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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  June 13, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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>> next a local second grader saves her mom's life. what she did when her mother started having a seizure. >> a local soldier's emotional homecoming as a heroism what happened in afghanistan that homecoming as a heroism what happe[ male announcer ] that tv's come a long way. from color. to the remote. to flat screens. now it's taking a quantum leap. introducing fios quantum tv. record up to 12 shows at the same time.
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store up to 200 hours of entertainment in hd. plus watch live tv anytime with the fios mobile app. redefining what tv can be. that's powerful. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v >> fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome. ♪ >> we begin tonight with breaking news. septa says no deal yet. that means there is a good chance workers will strike in two hours. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm iain page. >> i'm dawn timmeney. a strike would shut down septa's regional rail lines. fox 29's dave kinchen live in center city. dave, are the sides still tal talking. both sides are still talking at liberty place. both sides acknowledge a strike is looking more and more likely. >> ibw and blet at this point see no reason to expect that we will not be on the strike at 12:0 1:00 a.m. saturday morning.
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>> reporter: it's not looking good with less than two hours for septa and two unions representing 400 electricians and locate como tiff engineers to reach deal. they say they will strike without an agreement halting more than a dozen regional rail lines leaves tens of thousands of commuters in the lurch. >> regional rail is terrific and it's really rough. >> reporter: nancy is one of those people traveling daily between mt. airy and center ci city. >> i'm really concerned about getting to work and getting downtown. my kids have graduation at the kimmel center next wednesday and how we'd all get down here for that. >> alternative to regional rail is hard to think about. >> i think it would be maybe two or three buses to get down here and i'm sure that would be tou tough. the sku little kill will be a nightmare. >> i have flexibility. i can ride my bike or catch ride but otherwise we'll hang in there and do what we can do. >> the unions have been working without cracks for years. and say no to any efforts to extend the process which
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involves federal mediators. they say it's simply about fairness. >> the main sticking point before the party social security whether or not these 400 people are going to be offered the full value of the improvements in the collective bargaining agreement that the other 6,000 employees have preceded have been able to gain. >> reporter: septa did put out a contingency plan. if it goes into effect essentially they will add more capacity to the subways to the buses and the trollies. but in the meantime, governor corbett's office reached out. they're trying to get involved in this as well. there is the possibility the governor could call on the white house to intervene but so far nothing like that has happened. dawn? >> all right. we'll wait and see, thank you, dave. happening now, the unsettled weather is starting to move on out. looking live at market street in old city. a second round of rain and storms moved through this evening. but the good news is, things are start to go finally clear up. let's get right over to chief
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meteorologist scott williams. looking forward to nice weekend after a really drear row week. it looks like a nice weekend, dawn, will be oh and tap. we have a few leftover scattered showers and a few thunderstorms right now across the area. but much improved from earlier this afternoon and evening. we'll zoom in toward lancaster cun tee right now you can see a diminishing shower nothing severe, nothing heavy. but toward sections of the lehigh valley in particular as we move into sections of northampton county, right now around lehigh moving toward more eventually around nazareth wat watching for very heavy rainfall as well as lightning with that particular cell. there could even ab little bit of small hail. we'll keep you posted oh and that but nothing currently severe. moving into southern sections of delaware, also, as we move toward cape may in south jersey, watching for some showers right now. once again nothing is severe. here's that front. it's sweeping through the area but behind this system, we're looking at some drier air, lower relative humidity values in the
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offing as well. for the overnight just a few leftover showers it stays mild a little muggy but come tomorrow clearing skies and, yes, lower humidity values across our area. we'll talk about that complete father's day weekend forecast coming up. >> all right. scott, thank you. a quiet side street deli in manayunk become the scene of a terrifying armed robbery. the suspect caught on camera waving a gun and demanding mon money. it happened thursday in the middle of the afternoon on wild street and tonight police are trying to figure out if this robbery is linked to one earlier in the week just up the street in the roxborough neighborhood. fox 29's thalia perez is live outside the manayunk deli and thalia the surveillance video pretty clear. >> reporter: iain the surveillance video is clear and police are hoping that someone will recognize the suspect. moments ago the owner of the manayunk deli here behind me closed its doors for the night. but before he did, he told our camera that he remains on edge.
