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tv   FOX 29 News at Five  FOX  January 13, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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but investigators still haven't found her body. good evening i'm lucy foal land. >> i'm he yann page. let's get out to bruce gordon live outside the burlington county courthouse tonight. bruce? >> reporter: iain, the probable cause document in this case has been sealed from public view but prosecutors clearly believe they have plenty of strong evidence to charge kyle crosby with murder in the disappearance of his wife erika. >> 28-year-old kyle crosby made his first court appearance by video. members of his wife's grief stricken familiar notice even see him from their seats in the courtroom. the sound of his voice surely brought their pain into sharp relief. >> without erika we're still lost. you know, we're grateful that kyle is here and he has been caught but we're still missing erika. >> 26-year-old erika crippen was last seen with crosby leaving a pj whelihan's restaurant in cherry hill december 30th. police now say crosby soon left the area for five days traveling
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to delaware and maryland. he was stopped monday night driving her red ford taurus. he tried run but was can't herd the trunk of the car contained evidence linked to her disappearance. prosecutors noted crosby's past criminal reporter, drugs and theft. and called him a flight risk. >> admitted to the mt. laurel police detectives that questioned him he had a habit as he referred it to of taking numerous percocet on a daily basis. >> reporter: her family says those drugs destroyed what had once been a strong relationship. >> all she wanted him was to get off drugs and ab perfect father and it wasn't up until recently drug got out of control. and he was doing stupid stuff. just things he was doing that made her just like she was about to just leave him. does. >> reporter: with crosby behind bars and facing murder charges her family face twos painful questions. where is erika's body and what
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is to become of the three month old daughter caylee. >> just had a baby and no way that i'm going to allow him and his family to leave us out there without nothing. no erika and not callie. i can't live with that. >> little caylee is reportedly staying with crosby's mother at this time. his bail has been set at $1.2 million cash. still nowhere bouts and no understanding, no information on the whereabouts of erika crippen. >> iain. bruce, thank you. smyrna delaware man awaiting extradition back to delaware for endangering the welfare of his children. cortez hamilton current until indiana and amber alert was issued saturday after this wife keisha hamilton and her two children were reported missing. a four-year-old girl and four month old boy were located in indiana with their father. they are safe in child custody in indiana.
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their mother is still missing. >> happening right now the hunt for a killer in north philadelphia police say a man walked tup a woman waiting for a bus and shot and killed her. it happened right around 9:30 this morning at 12th and jefferson streets near temple university. fox 29's dave kinchen is live at the scene tonight. dave, what are police saying? >> reporter: lucy, police are telling us that the victim appears to have been targeted by the shooter but they don't know why and a lot of people in this neighborhood are very, very scared. >> shocked. unbelievable. >> reporter: nephew of 56-year-old kim jones is trying to figure out just who killed his aunt at the corner of 12th and jefferson in north philadelphia. she was waiting for a ride to work. >> unexpected to him. i would have never thought. >> reporter: philadelphia police say jones was waiting for the bus with her headphones on around 9:15 in the morning when the shooter approached and fired once into the back of her head. >> for this to happen in broad daylight on her way to work, with the bus a block away that
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she catches every day at the same time, i mean, really? she never seen scene it coming. >> reporter: jones was a program director for turning point for children a group helping abused and neglected youth and she had just gotten married one month ago according to her facebook page. her family has no idea who wish her harm. >> she just was a good person that had no enemies. >> we know she was targeted. we don't know why. >> reporter: homicide investigators say the victim's purse was still on the scene they don't suspect robbery as a motive. they believe she was watched but they don't know for how long. >> someone new her routine. somebody knew that every morning she got on the bus at that timing to in to work and ambushed her. >> reporter: shooting scene borders temple university and lots of students live in the neighborhood including lisa kim. >> right now i can't believe it's happening truthfully. >> reporter: she got this text alert from temple and realized the fatal shooting happened right beside her house. >> i actually walk to class and um so it's kind of more nerve racking.
