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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  June 14, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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fox 29 news in hd brought to you by x finity the future of awesome. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. >> first at 6:00, it's day one of the septa rail union strike. at 12:01 this morning, 450 train engineers walked off the job. it's the first regional rail strike in 30 years. good evening. i'm chris o'connell. joyce evans is off tonight. >> tonight tens of thousands of regional rail riders are figuring out new way to get around. fox 29's dave kinchen is live in center city and, dave, the governor is asking the white house to step in tonight. >> reporter: that's right. governor corbett has reached out to the white house to intervene such an invention would appoint
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committee and also stop the strike while both sides get back to the table, but the unions say they have a way they want to solve this as well. >> we have consistently said that, you know, binding resolution to this dispute is -- the one we think is appropriate. >> reporter: there may be another answer that gets the septa regional rail lines running again with septa and two unions representing 400 engineers and electricians back to work. septa management is expecting the white house to appoint a presidential emergency board to pick up the talks. that would stop the strike and resume service on the 13 regional rails. the question now is when? >> we intend to continue the strike until such time as we're compelled to by the law to return to duty or we reach a resolution to the dispute. >> reporter: regional rail travelers typically lower on weekend but next week could be disastrous for the delaware valley if a stop gap isn't reached before then. >> monday morning when the rush
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hour business community returns to work, it could have a significantly more severe impa impact. >> reporter: sticking points right now are back pay and pensions. i did speak with septa officials and they actually tell me that the unions can come back to the table at any time. they can come back to the job at any time knowing that this committee will be formed but the problem now they don't know when this committee will be formed. it could take few days and that means the strike could last, well, a few days at least. chris? >> all right, dave, thanks a lot. we'll get you through this. we're staying on top of this story on air and online. we'll have the latest strike updates. you can also find a copy of septa's strike contingency plans all by going to and we have another septa reminder. overnight subway trains in the city begin run to go night. the broad street and market frankford lines will run every 20 minutes starting just after midnight. this is a pilot program that
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will run through labor day. the trains will replace overnight bus service in those areas. >> and in other news tonight, authorities break up what they call a large scale cockfighting ring in operation in philadelphia. police arrived to the 2900 block of e street in kensington around 3:00 this morning. once cops showed up dozens of participants took off. officials were able to arrest the owner. upon investigation they found 18 live birds and a few that had died. >> this is a fairly elaborate set up. he's got an area in the back of this location that is pretty well concealed. got numerous cages in the back where he houses the birds. >> charges are pending against the owner. officials say they haven't had a cockfighting ring in about a year in the city. well, developing tonight, unrest to violence in iraq. tonight, hundreds of young iraqi men say they're answering a call
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to join the fight against militants advancing in the north. fox's connor powell reports. >> the lightning fast insurgent advance in iraq seems to have slowed down somewhat today. but the militants are on the doorstep of baghdad. young men in the capital are lining up to defend the country fighters from the islamic state of iraq and syria control the major cities of fallujah, mosul and tikrit and 60 miles outside of baghdad. and as they move closer iran looks set to become more involved in the conflict. president hasan are you hasn't knee saying his country is ready to help. >> iraq is splitting along religious and ethnic lines. iranian involvement will likely only accelerate that process. many sunny iraqis feel marginalized by the shiite dominated government in baghdad lead by nori al maliki. he has refused to recognize the sunny populations grievances and by all accounts has consolidated power in the hands of his hello
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shiites. as a result of the sunny population in the west is welcoming with open arms the insurgents also sun niece. >> if u.s. inter convenience in iraq it will do on the same side as iran. if not the country could disintegrate even further. connor powell, fox news. >> sunday is a day of mourning in ukraine after a military plane is shot down killing all 49 on board. pro russian rebels are said to be to blame. the country's new president vows to punish those responsible. the attack happened early this morning as the plane carrying troops and equipment approached the airport. switching to your weather authority forecast, we had a week of unsettled weather. we're getting the pay back today. middle of another fantastic weekend you're looking live at the center city skyline tonight. little breezy. the humidity is gone. meteorologist dominica davis in for caitlin tonight. we've been lucking out on the
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weekends this past few weeks. we absolutely have. this is our sixth week mend a row we've been looking at just really picture perfect conditions. and this is nice to show how about this after the week we've had. a clear radar. all our sweeps are on and nothing going on. a few clouds around the area. highs today were nice and comfortable and actually in some spots a few degrees below norm normal. also, if you notice the humidity was really low. 76 that was our high in the ci city. along the shores temperatures climbed up higher in atlantic city. 80 degrees. and that was because they didn't get a little bit of the cloud cover we're seeing out there right now. current temperatures have 72 in the city. we have 60s out to our northwe northwest. even 56 out there in the pocon poconos. so it is going to be a little bit cooler tonight. but nice and comfortable. so here's how your fox cast looks. 7:00 o'clock this evening we're still dealing with that light breeze. winds start to subside by the middle of the evening. we'll have clear skies around 68 around 9:00 p.m.
