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tv   FOX 29 News at 5PM  FOX  March 4, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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seen and really soon. we've been warning you about this for days. good evening to you. i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. we of course have live team coverage for you tonight. chris o'connell is in norristown where penndot is updating us with their plan. dawn tim knee in chestnut hill. we begin with chief meteorologist scott williams for a look what's happening right now. scott. >> right now millions will be impacted iain across the country includeincluding our area. we're looking at winter storm warnings for philadelphia, all the way in to the heart of texas. let's zoom in right now and show you what's happening for our area. late tonight through tomorrow. in pink winter storm warnings that includes trenton philadelphia wilmington, all of south jersey. all of delaware. north and west into berks county lancaster county but allentown the pocono mountains under winter weather advisoryies. thankfully right now those critical temperatures are above freezing so mainly just all rain right now across the area but take a look toward the ohio river valley. that cold arctic air is rushing in. changing things over to sleet
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and purple in and also into snow that white that you see but look at the sharp temperature contrast across the nation. we have 70s out ahead of that front. single digits once you move a little farther north and west that. cold air will be moving in changing that rain over to snow. but for 42 degrees right now. the wind is calm but look at that visibility. watching out for fog out there. so here's the timeline. by 10:00 o'clock tonight it's still rain but north and west it's changing over to wintry mix especially after midnight the pocono mountains the lehigh valley it goes all over to snow. in philadelphia, after midnight by 4am we're looking at a bonafide snowstorm across our area and those temperatures continue to drop throughout the morning and into the afternoon. we're looking at that snow lingering a little farther to the south. so how much to expect? area wide, five to 8-inches of snow. some locations could over achieve in central sections of delaware as well as south jersey jersey. so now through 11:00 mostly rain but 11:00 o'clock through 3:00 a.m. tomorrow morning that
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rain mixes with sleet and then the bulk of the accumulateing snow from 3:00 a.m. thursday until 11 a.m. much more on the timing as well as when potentially expect a change in the pattern coming up. guys back to you. >> scott, we all know we've dodged bullet after bullet when it comes to big snowstorms here's something. 16 times so far this season we have seen a tenth of an inch of snow and road crews have felt the bite of everyone. and this next storm is likely to punch -- pack the biggest punch we've seen so far. fox 29's chris o'connell live in norristown for road crews chris, here we go again. >> reporter: lucy, this is the 25th snow or ice event penndot crews have had to deal with so far this winter season. so they're getting a workout. penndot officials right now as we speak standing in front of dwindling piles of road salt offering us a briefing now on the impending storm. the good news for commuters to night, mainly rain, but it's
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going to be a much different story for the morning commute tomorrow. we did get a chance to look at that salt supply. take look. 151,000 tons of road salt has been used so far this year. second highest on record, of course, with all the rain we've been having all of that salt is now washed away. so as soon as the snow begins to fall tonight those trucks will be out on the roads throwing down that salt and plowing away. we're told this is going to be a plow event. penndot says their equipment it's holding up threw these storms. 440 trucks will be on the roads throughout our area over the next 24 hours. drivers work aig round the clock and they are reminding everyone please steer clear of these trucks and let them do their jobs. now, from the roads to the air philadelphia airport also already canceling flights tonight into tomorrow. so if you're traveling by air be sure to contact your airline
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he is special physical you are traveling or someone else is. so we'll get some more information from penndot. but they are expecting a major storm and a big mess for the next 24 hours, of course, we'll keep updated and bring you back out here live at 6:00 o'clock. guys? >> all right, chris, see you then thank you. residents in and city officials getting ready for another round of winter weather here in philadelphia. fox 29's dawn timmeney is live in chestnut hill for us tonight. dawn, how are people getting ready for more snow and ice out there? >> reporter: well, iain, everyone heads to the grocery store to stock up when a storm like this is on the way but the one item that is really hard to come by is salt. a lot of people can't find it. but check this out. we're here in chestnut hill the neighborhood hardware store and this is the one place that has been hopping all day long. >> four bags please. >> i'll sell you one. i got a newborn baby at home. >> right.
