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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 4a  FOX  January 13, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EST

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well, we will begin in a wind blown mount laurel police headquarters in burlington county, new jersey where one mystery is over, one missing member of the the mount laurel couple is found but other half of the couple and mystery remain. lauren. >> thanks so much, steve. new this morning french satyrical paper charlie hebdo is issues their first paper, we will show you their first front but first, sue serio. the ice is gone the rain is gone but you still could be slipping a little bit this morning. we will talk about it, coming up in weather authority forecast chris. >> sue, thank you. you just saw the 20th wedding anniversary on new years eve. how about this one. this was 20 years in the making. the a ring bearer and flower
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girl walked down the aisle yet again but this time it is their turn to shine. how the two got back to where they started, what a cool story. it is tuesday, january 13th, 2013. >> good couple days off. >> yes. >> sue serio, a little will more slipping and slide to go day, right. >> that would be because of left over, puddles, that were left over obviously, from yesterday. let's talk about the weather headlines today for the morning. let's give it a break. the icy spots roads and sidewalks. we could still have some puddles around that trees overnight, but wind will be picking up this morning as well so you will notice it is a lot colder then it was yesterday. gusty wind today. wind chills in the 20's with a high right around freezing and so that will be a chillier day, rest of the week though milder temperatures, we will get a little bit of the warming trend towards the holiday weekend. so our storm system from yesterday has pulled off the coast.
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we have colder air moving in so a little bit of lake effect flurries are in the the central part of the state we don't anticipate them making it a as far south as here. it is 35 degrees in philadelphia right now, below freezing in reading, lancaster, pottstown right at freezing 3 degrees in allentown. these places we could see icy spots. we are above freezing in wildwood, atlantic city millville, dover and wilmington delaware. wind chills are what you have to bundle will up for and make sure kid are bundled up going to school on time today. wind chills mostly in the the 20's and some in the teens, north and west of the city. we have got wind coming back we have 10 miles an hour wind in philadelphia, 12 in wilmington. wind gusts of 28 miles an hour in allentown. 20 miles an hour gust in millville. so 30 degrees is all we will anticipate for a daytime temperature today as temperatures go down in the wake of the storm that is exiting. so mostly sunny brisk and blustery for your tuesday.
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we will bring thaw seven day forecast in just a few minutes but at least we will have the sun coming back today, bob kelly, good morning. >> good morning sue. 4:03 on a tuesday morning. and again we're dealing with that potential for black ice every where. i know temperature says 36 there on the bottom of our screen but if it looks wet it could be blaze glazed over. watch the on and off ramps. major roadways are okay like here, up and down i295 no problems are delays there at all. 202 through the work zone near route 29. we're good to go. it is secondary roads side streets. maybe driveway, front walk or front step or maybe even that parking lot a as you work your way in to work this morning. here's a picture of a left over from last night. it was the i295 interchange where we had an a overturn tractor trailer and it is not coming up. we will go to the maps. it is southbound 295 all lanes are closed last night around 11:00 o'clock when an overturn tanker truck got
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involved in the accident. they have have one lane in both directions, squeezing through, this cherry hill interchange. again, it is 295 both directions near route 70. so expect delays throughout the morning rush hour, be ready to hit the the brakes heading out there this morning oar wise we are good to go. schuylkill, come on down, no problems at all this morning. ninety-five looking good from the northeast into center city. normal speedometer readings in chester county. bridges are fine. the mass transit running with no delays. chris and lauren, back over to you. new castle police are investigating a shooting that led to the death after 7:00 o'clock last night in the 700 block of vinings way. they responded to a report of shots fired and found two victim suffering from the gunshot wound. one of the victims was dead when they got there. there has been a break in the search for miss would go man from mount laurel. >> steve keeley is covering this story for us and he joins us from mount laurel with the very latest on this steve, good morning. >> reporter: they got one
