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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  June 23, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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same spot. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. >> with begin tonight with breaking news in philadelphia's mayfair section. skyfox is live over the 7100 block of frankford avenue. police say a man walked into a store there and tried to rob the place. they say a woman in the store took out a gun and shot the suspect. no word on his condition right now. we will continue of course to follow this breaking story and keep you updated. >> also breaking a year after sarah murnaghan's brave fight for lung transplant the board that makes the decisions regarding organ transplantings in our country rules children are now eligible for a adult lungs. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm dawn tim money knee. >> i'm iain page. >> welcomed news for many families but especially the murnaghans who fought so hard for this rule change. fox 29's dave kinchen spoke with sarah murnaghan and her family. he's live in newtown square tonight. dave? >> reporter: iain, it is yet another big day for the
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murnaghans. they praised this decision saying that it essentially gives children like sarah a better chance at survival. let's go to some video right now and it shows sarah walking out of her house. she's no longer breathing with the help of a tube and she looks very vibrant. she also spent the day in the pool with her siblings doing the things children her age 11 year olds do, and all because of the donated lungs that she has and those lungs are healthier. the family praised the decision by a national board which gives children like her a better chan at receiving adult lung transplants. previously children under 12 had to wait behind adults for adult lungs. that was until the murnaghan's challenged the rules and a judge stepped in to save her life. she was dying from sis stick fibrosis but the family says they are thrilled with today's developments. listen in. >> it was great. i knew it was possible. >> of course it was wonderful to make an impact for sarah but to have made a impact potentially for other kids.
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there's been one other child who received lungs from dough are in over 12 as a result. >> reporter: janet murnaghan the mother there says that she knows these types of things take a long long time, an lot of attention she says concerned mother can often move a lot faster and that federal bureaucracy and sarah says she's just glad she's healthier to enjoy summer. guys, back to you. >> all right. thank you, dave. happening now an investigation into a police involved shooting. this happened in the city's west oak lane neighborhood. and take look much this was the scene along 18th street just after 1:00 o'clock this afternoon. now, officers are not providing very many details here. but they do say police fired their weapons. we also know that one person is in the hospital right now in stable condition. >> new clues tonight in the search for the man who followed a woman home in rittenhouse and then robbed and repeatedly raped her. police just releasing a composite sketch in new surveillance video of the men they believe did it. let's get straight out to dave stratt wise sr. live at special
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victims unit tonight. dave? >> reporter: iain, investigators are hoping dna, fingerprints some surveillance video the sketch and the public's help will lead them to this suspect but in the meantime folks in the rittenhouse square area are hoping this suspect doesn't return. >> i feel really sorry. >> reporter: for this family that just moved to the rittenhouse square area a year ago, news of the young woman being sexually assaulted in the 1900 block of spruce street just a block off the park has them concerned. >> this makes me, um, worried and aware it's not probably a safe neighborhood. >> part of the reason we live here it has the reputation of being safe. >> reporter: women in the area are on garter after this unidentified suss spec followed the victim down spruce after she left ladder 15 on sansom a few minutes earlier. newly row losed video shows the suspect parking his bike as the woman passed. then walking up alongside her. >> she was overwhelmed by him.
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and was obviously in fear and once upstairs, it got little more physical. >> this victim was traumatized. she had been physically and sexually assaulted. was afraid that this male might return. court court councilman kenyata john season is planning to hold a community meeting toed dress neighborhood concerns. >> he's glad to see surveillance cameras on the block now he wants homeowners get attacks credit like businesses if they hook their cameras into the city's safe cam program. he says women must walk together. >> they should not be leaving any establishment on any given night by themselves. >> you hate to walk around paranoid but it certainly will have us paying more the tension to how we move about the neighbor. >> reporter: a lot of folks feeling like that. the suspect spent over an hour inside the victim's home. he got away with her keys and a cell phone.
