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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  June 24, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of aweso awesome. right now on fox 29, a terrifying night at a local wal*mart. masked gunmen storm the store and terrorize two cashiers. the strange way they busted inside. >> plus, a woman says a drone hovered outside her window of her high rise apartment and watched her undress. who cops say was behind his high tech peeping tom. happening now, the suspect in the rittenhouse rape is in jail with no shot at posting bail. good evening and thanks for joining us i'm iain page. >> i'm joyce evans. the suspect is accused of raping a woman early saturday and tonight police believe he may have targeted another woman just
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an hour before that attack. fox 29's shawnette wilson is live in rittenhouse square. shawnette? >> reporter: well, that suspect is being held without bail and tonight police are looking into another report of a crime to see if this same man is responsible. as nightfalls over this neighborhood of 1900 spruce street in rittenhouse square people out and about are relieved including this group of women out celebrating a birthd birthday. >> this morning i felt a lot better coming downtown knowing he was off the streets. >> reporter: their relief comes from the arrest of this man milton matteo garcia on tuesday who police brought in for questioning monday night. he is now charged with sexually assaulting a 26 year old woman in her apartment on spruce street early saturday morning. >> very important we get a predator like that off the streets report roar police found him at his job on broad street we work at this restaurant preparing food. they say he also made deliveries for other restaurants in the area where he's accused of attacking the woman. detectives say they also located garcia's bike similar to the one
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captured on surveillance right before the tack. >> this appears to have been a crime of opportunity. >> reporter: people who live near garcia on the 1800 block of south eighth street watched as police searched his home. >> it's kind of shocking it's scary. >> reporter: they found the victim's stole license cell phone with the help of a cell phone search app. >> you hear things on the news you never expect it to be right next door to it. >> i think it shook people up. >> reporter: they found the victim's keys in his pocket when they picked him up and there was a report from another woman who tells police she was walking near 16th and pine an hour before the sex assault when man with a bike exposed himself to her. she believes it was garcia. >> we look for case that is might be similar because of the mobility of the offender. >> reporter: and police do say they are reviewing new surveillance video from the area of 16th and pine to see if it was in fact garcia exposed himself to that woman. joyce? >> thank you, shawnette. a developing story in cape
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may county tonight. skyfox over ocean view a short time ago. we're told four year old boy was taken to the hospital following an incident in an above ground pool. we're working to find out exactly what happened there and the condition of the boy. >> a terrifying scene at a camden county wal*mart store. three men armed with guns walked in attacked cashiers and they take off with money and other items. fox 29's sabina kuriakose is in somerdale, new jersey, tonight. sabina. >> reporter: joyce tonight that case is still unsolved. those suspects on the loose. surveillance video from inside somerdale super wal*mart shows the sudden attack. three armed robbers two in white hoodies the other wearing all black bust in through the entrance to the shopping cart return. >> real scary to me, yeah. >> reporter: the store is open 24 hours. the robbery happened at quarter past 3:00 in the morning two sundays ago. watch as one cashier ducks behind a shopping cart. the other is yanked from behind a register by two of the gunmen
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while they search for cash. police say both employees were assaulted and the gunman twice threatened to shoot one of them. >> it's a wal*mart. you go there for your family, get your stuff and come back you don't expect anything like that. >> reporter: thomas glover and his family shop here several times a week. he says he typically feels safe but worries about shopping in the wee hours. >> during the night, there's nobody here. about three, four people working the register. >> i don't come here at that time. so it won -- um-hmm i wouldn't come here that late or early in the morning at all. >> reporter: police say all three gunmen had hand guns and wore masks under their hoods. investigators say the robbers got away with a locked cash drawer. >> it doesn't make me feel any different about it. i'm still going to come here as much as i normally do. >> reporter: and again, police are still hunting for those three men. we did reach out to wal*mart. we did not get comment. iain. >> sabina, thank you. torments your fox 29 weather
