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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6a  FOX  March 5, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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up all the way down to texas ladies and gentlemen. rain in houston, snow in tennessee, places in kentucky already seen 7 inches of snow, that is what is coming our way. soap, we go little closer. where you see purple, that's where it is sleet and freezing rain, where it is really slippery, in delaware, parts of cumberland county, and atlantic county new jersey. we have transitioned over to snow in the philadelphia area, in chester county, delaware county, and there you see the heavy wet snowflakes falling outside our window, right now, but the ground is still wet. remember, we got into the 40's yesterday. so, ground still wet warm, so far, trenton, new jersey has snow, and there is the sleet we were telling you right in smyrna delaware, very slippery right now with some sleet and freezing rain, so the watches and warns continue until 7:00 tonight with the winter storm warning and the possibility of maybe as much as 8 inches r or more of snow. down to 34 degrees, in philadelphia, you see how quickly the temperatures have dropped. we got here at 3:00. we were on the air at 3:00.
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it was 38 then. now it is 34. it is 37 in atlantic city, wildwood yet to see the change over there. is our estimate, roughly about anywhere between five and 8 inches, but some places will get more, if you get one of those little snow bursts in your area. little less to the north of us. let's break it all down, now we see the rain changing from snow to northwest to southeast. and then, through early afternoon, we see the bulk of accumulating snow, and this evening, it tapers off. and temperatures will plunge, we could see record low temperatures overnight. we are going down into the single digit tonight, bob kelly. so even after the snow ends, winter will not. >> bob? >> good morning, everybody i'm right here 6:01. good morning everybody live look at stump road, where again the road conditions are starting to change. again, we started out earlier we just wet roadways, we told this would happen. once that change over occurs, bamm, it happens pretty quickly. so we already have the tire marks through the intersection
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here, stump road, up near county line road. and then, again the major roadways they're kind of wet and sloppy. here is a live look at the 42 freeway coming in toward philadelphia. again, the dot crews are all strategically placed so that the minute we start to see that snow stick to the road surface outcomes the salt trucks and on the way we go. here is a live look at route 202, in the king of prussia area. again, typically two lanes here from 202 on to the schuylkill. but you can already see that far left lane there, starting to get little snow covered so again, slippery conditions, all around the board expected for our morning rush hour. inbound on the schuylkill expressway, no problems yet again. just wet here. as you work your way in toward downtown again the on and the off-ramps will become slippery. first a live look from one of the trucker buddies up in north wales, pull over in the service area there. kind of taking little bit of break. i think we'll all get a chance to take a break here today with the kids off from school,
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or a lot of them. have the school closings scrolling at the bottom of your screen. but the snow emergency just kick into play here in philadelphia. no parking on the snow emergency routes. and this is key. market street, out here, is one of those snow emergency routes. there are many throughout the city. again, if you park and they get ready to plow, obviously not right this second, but you don't want to have the tow trucks show up, because they come in quick. remember the show parking wars? they zoom on in, tow the cars, and then it is going to cost but 300 bucks to get your car back from the ppa lot down thereby the stadium. some of the septa bus routes are already on a detour. go to, click the system status, see the he can act routes and the detour listed there. and because of the high water down in delco from all of the melting snow, the 102 trolley is already using shuttle buses this morning. chris, alec, back over to you. >> another quick question for you, bob. rdv just tweet in the and said what about trash pick up for us today? is there going to be a delay with that?
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>> good question, i'll check with the city because typically what happens specially, getting accumulating plowable snow, the trash trucks are used, they put the snowplows in front of the trash trucks. so my guess would be no, but i'll check with the sit and we'll have an answer for you next time around. >> thank you sir. >> 6:04, reporters all over delaware valley tracking the storm. steve keel any south jersey, jenn fred checking the roads in our roving truck. quincy looking at things in center city, but first let's head out to jennifer joins checking things out in the suburbs. jenny? >> reporter: good morning, guys, live in drexel hill right along route one. the snow is falling pretty fast, it is pretty thick. let's take a look here behind me. pee-wee plow truck couple actually coming up route one. you can see taking a look at the ground, snowing for about an hour, and already there is a light coating of snow both on the sidewalks as well as in the street. so sticking pretty fast.