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>> i'm really scared right now. and nervous. >> reporter: a day after his store was robbed, vinnie patel doesn't want us to show his face, and says he's still shaken up. police say it happened just before 2:30 in the afternoon thursday at the manayunk deli at 4528 wild street. the entire ordeal was captured by surveillance cameras. patel says it happened so fast with the suspect bursting insi inside, brandishing a black gun with a laser and then demanding cash. >> he hand me a bag, plastic bag and we hand him the money and cigarettes. >> reporter: patel says the suspect got away with 15 packs of newport cigarettes. valued at about $100, and 250 in cash. police say they're investigating whether this robbery is linked to one with similarities that took place tuesday at the m and m deli located at 458 markell street in roxborough. fox 29 spoke with an employee
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there after it happened. >> handed him plastic bag and told him to give him the cigarettes like all the newport. >> reporter: surveillance cameras also captured the suspect fleeing with $1,500. police say in a similar bag. but before he did he became violent. police say he beat the owner unconscious after he caught him pushing a panic button under the counter. >> it's certainly surprising especially in the summer when it is so quiet. i live near here and i feel safe here. >> reporter: it was business as usual at both deli's fry but ppapa tell is telling his employees to be more alert. >> watch out what's going on. >> reporter: and the owner of the m and m deli was treated and released from the hospital. anyone with information about either of these robberies is asked to call police. iain? >> thank you, thalia. federal investigators say the pilots in last month's deadly plane crash in
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massachusetts that killed philanthropist lewis katz may not done a pre flight check. the national transportation safety board also says there may have been a problem with the system that protects the plane from wind. if that system were on, the plane would not be able to take off. and pilots wouldn't know there's an issue without doing that pre flight check. katz and six others died when the plane went off the runway and into a gully and burst into flames. sergeant bowe bergdahl is now back in the united states after spending five years in a the hands of the taliban in avenue begun stan. tonight his family is asking for privacy as they prepare to see their son for the very first time in years. fox's casey seventy three gallon reports. >> reporter: army sergeant bowe bergdahl is back on u.s. soil. arriving in san antonio, texas early this morning. his reintegration treatment will continue now here at brook army medical center. he had been receiving care at a military hospital in germany since june 1st, a day after
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his release. brook army medical center is a facility that can treat holistic klee any other lingering mental health issues that he has. >> reporter: concerns remain high over the circumstances of bergdahl's return. the obama administration releasing five taliban militants from guantonimo bay in exchange for his freedom. that move made without giving congress the 30 days notice required by law. secretary of defense chuck hagle defending the swap at a congressional hearing. >> we believe this he can change was our last best opportunity to free him. >> reporter: there's also the issue of bergdahl's status at the time of his capture. he is accused of going awol and deserting the military. but the army says it will investigate further after the reintegration process is complete. >> i think it's premature to know or even guess whether he's going to go to court more shall because there are a lot of administrative steps the army could tell well short of a court
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marshall they could take against him if they decide to do anything. >> reporter: bergdahl's status is important to help determine whether he is eligible for the roughly $300,000 in back pay he has earned since his disappearance. at brook army medical center in san antonio, casey stegall fox 29 news. >> president obama is weighing his options as iraq deals with a new round of violence. islamic extremists have taken over several cities and pressure has been building for the us to increase support to iraq. the president obama says he'll only take action if the government of iraq comes up with their own plan to handle the violence and he says no us troops will be sent to iraq. >> any action that we may take to provide assistance to iraqi security forces has to be joined with a serious and sincere effort by iraq's leaders. >> some republicans are pushing for air strikes against the militant and their criticizing the president for what they say
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is a failed security policy that has allowed iraq to fall into chaos. the u.s. state department says russia is sending tanks rocket launchers and military vehicles into ukraine to help separate tests. government troops are clashing with pro russia separate tests and the zaps are seen as significant victories for ukraine. us is urging russia to cooperate during an upcoming meeting with ukrainian negotiators to put an end to the violence. ♪ >> a luxury lakeside home is torched. the owners say they had to no choice but to burn it down. how they tried to save it before realizing they had to let it go coming up. >> and a local woman facing the drunk driver who changed her life forever. >> everything has been difficu difficult. everything. >> why she says instead of anger her heart is full of forgivene forgiveness. plus a terrifying scene unfold has local tobacco shop. armed robbers burst in but one of them slips up. what he left behind that could lead police right to him.
