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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 6a  FOX  July 31, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> couple guess on spending spree with philadelphia police officer's stolen credit card. police have to look for these two. we'll tell you where they are looking. >> fights out a man who tried to choke her with a piece of rome. how she helped police in a big way. >> my daughter's best friends visits the hospital yesterday, getting shots. >> neighborhood on edge. more than dozen people find out they need rabies shots. the animal that's spreading the infection. >> also, talk about a clogs call. it doesn't get much scarier than this. couple driving down the highway,ik that happen? >> good day everyone, the last day of july, july 312014. >> last day of the week. >> thank goodness. >> tjf eve. steve keeley live in maple
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shade, where unlikely victim had his yesterday the card stolen, jennifer joyce as you can see, talking to neighbors, who are concerned about a letter they got warning them about rabies. but first, let's get to caitlin ross looking at weather on the one's, 6:01,. >> good morning, chris, good morning, everyone, just joining us another nice morning, temperatures pretty comfortable in the 60s, some fog out toward our west, and have been few showers in the lehigh valley so bit more unsettled for today. giving it a eight. it is mainly dry day, with some sunshine. that being said, afternoon, evening showers, possible bit more humid. bus stop buddy does not need the hoodie, umbrella close umbrella in case because later this afternoon north and west of fillly have the best chance to see some showers, otherwise, it is partly cloudy out there right now, temperatures in the 60s, with sunshine here in the city. there it is, kind of hazy. 66 degrees, as we take view from our old market studios at the ben franklin bridge in the background. so not full on sunday today. warmer air moving in, that's going to bring that haze.
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sun, clouds, 86 degrees for the high temperature today. so little warmer. isolated showers this evening, giving way to partly cloudy skies, 67 overnight tonight. weekend rain, looking more and more likely. we will have that ominous forecast coming up for you in just a little bit. but kacie how are we doing so far this morning? >> still boring, which is fantastic news, at 02:67:89 looking at the caitlin everything moving along, see 50 on 76, 55 on 95, ooh as you get close to the vine. so i don't know, maybe everyone's playing hooky today. southbound side of 95, one of the construction spots we had left as you approach route 20, blocking right lane, no more this morning. headed out to route 30, tenth street 676, not that many people out there on the roadways, guys. >> down the shore perhaps? looks great. philadelphia police looking for black van involved in a hit-and-run late last night in hawn crest. person hit just after 11:00 last night along the roosevelt boulevard near f street. the person who was hit suffered minor injuries. meantime, in camden, police investigating overnight
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shooting, a woman was shot in the neck 700 block, at the liberty park townhomes. shooting happened about 2:00. about four hours ago, victim's condition at this point unknown. police have not released any information about the shooter. one of the women injured in the germantown avenue carjacking and hit-and-run, now out of the hospital. doctors say, 69 year old thelma brown home recoverg. the mother of the three children killed in the crash remains in a coma. all hit while selling fruit just to support their local church and guards earn last week. two suspect behind bars, they have seen murder charges. >> six philadelphia police officers behind bars this morning, accused of corruption, members of the department's narcotics field unit, were indicted yesterday for allegedly stealing more than half million dollars in drugs and cash. over six years, pro prosecutors say they suspected drug dealers shaking them down. now, these arrests stem from federal grand jury probe, actually began back in january
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after another officer is believed to have cooperated with authorities. >> i've been a police offers mower than zero years, one of the worse cases of corruption that i have ' ever heard. >> instead of the judgement here, let's sewer where the allegations are coming from, let's see who is making them. let's see what they said about these in the courts of law. my guess is behind each of these allegations is nothing. the defendants pleaded not guilty in federal court. >> woman cyst visiting philadelphia fights off attacker. police say a man tried to tie a rope around her neck. it happened yesterday afternoon at 45th and larchwood. but show didn't go down without a fight. police say she tore that guy's shirt right off his body. they say they caught that guy. he is now charged with this case, and a similar incident, that happened on sunday, the woman, by the way, doing just fine. investigators in burlington country trying to track down two suspects in a spending spree with credit