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and 11:00 tonight it's 65. so a cool, comfortable evening. how it will look for father's day? we'll have that coming up. >> all right. thank you. we have a missing child alert to tell you about tonight. this out of camden county. police are looking for this boy, 14 year old jewel jackson. he was reported missing from his home on the 1,000 block of division street yesterday. we're told it's not the first time he's gone missing. he often goes to parkside and fairview areas of the city. if you have seen this boy, please call police. >> and police in ocean county, new jersey, say they found a man wanted for a double stabbing. police say mark mccaffery stabbed two men when they tried to intervene in domestic dispute last week in seaside heights. the victims were both treated and released from a local hospital. mccaffery face as tempted murder and aggravated assault charges. and philadelphia police are looking for the gunman involved in an overnight shooting in kensington. a 33 year old man was shot three times outside a 7eleven on the
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3300 block of kensington avenue. this after 1:00 this morning. he's being treated at aria frankford hospital tonight. he is listed in stable conditi condition. >> and police say this man is in custody after they say a -- he barricaded himself inside a north philadelphia apartment. it happened just after 1:00 this morning on the 1500 block of judson way. two women say they were in a hallway when a man came out pointing a gun. he then locked himself inside. officials were eventually able to get him out. is medical marijuana about to become a reality in pennsylvania? coming up, how some say it could actually help the state. >> also, ahead, a deadly attack onatholic priests. now police release the horrifying 911 calls the surviving priest was able to do from his hospital bed. >> plus, traveling through the airport can be stressful enough. but being friendly could give you the upper hand. that's right. how a simple smile may be able to help you cash in the next
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time you fly. and the special olympics are about to start in new jersey. meet one athlete who says he isn't just focused on winning. colleen. >> ing a football legend the man who changed an entire city with his leadership plus jimmy rollins makes history. that's all
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♪ >> more than 2400 people remember the 41 year old police officer killed in an ambush at a las vegas pizza shop last week. funeral services were held for
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alan beck. beck and his partner igor saldo an bystander at wal*mart were killed by jarod and amanda miller. his body will be flown to his home state of wyoming to be laid to rest. should medical marijuana be legalized in pennsylvania? that's the key issue at a forum in university city today. it was held at u penn school of law and it comes as the state general assembly is moving towards legalizing it. state senator anthony williams hosted the event and says there are benefits to such legalization. >> medical marijuana could have fast track. i think the fact it's not toxic is loud -- understanding the benefits medical to a whole host of occupations. >> advocates say taxing medical marijuana could help the state increase investments in education and pension funds.