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>> big driveway. >> report roar desperate for salt. customers packed killian's hardware store in chestnut hill trying everything they can to buy what is a hot commodity in advance of a cold winter storm due to arrive in matter of hours hours. >> we sold out of whatever we had from yesterday. we got a delivery in that was sold out. we got a second delivery. that was sold out and we're waiting for a third delivery. >> reporter: carol lynn parker looking where are for salt with no luck. by the time she gets to killian's this afternoon gone. sold out. but thankfully more on the way. >> i've been searching for it for two days now. my husband called me and told me that they had it here. when i got here, i think the sign on the door -- i seen the sign on the door and salesperson told me that it would be here at 1:15. so i waited. >> reporter: waiting along with plenty of other customers. right on time more bags of ice melt arriving. a welcomed sight as the delivery is brought in on a forklift and sold right off the sidewalk.
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>> it's nuts. it's nuts. this is almost as bad as last year. last year we had like every week was like this. >> one bag. >> reporter: it doesn't take long for customers to scoop up delivery number three gone in a matter of minutes. >> did you think it would be this crazy just salt. >> no, my wife wants to move to florida. >> there's none left in the northwest. i went to five play places. >> reporter: suzanne finally finding it here this afternoon. talk about lucky. >> how does it feel to get the last bag of salt. >> good. >> come back tomorrow it will be fun. >> reporter: so we will see just how fun it will be tomorrow when we all wake up as you can see these guys unloading bags and bags of salt. that's what everybody wanted today. they're plenty of shovels here to be had nobody seemed to be interested in them but maybe when we see how much snow we get this will be the hot item tomorrow lucy. >> tell was dawn, i need to you pick me up some salt. >> i do. i need salt. you got to haul it back to the
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station. >> reporter: i got one for myself, of course. >> all right. dawn, good job on that one. we're prepared at least i don't have night salt but other than that we're prepared we want to make sure you're prepared. fox 29 morning news a starting at 3:00 a.m. your forecast, those roads, we have got you covered. developing right now in radnor township, delaware county police say there could be many more victims of a mall peeper in our area. sean moses was arraigned monday an 86 counts of invasion of privacy and one count of child pornography. police say he taped women in dressing rooms then put the video on porn web sites. fox 29's dave kinchen is live at the radnor police department tonight. dave, how many places now do police think he went to secretly record these women? >> reporter: well, iain radnor detectives believe these recordings took place at five, five area malls throughout the delaware valley, and they say the videos could date back years. radnor police say they have found evidence of more hidden camera dressing room recordings targeting women and have linked
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them back to 37-year-old it specialist and accuseed peeper sean moses of penn valley. >> we did uncover there are deleted file indexes. what that means video once existed on the computers which are giving us other locations he may have filmed. >> reporter: investigators say those locations include excess and forever 21 stores. unisex dressing rooms like these at the king of prussia mall filled with underaged women secretly captured while changing clothes. police say moses was kneeling down holding the camera. >> we have some very concerned parents. some very concerned younger people who don't want their image alter the. >> detectives say they got about 50 phone calls and e-mails with women worried they could be in the videos which moses allegedly shared on porn web sites. police are interviewing them to identify the victims captured on tape. >> we primarily had moms come in. we've had some women themselves come in thinking they're victims and they're appalled by what they see. relieved when when we don't find
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them. >> reporter: moses recorded his sexual encounters like this one radnor police enter viewed three ex girlfriends but not identified the women in those tapes. >> anything you want to say now that you've been charged here? >> reporter: moses said nothing to fox 29 after he answered 86 counts of invasion of privacy charges in court. he's being held on half a million dollars bail while detectives continue to investigate more possible cases. >> i'm actually surprised how big it's gotten. the amount of calls we've had. >> reporter: radnor police are working so hard on this they have moved two detectives off their regular duties and have aside them to this case. now, if you believe you may have been a victim or you believe you may know other potential victims in this case radnor police want to you e-mail them at detectives at detectives at iain. >> dave, thank you. the us justice department will not charge a former ferguson, missouri police officer in the shooting death of unarmed black man. officer darrin wilson shot and killed 18-year-old michael brown back in august.