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>> a local soldier returns from afghanistan a hero. tonight emotionally homecoming and what he did to earn a purple heart.
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♪ >> a couple of crooks stole a bucks county tobacco shop this morning much it's terrifying surveillance video as you can see here. police say the suspects held up the smoke and joe's tobacco store on trenton avenue in morrisville. nobody was hurt. but the guys did take some cash. police say one of the suspects dropped his weapon. it turns out it was fake and cops say they're going to test it for dna. police say they made off in a
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gold ford taurus. >> a dangerous duo is on the loose. >> a man and woman wanted for robbery and shoot tag popular gunshop. fox 29's dave schratwieser reports, police believe they may have struck before. >> reporter: this is surveillance video of the bonnie and clyde like bandits in action wednesday night as they robbed a customer leaving the gun range on percy street in spring gard garden. police now believe they're the same suspects who robbed two men of seven guns in the northeast thursday night. >> these individuals are not only armed and dangerous, but now they're heavily armed. >> reporter: suspects robbed a bagful of guns outside the delaware valley sports center just before 9:00 thursday escaped in dark colored car way tinted windows. they shot 67 year old man even after he turned over his guns. >> the perpetrator still decided to shoot a 67 year old man in the groin from point blank range. >> reporter: these have this surveillance video of of the
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female suspect as she got out of the get away car and came inside the gun range right before the robbery wednesday night. you can clearly see her face minutes later the same woman is taking part in the armed robbery right outside. >> you want to feel safe, but when you got fools out here just running around just doing what they're doing it makes you even want to have them even more report roar marvin richardson shoots at the range with his wife all the time. he says the robberies have him paying close attention to his surroundings when he comes and goes from the range. >> we're always paying attention whose around us whenever we go and come out. >> reporter: police say the gun toting bandits also stole this victim's cell phone and wallet. police are now searching for this car there are fools to think they can get away with anything now days. cameras are everywhere. >> reporter: dave schratwiese schratwieser, fox 29 news. >> delaware governor markell and the state transportation secretary take closer look at the shut down of the i495 bridge. the two toured the area today.
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the first drilling equipment is now on site to begin work and officials say more materials will arrive early next week. the bridge has been closed since june 2nd. last week an inspection showed four columns supporting the bridge were tilting. >> we know how important it is that this bridge be opened as quickly as we can. that's why it is, you know, a 24/7 operation, and we're going to do everything we can to make sure this done quickly and safely that's really -- that's the bottom line. the southbound lanes are expected to reopen around labor day and the northbound lanes shortly thereafter. >> a happy day for one pottstown family their son is home after serving nine months in afghanistan. fox 29's shawnette wilson reports he received a warm welcome in his hometown today. >> it was awesome to have people be there for you, you know torque come back and say thank you for everything. >> i'm so glad you're home safe. >> a surprise welcome home for army specialist joseph anderson.
