on wigbee avenue in cobbs creek. we were able to get footage there from earlier this morning of the activity. wilson was transported to temple hospital yesterday where he later succumbed to his injuries. there was a major police presence there last night to support their fallen brother. commissioner ram willcy spoke about the officer last night and said he knew him personally. he was surely one of the best. he was well respected by his peers. wilson had two children a nine year-old boy, a one year-old baby, who will learn that their father died a philadelphia hero. >> officer wilson was an
6:37 am
outstanding officer, he was a leader of the squad, and he never took the opportunity to train younger office their came in the 22nd district. anything i asked of officer wilson and his partner they gladly took it upon the opportunity to serve the citizens of the the between the second district. this is a sad day for the the officers that i command in the between the second district. it is a sad day, for the philadelphia police department and sad day for the city of philadelphia i just hope we all say a prayer for officer wilson's family tonight. thank you you. >> reporter: entire city mourning this morning as philadelphia police officer michael duffy tweeted out this photo of officer robert wilson on the the motorcycle saying he is a ride her has attended philly's fall inn heroes memorial and now he will be honored during that ride this year back to you. thanks jenny. >> ironic is that. new this morning, fire fighters respond to an early
6:38 am
morning fire in northeast, philadelphia. it happened shortly before 2:00 in the 7,000 block of torresdale avenue at a church. it took fire fighters about an hour to bring this fire under control, but the causes still under investigation. well, 6:38. philadelphia a mayor michael nutter is calling for a property tax hike. >> he said it will help financially strapped school district. the mayor proposing, to raise property taxes by 9 percent. the the average residential bill will climb from one hundred dollars to just over $1,200 as part of the $4 billion bunk it proposal that will be presented to the city council. >> if i have to make a choice to raising revenue or educating our children, i will choose our kids every time. >> no deal. you will not vote for this. >> not for 9 percent real estate tax. >> if we want to be creative good governing, other ways to raise revenue. >> and at the state level governor tom wolf also plans to raise taxes to fund public
6:39 am
schools across pennsylvania. meanwhile the mayor says other fund in the budget proposal will aid departments such as licenses and inspections, the fire departments and parks and recreation. 6:39. more than 100 dogs saved from a puppy mill but they are not safe yet why the shelter they are being kept at is worried about running out of room sue. snow fell as promised yesterday, but now we have to clean it up, what is the the forecast, for the clean up and rest of the weekend, we will have it for you coming up from the weather authority. in the meantime offering his services i believe in south philadelphia to help with the shoveling is that you, quincy. >> reporter: i'm trying to help people out. some people don't even have a shovel this one guy was digging out with his hand stuck in his car right now but i'll have
6:40 am
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good morning, welcome back at 6:42. let's recap our top story this morning. a philadelphia police officer is dead after being shot. police say officer robert wilson the third died while inside a game stop store in north philadelphia yesterday afternoon. two suspects came in, tried to rob the the store, when the the deadly violence erupted. >> now the two suspects are now in custody, one of the suspects was injured at a gunfire was exchanged with police but he is expected to be okay. this is a story we will continue to cover for you this morning and our thoughts and prayers are with the family with the police department, and just a terrible story. >> 6:42 is the time.
6:43 am
sue, might we set a dubious record today. >> in some places we will but probably not the in philadelphia, we will check numbers in just a few minutes but lets talk about how much snow fell in philadelphia and where we stand. we had 68 inches of snow. so far this season 23 inches. this could end up being it for this season. we have nothing in the short term in the next seven days at least as far as snowfall is concern. so 7.5 inches gave us 23 inches for the season so far. the that is right around the annual average which is close to 22. this would be a typical winter, whatever that means. at least we're not in boston where they are closing in on their record of 107 inches for this season. i know. so, zero, that is the actual temperature. in trenton it is eight. three in allentown. one in mount pocono. is there your 12 in philadelphia, record is ten. we will probably not tie that record, it is 14 in wildwood, nine in atlantic city.
