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tv   FOX 29 News at Five  FOX  June 13, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> only on fox, a local woman faces the drunk driver who changed her life forever. >> it's okay. i'm fine. i'm going to be okay. i think i'm going to be okay. >> why she says instead of ang anger, her heart is full of forgiveness. >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 5:00. >> first at 5:00 your weather authority tracking another round of severe weather headed our way. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm iain page. >> good evening, i'm dawn timmeney this batch of storms are the worst we've seen all week long. chief meteorologist scott williams is keeping a close eye on it all and it is nasty out there right now, scott. it really is. right now, it wasn't and iain, the national weather service has just issued a severe thunderstorm warning until 6:00 o'clock for philadelphia county, also, camden county and sections of burlington county. so zooming in a little closer right now take look at all of the vivid lightning towards south jersey moving toward west deptford also this will eventually approach the cherry
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hill area. bensalem looking at some of that moderate rainfall but a lot of lightning. thunder activity across the area so if you hear thunder you can be struck by lightning. also moving into south jersey, sections of central delaware, some very heavy rainfall right now. moving through sections of kent county. so this is really round one. take a look to the west. the actual cold front that will continue to head in our direction and we have some sunshine in between these two linelines that we're watching so that will help to destabilize the atmosphere. the other concern, through late tonight a flash flood watch posted for the entire area. watching out for the threat. heavy rain that is the highest threat. watching for damaging winds and also the potential is there for some hail out of these systems. as we watch what to expect, a line of slow moving showers and thunderstorms ponding on the roads. if you encounter flooded roadways, turn around, don't drown.
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as we progress throughout the overnight, if you left over -- a few left over showers but staying mild. improving conditions for the upcoming weekend that complete father's day forecast and more coming up. >> all right, scott, thank you. take look at this menacing sky posted on twitter from plumstead township in bucks county. how about this shot also from bucks county? this one from dublin and this one was center to us our ureport page. you can find links to more weather pictures on our ureport or pull up ultimate doppler radar whenever you want. just go to and click on the weather tab. >> happening now, preparations in case of a strike. some septa service could shut down as soon as midnight leaving many people who live in the suburbs scrambling to find now ways to get around. fox 29's dave kinchen is live in center city tonight. dave? >> iain, union sources tell me as of now the unions will strike if they do not get a deal by 12:01 saturday morning. they have taken a break right now. they'll be back at the
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negotiations at 8:00 o'clock tonight. let's go to some video right now. two unions representing about 400 electrical workers and engineers are negotiating with septa. they're working through mediators right now. the national mediation board also getting involved and the corbett administration the secretary of transportation has also reached out back pay and pensionings are some of the sticking points. the unions say they've been without contracts for several years now and they say they will strike if they don't get a deal together with septa but the coolincooling off period expirit after midnight. that means septa's regional lines will shut down, commuters are vocal about it. listen. >> the regional line is few minutes away from where i'm staying now, and it makes it really convenient instead of having to jump on bus to bus to bus it's just one regional rail. if they shut that off they're going to be just making everybody really pissed off. >> reporter: there are about 130,000 commuters that use the regional lines according to septa officials.