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authority now. storms are moving in. so let's get you right over to chief meteorologist scott williams. >> you know the humidity is also increasing, iain. right now at 64%. temperatures in the mid 70s. we're dry as we look at ultimate doppler you can see allentown, down the shore, dover, delaware, all of delaware for that matter not looking at the rain. we have to move farther to the west parts of the upper ohio river valley, the western part of the state that's where we're looking at those showers and thunderstorms but this system it's a slow mover. a lot of training taking place right now through sections of cleveland and also the western part of the state. so that system will ultimately arrive here. as we roll the clock tonight, it's dry and quiet. 6:00 a.m. mostly cloudy. there could be a spotty sharias were move toward the lunch hour. here's 12 noon and then during the 2:00 o'clock hour we're looking at more coverage for those scattered showers across the area but that's not even the heavy rain because this system is slowly moving our way. so tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy, mild and muggy and then
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tomorrow afternoon a few scattered showers timing that heavy rain coming up. >> all right. thank you for that. a philadelphia police officer is off the job tonight charged with endangering her own children by forcing them to fight other kids. fox 29's chris o'connell is live from police headquarters with reaction from philly's top cop. >> reporter: that's right, joyce. police commissioner charles ramsey tells us tonight he immediately suspended officer tamika gross with intent to dismiss within 30 days. the mother and cop is not only charged with encouraging her children to fight but also throwing punches at kids herse herself. officer tamika gross was more like a bully according to the district attorney. prosecutor it's say on at least three occasions she encouraged her own children to fight other kids. >> it's just a poor example and the fact that it's a police officer makes it even worse. report roar police commissioner
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articles ham say says he was disturbed to hear the details. in one case, in 2012, prosecutors say gross brought her 18 year old son to fight a 16 year old neighbor from down the street. the fight escalated into a brawl with several groups of young men. gross is also accused of forcing her daughter to fight then jumping in and throwing punches herself. >> that kind of thuggish behavior is unacceptable. it happened on more than one occasion. she not only encouraged her child to fight she participated in the fight. >> family members of gross didn't want to comment but former neighbors of the officer say they're shocked to hear the charges against a woman they say never bothered anyone. >> i have no clue what everybody thinks but me as a person knowing her, that's not her at all. >> she's a person who stays in her house. she minds her business. to hear she did anything to any child it doesn't sound true. >> reporter: gross turned herself in to internal affairs detectives earlier today. she's being charged with 11
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counts of child endangerment, assault and other related charges. iain? >> all right, chris, thank you. skyfox flying over the scene after an alleged bank robber is arrested. police caught up with their suspect on a septa bus at cottman and roosevelt boulevard. cops say the man held up the wells fargo bank on the 9100 block of the boulevard. police say they found $500 of the stolen money. nobody was hurt during the ordeal. >> a south jersey kindergarten teacher who came under fire after reportin reporting an inct involving two, five year olds will not lose her job. an arbitrator refused to up hold tenure charges against mullica township teacher kelly massey yo. she was suspended soon after the september 2013 incident which reportedly involved a student ss he emerging from bathroom making comments about sex. the arbitrator ruled mass yo is entitled to almost four months of back pay. but the arbitrator also found she failed to supervise her students and issued a 10 day suspension. her lawyer says they're
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satisfied with how things turned out. >> seven accused johns under arrest tonight after an undercover prostitution bust in philadelphia. here are the men facing charges. the citywide vice enforcement unit pulled off the operation last friday. they say undercover decoy officers arrested these men. the suspects range in age from 22 to 53. many live right here in philadelphia. all are charged with patronizing prostitution. >> and agents sweep through berks county and arrest dozens of people accused of using and selling heroin and other drugs. the da says heroin is a growing problem in the county. the investigation started a year ago and ended with early morning raids in berks and lancaster counties. >> today we send a message to the drug dealers of our community that we will use every available law enforcement resource to bring them to justice. >> police say they also recovered a number of weapons
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and $40,000 in cash during those raids. ♪ >> student journalists refuse to print the word redskins but a local school board says they don't have the right. the teens are feeling defeated but vowing to fight coming up their next move in the fight over a controversial school mascot. >> a woman claims a drone was lurking outside the window of her 26 floor apartment and it watched her undress. who cops say was operating this creepy high-tech spy. plus, a minister defrocked for presiding over a gay wedding is celebrating to night. coming up what's next for the preacher who took on the united methodist church and won. >> and imagine getting tacked for every mile you drive. where it might happen and soon. >> how the crown jewel of philadelphia became one of the city's ugliest eye sores. i'm chris o'connell. i'm taking you inside the divine lorraine hotel and show you how it may signal the rebirth of an entire neighbor.