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it could also provide a multi-million dollar recurring revenue source that the state could tap into for years to come. the state is currently seeing its highest level of support on the issue. after much anticipation, the special olympics are almost he here. a special send off at the wells fargo center this morning for hundreds of athletes in our area heading to take part in the special olympic games. philadelphia 76ers michael carter williams was among those wishing the athletes well giving them high fives. mayor nutter also posing for some pictures before speaking to the crowd. the athletes left in buses with philadelphia police escorts. and while that was going on, thousands of other athletes flew into philadelphia, trenton and newark today for the games. they were all greeted with quite a welcome. as fox 29's drew dickman shows us. >> reporter: athletes from across the country traveled in style to the 2014 special olympics usa games in new jers
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jersey. >> they're getting treated like world class athletes they should. when they land they won't touch their baggage until they get to their dorm room. no different when peyton manning was here for the super bowl the same vip treatment. >> amy williams of dublin ohio was the first off the plane. red carpet and large welcome committee greeted her and the others representing the buck eye state. >> awesome having all them people. >> reporter: private jets kept coming landing every few minutes at the cessna citation special olympics airlift at the trenton mercer airport. >> our customers are volunteering they're aircrafts, their crews, or sometimes owners themselves are flying. their time to transport athletes from across the u.s. to the games. >> 56 year old john conyer of columbus has been participating in special olympics for nearly three decades. this year he's competing in tennis. >> my goal is not only to come here to win a medal if i can
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win, that's fine, but if i cannot win, that's great. as long as i try to put a smile on somebody else's face. >> reporter: many like conyer track and field athlete michael blower of west virginia says the program provides so much more than an opportunity to compete. it gives them an opportunity to live. >> i love doing it. i don't think i'll ever stop doing it. changed my life completely. let me see new things. meet new people. and try new things. i've been places i've never been before. >> reporter: after soaking in all of the excitement, one more ride awaited the athletes. the team loaded on a charter bus to head to their dorm rooms brimming with enthusiasm. >> hi! >> ho! >> the athletes will now rest up and get ready for the opening ceremony at the prudential center in newark tomorrow afternoon. the events begin monday morning and run all week. reporting from the trenton mercer airport, drew dickman fox 29 news.
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good luck to all those athletes. our coverage continues here on fox 29 and you can watch our athlete profiles a link to our special olympics coverage is right under our home tab. >> ♪ >> time for tonight's fox unfiltered. we're responding to your comments and complaints right here on the air. >> first up, terrifying video getting a big response. a little girl attacked by two pitbulls. officers arrived and save the little girl's life. many viewers are now using this story to defend the dog's breed claiming pitbulls are not violent. christie is not amused. she writes in part "this article isn't shaming a breed it's reporting what happened. the dogs attacked a little girl period "good point, christie. we're just stating the facts in the story. the focus should be on the officer's heroic actions who saved the little girl ♪ next a viewer complaint e-mailed to fox unfiltered directly about video we used in
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a health story. here the video. the story is about white bread and its effect on obesity. tony writes in part "using the image of head less obese people is not appropriate. the message it sends the person is so horrible and the obesity so shameful you can't show their face, obesity is a disease and nothing to be ashamed. tony this is simple misunderstanding. we concealed the peoples's entities in the video we weren't sure they wanted to be on tv not because we think obesity is anything to be ashamed about. we're just respecting these peoples's privacy. >> next a heart warming moment. captured on camera. a soldier returns home and surprises his girlfriend. surprisingly some people chose to write hurtful and mean comments about the couple's relationship on our facebook page. shannon isn't having it she writes in part "sir, thank you for your service from the mailroom to the front lines. i'm sorry for the rude comments here. most of them probably haven't even been in in your shoes but tea take advantage of the price you paid for their freedom "well
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said shannon. for those of you mak making rude remarks about people you don't know what's up with that. >> a complaint about a story we aired here on fox 29. the video shows a puppy reacting to a leaf blower as it blows in its face. our anchors thought it was cute. >> the win hits his face at 40 miles per hour. >> but this angry viewer disagrees. she writes in part "it was not cute. it was cruel. the people who made the video should have been reportedly to the spca for cruelty to animals. instead their cruel act was promoted by fox 29 i wonder if they, your anchors, would like to have a leaf blower blasted in their face "sorry you were of a phoned but promoting animal cruelty? really? i mean the dog actually seemed to be getting a kick out of it and the dog wasn't hurt. so i think everything is okay here. that's it for tonight's fox unfiltered. remember if you've got a comment or feedback for us her at fox 29, we want to hear from you. so head to our website and check on the unfiltered icon on the home page. remember your comment could end