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wilson says brown reached for his gun during a struggle and he feared for his safety when he fired the fatal shots. federal officials say there was no reliable evidence to prove claims that brown had his hands up when he was shot. wilson was also cleared by a grand jury back in november setting off even more protests in the streets of ferguson. attorney general eric holder spoke about today's decision by the justice dem. >> the fact do's not support the filing of criminal charges against officer darrin wilson in this case. michael brown's death though at a a* tragedy dark not involve prosecutable conduct on the part of officer wilson. >> while the justice department will not file charges against wilson they say there's a pattern of civil rights violations in the ferguson police depth. eagles fans are still scratching their heads aft last night's blockbuster trade with the buffalo bills. not sure how blockbuster it is for us. but howard eskin is live in the newsroom with more on one of the biggest trades eagles have ever
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made. howard man. >> i think it is blockbuster for all of us. it's actually the biggest trade in philadelphia sports in many years. not just the eagles. trading lesean mccoy is gigantic gigantic. he's arguably the best player on the eagles offense. but sports really is about change. now the one negative and i'm sure what chip kelly was looking at because he's in all the sports science mccoy has had more carries than any running back in the nfl the last two seasons. that's not a good thing for a back and it short steps careers. it's obvious that's a big reason chip moves on but the player of the eagles got in linebacker alonso is a really good player according to the people that i've spoken with, and brian baldinger thinks the eagles won in this deal. >> we got to see how the eagles spend the money so we don't know yet. it's an incomplete but i would think right now that the eagles got the better deal because i think running backs can be replaced. it's hard to free up money and then how you allocate those resources to get what you really
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want, what you really need fixed, they now have that opportunity. >> all right. i think when the free agency opens next tuesday the eagles will be big players in signing players. it will be a free for all next week. coming up later in the newscast what do the fans think? and more on what the experts think of this deal. back to you guys. >> all right. howard, thanks. see you then. it's the day a lot of people have been waiting for. >> the trial of the accused boston marathon bomber now underway and his lawyers say he did it. we're outside the courthouse with the very latest. plus headway in the fight against isis. iraq says it's makeing progress and they've got the video to prove it. >> later unbelievable video. a woman trapped in a burning home puts her dog fir
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♪ happening right now in boston the trial of boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokar tsarnaev underway. he faces 30 federal charges and could get the death penalty if convictedconvicted. joel waldman is in boston. we will get to him in little bit. i will tell you this happened today at the trial. the defense said that's not going to side step tsarnaev's role in what happened. so the question is, how are they going to defend him? hopefully have that later in the newscast. police in new jersey community have an internal investigation of one of their own facebook comments that appear about the death avenue dog that. dog was inside a pick up that plunged in a into a frozen river in seaside this past weekend this is a picture from that
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scene. seaside heights police say sergeant thomas was off duty when he allegedly made the facebook posts. one of the posts said that truck plunging through ice with a dog inside brings a whole new meaning to frozen weiner or dirty water dog. what too soon, calm down you animal loving freak. he will remain working during the investigation. the dog's owner has been charged with criminal mischief for driving the truck on the ice. may also face animal cruelty charges. hundreds of philadelphia's low wage workers packed city hall demanding $15 an hour. fast food workers some business owners and others spoke to the city council during this morning's hearing. they're all part of 15 now philly a movement to raise the city's minimum wage and overturn a ban on municipal minimum wage hikes in pennsylvania. now others worry that type of mandatory wage hike would put some businesses out of business and actually stifle economic recovery. it was supporter who's had the
