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tv   FOX 29 News at Five  FOX  June 9, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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plus outrage over this vid video. a boy with autism on the receiving end of a beating. authorities say a school employee was the one dolling it out. >> i couldn't believe my eyes. it was disgusting. what school officials reveal about the school employees history with children. >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 5:00. >> unsettle link questions tonight about a man's death. police are blaming it on road rage. the man was killed, his girlfriend sent to the hospital. >> investigators piece together what happened they're looking into ties between the alleged shooter and a notorious local motorcycle gang. good evening and thanks for joining us. i iain page. >> i'm dawn timmeney. let's get right out to fox 29's dave stratt wise sr. live at philadelphia police headquarters with todays developments. dave? >> reporter: dawn, police say 34 year old christopher fields a ranking member of the wheels of soul motorcycle club pulled the trigger thenned the life of a 43 year old victim at a traffic
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light on the boulevard. police now say it was 34 year old wheels of soul member christopher fields who got off his motorcycle at a traffic light at fifth and the boulevard in feltonville saturday night and opened fire killing 43 year old todd riley and wounding his girlfriend. >> the motorcycles actually circle around him and bad blood and then the shooting occurs. it's really a case of road rage. >> reporter: detectives say dozens of wheels of soul members approach riley and his girl friend at the traffic light and wanted to pass them. riley let several pass then started to pull away from the light when he was surrounded by bikers. >> the wheels of soul members about 20, 25 of them circled his vehicle. it then got more heated and then one of the members got off his bike and fired several times. >> reporter: less say fields fired several shots killing riley the father of two died at the hospital. police took off after fields and arrested him and recovered a 40 caliber handgun at the scene that match the bullets that
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killed riley. >> wheels of soul colors we found his jacket and/or vest but also from witnesses all the other members had on those same colors as well. >> reporter: homicide detectives are now trig to department if i 25 to 30 members of the wheels of soul who at the scene of the murder. >> we'll bring them in and we'll talk to them. >> reporter: officials credited alert police officers on the boulevard with nabbing fields before he could escape the murder scene. coming up at 6:00 we'll take to you the wheels of soul motorcycle headquarters in west philadelphia as we good looking for answers much that's coming up at 6:00. >> iain. >> dave, thank you see you again at 6:00. police in chester county say they cleared a bicyclist a woman thought was following her on a local trail. a woman walking her dogs flew the tray burn development along the eagle school road in tredyffrin township called police this morning. the same area where police are investigating an attempted sexual assault that happened last month. so she called police.
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detectives do not think he's connected to last month's innocent. peco is reporting some power outages in our area tonight. utility company says about 10,000 customers are without power in bucks county. the problem one its substations. crews are working right now to fix it but no word on how long that could take. >> and we continue to follow developing story tonight. that crash which critically injured tracey mr. began. the truck driver accused of causing the crash that killed one of morgan's traveling companions and injured several others may not have slept for more than 24 hours before that deadly accident. that is according to a criminal complaint although it does not say how investigators learned that information. wal*mart truck driver kevin roper is free on bail after being charged with death by auto and assault by auto. police say he never slowed for traffic early saturday morning and slammed his big rig into the back of tracey morgan's limousine bus. morgan has several broken bones
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and remains hospitalized in critical but station condition. turning now to your weather authority. live look at center city right now. what difference a day makes. we were enjoying perfect 10 weather just 24 hours ago. today, though, a big change. our cameras were out in washington square as people did their best to enjoy the hot and muggy day. if you're headed out tonight keep that umbrella handy because you just might need it. let's check in with chief meteorologist scott williams. >> after a beautiful weekend you knew it was going to change. it's been a warm and muggy monday across our area. also, those early morning showers we saw a little bit of a break and right now look at ultimate doppler more pop up activity and its slow-moving showers even thunderstorm activity right now. take look around norristown towards pli morning meeting also moving around abington looking at heavy rainfall right now tropical downpours in nature. take look at ultimate doppler over the last 30 minutes or so, not a whole lot of movement out of this activity. so if you are in around the norristown area, southern