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cards stolen from a police officer. >> oh, not smart. fox 29's steve keeley live in cinnaminson with the story, steve? >> we've been going with the grunge theme because of the way the lady looks. look, one of the grunge bands, allison had great hit song called the rooster. we happen to have you see one of the roosters around here at the jug handle in coming toward us right now, that's been with us all morning keeping us company. witnesses cents to one of the crimes, because show this couple, like bonnie and clyde, dumb and dumber breaking into a maple shade cop's personal car, dumber move, not just satisfied stealing cash, credit carp, also taking his badge and official police id too. dumb duo doesn't stop their dummy deeds there and instead of using the cash for their small buys, at the maple shade wawa where they could not have been tracked, they use the cops credit card. so we have a record of where they went, and when they went,
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and what they look like. sorry she @ parentally already taken, both about 5-foot six. used this debit cart at wawa close by. inbetween had few beers and shots and bought a few rounds on the cops credit card. so potentially this guy could post as a police officer pull off something worse. kerrey by the way you better put off until this lady is caught putting on one of your err ray of flannel shirts when go grocery shopping this weekend until this duty is caught. you don't want to be mistaken for the the lady in the news. >> tragic. >> the roost err albumn, thanks, steve. 6:06 the time. >> health off initials burlington county concerned that more people could have been expose today rabies. >> big scare. more than dozen people currently being treated after kitten tested positive for the virus. >> fox 29's jennifer joyce live in medford township where that is where i guess the exposure initially happened?
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>> currently being treated after exposure, but officials think even more people have been affected. these letters have been going out to people who live in the area. just warning them about the exposure to rabies, urging anyone in the area of overs mill road, route 541, and route 70, who may have been scratched, bitten by a stray animal, or wildlife in the past month to call the burlington county health department. this is in response to kitten that tested positive for rabies, on july 25th. we talked to people who live in the area who say they had their interaction with the kitten, now figuring out what to do next. in dicks to 13 people, three cats, dog, also exposed, being treated, again if you think there is a chance you have been exposed you're urged to call the burlington county health department. kerrey, chris? >> roads getting safe nerve one montgomery county town. neighborhood that's putting in new red light cameras.
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>> thick, constricting and just moved fast. >> there is something slithering through the streets of cape may county. a snake is terrorize being people.
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>> what a mess, huge mess, right down to the water main los angeles, caused millions of gallons of water to gush out, expected to be finish, this weekend, crews finally able to shut off that pipe
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last night. after the break on tuesday, an estimated 20 million gallons of water spilled out near the ucla campus, in fact, it has flooded the pavilion here, just underwent a hundred million dollars in renovations, massive flooding on campus at ucla, athletic field, parking garage also damaged. some areas will now need serious repairs. >> sinkhole on sunset boulevard, don't know when that will get fixed. >> what a maze, southern california. >> that's the truth. you see that, and it is just horrifying. need water so bad, then you see a disaster like that unfold, obviously not the type they need. they need the rain. we don't necessarily need any more rain, but we will get it. and it will be during the weekend, too, unfortunately. looking at the weaken get away forecast, okay, down the shore, i'm telling you know, potential for pretty heavy rain saturday. there is an off shore system, if it makes it inland it, will bring some heavy rain. right now looks more like the morning. and then sunday everyone has a chance for some showers and thunderstorms. so keep that in mind no matter where go.
