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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  February 5, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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nell is live at mitchell elementary school in the kingsessing neighborhood of southwest philly where this whole thing started. chris? >> reporter: lucy, it appears those four children will be okay but all four of them from what we understand are still at chop being evaluateed by doctors for cocaine exposure. disturbing news to parents showing up here at mitchell elementary. many of them didn't hear this news. here is what police are telling us. those 13-year-old boy paid an eight-year-old student $7 to hold 16 baggies of crack cocaine in his skoal bag for the day. now, at some point that boy took out the drugs and started passing those baggies out to classmates. well at left for of them handled the drugs. one of them may have inn jeffed some of the drug. two, sixth graders a fourth grader and a third grader were all taken to the hospital as some parents wonder how this
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could have happened. >> getting into kids out of here. it's ridiculous. they shouldn't open be doing that. no kids should be exposed to coke. no other drug at at you will. >> it's problematic. it's a sad situation where you have kids at this age exposed to this type of stuff this early in life. >> reporter: now, we can tell you that police are right now searching the home of that 13-year-old boy. they want to know where those drugs came from. we can also tell you that parents here at mitchell elementary school were sent home notes telling them what happened but i can tell you many of those parents didn't hear what happened until we told them. lucy iain. >> thank you very much, chris. we'll continue to follow this story all night. of course, you can get continuous updates on right on the home page. the arctic chill returns with vengeance in your fox 29 winter weather authority. some of you out there going to experience temperatures that feel like they are below zero tonight and there's another chance for snow. chief meteorologist scott
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williams outside tracking it in old city. yesterday i saw guy in shorts. i don't know if it was that warm but today you need all these layers on out there. >> we need to find that guy today, iain and see if he still has those shorts on because we talked about it yesterday. enjoy the warmth. we had a high yesterday of 47 degrees. right now, it's a shock to the system afternoon highs today were in the 20s. 24 degrees right now and yes look at that wind. making it feel like the single digits already. it feels like 9 degrees in philadelphia. we still have those winds gusting at times over 30 miles per hour right now gusting out of the northwest 30 miles per hour in atlantic city. but look at the air temperatures temperatures. it's 8 degrees in the pocono mountains. it's 24 in atlantic city. 23 in wilmington. but those are the air temperatures. factor in that wind how you should dress, how your body reacts it feels like 9 degrees in atlantic city. it feels like nine in trenton and it feels like nine below right now in the pocono mountains. so blustery winds of change gusting at times up to 40 miles per hour.
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those bone chilling wind chills single digits pretty much area wide right now. but overnight it's going to be below zero and then, yes we still have that potential for a wintry mix as early as next week. when i come inside i'll break down the details of that system plus we'll talk were you what to expect for the upcoming weekend. iain and lucy, back to you. >> all right scott. stay warm out there. thank you. following a developing story out of philadelphia tonight. two police officers are now facing criminal charges accused of brutally beating this man. then trying to cover the whole thing up. but it was all caught on video and a grand jury is now going after them. fox 29's dawn timmeney live outside police headquarters tonight. dawn? >> reporter: well, iain, those officers are pacing a string of charges including aggravated assault criminal conspiracy and falsifying documents. they turned themselves in to police this morning. they are suspended for 30 days with intent to dismember. what they did was totally and proper yet. totally improper. totally in violation of any p.m.