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now, septa has ruled out a contingency plan essentially what they're saying is that the market frankford lines, broad street lines and many of the buses in the city and in the surrounding areas will be available able to take on extra capacity if there is a strike but of course everyone is hoping a deal can be reached. back to you. >> all right. thank you, dave. delaware governor jack markell and the state transportation secretary get a closer look at the shut down at the i-495 bridge. the first drilling equipment is now on site to begin working and officials say more materials will arrive early next week. that bridge has been closed since june 2nd. last week an inspection showed four columns supporting the bridge were tilting. >> we know how important it is that this bridge be opened as quickly as we can, that's why it is, you know, just a 24/7 operation, and we're going to do everything we can to make sure this is done quickly and safely much that's really -- that's the
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bottom line. >> the southbound lanes are expected to reopen around labor day and the northbound lanes shortly thereafter. the flight crew on the private jet that crashed killing philadelphia inquirer owner lewis katz and sick other people may not have performed a flight control check. the national transportation safety board says they found no evidence the crew checked their systems before taking off. they say they're also may have been a problem with a system that protects the plane from wind. investigators say a final report into what caused the crash could take months. police releasing surveillance video of a couple wanted for a wild robbery and shooting in northeast philadelphia gunshop. as fox 29's dave schratwieser reports cops think they may be responsible for a similar case this week. >> reporter: this is surveillance video of the bonnie and clyde like bandits in action wednesday night as they robbed a customer leaving the gun range on percy street in spring gard garden. police now believe they're the same suspects who robbed two men
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of seven guns in the northeast thursday night. >> these individuals are not only armed and dangerous but now they're heavily armed. >> reporter: suspects robbed a bagful of guns during the hold up outside the delaware valley sports center just before 9:00 thursday. and escaped in dark-colored car with tinted windows. they shot a 67 year old man even after he turned over his gun. >> the perpetrator still decided to shoot a 67 year old man in the groin from point blank range. >> reporter: police now have this surveillance video of the female suspect as she got out of the get away car and came inside the gun range right before the robbery wednesday night. you can clearly see her face minutes later the same woman is taking part in the armed robbery right outside. >> you want to feel safe, but when you got fools out here running around just doing what they're doing make you even want to have them even more. >> marvin richardson shoots here at the range with his wife all the time. the robberies have him paying
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close attention to his surroundings when he comes and goes from the range. >> we're always paying attention of who is around us whenever we go and come out. >> reporter: police say the gun toting bandits also stole this victim's cell phone and wallet. police are now searching for this car. >> they're fools to even think they can get iowa with anything now days. cameras are everywhere. report. >> that was dave schratwieser reporting. dave says this is still an active investigation and police hope to track down the suspects before those stolen guns get on to the streets. he'll have another report coming up at 6:00. a school theft caught on camera. this is surveillance video from inside the dobson school on the 4600 block of umbria street in manayunk. police say two people broke in early tuesday morning and stole 13 computers and then took off. so far no suspects. >> philadelphia police are investigating the shooting death of a man in germantown. police say the victim was sitting in a car when he was shot in the face. it happened at east walnut lane and germantown avenue. the victim was about 35 to 40 years old.
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he was pronounced dead at the scene and so far there have been no arrests. a developing story now. president obama weighs options to help the iraqi government. violence in the country continues to escalate as islamic extremists take over several cities. pressure has been building for the u.s. to increase support to iraq. president obama says he will only take action if the government of iraq comes up with their own plan to handle the violence. and he says no u.s. troops will be sent to iraq. >> any action that we may take to provide assistance to iraqi security forces has to be joined by a serious and sincere effort by iraq's leaders. some republicans are pushing for air strikes against the militants and they're criticizing the president for what they say is a failed security policy and it's allowed iraq to fall into chaos. >> sergeant bowe bergdahl is now back in the united states after spending five years in the hands of the taliban in afghanistan. tonight his family is asking for
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privacy as they prepare to see their son for the very first time in years. fox's casey stegall reports from the brook army medical center in san antonio, texas. >> reporter: army sergeant bowe bergdahl is back on u.s. soil. arriving in san antonio, texas early this morning. his reintegration treatment will continue now here at brook army medical center. he had been receiving care at a military hospital in germany since june 1st. a day after his release. >> brook army medical center is a facility that can treat holistic klee any other linge lingering mental health issues that he has. >> reporter: concerns remain high over the circumstances of bergdahl's return. the obama administration releasing five taliban militants from begun bay in exchange for his freedom. that move made without giving congress the 30 days notice required by law. secretary of defense chuck hagle defending the swap at a congressional hearing.
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>> we believe this he can change was our last best opportunity to free him. >> reporter: there's also the issue of bergdahl's status at the time of his capture. he is accused of going awol and deserting the military. but the army says it will investigate further after the reintegration grace process is complete. >> i think it's premature to know or even guess whether he's going to go to court marshall because there are a lot of administrative steps the army could take short of a court marshall against him if they decide anything. >> reporter: his status is important to help determine whether he is eligible for the roughly $300,000 in back pay he has earned since his disappearance. at brook army medical center in san antonio, casey stegall, fox 29 news. >> when it comes to food cravings having no will power may not be in your control after all. >> why researchers say food addiction really does exist. taking a flight can be stressful at times but keeping a positive
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attitude could give you an edge. how your smile could help you cash in the next time you head to the airport. >> fed up with co-worker loses control instead of fighting with his fists he uses a chain saw. what witnesses say made him snap. and a local woman faces the drunk driver who changed her life forever. why she says instead of anger her heart is full of forgivene forgiveness. >> and coming up in sports, we sit down with phillies gm ruben amaro, jr. torque talk about the season, potential trades and his future with the organization. >> scott? >> colleen, right now severe weather rolling through the ar area. severe thunderstorm warning until 6:00 o'clock for philadelphia county, northern camden county as well as burlington county. heavy rain, gusty winds and lightning moving toward cherry hill as well as willingboro. take a live look right now at center city and you can see the only any us in conditions gusty winds and heavy rain.
