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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  June 10, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> we begin to in it at 6:00 we breaking news from all this rain. just in the on-ramp toss i-95 are closed at broad street because of flooding. you can see quite a traffic backup. here's a life look from our traffic camera. again flooding at on-ramps at i-95 at broad street. no reports of any injuries. we will of course bring you up to date were we get more information. >> happening right now local parents want answers after quite a scare at school today. their children were exposed to a potentially deadly and dangerous drug at barry elementary school in west philadelphia. thanks for joining us. i'm dawn timmeney. i'm he krahn page. let's get out to fox 29's bruce gordon. bruce. >> reporter: this was not show and tell day here commodore barry elementary. what young girl brought to school will have her classmates and parents buzzing for months to come. >> any ready where it came from report roar police have lofts questions for this mom after her seven year old daughter brought 10 packets of what's believed to be heroin to barry elementary
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school this morning. the incident that has stunned other parents. >> that's crazy. that's just -- that's not called for. that's unnecessary. >> reporter: a drug sniffing dog was brought in after the little girl a first grader was spotted playing with the drugs teacher took the packets away but one had already been chewed on and another had been opened. >> the young girl that brought it in did feel little dizzy and didn't feel well so we sent her over to chop. we're sure she's okay. she may have ingested some of the product. >> reporter: 20 classmates were taken from the room and escorted by paramedic to awaiting schoolbus for a precautionary trip to children's hospital much it's believed the little girl carried the drugs in to school in her pockets. >> we do not frisk students first graders when they come in to school. so the student probably had it somewhere concealed report roar district officials say parents of students directly impacted by the incident were struck to do go straight to chop. but other parents who heard of the incident through the grapevine were angered to
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receive only a vaguely worded letter about an illegal substance and only when they arrived at the school. >> picture until i don't know cops cars, ambulance, fire trucks out here going on and nobody knows nothing. no fenn calls, no nothing report roar your children are inside. >> yes, three of them. >> reporter: police at this hour continue to test the packets to verify their belief that this was in fact heroin. all of the children inside the classroom at the time have been checked out at chop and have been medically cleared. that includes the little girl who brought the packets to school. she is in dhs custody at this hour and police, well they're executing a search warrant at mom's home. no criminal charges filed at least not yet. iain? >> bruce, thank you. right now your weather authority tracking some showers across the region. here's a life look at your ultimate doppler radar. you can see the rain moving through right now parts of our area are under a flash flood warning and a ground stop is in effect at philadelphia international airport until 6:15. let's check in with chief meteorologist scott williams. >> iain and dawn, we continue to
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deal with very warm and humid air mass and you can see the showers that have developed right over the philadelphia area center city looking at some of that moderate to heavy rain where you see the orange as well as the yellow. so zooming in a little closer upper darby over to philadelphia, center city, camden, collingswood, pennsauken very heavy rainfall right now. ponding on the roadways. that's why we have that flash flood concern flash flood warning until 8:15. 72 degrees right now. you can see the cloud cover and the wet conditions across the area. so allow extra travel time if you are stepping outdoors in the philadelphia area. you can see the counties highlighted northern salem, gloucester and camden with that flood floor warning. the very heavy rainfall right now philadelphia proper moving north and east into northern sections of camden county as well as sections of burlington county right now. take look at new jersey turnpike in runnemede. ing see very heavy rainfall and wet conditions across the area.
