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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  January 21, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EST

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>> we can hear you . >> we got arms out stretched. no one will give him a hug. so many people look by him and look like yeah, right, it's national hug day right? >> well wow, >> aw look at that. >> we're combining two days lauren. >> national squirrel appreciation day because some people don't like squirrels i like squirrels to watch them. >> roomp around. >> national hug day. >> go auto head to a park and hug a squirrel if you want. >> we'll have pea there in a second. >> oh, well got one. >> so nice. >> that's what it's all about. >> and the guy had an umbrella. >> look at that. >> and who do you think -- we have a special guest inside -- that's not even a squirrel that's a chip muvrping isn't it. >> for our sake it's a squirrel. >> what we're doing this morning
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we have the costume with chris. >> so we'll deal with 9:30 inside. >> okay. >> anyway, hello. >> hello. >> before we start this hour we have so much response. thank you for your twitter responses because of the internet sensation officer davis from the dover. >> master corporal jeff davis. >> excuse me corporal, corporal david us dover police department he came by the show yesterday to recreate this driving scene seen around the world now. >> shake it off ♪ that's dash cam diva. >> we should have him back once every couple weeks to do a thing like cop talk or something like that. >> or sing along. >> oh, yeah. >> and there's mike. >> how did you do that. i heard you say i thought -- >> i was so focused on dancing and getting in tune with corporate that i didn't realize mike jumped up there. >> what happened yesterday he
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brought along fellow officer from the dover police department and we arrested alex for being just too hot. >> too hot. >> period. >> she's miss behaving. >> have i? >> i think you mentioned jason your colleague here she should be arrested for being too hot. >> jason glad to meet you. >> i don't know why i'm in trouble or what i could have done. >> i'm getty. >> guilty. >> what does this mean. >> get up. >> okay. >> yes sir. >> okay. all right. >> i don't have the key so -- >> just kidding. >> okay, okay, okay. >> oh, gosh. >> jason are you single. >> yes actually i'm single. >> so, he opened up a twitter account so he could follow up. >> we don't know that's why. >> when he left he says he has a big crush on you and he's single. >> you know on his profile page there's an after tar on twitter it's intense. he that's no followers. oh, officer jason jason, here
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you go. here's his twitter handle dpd jason he's now a follower ladies show him love look at that that's an intense picture isn't it. >> thanks guys for coming by. >> grateful for you and all you do. >> yeah. >> thanks for coming in. >> look who is here lauren. >> wednesday, january 21, 2015. we have a lot to cover in this hour. >> stars today anne hathaway this morning and jener i per san i stone at the end of the show. >> you know jen has a relationship with delaware valley she lived here for a while while. >> labor pains may be worse why you may be better off without the man by your side. >> i was there for both of my daughter's births and i got in the way basically. >> you may have confiscated union address last night but
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wait until you hear the state of the show. yeah i'll be addressing the masses this morning. now my state of the show good day philadelphia what we accomplished the past xwreer and what we look forward to in 2015 i need an update on something yesterday st. ago us in day. >> st. ago us in day you go to bed with tied stockings if you tie them in a knot and you go to bed with it you have a dream an a man peers. >> not just any man supposedly future husband. >> it's the man that liens and in and kisses you will be your husband. so did -- here's a reminder of how it worked out.
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tie right leg to left leg we don't have guarder. >> okay you say i nits this knot this knot i nit and to this i know not yet that i may see the man that shall my husband b be. so i'll rerack that. now you say. it say it. say it. >> i can do both i nit not not i nit to know the saying i know knot yet that i may see the man that shall my husband be. >> okay. do it tonight when you go to sleep. >> okay. >> so while you're sleeping tonight, your newt tour husband will appear in your dreams.
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>> actually i have a dream this is thousand happened ♪ baby i found love with you found love with
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you >> nightmare. nightmare. >> i don't think i'll do that again. >> what about the police officer, you have found out anymore about him. >> not really he was very nice. >> a lot of people are tweeting about him i told him he was popular now. >> you would be a nice couple. >> so cute. >> by the way lauren. >> oh, yes. >> tomorrow we work on you. >> we will working on dating life of one lauren don johnson. >> i'm scared now. >> you should be. >> you can't imagine being without your significant other in the delivery room right in this day and age the guy goes in and helps with delivery. >> and take pictures. >> squeeze his hand. >> encourages.