6:44 am
here are your win speed we have to factor that in because if we are outside for any length of time today the wind chill, is important and it the is low, all of these wind chills are low. eight below is what it feels like in pottstown. twelve below in lancaster. feels like zero here in the city, ten below in mount pocono, three below zero in dover, delaware. that is cold out there. even though the sunnies coming out, this is where you'll say okay, it the is really cold. daylight savings time thinks weekend when we will springford so 2:00 o'clock becomes 3:00 o'clock in the morning which means we will end up lose ago this hour of sleep over the weekend but it does give us later afternoon more daylight during the the day the the way things are configured and it means it is another sign that spring is getting closer. here's another sign temperatures warming up just a bit in the seven day forecast. not today ape in the quite as harsh tomorrow but still cold
6:45 am
with the high of 38. forty-four on sunday. in the 40's monday and tuesday, and then in the 50's, for wednesday and thursday of next week. so is there at least something to look forward to but with no snowstorms in the the forecast, with no ice and all that, would be kelly, i don't know what we will do next week. >> we will come up with things to keep you busy. we will have flooding issues that will be the next thing. >> true. >> live look at route 309 where we come to the intersection, coming to the intersection, still some patches of snow even on the roadways that were plowed and they look cleaned don't get that false sense of security. here's an intersection at 202 at county line road. 202 northbound, we will go from nice and clean near route 29, but once you hit chesterbrook i don't know what happened, to the plow trains because it is still, that packed down and partially snow covered. owe again, you're rolling long and all of a sudden bam you will hit snow patches. maybe snow falling from the theresa above. i nose you'll have that
6:46 am
situation on the schuylkill expressway this morning. separate accidents on 295 both accidents are southbound one at route 73, second one at route 70. septa has cynwyd regional rails suspend because of amtrak switch problems starting to see delays south on i-95 here out of the north east look out working in the construction zone at girard avenue, that left lane, still partially snow covered because there is no shoulder the plow trains had in place to put the snow so it is piled up on that concrete barrier. we have six septa bus routes that are suspended this morning, 30 other bus routes are already on a detour, the norristown high speed line running local trains every 15 minutes and head up for patco line it is construction schedule today, they are single tracking which means they will be 26 minute gaps in service at 12 degrees and,
6:47 am
and all of the flights that were canceled, yesterday and shut down of laguardia. no plane at the airport it just can't take it out. so there is a whole realignment that has to happen today. so do check with the airline and if you are heading down there, the ramps to and from the airport we are getting reports have icy spots, chris and alex, back to you. heavy snow toys blame in north philadelphia look the at the damage at this convert i warehouse at turner and north second street. the weight of the snow, one person inside, and. well, armed with shovels and salt it is time for the clean up from all a of the snow we got yesterday. >> my aching back, quincy
6:48 am
harris, it hurts thinking about what we have to do when we get home. >> i know you look so nice inside that warm comfortable studio christopher. >> now i do. >> yes. >> he pulled out the government name christopher. >> yes, had to. >> i'm in south philadelphia off fifth and christian and one thing that everybody knows how philly is known for narrow streets but, philadelphia, i mean they really come out and plow the the streets right here. as you can see, the the key to today is just preparing giving enough time to prepare. people wanted to dig out. i dug out yesterday, we have that two her delay, do it now, get out two hours and about to go on a flight which a lot of flights at philadelphia international air port are sidelined today. we have this young lady here. she came out early. is what your name. >> megan. >> how far do you have to commute today. >> about an hour. >> giving yourself ample time.
6:49 am
>> hopefully we will see. >> do you have a shovel. >> i had one i'm kind of hoping i don't need it. >> just try to power out. you take care megan. >> thank you. >> things are starting to, clear up back to you guys, i will be moving around the whole city throughout the day. it is very cold. >> yes sir. >> you will not help megan out. >> he just walked away. >> what do you want my to do. >> she has a shovel there. >> it is illegal to throw snow in the street. >> megan do you need. >> megan chris murphy is trying to hit on you he wants to know if you need help. >> oh, come on. >> he went there. >> my gosh. >> he is just being nice. >> strong woman. >> she's a strong would man.