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just back from a nine month tour in afghanistan. >> i haven't seen him in almost two years and skype doesn't count. >> reporter: members of warriors watch gave him hero's welcome to his home in pottstown where he had no idea his entire family and closest friends would all be waiting. >> most in tears and with mixed emotions. >> driving home i said, i'm thankful that he's home but i feel so bad for all the moms who's sons and daughters didn't get home and that's really who the heroes are. >> reporter: joseph is a hero especially to his father who also served in the mill tar. >> he's proud himself but he doesn't want to show it. i'm very proud of him. >> that one is for the purple heart. >> reporter: he brought home with him his purposefully heart after he and six others from his platoon suffered concussions during a car bomb tack. >> he doesn't want any fame or glory or anybody making a big deal about it. to him he just did what he was supposed to do. >> reporter: for joseph's sister sarah it's been a long
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road from then to today. >> i remember what it was like to get that phone call that day saying that his base was under attack, and just your live flashed before you and you're like oh, my god, someone so important to me might not make it back. to see him here in the flesh is good. i can pick on him some more. (laughter). >> i just wish, you know, more people could have something like this. >> reporter: specialist anderson had get the next few weeks here with family before heading backover cease to germany. in pottstown, shawnette wilson, fox 29 news. >> young athlete who refuses to let a disability side line him will be getting back into the game thanks to the make a wish foundation. he lost a leg to bone cancer. ran track and played soccer and didn't want to give up sports so he asked the make a wish foundation for a running blade that would enable to play again and today he was fitted with his prosthetic running blade. >> i'm not used to running. i feel like i'm always dragging
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the prosthetic leg. right now i feel like i'm dragging my healthy one. >> he's 19 years old. he says he can't wait to get back on the feel. a special night for hundreds of teenagers from across new jersey. the mansion in voorhees camden county hosted a disney themed prom. the organization fantastic friends through the party for about 100 teenagers with special needs as well as some voluntee volunteers. the founder of and fantastic friends a social group for teens with special needs said she want to do plan something big for her graduation as well as her twin brother who has autism. >> let's head over to scott williams for a look at your saturday morning forecast. >> iain we will be drying out and also the humidity it will be dropping but right now still up there at 81%. temperatures right now in the low 70s. so what to expect over the next 12 hours for the philadelphia area? overnight, drying out. there could be a leftover show shower. but look at the sunshine returning for the start of saturday morning. 7am, 65.
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upper 60s by 10:00 a.m. so looking pretty good for saturday morning. ultimate doppler right now showing just a few leftover showers. in particular as we move toward lancaster and chester county. also toward the lehigh valley right now. moving back toward sections of nazareth. more approaching easton we'll be watching out for heavy rain also moving into sections of monroe county toward the pocono mountains. there could be little bit of small hail with that but it looks like it is diminishing as far as intensity. also, as we move toward cape may county, watching for leftover shower there. but here's the front out ahead of it we have all of the humidity, but behind it we are looking at drier air that will be moving in for the upcoming weekend. temperatures are going to be nice as well as we start for your saturday morning. so looking at the clock you can see by 7am, 54 degrees in the poconos. 60s elsewhere. that complete father's day forecast coming up. >> scare row moments at cnn. a car smashes right into the
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lobby. what the driver philadelphia police made him do it. >> plus a tornado pick up a house with a family inside and moves it more than 100 yards. how they managed to walk away unhurt with quite a story to tell. >> an alert college student saves his neighbor's life and he's not done being a good guy. what he plans to do when he sees his neighbor again.
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>> check this out. an out of control car smashes through the lobby of cn inform's headquarters in atlanta. that crash happened at the entrance near the omni hotel and the car ended up right in the lobby. >> very shocked. i was very shocked. you know like i said it look like it was at a car lot. us display lot or something. it was just sitting there. we heard the big crash. >> the 22 year old driver told police he had been driving all night long and fell asleep at the wheel. he's charged with dui and marijuana possession. fortunately no one was hurt. the great-grandson of famed oil tie couldn't john d. fox fella killed in a plane crash. richard was piloting the small plain and was the only one on board it went down near west chester county airport outside new york city this morning. rockefella was 64 and a father of two. they're no word yet on the cause of the crash.
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>> argument inside w house restaurant gets very heated with a customer ending up getting shot to death. witnesses say a couple of unruly customers refused to leave the fulton county georgia restaurant they got in a fight with a cook. that escalated and police say the cook grabbed the gun and shot and killed the customer. >> after the shots i got up, there was just chaos. everybody running, and i looked at the guy that was arguing with the cook he was on the floor dead. >> the cook now facing a number of charges including murder and carrying a concealed weapon without a permit. >> did you know driver changed a local woman's live forever and she faced him today in court. she talks only to fox 29 about why her heart is filled with forgiveness instead of anger. >> and a luxury lakeside home torched. the owner is forced to push the down. how they tried to save it before finally letting it go. >> athletes are gearing up for this weekends start of the special olympics games. one local lawmaker's daughter is among them.
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their special and inspiring relationship coming up.