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>> push. >> rub your shoulders whatever. >> yeah. >> you give him something to suck on like lozengers and ice chips you okay honey? >> researchers in london did experiment on pain with 40 mothers to be given a pin prick while husband's or boy friends are by side and got same test when significant over was asked to leave room. study found the pain was never better while partner was nearby. and many found it to be much worse with their partner there. >> my kids mommy joy is her name i looked like i was annoying her. >> you probably were. >> can you imagine a head is about to pop out and you're like oh, it's okay. >> it's not okay. >> it's not okay. >> it's not okay. >> why did you do this to me. >> exactly. >> and the -- don't you ever touch me again. >> or you're trike to take picture because you want to remember are forever and she's sweaty and looking a mess and here hoo you are like --
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>> i remember gowning up for the first child so imagine these are the doors to the delivery room so i gown up get mask on and all this and i bust through the door and all oh, my goodness she's not reversed i'm looking right at the action. and the doctor had moved out of the way it was just wa. wow, whoa, what. >> did you run. >> no. >> i walked around and then i get around to the top of her head so i don't think i have to look that there's a mirror there and ah. >> everywhere you turn. >> if that's your reaction wonder what she's thinking and feeling. >> awful. >> what was weird with she went through 36 hours of labor. we should have done a says airian but didn't. >> for next daughter did she kick you out of room. >> for next daughter i went in different door. >> and jill. >> this is after twelve hours of
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labor we're not doing this again cesarian they race the other doctor in i'm supposed to leave but they forgot to tell me to leave as i'm getting up to leave, he makes the incision. >> ah. >> oh, my god. okay. that's the story. >> my god. >> what? >> sure. >> you know what i'll do i'll be like cher now you can take my clip off and put it to my back. >> get it off there we go. >> surgically removed. >> why doing that we'll go to sue. >> we have to get ready for your state of the state. >> my state of the state. >> state of the show. >> state of got day show. >> let me get all my stuff off me. >> today our program is providing service of preparing us for the snow that will come later in the day. i know it's hard to imagine when it's not here yet but our winter weather advisory warpz us there's something on the way.
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now advisory kicks in 11:00 it runs until 10:00 tonight and i when we think the event if you rick williams be happening it includes philadelphia, bucks montgomery chester delaware county, new castle county, delaware kent, not sussex, delaware cape may county atlantic, couple better land you get the idea. most of the viewing area except for north an west of city you think we have lighter accumulations there. and now here we are at almost 9:00 in the morning and around hagerstown maryland and closing in on harrisburg pa so light snowfall precurse ur to what we get get. okay.
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thank you. well in on with the state of the union address last night we decided to take a very serious look at the state of our show.
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good day philadelphia. >> we're now moments away from our state of the show address. let's head over to our good day announcer to get ready for this. >> mr. speaker. our president of a wonderful good day philadelphia show michael eugene mike jerrick [ michael eugene mike jerrick [ applause ] [ applause ]. >> thank you. thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. thank you. thank you. i look forward to working with you all.
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no longer do you have to watch national shows in the morning good day philadelphia was born. and with that a new outlet of journal listtic integrity and opportunity arrived here in the birth place of our nation ♪ it's my task to report it you the state of the show. oh for the love. first of all we'll get new prompts 2015 wol get rid of lc. and there is no topic or steve keely outfit that we will not scam thin year. thank you mr. speaker. this morning i stand here before you with several proms for you and i loyal good day viewer. i'm not a member of the wig
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party but i, mike jerrick promise to wear more wigs in 2015. [ applause ] can do you my makeup bro? [ laughter ] we'll have change in 2015. i promise that jennaphr frederick will increase her vocabulary to include things other than high five up top. quite frankly here's the situation, and here's the thing and meet my new best friend and she will go outside of ardmore pennsylvania for at least one segment a week. that say promise [ applause ]
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hold open. thank you mr. speaker. here on good day philadelphia we stand for marriage equality i promise you to the viewer that we are equally interested in segal exand lauren find a man and get married in 2015. miracles can happen own good day miracles can happen own good day. and like president obama i'm concerned about spending of course. we here at good day philadelphia promise to spend money wisely and not on tacky props for marginally funny segments in hopes of getting a cheap laugh. you like that mr. speaker did you like that one maybe in this
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next year we'll get a squirt outfit instead of a chipmunk pretending to be a squirrelly promise no matter what the weather sue will have chance of popup shower in our forecast to cover our [bleep] and despite chance of shower i see a bright fuingt tour on good day philadelphia. state of good day is very good god bless you and god bless good day philadelphia. >> wonderful speech wonderful speech. >> thank you thank you.