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break because they have one member of the missing couple. they got the husband. now, the question is where is the the wife, missing since five days after christmas now two weeks later her husband has been found but is he cooperating or clamming up here inside the mount laurel police headquarters? twenty-eight year-old kyle crosby was found last night around 8:00 o'clock driving his wife's missing ford taurus down in brooklawn along route 130 in camden county. he tried to runaway from police but was caught. why would he try to run a away if he didn't have anything to do with his wife's disappearance? that is what eric crippen's family showed up here last night hoping to hear where she is. >> we kneader contact. it is hope. it is hope. >> it is not closure yet. so he tells us, like barbara said, let us know where she is, then we will be okay but until then this is just hope. >> reporter: the couple just got married over the summer. they only have a two month-old
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daughter and that daughter with kyle parents down in sicklerville where this couple glue up. boating to go timber creek high school down there and coming together, meeting on line later in life. so, now the the question is, did she meet her demise somehow because the the family was real worried when they said they showed up at couple's apartment and noticed all of the bed sheets were you have a the bed and even shower curtain was missing. they were worried he used those things to get rid of her body. so, the question now is, lauren and chris what we are waiting to hear from the police and burlington county prosecutor's office chris, did he cooperate. the question he is a hardened criminal. he knows he has the the right to remain silent. he has been in and out of prison in his 28 year short life for drug an aggravated assault charges. the question is is he using the system or detectives inside somehow becoming
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successful appealing to his maybe guilty conscious. we will find out later in the morning. >> all right steve thank you very much for that. >> get ought of the names straight throughout the morning. as we head south of there the family of a missing mother, too from smyrna delaware says that she was worried about her safety before her difficulties a appearance. thirty-five year-old keisha a hamilton disappeared over the weekend, with her two young children. the children were later found unharmed, in indiana in a car with their father cortez hamilton. there has been no sign of kiesh a keisha's sister said she sent her a text message a few hours after she difficulties a appeared when she says she was scared of her husband. >> she did text me and told me that if she wasn't heard from again, to have the police check cortez, which is her husband. >> cortez hamilton was arrested and awaiting extradition. a hearing to get him back to
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delaware to face charges. the children are still in protective custody in indiana. police are investigating more than a dozen armed robberies in northeast philadelphia that may all be connect. >> for the very latest on those robberies and what police are doing bit, we will will go to fox 29's jennifer joyce live outside septa a's frankford terminal this morning. jennifer, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, chris and lauren. police are increasing patrols in this area. we saw a couple of police car passing inside. they are bringing in new mobile cameras to try to find the people behind these robberies, 14 times in the last 15 days philadelphia and septa a police have responded to armed robberies on the streets, around septa's frankford terminal. the victims ranged from a neighborhood man putting out his trash to people who come and go on the public transportation line. police believe a crew of people, is behind the robberies, it has, people in the area worried. police say robberies have become increasingly more violent. >> they were progressively
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getting more violent and one or two the of the cases they pistol whipped the complaint ant. >> reporter: police have more officers patrolling along penn street where most office robberies have happened and septa has brought in new mobile cameras that can scan the area and send video back to september headquarters. police say those cameras are monitored 24/7. so far no arrests have been made. call northeast detectives if you have any information, chris. >> okay, jennifer joyce, live for us thank you. as many of six members of the terrorist cell that launched the attacks may still be at large this morning. two french police officials told the associated press that the cell consists of about ten people right now, officers are searching paris for a mini cooper registered to hyat the widow of a madi coulibaly. investigators believe a accomplice is in syria. investigators think this
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surveillance video from a turkish airport january 2nd shows her with another man, at a passport control counter. investigators believe she is the girl friend of the suspected gunman who killed four hostages. meanwhile president obama is facing backlash for not attending the massive show of support by millions of people in paris which included several world leaders. >> i think it is fair to say we should have have sent someone with a higher profile to be there. with that said there is no doubt that the the american people and this administration stand four square behind our allies in france. >> secretary of state john kerry said yesterday he he will travel to paris this week to show solidarity with the french people. meanwhile the french journalist who survived last week even's attack at the satyrical newspaper charlie hebdo are back to work putting out a new issue of the the weekly paper. >> it featured a cartoon of the prophet mohammad.