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>> minister defrocked after presiding over his gay son's we hadding is celebrating a big victory tonight. he won an appeal today and is once again allowed to preach in the united methodist church. >> as fox 29's jeff cole reports, reverend frank schaeffer remains defiant over the issue that got him in the hot water in the first place. >> i want to thank god for this day. this is a great day and there's much rejoicing going on as you can imagine in my family. >> reporter: frank schaeffer's battle with his own church the
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united methodist ended tuesday with schaeffer being return to the pulpit. >> i am reinstated as an ordained minister of the united methodist church. (applause). >> yes! i wanted to dance. but i'm not a dancer, so, you know, i want to dance. you know. >> reporter: he can't dance but he did appeal the united methodist ruling last year stripping him of his credentials to preach. schaeffer a pastor in church in lebanon, pa perform the marriage of his son to another man in 2007. a complaint was filed and when schaeffer refused to promise that he would not do it again, he was defrock. >> as an ordained minister in the united meth defendant church, i will never be silenced again. i will always speak with and for my lgbtq brothers and sisters in the church. >> reporter: a nine member panel ruled schaeffer could not be punished for something he hadn't done, performed another gay marriage. his 30 day suspension was
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upheld. but he's already served that. he was given back pay as for the future -- >> if the question is asked, pastor frank, will you perform gay weddings again? the answer is absolutely. >> reporter: frank schaeffer says he will now likely move to the state of california where he will continue to perform gay weddings without concern of being punished yet again. in the newsroom, jeff cole, fox 29 news. >> in south we have philadelphia about 700 customers remain without gas service tonight after what started as a water main break over the weekend. this is happening in a 10-block area around 56t 56th and woodla. water service is being restored there. it is restored but now pgw workers are having to go house to house to see if gas service can be turned back on safely or if water has damaged people's lines. now, when they can, crews are restoring service immediately. however, if they find that there's some damaged lines, homeowners are being told they
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have to get the contractor or plumber out first before pgw can help them. pgw hopes to finish evaluating all the customers by tomorrow. the water department is also working with them to make sure all appliances like hot water heaters are working properly. more fallout tonight from that massive fire that gutted a dietz and watson warehouse in dell land company, burlington county, last september. the company now says it will move its storage facility to philadelphia. jobs gained by philly, jobs lost in delanco. our bruce gordon explains how the deal was done. >> reporter: the embers from that devastating warehouse fire last september had barely stopped smoldering were philadelphia officials reached out to dietz and watson to ask whether they'd be willing to move their facility across the river. louis is the dietz and watson c. o. >> they did impress us that they were very business friendly, and in the process after that started to move relatively quickly. >> reporter: what the company wanted for their war house was
10:17 pm
land adjacent to their tacony street production plant. ending the need to make their cold cuts and cheeses at one location and store them at another. so the philadelphia industrial development corporation bought 20 acres of land just to the south of dietz and watson and sold it to the company at cost. pennsylvania kicked in more than $7 million in grants toward the $50 million facility to be built here. eni new jersey actuall actuallyd more money but could not match the location. >> that's the main reason why we made the decision, logistics. it's just, you know, just makes sense to be here, to be altogether. >> reporter: for philadelphia, it means about 160 new jobs, and the retention of 700 more that could have been lost had the production plant been moved. >> family grown company, dietz and watson, they started here. they are going to stay here. and they're going to grow here. >> reporter: delanco's mayor pronounced him devastated at the loss of dietz and watson. but said he understood the business logic.