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>> dove launches a new campaign love your curls it's designed to get quirlz and women top embrace natural beauty. >> the curl. >> you don't like your hair? >> i wants hair to be straight because when it's straiingts it's smooth it's smooth. >> these are not natural curls every week i go to the hair salon this picture from the
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beach that's natural curls it's hard to see one of my friends anthony de lorenzo told me i look like al sharp sglon that's terrible. >> but yes i go to salon every week and pay for her to blow dry those natural curls straight and then flat iron these manufacturered curls in here. >> let me guess you go on thursdays. >> today is wednesday. >> i'm. >> chris told me i'm fleak. >> fleak? >> it's like on point. >> your speech on fleak. >> it was a good speech. >> it was -- >> i don't think you can say it weird. >> john is person place or
9:20 am
thing. >> yb response. >> i think you should appreciate whatever form your hair is in. whether it's natural or straight ep it out. >> i am not my hair. >> i am not my hair . >> with you know who you saw in the hall. >> who. >> jerry blamet is here. >> oh, my gosh. >> jerry you ready to do this. >> you the man
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what's happened to snacking? how did it become absent-mindedly eating one after the next? we are a creamy cheese that still believes in savoring our food. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking.
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q >> ladies and gentlemen thank
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you for your love . >> i went to this event last year it's all good all about love and music and love of
9:24 am
music. >> you'll hear plenty if you go to kimle center this saturday early days of rock and roll for the greatest singers of our time. >> and this guy beginning with the boss with the hot sauce jerry. >> my man. >> mr. president i'm telling you the future of rock and roll belongs to you folks here at good day philadelphia. i spoke with lloyd price who will be on the show and he'll sing starker lee and he said you're personality and for you lady mel carter he'll sing hold me, thrill me, never let me go, until you told me ♪ and for you duke duke duke, of earl, duke duke duke duke of earl. >> james chandler will be there too . >> and jimmy clinton just a dream, just a dream . >> this, language is not a dream. it's true. >> so saturday night?
9:25 am
>> yes. >> what time should we be there? >> 6:00 dancing in the plaza and show at 8. but, chuck jackson any day now this is the first hit he produced when with septa records before deanne warwick and max even brown oh, no not my baby, they'll do a duet. this is a big chill. 30 piece orchestra and it's a party . >> what a grate lineup my gosh. >> it sure is. >> is there an after party. >> we drink wine and seasoning a song song of rock and roll for mr. song song of rock and roll for mr. president. >> take to the left you can call 2 15-829-1999. >> how much are they. >> $31 on up okay? >> how many years have you been been doing this. >> this is my 31st show. >> wow. >> when the kimle center opened
9:26 am
in 1999. i mean it's crazy. >> why do you think people love the shows. because we love the songs and music. >> philadelphia is such a unique town with music i've been doing this by grace of god for 55 years and audience will listen do me back in 1960. they're now adults. demographics are older. and they take their kids and they take their grand kids and music is ever lasting. >> it is. >> if it's good it's good. >> artist you mentioned in the songs you sang even kids know it now. >> my interpretation of knew sick if it does not have a lyric or rhythm to it or melody do to it it will not land. >> lyrics with cold porter ep
9:27 am
quar ol king, jerry gojam. teddy gamble. >> kenny watches every morning. >> what about alert like oops i did it again. >> don't be shame mention my name see you saturday night just the same. >> i like it. >> thanks guys. >> i'll see you at the coffee shop afterwards anne hathaway is on our show today. >> what is her movie. >> palm 1. >> we'll try this for ourselves that's next. >> all right. look who's getting what kicked out of the park? >> hold on. >> oh, >> ut, oh. >> too much hugging. >> oh, more
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skippy!! yippee!! fun fun fun! shiny! you never listen! what? is someone talking? skippy!! yippee!! look a ride! (vo) made with the funnest peanuts ever! skippy. yippee!!