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few minutes ago soup, people are paying attention to what you are saying. good thing. man stopped by, wanted to tell us he lovers our team, always good to hear, but running out to get kerosene for his heater because it will be so cold tonight. so it is a doozy. he was trying to run his errands early this morning which is smart to do, here we see the trucks going by, not much to plow at this point. the plows are not touching the gown mostly, just salting the area now that the snow's falling. as we've been hearing penndot and del dot say earlier this morning, they couldn't salt earlier because of the rain. it was just going to get washed away. now, that the snow has started, they have their trucks out there working in full force to try to keep people safe. so we're seeing some people stop by this dunkin donut, one guy just got out to wipe off his car, and i think not realizing how quickly it was falling, that it was presenting problems already. back to you guys. >> all right jenny yes really coming down. starting to accumulate on your hat there seeing some snow pile up. >> let's head across the river
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into new jersey where steve keeley is in camden right now. how is it looking there steve? >> well, i was just on ten minutes ago i said it went from snow to rain. we didn't have sleet. then instant sleet. and remember the psfs skyline building i showed you? it is like somebody just hit the off switch on the light. visibilities down. look at the red brick riverfront here. it is now completely white sleet instantly sticking, that guy we showed you running by here ten minutes ago was trying to run and turn on this stuff, he'll go flying, very slippery out here. that tells you how bad it is driving instantly. let me show you the railing here, right up to the riverfront. i'll show this stuff sticking to everything. so this is metal here. and you can see look at that, that is what you will be driving on right now. that's not snow. that's slush. that's probably a lot dangerous to drive on than any casino of snowfall. so very treacherous driving conditions are changing by the minute, ten minutes ago you could see the skyline just rain, here we go whole different world of weather in
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this wacky weather time we're having just ten minutes later. so see me in ten minutes maybe it will be snowing. who knows? >> it looks like it is from the camera shot. >> seeing something. >> thank you sir. jenn fred, she is out on the roads for thus morning. >> how are the roads looking jen? >> nice hat. >> it is he can actually -- why thank you, it is he can actually what steve keeley is talking about more snow than rain at this point. 422 eason our way to pottstown, we'll tell you what's going on in just a
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>> looking at the latest at the philadelphia international airport. first we will check the roadways to see how jen is doing in the roving car. >> good morning, guys. we've been all around montgomery county this morning. right now showing awe shot of 422 east. we're about apply away from arm and hammer boulevard in pottstown. we've been in conshohocken, we went as far west as douglas ville. i can tell that you this is what it is looking like right
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now. big flakes are falling, as you can see from our car cam for not really sticking on the road that's because the roads obviously still bit wet. the temperature hovering right at 32 degrees, so it is not a slick drive. it is just a little snowy drive. now, what's interesting, we know this, we know that many school district are closing as we speak. among them, lower merion, some of the bigger montgomery county school district. but some of the schools around pottstown, are taking a unique approach to the snow day. the blessed theresa school of calcutta did this. they sent the kids home with some work sheets yesterday. this was all part of their snow plan going into the school year. and they said: if there is a snow day and you have the work, it is not going to count as a school day missed. it will count as a work from home school day. so if you follow me, the kids that go to that school have work to do but they'll be doing it from the comfort of their home. so hopefully they'll have time to do their school work and get little sledding in that's in the pottstown area.
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so, new jersey, had done something sim floor that with their high school student last year when we had so many snow days. but, as you can see if you do have to be somewhere early you might have to like get into work for some reason, the roads are passable, again, this is 422 eastbound guys. >> okay, good to know, so the kids they still got work to do even though they're inside for the snow day. >> yes. >> you know, earlier just started our challenge where you take a picture every hour, snowstorm will last all day already the first picture use the harm tag -- hashtag #fox29snow so we can use it, this one from sheila, she says, it is snowing pretty hard here in allentown, and it is picking up at great speed. stay warm out there. look at that, you have some accumulating. >> see she used the hashtag. >> that's why we can put it on tv. important to use the hashtag when post to go facebook, twitter, instagram. >> what's that hash to go again? >> fox 29 snow. >> you got it.