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>> reporter: looking at a city surveillance camera rah that police say they have some good images from. they are also looking at surveillance video recorded from a septa bus that was moving through the area at the time this took place. police have a vague description at this point of the suspect we're told he is a black mail with a heavy build wearing dark clothes and carrying a dark dufflebag but if you have any information give philadelphia police a call. iain? >> dave, thank you. well dry weather out there but icy cold temperatures as we take a look at your fox 29 winter weather authority. here's a live look outside at old city. the sun was out today. didn't really feel that way because the temperatures were freezing. guess what? snow is back in our forecast. chief meteorologist scott williams is outside in old city tonight. scott, i'd like a warmup, please. iain, if you want a warmup you'll have to head back to florida but i know your vacation time is up. but, yeah, that cold blast it's back in the heart of our area right now. live in old city and folks are bundled up behind moo waiting on
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the bus. you can see it's, but it is dry for now. let's talk about the current temperatures right now stepping outdoors. 28 degrees but look at the feels like temperature with the wind. only at 20 and yes, we are dry right now. but take a look at that highlighted area to the south. we're watching some moisture that's going to be moving toward our area overnight and in fact as we go hour by hour, we've zoomed in to sections of central and southern delaware as well as sections of south jersey and you can see by early tomorrow morning, we're watching some of that precipitation moveing in as little bit of a wintry mix. the timeing is roughly between 7am until about 10:00 a.m. that's when that moisture will be headed in our direction. so, of course, sue serio, bob kelly will have the latest tomorrow morning starting at 4:00 a.m. with the local weather and traffic. but we're looking at temperatures tonight dipping into the teens that wintery mix primarily south and east of i-95 i-95. when i come inside i'll have much more on the timing.
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lucy, back to you. >> all right scott. thank you. check back in with you in a little bit when you're back here in the warm studio. new jersey governor christie delivered hesitate of state address governor says the state's pension system for public employees is insatiable beast. and he's again pushing for changes. christie says the talk of pensions remains a problem. he app point add commission last year to look for long-term solutions. the governor also gave a nod to the talk possible 2016 presidential run. >> i'll be here in one year. (applause). >> we're all here one year from today. our today will be better than our yesterdays and our tomorrow will be filled with real opportunity for new jersey's families. >> christie is weighing whether to run for the republican nomination for the white house in 2016. so far the response the
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governor' speech on fox 29 facebook page has been fairly negative. john fox writes, i am a republican and very disappointed in him. people leaving the state no jobs high taxes, useless governor and administration. our coverage of governor christie's state of state address continues later we'll talk with two new jersey political experts about the biggest issue the governor covered today. former teacher faces allegations of having an inappropriate relationship with a student. 30 year -- 35-year-old sarah o'neal facing four counts of corrupting minors west whiteland township police say the incident involved a 16-year-old student at church farms school where o'neal worked. they say the 10 month relationship started baaing in january of last year and included encounters in o'neal's vehicles and hotels. preliminary hearing is next month. big developments today in the aftermath from the terror attacks in france. france's lower house of parliament has voted to extend air strikes in iraq against isis isis. this the latest issue of charlie
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had he been bow is reading to hit news stands this will be the first issue since several of the satirical magazines journalists were killed. fox's greg palkot tonight with more from paris. >> reporter: surviving charlie hebdo staffers preparing for their latest issue to hit news stands tomorrow. 3 million copies will be printed printed. the issue will be available in 16 languages and features features work by journalist murdered in last week's tack. its cover already proving to be offensive to muslims around the world. >> it was not the front page the terrorists want us to make because there are no terrorists on it. there's just a man crying. a guy crying. it's mohammed. >> france remains on alert victims are laid to rest here and in jerusalem. 10,000 french security forces deploying to guard sense seive sites in the country. prime minister warning "serious and very high risks remain".