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police tell us tonight he fled westbound on spruce street on his bike passed the victim's home and then made a left and went south on 20th street. they're looking for surveillance video in those areas hoping to get a better look at the suspect. if you have any information you should call the special victims unit. iain? >> all right, thank you dave. residents and business owners in southwest philadelphia say they are frustrated because they don't have any gas service. pgw says a water main break at 56th and woodland avenues saturday night forced them to turn off the gas in the area. but they say some residents got water in their gas lines. pgw says those people will need to have their gas lines repaired before their service can be restored. parents are warned to be on alert in one new jersey town after an attempted luring. here's a sketch of the man police are looking for in toms river. a woman says this man tried to lure her nephew away from the front yard. it happened friday night on terrace avenue. the relative says the young boy was paying in the fenned in section of the home.
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she says she saw a man in dark blue or black suv drive up and tell the child "come on, i got candy". the woman says she screamed and ran to the vehicle but the driver got away. >> firefighters battling flames on the roof of a school in camden county. skyfox over chapel avenue in cherry hill just a short time ago. firefighters say the flames broke out on the roof of cherry hill high school west. we still do not yet know exactly what sparked that fire. >> a did he having story now from harrisburg. the child sex abuse scandal at penn state. the jerry sandusky case has erupted once again in controversy as attorney general kathleen kane drops a bombshell at a press conference in the state capital. fox 29's jeff cole was in harrisburg where she released her review of the prosecution. >> the question did jerry sandusky abuse victims while stayed investigators were building the case that put him away likely for the rest of his life? the answer, according to attorney general kathleen kane is yes.
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>> some may say what's the purpose of going back and looking? >> report roar what's many feared that jerry sandusky sexually abused others while state investigators were spending months putting together the case that landed him in jail. the attorney general believes he did two victims in the fall of 2009. >> two people come forward in the fall would not have been abused had they made the decision you're now advocating. >> logically speak f'ing different tactics were taken and a different route was chosen and sandusky was in jail, if he was in jail, of course there wouldn't be more victims. >> reporter: the stunning claim drew an immediate angry response from those who led the sandusky probe. >> i was not aware of any victim that claimed credibly that he was assaulted during the time period during our investigation. >> reporter: the controversy erupted near the end of the attorney general's press conference monday unveiling her review of the entire case.
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the big question, did politics slow the investigation of the child predator just as then attorney general tom corbett was planning a run for governor? >> this report found no direct evidence, no e-mail, no confession, no statement from anybody indicating that they were told to slow this down because of politic. >> reporter: the review did find that case moved too slowly and the search of sandusky's home came too late but it's the claim of sandusky abusing while being investigated that seems to have reignited a fire storm of debate. >> had we done what politician kane wanted used to go early and lose this case, can you only imagine where we'd be today as far as child abuse? i can't imagine. we did the right thing for the right reasons. >> reporter: attorney general kane's big report makes no mention of those victims from the fall of 2009. governor corbett issued a statement saying the review refutes each question raised by
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cane and others. he's proud of the people who prosecuted sandusky. folks. >> all right. thanks, jeff. a man in trenton now charged with murder in connection with a shooting back in march. police say 28 year old marquise thomas shot and killed joseph gains as he sat in a parked suv. he died about a month later. thomas is locked up tonight in jail on $500,000 cash bail. >> philadelphia police are looking for two suspects wanted for stealing from a car. the incident happened last monday morning on the 1300 block of van kirk that's in oxford circle. the victims say several items were taken from their car. the video shows the two walking on the block empty handed then back with bag in their hand. they can see -- they can be seen discarding the items inside. >> police also looking for suspects in the armed robberies of two convenience stores along busy city line avenue. what happened at a 7eleven at city and haverford roads, a masked thief with a knife got away with an unknown amount of cash. now no one was hurt but an hour earlier, a gunman held up a
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sunoco mart at city and conshohocken state road again no one was hurt. police have not said whether these robberies are connected. signs of hate spray painted on a local synagogue. >> tonight the graffiti is gone but the impact remains. powerful symbols of hatred march a philadelphia synagogue. will surveillance video help catch the vandals? >> plus, a nasal spray called narcam saved two victims of heroin overdose in one weekend. the new plan in new jersey that police say a already working. tom. >> dawn, scott hartnell traded and a former flyer rj umberger is coming back to the flyers. ahead in sports why the flyers traded one, 32 year old for another. and coming up in weather, find out what to expect for this first full week of summer and also when to expect some rain later this week.