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>> no picking up for the trash, sit of philadelphia, hole your trash till next week, because of the snow, it is he can actually what i thought. mayor nutter said hold the trash, we'll put the plows on front of the trash trucks today. but as we go for a ride, 95 northbound coming up from delaware county, roads are still wet. but we got some snow cams for you, we'll grab a cup o
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>> what it will be a weekend this weekend setting up to be perfect, the poconos nice coating, great sunny weather warmer wet they are week end. >> that sounds good. >> doesn't it? here in old city still seeing rain quickly will turn into some snowflakes. so we check with caitlin right outside. >> hey, guys yes already starting to see that transition to snowflakes, right now last time i was here 30 minutes ago just rain big flakes, mick withing sleet. i can hear the pings still of the sleet hitting the grounds, but that's already some flakes mixing in. temperatures though, are still above freezing around 34 degrees here in old sit at fourth and market. soap, it is not sticking yet. it is melting right upon contact. that is expected to change as we see the full switch to all snow and heavy snow at that. so we check radar for you.
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we will show you where the areas of snow are heaviest, which as it has been all morning, north and west of philadelphia. so all of that white that snow, the bright white is the heavy snow. and that extends way back down to the south kentucky, seen a lot of snow, all the way to northern louie answer a as far as as the snow area extends, stalled front with the low pressure forming along it, meaning we are in this all day long the fun just beginning, as we see the snow here in philadelphia. all right back closer to home county by county, just snow, north and west of philadelphia, and our pa suburbs, that area, filling in along 95, 295, new jersey turnpike. and even into south jersey, across the bridge, seeing that transition too, cherry hill, marlton, gloucester county, down toward sicklerville, glassboro, all starting to see the rain switch to snow. and we expect that transition to continue for south jersey and delaware, trying to take a little longer, but you'll get there, too. by the way, this is expected
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as we've been advertising to be our biggest snowstorm of the season. now that sound really crazy but, the biggest snowfall that we've had so far occurred cup epp of weeks ago saturday, february 21, that was 4.8 inches every snow, brought our seasonal average to 15.5, for this year. our seasonal total i should say, our seasonal average for philadelphia is 21.8 inches of snow. so as we go from a snowy old city back inside the studio, sue serio you would think with our projections, we should hit it, right on the mark, this year. >> that's right. we can do the math for. that will no matter how much we want to complain about it, do recall that we got 68 inches of snow last winter. between 2013 and 2014. so that puts it all in perspective. we watch temperatures very closely now as they are at freezing in allentown pottstown, reading as the colder air continues to filter down from north to south. we're just little bit above freezing here in the city with 34, 34 in wilmington, 36 in
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wildwood, 37 atlantic city. where if you are getting precipitation it is in the form of rain. cold front we're talking about, over the next couple of hours, low pressure system moving up along that front. that's what's going to happen for the rest of the dayment front stays put. and we'll actually get series of these weaker lows, moving along, but the heaviest precipitation probably through early afternoon, but it lingers through maybe 6:00 tonight, maybe even 7:00, then arctic air comes in, and we see temperatures plunge tonight into single digits in many places, some places might break new record. as the snowfalls visibility is reduced so that's another challenge you have trying to get around, so, again as we always say, if you don't have to go out might not want to in this weather. trenton, has less than 2 miles visibility right now, two and a half miles visibility at philadelphia international airport at the moment. our watches and warnings continue through 7:00 tonight. as we said, that's good indication of how long this storm could stick around with
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five to 8 inches predicted few spots especially south of us, here in philadelphia. could get little more little less in the pocono mountains what are we hanging on for? the weekend even with the time change this weekend, where we spring forward and lose that hour of sleep, it will be nice to have dry weather be in the four's, some of the snow falling now will melt of course. but check out the end of this seven day forecast, bob kelly wednesday. >> bring it on. >> fifty-five. >> you got it. fifty-three few minute ago so we're doing good for wednesday. 6:00, to good morning, hovering around 36. no jammos yet on the schuylkill expressway. just wet wet and yucky here is a live look at the schuylkill got the penndots, one of the many penndots crews that have been placed strategically at the on and the off-ramps ready to go, loaded up with salt, again where we will see first put down the layer of salt once, the change over happens here, in philadelphia. we go to the next camera, this