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this is the "name your price" tool. it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake.
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i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at >> somebody lost their head. by the way it's national squirrel appreciation day. >> that's true it's 9:30 you know what that means time to reveal who is in the suit. >> everybody guessed on twitter already. >> and oh, chris mur. >> i irish pony turns into a chipmunk pretending to be a squirrel. >> looking for nuts. >> i think we found a nut. >> yes because he cannot respond back or talk. >> it's his best report ever. >> things we make him do poor guy. >> little nutty there. >> what a squirrel. >> 9:31 if she's willing to be on the show here do one of these. >> we're taking that now. >> oh, god horrible. >> she's one of hollywood a-list
9:32 am
actresses an hanl away has grown up in front of us. >> who could forget her as curly head teen in princess diaries and most popular andy devil wears prada and and the last known meryl streep and anne she won a first academy award and golden globe foreraw excellent and switch things one animated movie rio. of course there's countless others we love and saun back on big screen. >> she'll be dead before this intro is over intro is over.
9:33 am
>> we're taking a shot. >> that's good whiskey. >> hi, anne welcome to philadelphia. >> hi. >> thank you very much. >> you've been getting this all morning long. is it true for love making scenes you would day a shot. >> right before. >> of booze. >> yeah. yeah. that's true. >> why? >> why? >> why not? >> you said why? >> yeah why? >> well, it was my costar's first love scene in a film. and i've done one or two. hi done one or two before and he knew that little liquid courage was welcome in my case and i thought it may be welcome in his he's british so alcohol solve as i lot of thing.
9:34 am
>> plus your husband is a producer so i'm sure was he standing there watching you do this love scene. >> no, no, we're not insane. no. he was not there. first of all like, like all scenes like this, it's very professional it's closed set. so they're -- my husband would not have been allowed onset anyway. >> okay. so "song one." >> sorry you sound dispointed. >> you wanted a jucier story didn't you. >> i wanted sizzle. >> it can be juicy. >> it's way different. it's way different behind the curtain it's all very straightforward. >> and awkward. >> how long you have been heard now. >> okay i'm not going to go there i'm not going there but that was on you that was all you. >> okay. >> that was all me. >> all me, all me. >> it's "song one" we'll talk about the movie give us a synopsis why should we go see
9:35 am
it. >> well it's got awesome music in it. amazing performance by actor you never heard of called johnny flynn it's great to make discoveryes and it's a movie about well it's a movie about those noments wife when you're in a crisis and only a stranger will do and i really loved that. >> okay. >> i was not listening because you look he really pretty today. >> thank you that's so flattering. >> i was listening. i look forward to it. i saw the preview. >> thank you alex. >> no problem anne. >> thank you very much. >> and police see us in philly sometime. >> i would love that i have a lot of family in philly. >> where do you live. >> her parents were born in philly. >> i cannot tell you where they live but my parents my mom grew up in bradex. >> oh, gosh okay we'll see you next time you're in philly. good luck with this film. >> i hope so, thank you very much. >> bye.
9:36 am
>> all right. >> i can tell she's mad at me. >> you think she's a little upset. >> yeah stupid thing to say but she looked lovely. >> what about her brains and acting skills and singing skills she's soft and you want to talk about her looks. >> you know, never mind. >> i hope you joined quinncy harris by the river. >> quinncy will need to take a shot to warm him up. >> and going to the delaware river with chris. >> yeah, chris o'connell here with me and we're freezing for a reason. polar plunge is going to the river. >> oh, my god what's happened to snacking? how did it become absent-mindedly eating one after the next? we are a creamy cheese that still
9:37 am
believes in savoring our food. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking.