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sections of montgomery county, watching out for very heavy rain. temperatures in the upper 70s. we'll talk about this unsettled pattern, how long it will last all coming up. >> all right, scott, thanks. remember whenever storms or severe weather hit our area you can keep track of the radar 24/7 just head to our website and click on the weather tab. >> happening now, protesters taking to the streets in center city philadelphia. they are angry at proposed cuts to education as well as school closures throughout the region. fox 29's bruce gore doesn't is live outside the union league where governors corbett and christie are expected for a fundraiser this evening. bruce? >> reporter: dawn, governor christie is expected to be here at the union league this evening and in his role as head of the republican governor's association head lining a fundraiser for tom could be's gubernatorial re-election bid. demonstrators were for to do around the corner just short time ago from broad street around to sansom. they have since dispersed left this area end tearily. whatever they're location
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they're not laying out the welcome mat for either governor. >> hey, hey, hoe, hoe, governor corbett has going to. >> reporter: lots of themes evident from the signs and chants that pack the sidewalk in front of the union league but the longest voices came from education activist angry at school budged cuts put in place by the guest of honor chris christie. >> a kid goes to school hoping they get the education they supposed to. when you cut a budget you cut away their future. >> governor christie gantoring schools in camden just about a year ago that the christie administration orchestrated a state takeover of camden schools. believing trenton could fix years of financial mismanagement. low test scores and sky high drop out rates. at a noon event at camden high, christie was joined by the district superintendent both claiming progress has been made. >> now there's a long way to go, we know that. we have a lot of work to do. but we made some significant roads in just the first year.
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>> we began to lay the foundation brick by brick for the path ahead. we've right sized and balanced our budget. >> reporter: right size is a term of governor uses a lot when referring to camden schools. more than 300 teachers and administrators have been let go in an effort to fill a $75 million budget deficit. >> you have to right size the district of camden. and we simply have too many personnel for the number of students that we have. >> reporter: governor christie had lots to say about number of subjects and a wide ranging news conference in camden this afternoon. from his support to the embattled tom corbett to education and quality of life in camden to the possible move of the 76ers practice facility to the camden waterfront. ahead at six, christie speaks. dawn? >> thank you, bruce. top christie aid says he knew nothing about plot to close the lanes on the george washington bridge. governor christie's chief of staff kevin o'dowd told panel of lawmakers today he played no role in the political retribution plot. christie staff bridget kelly was fired after e-mails show she
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said the plot in motion by right writing "time for some traffic problems in fort lee". governor christie denied having any role in the scandal. topping national headlines tonight, new information about the husband and wife accused of a deadly shooting rampage in las vegas. police say jar rad and amanda miller may have been white supremacists. police released their pictures a couple of hours ago. police say both were in their 20s and new to the area. according to investigators, two police officers were having lunch at a pizza buffet yesterday when the millers shot and killed them at point blank range. >> suspects pulled the officers out of the booth and on to the ground where they placed a flag don't tread and me yellow flag on the body of officer beck. they also through a swastika on top of his body. >> police say the suspects then went to nearby wal*mart where they killed a third person before having a shootout with police.
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the guy was saying the cops are coming, the cops are coming, everyone get out, get out, get out, and he went into the store, and shot in the air. and then everybody started ru running. >> they were yelling this is the revolution or the revolution has gun, stuff like that. police say amanda miller shot and killed her husband before taking her own life. neighbors described the millers as militant. some say gerard talked about conspiracy theaters and often dressed in camouflage. >> solution won't come overnight but progress is being made to get the i495 bridge reopened to traffic. officials say they are almost done removing a massive mound of dirt that may have caused support columns to tilt. they say it is the first step in getting the bridge repaired and reopen to traffic, but rants portation officials caution that progress could still take weeks if not months. the bridge was closed last monday after problems were discovered during an emergency
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inspection. traffic has been redirected through wilmington on two i-95. and due to the weather, penndot is proposing construction along i-95 in port richmond. this map shows the new traffic patterns that were scheduled to be in place tomorrow morning. that work will now take place wednesday night. so you'll notice the change on thursday morning. this is all part of a multi million dollar project to improve the northbound lanes of i-95 between girard avenue and allegheny avenue interchanges. >> outrage tonight after a schoolbus attack is all caught on tape. >> a boy with autism allegedly beaten by a man who was supposed to be looking out for him. what the school is saying about that employee's background tonight. plus you saw the story first on fox. police arrest a man they say used a craigslist ad to lure an unsuspecting woman and sexually assault her. could there be more victims? >> and later, parents in california are angry that their children were asked how far they'd be willing to go during sex? but the school says it has a good reason for asking that.
