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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  March 5, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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of this. good day march 5th 2015. i just can't believe the mess outside. >> i just can't believe i moved from orlando to philadelphia in march. >> all right weaver school closures for you archdioces schools in philadelphia are closed as are philadelphia public schools. you know all kind of schools around the delaware valley will be seeing the same thing. so speaking of all of the snow, use social media let us see what you see use instagram, twitter facebook, use the hashtag by the way fox 29 snow. just fox 29 snow, and in years past, sue serio fox 29 snow day. >> just snow. >> keep it simple? yes, snow. >> that's right. because that then you have more characters that you can use to tell us what's going on. >> there go. >> see? short. >> look how far south. the snow all the way down to dallas, little while ago now it is exiting texas but we've got a lot of real estate for
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that storm to cover before it get out of here. so as we look at the area, see between the white and the green the area of pink which is sleet and freezing rain real icy and dangerous to travel, in during the transition, period of sleet. but as we look at chester county in west bradford, and uekland township, west goshen, delaware county, around concord, around marple the transition at least in the upper atmosphere has happened. look the pink right here in philadelphia. so it might be rain, feeling few sleet pellets in the city right now. but eventually this all moves over to new jersey, some dry slot here, around shamong but that will be getting out every here too you see we filled in the dry slot in delaware, you got to watch it here in the middle of the new castle county, because around middletown there could be some sleet very slippery.
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watches and warnings up until 7:00 tonight. winter storm warning for most of us, but winter weather advisory for lighter accumulations and the pocono mountains, lehigh valley, the opposite after lot of the storms temperature continues to go down when we started at 3:00 a.m., it was 38 degrees, in philadelphia, now it is 36, 27 in mount pocono, and it is right around freezing in reading, allentown lancaster 35 in wilmington, 38 in atlantic city. so those temps will go down as we change over to snow, then it piles up through the day five to 8 inches for most every us, will be few slots specially just south of philadelphia, where we may see even more than 8 inches lighter accumulations to the north of us, so that's your forecast with this thursday. now, bob kelly the most snow we've ever gotten on a fifth of march was # .8 inches. that record may still stand at the end of the day but kiss that right there at the end of the day. good morning everybody 50:00
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it snow starting to fall, depending where you step out the front door, could be rain, or already see the change over. but, you know, as sue mentioned, all going get it as we go through the morning it will be a rough 24 to 36 hours, the roads are all wet. ice from yesterday melted, puddles, and of course it could all freeze underneath that snow surface there. see the roads are wet here, but all of the crews are all ready and waiting. new jersey dot salt truck crew, and the tricky part here is that none of the dot's were able to put down that brine last night. the rain would have just wash it away. it will be a salting operation, as soon as we start to see the flakes start to fall and stick to the surface, in the northern and western suburbs. the snow emergency route start
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at 6:00. no parking on the snow emergency routes beginning at 6:00 a.m. >> some of the bus route about two dozen of them already on detour septa put that system in advance. you go to click on the system status. the 102 trolley because of all of the melting snow and flooding, they're using buses right out of the gate this morning on the 102. speed reduced, speeds are reduced on a loft area bridges, like the commodore barry, and the betsy ross, and patco running on a snow schedule today from five to 7:00. they'll run trains every 15 minutes. and then from 7:00 to 9:00 a.m. they run trains every ten minutes amtrak running on modified schedule, this morning that includes the asela the northeast corridor and all of the keystone trains, and new jersey transit they're cross honoring their ticket system-wide today because of the weather. and the mark frankford and the
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broad street subway, if you really have to head to work today, this will be your best option. these are the two work horses of the septa system for the most part. the market frankford line, half of it is underground broad street subway of course is underground the entire lent. these trains, again run non-stop 24/7, and they are the key to any time we have a snowstorm, if you really, like emergency personnel looks like working in the hospital, or city government. rough day at philadelphia international airport. they already canceled flight yesterday in philadelphia, so do check with your airline before you head down to the airport. now, better late than never is what i like say is that right. >> yes. >> take a look at what i have here. yesterday, was national pounds cake day. >> right. >> okay? my friend at stock's bakery. >> where is stock's bakery? >> lehigh avenue. right in philadelphia. this is their famous pound cake. folks come from miles to get their pound cake.