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up in the poconos, only slightly better because it is an off shore system on saturday, i doubt you see much more than showers, check out how cool it is, temperatures only mid 70s, again, you guys having chance for stormy weather too. here's why fox future cast showing friday, cold front will start to approach from the west, will bring chance for showers, but check out all of the red by saturday morning, that's some very heavy potent rain moving through new jersey and then new york city. left over showers, throughout the day, so we can clear out in the afternoon rain wise. we might still sigh the clouds all day. temperatures in the 60s right now, we get to 86 later this afternoon, still some sunshine, and nice day, slight chance of a shower later. chance of shower again friday afternoon. watching the weekend heavy rain potential with some thunderstorms through sunday and then we dry out next week, see some more summer like weather. hasn't felt like summer kacie this week, temperatures back to the upper 80s. >> very chilly, thanks, caitlin. did i find one incident, disable vehicle. newtown route 413 to south of route 332, newtown bypass, aside from that still all of
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the majors look great. >> thanks, hey, 6:15 right now. this is traffic incident that you see every day. an axe came flying right at this car, seoully
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fast-food workers will rally calling for mcdonald's to stop hiding behind its franchises and raise their wages. calling increase to $15 an hour, and the right to unionize. earlier this week says the company does play a role in the workers conditions, of its employees, not just responsibility of the franchisees. >> drivers in abington township need to know, the
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cameras are go up in three of the township's busiest intersections, the police department scheduled to release more information about the program later today. >> new jersey governor chris christie in trenton today asking law makers to reform the state's prison bail system. and to do it now. he would like to keep those accused of violent crimes behind bars, while releasing suspects in minor crimes who can't afford bail. the governor is calling legislative session today to push lawmakers to takings. monday is the deadline for this proposal to make the november ballot. if lawmakers back his idea, be able to vote on it in november. >> house republicans have vote today sue president obama for allegedly abusing his executive powers. now, at issue, a the president's decision to delay obama care's employer mandate, which requires, saying they're pro ticking the division of powers. but democrats are calling the
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lawsuit a waste of time and money. >> think not only the specifics that you took, but think about how you took it as one body standing together. >> come on, help out. stop being mad all the time. >> republicans have not laid out timetable for actually filing the suit. meanwhile, new lip released congressional, watching poor management for the rocky roll out of obama care in the website. according to the government accountability office, the centers for medicare and medicaid services failed to establish, quote, effective oversights practices. the result, the government incurred tens of millions cents in additional costs. the peace corpse now telling hundreds of volunteers to leave west african countries impacted by deadly ebola outbreak, two volunteers are under isolation right now
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after contracting this, had actual con pact with a person who later died of the virus. there are now 1200 confirmed cases of ebola in west africa, and the outbreak is spreading. two american aid workers fighting for their lives in liberia, while liberian man with family in minnisota died of the virus. there is cents no cure for ebla. now fears with the 09% fatality rate could spread here to the u.s. n charlotte, section of the emergency room at the carolina medical center temporarily shutdown, a patient came into the er after having recently traveled to country at high risk foreign next us diseases, as a precaution, medical staff contacted the centers for disease control and prevention. turns out the patient does not present a public health risk. >> absolutely nothing wrong with him. a manhunt for the guy who killed minnesota police officer ended last night with police shoot-out. officers cornered the suspect in a st. paul suburb last night. say he came out of his
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mini-van firing. they shot back. they hit him. his condition isn't known. little bit earlier in the day, police say, a man dot a heights officers pulled that suspect over for an unknown reason. he fired three shots killing the 19 year veteran on the force. pennsylvania state police planning to fight adjust tis department lawsuit that was filed earlier this week. now the suit alleges that a fitness test for applicants discriminates against women tests consist of 300-meter jump, and agility run. in a statement, state police say, the test properly measures physical act, necessary, for the job. but, the suit shows that lower numbers of female applicants passed the test. going back to 2003. >> 6:19 the time this thursday morning. scary movement for massachusetts couple driving along interstate 95. >> an axe, flew off the back after dump truck and smashed into the windshield, thankfully axe only went
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halfway through the passenger side of the glass. police say landscaper was driving the truck in front of them, didn't properly secure his tools. he was fined $200 at the scene, and police say the couple driving the car only going about six a miles an hour, if they had been speeding, the axe could have broken through their windshield. >> whenever driving along my wife always says get out from behind that truck. all the time. just in case. >> if you axe me, secure your tools. >> i always try to secure my tools. good day starts in about 40 minutes. how far is too far when it comes to punishing parents? it has happened again. lags night reported a woman in florida who let her son go to public park, by himself, and now she's in jail. so, what are the laws here in pennsylvania, new jersey, delaware when it comes to this kind of stuff? can you leave your kids in a park when go to work? how about this little boy.
