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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 6a  FOX  June 9, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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he just told me, that it was a revolution. >> it has happened again, a mass shooting in las vegas leaves five dead, including, two police officers and the investigation this morning. signs of improvement this morning for comedian tracie morgan after a deadly crash in the new jersey turnpike, what we're learning about the driver of that tractor trailer and what he did moments before the the chain reaction crash. what happened, i wouldn't wish it upon anybody. it was worse thing you could go through. >> young mother just trying to look for work brutally attacked hugh her bravery may help other victims of the same suspect. what a difference a day makes from a gorgeous end to your weekend to a wet start to the week. sue is tracking when next round have rain will hit. good morning. it is 6:00 o'clock as we begin this new day and week. we are grateful you are
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joining us. >> our reporters covering your top store thinks morning, that deadly crash involving tracie morgan in critical condition, this morning. steve keeley is on. that sabina kuriakose on what is going on with the half dozen assaults. we will get to that. but first lets check our forecast with sue serio tracking weather on the one's. >> undoubt liz you noticed both reporters with umbrellas and that means it is raining outside. the rain will be continuing for a while even when we get a break in the action. it is not going to be finish. with your weather by the numbers today we will go with a four. it won't be raining every minute, that is the plus for today but the minus is many. showers, humidity is up there and pop have of thunderstorms likely later in the afternoon. buddy has rain gear on today, off to a rainy start. most of the temperatures in the 60's right now and here's lightening that seems to pop up in north jersey this
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morning. we have not seen any thunderstorms in our area but we are getting rain and still around philadelphia area raining heavily in the city at the moment, as well as across the river. it is still raining in wilmington though and parts of the salem county, in nj. 67 degrees. really wet out there this morning. sunrise is happening moments from now, and already happened i should say at 5:32. absolutely fabulous weekend leads to a high of 80 degrees with rain. isolated thunderstorms tonight. we are down to 67 degrees with more showers possible. hi kacie. >> hi sue serio. all right. 6:02. we have a pretty bad accident northbound side of i-95 near kurland street. accident has been moved off to the shoulder but big delay stretching from the commodore barry bridge heading up to the scene. we will go from this point at i-95 at 322. but approaching the scene of that accident. pretty hefty backups. we have got rainwater on the roadway, we have accidents, we
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have a lot of construction, another point of i-95 has construction right around girard so we will see a slow down there but those are only two slow spots that we have this morning, chris and karen. a shooting rampage leaves five people dead including two police officers. authorities say a man and woman ambushed two officers simply eating run inch a pizza shop opening fire killing both of those officers. the suspects then walk to a nearby wal-mart where they shot a third person, before killing themselves in an apparent murder suicide packet. >> i saw the gun that in his hand. he said it is a revolution. then he killed 29 cops. >> investigators say female suspect shot the male suspect and then turn the weapon on herself. motive is not clear. a court appearance is expected today for the truck driver of the center of the deadly new jersey turnpike accident that critically injured actor tracie morgan. steve keeley is live along the
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turnpike in mount laurel with this story, steve good morning to you. >> reporter: with the real heavy rain and morning rush the positive about this is that it forced people off on to slow down because we have those huge pud also that develop even on the turnpike. but weather was a whole lot better at 1:00 in the morning sat take when this crash happened. lets go to the video just before tracie morgan and his friend left dover delaware. you can see, one of his friend traveling with him riding in the limousine and sent out this picture just before of the inside of the 2012 mercedes limousine bus with the passenger door open. that lets you see how those seats were set up. it is believed that morgan's writer, friend, mentor 67 year-old jimmy mack mcnair who was kill in the crash was in the back corner where tractor trailer impact happened. at the hospital, good news, morgan had surgery yesterday on that thigh bone which was
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the worst of his injury. he has broken ribs. if you know them you know how awful that feels and broken nose as well. he should be in the hospital for several more weeks and should recover from this. >> all right, that is the good news, steve, thank you. we now know the name of the man who was killed in what police are calling a road rage shooting in philadelphia's feltonville neighborhood. four three-year old todd riley was shot multiple times at fifth street and roosevelt boulevard around 11:00 saturday night. investigators say driver and motorcyclist got in a heated argument when one opened fire right in front of the several police officers, a 31 year-old woman was shot in stable condition. one suspect is in custody and no charges file. police say a craigs list conn man is praying on young woman, offering him honest work and then forcing them to dot unthinkable. >> it happened to the single mother in delaware county. sabina kuriakose is following this story for us live from the police station in upper darby getting latest details