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folks order their wedding cakes a year in advance. >> from stock's? >> from stock's. so we have two different versions here, this is the chocolate icing with the marble. >> oh, ya. >> and then we have the plane vanilla with the vanilla icing. >> so mike jokes that there has been no utensils here in like the 15, 18 years of the show. >> well, that's why they're still sling wrapped here. so we already working on some utensils. believe me i'll find utensils. >> please, fast, fast. steve keeley, he's found gym equipment. he found a five below. what's he found now? >> who knows! >> reporter: well, chris i'm at a place where i run around the 3.8 miles every year since i was 15. that's a lot of years. all right? because i'm like months away from being eligible for one of those 55 and over communities and i'm getting right in as soon as the next birthday hit. okay? >> wow. >> anyhow, we thought chris i know you thought i was inside at a gym last time? >> no. >> i actually found a river
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inside. >> that was lauren for the record. >> lauren, okay. look lauren, found indoor river for you, as well. >> indoor river? >> enduring that, now. look, i know it is dark out but i wanted to see thank god you guys are so nice, because i couldn't have fun with you guys. anyway hopefully in the darkness indoors here, lauren hopefully because we haven't turned the lights on in this river building yet but you can make out the ice build up and if i haven't mentioned enough dangers that we'll face today already here we're on the pennsauken cherry hill river of the cooper river park. and, this is one of those places that floods. we always see there melissa boulevard, you have all of this ice breaking up, and flowing, with these tidal, you know, creek and waters and all of this. so that's another danger we'll v because it is pouring out. so you have got all of the stuff melting. you have high tide coming up. you've got all of this rain that will come down before the snow comes down. is there enough danger already before we get to the heavy wet snow?
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look at the headlights. driving as bob kelly like to talk to people who are about to drive. you will be facing in some spots snow, sleet and remember gary says, if you can hear it, it is sleet. i don't hear stuff bouncing on the gown, i just see the rain in our headlight hereof our van park in cooper river. chris, pan over to the left. show them the headlight. so, those are the dangers and do you have hydroplane that's building up on the roads with these deep puddles from all of the plowed snow that's melting, all of the rain that's helping it melt, but even more all of the rain that's falling. so lots of troubles out here. once it starts snowing we'll go into the heavy wet snow and all of the power lines and the heart attack possibility and the fingers lost and the snow throwers. just lots of stuff to be careful with today. just take it easy, and here's my tip of the day for this 20 minute hit. if you feel short of breath like i did last week shoveling the snow because we don't get home until the snow starting to melt, just stop, take a break. you don't have to do all of the shovel in one swoop. go in the house take a break do another 10 feet.
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just do it gradually. and if you feel any short of breath, when you get up there in age like i am, take it easy, these heart attacks come instantly. my father died of a heart attack at 50. so avenue history of it in my family. even if you don't have a history of it, don't overdo it today, like you just did on the gym equipment. >> we'll find another nice place. >> he climbed that big snow mound, did you see that? >> yes steve, very much got into exercise when his father passed, he told me, he it was a real wake-up call. so necessary great shape. >> he is. >> all right steve. >> okay, so mother nature has made it very clear winter is not over yet. we'll be blinking by the snow soon. >> jennifer joyce out ban in drexel hill right now looking miserable in the rain. hi jen! >> reporter: hi, guys, i'm not that miserable but it is a mix of the rain and the sleet coming down, it is looking like it is becoming a little bit more white. so that's what we're expect to go see. but is it bad that when steve keeley is talking about how fit he is and showing offer hits great -- his great arms,
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i'm just excite that this dunkin donuts just opened. i'm ready to go in for my coffee and bagel at this time. it is that time of the morning for me. but we need to keep refueling here, because it is going to be a long day. looking at the radar we can see, right where we are right now, in upper darby drexel hill, right on the fringe of t so it looks like it is all part of haverford, already get that white stuff so it is moving in this direction. and we did see also that it is going to last here through 2:00 3:00 this afternoon so it is going to be a long day for all. we are seeing the school closures come in, as far as the driving conditions, the roads are absolutely wet. but it is still above freezing in this part of delaware county, so ice isn't a major concern, but we are expecting the conditions to deteriorate as the morning goes on. chris, lauren? >> i'm with you, though. i would rather have jelly donut right now than a jam. jen, thank you. let's head south to the first state and see how crews are preparing for this snow there.