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>> what do you say to the folks of di delanco. >> you know what, i have tremendous feelings for the folks of delanco. they were great neighbors for 10 years. we, you know, we're sorry, but we did absolutely make a business decision. >> reporter: louis eni told me had the land adjacent to their philly plant been available a decade ago the company might never have built their warehouse in delanco in the first place. having said that he promises to sell their 27-acre burlington county site as soon as possible so a new company can set up shop for the benefit of that community. bruce gordon fox 29 news. >> new jersey governor chris christie in a way that you don't often see him. >> you sure don't. stepping up to the plate for charity. governor christie took to the field at a charity football or softball game order say at the yankee stadium last night. definitely looking like he shed some pounds there. he played third base for all nine innings. the governor's team defeated the wounded warrior amputee softball
10:19 pm
team seven to six. the game raised money for wounded warriors and cystic fibrosis fight. >> scott william here now with a stormy wednesday forecast. scott? >> most of the showers and storms won't arrive until tomorrow afternoon and in particular during the evening. but that humidity it's already increase thed to 64%. 75 degrees right now in philadelphia. elsewhere across the area we're looking at a pair of sevens in allentown. low 70s right now in atlantic city. and we talked about this earli earlier. any time that dew point rises above 60 degrees, it starts to feel a little more uncomfortab uncomfortable. we have 62 right now the dew point temperature in philadelphia. upper 60s in dover as well as wilmington. so with that southerly wind overnight, the clouds will continue to roll in and that humidity will increase so mostly cloudy skies by 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. 74 degrees. 10am we're looking at temperatures in the upper 70s. i think we'll start off dry but grab the umbrellas out the door because you'll need it. coming up, we're timing that
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heaviest rainfall out of this system and also the potential for a few gusty showers and thunderstorms. >> all right, thank you, scott. caught on camera, a police officer risks his own live to pull a woman out of the path of a speeding train. how he knew she was in big trouble there and how he saved her life with only seconds to spare. >> a man and his son barely survive a terrifying wasp attack. why a neighbor who came to their rescue feared the yellow jackets can going to kill them both. >> bath time for this chihuahua takes a frightening turn when his back paws get stuck inside the drain. his owner had to call the fire department. why they had to destroy the tub to get him out.
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>> police officer being hailed a hero. dash cam video showing officer ramon morales risking his own live to pull a woman off train tracks there with only seconds to spare before that train came rolling through. it happened sunday morning near houston. somebody who saw the woman sitting on the tracks flagged down morales. both the officer and the woman walked away just fine.
10:24 pm
the woman was taken to the hospital for evaluation. >> u.s. special forces arrive in baghdad and start taking look at rear rack key forces fighting sunni militants. pentagon says us forces are conducting up to 35 surveillance missions over iraq to provide intelligence of what's going on on the ground. meanwhile, secretary of state john kerry wrapped up a second day of talks with leaders in iraq. white house is urging iraq's prime minister to adopt new policy that is would give more authority to minority sun niece and kurds. >> a dog that really did not want to take bath ends up in a scary situation in sacremento. little bailey here tried to jump out tub but somehow got his back paws stuck inside the drain. both firefighters and a veterinarian were called out to help. >> the dog was really stuck, and getting really upset about being stuck. >> it was pretty tough. it took about 20 hammers each time, each one the dog and i were bouncing in the bathtub. >> well that tub as you can imagine was destroyed, and
10:25 pm
bailey's owner says he's not going back inside another tub any time soon. student journalists refuse to print the word redskins but a local school board says it's not their call. the teens say they're not backing down. their next move in fight over controversial school mascot ne next. >> plus, would you eat clay if it would make you lose lot of weight? new diet fad but what it claims to do to your body to help you shed those pounds much that's coming up. >> and it was once a crown jewel now it's an eye sore but there are big plans for the divine lorraine how it could spark a rebirth in one philly neighborhood.