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for us, sabina, good morning. >> reporter: by coming forward this alleged victim may have led police to dozens of other women who may have been victimized by this same man. now police are charging four two-year old kevin cornish of human trafficking after he allegedly lured an 18 year-old mother with promise of hiring her as a home held aid. instead cornish who posted a craigs list ad said he was young woman and then forced her to sign forms saying she was an escort. police search turned up 50 similar forms signed by different woman. police are searching for those women. cops feared they may have been vickized as well. he is being held on $250,000 cash bail. it is a major investigation and they are continuing to work on it. back to you. thanks, is a bean owe in bucks county man armed with the hand grenade threaten pharmacy work tours hand over
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drugs or he would pull the the pin on the grenade. employees at cvs in hilltown township told police they weren't taking any chances. this happened yesterday afternoon at 113 and county line road. robber did getaway with the drugs. police k-9 units searched for a suspect but they have not seen any sign of him. about to get in the car we have this for you, repair crews make some progress fixing the problem officials believe led to the shut down of the i495 bridge in wilmington. >> officials say they are almost done removing this massive mound of dirt that is suspected of causing some of the support columns, to tilt. they say that is the first step in getting the bridge repaired and reopened to traffic but transportation officials say it could still take weeks if not months. the bridge was closed last monday after the problem with the discovered after a emergency inspection. traffic had been redirect through wilmington to i-95. one teen's amazing
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touching tribute with the little brother battling cerebral palsy his chance to raise awareness coming up. this kid clearly succeeded in the circumstance and as a mixed message that we are sending him now by being punished. >> how doing the the right things got that little boy kicked out of the pennsylvania classroom. i'm robert de niro, and new york is my home.
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there's no place like it in the world. my favorite place is the hudson valley. it inspired famous painters like thomas cole, with amazing landscapes like the breathtaking mohonk preserve. here you'll visit historic locations like olana and west point, and appreciate chefs at the culinary institute of america. come discover your favorite part of new york. plan your summer vacation at there's something for everyone. you can expect traffic delays this map shows new construction traffic pattern
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is happening between the girard avenue and allegheny avenue interchanges. penndot says it is one of the last few planned phase toss rebuild part of the roadway. improvement program has an estimated price tag in the hundreds of millions of dollars. 6:11. repair crews will be back this morning on the scene of the broken water main at 27th and master, in north philadelphia people, did not lose water, last evening, but some of their basements were flooded. streets around the the break will to have stay closed until they can get it all fix up and that is a darn big hole and that is when we don't know when the job will be completed. sue, water is the theme today, is it not. >> it is indeed. we have a lot of it. if did you yard work and maybe did some planting, here well, here comes the rain to water it for you. always trying to find positive spin. sometimes more difficult than others a lot of clouds at the beach today. shore cast for you, we will
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give it to you every day. it might not be the the most pleasant day at the beach but if you get out the there in between the the rain, temperatures in the lower 70's, southerly wind ten to 15 miles an hour. ocean water up to 65 degrees. rip current risk is low. we have an eight today for some reason. the here's the rain that is in our area right now, and much of it is spreading right up the, infamous i-95 corridor. it looks like salem couy laurel, new jersey. we're seeing pockets of heavy rain as well and that spreads into bucks and montgomery counties. down in south jersey just some spotty showers at the moment. so it is a cold front that will stall in our area and keep things unsettled for us for the next couple of days. so we will call this one messy monday, and we will head to a high of 80. maybe a few peaks of sunshine here and there. showers and thunderstorms on tuesday. may try out as far as rain on
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wednesday but be pretty humid and then storms gannon thursday and friday, clearing out for the weekend, kacie. a pretty bad accident moved to the shoulder but causing crazy problems this morning. so this accident, volume from that coupled with the rainwater on the roadway makes morning. northbound side of i-95 around kerlen street. we have our boss stuck in this right now. not a good start to monday. this is what the north bound side of i-95 is looking like moving better than it was ten minutes ago but still you can expect hefty delays there just expect delays on your majors this morning. there is a the lot of rainwater on the roadways and limited visibility this morning, chris. >> that is a good warning, kacie thank you. that is no pepper mint patty why hershey's says the company is putting kids in patty why hershey's says the company is putting kids in danger by knocking off
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taking a look at world news pakistani officials say two cost even people were killed when gunman dressed as police attack busiest airport in pakistan on sunday. officials say gunman were armed with machine guns and rocket launcher. siege happened at a old terminal of the airport and lasted several hours. all of the terrorist were reportedly killed. more than a week after his release and controversial prisoner swap with the taliban we're learning more about sergeant bowe bergdahl's treatment during his years in captivity.