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so as we continue into the evening, slow-moving storms. we're talking rainfall rates one to 2-inches per hour. that's why we have the flash flood concern, and then for tomorrow, it looks like we'll do it again. fond out when we catch break from this very sticky and unstable pattern coming up. >> all right, scott, thank you. you can keep track of the radar right at your fingertips just head to our website and click the weather tab. a developing story in bucks county night. a bensalem police officer stabbed in the chest but he's alive tonight all thanks to his bullet proof vest now a man who was already in jail on theft charges will face attempted murder charges. fox 29's dave kinchen is live in bensalem where police held a news conference just a short time ago. dave? >> reporter: that's right, dawn. police tell us the suspect had just escaped from a prison work release program before this whole ordeal started he's now facing attempted murder charges tonight. investigators work one of multiple crime scenes between
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bucks county and northeast philadelphia after bensalem police say this man, two he your old matthew miller of bensalem, stabbed officer michael, after he was stopped. miller was wanted for a prison escape. >> freedom is a precious thing we have and he probably figured his freedom was over at that point and figured he would fight it out with the officer. then star to do physically push the officer. >> reporter: after the struggle bensalem investigators say miller then stabbed the officer in the stomach and took off with his police cruiser leading police into the area of knights and fair dale in the northeast. it's where police recovered the vehicle but miller took off on foot. thes. we deployed k9s to search the area in philadelphia. the knife was roughed. >> reporter: pleats got their man and the injured officer was observed by medical staff. bensalem's pub look safety director says the officer was saved by his bullet proof vest. the officer escaped serious injuries here but had an on duty scare before as a philadelphia officer. >> he went through a traumatic experience a couple years ago. he was in very bad car accident,
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um, where the car burst into flames and he was lucky to be alive then. >> reporter: very scary situation there and police here in bensalem stress the officer is okay. they say the knife did not actually reach his skin because of the bull left proof vest. in the moan too many we're hearing the suspect will be arraigned around 8:00 o'clock tonight on attempted murder of a police officer and related charges. dawn? >> all right. thank you, dave. new video shows the man police are looking for in connection with a soda machine that exploded in northeast philadelphia. take look. investigators released this surveillance video this afternoon and they believe that is the man who put an explosive inside the machine. this was on the 4200 block of magee avenue on thursday night. fortunately no one was hur in the blast but the explosion caused thousands of dollars worth of damage. >> a woman survives a frightening home invasion and she's talking only to fox tonight. a 68 year old woman says someone broke into her apartment, gagged her, tied her up and then ransacked the place. fox 29's dave schratwieser live
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in north philadelphia and, dave, this woman lives right above a bar that she owns? report roar she's owned that bar for 40 years, dawn. she tells fox 29 tonight she plans to move out immediately because she is too scared now to live there. she says at one point last night, she thought her life was in danger. >> they told me if i made a noise or whatever he was going to kill me. >> reporter: that's what this 68 year old home invasion victim will never forget after two suspects broke into her second floor apartment above the bar she's owned for 40 years. >> i saw a flashlight in my face. i jumped up, there was this man there. >> reporter: the attack left her arms badly bruised her sense of security shattered after a couple of hours tied up. >> i was so scared i said my last prayers. >> reporter: she asked fox 29 to conceal her identity. two intruders used a dumpster to climb over rear security fence then smashed window and broke in. >> they took an extension cord,
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put it around my neck. >> the intruders tied her arms and feet then gagged her. they ransacked her apartment and got away with just $10 and her handgun. >> they actually ripped doors from the hinges of a closet. they overturned and broke furniture. they emptied out drawers. >> reporter: police responded just before 2:00 a.m. after the victim got one arm free, then untied her feet. she went to the bar downstairs and someone called 911. >> you're scared they might come back right? they told me they would if i call the police. >> police checked for fingerprints and surveillance videos. the victim says she's scared and she's moving out immediately. >> they wanted money. which i had none. i didn't have any money at all in the house. >> reporter: now no suspects and in arrests to report tonight. the victim tells me she never keeps money at home and all of the proceeds from her bar go right into the bank. dawn? >> all right. thank you, dave. take close look at this
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surveillance video. it's an armed robber at a papa january's in roxborough while the gunman is demanding cash a worker still flipping the pizza dough. suspect eventually ored all the employees to the ground. police say he got away with $50. the i495 bridge over christina river could partially reopen as soon as labor day. deldot says it plans to build new concrete filled shafts beneath the support columns that tilted out of alignment. officials say the new shafts could create a stable surface above the underlying soil. deldot says they're still not sure what caused the columns to tilt in the first place. >> the bridge has given 40 years of excellent service and i mean the bridge was designed and built a lot of structures that are built like this, and so i think it's a good bridge. and we are absolutely going back to the as builds, the design plans, to fully understand part of our -- very broad effort i will say to understand how this occurred.