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♪ >> a man with a lengthy record of driving drunk face as judge after a dui crash. >> that crash happened last year in delaware county and it left a motorcyclist with devastating injuries. she talked only to fox 29's bruce gordon about how it has changed her life. >> just a daily thing. it's been rainy week so i've had a stiff shoulder. >> 32 year old kiley possinger suffers the aches and pains that remind her of why she was headed to court this morning. but she was here at all is something of a miracle. >> i heard from so many nurses and from the physicians and surgeons that they are not sure how i lived. >> reporter: last july 11th a drunk james duggan pulled out of a macdade boulevard bar and into the path of possinger's motorcycle. the impact through her over his vehicle. she landed flat on her back just about every bone that could be broken was. she explained in her victim
10:30 pm
impact statement -- >> there's still profound differences in my life that will not go away. >> reporter: like months of rehab, three operations with a fourth likely and a body full of opinions and rods and screws that react painfully with each change in the weather. possinger learned duggan's dui was his tenth. in fact he was out on bail from number nine at the time of the accident. so you might expect she would come to court screaming for blood. you would be wrong. >> you have to forgive people regardless because i know that the and tent was not by any means to pull out and hit me. he did not mean to do that. accidents happen. >> reporter: in court he called himself an alcoholic. insisted he is not the monster his dui record suggests and apologized to kyla and her family tearfully and repeatedly. when the sentencing was over kyla reached out to comfort his mother. >> there's lot of people that are hurt in this whole process and i think i need to take into consideration i'm not the only one. >> reporter: kyla thinks about the crash every day. as they applies cream to her scarred shoulder and ankle but her initial anger and bitterness
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are long gone. >> i think it's an easy choice. when you are upset and you're angry about things you aren't well. it's okay. i'm fine. i'm going to be okay. i think i'm going to be okay. >> you saw kyla walking with her dad. he actually taught her how to ride a motorcycle. she hasn't been oh and bike since the crash last july. but this father's day weekend she thinks she might be finally get back on the bike. as a passenger with her dad. >> in the newsroom i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. >> quite a story of forgiveness. people in one part of delaware say a man is going around exposing himself and one woman even snapped a picture of the guy. police say this is the man wanted for performing lewd acts in newark. they say exposed himself twice this week to people living in the todd estates and brook side development. a woman was able to capture this picture before he ran off. police believe he's hayes hispanic between 20 and their years old. >> a college student in new jersey hailed hero he safe his neighbor's life. jarod, a student at drexel says he noticed his neighbor stopped
10:32 pm
mowing his lawn last sunday when he walked across the street to check it out, he noticed the man had gone into cardiac arrest and collapsed. so he sprung into action. calling 911 and doing cpr until emergency officials arrived. >> jarod is a her row in the neighborhood. everyone in the neighborhood is very happy that jarod was home, was willing to get involved and in this case made a difference. >> the man is still in the hospital and doing better but his family says it could be a long road ahead. he has not spoken to his neighbor since. but he said he plans on giving him the hug the neck time he cease him. >> luxury home in texas up in flames. the owners of this home which was dangling from a cliff made the heart-breaking decision to burn down their condemned house and clear the lot of all the debris. that house was just teetering above a crumbling 75-foot cliff at lake whitney leaving them no choice. the owners considered hiring a firm to hoist the $700,000 home back on to the rocks.
10:33 pm
but it was impossible and that's when they realized there was nothing they could do to save it. they reactioned as they watched it burn from their main home in florida. >> horrible. it was worse than i thought it would be. i thought we had enough time to accept it you don accept it. eyeballed my eyes out for while and hopefully i wouldn't too much longer. >> authorities say the decision to burn and destroy the home was a better option than just letting it fall into the lake. >> a family caught in the path of a tornado the twister even lifting their home and moving it with all of them inside. fox's jennifer kendall has the incredible story of survival. >> reporter: about 8:15 last night a tornado made its way through parts of burr tram. one house took a direct hit. this is the foundation of that house. it was picked up and carried by that tornado and let me show you where it landed about 150 yards away.