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u.s. officials say bergdahl told his doctors he was tortured, beaten and held in the cage after trying to escape. meanwhile bergdahl is recovering at a military hospital in germany. lawmakers in washington are still angry that they weren't notified before the five taliban members were freed from guantanamo. >> this is a huge regional and ge o political problem for the united states moving forward. hostages are currency in the war on terror, that is always dangerous for both diplomates, aid workers, soldiers in the battle field. >> secretary of state john kerry tells a different story and dismissed notion that the released taliban members would put u.s. troops in afghanistan in harms way. defense secretary chuck hagel will testify about bergdahl's release on wednesday. president obama is going to announce he is expanding the pay as you go program which allows borrowers to pay no more than 10 percent of the inly incomes in loan payments.
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that should be a least leave. president obama plans to extend benefits to americans who began borrowing before october of 2007 which is the current cut off. meanwhile president is pushing lawmakers to support legislation to allow graduates with heavy debts to refinance their loans. senate is set to debate the bill next week. on capitol hill house veterans affairs committee will hold another hearing connected to that va scandal. meanwhile the results of the nationwide audit and numbers from patient wait data are expect to be released to day. on friday acting secretary storm gibson visited arizona site where the, scandal first broke saying department is moving ahead with investigations and also improvements. parts of the new mexico experienced severe weather yesterday. thunderstorm rolled across the state. weather officials issued a tornado watch in one area and baseball sized hail had folks running for cover. a little will boy in western pennsylvania had been suspended from the school after he accidentally brought
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a toy gun to class. he is just seven years old, replica weapon according to the the boy's parents he realized he should not have have had that weapon in school quickly. he brings it right to his teacher thinking he wases doing the the right thing. but soon afterwards, school officials call the parents and said son was not allowed back in class. >> i said i gave it to the teacher. >> he went up and said he is not supposed to have this. >> this kid succeeded in the circumstance and mixed message we are sending him now by being punished. >> that is the school policy. child has finish serving his suspension and will be in class for the last day of school. 6:19. lets get to this, yes, it tops your health headlines. a pair of headlines grabbing continues in ohio -- i don't know what happened there. >> the twins are grabbing headlines. >> the twins are grabbing them. >> yes, in the news. >> because they spent a month
6:20 am
in the hospital. >> oh, baby girl, the ones holding hands. >> oh, that is what happened. >> mike jerrick just walk in the studio. the babies were sharing am yot i can sack and it is a rare condition called mono mono. >> thank you. >> they are 5-pound, they are doing great. girls are doing well. when they first came out holding hands it was so sweet it captured all of our attention across the world. >> i'm glad you took that over. ask and you shall receive. we did this story on friday. we introduced to you this little will by mario doing one of the great lemonade stands from alex lemonade all over the delaware valley. he has an inoperable brain tumor. she is like mommy just wish that john bon jovi can come to my lemonade stands. we tweeted, facebook. would you look at who showed up on saturday. that is john bon jovi himself