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howard? >> another day at the eagles although just a little steamy but the player make obvious why desean jackson is no longer part of this eagles football team. that will be coming up in spor sports. >> coming up in weather, scattered showers, a few thunderstorms this afternoon. find out what day this week thunderstorms this afternoon. find out what day this week we'llwhat's with the suit? oh, i had to go to the bank. if you look legit they give you special treatment. seriously? seriously, yeah. the banker dude set up my checking account so if i make one deposit a month, no monthly maintenance fee. special treatment! citizens bank, right? yep.
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>> police are hoping you can help identify this man wanted tour burglary in wissonoming. police say he broke into an unoccupied home on the 5700 block of keystone street last
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week. the home is in the process of under going renovations and police believe he took pipes and various power tools from the home and stashed them in the luggage he has with him. >> it is a story you saw first on fox. a single mother who says she was raped by a man who she met on craig list. 42 year old kevin cornish is now under arrest accused of sexually assaulting that woman and police in upper darby, delaware county are looking for more potential victims. cornish placed an ad online in home health ad. the woman weren't to his home to fill out some paper work but she was told to sign forms saying she was an escort instead and then she says, she was sexually assaulted. we are concealing her identity. >> i told him i jut wanting to home. i wanting to to my daughter. i got my daughter. i just want to be there for my daughter. i thought i was never going to come home. >> police found dozens of applications in the suspect's home. they fear there may be more victims who have not yet come
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forward. right now police are searching for a gunman after a 7eleven robbery in juniata. it happened around 5:30 this morning in the 1100 block of east luzerne street. police say a man with a black hoodie and white mask walked into the convenience store and demanded cash. there's no word on how much money he got away with. fortunately no one was hurt. another arrest is made in connection to a fight at a wawa in lewes, delaware. police say 22 year old brandon lagrand picked up by probation and parole officers accused of a parole violation after being identified in the video of the altercation. he's back in jail at the sussex correctional institution. he's charged with disorderly conduct, felony resisting arrest and couldn't support seem police are continuing to investigate and hope to identify others involved in the fight. >> bail has been set for the son of a inn fame laws local abortion doctor accused of breaking into a philadelphia home. police say 22 year old baronial lex sanderson of dr. kermit gosnell broke into a neighbor's house in the 3700 block of
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brandywine street in mantua last week. he got into a struggle with one of the residents inside. a second person inside the home then shot alexander during the confrontation. alexander was taken to the hospital in critical condition. his bail is set at $125,000. >> a and one person is dead after being hit by a septa train in northeast philadelphia. it happened just after 6:00 o'clock this morning along the manayunk norristown line at roosevelt boulevard and scotts lane. septa suspended train service for several hours while police investigated the incident. >> a warning for drivers in montgomery county. traffic restrictions will go into play starting next week along route 363. you'll see construction at trooper road near route 422 in. part a $16 million penndot project. local woman is fearing for her son's life. he's one of six americans jailed in central america accuse accusf smuggling guns but those detainees say they were targeted
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because they're americans. >> we feel negligented here. we don't feel the us embassy has stepped up at the player. >> captain robert main, devon butler and four others living in deplorable conditions inside this honduran jail. and they haven't met with any u.s. embassy officials since may 19th. >> they've had several other visitors and have access to a cell phone to call friends and family. butler's mother says what's happening has her frightened for her son and his friends. >> as far as my understanding, there is -- they have committed no crime and so they're being held ill looly at this point. >> reporter: unfamiliar judicial system is also unpredictable. >> i'm terrified. i'm terrified at the prospect of justice in this country. >> reporter: men were arrested may fifth and accused of smuggling guns. main thinks he knows why. >> what we believe happened is that they saw an opportunity, they saw wealthy -- our boat
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americans and they pounded on. >> reporter: there were several weapons on board. two happen guns, two shot guns and m70ab2 which looks a lot like an ak47. main says rightfully so, because of the pirate infested water it's of the southern gulf of mexico. butler whose family still lives in our area is a diver and deck hand of the aqua request. >> he's a modern day adventure. >> his brother justin along with devon's mother wants the crew released immediately. on june 30th the judicial system goes on vacation in honduras for two weeks. we want them home before that. >> i don't even want to think about worst case scenario. i mean, the scenario that should play out and i certainly hope will play out is, you know, he comes home. thousands of miles away captain main constantly thinks of that worst case scenario. >> we're at their mercy to do what's right and i don't know