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>> joining us liver on the phone is del dot jim west off. checking back in with you. how are you? >> i'm great lauren, thank you. >> good, road conditions still okay for now. rain will change over. you guys couldn't put salt down because the rain was going to wash it away. kind of tricky out there for drivers. >> that's right. right now seeing lot of rain, like you said. we're ready. we've loaded our trucks, and they're pre positioned throughout the state so that as soon as it starts to switch over to sleet or snow, we can immediately pull the trigger and get the trucks on the road and start applying salt. >> so what are you seeing right now? are you seeing that it has switched over now to more of the white stuff than the rain at this point? here we are just little after 5:00 in the morning? >> right now from looking at the traffic cameras del looks like rain so far. but, you know, that can be changing as we speak or it could be an hour from now. >> you know what else is changing?
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actual road conditions. do you remember the road conditions we had last winter i95 being just a mess with potholes. i hit my first big pothole yesterday. it seem like, not only has the snow comma little bit later compared to last year, but so has pothole season. kind of just effect where the roads have been really become a mess just lately with potholes. are you sighing that in delaware? >> you know, we have our normal pothole issues. but right now past few weeks it has been all about snow and ice, you know, our crews have been working almost non-stop, you know, doing this day after day it does take a toll on the roads this rawing refreezing of the roads causes potholes. >> i95 last year was like obstacle course, crazy. all right jim we'll check back thanks so much for joining us so earl. >> i your welcome. >> all right we'll take a break and be right
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>> before we get to the nitty-gritty of the forecast look at the cuteness sue serio, miss sue i am ready let it snow. this is town i marie. mom and i are watching fox 29. stay safe and warm. tone they're in delaware, this morning. so also, we have a report of snow in adams town, heading your way. thanks so much for that from safe on twitter. northeast of lancaster antique's capitol, they call themselves. little trivia now. into what's happening here, we
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have the colder air filtering in, from the northwest so it is changing the rain from yesterday. to snow, as we get rid of the nice milder temperatures that we had for one day. >> getting hit in kentucky, tennessee, lots of snow, seven, 8 inches on the ground already in those states, all of the energy coming our way as well. so many, here in philadelphia, chester county, bucks county, coating of the wet heavy snow on the gown that we've been talking about that's what you are going to get the hard to shovel snow. it is weighing so much. so transition still happening across the river around gibbstown, in new jersey, and it is still raining down at the jersey shore and the delaware beaches, and southern delaware. so future cast has this going on. rest of the day by 10:00 11:00 may be seeing some sleet, as we transition to
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those colder temperatures, but, snow still falling at noon. storm could last until 5:00, 6:00. could have the watches and warnings until 7:00 tonight. real cold air blasts in tonight. temperatures plunket to single digits overnight 36 degrees, right now in philadelphia. but what i want to show you in the forecast look at the wednesday, 53 degrees! >> who wears short shorts? >> hopefully you i can't wait to see. >> i know, i'll find them. 5:17 everybody's breaking open the pound cake over there. party in the kitchen. here's the live look at party on route one. waiting in the wings salt trucks, route one, right at the off-ramps for 476. and here's how it will go down. once we start to see the flakes and anything start to stick to the road surface
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penndot, del dot, new jersey, right on through to stop sign there, wow. put down that layer of salt, and then of course eventually we will become a plowing operation. the tricky part right now is going to be that all of the roads are wet. still dealing with the ponding and the flooding. delaware county up near the airport, start to go get poor viabilities out, there as well. casino every quiet with the schools closed today everyone knows about the snow coming. we all could be, you know, hunkered down here for the day with our milk, bread eggs, and our french toast. light volume so far on the freeway, 295 route 73, however, a snow emergency goes into effect at 6:00 a.m. here in philadelphia. so no parking on any of the snow emergency routes. get a free tow. remember the show parking wars? like 300 bucks to get your car out of the ppa down here in south philadelphia. septa has about 24 bus route already on a detour, and