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floor today. >> we have to raise the minimum wage in order for people to be able to feed, clothe and house themselves and their families. and make all of philadelphia prosper. >> somebody pulled the fire alarm just before the hearing evacuating the building and that had everyone standing in the rain. but the meeting went on nonetheless. someone finally gets to take a gamble on the former revel casino hotel. a camden county bankruptcy judge considers a third deal on the property today. the latest bid has $82 million price tag a florida developer is hoping to get his hands on it after two previous deals fell through. the revel shut its doors last september after being open for just two years. stormy for revels from the get go. the question we're all asking about this incoming storm as in the weather storm is this it? >> with spring around the corner who is counting only 18 days i way -- i am. how much more winter will we have to endure. chief meteorologist scott williams is a little bit fed up life outside in old city tonight
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tonight. >> scott. >> we've all hit with this winter. it's been bitterly cold and dealing with the snowstorms aft snowstorm. right now in old city, it's actually not that bad. it kind of feels like spring showers considering what's head our way. temperatures in the low 40s we're dealing with rain now. but there is some hope on the way. in fact as early as this weekend take look at that. we actually springford so, yeah, we'll have to turn our clocks ahead one hour beginning on sunday morning. and also, to go along with that it look like the temperatures are going to be warming up as we move into next week. also iain talked about that countdown to spring. 16 days until we are looking at the start of spring but it does look like a pattern change will take place as early as next week. some of that arctic air will retreat into canada and that will allow for a southerly wind to hit us meaning temperatures will be warming up. in fact that snow will be melting and iain will be hitting the golf courses pretty soon
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across our area. iain and lucy back to you. >> i might go out tuesday. 18th hole. nice little green there. it won't come soon enough for me. >> the 19th hole i like personally. >> not a bad hole. i'm looking forward golf. it was a mix of good and bad luck for a california woman. >> hiker hoisted to safety. the rescue captured. of course, on camera. why she needed help and the two strokes of good luck that made one big difference. >> a florida man calls 911 with some sinister intentions. the gun battle that erupted when the cops got there. >> and a convenience confession. how you can get what you have done off your chest without stepping foot in a church apparently all you need is a smart phone. ♪
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♪ >> happening right now in boston the trial of boston marathon suspect dzhokar tsarnaev underway he does face 30 federal charges for the 2013 attack. now take two on talking with fox's joel waldman indeed live in boston tonight. joel we mentioned a few moments ago. the defense right off the bat said it's not going to side step tsarnaev's guilt so what's the strategy here? >> reporter: well lucy good point. i should say lot of graphic and emotional testimony that was
5:23 pm
happening at late this this afternoon court recessed at 4:30. something you tony a lot of high profile criminal trials or any criminal trials for that matter the defense and prosecution in their opening statements agreeing on who did this and how they did this and the defense really coming out and admitting the guilt of their client dzhokar tsarnaev n fact i quote here the defense attorney saying saying, it was him who did it. tsarnaev the defense attorney alleges placed the pressure cook kearse at the finish line and not only that, the defense attorney says that he was look looking for children nearby and placed the pressure cooker down there naming some of these kids -- maiming some of these kids. three people died. 264 injured the defense attorney asked sort of row tory cal question, why have a trial at all? and her answer to that question is because of why he did it and the defense is contention he was influenced by
5:24 pm
his older brother tamerlan. now, when the us attorney and the prosecution the government had its chance, they came out and really blasted dzhokar tsarnaev saying and i quote here, that he believed that he's a soldier in a holy war against america just pretending to be a spectator but he had murder in his heart. 20 minutes after the bombing the prosecution said he wept over to a wholefoods and bought a gallon of milk just to show how callus he was so really back to your initial question, the strategy for the defense here is that their client should not be put to death while they do admit his guilt. lucy. >> basically his brother made him do it it sounds like that boils down to that particular essence. you're talking about the emotion, of course, this is so emotion filled. a lot of the victims that survived there in the courtroom today. who took the stand? >> reporter: well, two bus loads of victims were actual bussed into the courthouse behind me and it was obvious al very difficult very emotional day for them.