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>> france is at war against terrorism jihaddism and radicals las missile. officials in bull yeah ya arresting a french national with possible ties to one of the suspects today. french police official says the weapons used in the murders came from abroad. the us helping france as it looks into who else may be involved in the attacks. >> information that u.s. intelligence officials shared with our french counterparts was information relateed to travel history. >> reporter: france is cracking down on those supporting terrorism. a man who praised the attacks to police while he was drunk has now been sentenceed that four years behind bars. in paris greg palkot, fox news. the second black box from last month's downed air asia flight has been recovered. the cockpit voice recorder box was lodged under some heavy wreckage about 100 feet underwater. the device is now in jakarta where it will be dried and
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analyzed by investigators trying to find out what happened to the plane. the flight crashed into the java sea killing out 162 people on board. this voice recorder could be crucial to the investigation since it records all conversations between pilots and air traffic control. analyzing all the data on both black box cos take up to two week. >> it is one of the most terrifying thoughts a parents can imagine your child is missing. >> tonight facebook is vowing to help find missing children and get them home safely. the difference you'll see when you log on to your facebook page page. >> how about this one, iain? a flu shot that protects against every strain of the virus every strain you only have to get it once every 20 years? sounds good. >> doctors say this could be reality soon. wow! answer to prayers begins with devastating news. a couple who already lost two children learns their unborn baby might not survive. so they traveled to philadelphia in search of a miracle and they found it. coming up medical experiment that saved this sweet little girl's live.
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♪ all right. take a look at this gaping hole in the wynnefield section of philadelphia. a 20-inch water main broke on 57th street between wynnefield and cardinal streets leaving people with little to no water pressure. however, the sheer force of the water from the ruptured main pushed up a huge chunk of as fall that's what you're look at. the road is closed as crews work
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to repair it. that's not the only one. 20 or so families had no water for most of the day after a 6-inch main ruptured near the intersection of bustleton pike and county line road in the somerton section of philadelphia. everyone did get their water back late this afternoon. in an effort to promote stronger relationships between law enforcement and communities they protect the first hearing of president obama's policing task force convened. >> philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsay co chairs the group and the members met in washington d.c. today. joyce evans joins us now. joyce, what are some of the thing the task force is hoping to am accomplish with this session. >> iain just set it the ultimate goal is to forge a better relationship between the police and commune the respect understanding and trust. among the speakers today members fop. the task force and hearings stemming from nationwide outcry following no indictments coming aft the deaths of two black men at the hands of white police officers.
5:16 pm
panelists are sharing concerns they have as well as practice that is they have implemented that work in their communityies. >> one of the things that task force is going to have to do is listen intent intently, get all these different thoughts and ideas and recommendations and present something to the president by march 2nd. so there's a diversity of opinion and it's no question. we intentionally picked a task force that had diverse opinions. if everyone thought the same and believed in the same things, then we wouldn't have a very good or useful report. >> you wouldn't get anywhere his point. mayor michael nutter also scheduled to speak as our police commissioner ramsay there says that more of these hearings are on the way that will also be looking into things like improving technology like police wearing those body cameras that record end counters with the public. iain? joyce, thank you. a long time member of the organization move is dead. according to the move website
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phil africa a prouded member of the black liberation group died saturday. that was an inmate at the state correct al institution in dallas, pennsylvania. africa served as the first minister defense of john africa prison has not released a cause of death. >> philadelphia police are hoping you can help them find a 16-year-old girl. jasmine hennesey's family last saw her leaving their home yesterday morning. her mother says she had a gray hooded sweatshirt, a blue frankford high school shirt underneath and black jeans on. and facebook is tapping into its resources to help find missing children it will begin putting amber alert in the news feed of 185 million users to help find children who may have been kidnapped in their area. facebook is working with the national center for miss and exploited children on this initiative. you don't have to sign up for this. facebook will deliver alerts automatically if you are near the location of an abducted child. fire damages part of a historic sight in old city