6:21 am
going to mario carpino's alex lemonade stand at the fire department right here in swedesboro, new jersey. woolwich fire department. the mom really did not think that john bon jovi come but she said never give up, just believe, he prays, for recovery and to do better. that is one of the the dreams can come true. >> he showed up. >> it is amazing. >> torey was like he is there then all of the twitter blew up and sending pictures. really neat. >> that was neat. >> thanks, jon. >> good day philadelphia, coming up in about 40 minutes, it is supposed to be one of the most intimate moments but one mom wanted to share this moment with the entire world. the live tweet that caused quite a stir, full story. that is quite a meal, a group of eagles players out on the town spent almost $18,000, on dinner, you will want to see what racked up that kind
6:22 am
of a bill and which restaurant in philadelphia do you think they are eating at. >> was it a stake joint. >> i don't know. >> they are making rookies pick up the tabs. >> that is the whole thing, it is in the hazing. >> it is initiation ritual. >> it is just stupid. >> boy, 19 you this dollars on a dinner and makes rookie pick up the the tab a lot of spaghetti and meat balls. >> where did they eat it. >> we will find out. now, don't forget the umbrella because at on point you will need it. did you get rained on. >> i did. >> hopefully somebody pick you up and gave you a ride to work. >> no, no bus, no septa guy. >> no, so sorry it is a monday, isn't it. rain is around. we could have a late morning a few breaks of sunshine. close to 70 degrees. but 77 by lunchtime. it is muggy outside. it is cloudy. isolated thunderstorms could pop up and that is the situation for rest of the the day.
6:23 am
you may or may not see a thunderstorm but if you do gusty wind and heavy rain when you do. 80 degrees is our high, sunset time 8:28. here's kacie. >> 8:28. wow baby. going back out to the accident, delay is still with us, northbound side of i-95, north, moved to the shoulder. still congested there. not too favorable condition there on the roadway. trent than line on septa 15 minute delays. they are having switch
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good morning. the phillies ended their six game road trip the way they start and that is not good. i think all we need now is a win, and it didn't happen yesterday. lets go to senate. phillies up one to nothing in the fifth. that is homer bail a begins david buchanan. man on second and third. bailey gets the hit. two batters later, that is billy hamilton with the home run, that makes it four-one and that is all they needed. cincinnati wins four-one, phillies lose five out of six and home on tuesday. no surprise, lets go to paris. in the near court, joke vitch, and have raphael madal on clay is almost unbeatable. he has been that way in the french open. he wins his fifth in the row and nine french opens. winner in the second set, final set he end it and wins
6:27 am
it three-six, seven-five, six-two, six-four. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. nba finals game at one game a piece after heat take game two in san an tokyo. lebron james bounced back from his battle with cramps to lead the heat last night to the 98-96 win over spurs. lebron scored 35 points including eight in the final seven minutes of the game to lead miami. series lifts to south beach. still ahead... >> he kept hollering let me go, i cannot breathe. i said you are not going anywhere you are going to jail. >> two sanitation workers turn crime fighters. >> two sanitation workers turn crime[ male announcer ] tv's come a long way.