5:25 pm
five witnesses took the stand and again as i mentioned court recessed at 4:30 and it was brutal testimony. a lot of the images very graphic. as a matter of fact we were just talking about this in our satellite truck before coming on air. about whether or not we're even going to be able to show she's images eventually because they are that graphic. the marathon organizer was the first person up just talking about the history and the heritage of the marathon and after that, the owner of a boston marathon store right at the finish line and that was particularly emotional because he said that people streamed in after the bombings -- after the bombs went off and he was really torn internally he didn't know who who who help there were so many injured people. he didn't know which way to turn. after that we heard from videographer who had the wherewithal to record everything that's going on and then his sister-in-law took the stand. she lost her leg. so really very very difficult stuff to hear and also obviously the juror has to see this
5:26 pm
dzhokar tsarnaev was very stoically throughout the entire testimony this afternoon. you can get hints that the jurors were looking at him and looking at the victims and you know, they were having issues with what they were seeing. so it's going to be very very interest to go how this all plays out. i shall add there's saying this trial right now scheduleding to through june but legal experts are saying that they just -- the defense doesn't really have a defense other than the fact they don't want to see him kill. so people believe that this may be much shorter. it might only go four to six weeks and then we have the second phase which is the penalty phase to see if he's put to death. lucy. >> all right, thank you very much. fox's joel waldman live in boston tonight. now of course we're on top of this trial for the duration no matter how long this might last. you'll fine what's happening right now on new videos shows iraq seems to be making progress in its battle against isis. they released this footage showing iraqi troops battling
5:27 pm
isis terrorists around tikrit. the ss led coalition sitting on the side lines. while ear rain yann back militia militias are helping the iraqis and iran's growing roll in iraq is a concern to the u.s. and its allies. man's bogus 911 call leads to a gun fight with police. a 59-year-old man accused of of calling 911 to lure florida police officers to his home. this happened in lake wales flor about a mile -- an hour south of orlando. so he opens fire on the officers when they showed up over 100 rounds were he can changed in the shootout. two officers had non-life threatening injuries the map who made the call also wounded. witnesses say they police say drop it and then the shooting started. >> drop it. i heard them say drop it. pop pop pop pop. >> i look out the window and i seen sheriffs squatting down going across and that's when i told them get in the closet. >> no word on why the man opened fire on police. he reportedly has a son and daughter who both work for the
5:28 pm
local sheriffs office. we all love girl scout cookies. thin mints are addictive. >> he is special physical you put them in the fridge and freezer. are we eating a different thin minute than people in on the parts of the country. why that a is answer yes. >> the city in uproar with news the eagles they're trading one of its most high profile players players. philadelphia sports fans aren't holding back. like that's a surprise and we we've got it. scott. >> lucy, coming up ultimate doppler is lit up. that rain changing over to wet snow.
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>> here's a live look at camelback mount tone name it hasn't been a great day but things are about to get worse out there. we should see the biggest dose of the snow this season coming later tonight maybe after midnight and on into the early morning hours. get a whole lot of snow up there and a lot here. >> i thought you were joking when you were talking about this a couple days ago. it's funny. >> not funny. >> not joking, of course, it's march, but it feels more like we're in the middle of january right now and we have winter storm warnings pretty much area wide and those temperatures are going to be dropping but right now it's above freezing by 10 degrees. so it is all rain if you're stepping outdoors. umbrellas are up. windshield wipers getting a work out. the streets are wet. visibility down to 2 miles. so we have the fog and we also have the rain out there but eventually later ton night we have those winter storm warnings warnings. in the pink area wide you can see from trenton to philadelphia
5:32 pm
to wilmington north and west, toward berks county, lancaster county, but as you move tour the pocono mountains as wells the lehigh valley only an advisories for lesser amounts of snowfall there. as we look at what's happening right now on ultimate doppler with the temperatures and also the precip in green pretty much area wide we are just dealing with the plane rain because temperatures are above freezing. 42 right now in philadelphia. 44 in millville as well as atlantic city. but as i expand the view, take a look toward the western part of the state around pittsburgh. the change over has already begun. they're looking at some of that snow. and then moving a little farther to the west around the ohio river valley, take a look at cincinnati. take a look at louisville kentucky they have switched over to a heavy wet snow and that will happen in our area as those temperatures continue to drop. look at the contrast north and west. sip gel digits right now in minneapolis. we have mid 40s in charles ton west virginia but move toward the carolinas columbia south carolina right now balmy
5:33 pm
74 degrees. so a lot of energy with this system and that temperature contrast so here's that boundary that front that we've been talking about. it will continue to sag its way through the area but that cold arctic air will rush and switch that rain over to snow. so let's zoom in a little closer and get you through this evening. all rain across the area pretty much all the time by 10:00 o'clock tonight we're watching the pocono mountains the lehigh valley by midnight and watch the temperatures and watch the contrast with the rain changing over to snow. after midnight in the philadelphia area but tomorrow morning a bonafide snowstorm heavy wet snow across the area but then that dry air cuts the snow off north and west and it lingers into the afternoon farther south and east. away from philadelphia. so here's the call. you can see a good five to 8-inchinches philadelphia norristown moving into sections of delaware and south jersey. but there could be some areas that over achieve a little over 8-inches. but three to 5-inches once you move toward lehigh valley and the poconos.