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>> i think it will warm your heart. feeting this dog treats. how that dog is helping him with therapy after brain surgery. what is he up to there? >> you look great. >> so do you. >> love that shocking pink. >> yes, pretty shocking. and little pink, too, maybe not as bright. >> not as shocking. >> not as glaring, yes. you shock anyways. >> i have dull pink on. >> oh, but not dull. that's okay. you need to tamper down the personality, that's why you wear lighter colors. >> i'll go get some coffee. >> sounds good. you know, we've been talking about the lack of heat so far this week. actually that's been a theme all summer long. where is the heat? well, when you tally up the 90-degree days so far, we're lacking this year, at least compared to the past four years, 2014, only 14 days to date where we hit 09 or above. compare that to 19 last year, again, not so bad. but 30, in 2012, 29 in 2011, 36, 09 agree days by july 31st, 2010. it can be a lot worse people.
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86 degrees for today. probably not another 90. partly cloudy skies isolated shower later this afternoon, keep those umbrellas handy need them this weekend. your full weekend forecast still ahead. we check in with kacie where she has been relatively not busy. >> oh, i got disable vehicles on disabled vehicles. don't worry about that, no, that's not a big deal. newtown, route 413, south of 332. newtown bypass, so thankfully these aren't accidents, this disable vehicle probably moved over to the shoulder by now, southbound side every 295 past route 70 another one, this is a look at all of the majors, 622, everything still looking fantastic, coming knack just a
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most of the eagles back at practice yesterday, except for few players held out for minor injuries, one every which riley cooper has some ankle swelling, but expect to be back within the next two, three days. coming off career season, with the eagles, one that chip kelly credits to his size and the way he uses it. >> he is 230-pound receiver
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touch to be physical. if you can't get off the line of scrimmage, you're done, that's where moving towards, that i think corners are getting bigger, wide out getting bigger. strength, to get off that stuff. >> and the phillies got crushed by the mets. kyle kendrick allowing four runs in the fifth daniel murphy with the shot to left field. murphy snapping a 94 at that homer less streak. right there. it was real ugly after that. the mets won. eleven to two. and that's sports in a minute. >> in a supports related note here. >> elementary school say jim teacher can. they're challenging labron to a dunk contest. >> that's pretty impressive. student at howell elementary teach is her so good at
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dunking they want king james to come to their school and face mr. miller head on. using hashtag beat that labron, come to howell to try and get the nba star's attention. says he wants the kids to meet labron so they can see how someone who grew up in tough circumstances used his talents to rise to the top. so far, no word from labron james. mr. muller for his part will be here in our studios later this morning on good day philadelphia. look forward to meeting hip. those people thought they were just making routine trip to the bank. but this is not your every day atm. the surprise they got with their transaction. >> and jennifer joyce? south jersey where one neighborhood is on high alert. but it is not criminals they're worried about. no no, rabies, they tell us they're concern after hearing that several people have been exposed to rain he. we'll have the full story
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>> right off the top at 6:30, man behind bars after neighbor says a little girl ran to her home covered in blood. what happened to her mother. and this looks like a quiet shore community. but people living here are worried about a python on the loose. what one neighbor saw it doing that will terrify you, and what officials are doing about it today. oh, it is terrifying. specially when you see this picture coming up.