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that they're going to do what's right. go fund me site has been set up to help cover the group's legal fees. so far it has raised more than there be hundred dollars. >> back to your fox 29 weather authority now and keep that umbrella with you tonight and as a matter of fact all week, right?, scott? we're really going to be in this unsettled kind of unstable pattern. warm, muggy those pop up showers across the area. right now it's 78 degrees. but look at the humidity. close to 70%. so it's warm. it's muggy, sun sets this evening close to 8:30. already on ultimate doppler we're looking at some of that activity mainly north of the philadelphia area. we'll zoom in little closer right now as we move into sections of montgomery county. that that's where we're tracking a pretty moderate to heavy shower and thunderstorm. the lightning is diminishing but look at the red and the orange. zooming in a little closer right now, you can see around the whitemarsh area up toward the horsham, ambler area looking at very heavy rain. one to 2-inches per hour on this particular cell. coming up, we'll talk about what
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day this week to anticipate widespread heavy rainfall out of this very unsettled pattern. >> all right. scott, thank you. a boy with autism attacked on a schoolbus. allegedly by a school employee. what the school district is saying about the employee's history of working with kids. >> plus, a military dog is lost his handler during tour of duty in afghanistan how he's keeping a special connection to that man's family back here in the united states. and ever wonder why you can't look like the people you see in the magazines? still ahead evidence to give yours a break. the tricks and secrets that move these images closer to perfection and farther from reality.
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>> the taliban and pakistan in threatening more violent after claiming responsibility for an tack on the country's busiest airport. 18 people were killed when gunmen disguised as police guards stormed the airport and set off explosives. the taliban has been driving to over throw pakistan' government for several years now. closer to home, caught on tape. a school employee hitting a student with autism.
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take a look. this is surveillance video from inside the schoolbus in port richie, florida. district officials say a 10 year old boy with autism was cursing and screaming and they say an aide assigned to that boy to the bus told the child to stop. when the boy continued to yell, they say the employee slapped him. the child's mother says she is shocked and disgusted. >> it was disturbing. it was frightening, and, you know, um, i couldn't believe my eyes. it was disgusting. i mean this man had an open hand slapping him around like he was a rag doll. >> the aid 57 year old james lambert is charged with child abuse. school officials say the aid has work with special needs students for years and there have never been any complaints before. they are now looking to see if there is a history of abuse. >> los angeles police arrest burg row at the home of sandra
5:25 pm
bullock they got a call about prowler after sick am sunday morning. 39 year old joshua corbett was arrested and charged with suspicion of residential burglary. police say the academy award winning actress was not home or hurt. she has filed an emergency protection order against the suspect. >> doctors in germany say us sergeant bowe bergdahl is physically ready to travel but not emotionally prepared to reunite with his family. a pentagon psychologist says captives take five days to three weeks to go through the reintegration process once he's ready bergdahl will be flown to -- army medical center in san antonio he'll get to see his family again. so far he has not spoken to them either. members of the congress are meeting today to discuss the terms of the deal for his release and the potential threats reunited by taliban members released in he can change. >> new audit shows thousands of patients are wait to go be seen at va hospitals and clinics across the country. the report finds that 57,000 new
5:26 pm
enrollees are waiting for care nationwide. the audit included pennsylvania locations with philadelphia's medical center having the most people in our area waiting at least two months for an appointment. some 1100 enrollees are on its waiting list much the university city hospital and the facility in horsham will both be investigated further. this audit come in the wake of the nationwide veteran health care scandal that may have led to dozens of deaths. >> maternity shirt aims to make joke but angers a lot of people. >> still to come the message critics say completely misses the point and insults pregnant women. and do you want to quit smoking but having trouble? your phone could offer you all the encouragement you need. the tech messages that could help you clear the air. >> the pictures are beautiful. but there's a lot you don't see. after the break, phillies best photographers confess to the secrets that could have you photogramale announcer:o the commemorate the war of 1812 bicentennial and join our traveling celebration as the chesapeake campaign visits town festivals up and down our shores.