5:34 pm
so here's the timing. now through 11:00 o'clock. mainly rain wet roads temperatures above freezing. by 11:00 o'clock tonight through 3am that rain starts to mix in with sleet. approaching the philadelphia area. but by 3am thursday, when the fox 29 morning news begins hour earlier we're looking at the snow starting and continuing through mid morning 11:00 o'clock and once again that snow lingers into the afternoon south and east. it's pretty foggy right now at the philadelphia international airport. the high today only 43. but certainly we are getting closer to that normal high this time of year near 50 next week. 32 degrees tonight those temperatures drop and then as we move ahead to tomorrow, 32 degrees to start but temperatures fall throughout the day. expect major delays with heavy wet plowable snow heavier amounts farther south and east. then look at friday morning. 11 degrees. temperatures friday only into the 20's but as we move toward the upcoming weekend 40 degrees turning milder. we're looking at the springford
5:35 pm
happening early sunday morning. 43 for the high on sunday not bad and mid 40s by monday. upper 40s and look at next week. 50 degrees for the high temperature. >> there you go. >> there is some light at the end of the tunnel. >> exactly. >> which is good. >> you don't have the salt because they ran out it's going to melt. >> thank you scott. also want to keep checking our website the latest information right there for you on the storm and any warnings in your area. we'll be right on the home page or in our weather section. >> two big thing talking about today. the weather of course and lesean mccoy trade has him going to buffalo and eagles fans going off. >> howard eskin talked about kind of nitty-gritty of the deal earlier. sean bell in the news rom with that part of the story. sean some of these fans are not happy. >> iain, last year with desean jackson now it's lesean mccoy. chip kelly gives away team favorites in pro bowl offensive players to back years.
5:36 pm
i'm stun of the most fans are stunned and the fans can't understand why the organization is doing this to them. they don't care about the fans. they traded all pro running back one of the top four in the league. and what did they get a hurt linebacker? to me that's not a good deal. >> chip kelly's libel to make any most he wants. but not lesean. not shady. the one guy people thought would be safe is gone. for kiko alonso linebacker who didn't even play last year. needless to say the frustration is real. >> didn't agree with it but i guess chip has a plan. >> last year desean. this year lesean. might come back to haunt him. >> not all the fans are against the move. they're all shocked but not all against. faith in chip is what is needed in some are holding on. >> i was extremely surprised you know, he's still young. only i think going to be 27. coming up this summer.
5:37 pm
and he was drafted by the eagles so you like to see a guy when he's drafted kind of finish the season -- finish his career i should say with the eagles but you know, like i said in chip we trust. >> this up to doesn't have time for losing we need wipness. chip kelly doesn't get it done fast people will turn and people will turn quick. and they're takeing they're money with them. >> why buy jerseys why by anything from any franchise any more if they'll take players like that and just toss them aside? >> you got a lot of fans ready to jump off the ship. not the eagles ship but the chip kelly ship. chip kelly's next big move might be to get oregon quarterback marcus marry yet at a. the fans were splitting to up in draft to get him. chip doesn't care what anyone thinks. iain and lucy. >> he better win baby. thanks sean. >> some car dealers ships are in trouble tonight with the company that make the cars they sell. >> dodge is calling out those
5:38 pm
dealerships. they say for the sake of their customers why they're blowing the whistle. hiker hoisted to safety in california why she needed help and two strokes of good luck that made one big difference. >> coming up at six burglar steals a piece of equipment at the worse possible of time. the crime was caught on video. what police say he ran off with. >> we're waiting the new episode of fox's mega hit empire tonight right here before fox 29 news at 10. here's a taste of one the new songs you'll hear tonight at 10:00. it's called conquer. ♪
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car company says there's high demand for new limited edition dodge hell cat model. so much so that some dealers continue to take deposits for the cars knowing they can't get as many as they say they can. dodge says some dealers aren't telling customers that they may have to wait months to get it. buyers are also being you were to do ask dealers whether a deposit is required and if it's refundable. >> this woman is said to be the oldest person in the world. >> and she is getting a big birthday party in japan. her name is -- she turns 117 years old tomorrow. the guiness world records says for two years running she has been the oldest person. what is her secret to longevity. she says she has no idea. she is an honest person. but in the past she has credit add good night's sleep and eat eating sushi. she has a 92-year-old son six great-grandchildren by the way