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philadelphia. the flames broke out early this morning inside the second bank of the united states. that's on the 400 block of chestnut street. police say it only took about a half hour to get the fire under control. they are investigating it as an electrical fire in the basement. nobody was hurt. long serving philadelphia council woman maryann tasco is not seeking re-election. this week she announced she'll be retiring. tasco serves since 1988 and represents constituents in parts of northwest and northeast philadelphia. >> state regulators are pressuring philadelphia gas works to hurry up. they want the city owned utility to replace at risk gas mains which pgw says could take 88 years. the pennsylvania public utility commission has opened a safety review of pgw's repair plan. now the commission is concerned about leak prone cast iron and steal pipes that make up nearly two-thirds of pgw's gas mains depending on the finding finding the commission could force philadelphia to put the
5:19 pm
$18 million it receives each year from pgw toward pipe replace many. big day for people who drive in parts of bucks county. penndot cuts the ribbon on the recently expanded section of galloway road. the new section is between route route 513 and bridge water road. the extension will ease congestion along hulmeville road and improve access to business parks and the pennsylvania turnpike. >> mickey, in town today he talk about baseball and good old days with residents at the maris grove senior living community. he also relived great moments baseball history including earning the title of olympic gold med list back in 1988. >> baseball is not an olympic sport now. it's amazing to me. curling, you guys know curling? curling is an olympic sport and
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baseball is not. >> in case you're wondering less than 40 days until the phillies report to spring training. >> it will be warm right around the corner. >> us central command's twitter and i was tube accounts are back up and running tonight. one day after it was hacked boy a group of individuals claiming to be islamic terrorists but this story is far from over. tonight some lawmakers are asking why the military even has a twitter page to begin with. >> you wash your sheets and pillow cases are you still sleeping in dirty stuff? wait until you hear how rarely some people actually most people watch their pj's and why they should maybe start doing that a little bit more. >> chocolate lovers the recipe for one of your favorite treats is changing and while the difference may not sound major the reason for the change is a huge deal. we'll explain.
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pope francis receives a warm welcome in the sri lankan capital today. pontiff arriving in columbo for day one of his two-day tour and during a speech at the airport he spoke about sri lanka's efforts to reconcile after years
5:24 pm
of civil unrest. thousands of people lined the streets to cheer on his motorcade on thursday the pope will head to the philippines largest roman catholic country in asia and third largest in the world. egyptian authorities order awry trill for deposed president mubarak. the corruption case against the former leader was the last charge keeping mubarak in jail. he's already been cleared of charge that is he ordered the killing of protesters in egypt's uprising back in 2011. the ruling by the appeals court overturns earlier verdict which sentenced him to three years in prison although this ruling paves the way for mubarak's release there's no official word on when that will happen just yet. mubarak currently being held at a cairo hospital where he's being treated for health issues. a pair of high profile cyber security threats caught the attention of the new congress. centcom twitter and i was tub accounts are back up and running one day after hackers struck. they claim to be sympathizers of the islamic state. last month they target sony
5:25 pm
pictures. >> the big question should be why centcom have their own twitter and i was tub pages. why aren't they out there fighting the war and focusing on that and not the certainly editorial liesing that's your job frankly not their job. >> actually the youtube page shows a lot of air strikes that are done on isis. pentagon says yesterday's hack did not compromise any sensitive information. a massachusetts restaurant is letting customers decide whether pale trots tight end hernandez is guilty or innocence. >> they're playing up to its progress until to the courthouse courthouse. they're offering customers the guilty burger double bay i don't know cheeseburger with onion straws and fries. they have the non guilty wrap. he's accused of killing a semi pro football player back in
5:26 pm
2013. >> real guilty heavy burger people feel guilty eating. we thought what better way than to just literally ask the public, you know, what do you think? >> we're hoping that at least at the end of the day it opens our exposure to people from outside the city. the owners is hoping business will really boom as the case nears a verdict. >> this penny is sure worth more than a cent. this is a 1792 american penny it's call the birth cent named after its engraver. rain coin dealer in beverly hills just paid more than $2 million for this single cent. it's one of only 10 known to exist but who knows what's in grandma' attic. 2 million the most paid for a penny at an auction. what would you do with a whole lot of pennies $130 million of pennies. >> here retired principal's plans after winning the biggest jackpot history in new york state history. governor gov >> iain right now it's
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dry and cold but parts of our area could be dealing with sleet as well
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does breathing with copd... ...weigh you down? don't wait ask your doctor about spiriva handihaler. >> live look at shawnee mountain from our pocono mountains camera camera. we stayed dry today but it was a whole lot colder. i know you felt that out there. more changes are on the way as chief meteorologist scott williams will have those details coming up in your fox 29 winter weather authority forecast.