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is live look, at the roosevelt boulevard. notice, starting to see some poor visibility, too as you work your way down toward that schuylkill expressway. but, just few miles outside the city, take a look at how already the roads have deteriorated, this is a 202 just off of chesterbrook boulevard. so again out in the malvern area from the city to malvern 20 minute away, so that change-over is on the way. take a look at this picture here from royersford, her name what's her name here, alyssa i think only just dusting. i hope it clears up. i'm getting married in nine days. let's all go to the wedding what do you say we all go to the wedding? >> let's do it. >> we have to get a gift. >> oh, okayment well we'll chip in. >> we'll bring a mug. >> save us a table. a mug? >> i got plenty of mugs. we'll all bring a mug we need table for ten. snow emergency in philly right now. no parking on the snow emergency route. i just put up on both twitter and facebook the actual list
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of the snow emergency route. believe me, gang, you don't want to get towed. it will set you back 300 bucks and high blood pressure trying to get down there and get your car out of the impound lot. also no trash pick up today in the city because of the snow emergency. if you must get to where you are going maybe work, emergency employees, or work at a hospital, market frankford, septa, two big work horses your two best bets. chris, alex, back to you. >> of course if you're flying today, it is i am per at this time you fly call ahead i should say. >> playing a role in concellations, delays, we will check in from marry from philadelphia international airport. marry, live shot of the airport, things looking pretty quiet this morning. >> reporter: yes, it is really quiet here, we expect it to pick up as the afternoon arrives. but right now very slow. >> how many delays are we seeing at this point? >> more than 250 nights that
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have been cancel. do have some flying, though. so we encourage people to call your airline look on line, of course call us or check on line. >> and mary you guys are pretty darn pro-active with this where you had last night nearly 100 arrivals and departures, 20% of the total that were canceled last night. >> that's right. because the airlines didn't want the planes here overnight, and then if we had a lot of snow, then everything would be back up from the very beginning. so the airlines made the decision to cancel both last night and then cancel this morning. so that if we had got answer lot of snow by right now things would not be totally back up. >> now you mention all of the flight are cancel. what flights are going through this morning? where are they going? >> when i came in, about an hour ago i look up. i thought believe it or not a flight to boston that was still on the board. so who would think that we would be in trouble in boston, a flight to boston would be going? >> real. >> i yes crazy.
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so the important thing, heck with your airline, one thing good for people to know, some of the airlines have raised the re booking fees so you should behaved to -- should be able to re book with no charges. >> at least some bright side of all of this. >> thank you mayor. >> i one brit spot. >> absolutely. we will check back as things progress. i tell you i don't know that i would be want to be on the one flight going to boston of all place. >> if you're getting on a flight i want to go to mexico or somebody. >> keep second us your pictures, make sure to send them to facebook, stain gram, using the hashtag #fox29snow. first person accepted our challenge, hour one he says, here in morrisville levittown, okay, salem challenge to you, can you keep doing this every hour? we want picture from you for our fox 29 snow pick challenge. use the hashtag take more, better looking more pictures when we come
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>> specially now that we started our fox 29 snow pick challenge every hour, we want a picture. we have to get creative. do you have do one every hour on the hour all day that's loft picks. >> lauren johnson looking through some of those pictures
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right now sent to us on social media, hi, lauren? hello, chris alex we have answer being asking people to send us them in. see them when you use the hashtag fox 29. so our tag board, so for instance pam, oh, come on, pam sent this one, says, from a lansdale, see the snow starting to coat the cars there take a look at another one, from miss marty gal. she said 6:00 a.m. the snow sticking in coatesville alex will send you one at 7:00 a.m. on the hour, check christina north philly, not much why the. put time lapse 6:00 a.m. they'll send them every hour as you asked for snow day challenge, continue to keep up with them and show them to you live on the air. >> you'll watch us age five, six hours we take photo per hour. >> enjoy this right now because see we will be slumming? little bit? >> are we checking in with