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maryland scenic byways hit the rguide and mapnew to explore all the beauty, history and culture along our 18 byways and other driving tours. order yours today at land of wonder. >> national weather service has just issued a flash flood warning for philadelphia and montgomery county tonight. live ultimate doppler radar shows the rain that can make for wet night and get used to it. we're expecting a week of unsettled weather. chief meteorologist scott williams forecast is still ahe ahead. >> a man is under arrest accused of robbing and sexually assaulting a man that he met through a dating app. 26 year old douglas casey faces multiple charges. police say he's the man in this surveillance video from hilton home two suites hotel on the
5:30 pm
1200 block of arch street. investigators say he invite add man he met through grinder to his hotel room, assaulted him and then forced him to withdrawal cash from an atm and buy visa gift cards. the victim was able to get away short time later. >> bit of scare this morning as a delivery truck clips the wing of southwest airlines plane at philadelphia international airport. dozens of passengers were boarding the flight when it happen. fortunately though no one was hurt. hundreds of miles away at boston's logan international airport. a southwest plane backs into a jet blue plane at the terminal. the southwest flight was getting ready to take off for kansas city when passengers say they felt a bump. it took crews about an hour to separate the plains. no one was hurt however a wing on the southwest plane was damaged. >> tomorrow new jersey officials will consider millions of dollars in tax breaks for the sixers if they move their practice facility to camden. the new jersey economic development authority plans to consider the team's application tomorrow to qualify for a
5:31 pm
$82 million tax credit the 76ers need to commit to bringing jobs to distressed areas. camden is among the nation's most poorest cities. >> relief for college students who finance their education through student loans. president obama says he is taking action on behalf of borrowers who are struggling to make their monthly payments. in a 21st century economy, a higher education is the single best investment that you can make in yourselves and your future. and we have we've got to mick sure that investment pays you have a. >> the president is extending an existing plan to let all college loan holders limit their payments to no more than 10% of their income and this affects 5 million americans. on the cover practically every magazine, you see them beautiful women striking that perfect pose but what you see isn't really so per f'ing after all. >> the best photographers in philadelphia all admit to using photo shop. fox 29's jenn frederick put them
5:32 pm
to the test. >> it's going to be like real fun. >> ♪ >> jason hudson is a fears philly photographer. and he says, even professional models have trouble delivering the perfect pose. >> you see this. front of my camera for 10 years taking a selfie with your iphone because the time you're most normal. most natural. you might take a hundred of them to get the right one but you're comfortable. >> of course, he has photo shop and his favorite make up artist robin on his side. >> you want to look completely different, right? >> i want to look good. >> you want to look good. >> to show you how much that matters, makeup and photo shop i'm sharing me make up free. >> don't make me look ugly. >> robin says we should focus more on our skin. sleep and drinking water count. plus, the contouring. >> when we put foundation on it
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makes us one blank canvass and our face is not one blank canvass. so i just put bronzer to warm your face up and then i tock a darker powder which is actually a contour powder and really kind of contoured your cheeks and gave i was nice lifted kind of cheek bone. whenever i do makeup i always want everything to up. >> yes! ♪ >> i kind of did a smokey eye on you i kept all the smoke and darkness on the outside of the eye. even when it comes to the liner at the bottom i smoke it out really heavily almost under your eye but i still brought everything up to give me a nice elongated lifted kind of look. >> beautiful. big smile. beautiful. >> every single photograph no matter how beautiful the model is gets photo shopped. every single one. >> smile. >> dominic knows his shot of a model is just the beginning. photo shop and makeup play a big part in his work.