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♪ >> everything has been difficu difficult. everything. a man with a lengthy record of driving drunk face as judge after a dui crash and his victim speaks only to fox 29. that crash on mcdade boulevard in delaware county last july left a female motorcyclist with devastating injuries. fox 29's bruce gordon has been following this story from the very beginning. he's back from the courthouse in mode ya and live in our newsroom with today's really surprising developments, bruce. >> reporter: absolutely. james duggan was sentence dad to 4.5 to nine years in state prison, plus a year of probation
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after pleading guilty to aggravated assault with a vehicle while dui. the sentence was not a surprise. no, the shock was his victim's reaction. >> just a daily thing. it's been rainy week i've had a stiff shoulder. >> reporter: 32 year old kyla still suffers the aches and pains that remind her of why she was head to do court this morning. she was here at all is something of a miracle. >> i heard from so many nurses and from the physicians and surgeons that they are not sure how i lived. >> reporter: last july 11th a drunk james duggan pulled out of a macdade boulevard bar and into the path of her motorcycle. the impact through her over his vehicle. she landed flat on her back just about every bone that could be broken was. >> as she explained in her victim impact statement -- >> there's still profound differences in my life that will not go away. >> reporter: like months of rehab, three operations with a fourth likely and a body full of pins and rods and screws that react painfully with each change in the weather.
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' singer learned doug gag's dui was his tenth. in fact he was out on bail from number nine at the time of the accident. so you might expect she would come to court screaming for blood. you would be wrong. >> you have to forgive people regardless because i know that the intent was not by any means to pull out and hit me. he did not mean to do that. but accidents do happen. >> reporter: in court duggan called himself an alcoholic. insisteinsisted he is not the mr his dui record suggests and apologized to kyla and her family tearfully and repeatedly. when the sentencing was over kyla reached out to comfort his mother. >> there's a lot of people that are hurt in this whole process and i think i need to take into consideration i'm not the only one. >> reporter: kyla thinks about the crash every day as she applies cream to her scared shoulder and ankle. but her initial anger and bitterness are long gone. >> i think it's an easy choice. when you are upset and a green about things you aren't well. it's okay. i'm fine. i'm going to be okay. i think i'm going to be okay. >> reporter: kyla was an athlete prayer to the accident.
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last month, she participated in a cross fit competition and next month on the anniversary of her near fatal crash, she would attempt another. amazing story of recovery and forgiveness. dawn? >> amazing woman. thank you bruce, good story. 23 year old delaware man facing drug charges after police say they caught him with a large amount of heroin in a taco bell parking lot. police say they found karen flowers with 51 bags of heroin and marijuana. this happened yesterday at the taco bell at airport plaza. flowers is jailed tonight on six to us seasoned dollars bond. ♪ >> time to for tonight's fox unfiltered many we're responding to your comments and complaints right here on the air. first up, terrifying video getting a big response. a little girl attacked by two pitbulls. officers arrive and save the little girl's life. many viewers are now using this story to defend the dog's breed. claiming pitbulls are not violent. christie is not amusement she
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writes in part, this article isn't shaming a breed it's reporting what happened. the dogs attacked little girl period. good point christie. we're just stating facts in the story. the focus should be on the officers heroic actions who saved the little girl. >> next, a viewer complaint e-mailed to fox unfiltered directly about video we used in a health story. here's the video. the story is about white bread and it's effect on obesity. tony writes in part, using the image of head less obese people is not appropriate. the message it sends that the perp is so horrible and the obesity so shameful you can show their face. obesity is a disease and nothing to be ashamed of. tony this is just a simple misunderstanding. we conceal the peoples's entities in the video because we weren't sure they wanted to be on tv not because we think obesity is anything to be ashamed about. so we're just respecting these peoples's privacy. next, a heart warming moment. captured on camera. a soldier returns home and surprises his girlfriend. surprising some people chose to