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♪ >> philadelphia public education advocates pressing their case for more school money. they head to do harrisburg today to urge state lawmakers to increase funding for city scho schools by $150 million. they're also seeking passage for philadelphia's proposed $2 a pack tax on cigarettes for
10:29 pm
school funding. some two dozen schools have been closed since last year. a national debate about a team mascot hits close to home for local students. they say they will not print their team's name in their school paper. >> but as fox 29's dave kinchen reports, that decision isn't sitting too well with the school board. >> reporter: measure machine high school students are a step closer to returning next year only to find changes to their school paper after a controversial vote that took place not long ago. student journalist said measure machine high school have quite the headline to write in their next paper. now that the policy sub committee of the neshaminy school board pass add new rule which stops student editors of the play week paper from banning the controversial word redskin. it also happens to be the school's mascot. >> i'm not surprised. i'm upset. >> reporter: reid hennesey is the incoming ed tour in chief of the paper. he voted with the majority of classmates to not print the word
10:30 pm
believing it was offense to native american. >> we had voted 14 to seven to not public the word. the editors who had no problem witness the word and still are, you know, supporting us and behind us. >> the board hired special council to write the new policy which gives students editing power over news articles but less on editorials. >> the first thing that dictatorship does to control the mind of the people is to take over the freedom of the press. >> reporter: policy says a word cannot be banned because they don't like the word or a particular viewpoint. >> assuming that it's a proper use of the word such as a reference to the mascot, school district does not believe and i don't believe the law allows one set of students to prohibit another student from expressing himself or herself. >> reporter: the student editors have an attorney, too, and he hit back. >> under the first amendment you are not allowed to pick winners and losers and that is exactly
10:31 pm
what this policy attempts to do. >> reporter: sub committee sending the policy on to the school board for a full vote on thursday and we're told fit gets the green light, the student editors will fight it through their attorney. in langhorne, dave kinchen, fox 29 news. >> dozens turn out to rally against violence in camden tonight. >> justice for who? >> justice for me. >> residents are trying to break the code of silence they want more people to help police if they information on crime. the group often forms groups for murder victims much this is the fifth march and they are planning more including one right here in philadelphia. >> and a big night for a group of men being honored for their work in the philadelphia community. the annual blackmail engagement leadership awards or bme network honoring 10 men from philadelphia. these men are recognized for their extraordinary
10:32 pm
contributions to the city. the bme leadership awards are presented with the notion that every black man should be acknowledged as an asset who regularly does something to improve the lives of others. >> at one time it was the crown jewel of the philadelphia skyline. but over the years, it's turned into one of the city's ugliest eye sores but new life is coming to the historic divine lorraine hoe physical in north philadelphia and as chris o'connell tells us, it may just be the spark north broad street is looking for. ♪ >> reporter: has anyone told you you were crazy to invest in north broad street? >> pretty much everybody told me i was crazy. >> reporter: you might think eric bloom men felled is crazy, too. after all, would you dump $31 million into an abandoned 10-story graffiti filled shell of a building in north philadelphia? >> when i first came here over 10 years ago, nobody had an
10:33 pm
interest in this corridor. i moon, i heard people call it god for cake zen. >> reporter: well new york city one is laughing these days. blume men felled started a long awaited major renovation to the old lady of north broad street. the divine lorraine hotel. >> this is probably the most iconic building in philadelphia. >> reporter: blume men felled took us on tour of the historic hotel built back in 1894. >> these stairs are original. these are all ali pastor. >> reporter: look beneath the spray paint and decades of dirt you can see philadelphia history like the marble lobe, once home to some of the city's wealthy yesterday residents. or the 10 story ballroom where many spent their saturday nights dancing. all now a distant memory. >> there was actually a statue here of father divine. >> reporter: hoe physical was made famous by civil rights icon father major jealous divine who bought the property back in 1948 for his church.