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>> new jersey governor christie delivered his state of state address a lot of eyes on it as he talked about what he's accomplished in his time in office and the work he still these get done. what is the response? i spoke with two political am lifts. >> joining to us talk about the governor bill spade ya and bill anderson with chasing. thank you so much for joining us us. >> you bet. >> thanks for having us. >> the governor touched on the state's unemployment rate today. while it's not going down as quickly as say the national average, governor gave an example of challenges the state is facing much first let's take quick listen. >> new jersey just lost mercedes-benz usa to the state of georgia. mercedes in new jersey since the early 1970s is leaving for a very simple reason. it costs less to do business in georgia than it does in new jersey. don't take my word for it. the leaders of mercedes said it themselves as they announced their departure.
5:31 pm
>> and so, gentlemen what governor christie is pointing out there businesses are leaving and therefore jobs are going. what's your take a way. >> i think the governor did a smart thing on one hand because he embraced something that could be a huge negative as he embarks on this potential of a presidential campaign you know running for the white house. he took this idea that mercedes left and they took a thus sand jobs with them and essentially said look, we've got democrats in charge of the legislation shows they're only so much that can be done as governor. i think it was almost a call to action on one side on the other side he embraced the negative and turn it into it might not be my fault. it's tough when you're a governor positioning themselves to run for president to simply say the legislature didn't work for him. as much as he talked about mercedes leaving and 1,000 jobs he said nothing about the 8,000 in atlantic city. i think if you're going to embrace that problem you need to talk about how you're going to fix it. >> he also takes advantage of the fact that he is the head of state in new jersey. you've seen unemployment go from nine-point 7% when he took
5:32 pm
office to little under 7% now five years into his term. so it's good to be the guy on top when you've got economic news that shows a 30% drop in the unemployment rate. >> i think both of you probably noticed he didn't wear his beloved orange sweater today. i have to tell you guys, beyond taxes state pension governor christie's love of the dallas cowboys has a few people i know saying, you know what we voted voted for him before. we're not doing it. you talk about optics here, right. beyond the state of the state. what are you hearing on the street about chris christie and that love affair with jerry jones? >> us will see i hear about it all day in the chasing set because i grew up in eagles fan still an eagles fan. bill anderson has revoked my eagles fan card because i supported the governor supporting the cowboys and that has not sat well at all. on a zero use note ink it helped him. here's why. it's not -- you can't win in new jersey by rooting for anybody. the jets the giants, the eagles
5:33 pm
eagles. he is way -- he took it so far to the dallas cowboys and the most important thing people are talking about the sweater and the mojo with the cowboys. and they're not talking about bridge gate or other serious issues. >> why go out of your way to alien 88 and potentially offend people? i think that that's what the governor did by going out there and pumping out his chef. would it be silly for people not to vote for him because who ease a fan for. it's probably silly. people have voted for even more silly things it mate end up hurting hip. >> it kind of speaks to the truth most people -- nobody even knew he was given the state of the state today but they all know whose playing come sunday in the playoffs. >> isn't the truth. >> i'm eagles fan. >> he turn his back on eagles fan. >> that's it. eagles fans, we're a tough bunch bunch. >> absolutely right. bill and bill thank you for taking a little break from chasing and joining us today. >> thanks lucy. >> the conversation continues tonight during a jam packed infotainment lineup aft fox 29
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news at 10:00. tmz at 11:00 inside edition at 11:30, dish nation at midnight and chasing at 12:30. now back to your fox 29 winter weather authority now. it felt like winter out there today. >> a little cooler today than it has been. >> it was colder today but it was dry. we saw some spots on the roadways with that black ice but not a whole lot of major problems now. tomorrow morning it could be a different story because we're watching the same system move back into our area. >> it's going to come back for more. you can see that area, lucy, highlighted right there. you can see around raleigh cape hatteras we're looking a the some of that moisture that will eventually creep a little farther to the north overnight and early tomorrow morning. in fact, let's time everything out for you. dry and quiet tonight. but look at what happens. 7:00 a.m. when you're watching sue, you can see we can be looking at the potential of a wintry mix central southern delaware, also as we move into cape may county, wildwood, we'll be watching those temperatures. you can see pretty much above freezing.