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right hurtful and me comments about the couple's relationship op our facebook page. shannon isn't having it. she writes in part, sir, thank you for your service from the mailroom to the front lines. i'm sorry for the rude comments here. most of them probably haven't been even been in your shoes but they'll take advantage of the price you paid for their freed freedom. well said, shannon. to those of you making rude remarks or assumptions about people you don't know, what's up with that? >> and finally tonight, a complaint about a story we aired here on fox 29. the video shows a puppy reacting to a leaf blower as it blows in its face. our anchors thought it was cute. >> as the wind hits his face at 40 miles per hour. >> but this angry viewer disagrees. she writes in part, it was not cute. it was cruel. the people who made the video should have been reported toly spca for cruelty to animals. instead their cruel act was promoted by fox 29. i wonder if they, your anchors, would like to have a leaf blower blasted in their face. hey, sorry you were of a phoned
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but promoting animal cruelty? really? i mean the dog actually seemed to be getting kick out of and the dog wasn't hurt. so i think everything is okay here. >> that's it for tonight's fox unfiltered. remember if you've got comment or feedback for us here at fox wine we want to hear from you. head to our web soot and check on the unfiltered icon on the home page. remember your comments comment could end up right here on the air. ♪ >> and turning now to your fox 29 weather authority. don't let the afternoon sunshi sunshine. we are not in the clear. we're seeing lines of storms much not one but two lines of showers and storms moving through the area but the good news is things will get better. chief meteorologist scott williams with more on an improving forecast just in time for the weekend and father's day. we got to get through these storms. what a week it has been, dawn. warm and muggy throughout the entire week. and right now, we are dealing with round one. the first line of showers and thunderstorms moving through the area right now severe thunderstorm warning for
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philadelphia county, sections of northern camden county as well as burlington county until 6:00 o'clock this evening. showers producing downpours, lightning, gusty winds, up to 60 miles per hour and also the threat for some small hail with that particular system moving through the philadelphia area. so the primary threat with that particular cell will be heavy rain, gusty winds and once again the threat for some small hail. that's the only warning that we have currently across the area. that cell will be weakening right now and it looks like the weather service has dropped that particular warning as that cluster is moving through. but we're not out of the woods just yet. you can see off to the west we're watching a secondary line of showers and thunderstorms and look at all of the lightning over 500 strikes with the cells moving through. rain cooled right now at 71 degrees. but that humidity it is up the there. so rolling the clock, by 7:00 o'clock, still looking at pockets of scattered showers and downpours. continuing through the 8:00 o'clock hour. so if you're stepping outdoors perhaps to check out that new
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movie or the new restaurant, grab the rain gear because you will likely need it. we'll talk about that father's day weekend forecast with improving conditions coming up. >> all right. scott, thank you. athletes are gearing up for this weekend's start of special olympics game. one local lawmakers daughter is among them. their special relationship want her coach says about what she means to the team coming. >> waffle house cook accused of shooting a customer. what they are arguing about minutes before shots were fired.
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so yeah, i think we're good. i think that about wraps it up. so... great, i'll send a follow up email. i don't - there's nothing much to follow up on so i... well, we...we should regroup we just regrouped - this is the regrouping. (laughing) cool, i'll ping you later. you're pinging me now, what do you wanna ping about? next steps? there are no next steps. we just - we just solved them. huh....alright. ♪
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♪ >> check this out. a luxury home torched on purpose. the condemned house sits on a cliff along lake whitney in texas that's near dallas. part of the earth gave way making it too dangerous to live in. the homeowner decided to burn it and then clear the lot. the home was once valued at 700 thus san dollars. >> an argument inside a waffle house restaurant gets heated and a customer is shot to death. witnesses say a couple of unruly customers refused to leave the full didn't cun toga good restaurant. they got in a fight with a cook. that escalated. police say the cook hen then grabbed gun and shot and kill the customer. >> after the shots i got up. everybody got up and there was chaos.