5:34 pm
>> who is that? >> i know for fact that's in the what it looks like. >> dom's wife dawn works the makeup magic on most of his shoots. she says, primer is key. and she says, try a primer that is tinted. >> a little foundation to soften you up. >> throw your hips out and arch your body backward. >> everybody is a photographer now. so now i'm just running a bunch of millions. >> dominic makes big bucks for his work. so he knows when he has the right shot. >> i like the smiley one, too. i didn't think i would but i do like her smiling. >> as you're locking at them are you also looking how you can photo shop it and make the even better. um-hmm. >> here's the before and here's the after. >> it really is just about taking out light imperfections, whiten of teeth. whitening the eyes. softening lines. you want the person to look like who they are. >> i feel like a plastic surgeon very often when we're cleaning
5:35 pm
up people. >> outfoot look like it didn't fit. it was a square box straight down we decided to bring it how it would be if it fit a little bit. we made the outfit look clean. any lint will go through a photo shop comb full and clean up everything so it's nice and smooth. >> bottom line, no matter how you start the right photographer can always deliver the perfect finish. jennaphr frederick, fox 29 news. ♪ >> she look great. she did look good. >> why does your face look the way it? the answer dates back over thousands of years of evolution. >> still to come the surprising roll that violence may have played in shaping your look. also the military dog who lost his handler during a tour of duty in afghanistan. how he's keeping that special connection with the soldier's family back here in the us. coming up at 6:00 -- >> william tennet high school as
5:36 pm
a couple of double vision. four sets of teens are graduat graduating neck week. meet these exceptional students coming up next. >> ultimate doppler tracking heavy rainfall in southeastern montgomery county. flash flood watch there until 8:15. if you uncover ponding on the
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>> in health news tonight could texting help you stop smoking? researchers at george washington university say that more than 11% of people who took part in a text messaging program text to quit stuck it out. the smoker in the study were sent frequent text messages offering advice or reminders for six months. researchers believe the method worked because the texts are constant reminders to stay focused on quitting. new study out of utah finds the human face may have evolved to better protect against injuries from fights. researchers say our hands have evolved in similar way, too. into something that could form fist. the study is publish in the journal biological reviews. >> a very happy day for family
5:40 pm
in california who suffered a tragic loss. >> they are now the proud owners avenue military dog named dino. he and his handler christopher diaz were on tour of duty in afghanistan when diaz was kill killed. as his family coped with the enormous loss they wanted that give dean 93 a home. the military allowed the adoption to go forward. >> there's a public law under unique situations like this to assist the families with grieving or wounded warriors for rehabilitation that allows us to take an operational dog and adopt it out to the families. >> he was known as one of the experienced dog handlers in the military. dino is a six year old belgium. he doesn't have ptsd from his time as a bomb sniffer. dino will have plenty of time to swim at the family's pool in texas. >> a flap over maternity shirt some say is insult to go pregnant women. next the big move the shirt company just made after people called it of a phones seive. and parents in california are angry their kids were asked how
5:41 pm
far trade be willing to go during sex? but the school says it has a good reason for asking. that's next. howard. >> eagles ota's continue today. but expectations for this team and the players give possible reasons why desean jackson is no and the players give possible reasons why desean jackson is no longer an e could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. mmmhmmm...everybody knows that. well, did you know that old macdonald was a really bad speller? your word is...cow. cow. cow. c...o...w... ...e...i...e...i...o. [buzzer] dangnabbit. geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know.
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>> it's in the fair to these horses that have been in the game since day one. i lock at it this way. if you can't make enough points to get into the kentucky derby, you can't run in the other two races. it's all or nothing. >> california chrome's owner is
5:45 pm
a apologizing for his outburst after the race on saturday. he called the winners of the belmont stakes cowards because they did not participate in the preakness or the kentucky derby. california chrome won both of those races and was hoping to win at belmont stakes so he can earn the so hiv call triple crown. now steve coburn says he's ashamed of himself from reacting to his loss so bitterly. he just wanted that give the country is triple crown win for the first time in money three decades. >> beach goers not the only one in the water in san to barbara california on sunday. self people told the lifeguard they saw a great white shark. lifeguards ran into the water to guide swimmers back to shore. >> it's at your own risk. they do their best to keep -- we do our best to keep everyone out of the water if there was actually a shark feeding in that area it would make sense to stay out of that area for at least 24 hour period. >> i think that's a chance he were all take every time we go out there.