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we have lost two officers with young families, and a family of law enforcement who cares very much about them. >> it has happened again, police in las vegas, are latest target of gun violence, it happened, that left two officers dead this morning. encouraging signs for tracie minister again this morning days after a crash on the new jersey turnpike that killed one person and left the the comedian in the hospital. now this morning the truck driver charged in connection with the crash is expect in court. a 42 year-old delaware county man is charge with sexually assaulting a 18
6:31 am
year-old after luring her with the ad and what police found that makes them believe there could be more victims. all that, coming up in a minute but first a big developing story this morning, karen is the weather. >> we have had so much action on our radar. we will need an umbrella heading out the door. what is everybody wearing today, sue. >> buddy has rain gear on for sure, it is so much different than weekend turned out to be. rainy start, muggy out there. we have temperatures mostly in the 60's, don't forget the the rain gear, even fit is not the raining where you are, have it nearby. now, the plus side of today is it won't be raining every minute but minuses are many. it is going to be humid with thunderstorms. we are giving you a four today. here is the rain and it is all around the philadelphia area, it is raining here in the city, pretty steadily, delaware county, eastern part of the county around upper darby, lower merion, runnemede, new jersey, cherry hill, west deptford, mantua
6:32 am
all getting steady rain. we have eased up, a little bit in cumberland county, here's wilmington delaware with the light rain, and little bit in chester county. do you remember a messy monday morning, 67 degrees with southeasterly wind at 5 miles an hour. relative humidity of 84 percent. we are heading to 80 degrees today with clouds and showers. even with the rain easing up it will be cloudy. isolated thunderstorms are possible, lingering showers overnight. there it is, your fox cast from the weather authority. we will see when we get a break coming up. >> stinking rotten and then gets better later on. here's i-95 around 322, southbound on this side we have northbound taillights here. north bound heading toward what was an accident before right around k yourland street. but we have got crazy volume north and southbound this morning. we also have a lot of construction going on around girard avenue on i-95 north.
6:33 am
we will talk about that coming up, chris and karen. 6:33. a single mother just answering a job ad on craigs list lured to a home in delaware county and forced to do something unthinkable. >> sabina kuriakose live, in up are dash which these disturbing details, what is the very latest. >> reporter: chris, police say this is a major investigation and they fear the suspect may have done this dozens of times before, for a very long time. it all unraveled on thursday when an 18 year-old single mother came for to upper darby police, saying she answered an employment ad on craigs list. kevin cornish allegedly told her he was hiring her as a home health aid. she was excited after finally fining a job. she went to his apartment. that is where cops say cornish forced the young mother to sign forms claiming she was an escort. police say cornish violently raped the 18 year-old while
6:34 am
she beg him to let him go home. investigators found a home office with three computers and 50 filled out escort applications, police say cornish is a predator who may have done this dozens of times before. the victim spoke to fox 29, he says that she's standing up for other woman who may be suffering in silence. unaudible. >> you cannot always go with the first thing if you feel that something is wrong, just go with your instinct. >> we went inside and a lot of the physical evidence, that she describe, that she found in the closet, on the kitchen sink, adding chris built to her accusations. >> reporter: now cops say the crimes cornish is accused of committing are so heinous he is charge with human trafficking, kidnapping, sex assault and slew of other
6:35 am
charges. as you heard the alleged victims, they were so desperate for a job she may have ignored several red flags when responding to that craigs list ad. police are urging people as always to be extra careful when you respond, to advertisements on social media because you never know who may be at the other even, back to you guys. good point, thank you. >> just the the worst. >> 6:35. shooting rampage leaves five people dead including two police officers. authorities say a man and woman ambushed two officers just sitting there eating lunch at a pizza place and opened fire on them. both officers were killed. the suspect then walk to a nearby wal-mart and shot a third person before killing themselves. it was an apparent suicide packet. 6:35. that truck driver accused in the deadly weekend accident that left tracie morgan critically injured is expect in court today. >> lets go to steve keeley along the new jersey turnpike in mount laurel with this story for us, steve, good
6:36 am
morning. we are at exit number four and this happened around exit number eight over weekend and if you drive the posted 65 miles an hour speed limit on the new jersey turnpike it feels like you are stopped as vehicles zoom past in the spot where turnpike stretches 12 lanes where some vehicles go so fast, they seem like they are the ones taking off. as it was taken away in the flatbed truck you can see how badly damaged limo busies rear evened by wal-mart tractor trail their pushed tonight two other vehicles and flipped over the limo bus. just before the group left dover, delaware one of the friend and fellow community yan artie sent out these pictures on instagram. bottom right-hand, you can see inside the 2012 limb zone bus with the passenger door opened, letting you see how seats were set up inside. the truck driver from georgia now out on bail, but not