5:26 pm
everybody running, and i looked at the guy that was arguing with the cook, he was on the floor dead. >> that cook now facing a number of charges including murder and carrying a concealed weapon without a permit. a plain crash killed richard rock feller the great-grandson of oil tie couldn't john d. rock feller. small plane went down near west chester county airport outside new york city this morning. richard rockefeller was the only one i was bore. he was 64. a doctor and father of two. no word on a cause of the crash. >> a chaotic scene in texas as police find dozens of people being held inside a home against their will. investigators say 33 people were found inside a house in houston. they say all of them were undocumented immigrants from latin american countries. four people are now under arre arrest. police are calling the situation a case of human trafficking. well when it comes to food cravings will power may not be in your control after all. >> why researchers say that food addiction really does exist. and flying can be stressful at times, but keep the positive
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attitude. how your smile could help you cash in the next time you take a flight. >> and cracking down on criminals across the region. where police arrested dozens of people today and they say they're not f
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>> live look at ultimate doppler radar. your weather authority staying on top of a second line of showers and thunderstorms headed our way. but let's take live look at old city. look at that. looks like the sun is about to
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shine but you'll want to keep that umbrella handy. see if you can get out for dinner. check in with chief meteorologist scott williams in just a few minutes. >> people in one part of delaware say a man is going around exposing himself and one woman even snapped picture of the guy. police say this man is wanted for performing lewd acts in newark. they say he exposed himself twice this week to people living in the todd he is states and brook side development. a woman was able to capture his picture before he ran off. police believe he's hispanic between 20 and their years old and police want you to call them if you know who he is. iconic philadelphia business is getting ready to make come back. shirt corner and suit corner are about to reopen at seventh and market next to jerry blavat' radio station and steps from the house where jefferson wrote the declaration of independence. the popular clothing stores used to be at third and market until a fire destroyed the businesses last april. >> dozens of people rounded up after police from around the region served warrants and make arrests.
5:31 pm
police armed with 90 warrants arresting suspects accused of failing to appeal on criminal charges and failure to pay child support. more than half those people are now in police custody. officials say they will continue to search for the others. >> this is on-going effort. if you are wanted, turn yourself in. or we will be knocking on your door very soon. >> the majority of the warrants were for suspects in bucks county but investigators from montgomery, philadelphia, delaware and chester counties also participated in the sweep. in your money, we all dread missing a flight at the airport. but that seat you leave behind may be more valuable than you think. fox's steve noviello says it's so valuable you might actually want to volunteer give it up, and there's a trick to getting picked. ♪ >> the airport rush. there is nothing quiet like it. a race against time to show up, get on and take off. but would you be willing to give
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the all up for the chance to cash in instead? >> it can be a great opportunity if you've got any flexibilities. >> brian kelly is founder of the points his travel site shows you how to make the most of miles -- >> i just use 60,000 united miles this past fall to fly business class toly mal december. >> and offers. >> most credit card sign up bonuses are 40, 50,000 points. >> and his latest passion getting bumped from your flight on purpose. >> in today's travel climate airlines are fewer and planes are fuller even often over sold. too many passengers, not enough seats. volunteer yours, but not before you learn the secrets to maximize your reward. first, prepare by checking the flight. >> if it's sold out online and they're not even selling tickets, you can be assured it's probably over sold. >> that's your queue to pack everything in carry on. it makes i was better candidate for a bump. >> if you've got a ton of checked bags and they need to
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pull the off the flight it's a pain for the gate agent. >> reporter: next, let the gate agent know your plans are flexible and instead of calling for volunteers, they could just ask you. >> i've heard of that option. >> reporter: the best way to do it is by being nice. >> they like you. they can hookup like crazy. >> reporter: you may be used to simple rebook and voucher for your troubles -- >> $120, $100 something like that. >> reporter: but kelly says, that's only a starting point. >> firmly state what you want. hey, look if you can do this for me right now let's go. never take their first offer. >> reporter: your compensation should be based on the delay to your destination. get on the next flight, sure, that's worth about a $200 voucher. but if you have to connect or face major delays, now we're talking about major money. >> generally you're looking at 400 domestic, 800 international. >> reporter: ask for extra cash for cabs, meals or even for a hotel if your delay requires an overnight stay.