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line transforms into all is forgiven. 3 million copies are being printedded and will be made available in 25 countries. new jersey governor chris christie is preparing to give his state of the state address today. christie is expected to devote his speech to pension and benefit issues, as well as state's transportation trust fund, which pays for bridge and tunnel repairs. he is also expect to talk about his record in office ahead of the potential presidential run. harrah's philadelphia casino will hold a hiring fare later today. casino officials say they are looking to hire 100 new employees for several opened positions. no experience is necessary. today's hire fares run from 1:00 to 3:00 at harrah's philadelphia in chester. terrifying moment in washington d.c. a metro train starts filling with in smoke so severe that it left one person dead, what happened to trigger this. all right. take a look at this pen i how much do you think this is worth? it is a collectors item. you won't believe how much one guy paid for
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check this out a home in detroit stopping traffic in more ways than one, the first created this a cascade of ice sickles but not just outside a mini glazer moving down side way and street. park car froze men place. neighbors say someone was squatting in the home when it started to get cold in november. they left, that is when she first noticed the problem. >> it started at the bottom and then from there it just
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started freezing on the outside, going up to the top. >> if we have this happen all over where people are squatting where people are not able to maintain their residency in a home with a nice furnace then this is going to be what will happen right here. >> the home is about 100 years old. the water department is supposed to head out to fix the leak and try to fix up the ice. that is just incredible right, sue. >> it really is. the mother nature once that water spilled. you know we could segway into that but we're not going to have anything like that, i don't think but we have temperatures cold enough that if something was liquid yesterday, it will be frozen this morning. so for a lot of us, we will have to still watch where we're walking in certain places. luckily, the high pressure system is building in the wind have pick up, so it is drying out a lot of pavement, before it has a chance to freeze. having said that keep in mind, black ice will be out there this morning. our storm system is off shore,
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now colder air is moving in from the north and it is bringing down some lake effect flurries but only in the central part of the state. don't really expect to see any flurries here. we will zoom in and take a look no precipitation here. the let's just talk temperature because that is our big issue this morning. 35 degrees here in the city. thirty in allentown. eighteen mount pocono. these are the places where temperatures have drop below freezing. we are above freezing every where else. as this cold air moves in temperatures will be dropping throughout the day. so wind chills are in the teens and 20's, just about every where. wind speed are picking up again, the direction of the wind out of the north colder air, then what we had during the day yesterday and then wind gusting to 29 28 miles an hour, 20 miles an hour in millville, new jersey. the it was soaked and slippery yesterday. that slippery start. rain all afternoon. 38 degrees was our high. forty is the normal high.