10:34 pm
>> inside the interior bathroom. we had everything shut, and the wind started how long. starred to hear this rip and we just got lifted up. >> reporter: trenton ash worth, his two kids and wife walked i was with without any major injuries. >> we were just praying. just praying. >> that's all we were doing was praying thank god for his protection. 'cause if it wasn't for him we'd be gone. >> reporter: after the twister it took first responders about 20 minutes to find the ash worths. >> they were looking for the house. they thought it was another house because it moved so far off the path. yeah, it took us -- them awhile to find us. >> reporter: the ash worths have lived in this house for the last eight years. >> me and my wife built that house. it took us four years to do it and a lot of blood, sweat and tears in the house. >> reporter: now the belongings from their two-story, four bedroom house are scattered around the yard.
10:35 pm
amazingly the house itself is mostly intact. >> the house is still held together fairly well. me and my wife did a good job on that house. one thing at a time, right? >> yeah. >> neighbors, friends and family spent the day picking up debris and looking for anything the ash worths could safe. >> i just can't believe all of this debris and how this big house blown away pretty much. >> this morning was pretty eye opening. i don't really want to do it again. (laughter). >> the ash worths did have insurance and an adjuster will be out on monday to survey the damage. a city fed up with rising gas price social security taking from the tee drastic steps much it will sell gas to drivers at a discount. why the mayor says starting a price war in his town is the right thing to do. >> a local mom is very proud tonight. her young daughter is a lifesaver. but the second grader did when her mom suffered a seizure that's making her a hero. >> and when most people see bees they head in the other directi
10:36 pm
direction. >> but one company says you should let them set up shop rite in your kitchen. the urban b
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10:38 pm
>> grab the dog leashes starting tomorrow your pooch can join you on a section of beach in wildwood.
10:39 pm
the proposed did he go 98ed area is in the northern end of the city near popular avenue. the measure passed in june and not only will dogs be able to enjoy the beach, they can also take a dip in the water as well. a security breach at a popular chinese restaurant chain tops your money tonight. pf chang's china bistro confir confirming there has been a breach involving customers credit cards at its restaurants. the company is opened an investigation. it's not clear how big the breach is. in the statement pf chang's ceo says customers should be vigilant with their statements until they realize the scope of the breach. >> travel booking website price line is getting into the restaurant reservation business. the company is buying open table for $2.6 billion. open table charges restaurants monthly fees to seat diners who make reservations online. it serves some 31,000 restaurants nationwide. >> most people try to get bugs out of their homes but a new concept would keep them inside. the company is showing off what it's calling the urban beehive.
10:40 pm
it allows to have fresh honey. a funnel connects the and side portion of the hi to a flower pot outside where the bees can feed. then when you're ready for honey you pull a switch to release smoke and calm the bees down and harvest. the product is only couldn't set right now much it is not yet for sale. well, a small city in central kentucky is taking the gas pump into its own hands. >> officials there are taking some drastic steps to combat rising gas prices. starting next month, the city of somerset will open the station used to fuel city owned vehicles to the public. the city will purchase the fuel from local refinery and price it 15 to 20 cents below whatever gas stations are charging. >> what wary going to do, do our job which means why shouldn't we deal with high gas prices and something that affects the quality of life? >> the mayor of the town hopes gas station owners will lower their own prices to compete with the city. he says if they don't the city may look to expand and open more
10:41 pm
fueling stations. arming itself for what could be a long price war. this local mom was sitting in her kitchen one money and and that having life threatening seizure the next and that's when her young daughter took over. how the second grader saved her life. >> and terrifying moments for teen home alone when two men break in. she locked herself in the bathroom. what happened when the intruders heard her call for help. >> and athletes are gearing up for this weekend's start of the special olympic games in new jersey. one local lawmaker's daughter is among them. their special relationship want her coach says she means to the team coming up. >> scott? right now, dawn, ultimate doppler still tracking a few leftover showers. coming up, that father's day weekend forecast. coming up, that father's day weeke[ male announcer ] tv's come a long way.