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meantime, 12 feet long, headed up on 63:00; doing weather on the one's with caitlin roth. >> so creepy. good morning, chris, good morning, everyone. off to another noise start this morning, we're gearing up for some rain that will move in through the weekends, i know, horrible news, for today not so bad. eight on the weather by the numbers, mainly dry, sunshine, the only fly in the ointment here is going to be some isolated showers in the evening. and it is cents a bit more humid. but it is a bit warmer, more like summer, the past cup of days have felt like early fall. bus stop buddy by the pool, closed umbrella in case for later this evening, otherwise it has cents pink polo anti-die biting -- bathing suit shorts. what a outfit. temperature in the 60s, although hazy out there, see that on our tower camera, with the ben franklin bridge in the background. lock at the sun peaking through, high level clouds, beautiful looking start. sixty-seven is also the morning temperature right now, should hit 86 later today, mix every sunday, clouds, again
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chance for showers into tonight. partly cloud itch. once the showers move by real nice, low of 67. probably last comfortable evening for awhile. we'll show you why coming up in the seven day forecast, that and chance every rain, all ahead. right now just after 30:00, time to check in with cast. >> i thank you, already, in you town, route 413, south of 332, you have got disable vehicle there right around newtown bypass. this cleared out of the way of 295, another disable vehicle just past route 70. so again, clear, this morning. taking a look at 76, right around girard avenue, the casino of traffic i'd like to be in this morning, 632, things moving along just fine, no accidents on any of your majors, us. >> nice light day, kacie, thank you. off the top at 6:32, police in philadelphia looking for black man involved in a hit-and-run, late last night, lawncrest. a person was hit just after 11:00 along the roosevelt boulevard near f street. the person who was hit suffered minor injuries. police in camden are investigating an overnight shooting, a woman was shot in the neck at a home along #
6:33 am
hundred block of teal court, liberty park townhomes. shooting happened around 2:00. victim's condition at this point is unknown. police have not released any other information. specially about the shooter. >> 6:33, have i lent death and little girl covered in blood. >> now, a man that police say is behind it all is formally charged. arrested kevin ambrose for the stabbing and killing of 24 year old jennifer bonnco, dumped her air along equipment on landing road and had bronko's five year old dolt where him. he then dropped the girl off at home, and then he left her alone, as he drove off. that's where the child's aunt eventually found her. >> found jf alone at the door with what appeared to be blood on her clothing. jf pled a 911 caller that nomoi is dead. jennifer bronco is jf's mother. >> if convicted, ambrose faces 30 years to life in prison. police taking down the
6:34 am
main line take over project four people pleading guilty to dealing drugs at local high schools and colleges. eighteen year old garrett johnson and 18 year old read cohen pleading guilty to misdemeanor marijuana charges. twenty-two year old willow lynn, 29 year old dominick, curcio, both pleaded conspiracy to deliver marijuana. prosecutors say the two ringleaders though are 18 year old timothy brooks, 25 year old kneel scott. investigators say the drug ring was pushing coke, ecstasy, marijuana, hash oil at five main line high schools and three area colleges. the four people who pled guilty also agreed testify against the suspected ringleaders. >> concern more people could have been ex position today rain us. >> more than dozen people being treated after kitten tested positive for rabies. let's bring if fox's jennifer joyce live in medford township where this exposure evidently happened. people little nervous there this morning, jennifer? >> people are concerned.
6:35 am
we're in the mid for the mills development, which is right off of main street, and route 70. we talk to people in this area last night who tell us they are concerned because they had direct contact with rabid kitten. urging anyone in the area of eaves mill road, and route 70. who may have been scratched orbit end by a stray animal, or wildlife in the past month to call the burlington county health department. this is in response to kit then tested positive for rabies on july 25th. one man and daughter say they came in contact with the rabid kitten which was clearly having medical issues. they tried to help it and now they need to get medical attention of their own. >> my daughter's best friend took the cat back to her aunts to stay, and it as passed away. come to find out they found it had rain us. >> i would certainly be
6:36 am