10:34 pm
he made it into the first fully racially integrated hotel in the country. eventually closing its doors in 1999. it's been home to many homeless, vagrants and graffiti artists ever since. >> the dream these become hotel rooms. >> reporter: things are looking up at the divine lorraine. there are plans for an upscale hotel, several restaurants on the ground floor, and an event venue just like the old days on the tenth floor. blume men felled says apartments were in the original plan, but something changed. in the way the building spoke to him. >> it would be inappropriate for us to have a design in our minds and then fit that into a building. the proper way is for the building to kind of lead that conversation. and this building is saying, make me a hotel. >> reporter: but this project is a lot mr. than just old memories and bricks. the development of the divine lorraine just may be the
10:35 pm
beginning of the rebirth of north broad street. >> north broad street has an opportunity to really become a study in you are urban development. >> reporter: banging on the rebirth of broad street has invested in other nearby properties but he says this will be the cornerstone in revitalizing this area. >> things are happening on north broad and the next year and a half i think there's going to be more activity on this corridor than pretty much anywhere else in philly. >> reporter: preliminary work has already started mainly graffiti removal and replacing the iconic neon sign. the plan is to have the doors open on the new property by the fall of next year to start another chapter in the life of a philly landmark. >> we'll be different and i think it actually will be the best generation that the divine lorraine ever had and father divine will look down and be proud of us. that's my goal. >> reporter: in north philadelphia, chris o'connell, fox 29 news.
10:36 pm
>> some drivers might want to get out their walking shoes. they could be taxed for every mile they drive. where it might happen next. a woman claims a drone was lurking outside the window of her 26th floor apartment and it watched her undress. who cops say was operating creepy high-tech spy. >> plus a music fan with deep pockets must really love bob dylan. how much was paid for a draft of a dylan hit that included a
10:37 pm
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order yours today at land of wonder. ♪ >> piece of music history sells for $2 million. a handwritten draft of bob dylan's "like a rolling" told sold at auction to an unidentified buyer. now the draft is written in pencil. it has revisions, additions, notes and doodles of a hat, a bird and some kind of animal with antlers. >> in your money tonight good news for ice cream lovers. july is your month. smuckers is celebrating national ice cream month with new toppings. the company plans to unveil flavors like chocolate pretzel and pink lemonade for next mon month's celebration. >> when it comes to tipping, americans are the tops according
10:40 pm
to survey done by trip advisor. 60% of americans always tip when they take vacation. that's compared to an average of just 27% from the other countries included in the poll. now the worst tippers italians they say. just 11% do it. nearly a quarter of americans polled say that they feel guilty when they don't tip. what about you? >> i always tip. >> me, too. >> all right. how would you like to pay attacks for every mile you drive? >> lawmakers in maryland are actually talking about doing just that. it's called a vehicle miles travel tax. gps tracker or odometer reading would actually keep track of a driver's mileage and that number would be reported to the government and the driver would be charged a fee per mile. aaa says it is the worst of id ideas. >> this would be the third world of politics if you touch you die, and no politician with half
10:41 pm
brain would even fathom this. >> opponents have privacy concerns with drivers miles being monitored and reported. the fee has been discussed before in maryland, but it never materialized. a man and his son are nearly killed by a swarm of wasps. why the neighbor had came to their rescue feared the two would never survive the attack. >> scott. >> iain, right now ultimate doppler is scanning clear, but to our west a line of showers, even some thunderstorms coming up i'll have
10:42 pm
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10:44 pm
>> woman in seattle says a drone caught her undressing it happened sunday morning when she was inside her high rise apartment. lisa priest looked outside her window and says she looked like what was a drone hovering outside her window. she managed to snap a quick photo of it. there it is. and she called downstairs to the front desk. that's when the management called police. >> it was really scary and just felt really violating. i normally go around my house however i want and by no means did i feel that way. >> cops say the concierge spotted two men piloting the drone and they alleged hal video equipment. police say the men quickly packed up that are gear and drove off.