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i think we may exceed that by the end of this seven day forecast. lets go through it, 30 degrees today. chance of the flurry tomorrow but not a great chance. mostly cloudy skies. upper 30's on thursday, and then a bit of the milder trend as we get into friday, sat the day and sunday. cold front comes through perhaps on sunday night, it does chill it down formatter inn lieutenant are king day on monday but all and all, this is he a desired trend for most of us bob kelly, little bit milder. >> it definitely seems mild they are morning. 4:17 sue. water main break left behind a major sink hole on 57th street, between wynfield and cardinal. thinks right behind st. joseph's university. this is going to be a mess throughout the morning rush hour. fifty-seventh street is block. your best bet would be to use city line avenue which is also route one and that is usually a mess during the morning rush hour as well. give your some extra time as you role through wynfield section of the city this
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morning. lets roll video from the news van when we were on the scene of the overturned tanker truck on 295 in cherry hill, new jersey. this happened at 11:00 o'clock last night in the southbound lanes between route 73, and route 70. so they will have both southbound lanes and northbound lanes blocked again, this is last night and it happened around 11:00. lets go live right now from the scene. the here's the the clean up, southbound 295 between 73 and route 70, you have that one right lane. we typically have three. so expect delays this morning. if you are heading north on 295 they have the left lane taken out with some clean up. so both directions on 295 here in cherry hill, new jersey we are going to have a choke point here because of the clean up with that today. the new jersey turnpike is your best bet. if you are going from the lower even all the way up to new york or vice verse, would i say stick with the turnpike that will totally a avoid the
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whole mess through cherry hill, new jersey and 295 today. they are using shuttle busing until 5:00 on the market frankford line. as part of the overnight construction. the the bridges looking good, bennie whitman, commodore barry a and in delays this morning at the moment at philly international. chris and lauren, back over to you. >> thanks very much, bob. u.s. military is trying to figure out how hackers hijack twitter and you tube account of the u.s. central command. >> they oversee the campaign officeis campaign in syria and iraq. they claim to be islamic state sympathizers. for several members, both sites carried messages such as quote american soldiers, we are coming, watch your back. isis. the pentagon immediately suspended the sites and it the is stressing that the hack december the not access any classified information. officials believe the the same group hijack web sites and twitter feeds of media outlets in the past month including a maryland tv station, and the breach happened as president
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obama gave a speech on cyber security. >> the university of virginia is reinstating the fraternity at center of the gang rape allegation chronicled in rolling stone magazine. move comes after police revealed they could not confirm the events of the alleged attack. the the fraternity had voluntarily suspended its chapter following the article. rolling stone released a a statement in nova pol guying and noted discrepanciness that story. subway ride turns into a terrifying ordeal for dozens of passengers in washington d.c. thick smoke began filling the train causing breathing problems for many passengers. one woman even died. several others were injured. federal investigators say there may have been a electrical malfunction inside that tunnel. and a coin collector in california has brought an important piece of history. >> the man bought what is called a birch cent penny, from 1792. how much did this person pay for a penny? two million-dollar. >> um-hmm. >> that is inflation. >> that is most ever paid for
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a 1cen teepees at auction. it is called a birch cent after robert birch the the engraver. there are only ten, ten left over in the world. i was going to say ten. no, ten of them. ohio state's football team is now national college football champion how they clinched that big win.
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4:23. let's talk sports. ohio state buck eyes are college football national champions. buck eyes beat oregon, 42-20. first ever college football playoff. national championship game. no more bcs. ohio state elliott scored four touchdowns in the win. for a look at the rest of the night in sports, here's howard eskin. >> this is fox 29 sports in one minute. >> good morning, i'm howard eskin. flyers have been struggling scoring and last night they had rob zep just up from the minors in goal for steve mason. flyers suffered another injury, braydon coburn out likely a month with a possible fracture of his foot n trouble scoring last night, however to the wells fargo center. second period flyers scored five times, power play that is jake voracek who makes it three-# s brayden schenn will make it six-one. flyers win seven- 36789 flyers did a good job with the team that can score. >> we defended really well
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and you have to defend against that team. they are the highest scoring team in the league. they double up with the speed and our defense did a good job, we forced turnovers and we caught them a few times and got odd man rushes. it looks like it doesn't matter if you win as a nfl head coach denver head coach john fox fired after winning four straight division titles. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. new ncaa settlement in the works for penn state. two trustees believe so. they say university proposed new terms to the ncaa concerning lawsuit related to the handling of the jerry sandusky case, however the board's chairman says trustees are making incorrect suppositions and publicly discussing a possible litigation settle will. could damage penn state. 4:25 is the the time. it took them 20 years to walk down an aisle again but a ring bearer and his flower girl are now husband and wife.
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but they weren't even friend all this time. how they ended up back where they started. teachers are still demanding answers after the charter school they work for just abruptly closed their doors. now they are planning to take some action.