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jenny? >> hey jen? blank
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>> some could see 8 inches of snow, maybe more, sue serio can tell you what to expect in your area. >> crews, all over the delaware valley, live look for you, right now. >> we'll check in not only the
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pennsylvania suburbs, in new jersey with steve keel. >> i means the traffic will be a problem, as the snow continues to fall. bob kelly is taking a look at the roads and will help you get where you need to go this morning. so, good day to you, of course it means we also have school closings, so and delays, scrolling down at this bottom of your screen, also,. >> if you're inside, don't have to go to school, don't have to go to work, send us your pictures, we've been talking about this challenge and gregg, just sent me tweet. he says: every hour, i'm off today. so my alarm set for pick taking, alex holley i accept your challenge. talking about the fox 29 snow pick challenge, every hour on the hour, we will do this, too, we want to take a picture. >> it was your idea, i love it, something to do with a snow day. sue will be on catching up on netflix what can you do indoors today? >> this program much more interesting than any of that stuff. look how long we have to go. looks like the bulk of the snow falling in tennessee
6:33 am
right now. >> trains action g over to snow, areas of sleet freezing rain, where it is really slippery. >> we have pemberton shamong over in burlington county getting snow, but little tricky, around millville, new jersey, cumberland county, then in smyrna, delaware dover, looks like sleet little while before you get the snow. because temperatures just aren't that cold yet. winter storm warning continues until 7:00 for pocono mountains, lehigh valley, winter weather advisory, for lighter accumulations so there in the 20's up in the mountains, right at freezing
6:34 am
in pottstown 34 degrees in philadelphia. but as you see 36 dover. that's where we're seeing the sleet, 36 in wildwood. thirty-seven in atlantic city. potential for five to 8 inches of snow. still on track for that right now. three to 5 inches to the north of us, but some places will get more than 8 inches of snow, see where those heavy snow bands set up throughout the day today. so now the rain is in process of changing over to snow. from northwest to southeast as we just showed you. through early afternoon the bulk of the accumulating snow will happenment then this evening, snow tapers off temperatures plunge, and many places will be getting record low temperatures, overnight. so, keep that in mine. because, bob kelly we had temperatures in the 40's, yesterday. so the ground still is pretty warm. as this snowfalls it will cool off be so slippery tonight. >> i want one of your snow plow trucks there 6:34, you're right, all of the snow that melted, ice you should say melted. roads are wet. so starting off with wet
6:35 am
roads, puddles and those puddles, could be, hiding some potholes out there. here is a live look at 422 starting to see the snowfall out here in the royersford collegeville area. as you work your way in toward center city philadelphia i. good news, though, as i mention, the snow emergency here, in philadelphia no parking on the snow emergency routes. city of philadelphia is offering 5-dollar parking three garages here in center city to allow folks to pull their cars off of the snow emergency route and into the garage. fifteenth and arch, fifth and market second and sansom, three city lots, 5-dollar parking for as long as the snow emergency stays in effect here, in philly. the new jersey turnpike, reduced speeds from exit one all the way up, to the george washington bridge there. 295 speed restrictions? play, and penndot has also just dropped the speed limit to 45, on all of the
6:36 am
pennsylvania major roadways. the dial for patco. snow schedule today 5:00 to 7:00. trains running every 15 minute jump down to ten minute every ten minute from 7:00 to 9:00. that's good news for folks coming into the city. septa, they already have 24 bus routes on detour, throughout the day go to, click the system status, because of the melting ice, in delaware county, the route 102 trolley flooded out here so using buses, there is water over the tracks, 35 miles an hour across all of the area bridges. they're ready to salt. they've actually been salted at least once, and amtrak says they running modified schedule today on the say sell a northeast corridor, the keystone line and watch for delays up and down the northeast corridor. chris, alex being back over to you. >> thank you, we just learned all philadelphia court are closed this morning. so all philadelphia courts are closed. so we need to check in with quincy harris he's in center city. >> right by city hall.