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see, any training, anything period. >> reporter: philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsay reactioning as the district attorney announces charges of police brutality against these two philadelphia police officers sean mc knight and kevin robinson following a grand jury investigation. >> it is painful. it is embarrassing. >> mc knight and robinson are accused of brutally beating 23-year-old najee rivera back on may 29th of 2013. the officers stopped rivera who was ride ago scooter on north seventh and somerset streets. rivera telling a grand jury he initially took off because the officers had their batons drawn and he was scared. but he says the two chased him down and beat him with those batons. >> he didn't resist. he didn't lunch at them. didn't have weapon. they hit him in the head. he fell off his scooter. he was in pain. they began beating him. >> reporter: investigators say mc knight and robinson said that rivera resisted arrest but his girlfriend went back to the
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scene of his arrest on the 2700 block of north sixth street and found surveillance video yo that the da says shows the officers lied. >> none of it was true. except for the blows inflicted on najee rivera. >> reporter: the attorney for officer mc knight says the two cops were just doing their job. >> when people flee and they try to keep themselves from getting arrested sometimes officers in using force create injuries. the al interpret in a tiff would be that they simply close their eyes and allow the guilty to go free. >> reporter: now initially rivera was charged with aggravated assault recent lated offenses but when the video came to light those charges were dropped and the investigation then focused on the two police officers. by the way river are did file a civil lawsuit with the city and received a $200,000 settlement. lucy. >> thank you dawn. delaware state police busted three possible for a meth lab in sussex county. police say they caught erika wild, john jones the third and adam pretty man running a meth
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lab out of a home along the 29,000 block of hick man lane in millsboro, delaware. they say inside they found equipment, a small amount of drugs, a handgun and a shotgun. the meth labs are incredibly dangerous. police say the home is not a hazard to neighbors. a delaware county man will not be charged in connection to a deadly shooting of a teen. police say the shooting was self-defense. fox 29's dave kinchen recounts what happened. >> bizarre when you see somebody everybody day of your life and you no longer see them no more. >> reporter: it's hard for byron banks to process the death of his neighbor 18-year-old tyler williams shot dead by a sketchier old man he was trying to rob at the point of a pellet gun. >> he take trash it. cut grass. so that's like really beside the character i knew. >> reporter: police say the disabled 67-year-old man was walking along cobbs creek with his cane when he was approached by williams had was wearing a mask. >> he fought. he tried to get the gun from the
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robber. he didn't get it. he felt he was losing the fight so he pull his gun out which he had legally. he had a concealed weapons perm. he fired one shot. >> reporter: hitting williams in the head killing him. the shooter was taken to the hospital for observation. but not suffer any major physical injuries. >> unfortunate as it is i'm telling you this guy the shooter, the victim was distraught. he was crying. he was emotionally upset report roar employees say he will not face any charges as he was acting in self-defense. >> if my life was on the line it kind of come between those two it's like you going to take mine or you know, it's not so ease so. >> maybe it sends a lesson to those bums out there that are sticking and robbing and pillaging mack they'll run into somebody that got their own gun. and want to defend themselves. >> reporter: in west philadelphia, dave kinchen fox 29 news. >> the city of camden is making the grade when it comes to improving its schools.
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recent poll found students feel safer and better about their learning experience. a strategic plan in place to help more students graduate. right now two of every five students in camden are not getting a diploma. they're dropping out of school but so far efforts to change that are working working. >> we believe deeply that in order for camden to be the great city we all want the to be we have to dramaly improve the hierarchal of education and we have remarkable students here. and we just got to make sure potential of our school matches the excellence of our students. >> one way improvement are being made the district has a community coordinator now for each school. their role is to connect parents and the community with what's expected of the students getting everyone involved in reaching that are goals. new jersey state senate is considering a bill that would change the penalties for first time drunk drivers. right now first time offenders lose their licenses for three months. but under the proposed measure suspension times would drop based on blood alcohol levels. the penalties would also involve
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putting a system in vehicles that would mesh if they've been drinking. repeat offenders face tougher penalties. the assembly already passed that bill. pope francis is planning to address congress when he visits the us in september. this will be the first time the pope has addressed a joint session. his visit coincides with his trip to philadelphia for the world meeting of families. today, the pope held a google hang out chat with some disabled children from across the world. the pope wants to connect schools and teachers through technology to better educate kids around the world. >> there you go. watch out where you drive in philly. >> some construction construction left a large hole in the ground causing lot of problems. drivers are bottoming out or having to swerve outweigh. fox 29 is on the case getting results. >> another last minute day for atlantic city's revel cass soon notice. the light and water are staying on for now. why cutting though utilities would create much bigger problems than unpaid bills. >> hi, how war. >> not good day for tiger woods.
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it may be a will before he wins another tournament. i'll let you know what happened coming up in sports.