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up right here on the air. ♪ >> a 10 year old boy teaching kids around the world to play soccer. coming up how his big heart and love for the game is doing a lot more than just teaching the sport. and wildwood welcomes your dog. where your four legged friend will be able to join you in the
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♪ >> grab the dog leashes if you visit the beach in wildwood. your pooch can now join you. for the first time the city is designated in the summertime on leash dog beach in the city's northern section near popular avenue. nonot only will dogs be able to catch some rays but some waves in the water as well. now looking at stories making headlines across the country. >> terrifying 911 recordings from the night two catholic priests were attacked in phoenix on wednesday. one died from a gunshot wound. the other priest was badly injured. fox's dominic dinatale has more. >> reporter: chilling sound of the voice of a critically injured father joseph terror struggling to breathe and clearly having difficulty speaking coherently to the 911 dispatcher. this was wednesday night. the mother of mercy mission in downtown phoenix. his colleague father kenneth walker just 29 shot and killed
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by at least one intruder. in the immediate aftermath, his senior priest father terror clearly unaware just how badly he'd been injured. >> my assistant priest here has been injured. >> right now -- >> one person is unconscious. yes. >> yes. >> is he breathing? no. >> the operator instructed terror to administer cpr. in the end terra ends up administering the last rights to walker. he died later in hospital. terra himself remains in a critical condition. he was badly beaten and there's a report of possible serious brain injury. police say they have few leads partly because there's no surveillance footage at the scene of the crime. and they're appealing to the public and witnesses to come forward. father terra was able to give police a very limited description of who he thought the suspect was, a white male in
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his 40s. but that's all the information the police have atonies time. >> it helps immensely for us to be able to get some of that information from him. whatever information he can provide to us as we have limited information at this point. police say the motive is unclear at this time but it looks like a bun gelled burglary. father walker's car was taken from the scene and then abandoned several blocks away. in los angeles, dominic dinatale fox news. >> after 35 years in surviving one of the nation's worst tragedies, principal frank d'angelis retires. d'angelis spent his last day reading from letters at columbine high school. he came to notoriety during the 1999 school shooting there. that incident claimed the lives of 12 students. d'angelis says he almost quit following the shootings because people blamed him for it. >> named in eight lawsuits after the tragedy, and that was just devastating to me knowing that
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there were people out there that felt that i was responsible. >> d'angelis isn't leaving entirely. he signed on as a consultant to the school. he's going to help plan for an emergency management issues there. a staple of the united states is celebrating a major milestone today. coming up what the army did more than 230 years ago. plus, airline travel doesn't have to be stressful. how being friend until a simple smile can give you the upper hand next time you fly. >> well the weekend is off to a fantastic start. but can we hang on to it for father's day? a look at the forecast is coming up.
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♪ >> recapping our top story tonight, 450 septa regional rail train engineers are on strike and off the job. sending commuters scrambling for options this weekend. the decision was made at 1201.
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pennsylvania governor tom corbett is asking president obama to intervene as the trains are not rolling in the country's sixth largest transit system. officials say next week could be gridlock as people return to work. and several people are injured in a crash on north 22nd and popular streets in philadelphia's fairmount section. a car involved overturned around 3:00 o'clock this morning. no word on how serious those injuries are. the cause is under investigati investigation. >> and we all dread missing a flight at the airport, but that seat you leave behind may be more valuable than you think. fox's steve noviello says it's so valuable you might want to volunteer to give it up. ♪ >> reporter: the airport rush. there is nothing quite like it. a race against time to show up, get on and take off. but would you be willing to give it all up for the chance to cash in instead? >> it can be a great opportunity if you've got any flexibility.
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>> reporter: brian kelly is founder of the point his travel site shows you how to make the most of miles. >> i just use 60,000 united miles this past fall to fly business class to the mal december. >> reporter: and offers. >> most credit card sinus bonuses are 40, 50,000 points. >> reporter: getting bumped from or flight on purpose. >> net note. >> reporter: in today's travel climate airlines are fewer and planes are fuller even often over sold. too many passengers, not enough seats, volunteer yours but not before you learn the secret to maximize your reward. first, prepare by checking the flight. >> if it's sold out online and they're not even selling tickets, you can be ab insured that's probably over sold. >> reporter: that's your queue to pack everything in a carry on. it makes you a better candidate for a bump. >> if you've got a ton of checked bags and you need to pull it off the flight for the gate agent. >> let the gate agent know your plans are flexible and instead