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>> nasal spray saves two victims of heroine overdoses in one weekend. camden county police used narcam on two men who od podded and fallen unconscious. they have used narcam nine times. in new jersey, 14 grrr year old rescued and 45 pimps and prostitutes arrested part of a nationwide crack down on sex trafficking. fbi says 168 juveniles rescued across the country and nearly 300 suspects charged with transporting minors for prostitution part of the crack down took part in atlantic union and essex counties. >> the most hate full of symbols spray painted out front of a local synagogue. a conge grow geishan shaken to its core. can the vandals be caught. bruce, i know surveyed may the key to catching those responsible. >> reporter: absolutely, dawn. the staffs at the congregation's
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are literally as we speak pouring over footage from late last night and early this morning hoping to catch the vicious vandals responsible for this hate full act. nearly 70 years after the fall of nazi germany the swastika symbol of hatred and cruelty still has the power to wound. especially when spray painted by vandals out front of a long-time synagogue. >> oh, that's too bad. >> not right. it's not good what they did actually. >> hate full. that's all you can think about is it's very hate full. >> reporter: sometime overnight a vandal or vandals spray painted a pair of swastikas out front of the congregation on the 7500 block of bustleton avenue. it is not the first act of hate filled vandalism here. just six weeks ago, a rock was thrown through a glass front door. several years ago, other swastikas were sprayed on the sidewalk out front and the building out back. >> this type of action does not promote a good society.
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but it is not promote peace. it only drives people apart. and away from each other. >> reporter: city cleanup crew responded quickly swabbing the symbols with chemical clues that seemed to melt them away. neighbors say if only hatred and ignorance could be wiped away so easily. >> i live in this neighborhood. you know, and i feel just terrible about this. >> congregations have been here at this site for some 50 years. it is an elderly community of faith that includes nearly a dozen holocaust survivors. >> they obviously want to have a degree of safety and peace in their lives and they don't have it when they see the buildings and grounds being defaced. it makes them feel less secure and less safe. we know a scarcely or sparsely i should say attended kkk rally was held in philadelphia saturday on the sketch hundred block of torresdale avenue. that's just two or three milsey with from the synagogue but police are calling that a
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coincidence. they do not believe the rally had any connection to this sent september met tick vandalism iain. >> bruce, thank you. special day at the philadelphia zoo for some local children. the police athletic league tre treating 250 young people to the 2014 peco pal today. plenty of fun to be had by all a chance to take in the exhibits and enjoy some lunch and make new friends. >> and it was a perfect day for it. turning back now to your fox 29 weather authority. great day outside. but some changes on the way. yeah, we're looking at humidity on increase over the next several days and also a rain. it will be back in that seven day forecast. no rainfall this monday evening. stepping outdoors, beautiful conditions. we have a mixture of sun and clouds. 81 degrees. humidity comfortable right now at 38%. winds are out of the south southwest at 10 miles per hour. and the sun will set this evening a little after 8:30. the low this morning in the city 63 degrees. we made it up to 83 degrees that's still 2 degrees below
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where we shall be this time of year which is in the mid 80s. but the record high for today's date that is safe. you can see 97 degrees back in 1888. no 90s in the near term as we take look at temperatures right now. pretty comfortable for this time of year. we're looking at 76 in millvil millville. 78 right now in dover. 80 degrees in lancaster. low 80s right now in reading as well as allentown. so if you're stepping outdoors a mixture of sun and clouds. dry conditions as we look at the satellite and radar. here's our next weather maker off to the west. you can see scattered showers, even a few thunderstorms right now. this system will slowly head in our direction as we move toward the middle of the week giving us our best chance for rain. by tomorrow morning, a mixture of sun and clouds. dry and quiet for your tuesday. but that humidity will be on the increase. we should stay dry the entire day tomorrow. as we move ahead to the middle of the week, you can see by wednesday morning, mostly cloudy skies. there could be a few spotty