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>> report roar once you are rebooked, always ask for upgra upgraded seat in first class. not only for the added comfort, but for more miles. >> even if you were on award ticket you get rebooked in a revenue class so you'll earn miles and usually 50% bonus for being in first. >> reporter: finally, remember, even in the air, cash is king. if an airline has to force someone off an over sold flight, they have to offer them cash. so why not offer it to you? >> instead of a travel voucher which may have limited flexibility. >> you know especially if it's a soup 55 they can do that. report roar first class, more miles and cash in hand, suddenly that little delay is worth a whole lot of dollars. ♪ >> that was steve noviello reporting. steve says you really need to pay attention that number one tragedy, be nice. and remember the gate agent didn't over sell your flight so make her life easy or his life as easy as you can. even let them 93 you're willing
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to fly into different airport or get rebooked on another carrier. pf chance china bistro confirms there has been breach involving customer's credit cards at its restaurants. the company is opened up an investigation it's not clear how big the breach is in a statement pf chang's ceo says customers should be vigilant with their statements until they realize the scope of the breach. well we all practice our favorite dance mess in the privacy of our own home. governor christie got the chance to break it down on national tv. >> that's right. the governor busts a move in a routine that will have you laughing. also coming up, terrifying moments tour a teenager home a lone when two men break in. what she did during her 911 call that helped police nab them. >> caught on camera, a robbery at a local tobacco shop. all new at 6:00 how police say the thieves pulled off the job. scott. iain, round one of showers and thunderstorms moving through our area. coming up i'll have the timing of round two off to the west. find out when all of this mess
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>> former secretary of state hillary clinton is in philadelphia. clinton spending time today at the free library's parkway central locate promoting her new book. the book title hard choices went on sale this week. she met with mayor nutter today and signed copies of her book. >> turning now to health news. it turns out there is such a thing as food addiction. new study shows some people really do lack will power and they're actually programmed to binge eat. researchers at the university of lucks zen boring in germany say some of the women experienced food cravings shortly after eating. they say the food addiction creates a feel good buzz similar to smoking or drinking alcohol. >> nicotine patches may help smokers kick the habit they may also be doing more harm than good. researchers at the virginia bio information institute say the patch can actually cause cancer. they say nicotine one of about 4,000 chemicals found in cigarette smoke is a carcinogen
5:40 pm
which could cause dna to mutate and cause cancer. until now, nicotine has only been considered an add did you tiff to cigarettes. it's used in products to help people quit smoking like patches and gum and it's also found in e-cigarettes. >> a terrified teenager saves the day in massachusetts. she was home alone when two men broke in. she locked herself in the bathroom and called 911. >> i'm standing listening to them right now. >> 16 year old mikayla callahan stayed on the telephone with police even though she could hear strange noises coming from outside the door. she remained calm telling police exactly what was happening. >> i heard him in the guest bedroom next to my room opening the drawers and like rummaging through everything and, um, i got really scared and then, um, he must have heard me on the phone because he came up to my bedroom. my bedroom door. >> the man eventually left but the girl was able to give description of the get away car
5:41 pm
and police nabbed two burglars they say had hit several homes in the area. a tree trimmer fed up with a co-worker loses control. >> instead of fighting with his fists, he use as crane saw. what witnesses say made him snap. also ahead, special olympics familiars from all over the country are ready to cheer on their athletes at the usa games in new jersey. among them a local lawmaker. why her coach says she's the heart of her special olympics team. >> and could the phillies finally be ready to move on and break up the aging core? we is the down with ruben amaro, jr. torque fine out the
5:42 pm
hall: oh oh, here she comes, hall: she's a... oates: scary lady oates: she's an angry tiger hall: she's a mangobbler oates: eater hall & oates: she's a maneater ♪ oh oh, here she comes ♪ watch out boy, she'll chew you up ♪ ♪ oh oh, here she comes
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>> two co-workers get noon epic argument on the job and one ends up in jail. that's because cops say one of the men went on the tack with his chain saw. the two men were working a typical tree trimming job in lake view, minnesota when they started to argue. then police say 34 year old jason schultz was ended up in dead tree. his co-worker was on the ground. according to the police report, the co-worker didn't like that schultz was throwing branches near him and complained much that's when cops say schultz climbed down, grabbed a chain saw and attacked with racial slurs and threats. the co-workers tried to defend himself with a snow shovel. >> he's holding the shovel like baseball bat and then all you hear is the chain saw going bing off the shovel the whole time. i'm like just standing there wow this is knots really happening right now. >> nobody was hurt during the incident. schultz now charged with second degree assault. >> the special olympics usa games are about to get underway.