concerned. >> i did take precautions, i think bottom line people need to be informed. >> getting shots, now we both might have to go again tomorrow and get shots too for see if we're infected. >> you don't know how the kitten got t you don't know what, you know? could have been anything. >> people say they know they have to be extra careful with themselves. if i chance you think you may have been exposed urged to call the burlington county health department. kerrey, chris? >> all right, jenny, thank youment. how about this? investigators in burlington country trying to track down suspect, two of them, on g spree with president it cards stole friend a police officer. >> yes, fox 29's steve keeley live in cinnaminson with the story and not the best dressers either. >> i bet you before you were married you met a few guys who
6:37 am
took you on cheap dates. this guy spent less of his own dough than the worse cheap skate. couple starting at the maple shade wawa for cigarettes and smacks, and see the surveillance pictures there, then, further down fork landing road, to where we are, at the jug handle in for beers and shots. guy didn't spends a dime of his own dough, using police and credit cards, real stupid move, because he also stole the cop's cash, but didn't decide to use that instead so the cards left this electronic trail of evidence which then pinpointed the exact times to look into the two wawa stores surveillance systems and pulled down these prom style pictures of the couple. what makes their theft real news worthy, they didn't just steel the cops wallet out every his personal car, but decided to also steel his professional police official id after and police officer's badge. both to pull off way worse crimes, impersonating police officer why they want those
6:38 am
items back, and want the public tips to pull this couple in. so, the big question now, will there be follow update for this couple? probably, many of you watching, will likely call us or the cops with a tip. tells you who they are. then the maple shade officer himself can act as chaperone on next date, chris, kerrey, first little dancing in court, then maybe dinner at the local jail. >> 6:38 the time. something slithering through the streets of cape may county. terrorizing people in this area. >> and this isn't an automated teller machine. it is an automated thanking machine. the surprise in store for these customers.
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>> 64:00; on a thursday, this last day of july, august begins tomorrow. we feel those summer days dwindling, and the summer weather seems to have been dwindling, too. off to another comfortable start, temperatures in the 60s, some clouds, few showers earlier up in the lehigh valley and poconos, they've since passed. should see decent amount of sunshine today. hazy type every sunday shine like you see outside now. although mainly dry day, we go through noon, fox future cast headed into the afternoon. still showing sunshine, nice, little bit warmer, and bit more humid today. but there will be some showers later this afternoon, mainly north and west of philadelphia. can't rule out downpour in there. jersey, delaware, i think you look okay. these look to move due east into central jersey, but these
6:42 am
chance at least exists for some rain later this afternoon friday same thing, mainly dry day, although more clouds. and again, that afternoon chance of a shower or thunderstorm mainly north and west. by saturday, things turn pretty interesting. there is potential for some very heavy rain on saturday. off shore system gets dragged back in. the coast, looks like the highest probability of some rain and those reds indicate some very heavy rain, 4:00 a.m. saturday. so, early saturday morning, moving out by afternoon, but even though the heavy rain moves out, clouds and showers are with us almost all weekends, and again, right now, it looks like the system favoring the coast, so, i would plan movies board games in you're down the shore this weekend, unfortunately many temperatures right now in the 60s. your seven day forecast showing with sun and clouds we get to 86 today. nice looking dayment chance every thunderstorm tomorrow afternoon. and that heavy rain potential saturday, showers, thunderstorms linger through sunday, and will slow very dry out monday with temperatures returning to mid to upper 80s still no 90s, we continue our
6:43 am
streak every being 09, the past week or so, and just besides the rain, doesn't lock too bad. but kacie, we are going to be dealing with rain on the weekend such bummer. >> if we head out to 295 south, disable tractor-trailer south of 168. move to the right shoulder there at the scene. maybe blocking a little bit slowing you down little bit. ninety-five we're just now at 643 starting to see slow down. four extra minutes from woodhaven down to the vine. i think can deal with that. 295 at 707 out in cherry hill, snow slow down there, no slow downs anywhere. >> 6:43, more room for drivers on the garden state parkway. speaking of traffic. turnpike authority has awarded more than $43 million contract.