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from color. to the remote. to flat screens. now it's taking a quantum leap. introducing fios quantum tv. record up to 12 shows at the same time. store up to 200 hours of entertainment in hd. plus watch live tv anytime with the fios mobile app. redefining what tv can be. that's powerful. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v
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♪ >> a little girl in montgomery county real hero. she helped save her mother's life. lindsay, says she was sitting in her house with her daughter olivia when all of a sudden she suffered a seizure. olivia jumped into action. >> i dialed 911. at first i was scare. i didn't know what do to do. but then i thought about it and
10:45 pm
called. >> who knows what could have happened if sean here. if i was by myself, you know, but she definitely stepped up to the plate and she is my hero. >> well, done. olivia will be able to celebrate with real super heroes neck week. she and her mom are going to com my couldn't. terrified teenager saves the day in mass ms. she was home alone when two men broke in. the teen locked herself in the bathroom and called 911. >> standing upstairs listening to me right now. >> 16 year old mikhailly callahan stayed on the phone with police even though she could hear strange noises coming from right outside the door. she remained calm telling police exactly what was happening. >> i heard him in the guest bedroom which is next to my room opening the drawers and like rummaging through everything and, um, i was really scared and then, um, he must have have
10:46 pm
heard me the phone because he came up to my bedroom. my bedroom door. >> the man eventually left. the girl was able to give a description of the get a way car and police nabbed two burglaries hit self homes in the area. >> special olympic athletes will be arriving in new jersey in just hours gettering ready for the usa games and a among them the daughter of a local lawmaker who has been competing in the special olympics seasons she was seven year old. now 21 her proud dad talks about her lesson of love on the playing field want has meant the most to him. >> as a father to watch my daughter's growth sports has been big part of it. kids with disabilities want to have the same opportunities as kids that don't. >> new jersey state senator president steve sweeney is very proud of his daughter lauren. >> i'm lauren s dad. i know that. >> she plays it cool but it's clear to see how much she loves her dad. >> we have great time. yeah, we do, dad. >> i love you sweetie pie. >> reporter: her new jersey soccer team will play in the
10:47 pm
special olympics usa gapes. her coach says she's the heart of their squad. >> she's always the first one to come and high five somebody. hug somebody. to congratulate the other team and just always a huge smile on her face. >> lauren says she's ready to have a good time and win. within the gold medal. >> athletes from all over the country will arrive saturday ahead of sunday' opening ceremonies to participate in the games. >> only when i compete or you compete to see kids compete they're happy for each on the regardless of who wins. you know they clap for each other. they clear for each other. >> sweeney says the comradery is unlike anything you've ever se seen. >> i hope she's successful with her teammates but i know one thing, no matter what, they're all winners. >> sweeney will be one of the tens of thousands of proud parents cheering on their athletes throughout new jersey next week. knowing how much they've learned from the discipline of their sport and the dedication to their team.
10:48 pm
>> we all would be better off if we lived in her world because there's nothing but love, happiness and trust, and caring, right? yes. >> and my boyfriend. >> i don't weren't to hear about boyfriends. >> good luck to lauren and her teammates. coverage continues here on fox 29 on you can watch our athlete profiles a link to our special owe limb peck coverage is right under the home tab. >> let's check back in with chief meteorologist scott william. sounds like i heard little thunder a minute ago, scott. i think the thunderstorm threat it's dying down across our area iain. as we watch the tail end of the system it's going to be pulling out of here and just in time for the upcoming father's day weekend. ultimate doppler right now showing that we have a few leftover showers across our area. dry for now in the philadelphia area. but to the west, you can see in chester county still watching a few lingering showers and some of this activity moving out of the lehigh valley as well as the pocono mountains.