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of calling for volunteers, they could just ask you. >> i've heard of that option. >> reporter: the best way to do it is by being nice. >> they like us. they can hookup like crazy. >> reporter: you may be used to a simple rebook and voucher for your troubles -- >> $120. >> reporter: but kelly says, that's only a starting point. >> firmly state what you want. hey, look if you can do this forme right now let's go. with that being said neff take their first offer. >> reporter: your compensation should be based on the delay to your destination. get on the next flight, sure, that's worth about $200 voucher but if you have to connect or face major delays, now we're talking about major money. >> generally you're looking at 400 domestic, 800 international. >> reporter: ask for extra cash for cabs, meals or even for a hotel if your delay requires an overnight stay. >> once you are rebook, always ask for an upgraded seat in first class. not only for the added comfort
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but for more miles. >> even if you were on award ticket it got rebook into a revenue class you'll earn miles and usually 50% bonus for being in first. >> reporter: finally remember, even in the air, cash is king. if an airline has to force someone off an over sold flight, they have to offer them cash. so why not offer it to you instead of a travel voucher which may have limited flexibility? >> you know especially if it's a supervisor. they can do that. >> reporter: first class, more miles and cash in hand? suddenly that little delay is worth a whole lot of dollars. ♪ >> steve says you really need to pay attention to that number one strategy and that's being nice. remember the gate agent isn't the one to over sell your flight and let that agent know you're willing to fly on a different airline or to a different airport or get rebooked on another carrier. well, the u.s. army has something big to celebrate tod today. it was form 239 years ago back
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then the army consisted of a band of revolutionaries from various militias in new england. they set out to confront british troops at the start of the u.s. revolution. well now there are more than a million active reserve and national guard troops serving in the army and we thank them all for their service. >> a 10 year old boy teaching kids around the world to play soccer. coming and how his big heart and love for the game is doing a lot more than teaching the sport. >> dominica. >> certainly was great to be outside and play sports. highs were in the upper 70s. a little bit on the cool side. but it's going to warm up significantly next week. we could be looking at our first 90-degree day. ♪
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hall: oh oh, here she comes,
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hall: she's a... oates: scary lady oates: she's an angry tiger hall: she's a mangobbler oates: eater hall & oates: she's a maneater ♪ oh oh, here she comes ♪ watch out boy, she'll chew you up ♪ ♪ oh oh, here she comes
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♪ >> today is flag day. it was celebrated along with the u.s. army in old city philadelphia. it's the annual stars and stripes festival. it's a day long event that kicked off at the betsy ross house this morning. there were plenty of performances and games for the entire family.
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by the way, of course, as we told you the u.s. army celebrates its 239th birthday today. it is called the beautiful game for a reason. a 10 year old boy decides he wants kids around the world to be able to play soccer. the charity ball starts rolling from there. fox's brian llenas has the story. >> the ball is on the ground and everyone is playing, it doesn't matter where you're at as long as you're having fun. >> reporter: a big heart and a love for the game is all it took for 110 year old boy from michigan to start an international organization. after helping his father provide clean water, ethan king realized that it was another need for kids in africa. >> i brought along my soccer ball and i was going to be playing with the kids in the villages get pick up games goi going. i set it down. i had like five kids playing with me the next thing i know 50 kids are playing and dust flying everywhere. when i look over i saw the ball that the kids were using were like trash bags wrapped up. >> king started charity ball now
6:38 pm
four year later 4,000 quality soccer balls have been hand delivered to kids in 22 countries. >> i felt something in my heart as well as like, you know, i feel like i'm -- i'm being called to this. >> reporter: ethan started making calls asking for help. the first person actually said no. >> i guess i used that as motivation to keep working hard and just to call more people and i guess for every 10 yeses there's always one or two nos and so i said, i'll just keep working hard and keep calling up people eventually money came in, and the first, you know, hundred balls went to africa but then i got bunch of people saying i'm going to this country or that country and i'd like to take balls along. >> reporter: nevin, a pro player in germany heard about charity ball and reached out to ethan together they started the play well cup. >> within week we had 300 kids signed up with 12 teams and zoe kind of set it up like world cup there's like a group stage and knock out phase and we hand delivered all the balls to the
6:39 pm
kids. final game there was a closing ceremony and awesome experience for me and all the kids. >> reporter: to boost the charity's recognition a documentary called pass the ball was made. >> the stuff that i was doing when i was 10 to 15 years old is not starting charities. so he's just doing amazing stuff and super selfless and they're just great people and they weren't really trying to get there and tell their story. more about doing great for the world. you can go to charity bowel .org to make a did he nation. the u.s. fac faces ghaana on mo. >> brian llenas, fox news. >> a parrot causes a major stir in connecticut. stay ahead what the bird did that got police involved in an entire neighborhood looking