5:46 pm
>> harbor patrol says there were around two dozen reports of shark sightings in the area last year 2013 but only about half were credible. >> a after 111 years of life, the oldest man in the world has passed away. alexander image died in his manhattan home on sunday peacefully. he was considered the oldest living man after his birthday in february. he didn't have any children. his family says good genes contributed to his long life. the world's oldest living woman is 116 years old and she lives in japan. >> some california parents are outraged over what's been going on in their kids sex he had class. get this. a 14 your old told her parents she was asked how far she was willing to go sexually during the class. the teacher allegedly telling students to stand under signs like this smile, hug, kiss, above the wave, below the waist and all the way. some parents say it's unacceptable. >> every family has different ages for their children to date
5:47 pm
and i believe that it's something that needs to be taught at home from parents. >> the school claim the exercise game from community clinic that has been used for several years. administrators and teachers say the lesson is designed to open communication between students and parents about dating expectations. a popular maternal will the clothing retailer has pulled t-shirt from the store shelves after complaints that it was offensive to pregnant women. now here's the shirt. it's from a pea in the pod. wake me up when i'm skinny. many people took to social media calling the t-shirt gross and saying it was quote a major fail. the company quickly issued an apology. the shirt is no longer sold in stores or online. >> you may think you're seeing double and there's a good reason for it. 14 sets of twins are about to graduate from a buck county high school. many of them are top scholars and stellar athletes. fox 29 sat down with this impressive group of siblings and they tell us what it's like to be a twin and how it will feel splitting up for the first time
5:48 pm
heading off to college. >> i'm more emotional about going off to college. he is not as emotional about going off to college. like he doesn't realize yet that we'll be separated. and me i'm emotional mess about it. >> awww. >> i'm not going to go there. coming up at sex jennifer joyce introduces to some of twins. they explain the unbreakable bond they all share. ♪ >> back to your fox 29 weather authority. you'll have to deal with that with triplets. there is package deal. they're all going the same pla place. >> we had really nice weekend. but it look like it's all downhill. >> starting the work week unsettled note heavy rain out there a flash flood warning right now for sections of southeastern montgomery county and also northeast philadelphia county. take look at ultimate doppler. you can se around whitemarsh wiw grove, abington that cater that's very heavy rain. rainfall rates of one to
5:49 pm
2-inches per hour out of this slow moving cell that continues to cause some ponding on the roadways and once again we have that flash flood warning highlighted areas here until 8:15. as we look at ultimate doppler not everyone seeing that rainfall but if you are, it is a slow moving cluster right now. mainly north and west of the philadelphia area. but right now around philadelphia we are beginning to see some moderate rain especia especially toward west philadelphia. also, moving around the west vincent area in chester county and as you move through sections of montgomery county and bucks county right now around the warminster area looking at some moderate to heavy rain. so a very unstable pattern over the next several days for the remainder of the evening. it remains muggy. we're watching out for those slow-moving storms likely to produce some ponding on the roads. for tomorrow, similar to today. warm, muggy, pop-up showers, even a few thunderstorms and then really as we continue throughout the week unsettled
5:50 pm
weather pattern but it's not going to be an entire wash out for the entire week. it look like the latter part of the week we could see a system that will bring more in the way of heavy rain. 82 degrees was the high today. 1 degree above average for this time of year. looking at the temperatures right now, it's 80 in millville. 84 degrees right now in dover. where you don't have as much cloud cover or the showers. 71 degrees in trenton. we're looking at low 60s root now in the pocono mountains and mid 70s down the shore in wildwood. so as we look at the satellite and radar perspective, more sunshine for sections of south jersey and delaware. but there's little disturbance in the atmosphere lift a little bit of day too many heating and that's helping to spark off those heavy showers that we have right now. in particular around the pennsylvania turnpike not moving a whole lot. so as we watch how thing play out we'll continue to find that band of heavy rain moving through sections of montgomery and bucks county as we look at the temperatures by midnight, 70 degrees so staying pretty warm and muggy during the
5:51 pm
overnight. by tomorrow morning, for that morning commute, we'll keep things a little unsettled. watching out for some scattered showers and storms and you can see during the afternoon and evening hours, once again, it will ab little unstable and unsettled. so the bottom line just keep the umbrellas handy throughout the next several days. temperatures tonight in the 60s for lows and then for tomorrow, similar to today. warm and muggy scattered showers and storms around. forecast by the numbers on a scale of one to 10, tomorrow we'll give it a seven. that weather authority seven day forecast showing you temperatures will be in the mid 80s over the neck several days. wednesday the lesser chance for showers and storms this week. thursday into friday, a front arrives likely some heavy rain as we move no friday but then the good news, it's going to be out of here for the up coming weekend. so the timing keeps working out with these nice weekends across the area. >> nothing wrong with that. >> exactly. >> thank you, scott. >> timing is everything. it is. especially in sports.