6:44 am
to a company to add third lane between galloway and egg harbor township. the company's also widening the shoulders, work slated to begin after labor day, and wrap up in august of 2017. >> at least 20 new jersey residents have now tested positive for a mosquito born virus that's tread through the caribbean. state health department says the residents who came down with chikungunya had returned from new jersey, chikungunya causes high fever, severe pain in the joints. the good news is it is rarely deadly. >> so first it was an anaconda in north jersey, now south jersey a's -- jersey dealing with slithering neighbor. >> say python is slithering the streets in cape may county, and this thing is nearly 12 feet long. so, we want to warn you some of the video may be little bit truck for to you look at. fox 29's chris o'connell has the story from lower township. >> becky sunbathing in her backyard in the villa's when
6:45 am
something caught her eye, creeping up the crate myrtle treat feet away. >> coiled up the tree, its tail hanging about 3-foot down eating full size seagull. >> she realize in the was the real deal, python, righte, unde. and i turned around. retreat that way. >> after killing a seagull, this snake came back for more. >> it was thick, and constricting, and just moved fast. >> this time devoured another steak. >> so far we saved snake and cat from it. >> now, some are worried about their small pets and children. >> we're all definitely on edge. i mean, that is pretty big snake. >> week later the unwelcome guest showed up in judy thompson's backyard. >> the girth after football which scares me because if the ends is that big, the mouth is probably twice as large.
6:46 am
>> cape may county wildlife officer is been searching for the snake, that was most likely a pet that someone had released into the wild. >> a big snake. 12-foot. >> i never seen t actually looking for it. >> neighbors hope it gets caught before it tries to find more food. >> i think someone let it go in the area. it is not normal to see that casino of snake in this area. >> in the villas, chris o'connell, "fox 29 news". okay, i'm good and ready for some cute, flu bran new sea lion pup at grade at venture getting its flippers wet. >> excuse me? >> this is kona, cast catching the water four days old, practicing his signature call with his mom. kona born last month. you can visit him at the park any time. great adventure releasing these baby pictures which will make you smile. take a look at kona and his baby brag booed website
6:47 am are you ready for the ridiculous, kerrey barnett. >> red. >> i headlines, justin bieber areas taunting actor orlando bloom after their fight. >> pretty lame fight. so this is photo of bloom that kind of looks like he's crying. it was posted to bieber's stain gram pet. so petty and ridiculous, two reportedly got into physical altercation in spain. bloom's ex-wife model miranda has been linked to bieber before. bieber actually also posted modeling shot of her on his account after this whole thing happened. >> this is bit more serious here. half sister of actress drew barry moon has died. jessica died tuesday of unknown causes cents two days before her birthday. she was 47. drew says in a statement that she didn't know her half sister all that well. but she wishes her and her loved ones as much peace as possible. >> and new biography giving some new insight into the life of former president george h.w. bush through the eyes of his son, former president
6:48 am
george w. bush. the younger bush is righting -- writing this book about his dad spanning the entire scope of hisses live and career. not a title yet. but it will be released we're hearing this fall. >> some lucky customers at td bank in canada got a lot more than cash from the atm. >> they d the bank turned some of its atm's into automated thanking machines. surprising customers with individualized very special gifts. take a look. >> that's for you. >> thank you. >> oh, my gosh. such a beautiful surprise. >> talk to you for a second about that. >> so coolment one customer lucky enough to meet his favorite baseball player, jose bass cents tees that to throw
6:49 am
the fish pitch at blue jays fan. somehow they new he was huge blue jays fan, so customizing gift. >> they new the custom we are go to that atm. >> isn't that bizarre. >> bizarre, if nothing else, great way to get all kind of television coverage. >> indeed. 6:49. hard to believe that the new school year is just around the corner. >> this is big. could you actually help kids in need. here's what's going on. next friday, so this is week from tomorrow, this is august 8th, we're going to stuff the bus. we partnered with united way, cradles to crayons, to collect and stuff 22,000 back packs with school supplies. we're looking for all of your typical school supplies including crayons, highlight ers, pens, papers, looseleaf paper, back packs, so again, please, next friday, we're here at fourth and market, it will be right outside our studios. >> 7:00 to 10:00. >> when is the last time you used a pen or pencil? when is the last time used a pencil? >> we type all the time. mike, i tried to do hand written note the other day, i couldn't even read my writing.