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happening right now husband of the local missing woman is in police custody for
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questioning, he is not charged with sources are telling fox 29 about why police took him in though. and we're always warning viewers about those risky apps kid are using these taste. what app police say played a part in the sex assault. talk about getting a a revenge, a woman is selling her husband's porsche and the price she's asking would make any car lover crazy. all right. good day everyone. the it is tuesday, january 13th 2015. it is porsche not a porsche. >> it is porsche. >> it is porsche. >> wonder what he did. >> we will find out in just a little bit but first lets get to the weather right sue serio. >> right, we do. we don't have anymore precipitation. all of the rain from yesterday, ice changed to rain and we have got quite a bit of it. that is gone. now central part of the state we will see flurries but we don't expect them to reach here. flurries are lake effect because of these temperatures that are really no much different from yesterday but they will go down now that the
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storm has cleared the coast temperatures will be able to fall. mid 30's south and east of the city, below freezing north and west, wind chills are in the 20's, some teens and single digits up north so it feels like the the 20's, dress for temperatures in the 20's today. you can see the direction of the wind coming out of the north, that is where the cold air is. that is why we will get colder instead of warmer today 10-mile an hour wind here in philadelphia wind gustness allentown of 28 miles an hour. 28 miles an hour in mount pocono. it feels like the the wind gusts is 20 miles an hour in millville. it gets out of there eventually. anyway 30 degrees should be your average temperature throughout the afternoon a below freezing, high temperature for the the day time, we probably already reached our high for the the day with that 35 we have right now. it will be brisk and blustery so it won't feeling like 30 degrees. so another cold winter day but temperatures, you may enjoy seeing when we bring you the
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seven day forecast coming up. so bob kelly any slick spots you can see this morning. >> i don't see any slick spots, this morning i haven't heard of any slick spots but that doesn't mean they are in the out there. maybe in those secondary roads, your side streets like that front step your driveway. sue mentioned the win is kicking up drying some of that. >> we're good to go. >> thank you. >> chris murphy got the my back this morning. >> live look at is what left over of an overturned tractor trailer. this was an overturn tanker truck that occurred on route 70 last night at around 11:00 o'clock. here's is what left over southbound lanes of 295. the the accident scene is here in the center median. we will fine lane restrictionness both directions through cherry hill for first half of our morning rush hour. it is getting better here in the last half an hour but right the now if you are heading out of the front door
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use the new jersey turnpike as your alternate through cherry hill, new jersey. the scene is just south of route 73 a along 295, in cherry hill. otherwise the market frankford line using shuttle buses until 5:00 o'clock. all of the bridges looking good this morning. no problems yet, a at philly international. hopefully we will get a nice day to fly, which is nice and calm on the weather maps there new project through chester county on route 100 near 113 will tie us up during the midday. chris and lauren. back over to you. police are searching for a missing mount laurel woman get a break in the case. >> steve keeley covering this story joins us live from police with the very latest on this steve, good morning. >> reporter: they got her husband that was one break. other break is a question mark right now, is is he telling them anything that they don't know, meaning where she is and we don't know from police because we have not gotten an update since he was brought here last tonight just before 11:00. erika crippen's family thought her newlywed husband did
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something bad since he never raised in a alarm after she vanish two weeks ago today. when they asked him what he knew? they said he had not seen his wife in the two days. he didn't call police. he didn't file a missing persons report. didn't seem worried a at all. it was erika family that went to the police and then questioned her husband eric kyle crosby and after that he vanished too. erika's car was missing as well. when erika's family went to the mount laurel house where they shared they noticed the sheets were off the bed and shower curtain was gone too which had them worried they were used to wrap upper contact's body. break came at 8h in brooklawn along route 130 in camden county where police saw erika's red for taurus and crosby driving it. he drove it until he got blocked and then tried to runaway but was caught and then brought here. the question now is did he cooperate and confess or has he kept quiet and demanded a lawyer. twenty members of the erika's family showed up here hoping