5:52 pm
>> well, we just found out in weather, too. okay. today the eagles signed their first round draft pick that would be marcus smith to four year deal. a formality any more in the nfl with the eagles pretty much slotted and the other teams are, too. eagles signed all their draft picks. it was a nice sweaty or as scott would say muggy day at the eagles practice. the rain was gone but the humidity or muggy part of that was brutal. but these players just love being out playing football and they didn't lebron anything with cramps because of dehydration. every day they practice, they pick up something more from the coaches. they also become more comfortable with the new players and working with each other. eagles play together on the field and it becomes more obvious why desean jackson is no longer with the eagles. it's all the players continue to talk about is how good a bunch of guys they have now in the locker room. >> this team is about fellowsh fellowship. getting to know each other. um, like it said before, we're done right now, but i know
5:53 pm
you're in the locker room. there's a lot of guys in the locker room, guys in the weight room and we stay around and we work together. we get in the film room. we do different things. there's lot of fellowship on this thing and building that is comradry off the field. >> when guys break it down on the huddle they break on family, guys hang out outside of this building and that's what i've been used to teams very, very close that invest in each other and it's not just a job when they come here. they're playing with their brothers and i think i see that when i come here. >> jenkins a really good guy. eagles and one of their offensive lineman ran up a big tab over the weekend. i mean big. unconscious the way they ordered wine. how much and who paid coming up at sick clock. form mr. eagles fullback kevin turner is continuing his better against a disease that has no cure. als or lou gehrig's disease. kevin was diagnosed with it back in 2010. the effects of the direct result of concussions and other neck injuries that he suffered during his career with the eagles and the new england patriots.
5:54 pm
kevin was in medford today for the third annual kevin turner golf tournament to raise awareness about the disease and raise funds for his foundation. friends and former teammates were there today knowing because of kevin there is hope. >> kevin has found a purpose, right, as he battles, you know, this new -- think new hurdle in his life. of course, he's a fighter. you know, he's a professional athlete that knows how to work hard and knows how to, you know, take on challenges and like many things in his life he's taking on, you know, head on and doing a great job. >> the unfortunate part i think a lot of times is people that have to go through something, you know, live changing event whether it is als, whether it's cancer or something like that to really click that switch in their brain to really say, i'm going to take what i've been disadvantaged with and turn it into a positive. and affect other peoples's life. that's great thing you see come out of. >> it's really a sad thing.
5:55 pm
kevin turner well and i used to radio show with him actually g guy. good person, very today tiff but not that way any more because this disease has taken so much away from him. there should be a conscience with place that have sued the nfl for concussions and they should give every penny to kevin turner. half of them are phony ba leigh loney. he really has suffered because of this. >> it's a shame. >> yes it is. >> all right. >> devastating disease. >> thanks, howard. we have another half hour full of news straight ahead. coming up at sick a driver killed. police say the victim of road rage. tonight, fox 29 uncovers possible ties to a notorious local motorcycle gang. >> and we saw the celebrations over the legalization of same sex marriage in pennsylvania. what the judge who made the historic ruling on the law says about same sex marriage and families. fox 29 news at 6:00 starts right familiesmale announcer: commemorate the war of 1812 bicentennial
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1 underline during the 150th anniversary of the war between the states. order our civil war trails guides at and download our new civil war mobile app. maryland. land of history. >> right now at 6:00 police say road rage killed a driver. tonight fox 29 tracks down the motorcycle gang suspected in the deadly incident. >> ♪ >> plus, seeing double ahead of a local graduation. >> we're twins. >> fox 29 is there as 14 sets of twins get ready to close one chapter and open another. ♪ >> live from center city in
6:00 pm
philadelphia this is fox fox 29 news at 6:00. >> right now, all eyes are on the radar as our weather authority looks for some storms popping up. here's life look at the center city skyline. a gray muggy day. and now parts of our area under a flash flood warning. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm iain page. >> i'm dawn timmeney. let's get right over to chief meteorologist scott williams. scott? very tropical in nature this evening, dawn and iain. certainly we've been monitoring ultimate doppler right now. and you can see behind me as we move into southeastern sections of montgomery county, also, northeast, philadelphia county, this particular tracker moderate to heavy around willow grove the abington area. the national weather service issued a flash flood warning for this highlighted area until 8:15 local time. ponding on the read ways, a wet commute. folks trying to get out and about and get home from work deal with some of these tropical downpours that we have a


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