5:35 pm
so it's going to be some sleet and maybe perhaps some wet snowflakes mixing in. by 10:00 a.m. most of the action is still to the east of i-95. that's where it should stay during the day tomorrow. however, we're still watching that moisture as it moves up from the south throughout the entire day and it starts to taper off tomorrow evening. so the bottom line it's going to be cold area wide tonight. temperatures drop into the teens. and then tomorrow, that wintry mix especially south jersey, and also moving in to southern sections of delaware. if you don't like the cold, though, in the seven day forecast there is a warmup. today's high testimony cher 38 degrees. the normal this time of year is 40. but that high is little deceptive because it was shortly after midnight. look at the temperatures right now. 28 degrees in wilmington. 27 atlantic city. 17 in the poconos. and to tour night 18 degrees in the city. 14 in the suburbs. but this is the bottom line. how it actually feels when you factor in that wind.
5:36 pm
it's going to feel like eight to 12 degrees so bundle up. take a look at this hour by hour forecast for wildwood, new jersey. you can see by 4:00 a.m. we're looking at temperatures in the upper 20s. that wintry mix is going to be moving in to impact the morning rush. so just keep in mind that road conditions could be a little slick. as we take look at the forecast for the same time frame for the philadelphia area, we're cloudy but we'll be dry it looks like because most of that moisture should stay south and east of i-95. so once again tomorrow we're going to be watching the coast temperatures top out in the low to mid 30s so it is going to stay pretty chilly for the middle and latter part of the week. thursday a high temperature of 36 degrees and then upper 30s for friday. so we progress warm up a few degrees edge and every day this week but by the upcoming weekend weekend, 42 degrees on saturday. that will be above average and look at sunday. temperatures topping out near
5:37 pm
50 degrees and then for the holiday temperatures right around average for this time of year, 40 degrees for the high and then tuesday temperatures will be in the low 40s. we're continuing to get new information on that system, of course, we'll have update starting at 6:00. but we'll have complete coverage tomorrow morning beginning at 4:00 a.m. sue sr. yo, bob kelly on traffic traffic, all local for six hours from 4:00 a.m. until 10:00 a.m. with this system. >> we got you covered. >> it's just hitting again during the rush hour. >> exactly. >> another time. >> exactly x thank you very much. you guys like warm fuzzy pj's during cold weather? probably not. i do. >> no. >> you're dudes. i like my warm fuzzy pj's. i do. how often do you wash your pj's it turns a lot of people answer to the question is at -- we find this amazing. it's hardly ever. >> why you may want to throw your pj's in the washing machine before you hit the sack tonight. >> and how does flu vaccine sound that protects you against every strain of the virus and that you only need to get every
5:38 pm
20 years? doctors say they could soon be a reality. >> coming up on fox 29 news at 6:00 a man who has watch the city change for half a century one piece of mail at a time. he's a postal worker who is celebratin
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♪ in your health tonight are we close to a universal flu shot? scientists at mount sinai health system say the vaccine could be reality. the vaccine doctors are working on pro provide longer protect from the flu up to 20 years. right now the cdc says the flu here in the us is epidemic levels. doctors at mount sinai did not give a timetable when we could expect this vaccine but are optimistic they are close. what a memorable stop on the side of the road for missouri couple. funny thing happened to the way to the hospital. jennifer was pregnant, did not expect to deliver her baby on saturday cute little guy. sean having any contractions thought that what she was feeling normal pregnancy pains.
5:42 pm
they headed to the hospital to check thing out the they didn't make it had to pull over. that are little boy was absolutely headed this way. >> got out of the car and i just stood on the side of the car and i leaned over into the seat and had my hands on the passenger side and -- >> probably about 20 seconds later, you know he came out and i was able to just to, you know, catch him. >> which is an excellent thing. she and her baby are in the hospital both doing just fine. he is awfully cute. and now they've got a really good story for the rest of their lives. >> absolutely. >> chocolate lovers recipe for one of eighty four favorite treats is changing. >> while difference may not sound major the reason for the change is. a huge deal. we'll explain. >> a couple who lost two of their babies were incredibly worried they were about to lose another. they came to philadelphia in search of a miracle. the medical experiment that gave their daughter life howard?