6:37 am
likely out of the state of new jersey, since he has his first court appearance coming up to day. he is 35 year-old kevin roper charge by death by auto. new york tv station reports that police sources say that roper said he may have dozed off just before the the crash. it is believed morgan's writer friend and mentor jimmy mcnair was likely killed sitting in the last seat in the back corner of the limo bus with a tractor trailer impact happened. and from the new jersey hospital, the latest news on the injured, it seems positive, although tracie minister again is still listed as critical his publicist quote he is more responsive and incredibly encouraging signs. he has broken leg ribs and a broken nose and is expect to be in the hospital his publicist say for quote several weeks. he and morgan's assistant remain listed as critical and limo driver is already out of the hospital. as dangerous as new jersey turnpike has always been last
6:38 am
year, it is the most safe year since it first opened to traffic in 1951 in terms of fatal crashes, just nine people killed last year. that was left than half of the 24 killed the the year before at 2012 and 70 less than 79 killed on the new jersey turnpike in the deadliest year in 1973. chris and karen. we're talking about timing and bad timing. senate appropriations committee had worst timing ever. everybody is criticizing congress for to the doing anything. at 7:00 we will tell you what they did just before this crash that will make everybody who thinks that crash was caused by a drowsy driver go i just can't believe that he just did that. >> so true. >> thanks, steve. looking forward to that or not, 6:38 is the the time two. women are facing charges after getting in a knife fight over a man. >> this all happened yesterday morning, it was right outside of this wawa, in runnemede, new jersey. investigators say one of the women tracked down her husband to a store and then she, had the confrontation with the
6:39 am
husband and his mistress, who was there, so the the wife apparently according to investigators throws a punch and the other woman whipped out a knife. there was a store employee who tried to break up the fight. >> during the fight, the gaza tend ant attempted to split up the two females, the gaza tend antis name is not being released at this time. we have to notify family. he was stabbed in the arm. >> police say both women and worker were taken to the hospital, none of the injuries are life threatening. coming up next, who claims these knock offs are putting children in danger why they say these imitations are children in danger why they say theseall the chicken in your grocery store is inspected by the usda... but perdue asked them to go further. they verify that all our chickens are cared for in a clean, safe environment... and fed an all-veggie diet. no other chicken company does this. but at perdue, we believe in a better chicken.
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well, at perdue, we say you are what you eat...eats. so we feed our chickens an all-veggie diet, including corn and marigolds with no added animal by-products... hormones...or steroids. because at perdue, we believe in a better chicken. it is wet outside. we will take you through, and we've got a couple systems that will be around, all week long, which is why we're just going to cut to the chase and call it and unsettled weather week. we have seen some rain falling, in parts of the south jersey, cumberland, salem counties around pittsgrove and millville. light showers there. most of the rain has moved out for the time being out of wilmington but raining heavily around philadelphia, cherry hill, willingboro, mount laurel and new jersey. lower merion getting steady rain, drexel rain, i just called home, it is raining in
6:43 am
media as well. we are seeing steady rain, and all the way on up to i-95. that is the round up of ultimate doppler on this messy monday. again, several systems at work. one coming through right now looks like it will stall in the area, and then, hang around for most of the week as we get a few other systems heading our way. for the rest of today it stays cloudyish, through about noon time and then rain starts to come back, it is on and off throughout the rest of the afternoon, pop up thunderstorms with that rain, and the warm inspiring everything up again. by four or 5:00 in the morning, here we go again, with more rain and it is on and off throughout the day on tuesday, tuesday night, wednesday is the day we might get a break from the rain but by thursday it is back in the forecast. very slight risk of thunderstorms from the storm prediction center in oak a the visibility is not good up in mount pocono, only .8 of a mile. reduced visibility at
6:44 am
allentown. our temperatures in the mid to upper 60's. we have 67 degrees in philadelphia right now. our high today 80. tomorrow 85. lower 80's on wednesday, it is pretty muggy, throughout that time, thursday's high is 80 degrees with thunderstorms likely. more storms in the forecast for friday. this doesn't mean it will rain every minute but it remains unsettled for most of the this week, until we will get to the weekend when it clears out on saturday and it is very nice on sunday with a high of 81. is there your seven day forecast, kacie what do you think of that. >> we have to get right to this. this is i-95, girard avenue, northbound tall lights. we have construction at girard avenue interchange heading northbound. southbound construction will be starting on the 19th. that is not the the biggest problem this morning. here's a look if you want a better gauge where exactly this will be jam. it will be jammed in both directions and southbound, where it starts. hatfield fair grounds road accident number one. accident number two jenkintown susquehanna road right around washington lane.