6:37 am
as you can see it is getting slick outside. now, we have some workers over here, it is not enough to shovel. but seems squishy moving things out, so it won't get -- won't get too slick out here. it is really slippery out here. i have this gentleman right here. how are you doing sir? how is everything? >> fine. >> now sir how are you doing today. >> i'm doing fine this morning, just bad out here. >> yes now, you know, my job i just left my job the land title building. my staff can't make it today because of the bad weather. so i'm on my way back home. but it is bad out here, though. >> listen when you go back home make sure to watch fox 29. we'll keep you informed. >> thank you. >> good day sir. >> people, downtown, starting starting to be a ghosttown. couple of people, in and out even this lady she looks nice and warm, i would ask who she is wearing but we'll do it next hour. back to you guys in the studio. >> thank you so much, quints.
6:38 am
>> i so what's the situation in the first state? joining us from dill dot this morning, jim good morning. >> good morning. >> how does it look right now? >> well, right now like folks mentioned, we are expect to go get some snow snow. we have about half inch of snow in northern parts of delaware, and in central part of delaware, like dover smyrna, we're getting some sleet, and freezing rain, so that storm is heading south. notice the roads will be slick already. up-state. >> so at this point, you just have the crews on stand by? >> well, no. we've got crews working since you know, around midnight. and immediately, when the rain switches to snow sleet we hit the roads start with the stall. we want do that when it is raining because the rain washes the salt away. >> looking at the radar on the screen, see the dividing line between the snow and the rain. looks to be just little bit north of dover so you're
6:39 am
state, first state interesting, where it will get maybe little bit of both depending which part of the state you live. with the temperatures, that's the interesting part here, hovering above the freezing point right now. >> sue is reporting tomorrow bitterly cold, single digit overnight. fear is wet road mostly now. those could be icy roads tomorrow jim. >> exactly. not only will it be icy but the salt won't be very effective when temperatures are that low. so even though we will be applying salt, doing everything we can it will take a while for that ice to go away. >> yes. >> couple of days. >> exactly. even when this snow system moves out tomorrow, could be even a bigger headache when it comes to travel. >> jim west off with del dot joining us on the phone at 6:39. >> we will be checking knack with him for sure. live crews are out all across the region. >> steve keel any camden right now, steve, how is it looking right there?
6:40 am
>> snow, sticking even to main road, like admiral wilson boulevardment look at the sidewalk here, this just happened in five minute, and you have got the new snow on the sidewalk then you have got this old snow, that looks like a pile of leaves. but it is rock hard. and then you have got even where people are driving, it is very treacherous out here. wrist. real low, so much snow in the air. looking at traffic coming from philadelphia we'll spin around, as bo bob likes to say, coming right at you right now, see the headlight. these are the people going to philly, and maybe going a bit too fast the speed limit here 45 miles an hour, and people don't think i guess they'll slip and slide. the problem is the plows can't get out in all of this heavy traffic. and before the plows and the salt trucks do anything, they're going to have to make lap after lap after lap. >> this snow will be falling one, 2 inches an hour. even when they plow a main road don't be surprised it is covered within 45 minute or so. so these people are driving on
6:41 am
what was sleet, and i showed that you just about 20 minute ago, about how that was sticking to the road. >> so rough conditions again more people driving not everybody has off like the folks do. so jenny joyce having my back as always, where i started cherry hill schools, one of the first to close today. she also tweeted this, their make up day june 18th. i was thinking that far ahead just to feel warm. thinking those kids will be in there, it will be 98 degrees probably that day the one off because it is too hot for their make up day for today. >> you both would know growing up in south jersey, you and jennifer joyce. >> steve note, all call den county offices are closed that's live system park and -- >> basically, almost everything is shutdown today. >> true. >> as you're home, we want to see what it looks like outside your door. use the hashtag #fox29snow. from peggy downingtown, ready
6:42 am
to play in the snow, they look really ready. got the sweater on and all sue. >> they're so cute! >> the larger dogs, looks little bummed, though, really? just quick and then back inside? >> that will be the case specially tomorrow. but plenty of snow, for those dogs and maybe you and/or your kids, to play in, we'll tell you how much we're going to
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>> ♪ ♪ >> should and re mix, i'm so cold and there's snow. >> starting to see some of the flakes out in the pocono mountains, there. >> so, again this is the weekend to go to the pocono mountains, about 2 inches expected in this storm system, or with it i should say. and then the sun's going to come out. it will be beautiful over the week end. >> are you going to go? >> i think we'll get the kids up there. we bought this pass through my son's school, where it is like $45 and you can go as many times as you want. we haven't used yet. hey, i'm not going to waste that 45 bucks. >> i snow ski season. >> let's check on caitlin outside the studios, seeing lots of snow, caitlin? >> we r good morning alex, chris, the day has broken, we have a better picture whatever we're dealing with out here. it was about rain an hour ago inbetween, half hour ago and now it is pretty steady snow. it is not sticking yet.