5:43 pm
>> former sixers head coach larry brown back in town with his college team and again tells us why he doesn't think the 76ers are doing it the right way and why ohio state head coach irving meyer didn't respect the guy the other
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>> a couple terrified their unborn baby would not survive traveled to philadelphia for a miracle and they say they found one. fox 29's jennifer joyce talked to them about the medical experiment that saved their daughter's live. ♪
5:47 pm
>> reporter: with her spunky boots inn kiss si tiff mind and beautiful smile you'd never know 18-year-old nat sal medical miracle but it's true. natalie was diagnosed in her mother's womb with an extremely rare condition called generalized arterial cass si if you indication of infancy. a condition where calcium coats the inside of the arteries and ultimately leads to heart failure. natalie's parents ann and jerry knew the concerns all too well. the couple from minnesota has already lost two children to the condition. reid and iain were just weeks old when they died. the third diagnosis took a toll on the family and their three children. >> it was devastating news. because we knew it was potentially a fatal out come. >> reporter: they knew they needed to act fast. do something different. >> i didn't want to tell my 10-year-old son i had to try
5:48 pm
everything that we could try to be able to help his little sister. >> reporter: a google search connected the family with chop. >> i found out that chop had a fetal diagnostic center. >> reporter: they traveled to philadelphia. met dr. michael levine and took a chance. >> when i saw her i realized that with two prior babies who had not survived with this diagnosis wed to be more aggressive. >> reporter: instead of waiting until birth dr. levine immediately put ann on medication to treat natalie's condition in utero. >> our confidence kept growing because week after week the calcium was not progressing in her arteries. it's a medication typically used to treat osteoporosis. >> what we did in this situation was take existing medications off the shelf repurpose them for this particular situation. >> medical experiment that ultimately saved this little one's life. on 88th 2013 natalie was born
5:49 pm
born. her innovative care. >> after natalie was born we gave her another drug and we believe it's the first time this drug sodium thigh yo sulphate was used to treat gaci. >> the medication was working. the calcifications were actually starting to reduce. >> reporter: dr. levine says it appears nat system all clear of the gentlemen it in tick condition. she's 18 months old and as happy as can be. and her parents tell us they've learned a few lifeless sons along the way. >> you have a past of bad experiences it's choosing not to let that terrorize you. >> the family are big believers of hope and faith. and now also big believers in chop doctors. >> we knew coming that there was no guarantee. we knew that but just even to be a place for the physicians are willing to think outside the box and brainstorm and work together as a powerful team it was just
5:50 pm
an amazeing feeling and now we get to see hope every day. >> yeah. in our little daughter. >> yup. >> reporter: jennifer joyce fox 29 news. >> retired school principal and his wife are the countri' news west mega millionaires. harold and carol diamond of upstate new york just won $326 million playing mega millions the largest lottery jackpot in new york state history. after taxes and a lump sum payment that will come out $130 million. the diamonds diamonds still having trouble wrapping their arms around all of this. >> once things hopefully get back to normal i don't know that's going to take, but i hope it doesn't take too long and the two of us will sit down and decide just how we want to handle everything. >> right now diamond says he'll take his wife to hawaii for their 55th wedding anniversary as well as help his family and community with the rest of the money. >> happy lottery story to a not so happy one.