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and body, so you stay active and strong. ensure. take life in. ♪ the lights will stay on for now at atlantic city revel casino hotel. utility company had told revel's owners it would cut service at the building by 5:00 p.m. today because of all those unpaid bills. but this morning the company and the casino agreed to keep the power and water flowing until a hearing next wednesday. mold grows frozen pipes and difficulty fighting fires are just some of the problems utility shut off could create at the building which revel is trying to sell to a florida developer. fox 29 getting results on a problematic pothole much this giant crater was creating whole lot of problems near 63rd and market streets in west philadelphia. those that were lucky enough to see it were able to get out of the way but not everyone was
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able to do that. >> with all of that traffic at that incredibly busy intersection why wasn't it fix fixed? our bruce gordon headed out to get results. he joins us from west philadelphia. bruce, what you got? >> reporter: yeah, lucy, this particular road hazard was very difficult to avoid and for thousands of motorists each day that meant a risk of physical injury or expensive damage their vehicles. a viewer alerted us to the problem. so i came out to take look. it's not actually a pothole per se. more of a 10-foot by 10-foot asphalt mine field that catches and punishes drivers who fail to slow down as they pass over. >> feel my wheel about to fall off when you hit the hole. >> reporter: you've gone through it before and bottomed out? >> yes. >> reporter: our fox 29 news van gives i was driver's eye view of the shimmy and shake. what occurs when you drive over
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this lunar surface at 63rd and mark. it appears the ground beneath an asphalt patch job that may have followed utility work became loose. portions of the street began to sing. >> it's terrible. it run into a few times myself. >> reporter: you've driven through it. >> yes. >> reporter: what's it like. >> the not pleasant that's for sure. >> reporter: that wasn't bad enough. most drivers who know the dangers, are forceed to veer around the crater as they pass through the intersection. >> the first time i hit it it was really bad, you know. >> reporter: you hit it once? >> yeah. i don't know with they don't fix it. >> reporter: i quickly scene enough. whipped out my camera snapped a picture of the mess and e mailed it to the folk at the city streets department. three hours later, a repair crew was on the scene. this temporary work is called a cold patch. but when the weather gets warmer they'll be back to dig out the area, fill the with concrete and asphalt over the top. but for now at least the intersection is safe. >> that's good because these cars come down here and fly and hit that hot pole and go
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airborne. i'm glad somebody came along and did something. >> reporter: so are we. the repairs actually were wrapped up around 3:30 this afternoon. we're already seeing a difference. folks instead of anticipating that big crater that big mine field and either slamming on their brakes or veering out of their lane are heading through this intersection now without having to hit their brakes doing so smooth. the patch isn't perfect it's not a thing of beauty but things are safer out here. fox 29 getting results. lucy? >> maybe in the a thing of beauty but if it work that's good. thank you bruce. if you have an issue you'd like fox 29 to help you get results on just let us know. it's very easy. visit our website click on the news link and send us an e-mail. i'd like to get some results -- >> on the weather front. a little warmer like yesterday. >> i went down to the food truck across the street and i -- brrr. >> that wind, the win is what's you know the thing that makes you feel. that feels like temperature you
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always talk about. >> it will feel like below zero overnight in many locations. but there's little bit of good news in the forecast. we will see warmer temperatures in fact for pretty much the and tire weekend before we have to contend with a wintry mix possible as we head into early next week. it looks like it will move in overnight sunday into monday. maybe linger into tuesday. but look at this temperatures right now. 24 degrees in philadelphia. you have to factor in that wind and it makes it feel like the single digits. 9 degrees is what it feels like right now in philadelphia. but take look at the air temperatures. 20 in lancaster. 20 in pottstown. 25 millville. 24 degrees in atlantic city. but look at what it feels like. the single digits in wilmington. feels like 8 degrees for you feels like nine in cover. nine as what it feels like in atlantic city. it feels like nine below already in the pocono mountains. and take a look at future feels like temperatures by 7:00 o'clock. it will feel like 5 degrees in philadelphia. then by 10:00 o'clock when you are watching the fox 29 news at 10 it's going to feel like 15
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below in the pock notice mountains. it will feel like three in philadelphia. it will feel like three in millville and 2 degrees in atlantic city. so brutally cold out there and then as we move ahead to your friday morning not a whole lot of change it will feel like 5 degrees in philadelphia. so that's how you should dress tomorrow morning. out the door. you should dress for 1 degrees in reading. two below in allentown. by 6am on your friday. thankfully we're dry but we saw that arctic front below through town earlier in the day. we had a few flurries especially north and west. but blustery conditions with those winds of change moving in right now and those winds have still been gusting at times over 30 miles per hour so there's the arctic front so behind it we're looking at that cold arctic air that continues to head in our direction. but thankfully we'll stay dry for your friday because if we had moisture it would certainly be in the frozen precipitation form but we're looking at sunshine dee september seive sunshine for your friday. saturday is going to be dry and
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we'll have a boundary off to the north. so that will actually give us winds out of the south on saturday warming us up back into the 40s. so looking pretty good right now for both days on the upcoming weekend. sunday that system is going stay to the north with that moisture but we'll increase the clouds throughout the day on sun today and it looks like not until overnight sunday into monday and early neck week when we have another chance for a wintry mix some rain some sleet some snow and it really depends on how far north you are as to what you're going to get but right now you can see that bulls eye with the wintry precipitation is mainly into sections of new england as well as upstate new york. so it really doesn't look like it's going to be a whole lot as we move into the upcoming early pattern with that system now. as far as those lows tonight cold, 12 in the city. five in the colder suburbs. as we talk about tomorrow, it's going to be a frigid start. 30 degrees for the high. so we'll likely stay below freezing much the seven day forecast though, 44 saturday.