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because of high water from flooding, all of the snow melting, in media the 102 trolley is already using shuttle buses this morning. chris, lauren, back over to you. >> bob, thanks so much. quincy harris, out on the streets, slipping and sliding around. >> right by city hall. good morning, quinn i harris. >> reporter: good morning, ladies and gentlemen. the snow, starting to turn into snow. at first it was rain. that was just 20 minutes ago. so we can feel like it is coming. a lot of people, they don't want to stop and talk because they have to get to work. people are like oh, i don't believe i have to work, i don't believe i couldn't get off. hello, sir what's your names? >> james. >> you can put your hat back on for us if you would like. okay so, you're going to work today? >> yes attempt to go to work, yes. >> where do you work? >> conshohocken. >> you have to go all the way to conshohocken. >> where are you coming from? >> coming from 26 and tasker. >> so if you get stuck in conshohocken, what are you going to do? >> if it gets too bad i'll go
5:20 am
back home, hopefully don't get too bad. if it gets too bad i'll head back home. >> can you do me 15 snore you can put your hat back on. >> that's fine. >> i don't want you to get a cold. >> i'm fine, my but will be pulling up in a few minute anyway. >> good luck today. you take care. >> you dot same. >> he was nice enough to talk to me. he needs to put his hat back on but yes, you can feel it, getting coal fresh just 20 minutes ago when i was out here and it is actually the rain is turning to snow here in center city philadelphia, guys. i'm on the case for you. >> do you have a change of clothes? steve keeley says sometimes on days like this you have to change several times when standing out in the elements like you. >> no, well, listen, this is why they pay us, to make oscar nomination like changing clothes outfits, no, what i'm going to do, is the outfit you see me in right here, right now? i'm wearing this all day. >> okay? >> are those jeans? >> these are jeans. >> no waterproof pants? >> how are you doing sir? >> ya, we're wearing jeans.
5:21 am
>> miserable. >> we're fox up top party down bottom. okay? >> wow. is that a new slowing snap. >> piss up top. >> he should be in our pr marketing. >> the team? he should. looking good, quince. >> i your welcome. >> thanks so much. >> party down below. >> stay with good day and fox 29 all day for the very latest on the storm don't forget the weather page on has all of the information. live look at your radar, your closings, your delays, everything you need to
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. >> airport is foggy. >> slow today, a lot of flight canceled in advance of the forecast. so take your time on the roads, as well this morning. >> jenn fred is in the roving vehicle, and she's out where what does she call it, snow/raining? >> it was snow-raining, and it is now snowing. we're on route 422 -- believe it or not. it is snowing. we are on route 422 west. so we're headed out to the pottstown area, boyerstown, that kind of area, right now we're right among audubon.
5:25 am
haven't reached the oaks area yet. hey now speedy gonzalez, people are still going kind of quickly on the roads that's because, it really did just change over here from rain to snow. it is 32 degrees, and as you can see the white stuff definitely coming down. 422 the blue route the areas that are starting to see some snow. and so it is basically happening just he can actually as sue serio had predicted. so i want to tell you guys something. quincy harris, he says that he's a big shot just wearing jeans. he forgot his snow pants what's going on, okay? i hate to call out my man quincy, he forgot his gloves, he forgot his snow pants even though sue serio filth dollars him a hat he doesn't have that. steve keeley acting like a fool this morning. ladies and gentlemen, in the jenny mobile, we will keep you -- >> keep it classy. >> make sure you know what's
5:26 am
up. stay classy pottstown. that's what i say. >> that's what i say too jenn fred. stay classy. >> you know, in quincy's defense, jenn fred, and you'll know this from your little ones he's got kobe and jordan and they're both very young. and you're just scattered brained all the time. >> chris? >> yes? >> chris. >> go ahead. >> he spent the night in the hotel away from his family. >> oh, so no excuses. he's just another dumb dude like me then, all right. 5:46 -- 5:26. keep your eye on the storm and it moves through. >> that's right. live look at radar, how long will the snow last, when will it come, jen says, sun's coming already. sue has everything you
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>> oh, chris is in rare form. that's because the winter just won't end and he's a call i boy. he wants to see some sunshine. >> it is called brain freeze. >> i know. new blast of snow and ice hitting the area. see it coming down. quincy says at city hall it is starting to turn over. >> look at that. >> you can tell. sue's going to tell you more about it in just a second. >> white, green and pink. right now ultimate doppler radar, sue's going to make sense of this for us scientifically. >> and the roads, oh boy whether you're flying or traveling, your trip anywhere this morning will be slow, slick, and stalled. bonn kelly will give you -- bob kelly give you all you need to know on the highways and by ways.