6:46 am
as temperatures are just above freezing here in old city, but we've got the fat flags coming down, still kind of the water log type of snowflakes. so, still in the transition area period. we'll get it we start to see the accumulation as temperatures fall below freezing, over the next hour or two. start off with the temperatures, where it is freezing or below where you can expect the snow to be sticking, 32 allentown, 32 pottstown, 31 lancaster, boy it is pretty close. thirty-three in philadelphia last hour 34, that's why i am saying giving it another hour or so. then we see it stick. thirty-six wildwood, 36 dover. also, they are seeing rain your radar shows that green rain area, the pink, the inbetween, and then north of there, the white really filling in across northwestern suburbs, dover millville indications on radar at least some sleet or freezing rain mixing in, some sleet, micking
6:47 am
in a loft, that might start to freeze as it hits the grounds although briefly before you change to sleet and then snow. further northwest ward, all of the main arteries headed into the city starting to seat transition to snow, the roads however, haven't been too bad. this is as i glance around fourth and market, moving okay. that's not going to last much longer. and let's check on our northwestern counties, up in montgomery, bucks county, including there my hometown of doylestown just some solid snow showers you've been seeing the past couple of hours, and you continue to see. that will so kind of at the beginning here, and we've got all day the fun will continue. so as we go back inside to sue serio, we'll keep you updated with the hour by hour forecast all day. >> the town in the house. we're glad they produce you miss caitlin. so yes we transition from looking, we will say that word a lot today about transitioning, going through the rest of the day see temperatures dropping, through the 20's, as we look at our future temperatures along with future precipitation. so through 9:00 in the morning, through 11:00 in the morning, we see temperatures
6:48 am
getting even lower and now below 30, by noon, we should be around 29 degrees, as temperatures continue to drop throughout the day. more of the cold air moves n so by 6:00, 7:00 at the latest, this storm should be out of here. then talking about temperatures really plunging into the teens and in some cases, look at this, single digits overnight. if we get to 10 degrees in philadelphia, we will tie the record for tomorrow's date. now here's one of our computer models, that shows about six a and half inches every or so of accumulation in philadelphia when all is said and done. some models say little less. most of them say a little bit more. but only less than 2 inches, in mount pocono, i think we'll get little more than that up there, but not a lot. so visibility is reduced, as the snow continues to fall, less than 2 miles in philadelphia, at the airport and in pottstown, and allentown and reading so, if that's going to make it even more challenge to go try to get around along with the road
6:49 am
conditions. so our winter storm warning continues through 7:00 tonight. expect five to 8 inches throughout the day today. it may be little more in some spots. so here's what you can look forward to in the seven day forecast milder temperatures, not tomorrow, with a high only in the 20's but by the weekend, it starts to get a little bit better. then as you head into wednesday, of next week it is double nickles, bob kelly 55, on wednesday. so that should make you feel little better about losing the hour of sleep. >> yes, i remember when you used to cake the talcony palmyra bridge the nick -- the double nickel. good morning everybody 6:49. hello chester county. live look at the 30 bypass, the gang leaving downingtown as we just heard steve america sean, you know, the rain turned to sleet and now starting to see the snow, so right here see the difference in the coloration here the road surface. so we're slushy, there is sleet, it is ice. and then the snow on top of that there so, again the
6:50 am
road conditions are changing, as you roll out of the driveway. south jersey, though, still just wet. waiting for that change-over to occur. and if you look close every now and again, i can see flakes falling here on my camera looking live at the 42 freeway, but take a look at the poor visibility here. coming over the ben franklin. you can barely see mid-span. so again road conditions, visibility changing in the last 15 minutes or so. to route 309 just outside of 202 here. you can see they already have that coating again the rain turn to sleet now we have the slush and make sure to clean it all off the car too, before you roll out of the driveway. and here is a live look at the blue route 476 work your way through delaware county. keep in mind pennsylvania turnpike also speed restrictions in play here, and there is an accident, westbound, near willow grove. one-car spin out. i got a guy facing the wrong way on the pennsylvania turnpike, a crash over in pennsauken route 130 south