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that's above average. sunday cloudy, 42. that's average and then monday into tuesday still that wintry mix rain, snow combination but once again it looks like most of the snow will be far to our north. so howard won't have to say he's had it. >> poor, scott. i told scott to plug his ears. >> i'll physical you what. now we'll get blasted. >> okay. 2015 come back for tiger woods took another major turn backwards today. tiger in trouble. real trouble in tour repines. tom brady and joe montana in the same breath not so fast. says one of montana's f
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♪ the flyers they play their last game tonight not last of the season last on the current five game home stand and they have done very well in the other four games. they have won all four tom night they will try to get over the 500 mark that record for the first time since the middle of november. the flyers last within was saturday, one to nothing over the maple leafs. their biggest problem is still trying to make the playoffs. they are 10 points back of the last playoff spot so there's some work ahead. >> for me the first period is very important after the layoff. i talked to the guys about skating, excution, energy in the
6:25 pm
first period. get your feet moving right away. play simple game. get the puck in deep and good working. you know what, that somehow is the same for every game but any way get your feet moving. remember that when it snows. >> i think football fans are getting a little carried away with starting to place new opening quarterback tom brady as the best ever. not so fast. brady has won four super bowls and tied with the 49ers quarterback joe montana. now i've always thought and still do joe montana is the best ever. the best. now recent hall of famer charles daily inducted on saturday adding something tolls this discussion. he's won five super bowls and two of those with joe montana. and charles hail system saying all tom brady super bowls are tainted. remember there was the cheating with the spy gate and now the issue with the dee plated footballs haley added that joe didn't have to cheat. all right. golf fans are following tiger woods these days. not because he's a good player, not because he's about to win
6:26 pm
golf tournament. they are following tiger to see if he make the cut each week. let's go to torrey pines. he won't make it this week. this is the 12th hole. when he -- oh, oh, my back. that's after double bogie. how come your back always hurts aft you have a bad hole. >> double boeing geese 11. withdraws on 12. this guy will never i said this last year when i was sitting here he will never win those four majors to catch jack. he is done for torrey pines much he's withdrawn. and he's already missed two straight cuts before this. tiger woods was tiger woods. i don't think he's tiger woods any more. that's just me. i'm trying to be a little -- i'm not trying, i am a little sarcastic. >> you've had it with tiger much that's the whole they know. >> thank you how war. be sure tune into fox 29 news at 10:00 it looks like your typical armed rob bro guy in mask with gun demanding cash. but this is very interesting twist. what he did moments before pulling out the gun that will leave you scratching your head to in it at 10:00. that does it us for us right her
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>> i want to apologize. >> brian williams blow-back. >> i made a mistake in recalling the events of 12 years ago. >> anchor man under seige. >> this is a lie upon a lie. >> he said he was in the helicopter when it got hit. >> then. >> whitney houston's family saying good-bye to bobbi kristina? >> and who really pulled her out of the bathtub. >> 21-year-old female in the bathtub face down. >> was he supplying drugs to bobbi kristina? >> and -- >> the seahawks coach breaks his silence. >> i never make a call thinking it's going to go bad. >> then how to get out alive if you find yourself in a train disast


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