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for answers to end their two weeks of worry. >> i'm concerned. we kneader contact. it is hope. >> it is definitely not closure yet. he tells us, like barbara said, to let us necessity where she is, then we will be okay but until then this is just hope. just tell us where she is. just tell us where she is. we don't even at this point care wharf done, just tell us where she is. >> we just want to nose where she is. >> that is all we want at this point. >> reporter: erika just married crosby last summer, gave birth to their months old daughter after that. twenty-six and 28. both went to timber creek high school in sicklerville but they didn't date until later in life being up again on the internet and getting married. erika's family had a vigil a at moorestown mall on friday night and then search areas in sicklerville and williamstown down in gloucester county on saturday. well, now they are hoping that police here in mount laurel
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end their search for the big answer as to what happened to her and they are waiting with us, hoping for on kind of an update from detectives inside. the chris and lauren. >> steve, thanks very much. we are hoping for the the best for that family. according to reports federal prosecutors investigating congressman chaka fattah are trying to get seven years of lawmakers private e-mails. the the philadelphia inquirer is report ago this a federal appeals court took up the issue yesterday in the case that referred to an unnamed congressman and that the facts of the case and lawyers involved matched the probe of the law maker. two political associates have have pleaded guilty to crimes involving fattah's 2007 mayoral bid. his son has been charged by the same prosecutor in a separate case. former teachers and members of the recently closed walter pal inner challer school say they are looking for answer about paychecks and benefits compensation even after meeting with district officials yesterday.
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>> taxes not being transferred to those entities for which had received them garnishments have been taken out of our wages. >> how many phone calls can you make to a chris for say can you give me within more day, can you give me one more week can you give me until next month. >> the school district has been trying to deal with the walter pal inner situation for years now even having to go to the highest court in the commonwealth to be able to get money back. now we're in the situation where employees are now have not received a pay. >> some staff members say the pal inner school owes them a in month of compensation. fox 29 spoke with the school founder director walter palmer about the situation. >> i feel their frustration and as always, i have always supported them, and thank them for all that they do to for our children. i intend to continue to work with that administrative core for closing out school ape liquidating assets, et cetera. >> palmer did not say when some former employees may see
4:37 am
their money. frustrated staff members say they are filing a class action lawsuit against the school and school district. we have been telling you about the history of landing on a pad in the ocean. so nasa could reuse it in well, its trial run is over. we will tell you how it
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we are trying to bob to the beat. >> what beat. >> not bob kelly, you chris, moving to the beat. >> did you ever see the movie the jerk with steve martin. >> that is you every morning. >> we're working on it. >> thank god i golf you in my life right now. >> police near pittsburgh are using technology to try to figure out identity of the woman who died. >> her head was found in the woods last month but that was all they found. police put together 3-d images of the woman's face hoping someone may recognize her. at this point it is not clear whether she was a homicide victim or something else happened in a funeral home but officials say it is illegal to abuse a corpse in pennsylvania and they believe it was done by someone who knew what they were doing. 4:40 is the the time. don tollefson continues his defense during his trial on theft charges the former tv sports personality is representing himself. 200 people told police that he
4:41 am
ripped them off. prosecutors say he swindled hundreds of thousands of dollars through sports charities schemes. tollefson admits he made bad business decisions but he believes that this is all a civil issue and not a criminal one. tollefson says he wanted a court appointed attorney but the judge said no. >> the chal evening of trying to do all of the things that a law firm might have been able to do or if i had been appointed a public defender, is considerable but it all comes down to you have to focus on what is happening in the court at the minute that you are in the court and for me, in essence and i'm not saying this flippingly but as if this were my sixth day of law school today. >> tollefson is a former fox 29 employee. he plans to call witnesses to the stand, throughout the week, and says he will also take the stand. do you monitor what apps your kid use. you may want to after hearing how police say one popular one
4:42 am
played a part in the sexual assault. but first bob kelly. good morning everybody. 4:41. we have had an overnight tractor trailer accident on the pennsylvania turnpike right here near valley forge interchange. it is off to the shoulder but they are hand off loading the cargo to another tractor trailer so that could tie us up through our morning rush hour as we go for a ride on the turnpike heading in valley forge.