6:45 am
if you are heading out here is a look at your majors. manayunk norristown line is suspended until further notice on septa they are investigating an accident there also i got a picture tweet todd me from the new jersey turnpike it looks like a tractor trailer accident. we will let you guys know. >> at 6:45. two florida sanitation workers were in the right place at the right time to save a teen in trouble this he were picking up garbage thursday afternoon when they heard the girl screaming for help. she says that somebody was trying to get her. when one of the workers went into the house, he saw window screen had been taken out and an intruder was inside the home. the the the suspect ran off but other worker was in front of the house and then tackled the guy. >> i put my knee down on his chest. i applied little pressure. he kept hollering let me go i cannot breathe. i said you are not going anywhere you are going to
6:46 am
jail. >> they don't work the route together. one just happened to see the other and stopped to say hi and that is why sanitation workers were in the right place the the the right time. they are using to handling, some garbage. a veteran riding his bike from florida to the 9/11 memorial in new york hopes to honor a sold shore lost his life to try to save his comrades. >> he made his journey to our area in philadelphia where drew dickman caught up with him. >> reporter: harry connor keeps pedaling for a purpose. >> i started out in orlando, florida and yesterday i got 1,000, 113 miles. >> reporter: his 50 pounds of necessities and hope sergeant alan cash will one day be a recipient of the medal of honor. >> sergeant cash's bravery was farrah above and beyond the call of duty. >> reporter: in october 2005 cashes scaped an ambush and ied attack unharmed in iraq. covered in fuel he returned to a burning vehicle and pulled out six others.
6:47 am
cash later died from severe burns but is credited with saving lives of two soldiers. >> i calculated that he had to have been on fire somewhere between four minutes and 15 seconds and four and a half minutes. >> reporter: veteran himself connor serve in the army for eight years back in the 70's. he never met cash but feels connect to him. >> sergeant cash was a drill sergeant, so was i. sergeant cash was in the third infantry, so was i. >> he has been biking for 32 days now. >> a little bit lonely but i got the plenty to think about along the the way. >> reporter: despite traveling a thousand miles, he is not hitting the brakes. >> in comparison to what sergeant cash did on october 17th of 2005 riding a bicycle 1100 miles is a walk through the the park. he has formed a relationship. he hopes the relationshipes is forming on the road will pay tribute to cash's legacy. >> i think everybody needs to do something really good for
6:48 am
somebody else, once in their life, and hopefully this is mine. >> connor hopes to reach 9/11 memorial by wednesday. sergeant cash was awarded silver star posthumously but connor ace monk many who believe he deserves the medal of honor to see more chronicles of the could be or's journey head to my fox and click on seen on tv. reporting from the news room, drew dick man fox 29 news. thanks, drew. hershey company is suing a company in colorado over the candy that they are selling. hershey ace alleging that this cabbed candy, and daddy patty resemble their products which obviously they do hershey officials say packaging could be confusing to consumers but here's the issue, it could be confuse to go children who see them and could consume them. company would like to have marijuana edible makers stop selling them. hugh jackman returned as host of the 68th annual tony
6:49 am
awards. >> ♪ i love the tony's and i'm the host of your show. ♪ >> he is always fun. he started with the kangaroo, bouncing all around, having so much fun. it is his fourth time hosting the tony's. >> look at cli nt, he is not amused. >> ♪ >> a gentlemen's guy for love and murder won for best musical. tonight most nominations of the night with ten total, neil path the trick harris also a big winner. he won his first for leading actor in a musical for his performance as a transgendered women in angry inch. >> audry mcdonnell has become
6:50 am