10:45 pm
>> a terrifying ordeal for a father and son in florida. just outside orlando they were attacked by hundreds if not thousands of wasps. a bee keeper who lives near a river says heard screaming and ran outside to help. he says a swarm of yellow jackets was attacking the two. they were nearly unconscious. he had a neighbor call 911. >> massive welts everywhere. there was not one square inch of clean skin anywhere. it was hundreds and hundreds of stings. >> the father and son are recovering in the hospital. officials believe there may have been at least 50 thus sand yellow jackets in the nest. >> the wait is finally over mike jerrick made a big announcement on "good day philadelphia" this morning. >> he could barely contain himself. he was so excited as he introduced us to his grand new co-host. >> growing up her nickname was holly, holly, hollywood because her last name is hollye spelled
10:46 pm
h-o-l-l-e-y. i said it was kind of a generic, could go both ways as far as gender. >> it's your granddaughter ted teddy. that could have been a good choice. >> here she is. take down that curtin. oh, what? >> there she is. two bad she's not cute. >> alex holley will join the good day crew in early september but she'll actually be here this thursday to meet her new family and you can see her on "good day philadelphia" starting at 7:00 o'clock in the morning. >> clay isn't just for pottery any more. some people are now eating it. claiming it helps them get healthier. clay eating proponents say it helps rid the body of tock since it has lot of minerals but dieticians say you can get the same minerals by just eating right and taking vitamins. as for toxins dieticians also add the liver and kidneys get rid of that stuff in your body shouldn't be there so eating
10:47 pm
clay isn't necessary. >> all right. time to check on your weather now. beautiful day today. but will it last? scott williams. >> it's not going to last. the humidity is on the ryan during the over night. tomorrow looking at scattered stormscatteredshowers and storm. 75 degrees right now. humidity at 64%. so those win out of the south increasing the humidity for the overnight. by tomorrow morning, 6:00 a.m. temperatures in the upper 60s for the city. mostly cloudy, muggy conditions. i think we'll start off dry, but as we move into the afternoon, a few scattered showers popping up and then more coverage as we move late tomorrow evening. ultimate doppler right now, it's scanning the area. no rain for fall. no precipitation across our area. but look to the western part of the state. that's where we're tracking a line of showers, even some slow moving thunderstorms moving out of cleveland moving toward the
10:48 pm
pittsburgh area, erie toward buffalo looking at heavy rain actually a flash flood watch for the western part of the state. no flash flood watches for our area, but as we roll the clock, you can see 11:00 o'clock we're still dry across the area. by 6:00 a.m., it's a mostly cloudy sky. and we're looking at the threat for a few pockets of showers towards delaware. then a little more coverage as we move toward the lunch time frame but still not anticipating widespread rainfall by 2:00 in the afternoon we're still looking at some of those scattered showers. now, any of the activity that develops will be slow moving. similar to what's happened toward the western part of the state. by 6:00 o'clock, we're still looking at some widely scattered activity across our area. but note the heavier rain still to the west of us by 6:00 in the evening. where you see the orange as well as the red and we'll watch that line the main front slowly progress toward the area. this is 10, 11:00 o'clock. we're looking at the heaviest
10:49 pm
rain just really arriving toward the philadelphia area and i-95 and then headed into your thursday, we start to dry out with a few leftover showers early. so here's the bottom line. we're looking at wednesday morning, cloudy, mild and muggy as we move toward your wednesday afternoon it's warm, it's humid temperatures in the 80s. feels like temperatures nearing 90 degrees with a few scattered showers around. and then by wednesday night, showers, a few gusty thunderstorms slow moving. half an inch to an inch with the heaviest rain likely falling north and west of the city. the high temperature today, made it up to 86 degrees. that's 1 degree above average for this time of year. we have upper 60s in wrightsto wrightstown. low and mid 70s elsewhere across the area. mostly cloudy, muggy conditions for tonight. temperatures upper 60s. 86 degrees will be the high temperature tomorrow with those p.m. scattered showers. so county by counsel too you can see toward the pocono mountains 80 degrees for the high tomorrow. 84 in allentown. watching for those scattered
10:50 pm