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showers early but most of the rainfall for the middle of the week doesn't really arrive until the lunch hour. you can see as we move the clock around two, three in the afternoon looking at pretty decent downpours across the area. clouds, showers linger into wednesday night as well as thursday morning. before we start to see some drier conditions that's the middle of the week. so for tonight, scattered clouds, a comfortable evening if you're stepping outdoors. maybe to walk the dog as we move ahead to tomorrow, humidity returns. but seasonable temperatures will stay as we move to the middle of the week, just keep an umbrella handy as we do anticipate those scattered showers around. so temperatures for tonight, in the suburbs 61 degrees. 65 in the city. let's take you county by county tomorrow and talk about that forecast as we move toward sections of the lehigh valley and the poconos. 78 degrees mount pocono. low 80s from bethlehem down to allentown. moving ahead to the philadelphia area, 85 degrees for the high temperature. what about bensalem? 82. chester 85 degrees. and then as we move a little
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farther to the south, you can see those temperatures atlantic city, 79 degrees. 80 in ocean city. cape may temperatures tomorrow with that sea breeze in the mid 70s so once again, looking like a nice beach day down the shore. forecast by the numbers scale of one to 10, tomorrow we will give it an eight. that weather authority seven day forecast showing you mid 80s for the high temperature tomorrow. and then it's the middle of the week when we watch for showers and thunderstorms. some of that activity could be heavy maybe some ponding on the roadways but not anticipating severe weather out of wednesday's system. drying out for thursday as well as friday and most of the upcoming weekend sunday there could be a few scattered showers and storms. but no 99-degree heat in that seven day forecast. >> all right. we'll take the upper 80s. >> all right. >> keep the weekend dry for us, please. >> exactly. >> putting in a request early. could lebron james be heading back to cleveland the fire storm that his wife created in the world of social media. and media members wanted to know
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why scott hartnell was traded to columbus. why scott hartnell was traded to columbus. we'll tell was we found coming
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♪ >> the scott hartnell era is over in philadelphia. one of the most popular players on this team traded to columbus today for another former flyer rj umberger. one of the big reasons why to free cap space in three years. umberger' deal will be done.
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with that in mine the flyers have just announced they have signed brayden schenn one of the young stars to a multi year extension. scott hartnell coming off his seventh season with the flyers. scored 20 goals. 32 assists. they're each 32 and each due to paying $4.5 million. umberger only three years left on his deal. scott hartnell has five. i asked new gm ron hextall why this trade make the flyers better. >> i look at it more as a lateral move here, um, but i think it does gain us some flexibility in the future. it gives us some vees is a till will the in our top nine -- versability in our top nine. it's a good fit. i think it's going that be good fit for us. in the mend it's got to play out. >> and one of those nine braid den schenn signing today. tennis today wimbledon championships underway. andy murray in the near court disposes easil easily six-one, six-four and seven-five.
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>> the nba draft now just three days away and the sixers still with the third pick and still bunkered up without a word to say publicly. lebron james hasn't said anything publicly about feet agency and his future. but his wife savannah create add social media storm with a post on instagram. she posted this picture of akron ohio with the caption, home sweet home the countdown is re real. hash tag 330. lebron and savannah still live in act akron and vacation there not far from cleveland where his career started. cavaliers have a good young nucleus. throw another log on the speculation fire and i know lebron's camp came out and said it's a vacation spot but lebron never quite got that pr game figured out, right? figure out when not to post stuff even the wife? bad job there, big guy. >> thanks, tom.
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>> all right. we'll see you back here at 10:00. have a great night, everybody. >> inside edition is up next. ♪ ♪
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