10:49 pm
but where you see the orange where you see the yellow that's the intent is the so still some heavy rain right now in sections of northampton county. otherwise we're drying out in sussex county and southern delaware. a few leftover showers perhaps a rumble of thunder right now down the shore. the culprit all week long has been this front. out ahead of it it's warm, it's muggy but behind it, yeah, we're looking at drier air moving in with the wind shift much winds will be out of the north and west that will be a drying win as we move into the upcoming weekend. so for the overnight, a few leftover showers perhaps rumble of thunder. otherwise it stays mild for the overnight. then for saturday, clearing skies, lowering relative humidity values and turning comfortable and what about father's day? mostly sunny. get outdoors and enjoy it. nice weather to throw something on the grill as well. so as we look at the clock, leftover shower or storm over the next hour or so around midnight we could see some more rainfall moving toward the philadelphia area but then
10:50 pm
tomorrow morning, we're looking at drier conditions, sun soon returns and temperatures will be pleasant throughout the day on saturday. upper 70s, low 80s and then saturday night looking comfortable turning a little cool in some spots saturday night into sunday. so for tomorrow, the high temperature 81 degrees. mostly sunny. not as humid with those winds out of the north and west. how about a 10 for your saturday looking pretty good. can we do it again as we move into sunday? yes, we will. father's day 84 degrees and then look at early next week. upper 80s to how about 90 degrees? >> feels like summer. >> all right, scott, thank you colleen? >> well, guys, it was a night of cheers and engineers at the ballpark. with one moment in tonight's game that caught almost everyone by surprise. the call coming
10:51 pm
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10:53 pm
>> we've got breaking news now regarding the possible septa regional rail strike. let's get you right out fox 29's dave kinchen whose been covering today's negotiations dave. >> union officials just came out of two liberty place here in center city and they are calling their workers telling them not to show up essentially they are saying a strike will happen tomorrow. they say everything has broken down at this point. things have broken down with septa.
10:54 pm
they are expecting a strike that will take place tomorrow and you can bet that if this continues into next week, if it goes that long, it's going to be spreading a lot of pan across the delaware valley. again, a strike essentially eminent according to union leaders that just came out of a meeting here at two liberty place. in center city, dave kinchen fox 29 news. ♪ >> well with the national league worst chicago cubs in town the phillies tried for a season high fourth straight win. instead they got blind sided by an ump. starring castro puts the cubs up in the fourth a21 homerun for castro. but next at bat the one getting most attention here. roberto hernandez inside and without even a warning, he's ejected from the game. he can't believe it. neither can chase utley. and ryan sandberg he can't understand this call either so he gets ejected too in what looks like a very choreographed
10:55 pm
move throwing himself out. there. bottom of the ninth. jimmy roll lips first of the night ties mike schmidt for the most hits in phillies history. the cubs hang on two-one the final. >> well phillies game at citizens bank park used to be the place to be. but according to baseball compared to the attendance in 2011, the phillies are averaging 15,000 fewer fans per game. a number that will clearly affect the way the phillies do business now and in the future. >> there's no question that, um, you know, the reason why we have such high payroll because we got a lot of people in the seats, and vise versa. there's direct correlation. i mean we in philadelphia if you win they come. if you don't, they don't. >> does the concern you when you look at the seats and you see there's so many empty? yes. i mean no one likes it. but you have to remember you were in an err are where it was
10:56 pm
pretty extraordinary. when you're, you know, pulling three-point sick or 3.7 million people you can only go one way. >> well it was good while it laughed. to the ice kimmo timonen will return for another years with flyers. he was considering retirement. the team signed him to one year deal he'll return for his 16th season in the league. and what a run for march kin keimer. this guy can't be stopped. well yet. he's owning the us open at pine hurst shooting five under 65, two days in row. he's now 10 under. a u.s. open record through two rounds. brendan todd is right behind him in second place. sick strokes back at four under. and who saw this coming? spain netherlands in rematch of the 2010 final and the dutch absolutely crush the spaniards a five-one finish. five goals were more than double what spain allowed in the entire 2010 tournament. so crazy, crazy, crazy out come there in brazil.
10:57 pm
i didn't see that one coming at all. no. >> spain, they were the heavy favorite. the netherlands, nice revenge there. exactly. >> surprise. >> you got to play the gallons i guess. >> got to do it. >> thanks for watching. of course, we'll stay up to date with you on that is septa regional rail strike. for the latest follow us on our website >> thanks for watching have a great evening
10:58 pm
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today on "tmz", >> i have not seen this yet, but hooray for humanity because a pig has an amazing tale of survival. >> he was on his way to the slaughter house and worked his way to the top of the truck probably standing on the tops of other pigs. >> oh no! >> justin bieber will settle his dui case. >> the reason it took so long is because the judge wanted bieber to do a public service announcement against drugs. >> i maintain that d.a.r.e. only made you want to do drugs more. >> cocaine gives you a sense of all powerfulness and you're like, really? >> how much? >> who wins out in the long run?


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