5:46 pm
athletes are getting ready to participate in at venues throughout eighty two new jersey and we've been profiling athletes gearing up for the games introducing to you their family members who know just how much these events mean to their loved ones. tonight one of those special olympic families look very familiar. as a father to watch my daughter's growth in sports has been big part of it. want to have the same opportunities as kids who don't have disabilities g steve sweeney is very proud of his daughter lauren. she place it cool it but it's clear to is he how much she loves her dad. >> we have great time. yeah, we do, dad. >> i love you sweetie pie her new jersey soccer team will play in the special olympics usa games. her coach says she's the heart of their squad. >> she's always the first one to come and high five somebody. to mug somebody. to congratulate the other team and just always a huge smile on her face. >> lauren says she's ready to
5:47 pm
have a good time. and win. >> within a gold medal. >> athletes from all over the country will arrive saturday ahead of sunday's opening ceremonies to participate in the games. >> only when i compete or you compete to see kids compete. they're happy for each other rash less who wins. they clap for each other. they cheer for each other. >> sweeney says the comradery is unlike anything you've ever seen. >> i hope she's successful were her teammates but i know one thing. no matter what, they're all winners. >> winning will be one of the tens of thousands of proud parents cheering on their athletes throughout new jersey next week. knowing how much they've learned from the discipline of their sport and the dedication to their team. >> we all would be better off if we lived in her world, because there's nothing but love, happiness and trust. and caring, right? yes. and my boyfriend.
5:48 pm
>> i don't want to hear about boyfriend. >> lots of luck to lauren and her teammates. all the athletes getting ready for the games. our coverage continues here on fox 29 and on you can watch our athlete profiles a link to our special olympics coverage is right under the home tab. >> governor chris christie's campaigning for republicans in california following his appearance last night on the tonight show with jimmy fallon. the governor busted some moves during a recurring segment called the evolution of dad dancing. ♪ ♪ baby, we were born to run ♪
5:49 pm
(laughter). >> wow. >> christie actually joked at his dancing was more humiliating to his family than the bridge gate scandal. he said it. not me. (laughter). >> all right. on that note let's check in with scott william. all right. he's got some moves there. let's talk about this severe weather. the threat is diminishing as we move throughout the evening it looks like the atmosphere trying to get little over worked so that may ab little bit of good news, but keep the umbrellas handy if you're stepping outdoors for your friday evening plans. the first line is moving into sections of central as well as south jersey. we'll zoom in closer right now. philadelphia catching a break. but you can see toward millville, winslow get ready for some moderate to heavy rainfall with these showers and storms.
5:50 pm
and look at this. in the low 70s right now for the philadelphia area. so rain cooled but that humidity still pretty uncomfortable right in you at 81% and winds are out of the south at about 7 miles per hour. as we talk about what's happening, out ahead of this cold front, we have winds out of the south pumping in that moisture. the humidity and here's the first line of showers and storms. that's moving through but take look to the west. we have another line appears to be weakening a bit but as we put a storm track on this particular line, it should be arriving toward the philadelphia area close to 10:00 o'clock if it holds together. but in between, there will be a few more pop up showers and storms. so as we roll the clock, you can see by 7:00 still looking at scatter activity. moving back toward lancaster and chester county. by 8:00 o'clock and then back toward philadelphia the i-95 corridor by 8:00 toward 10:00 o'clock as well with the last batch the last hoorah if you will of this warm and muggy
5:51 pm
pattern. things improve drastically headed into your father's day weekend with sunshine and, yes, low humidity. 86 degrees. that was the high temperature today. that's 4 degrees above where we should be for this time of year. 76 right now in atlantic city. 76 in reading as well as lancaster and we're looking at 74 degrees and 73 respectively in millville. so for tonight, have the rain gear. thunderstorms clearing late especially after 11:00 o'clock toward midnight and then for tomorrow, what about this? sunshine, not as humid with those winds out of the north and west. 81 degrees. that will be the high temperature for tomorrow. so a pretty seasonable day. let's move ahead to father's d day. 84 degrees. we'll give that a 10. and then early next week, the heat, the humidity, we're talking upper 80s. what about 90 degrees by the middle of next week and then the latter part of next week not quite as humid. so what about that get away forecast? down the shore breezy for saturday.