5:51 pm
the manager of a california gas station now faces charges in a lottery ticket scam. officials were tipped off when a customer bought a million dollar match scratch ticket and noticed it was altered. investigators say the gas station manager used a opinion to reveal part of avert if you indication code number hidden on the ticket. then he kept the winning tickets and sol the losing tickets. they're calling it pinning. >> what they need to do is to change the system so that the ability of the people who deal these tickets to see do i have a winner or loser is eliminated. they have to be as much in the dark as everybody else. >> the manager faces five felony charges of computer fraud. it doesn't look like the but these are college football fans fans going wild in ohio. clearly too wild. police in columbus used tear gas to break up a crowd of ohio state university students following the buck eyes big win over the university of oregon. revelers spilled on to the streets from local bars but the
5:52 pm
celebration quickly evolved into mayhem with some setting trash cans and dumpsters on fire. now police arrested several people. but no wasn't is hurt. chocolate lovers around the world pay $110 billion on the treat each year but the price of cocoa is soaring and mon lease international the maker of cadbury cream eggs has tweaked its recipe. the company will now use a quote standard traditional cadbury milk chocolate instead of dairy milk chocolate lot of people may not be able to taste the difference wine this might seem like a small change the reasons for the rise in the price for cocoa which is grown in west africa are very serious. >> in the neighboring countries where a lot of the labor comes from they have had ebola outbreaks and cep the workers from crossing over and doing the work that they need to do to get the cocoa beans out the door. >> experts say there are a number of factors in chocolate trade that can only make the sweet more expensive. dog getting a lot of attention on the internet today. >> indeed.
5:53 pm
that's because some say he looks a whole lot like actor john travolta. check it out. the picks from the website animal rescue group posted picture of boof. he's two years old. >> i don't see it. >> i don't see it. >> just me. maybe it's just me. >> maybe it's us. >> it's just you and me. rescue group calling the dog john travolta you can actually adopt john travolta because he needs a forever home. however the fuzzy john travolta is in sidney australia. i don't think know. >> you be sleeping in a clean bed every single night. how clones are your pajamas. >> some wear them foreclose to three weeks. lydia has the story. >> how often do you wash your pajamas? simple question but the answer sure vary. >> every time i wear them. >> how often do i wash mine? twice a week. >> while there are plenty of clean pj's to choose from bed head pajamas according a average
5:54 pm
poll the average man wears his for two weeks before they hit the wash. women longer. feign days. >> that's disgusting. >> pretty gross. >> top excuse for the washing machine challenge they only wear their pj's for a few hours no need to wash. dermatologist dr. doris day says while the chances of catching something from your pajamas is slim it can still be unthey will healthy. >> if you have a bacterial infection that bacteria can be transmit through your pajamas. it's very unlike toll get an infection from your pajamas but if your pajamas are very tight if you have a lot of broken skin and if you have bacteria growing, that can theoretically be a problem. >> the most common type of pajamas women wear are ones i'm wearing right now. traditional two piece. never thought i'd be wearing pajamas on tv you got to get a good night's sleep somehow. just kidding. as for men the most common thing they wear to bed, is a pair of
5:55 pm
shorts. >> i don't wear pajamas. >> what do you wear? >> i wear my boxers that's it. >> it's either nothing or gym bottom or t-shirt. >> let's hope as they grow older they grow wiser and cleaner. if you're wearing the same pajamas every single night to bed how often should you wash them? well experts say at least once a week and definitely, definitely before they start to smell. in soho lydia fox news. straight ahead at 6:00 we've dried out but still locked in a deep freeze. people throughout our area really felt the bite today. and while the skies are clear now, more snow is on the way. >> and caught on tape, crooks wheeling off hundreds of dollars of loot from a local store. how they made sure the only employee working did not derail their plan. plus a morning bus ride like any other for this dog and she knows his route like the back of
5:56 pm
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6:00 pm
philadelphia this morning near the temple campus waiting for a bus when someone shot her in the back of the head. tonight police are peacing together clues to try and track down the killer. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland the shooting has shaken people who live there and travel through it every day. fox 29's dave kinchen is live at the scene tonight. dave what have you learned? >> reporter: we've learned homicide detectives are actually back on the scene. let me step out of the way. they are searching this area. they have flashlights and they are looking for not only clues but surveillance video. they're trying to fine the person behind this deadly attack attack. >> for this to happen in broad daylight on her way to work with the bus a block away that she catches every day at the same time, i mean really? she never scene it coming. >> reporter: shock and plenty of questions from the sister-in-law of 56-year-old kim jones. she was killed by a single gunshot wound to the head as she waited for the morning bus to work. >> that time of the


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