6:50 am
>> all right quincy. >> just let it go. >> he got with you that one. >> he did. >> 6:49. snowstorm that hit us also slammed kentucky after leaving hundreds of drivers, stranded. >> take a look at this video jackknife trucks turn roads into parking lots. the some drivers say that they were stuck for more than two hours, the kentucky national guard swooped into help those stranded, digging them out of snow unlike quincy just did so some parts of the state saw more than 20 inches of snow. >> lets look at the driving conditions in dallas. >> highways were slick and thinks a big deal when it comes to texas with several cars sliding off the road some even getting stuck dallas fort worth area received two to 7 inches of sleet and snow temperatures in the 20's and 30's throughout the day. >> you are from there you don't see that. >> you do not, even just a little bit of ice, everything shuts down schools are closed, the the fact that there are 7 inches i was getting text. we have never seen such
6:51 am
before. >> it was a mess. >> folks worried about their antibiotics a and milk can reza assured f.d.a. says is there hardly any. >> new study shows little evidence of antibiotic contamination. results are from 2012 survey of 2,000 dairy farms. researchers tested raw fill being samples from those farms for 31 drugs and fewer than 1 percent showed evidence of illegal drug residue. antibiotics and other drugs can end up in milk when they are used on dairy cows to keep them healthy. if you like peeps you'll like their latest creation, talking about the candy, in the people, it is peeps flavored milk. marshmallow, chocolate, and easter eggnog. that is interesting. the the milk will be hitting store shelves, starting this week. >> yeah. >> look at that. >> same time. >> easter eggnog. more than a hundred dogs save from the puppy mill but they are not out of the woods just yet. why the the shelter says these dogs need to get
6:52 am
adopted and right away.
6:53 am
6:54 am
live picture from pens landing, that means it will be
6:55 am
cold, it is what happened yesterday that is cause something school closures right now getting some tweets abington school district is new closed, central bucks, neshaminy schools is closed so we are getting all kind of closures coming in and we will scroll those on the bottom of the screen. as always get latest on your kid school by going to my financial i think what happened was they realized a lot of these road are just a mess still. >> we saw schools with two hour delays but they are realizing. the it is important thaw check. we are seeing schools switching over to closures. animal control rescues, more than 100 dogs from a puppy mill in south carolina near merit will beach. twenty-three pups were saved from the illegal breeding operation off highway 60. dogs were taken to the animal care center where they were vaccinated. officials say the dogs are scared. >> it is sad to watch dogs in that condition, you know, they don't understand what is going on and they were bread and in
6:56 am
captivity and held in cages just to breed more. >> animal care center can house only 250 dogs but they will go up for adoption next week. plus many are pregnant so there is a rush to find good homes for them. 6:56. are you feeling unappreciated by your boss. >> yes you are not alone. >> disturbing number of employees who say they feel their aboutes don't even know they are there. we want to look back on the life of officer robert wilson, the the third, such a sad story that rock philadelphia yesterday afternoon. how he is remembered by his brothers in blue straight ahead.
6:57 am
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i am never getting married. never. psssssh. guaranteed. you picked a beautiful ring. thank you. we're never having kids. mmm-mmm. breathe. i love it here. we are never moving to the suburbs. we are never getting one of those.
6:59 am
we are never having another kid. i'm pregnant. i am never letting go. for all the nevers in life state farm is there. . nine year-old boy that will grow up without a father because of what happened here today a one year old will grow up without a dad. >> passionate words from philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey. officer robert wilson the third was gun down when he tried to stop a robbery at a video game store. how the the department is remembering him this morning. >> harrison ford hurt in the plane crash. he was flying a world war two vintage plane when the engine failed crashing down on to a golf course how the action star is doing right now.
7:00 am
good morning to you. >> we want to pass along all philadelphia, public and archdiocese schools are closed to day due to the weather as are so many other schools in the delaware valley. we will scroll those in the bottom of the school. >> last night our school was a two hour delay and new they are closed. so check again, with your school district. check our list. check on my fox >> lets get to teave keeley with philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey. >> steve. >> commissioner ramsey kind enough to wait around for you guys to toss to me and other stations as well commissioner ramsey his first steps in the station this morning, here at headquarters, since last night's death


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