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>> because of my faux pau of being very inappropriate to anne. >> i apologize to the entire hathaway family. >> you're fine. >> i think it was okay. >> any hathaway out there. >> you meant it as a complement. >> anyone who was offended. >> i'll bounce back with jennifer aniston she's coming up in a few minutes. >> we believe in you. >> get it together. >> okay. so in the meantime why don't we watch a man jump into the delaware river. >> quinncy and chris o'connell will take the plunge here we go. >> polar plunge here. >> who's that to the right. >> we're going to raise money for special olympics are you ready chris. >> i'm ready. >> okay we have people in the back. i don't know what these guys are wearing what's your name? >> q.
9:41 am
>> okay q what's your name. >> pat. >> why don't you guys have no clothes sglon less clothes the better. >> okay. >> what's your name. >> kichb. >> you're wearing colleges. >> going in like this. >> going in like this franklin township police. >> glen crank. >> tim franconia police. >> we're freezing for a reason. for a good cause. we're going in the batter you guys ready. >> all right. >> come on. >> let's -- >> three two ux sglun okay. >> okay. >> oh, my gosh. >> oh, my gosh, why why, why? okay. this is cold. this is very cold. i have equipment on. it is freezing. and saturday the race oohh the race polar bear plunge is going on saturday how does it feel, how does it feel, how does it feel. >> how does it feel. >> it's good. >> it's good. >> it's good. >> freezing for a reason. >> fees freezing for a reason.
9:42 am
>> you guys can still sign up. >> how do you feel. >> very cold. >> oh, my gosh where's chris o'connell where's chris o'connell? chris? chris? why is chris? my feet are stuck because i have flip flops on. chris why aren't you out here? >> toe count? you need to do it saturday. >> oh, my gosh. >> he has to do it saturday okay. oh, oh, my gosh. i'm trying not to the fall. literally. >> jen frederick would take her equipment off and go all the way under. >> no, no, no, no. no listen no. >> he's like not me. >> you told us. >> i want to have another child. my wife wants me to have another child. okay. >> oh, >> and you set up. >> i cannot feel my feet. >> okay. >> talk to him. >> talk to him. >> he's warming up. and it's all about special olympics raising money go to our
9:43 am
web site my fox because he's doing this for a reason. so you we need your money. so you don't have to come out here and do it. first of all, how big is this event. >> we'll have about 600 people here on saturday including spectators hopefully a couple thousand and. >> let's go back to q q really seriously people coming out here for a great cause because we're freezing for a reason. >> back you to guys. >> i need a heater. >> i think i'll go to this thing at noon. >> he went in full uniform. >> and two naked men in speedos. >> that's my match making he's coming in to be with you. >> which one. >> we'll punch him up. >> aren't we? >> there he is. >> oh,
9:44 am
>> that's your man there lauren. >> at least he's an eagles' fan. >> there you go. >> jen will come with a big things for us next. >> not as big as that. not as big as that. okay. what was i going to say. i'll teach you new words. we'll
9:45 am
9:46 am
9:47 am
>> comes to jersey all the time to look at her family. >> and lasalle university they met and fell in love. >> we'll make up for it. >> jennifer aniston is coming up. >> come on what are you doing quiz us on what. >> recently lauren loves it my mama log segment "fox29 weekend" show here's how it -- basically in that segment i was helping mom's and now helping you guys i want you to be color hip and know what everyone is saying and i'll hold up the word and do a clue and then we begin with two ladies know this. on fleak what does on fleak mean here is a clue ♪ eyebrows on
9:48 am
fleak. >> okay. >> it means they're looking good fleek. >> this is a word i love and use it a lot no one knows what i'm talking about. the words are blah tonic jealousy and here's your clue. >> what's with that guy. >> what's the fastest way to fourth and market. >> major jam. i'll give you a jelly donut if you give me a lift. >> now part of the fox 29 -- blah tonic i'm jealous of bob kelly. >> no. >> anyone? >> gweneth paltro been to this word. >> he's so jealous i have a case of blue tonic jealously he
9:49 am
forced his way in with the crowd because of jealous of how we were. when you and lauren and alex hang out downstairs and get me in a hobble of newsroom i have blah tonic jealousy. >> you would like to be here. >> this comes from edit bay the word is you out-of-pocket. >> here is the clue mike. >> you're acting up. >> you're out-of-pocket. >> you outta pocket. >> for your comment to anne hathaway. >> that was just last night. >> this is the answer you all got it wrong. you are are . >> general exand i disagree. >> you're drunk. >> no. >> no. >> no. >> says who where did you get
9:50 am
information. >> edit number three he didn't want to go on camera and have his name mentioned he says when people are turked, another word for drunk. forget about being drunk they're outta pocket. >> result of being drunk. >> do something over the top you're out of control or out-of-pocket. >> yeah. >> but i'm' boss of this so what i say goes. >> you win. >> you meet us out front and we'll fight after school. >> we'll settle it outside. >> guess who is next? >> who. >> when he rebound from the horrible anne hathaway interview jener per aniston i promise not to be out-of-pocket wi homecoming?