5:30 am
>> good day everyone, it is thursday march 5th 2015. >> schools already closing and delaying. so putting those at the bottom of your screen. just heard from the state of delaware, the offices are closed there, also catholic and public schools in philly closed probably just the beginning, though. >> a lot of people, sue staying home. >> this storm is playing out pretty much the way we said it would. because we've got our frontal system, got our cold air moving in, transitioning the rain over to snow. and we've got this stretching all the way down to memphis tennessee and beyond, down in arkansas louisianna, this storm, has a ways to go before we are finished with it. so, you can see the green changing over to white in northern delaware, around delaware county, and across the river in gloucester and camden counties, as well. and where you see this purple and pink here, that's where it is sleet. that's getting closer to dover, delaware. so that's where it is really icy, and then we transition into the all snow zoom in here, west goshen getting snow here if philadelphia.
5:31 am
>> the purple, the pink, means we're change to go heavy wet snow and that's the casino of one of those white fluffy snows, no, the heavy wet snow. trenton just went from rain to snow in the last 15, 20 minute or so. so, just as we said, the transition is happeningment. with the accumulation we're expecting still winter storm warning. it is in effect until 7:00 p.m. that's how long this storm may last. and up to the north of us, lighter accumulations, but as we check our temperatures, 36 degrees now in philadelphia. when we went on the air at 3:00 a.m. it was 38. so temperatures are going down. thirty-two right at freezing in pottstown and lancaster and now 34 degrees in wilmington. so, when all is said and done, we may end up with five to 8 inches on the ground in most places, in the philadelphia metro area. little less to the north of us. and there will be places just to the south of us, or even here in the metro area itself, where we get little more than those 8 inches.
5:32 am
so what an adventure we will have today. rain changing over to snow from northwest to southeast you just saw that happening on radar, mixing with some sleet. and the bulk of the accumulation now through noon, and that is what we would normally call bob kelly the rush hour. but i don't think people will be rushing once this thing really gets cranked up. >> you know what? we've been dying all season to have a snow day. my kids were crazy yesterday. are bee going to have off tomorrow? have off tomorrow? enjoy it. i think you see what's coming. just the beginning gang, as sue had mentioned. so let's take snow day have some fun. here is a live look, county line road, starting to see the road surfaces change. and as i mentioned it, will change fast. we went from the rain, to the snow and now it is starting to stick. and the difference today versus the other storms is that there was no brine that was able to be put down. you know that solution that stops the snow from sticking, because we've been dealing with rain the last couple of days. so and this isn't plowable
5:33 am
yet. we have to put down some salt. things will be slippery, all of that water that's on the roadway, the ponding, and all of that melting ice, could be freezing underneath, that snow. live look at i59 as you head southbound, down toward center city philadelphia. no problems yet. looking good on the jersey side but the key, a snow emergency underway starting at 6:00 a.m. here in philadelphia. no parking on the snow emergency routes. if you live in the suburbs they kick in snow emergency route, you know the drill. you have to move your car off the snow emergency route or the tow trucks will do it for you. septa already has about 24 buses on detour, go to septa.offering. click the system status, be able to do that throughout the day. the 102 trolley because of the melting snow down in delaware county already using shuttle bus this is morning. speeds reduced on all of the area bridges already. and the patco high-speed line, running snow schedule, 15 minutes, trains every 15
5:34 am
minute from 5:00 to 7:00. then they kick in at ten minutes from 7:00 to 9:00 a.m. we'll check the airport next time around. chris, lauren, back to you. >> people are starting to give us update. keisha told us the university of delaware newark campus is closed. i check it. it is closed today. classes will not meet. offices are closed due to weather alert. >> keisha is lovely for send that along to us. >> social media people keep us inform. >> just 15 minute ago my kids were officially to stay home, school closed for us, too. >> good for them. so the weather is terrible out there. >> you'll need a shovel yes. let's go to fox 29's jennifer joyce in drexel hit rye now. >> reporter: we are, guys, finally seeing the white falling from the sky here. it is actually starting to stick on the ground even. this is just in the last 20 minutes or so. we've been seeing the rain switch to ever snow. actually i just saw there was a man driving a plow truck came to stop, of course, get a dunkin' donuts, to start his shift. he said he's just exhausted.