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if all goes well the southbound lanes would reopen first and the northbound lanes would reopen a few weeks later. >> the philadelphia 76ers will move into their new jersey practice facility. the new jersey economic development authority approved an $82 million tax break for the team. the sixers plan to build a 120,000 square foot training center on the camden waterfront. it will be the largest training center in the nba. the team expects to break ground on the new facility this octob october. learning new information about a pennsylvania teen accused of stabbing over a dozen students at his school. >> investigators say just days before the stabbing the 16 year old wrote about an end of the world legend and they found that document. a teen attacked boy a shark on delaware beach and get this, he fought back. >> the phillies have added another pitcher to the organization today. that and a look at really nice thing the eagles% round draft pick did when he signed his new crack. that's coming up in sports. >> coming up in weather, your
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weather authority looking at ultimate doppler. very heavy rainfall across the area. find out when the showers and thunderstorms finally move out. >> and tonight at 10:00 this guy lost his wallet two decades ago on a golf course, but it's back in his hands tonight. how one social media post led him to his long forgotten stuff. that's tonight at 10:00 o'clock. ♪
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>> delaware state troopers bust a man trying to rob pharmacy it happened around 12:30 this morning at the new castle discount pharmacy on new castle avenue. troopers responded to a burglary alarm and when they searched the building, they found 35 year old dame men bailey hiding inside. troopers say bailey cut a hole in the roof to get into the
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building. >> philadelphia police want to you take a good look at this surveillance video. a man wearing a black hoodie and a white mask robbed a 7eleven in juniata early yesterday morning. you can see the man pointing a gun at the employee. gets away with cash and cigarettes. anyone with information should call police. >> we are learning new information tonight about a pennsylvania teenager cued of a stabbing rampage at his high school. police say 16 year old alex hriba stabbed 20 students and security guard back in april at franklin regional high school which is just outside of pittsburgh. search warrants revealed investigators found a notebook in hriba's locker. they say just days before the stabbing, the teenager wrote about a end of the world legend and wrote in the neat notebook about his did you did dissatisfaction with school and society. he's being charged as answered difficult. >> people are back in the water along delaware beaches tonight after a shark attack shut them down for part of the day. it happened at cape henlopen park in sussex county. 16 year old andrew vans was
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standing in about 5 feet of water yesterday afternoon when something grabbed his left arm. he shared the pictures with us and we want to warn you they may be difficult to look at. >> vans said the shark released its bite and swam away after he batted it with his right arm. he was taken to beebee medical center and treated for cuts and gashes. beaches reopened at 1:00 p.m. some beach goers are concerned but biologists say they den really have to be. >> when you hear about it where is every -- worries everyone. >> these sharks don't want to interact with you. based upon the bite the shark was uninterested that feeding it looks like it was an instinct bite and the then the shark you know kind of let go. if he wanted that stay and he could have stayed. they're powerful creatures. >> biologists say it's not unusual to see sharks in the area at this time of year. but a shark bite is very rare. officials believe young sand bar shark bit the teen as pre
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caution lifeguards and scientists will be out monitoring the water for shark activity today. the franklin institute is expanding. saturday the institute will officially debut the nicholas pavilion our cameras got a sneak peek today. 53,000 square foot wing home to brand new exhibits including your brinn and circus science under the big top. saturday's ribbon cutting the institute will offer free add mig to the first 500 visitor. >> turning to your weather authority now life look at center city we're in for another round of pop-up showers. let's check back in with chief meteorologist scott williams. >> iain, it's not raining everywhere but where it is raining you're looking at one to 2-inches per hour. those rainfall rates and right now in particular northern sections of camden county, moving into northern burlington county some very moderate to heavy rainfall right now around pennsauken, mt. laurel as well as the moorestown area. moving back toward conshohocken blower merion looking at pop-up
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activity as well. starting to diminish a bit as we move toward the airport and sections of south philadelphia. as we take a live look right now at mt. laurel, this is 73 at 295. wet conditions there and those windshield wipers are getting a workout so if you are out and about, slow down allow some extra travel too many because we have a flash flood warning in effect until 8:15 for southern sections of philadelphia counsel tow as well as camden and gloucester county. watching out for that ponding on the roadways. once again, some of heavier rainfall right now moving to the north and east of the philadelphia area where you see those yellows as well as the reds. what to expect for the evening. muggy conditions, slow moving showers and thunderstorms and then for tomorrow, it will be warm and muggy again. isolated storms likely popping up again. not as widespread as today. then for the latter part of the week, remaining unsettled. take look at some of the rainfall totals. northern sections of new castle county, over 2-inches.