6:50 am
never write any more. >> the nuns would be very upset with you. okay, wow, tonight it will be big. blake shelton coming to atlantic city. the mayor of atlantic city says this is so much more than just a concert. he is saying it couldn't have come at better time. can country music save the casino? and speaking of the shore ... would that be it now? you thought you could escape. but you can'tment even if you didn't watch sharknado two, like the rest of the country, that is still trend g on twitter, facebook, all over the web, even this morning. what people are saying about sharknado two and who were the wacky cameo's that we saw in there? did you see all of the different celebrities? about well, former celebrities from the 90s. did you watch it, kaelin or go to bed early? >> , no i didn't watch it, although i've seen how awesome
6:51 am
that act something in one and two. >> have you seen it? >> well, it is like an accident type of movie, i know, so bad it is good. i even saw the weather channel had sharknado comment. all coming on shore. hey, not sharknado this weekend but probably a loft rain. we start off with weather on the one's, talking about today do, have rain chance, not until later. it is a nice morning with temperatures in the 60s, we climb quickly though into the 80s. warmer, bit more humid than yesterday. still overall nice. sunshine giving way to some showers, possibly thunderstorm by the time we hit the drive home later today. hey, your "shorecast", though, the beach looks great. because all those cents showers look to stay in just southeast pa, we should have sun, clouds, upper 70s, southwest winds on the beach at ten to 15 miles an hour, surf temperature 72 degrees with the uv index of eight. very high. we will talk about the rain potential for the shore coming upment meantime final check on traffic being kacie at this hour. >> only delay you'll have is southbound 95, from woodhaven to the vine, five extra
6:52 am
minutes this morning. to the vine, five extra minutes this morning. i think you can handle that. have you seen tom corbett's negative ad with this actress. it's just not true. and more of the same from corbett. tom wolf's company is headquartered and files taxes right here in pennsylvania. and it's tom wolf who'll be the governor we need. he'll make the gas companies pay up to fund our schools. build a 21st century infrastructure. and restore manufacturing for the jobs we need today. take a look at his plan for yourself. tom wolf. a fresh start for pennsylvania.
6:53 am
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6:54 am
>> 54:00, should be nice day, as you head out the door. 67 degrees, nice mild thursday. all right, we know, we know, you've already seen, like a million times, covers of the hit happy, but none like this. check it out. >> ♪ happy song ♪
6:55 am
>> retirement community in new zealand, shot their cover earlier this month, how many times has cents this been viewed? try 2 million times! all right, it is not always easy to tell your what your pets wants. one cudley cat isn't shy about his need for human affection. >> this cat loves getting kisses, one not nearly enough. after his owner gives him the first kiss, the cat wants more, and more, and more. so he tilts his head for another, and another. but that doesn't work, the cat paw's his owner's face. we'll show that to you coming upment first ryan howard, not yet been traded. today is trading deadline, but, estrayed g up. the move he's making coming up. and this little boy will warm your heart. he's feeding this dog treats,
6:56 am
but there is so much more to this story. how that dog is helping him with therapy after brain surgery. this is all coming up on good day philadelphia, with mike jerrick. >> ♪
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> more than dozen people find out they need rabies shots. the animal is spreading the infection. again? a child dropped off at a public park, while mom goes to work. at what age do you think this is okay? start weighing in on twitter. what is the law, by the way, in pennsylvania, new jersey, delaware? and, look out, everybody. we have breaking news, breaking glass news, as an axe flies through a moving car's window. close call. >> just how many people watch sharknado two last night? >> i was not one of them. >> i actually wasn't either. >> still on twitter right now. >> hey, caitlin!
7:00 am
>> good morning. >> and kerrey. >> high! >> okay, tons of people, i heard estimates, 75 to 80,000 people down the shore this evening for blake shelton. >> oh, that's tonight. sure. it will be beautiful down the shore tonight. >> not sharknado, but we will be seeing rain coming off the shore. weather by the numbers today, eight, sunshine, good beach day, some showers around, later tonight, and bit more humid, those are negative for today. but overall it is a eight, it is good. bus stop buddy, he does not need the hood i like yesterday, not as chilly, temperatures mainly in the 60s, sunshine, polo on, the closed umbrella in hand in case he comes un downpour


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