5:35 am
this is a 24th storm of the winter and he said, you know, working 12, 15 hour days, it is exhausting. so everyone's getting a little bit tired of. >> this but i was not joking in my last hit. jared and i we did go into the dunkin' donuts to get our morning coffee. while ways this, there the warm working behind the counter she got a phonecall she said excuse me, this is the school district, upper darby school district closed for the day. we did get that update. now that the snow is falling i think will hit people this is really going to be a storm that's going to affect them today. back to you guys. >> all right jen thank you very much. hang in there. >> all right still ahead we want to see your snow pictures. send us your photos. sean sent this one. he said it is snowing? clifton heights, delaware county. thank you for that one sean. tweet us or facebook us, instagram us, like someone just did use the hashtag #fox29snow so we can find those pictures.
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moments, that are simply better. mmm, galbani (sfx: kiss). italy's favorite cheese brand. now, america's number one ricotta. >> ♪ ♪ >> this is blue mountain ski area pocono mountains. kind of going to like something like this little later, how much, sue five to eight, six to 8 inches of snow? >> sue is saying delaware might get hit with the most accumulation, back to the roads, charlie metzger with penndot in the state of
5:39 am
pennsylvania on the phone for us high, charlie. >> morning, how are you? >> we're fine, how are you doing. >> doing pretty good right now. we're seeing this rain switch to snow in most area. we have 400 truck out on the roadway, ready to go. once the snow starts to accumulate on the load way being we will be able to go out. plenty of material to spread. once the snow starts to accumulate, we'll be able to start plowing. >> your best guess right now the timing that far 6:00 a.m., little later in. >> our crews are out on the roadways spreading the material right now, as it starts, because you don't want it to bond to the roadway since weren't able to brine yesterday due to the heavy rainstorm we experienced yesterday, we will put quick layer of salt down, then continue to make our rounds, as our trucks do their snow route, start plowing once we get about half inch down. >> when we hear sue talk about how big this storm is coming this way, do you it change anything for you guys in how
5:40 am
do you have fight this, battle it throughout the day? >> this is the fishes traditional snowstorm we've had this season. so when we do traditional snowstorm, we use little bit of material, it will be mostly a plowing event for the duration, but we will still be putting salt down between snow runs. so, it is a traditional snowstorm in the sense that we will be able to plow a lot more than we will be spreading. >> all right charlie, do you have kids? >> i do. i have a 15 year old sophomore in high school. >> are they home today? >> she will be home today. >> all right have fun. >> charlie metzger, thanks for checking in, appreciate t coming up: this could be the most snow we see all season, as charlie just said. sue is standing by with your forecast, bob's checking the roads for your morning commute. there is a live look at ultimate doppler radarment you can see most of the green moving out over the atlantic ocean, and the land is going to get all casino of snow. it is happening right now.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> fox 29 snow. >> indeed, now, seeing the change happening, starting to hear from you. so thank for paying attention to our request. look at this. snow starting to coat the cars in manayunk, i think you can see that right there and that was from probably about half hour ago. so thank you for that tweet this morning. what else do we have? yes, the snow has just arrived here in west philly. there we go. heavy sigh, i know, it is happening, it is here, just as predicted. the transition is here, you know who else is here? caitlin roth is here. and she is outside, taking a look at conditions outside. so hi caitlin. >> reporter: hello, sue, good morning. heavy sigh. i completely agree that. you know, we in the transition phase, hoods up weather right now, it is still raining right outside here at fourth and market. but almost the most tiny little ping to the frozen raindrops, the snow slowly but surely making it way n we've
5:45 am
had your pictures across the area testament that the snow is moving in the north and -- northern and western parts of the city. it will be here soon. you see the white area filling in across nine the a the philadelphia area, that means we're trains action g to snow, brighter white, where it is really snowing that heavy wet snow in our northwestern suburbs. that purple line indicates the mix, which is down further south, in to south jersey, northern delaware, getting report that far real heavy sleet. i'm telling you starting to hear the sleet not see the sleet, but hear it start to mix in right here in the city. it will be quick change to snow once we do get there. also some rain down across part of jersey, and southern delaware, so for now, it is the heavy snow north and west, it will be out here just about every 30 minute, and i think over the next hour or two is where we'll see the most dramatic change as we've been in our northwestern spots as we slowly change over to snow. but for now it is the umbrellas, hood weather not