5:44 pm
and her husband he passed in 1931. >> incredible. happy birthday to her. >> yes indeed. >> before we show you this next video we want to let you know everyone is okay. >> a woman trapped in a burning home puts her dog first tossing them to safety. how firefighters rescued all of them. >> plus convenient confession. how you can get your sins
5:45 pm
5:46 pm
5:47 pm
>> latest on the bob christina brown. today is her 22nd birthday. the daughter of whitney houston still in medically up dude coma tonight more than a month after being rushed to the hospital. joining us now the host of dish nation head crack and head crack while of course her birthday is today there are some reports
5:48 pm
there could be reality tv show around this whole crisis, is that true? >> yes, a little bit true. a little bit falls. the media is mixing it up a little bit. bobby brown two sisters and their kids have filmed reality show a few month back. they're continuing to pick up the pieces of the stuff will include her fight for her life. according to bobby brown's attorney he is not involved and the family is being slammed for exploiting a tragedy and cashing in. arguably so f you're going to do a reality show do it in the strength of your own name. it's in poor taste. >> absolutely. >> some other news tonight head crack. chris brown is now a father. what are you hearing now? >> well, chris brown hasn't been speaking too much but it has been revealed this week that chris brown a is a father nine month old baby girl. the baby momma a girl by the name of nia she has been friends
5:49 pm
with chris bound's girl friend. that's not necessarily true. they're not like super duper friends but they were partying in the same place and they open took a photograph together in the same spot. now, people are saying chris brown this girl during the period of time him and his girlfriend were taking a break. he made a song these girls ain't loyal. apparently neither are contraceptives. >> oh, man. all right head crack. thanks for dropping the notch. we appreciate the insight as always. after fox 29 news at 10:00 we've got two hours of news and infotainment. tmz and inside edition followed by dish nation and chasing news at 12:30. >> drama rescue during a calfly apartment fire and a firefighter's body camera caught it all. it happened on valentine's day. look at this rescue right here. a woman throws her dog from a second story window into a dumpster below. now, she did this twice both dogs they are fine. then firefighters put up two ladders they climbed up grabbed the woman and they brought her
5:50 pm
on down. she is okay as well. investigators say the fire left a half million dollars in damage. rescue of a different kind caught on camera in california. this one as dramatic. a woman was hiking when she tripped over a rock and snapped her ankle. she was with a friend who called 911. first stroke of luck. second stroke of luck, a tireless rescue chopper was already in the area so crews got right to her and hoisted her to safety. for the hiker that was scariest part of it all. >> i a little concerned when the ground crew said, okay we'll hoist you up. are they really good about this? and she said they do it all the time. >> she says she's hoping for a speedy recovery show second walk to the fire company and thank her rescuers herself then get back to hiking again. a post office worker in virginia is in big trouble tonight all for what she was caught doing on camera. this male carrier got some packages to deliver to these homes in alexandria that's a
5:51 pm
suburb of washington d.c. but instead of walking them up to the door she tosses them on the front porch. when the homeowner watches the tape and confronts the carrier she told him his steps were too slippery to deliver. he claims the video shows he tried to clean the steps before she got there. >> clearly showed there were no ice on mine and again this was not just one package thrown. this was three packages thrown. three different times all within an hour's period of time. >> postal service officials say they've seen the video and they're not happy. a full investigation is now underway. there's no word on what will happen to the employee. if you are catholic how does this sound? confessing your sin sins to a priest in the palm of your hasn't. man who claims he's a priest is now ready to hear your confessions through the snap chat app. he is in texas. he wants to stay anonymous but he's offering confession throughs snap chat the smart phone app let's you send message at quickly deleted from the recipient's phone the man is going by priest david on the app app. other priests some think he's
5:52 pm