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good morning. welcome back. time right now is 4:44. a ship. of much needed supplies reach hees the international space station. space x supply dragon arrived two days after lifting off with cape canaveral with groceries and more science experiments for the food. previous supply ship was destroyed during launch in october you may remember. if you could have groceries sent up to you in space, lauren johnson. >> yes. >> what would be on the top have of your list there. >> ice cream. >> what flavor most importantly. >> chocolate chip cookie dough. >> what a kid you are at heart. >> sue serio, what is at the top of the list, what can you not do without. >> i don't know. >> water. >> oh, no. >> really. >> no, of course not but i was thinking ice cream and then lauren said it now if i said ice cream it sound like i'm copying lauren. i was really thinking ice cream, but i like butter
4:46 am
pecan. all right. lets look at the local storm reports from yesterday. i just want to show you freezing rain reports from yesterday. some places, like kutztown in berks county recorded a tenth of an inch of accumulation of ice. so, that was then. this is now. the cold front is off shore, and colder air is going to be moving in. the good news is precipitation is gone, just a little bit of rain to the south, in north carolina and that will stay there. so we can dry out a little bit today, having said that anything that was liquid yesterday that didn't dry out overnight will be freezing, today because temperatures will be going down and as we check our temperatures some of them are still above freezing 34 in trenton. thirty-five in philadelphia. it is below freezing in the mount pocono allen up to, reading, that colder air sinking further southward. anyplace below freezing we will see black ice and slippery spots. not as bad as yesterday when we were in the in middle of the event but still you will to have watch out where you are walking and driving this
4:47 am
morning. wind chills, they will be getting lower as the day goes a along and wind pick up. twenty-seven is what it feels like in philadelphia a so thinking how do we dress kids today. think about the 20's. these gusty wind. wind speeds of 10 miles an hour in the city. seventeen in reading. twelve in millville. we have had gusts higher then that. close to 30 miles an hour wind gusts up to the north this cold air is in the process of moving to the south now that the storm is off shore. we will be seeing temperatures go down instead of up throughout the morning. so, it is slippery is the headline for yesterday. 38 degrees was the the high. we will eventually change over to rain. we had more slipping and sliding after sunset last night but that is it for. that we will get sunshine today, and tomorrow is kind of cloudy. we could get a flurry or two. that is in the a big deal. bigger deal is 48 degrees on sunday before a cold front comes through and it is chilly gannon martin luther king day on monday but at least
4:48 am
starting tomorrow we will have a gradual trend of getting a little bit milder each day so maybe we're through, bob kill wiz our weather drama for the week. >> i'm tired of drama for a week. we have had enough drama for the week. good morning. 4:48. our news van busy overnight. here's video of the water main break in wynfield along 57th street right here near wynfield avenue in the wynfield section of the city, right behind st. joes. watch out for delays. we have had this overturn tanker truck along i295 in cherry hill, new jersey that has caused delays throughout the overnight. lets go outside live to the scene of that tanker truck. it looks like southbound lanes are opened northbound there is still some crews left over here as this was a huge clean up operation. it spilled like a thousand gallons of fuel. there was a clean up. i think we will be good to go up and down 295 during the morning rush hour. be ready to hit breaks
4:49 am
heading south between 73 and route 70 out of the gate first one there this morning. pennsylvania turnpike we had an accident eastbound tractor trailer lost its load right before the valley forge interchange. they are hand swapping off the cargo on to another tractor trailer. all they they are off to the shoulder they have blinking arrows and cones out. if you are leaving downingtown coming into valley forge be a aware. otherwise we're in great shape. 422, 202 looking g watch out the for possible slippery spots, on and off ramps any untreated road surfaces, one tiny patch of ice could send us for a spin. market frankford line using shuttle buses until 5:00. the mass transit looking good. chris and lauren looking good. my little son slipped walking the dog yesterday morning. right there, down he went. >> is he okay. >> yeah, he is fine. >> a lot of emotion at city hall yesterday. >> family and colleagues of the woman who died, honored her life and her career.