tony awards most decorated actress. >> she won her sixth tony for sixth lead actress for playing philly holiday inn lady day and em or's bar and grill. >> promoted to miss u.s.a. >> and, miss u.s.a., 2014 is nevada. >> and her name is lee sanchez. she's so pretty. she beat out 50 other contestants in the big competition. sanchez is a fourth degree black belt. don't mess with her. she spoke about the importance of would hen defending themselves. she will represent our country in the miss universe pageant coming up later this year. >> go represent. >> we are getting our first glimpse of hank basket's new born baby hank has been wonderful and so is his wife kendra wilkinson, a favorite of our own michael eugene
6:51 am
jerrick. they welcomed their daughter last movement she joined older brother hank junior who is now four years old. >> kendra has been on the show, many, many times. she's revealing she may have been pregnant on the good day show. >> last time i saw her was up in the super bowl. she was quite pregnant then. >> i saw you all over instagram and twitter out at events this weekend. >> i was like a shark, i never stopped moving. in nine minutes we will start good day philadelphia there was a chance at history at belmont steaks as you know. what do you think about this. california chrome came up short. now it is the horse's, somewhat bitter owner, making headlines with his, post race rant. what he says cost his team, the the triple crown did you watch. >> i saw the the outcome. i saw his, i don't know, sour grapes or should they change the the rules. >> sit sour grapes.
6:52 am
>> that is why it is triple crown. >> i tend to agree with him. >> why don't you have to run all three races. >> except last triple crown winners, they competed against horse that he is did not race. >> affirmed. >> yes. >> secretary at before that. >> it can be done before, that is the the record, that is the record. it makes it a rare and special thing. >> shut up and drive. >> yes, we have possibility of meeting your windshield this morning. 7:00 o'clock it is just ten minutes away. well, nine or eight at this point. it will be 07 degrees. muggy lower 07's by 9:00 o'clock. cannot rule out stay shower by then. then this evening, with a little bit of daytime heating we will fire up with the pop up thunderstorms, possibility four or five or 6:00 o'clock of a very messy commute with temperatures at that point in the upper 70's to around 80 degrees. that is your messy monday,
6:53 am
kacie. >> sue, this morning is crazy. this is i-95 at girard avenue. these headlights are southbound. we have northbound taillights. we are hearing about a horrible accident involving a overturn tractor trailer. this is in north jersey, 295 right around exit 8a heading southbound. we will have more on that coming up but lets go to the westbound side of the the platt bridge ramp to i-95 right lane blocked. vehicle off the roadway there or into the guardrail, excuse me. looking at your majors, it is
6:54 am
6:55 am
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good morning, welcome back at 6:56. we are live at frenchman or in the pocono mountains in a rainy day down here in the delaware valley. sue serio's full forecast coming up in a minute. but first, it is an unlikely friendship between a pit bull and a deer. take a look at what isn the intt right now. zeke is a five-year old pit bull mix adopted from a germantown animal outreach program. couple weeks ago zeka's owner john and mar yet writes caught little guy playing hide and seek and chase was one of the neighborhood deer. margaret says the video has it amazed, and hen the went viral. coming up next on good day make up wipes and best campers but that is nothing compared to what happened after the picture is taken. we sent our jen fred to show you firsthand of how much of
6:57 am
those images in magazines are photo shopped. you might be surprised. >> unaudible. >> a packed gym forced to run for cover as tornado bears
6:58 am
6:59 am
drenching downpours, hey, welcome to a monday.
7:00 am
come on, seriously get out of here. what a difference a day makes. yesterday was fantastic. gorgeous weekend. well, it is all wet start to this week, right now, here we go. >> i saw the gun was in their hand. he just told me, he was a revolution. >> it happened again. a mass shooting this time in vegas leaves five dead including two # police officers. the investigation is underway. and a few signs of improvement this morning for comedian tracie morgan after that deadly crash on the new jersey turnpike. what we're learning the driver of that tractor trail der moments before the chain reaction crash. plus this...


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