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>> jonah hill and chaning tatum return for 22 jump street. they go deep undercover as local cops. >> ask around about the drug, find out who the dealer is. >> 21 jump street 22 jump street is very aware of itself and nose exactly what it is. the running joke of the film is about the plot of this movie is real similar to the plot of last
6:43 pm
movie. >> ladies, nobody cared about the jump street reboot. >> you got lucky. >> now this department has invested a lot of money. >> to make sure jump street keeps going. >> jokes about male genitalia and guns of your thing, gary, this movie is for you. >> we jump street. >> ice cube is in the film. >> what about you, rick? >> i'm down. >> dig it. >> so guys ticket it or stick it. >> i'm going to ticket it. i like the color, you know, i like the cinema photographer. >> we'll take it. >> remember you can watch dish nation weekdays at midnight it airs right here on fox 29. and iconic philadelphia business is getting ready to make a come back. shirt corner and suit corner are about to reopen at seventh and market streets next to jerry blavat's radio station steps from the house where thomas jefferson wrote the declaration of independence much the popular
6:44 pm
clothing stores used to be at third and market right down the street from fox 29's studios. that fire destroyed the business last april. a woman in connecticut reports quite the false alarm. her mistake thinking a lot of parrot was a child in distress. police say the bird was crying out daddy. officers arrived quickly on the scene after receiving the 911 call and found the parrot hanging out in the 25-foot tree. the bird has been reunited with its owner who had been looking for him for days. >> and friday the 13th actually turned out to be lucky for some people in new york. a tattoo parlor in the city actually -- >> we have like maybe 10 oh 15 designs for people to pick from. what they see is what they get. they can't make up some custom design. >> they were actually offering $13 artwork to two monday doctored people. they lined up to get ink much the only catch, of course, they didn't get to choose their
6:45 pm
designs much tattoo shops across the country participated in the $13.13 special. >> now on to our fox 29 weather authority. let's take a look at that shot. live look at lake in the pocono mountains absolutely gorgeous day up there and absolutely gorgeous day here in the city. meteorologist dominica davis joins us now. i tell you this the third or fourth saturday in a row it's been spectacular outside. absolutely spectacular. what a crummy week we had, right. >> yes. that lingering drizzle and all of a sudden we were soaked. >> this is the pay back. the humidity is low and it goes on for tomorrow, too. so happy father's day by the way. >> thank you. we have a good one. for all you dads and if you'll be doing some grilling, some chilling, some beaching, the whole forecast looks great. let's take look outside right now. and it's nice and comfortable. 72 degrees. that's what we're looking at. you can see still a breeze there as we look at old city. this right by the studios here
6:46 pm
and it's nice evening. but still hanging on to breeze. the humidity is nice and lows as i said the dew points have significantly dropped. so that's really the big difference you feel today when you're out. here's a light breeze that we have now because of that system that was pulling away yesterday that brought all the storms, as that pushes away it's still kicking up the winds. so in some places like reading we're seeing wind out of the northwest 18 miles per hour. those winds will slacken some this evening. but overall we're looking at a nice cool breeze that's going to take us really past midnight. it's going to feel really comfortable tonight for sleeping. here's a look at ultimate doppler and we do have a few clouds that are streaming over the area. these will start to dissipate as well. so tonight, really what we're going to be looking at are clear skies. that is going to cater to the temperatures falling in the 60s and even 50s in some spots. satellite/radar as we pull this up, really just shows a quiet scene along the eastern seaboa
6:47 pm
seaboard. really from the ohio valley on east it's setting up to be a very quiet weather picture with high pressure in control. now, this going to make for some nice quiet weather but it's also going to make for some very hot weather. so here's what's to expect for tonight. the evening clear skies, light breeze. really nice lostable and pleasant. tomorrow father's day, it's going to be another great one. just little bit warmer but great for an outdoor day. and then the work week, that's when the humidity and the heat really starts to spike. and we could be looking at our first 90-degree day of the season. so here's a look at fox future cast. we'll start it out tonight at 8:00 o'clock. temperatures still sitting in the low 70s. we have 60s up to our north. as we roll through the evening and tomorrow morning, it's a nice cool start in many places. we're looking at clear skies, we have 57 in mount pocono. 59 in reading. so in some places it's going to nice and cool. by two, 3:00 o'clock, that's
6:48 pm
when we start to get into the heating of the day so temperatures are still looking in the upper 70s, low 80s in many spots. humidity still stays low but that sunshine is going to be strong. really from start to finish tomorrow. that means the uv index is going to be around an eight or nine. so the burn time is going to be really fast for tomorrow. probably about 15 minutes it will take for burn to set in. if you are headed to the phillies game, 1:35 start, it should be about 78 by the time that game starts with light breeze coming out of the northwest. tonight 58 in the city. 56 in the suburbs. and here's how it looks for your sunday. 83 for the high in the city. the poconos 75 degrees. and then 78 along the shore. certainly a fantastic beach day is what you'll be looking at. here's a lock at the seven day forecast. things really start to heat up by monday as we head back to work. still not really look at any major problems but notice the 90 degrees. slight chance of a scattered shower or thunderstorm.