4:50 am
>> ♪ >> memorial service celebrated life of lieutenant joyce craig, she was an 11 year veteran of the fire department. she died battling a a fire at a home. an investigation continues as federal experts are now looking at the equipment that she was wearing that day. her brother spoke on behalf of the family. >> she had this way about her she wanted to keep everybody together. she always stepped up when there was a time and a need. you know, she was just joyce to us but like i said apparently she was that same individual to a lot of members of the fire department. >> during the program a flag that flew over the the city that day craig died was presented to her son. she also leaves behind a 16 month-old daughter. 4:50. new jersey police want parents to be a aware of their child's social media habits. >> this warning comes after the a a arrest are of the man
4:51 am
used social media to lure a young boy. police say 23 year-old aaron johnson, junior of mays landing lured a 12 year-old boy to a location in mays landing and attacked him. johnson was arrested and charged with first degree aggravated sexual assault. police say johnson met his victim on kik and experts say it is bound to happen again. they say there are plenty of other apps and that is why parents need to know what their kids are doing an their smart phone. 4:51. fashion police is back. new host of the show is the kathy griffin who has a lot to prove as she steps in for the late great joan rivers. the she returned last night to discuss fashions of the golden globes from over the weekend. the review according to reports, they either love her or hated her. >> eminem shows his softer side when he granted one young man's wish in his home state of michigan. seventeen year-old gabe suffering from a rare form of bone cancer, was told that he
4:52 am
only had about one week to live. that is when his family and friend started up the hash tag to meet eminem. rapper, who lives 20 minutes away quietly paid a special visit, late sunday evening. family members say he wases in good spirits after hanging out with his favorite rapper. gabe peacefully passed away yesterday afternoon. >> ahh. right back where they started, how a ring bearer and flower girl took another trip down the aisle together, 20 years later. plus talk about revenge, a wife sells her husband's car, and it sold for way less than it is worth, see how much this luxury car
4:53 am
4:54 am
4:55 am
beautiful morning. >> yes. >> getting it in. >> good morning. >> talking about the music. >> yes. >> good. so you know the the famous, how it hell have in fury like the woman strewn. how about this one wife in australia she put up her husband's 2010 porsche 911 for sale for $20,000. >> that is a price of a honda. >> exactly, it is valued at $77,140 quoting kelly blue book. on the site revenge,
4:56 am
she says that she found out that he was cheating on her and she has rightful owner ship of that porsche. she thought, you know what i will sell it. she plans to use the 20 grand to get flights out to europe to flirt with wealthy european men. >> oh, yeah. >> is that what she's doing with the 20 grand. >> girl. >> that is awesome. >> not really. >> good for her, not really. >> i get it, like selling the car, $20,000. she could have got more than 20 grand. then to take machine toy filet to europe to hope to meet another one of him. >> she wants to go to europe to find a good guy, she should go right to new jersey. >> new jersey? >> i don't in other. >> delaware. >> twenty years after walking down a aisle, ring bear are and flower girl did it again this time as bride and groom. >> in 1995 this girl brittany, of minnesota walked as the flower girl minnesota. she was a flower girl.
4:57 am
well, briggs, stood in as the ring bearer and family members, weird names in minute so the a they later reunited in high school when brittany realized her classmate was the boy that she knew from the wedding years ago. >> like what is this picture off of the wall? there is a picture of you up in my house forever. >> she turnaround and said i think i have a picture of you on my wall at home. >> his name is briggs fuzzy would you change your name to fuzzy. the rest of the story is history. one date became two. after five years together the fuss i couple is right back where they started. right? don't be so fuzzy about our food. well, it is your name. wouldn't you change that. >> pace yourself. you have to work a couple
4:58 am
days. >> two pups are hailed as heroes how they saved their family free flames erupted in their home. pennsylvania based crayola is apologizing this morning what was posted that caused quite a stir among parents.
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