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next >> i'm going to boups back with ann't view of all time with jennaphr aniston.
9:54 am
>> he's a-list. >> from frondz horrible bosses and breakup it goes on and on we love jennifer aniston. >> jennaphr i'll say this welcome home because i know you spent time in eddystone. >> that's right i sure did. >>/eddystone pennsylvania. >> what age were you real small? >> i was real small. i mean depends how you looked at it. i was five and then when i lived there for about six months with my grandmother and then i owe would come back all the time. >> you do? >> me my mom and dad. >> she's here all the time. >> we -- >> this is outrage you've never come to our show fourth and market old city. >> i was five years old until i was 17 years old. i don't think you would have wanted to see me then. >> were you a wreck then? i was in media sglns no, i was quite -- i was just -- didn't
9:55 am
what? >> i was in media pennsylvania the other day and go into greek orthodox church and there's a plaque in there with your name on it. >> get out of here. >> because i think you gave money to the church in honor for your grandmother. >> oh, yeah which church. >> st. george greek orthodox church. >> yes, yes yes, that's amazing. >> we love that you have ties to our area we really do. >> and we also love your perform sglans nothing like a philly cheesesteak. >> you like a philly cheesesteak. >> sorry these satellites are weird and awkward i was going to say i would love a philly cheesesteak more than anything right now but i'm not near you. >> i don't care if you're in la i'll fly to you this afternoon. >> okay i'm in new york it's better. >> oh, 89 miles. >> he's definitely going to do it. your new film cake everybody is talking about your perform an. tell us about the film. >> it's a hard film to tie
9:56 am
newspaper a little sentence. it's a movie about what -- way woman struggling with chronic pain and a woman alienated herself to everyone after going through extremely unmath enable trauma and experience taken has -- had extreme loss and it's basically following this woman's journey to make the decision to live by being obsessed with a woman that is in her pain management group commits suicide and becomes obsess wtd her and her widow her widower. >> it's not easy to explain. >> i would say just go see it. >> it's a hard one just go see it. >> can i say that? >> yes you can you switched up your look and everything you went all into this role.
9:57 am
>> i sure d i mean that was what the role required. it was quite wonderful to have that opportunity. i mean there's a lot focused on the lack of makeup but it's really just the byproduct of what she is going through and any makeup would have not been appropriate in any way. so it was something that we were all really excited to do. i mean the movie in general. that was sort of the -- the most -- our biggest concern honestly was making sure the scars were real and authentic and they eventually would sort of disappear. they did a gorgeous job with sglat jen, we have to leave you. but, i agree, you are the number one snub when it comes to oscars you should have a nomination. >> should be you girl. >> thank you, thank you. >> instead. >> thanks philadelphia. >> instead i'll get on amtrak and bring you a sandwich
9:58 am
cheesesteak. >> consolation prize. >> i'm here two hours. >> takes an hour and five to get up there i'll see you in a2xh@s!
9:59 am
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[ cheers and applause ] >> announcer: live from new york city it's "the wendy williams show." today, she's an international superstar, and she's back on "wendy." jennifer lopez is here talking max, movies, and everything in between. and secrets revealed when we put her in the hot seat. plus all of today's juiciest hot topics. now here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ]


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