showers and thunderstorms toward the afternoon. for the philadelphia area, 86 degrees for the high temperature. 87 in chester as well as bensalem. that weather authority seven day forecast showing you for confident by the numbers tomorrow is a six. 86 degrees for the high temperature and once again most of the wet weather doesn't really arrive until tomorrow afternoon and also tomorrow night. a leftover shower lingers into thursday, 86 degrees for the high temperature. and then not as muggy for frid friday. a nice way to end the week, the first full week of summer. 84 degrees for the high temperature and then for the upcoming weekend right now not looking that bad. low 80s on saturday. mid 80s on sunday. and then upper 80s forlily next week. near 90-degree temperatures. it will feel like 90 degrees when you factor in that humidity by early next week. but once again, tomorrow most of the rainfall is going to arrive tore the afternoon with scattered showers and then tomorrow evening the heaviest
10:51 pm
rainfall arrives. >> all right. thank you so much, scott. we can use some of that rain to clear out these allergies. >> exactly. >> all right. howard. >> well, rain, rain go away. >> when is the last time you saw player take a bite out of another player? you are about to see it literally. and the phillies and marlins doing things tonight you don't see very often. you will see
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
♪ the phillies got player late this afternoon phillies signed outfielder grady size more to minor league contract. size more was released by the red sox earlier this season and he's a .266 lifetime hitter. tonight the phillies scored some run. how about that? ended their losing streak. but had help. let's go to the ballpark. had plenty of help. here in the first inning, jimmy rollins steals third. the catcher throws it away hits rollins but rollins will end up scoring. and the phillies go up one to nothing. a couple of batters later, it's marlon byrd with a man on and monthly ron bird hits it to centerfield. that's two run homer and phillies go up three to nothing. something happened tonight that you wouldn't see very often. chase utley didn't drop one fly ball. he dropped two. this was the first one bases were loaded so infield fly but the runners move at their own risk and runner scored. they score a run that miami does. miami gives it back. four wild pitches tonight by miami much this one scores a
10:55 pm
run. unbelievable and then the pitt which are doesn't pay attention to jimmy rollins who by the way ties a stolen base record for the phillies at 438. look they don't pay attention he steals but he ties get this big ed dell haney 438 played in 1800's and early 1900's but big ed couldn't continue that because after being kicked off a train in the early 1900s in canada he tried to cross the bridge and fell into niagara falls. that's a true story. all right. that's big -- that's a true story. >> tiger woods -- that's big -- big story on ed dell haney. >> tiger woods is back and will be playing on the tour again but the question is, is he really going play this weekend? playing practice round in bethesda, maryland. that's a tour stop this weekend. he said he wasn't sure it look like he's going to play. there's question he's trying get ready for the final two majors of the season with the british open july 17th but is he read
10:56 pm
ready? >> expectations don't change. that's the ultimate goal it's just it's going to be a little bit harder this time. i just haven't had the amount of prep and reps that i would like. but i'm good enough to play. and i'm going to give eight go. >> all right. something you don't see too often in the world cup a player chewing on another player. literally. let's go to brazil. uruguay louie suarez he bites the shoulder of the italian player. yes, he didn't even get the red card. the official didn't even see it. however, that's not the first time for louie suarez because back in 2010, he did the same thing but this time he liked the elbow. not the shoulder. i guess it's a different kind of meat. but that's not the last time. because he did it in 2013. he bit the neck. this guy is a sweetheart. he should be thrown out of soccer. >> he should be ban.
10:57 pm
>> how in the world does he get away with that. >> he won't. we had that, the biting of a player. we have ed dell haney falling off bridge in niagara falls so he couldn't extend his 438 stolen base. >> okay. >> incredible stuff. strange world of sports tonight. thanks, how war. >> thanks for watching. the fox 29 morning news comes
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
11:00 pm
[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today on "tmz," >> justin bieber stupid when it comes to making real estate decisions. residents of beverly hills. are. because he's moved into a prime luxurious condo. >> what's the hoa? >> how are the school districts? >> depends on public or private. >> let's talk weed, harvey. >> queen elizabeth toured the set of "game of thrones" coming face to face with the iron throne. >> epic. >> that's amazing. >> she didn't sit in it, though. >> she has to earn that throne. >> oh, come on. >> anna faith.


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