6:51 am
at route 38, don't let mother nature fool you here. because as you roll out of the driveway, may look like the roads are just wet. but, like that, you can go a half mile, and that wet surface is now iced, or you are getting into the snow. that's how quickly this system is moving in, and taking over our area. there is a snow emergency in effect, in philly, which means no parking on the snow emergency routes. but, the good news here is that the city has opened up three of their philadelphia parking garages and offer discount parking so you can get your car off the street and into a covered parking garage, for only five bucks for the day or for as long as the snow emergency stays in effect. so you got 15th and arch there at the courthouse, i think we said the courts are closed too, so we should have plenty of room to park there. fifth and market, and second and sansom. so park for five bucks today if you are really must come into the city, and the two best means of transportation today, the market frankford line, and the broad street subway. chris, alec being back over to you.
6:52 am
>> all right well, thank you bob. we're not the only ones suffering in the snow. boston had a much worse went they are year than we did. and now, all of that snow is put ago city tradition in jeopardy. the city's plans for their iconic saint patrick's day parade. >> live look at old bridge. this is in new jersey. oh, you can see it coming down right now. this is in middlesex county. much more on how things are all around the northeast. straight ahead.
6:53 am
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judge ♪ ♪ >> we certainly are seeing sunshine this morning. >> he says: i snow, i snow, i know, 26 times in this song. >> oh, you counted? >> yes. >> our roving car here, in norristown pennsylvania, jenn fred we'll check in with her to see how the roads are doing watch about boston? boston officials are going to not let it interrupt the saint patrick's day parade. >> boston on track to break its all time snowfall record this week. now, because of all of that, the mayor there marty walsh has been thinking about postponing the parade. but organizers quickly reject that idea, and residents are standing by him. >> i want to have it. if they can figure out how, i would love to have it. comes right down here every year, but it might be little tough. >> so the last time the parade was canceled, was during the
6:56 am
blizzard of 1978. i lived in massachusetts up until 1976 as a kid then we moved. i remember all of our relatives lamenting the fact 1978 was truly paralyzing for the boston area. that parade will take place on march 15th, as planned it will be shakespearean, be aware of the eyes of march. >> this year historic one first time in 20 years the gay and lesbian veterans will be able to march openly in that parade, by the way. >> oh, wonderful okay. well, 6:56. taking a live look at drexel hill. okay guys, 6:56. you know what that means, four minutes before we start hour two, we are continuing our fox 29 snow pick challenge. tweet us your pictures. let's get creative here. remember, you have to use the hashtag #fox29snow. we can put it on tv. hey
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
this is "good day philadelphia". steve keeley, standing by, how are things going out there? >> as you can see, it is snowing on steve keeley. if you walk outside it will be snowing on you too depending on where you live. we're watching the rain change over to snow. we'll tell you what happened after that in your weather authority forecast coming up. so jen where are you right now?
7:00 am
>> we are in norristown, the snow has start today fall, judges as you predicted change from rain to snow, again norristown, montgomery county. >> and good morning to you. look at that lovely shot. >> good morning everybody. >> yes, we need to hear that this morning on day like today. of course, we have your school closing and delays, scrolling at the bottom of your screen. i actually got tweet. someone wanted to know about the philadelphia schools and they are closed. >> public and archdioces schools closed as are so many, sue, you had mentioned is anything open today? we know that a lot of state offices are closed, courts are closed, someone tweeted will there be flyers game tonight? >> i don't think they decided on that yet tonight. >> i'm going tonight. well maybe not. >> hey list listen, they play on ice. >> what about the people getting there?


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