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also moving toward the smyrna area, 2-inches of rainfall. and we have 72 degrees right now but look at that humidity. 87%. so very muggy. very tropical in nature right now. 86 degrees. that's the current high temperature for today. the normal this time of year is 81 degrees. the record high 98 degrees back in 1998. so looking at the rain cooled 72 degrees in philadelphia right now, we have 80 in lancaster as well as reading. upper askings currently in the pocono mountains and 79 degrees right now in wildwood. so unstable right now. but take look at these disturbances off to our west. this area of low pressure it will continue to head in our direction. that's the latter part of the week to expect that heavier rainfall. scattered showers about into the evening time frame and then for tonight, we dry out. but we keep the humidity as well as some fog for tomorrow morning so keep that in mind. otherwise, tonight 70 degrees for the low in the city.
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and tomorrow, temperatures top out right around 82 degrees with those isolated thunderstorms once again during the afternoon and evening. the seven day forecast showing you the better chances as we move into thursday as well as friday. friday could be widespread rainfall. but that front will clear the area in time for the weekend. drying out saturday, 84 for the high. low 80s on sunday. father's day right now looking pretty good. mid 80s by early next week and it will turn unfortunately warm and muggy again. >> muggy out there right now. >> i'm okay with that. (laughter). >> just so you know. >> oh, okay. >> all right. the phillies have added another pitt which are to the organization and he could be playing sooner than you would think. eagles number one pick has made a nice choice where he will spend some of his money from that new contract. spend some of his money from that [ male announcer ] tv's come a long way.
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♪ >> the phillies open series with the san diego padres tonight and scott has guaranteed the weather will be out of there. no rain. it's the start of 21 games in 20 days for the phils. but the phillies have new member of the organization. he's pitcher aaron nola. the first round draft pick by the phillies last week out of lsu. nola signed his phillies contract today.
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so the next step is to go to the phillies single a minor league team in clearwater. obviously, he wants to start his path to the big leagues quickly. >> typically just like any other player or prospect -- you know, they really formulate their own time tables. he's got pretty darn good command of his fast ball which is i mean paramount to pitch in the big lose and he's not afraid to use it. >> i'm going to go out didn't my job. it's going to take, you know, care of itself how fast i move up but my focus is on my next start and moving through the organization as fast as i can. >> came out of lsu as junior. baseball players don't give themselves any good when they throw the bat in this case. that was manny. he through the bat intentionally. when he didn't like how he was tagged out. the previous day. he got a fine five game
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suspension baseball which he has appeal eagles working on many things to get the new players ready as soon as possible at the mini camp beginning next week. where you can do even more next week. yesterday the eagles signed their number one pick that would be marcus smith. that's always a big moment for a college player and also changes his life financially. but for marcus smith, it was his mother who he wanted to have the first reward from his new $7.7 million contract. >> she been with me my whole life. she's been down for me for 22 years so it's going to be great that i can take care of her finally. >> financially she kind of struggled bringing you up? >> yeah. financially she did struggle bringing us up but she always gave us what we needed i neff missed -- i never missed out on anything when it came to sports. >> that's nice it's nice he's taking care of his mom. >> absolutely. >> a lot of players should do that. >> you're right. >> like to see that. that does it for us here tonight at 6:00 o'clock.
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