5:46 am
necessarily slippery out here, but with the school closures, some people staying home from work probably the safe bet as least right now. we'll obviously have much more on that going through the rest of the morning back in about a half hour. first speaking of the road conditions, we head back into bob kelly starting to get a little interesting out here, at fourth and market. >> yes caitlin you're right. good morning, come on back in we have cake and coffee for youment don't get that false sense of security it will get worse before it get better, the change over, roads are wet, stashing to see the snow start to fall. things will quickly get slippery quickly as we heard from charlie metzger weren't able to put the brine down, so until they can get the salt down, right now, you can see live look, four # six coming out every mid-county. have the slushy, texture out there on the road surface otherwise, delays on the bypass, coming in from downingtown, and that snow emergency kicks in at 6:00 a.m., here in philadelphia, so no parking on the snow emergency route. same deal with the counties.
5:47 am
montgomery county, chester county. they kick in a snow emergency. your best bet keep the car off the snow emergency routes, all around the board here, for today. there are about 24 buses already on a detour with septa. the 102 trolley is using shuttle buses already. but that's because of the high waterment all of the melt-down from yesterday, has caused flooding, in the neighborhoods, the ben franklin, the walt whitman commodore barry all down to 35 miles an hour. and as we saw the crews in stand by mode on all of the major roadways, the bridges they've been salted as least once this morning, and we're on stant by and ready to go. mass transit probably your best bet if you have to get where you are going today. patco running snow schedule from five to 7:00 a.m. they'll run trains every 15 minute then from 7:00 to 9:00 run trains every ten minutes, modified schedule on amtrak they kick this in yesterday. tried to give folks a heads up. the asela northeast corridor and keystone lines running on
5:48 am
modified snow schedule, new jersey transit, they are cross honoring system-wide as they typically do during the storms. if you really must get to where you are going today may i suggest the market frankford or broad street subway lines. half is underground entire subway is underground. the two big work horses of the septa system running without a problem through 99.9% of all of our snowstorms. chris, lauren, back over to you. >> bob let's check back out with our live crew. >> steve keeley live in camden for us, hi, steve. >> reporter: the conditions are changing by the minute. no sooner do i tweet a picture with big snowflakes, it goes back to rain. so, we had easy driving conditions, then they went to treacherous, and now i wouldn't say back to easy just simply because it stopped snowing. but watch it. >> the conditions change in a instant on you. so, we are on the riverfront obviously, looking at the benjamin franklin bridge. there goes one of the patco trains over. you can see they go slow.
5:49 am
the traffic sometimes goes faster than the patco trains. not advised right now. good thing about later in the morning when the traffic builds up, it is bumper to bumper. so nobody will crash going fast. but, the walkway up there also shutdown, and that's a big notice for you people who bike over or have your morning walk or jog not safer up there, because that ice is over. you don't want to be slipping and falling. but i can see traffic moving up on the ben franklin bridge through the steel girders there. that's a good sign, that means nobody's crashing just yet. and look, you can see the ice now fleeing here on the river. we don't have any daylight yet. we do have visibility. you can make out the psfs skyline on the lowe's hotel. five minute ago you couldn't see any of the light. it was like the whole skyline just shut off all the light. now seeing little bit better visibility. so that tells you the difference between snow and rain when these big snowflakes are falling visibility really cuts down, and you need those wipers on super fast. boy, it is really changing out
5:50 am
here, we didn't have any sleet or freezing rain, we had rain, and then instant snow, and now back to instant rain, there is no inbetween. and as i say about morning runners, i told you we fine people exercising right here, somebody jogging on the riverfront here. you got to get that exercise in for you people who do this stuff every day. you know, you just don't feel right if you don't start your day this way. once you start your day with exercise, everything else is downhill i always say. so you get the stress out. if i didn't exercise before i came into work, i wouldn't survive in this job. >> ya, be interesting to see you off your game. never seen that. steve keeley, thank you, sir shall appreciate it. such a great perspective. >> he always dolls. stay with good day and fox 29 all day for the latest from the storm. don't forget check our weather page on we have a look at the live radar, up-to-the-minute closings delays, and everything inbetween. we'll be right back.