6:49 pm
we could also see that again on tuesday and then we do have a chance for spot showers here or there monday through tuesday. i think the best day for that will be on monday through thursday. the best chance for that will be on wednesday and first 90-degree day of the season. how about that. >> i don't know if i like that. you have no choice. >> right. you got to take it. >> all right. let's go to sports. i was at the game last night. not only was it boring but they lost but today a lull history made. >> a little bit. now the phils they tried to bounce back from that loss against the cubs last night. but that wasn't the story. the game pauses for history today. jimmy rollins and the moment he's been waiting and working
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♪ >> well it's been 25 years since mike schmidt passed richie ashburn for the most hits in
6:52 pm
phillies history. today that record was broken. down in the ballpark chase utley puts the phils on the board early. a solo shot into right field seats, and the phillies take a one to nothing lead. now in the fifth, this is where it all happened. phils up four to three and the countdown is over. jimmy rollins passes mike schmidt for the most hits in phillies history. hit number 2,235 and here comes schmidt to congratulate him. they pause the game for all of this. this teammates come out as history was made today at the ballpark. and schmidt leaves the field offers advice here to dominic brown. >> see the ball going down. see the ball going down. we need to talk. >> i'll be here all weekend. >> that advice really was solid because the next at bat he hit a three run homerun to help the phillies within the game seven to four.
6:53 pm
>> talking about 14 years plus of effort and accumulation and with one uniform on and a lot of ways that's old school in today's game. >> he was one of the greatest coaches in the game of football hall of famer with not one, not two, not three but four super bowl titles with the pittsburgh steelers. chuck knowles died last night at the age of 82 of natural causes. knoll took the steelers from being the laughing stock of the league to winning four super bowls in six seasons. at 34, he became the youngest head football coach in nfl history. after joe paterno actually turn down the job to stay at penn state. the flag at pro football hall of fame was lowered to half staff in his memory today. day three of the us open at pine hurst. martin keimer finally got tripped up with a few bow geese early but an eagle on the par 55th got him back to even much he's still a top the leader board now two over through 13.
6:54 pm
and world cup columbia and grease. pablo armiro gets columbia started. a deflected opener five minutes in. typically the greeks play great defense, but it wasn't there today. 58th minute off the corner kick, and it's kicked in for the goal. columbia wins easily three to nil. >> la kings they did it again last night. it took 94 minutes to end this game five. but they beat the rangers in double overtime to win the cup. justin williams awarded the trophy as mvp and, of course, jeff carter and mike richards now they have another title together, too. you win the stanley cup for, um, obviously yours and your teammates and, um, but the thing that makes it extra special is to share the jubilation and the excitement of the pin nickel of your hockey career with people
6:55 pm
who cheered for you since day one. >> and another former flyer. tough loss for the rangers who i'm sure are hurting this morning along with someone else. one thing i learned from being a figure skater to not wear anything other than skates on the ice. heels will get you every time. this poor woman learn the hard way last night. we've all been there before. but, um, unfortunately, she had a whole lot of cameras rolling on her at the kings ice last night. so i felt really bad. i cannot stop watching that. >> we all haven't been there before. >> yes. >> i've been there before. many times. yeah. >> hopefully not with that short of a skirt. >> no. >> ladies, be sure to join us tonight for fox 29 news at 10:00. what's in a name? we call it soccer. the rest of the world calls it football. why one college professor says just because we're not in the majority doesn't mean we're wrong. that's your news for this saturday. we'll see you tonight at 10:00. saturday. we'll see you tonight at 10:00. basebwhat's with the suit?
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