5:52 pm
75 degrees. looking pretty good. water temperatures now climbing into the upper 60s. so warming up and the pocono mountains for saturday 71 degrees. and then 78 for the high temperature on sunday. so looking pretty good for golfing, backyard barbeques, spending time with dad looking pretty good. >> lacrosse tournaments. a lot of that. all right. sounds good. thank you, scott. >> well, guys, this is something that takes a lot of thinking here. you need to make the right decision. kimmo timonen took a few weeks to think this over and decided he's not ready for retirement. well, at least for another year. the flyers signed the 39 year old defenseman to one-year contract reportedly worth $2 million in base plus incentives. next season will be timonen's eighth as flyer and 16th in the league. the phillies go for a season high four game win streak tonight at citizens bank park. and watching from the hot seat is general manager ruben amaro, jr. i sat down with ruben for very
5:53 pm
candid conversation about the season, the lack of consistency and the weight of decision making in city quickly turning away from its franchise. >> obviously we're not playing the kind of baseball that we expected, and we had hoped. but also in a lot of ways i like challenges. so it's created some challenges that, you know, we'll have to deal with. it's a good experience for ryne sandberg to have to go through this. because life isn't always going to be very very rosy and i think even with some adversity and some challenge i think that you get to learn a lot. >> chase it will go to right centerfield. >> not winning at the rate you should be winning. at were point do you look around and consider trading some of these core guys like a chase utley or a jimmy rollins? chase and jimmy or kind of mute points they don't have to be to go anywhere unless they
5:54 pm
decide they want to go. >> you've not had any conversations with chase or jimmy about the possibility of moving? i have not. but the fact of the matter is, again, the only way that we would, you know, ever even consider something like that is we feel like it would move us forward, and, you know, again, as gm i have to at least listen to the inquiries. right now we haven't had any inquiries on them. >> when you look at the seats during the games and the declining attendance and it's obvious it can't be ignored, how does that affect the way that you do business and how will it affect the way that you do business in the future? there's no question that, um, you know, the reason why we have such a high payroll is because we have lot of people in the seats. and vise versa. but there's a direct consider laying. i mean, we -- in philadelphia if you win, they come. if you don't, they don't. >> does it concern you when you look at the seats and you see
5:55 pm
there's so many empty? yeah. i mean no one likes it. but you have to remember we were in an era where it was pretty extraordinary. when you're pulling in 3.6 or 3.7 million people you can only go one way. >> clearly you have a lot to, arc lot on your plate. a lot of things to worry about. um-hmm. >> is one of those things your job? do you ever worry about your job. i don't think about it. naturally, um, you hear lot of stuff that's out there, but i don't really listen to all that much. my job is to try to make sure that we put this organization back on the right path. >> the right path. getting back to the right path. i don't know where that is right now. but i'm glad that he likes challenges. yeah, he definitely has so some. >> it's not going to be easy. >> uh-uh. you look at the seats my gosh it's crazy. yeah. >> to see citizens bank park with nobody in it. rye. empty. >> i know. all right, colleen. we have another half hour full of news straight ahead.
5:56 pm
at 6:00 of course we're keeping close eye on a second round of storms that are headed our way. >> also, new at 6:00 a college student is being called a hero. how he stepped in to help save his neighbor'
5:57 pm
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♪ >> right now at 6:00 caught on camera. a so-called bono and collide in actionon. why police say the couple hyped a wild robbery and shoot tag local gunshop may have done it before. it's down to the wire for septa union talks. how soon some workers could walk off the job and leave thousands
6:00 pm
of commuters stranded. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. >> and first at sick your weather authority. a live look at ultimate doppler radar. one round of storms moved through the region just about an hour ago. and brace yourself a second round is on the way. thanks for joining us i'm dawn timmeney. i'm iain page. let's get right over touchy choi. >> good evening iain and dawn. we're not out of the clear just yet. round one is moving into central and southern sections of new jersey so little bit of a break right now for the philadelphia area as well as north and west. there's another little batch of showers trying to move back into northern berks county as well lancaster counties. but zooming in right now, you can see down the atlantic city expressway, moving into central sections of atlantic county, some moderate showers and thunderstorms also toward southern sections of cumberland county in particular toward the fortescue area watching out for some very heavy


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