5:51 am
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>> 5:53, it is wet and soggy hear the rain is turning to snow right before your eyes. already philadelphia public and catholic schools are
5:54 am
closed, more delays coming in, they're scrolling at the bottom of your screen. you can go on our website to get the latest. >> back tow philadelphia international airport, where a travel advisory is in effect, today's storm is expected to impact flights coming in and out of the airport. several early morning flights already been canceled. last night officials grounded 20% of the flights there. so check first with your airlines if you're flying out or if you have to go pick someone up today. >> storms impacting train travel. amtrak's northeast corridor is on modified schedule. from travel plans, you should confirm your train status, prior to heading to the station, amtrak also advises review their refund policy in case you need to cancel or reschedule your train ride. boston officials aren't going to let the snow interrupt the annual saint patrick's day parade there. boston is on track to break its all time snowfall record this week, because of the snow mayor marty walsh had been thinking about postponing the parade. but organizers quickly
5:55 am
rejected the idea. people who live there say they're standing behind them. >> i want to have it, if they can figure out how would love to have it, comes down here, i love it every year, but might be little tough. >> the last time the parade was canceled during the blizzard of 1978 the parade will take place on march 15th, as scheduled there is year's will be historic one the first time in 20 years that gay and lesbian veterans will be able to march openly in that parade. >> okay, coming up: live look at radar sue says some people could seymour than half foot of snow. when can we expect it to clear snout she'll let you know. also let's take a look again at the airport, if you are traveling, you have to check in with your airline, the storm is affecting travel, we'll tell you more about that coming up after the break.
5:56 am
5:57 am
5:58 am
i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] >> the range is moving out the snow is moving in. how much will we get, south sue year? >> half jester, could see half foot of snow or even more. >> keeping a close eye on the roadways in case you need to leave your home. bob kelly get you through this messy morning standing by
5:59 am
with your traffic report. good day everyone, good snow day to you, it is thursday, march 5th, 20156789 we have your school closings and delays scrolling at the bottom of your screen there, also, you can log on to the website for a full list. but we also want pictures, right? >> yes. >> we want to see what you're seeing, use facebook, instagram, twitter. use the hashtag #fox29snow. guys, to make this interesting, i have challenge for all of the viewers out there. >> okay. >> ready for this? sue, expecting this all day long? >> correct. >> how about this? every hour let's take a picture and watch it as things change. >> oh, that would be like a time lapse. >> that's right. and at the end we'll put it altogether. >> you can watch us age in real time. >> really. >> one twi do it. >> use the hashtag #fox29snow. >> every hour on the hour. we need one right now. >> take a picture of the snack table up in the news room. >> as that changes during these snowstorms. >> that's always interesting. let's get to t we start with ultimate doppler radar. i'll show you how much real estate this storm is taking up
6:00 am
all the way down to texas ladies and gentlemen. rain in houston, snow in tennessee, places in kentucky already seen 7 inches of snow, that is what is coming our way. soap, we go little closer. where you see purple, that's where it is sleet and freezing rain, where it is really slippery, in delaware, parts of cumberland county, and atlantic county new jersey. we have transitioned over to snow in the philadelphia area, in chester county, delaware county, and there you see the heavy wet snowflakes falling outside our window, right now, but the ground is still wet. remember, we got into the 40's yesterday. so, ground still wet warm, so far, trenton, new jersey has snow, and there is the sleet we were telling you right in smyrna delaware, very slippery right now with some sleet and freezing rain, so the watches and warns continue until 7:00 tonight with the winter storm warning and the possibility of maybe as much as 8 inches r or more of snow. down to 34 degrees, in philadelphia, you see how quickly the temperatures have dropped. we got here at 3:00. we were on t


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