missing the point here. >> doing a snap chat i mean you can do snap chat or through the internet and list everything you've done and there's no hugh mill in the in there. there's no ownership of the sins you've committed. >> priest david says he's making himself available snap chat through march 16th. a local church says it's now getting out of the tax lien and foreclosure business. it says it's sorry it ever got into it. >> this after a fox 29 investigation just last week. introducing to you a couple of families on the verge of losing their homes. jeff cole has our follow up report. >> reporter: the letter is dated march 1st 2015 last sunday and is addressed to our fountain of life center church family. it's posted on the website of a former member turned critic known as the redeemed marine. it starts with a reference to the fox 29 report. we want to apologize for the embarrassment this story has caused you personally and as a
5:53 pm
church father. last week fox 29 reveal that the burg ton new jersey fountain of life center through a school it runs a business it controls or entities link to to do it had eau been buying homeowners unpaid tax liens and moved to foreclose on take the home. donna maxwell of burlington county whose lived for years in this run down trailer is one. so your understanding is this church has paid these taxes? >> yup. >> reporter: because it wants this property? >> yes. >> reporter: it's going to throw you the hell out of here? >> yes. >> reporter: maxwell and her children face a spring evict. jennifer schlear of palmyra fears the loss of her home. >> i thought churches were there to help you not to prey on people's misfortune. >> the executive pastor defend the practice. >> she should pay her tacks that's the law. >> reporter: in sunday's letter church elders wrote while the practice is legal it's one they never should have have been involved in. the letter also states that
5:54 pm
since 2012, the church has not bought any new tax leans and adds it is working diligently to completely remove the church from the investment strategy. earlier the feds accused an entity controlled by the church of rigging bidders at lien auctions so it could charge 18% interest. it pleaded guilty and paid a fine a civil suit is pending. as for the women they say their pleased to hear the church is no longer buying tax liens but remain uncertain about their futures. jeff cole, fox 29 news. >> skin lightening dark spots scars they're all hidden dangers and change your skin color at home. register dermatologists say those removes and creams could have the opposite effect if they're not used correctly. some products sold over the counter are online or even in your local shop have higher doses of chemicals and are only supposed to be prescribed by a doctor.
5:55 pm
>> this should have never made it in or never made it into the store or over the counter. >> tonight at 10:00 the dangers we found lurking on shelves inside the stores where you may be shopping. that story is part of a must see lineup on fox 29 tonight. it all starts with american idol at 8:00 then the mega hit empire an full wrap of the days news and the latest on the incoming winter storm on the fox 29 news at 10:00. straight ahead at 6:00 another winter storm just hours away. and this one could be the worst of the season. new information about how bad this could be and who could be hit the worst. he's already charged in what one local police department calls the worst invasion of privacy case it's seen in a long time. tonight more women step forward
5:56 pm
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now, america's number one block mozzarella. ♪ right now at six counting down to what could be the biggest winter storm of the season. live look outside this old city. you see the streets are already wet. this day just barely hinted at the trouble to come. >> here's a look at the storm that could make things difficult for us. just a few hours it could drop more snow than we have seen at one time so far this winter. good evening i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. that storm not on a fixed track. new information as this thing heads in. nor we go to chief meteorologist scott williams live in old city night. good evening lucy and iain. right now temperatures are well above freezing. so all we're dealing with is just plain old rain.
6:00 pm
however, all we need is more than 4.8-inches for philadelphia to see the biggest snowstorm of the season. and that is what i expect out of this system. as we look at ultimate doppler right now you can see the green that is rain but to the western part of the state that white that is snow showing up around pittsburgh as well as columbus, ohio. but take a look at this system. it is covering a lot of territory into parts of the deep south as well and then eventually that system had head in our direct. millions will be impacted over the next 24 to 48 hours. you can see all of the pink, those are winter storm warnings in purple those are the advisories. let's zoom in to our area. and you can see pretty much the entire viewing area looking at a winter storm warning beginning at 7:00 o'clock tonight continue continuing through much of the day on thursday. but look at the sharp temperature contrast. low 40s in philadelphia. but look at minneapolis single digits. 8 degrees. and then look at the balmy 70s right n


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