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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  June 9, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at we are following a developing story on this monday morning yet another deadly mass shooting this time in las vegas, disturbing details straight ahead. >> unaudible. >> horrifying allegations made by a young woman, looking for work on craigs list. why police believe there could be dozen more women out there just like her. also sue serio tracking messy weather for your monday morning, good morning, sue. >> it looks like we've got some rain here and more rain on the way, so, when does this end and will we end up with another nice weekend?
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your seven day forecast is coming up from the weather authority. and... >> ♪ >> he is back, this time he is not alone, psi's new hit hang over is coming up in the trend. >> you just know whether you want to or not we will soon be doing whatever the new maneuver is. forget our horsey thing we will be doing something like this. >> s some gangam style get on line. >> good morning to you, sue serio, good morning, to everybody else joining us 59:00 a.m. >> i am not going to twerk. i will not do it. i saw it happening in that video. lets see what we can expect is. if you just woke up what kind of of commute will you have this morning? it isn't going to rain that much this morning we don't think, a lot of what is around may fizzle out but have the umbrella. you may need windshield wipers. 70 degrees by 7:00 o'clock.
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seventy-one, 72, muggy, a shower or two possible for morning commute. more likely you will see a then are storm with some heavy rain and lightening this evening. we will get up to a high of 80 degrees and these will be isolated thunderstorms but i want to alert you to the possibility that could happen for your evening commute. what is happening right now? there is plenty of rain around, not every where. more streaming from the southwest but we you do need your umbrella leaving in a few moments if you are off to an early, early start, we understand. steady rain in philadelphia on the light side though. around deerfield, in new jersey, allah way creek, bridgeton, is there steady rain there newark delaware around the university they are getting steady rain as well. it is 67 degrees at the moment, with a southerly breeze at 7 miles an hour and relative humidity of 81 percent. sunrise happens 5:32 but we don't expect to see sunshine. we will expect 80 degrees with
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isolated thunderstorms, more toward later on in the afternoon and evening. tonight we are down to 67 degrees with more showers and evening thunderstorms as well, so it will be an interesting monday, kacie, and boring nice weather over weekend, that is out of here. >> hopefully until next weekend. >> as long as it is during the week. talking about this i-95 construction it will be with us for a while and it will be slowing us down every single day. we will get a little bit of the break on the outbound side. they will push it back ten more days. 6:19 is when that started. northbound we have delays girard avenue through allegheny. they are working on girard avenue interchange right now, in and out trucks, it is touch and go there, chris and karen. developing right now out of las vegas a shooting rampage leaves five people dead including two police officers. authorities say a man and a woman ambushed two officers eating lunch at a pizza shop and opened fire killing both officers. the the suspect then walk to a nearby wal-mart, where they shot a third person before
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killing himself. this was an apparent suicide packed. >> i saw the the gun in their hand and it was a revolution and he killed two cops. >> investigators say female suspect shot the male suspect and then turned the gun on herself. motive is still not clear. >> a court appearance is expect for that driver accused in the deadly weekend pile up on the new jersey turnpike that left actor tracie morgan, critically injured. the actor has a broken leg, broken nose and several broken ribs from the chain reaction crash. fellow mentor james mcnear known as uncle jimmy mack died in the crash. thirty-five year-old wal-mart driver kevin roper is facing one count of death by automobile and four counts of assault. coming up later we will have our fox legal analyst ken rottweiler to discuss charges against him. meanwhile hollywood sending caring thoughts and tweets to the comedian. philadelphia's kevin hart
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tweeted on this sunday ski all of to you throw a special prayer for my friend, tracie morgan has been on my mind heavy. samuel jackson tweeted sending out prayers for tracie morgan. i hope he has a full recovery from his accident. good vibes for a good dude. first on fox, police say a craigs list conn man is praying on young woman offering them honest work and then forcing them to dot unthinkable. is a bean occur cozies live from upper darby with more on this, good morning sabina. >> reporter: good morning, chris. allegations in this case are so chilling, now here's a young mother down on her luck. she just wants to find a job where she can support her young child and police say she thought this suspect was going to hire her as a home health aid but they alleged instead he ambush her and what investigators found inside 42 year-old kevin cornish direct from her apartment has led them to charge him with human trafficking. cops believed he may have done this to dozens of other victims.
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now, on thursday an 18 year-old single mom of one told police he answered a craigs list ad looking for work. when he met with cornish inside his apartment he tried to force her to sign forms, saying that she was an escort. the cops say cornish then raped the young mother and police search his home and found up to 50 forms filled out by different women. >> i was just looking for a job. i'm a single mother. i wanted a job. >> fifty application forms to this escort service which fictitious. so, he got 50 names of all would men that we now have to find out if in fact they were sexually assaulted by this
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guy. >> reporter: now, police say that they are charging cornish with kidnapping, sexual assault and human trafficking among other charges, he is being held on $250,000, cash bail, and now this victim says she's coming forward to stand up for others, struggling single mothers out there and police believe there may be other victims. they are asking anybody who has come into contact with cornish and believes he may have victimized them to come forward, back to you. >> sabina kuriakose live, thank you. we have learn the name of the man killed in what police are calling a road rage shooting in the feltonville neighborhood. four three-year old todd riley was shot multiple times at fifth and the boulevard about 11:00 on saturday. investigators say a driver and motorcyclist got in a very heated argument when one opened fire right in front of the several police officers. >> i think biggest lesson is think before you react. it really is not that, it is
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not that deep to take a life over. >> something you hear more and more b i don't know, maybe somebody needs to do something, change laws, change gun laws to protect the community and make sure things don't happen like this to innocent people. >> a 31 year-old woman was also shot, she's in stable condition, police were right there so one suspect was taken into custody. so far no charges have been filed. also police want to find a man who claimed to be armed with a grenade during a robbery in bucks county. hilltown township police were called out to the cvs on route 113, county line road yesterday afternoon. police say a robber threat tone pull a opinion pen on a grenade if he didn't get drugs. he got away with an undisclosed amount of medication. >> two women are facing charges after getting into a knife fight over a man. yes, confrontation happened sunday morning outside a wawa in runnemede, new jersey. investigators say one of the woman track her husband to the
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store and started arguing with the woman believed to be the man's mistress. they say the wife threw punched and another woman pulled a knife. store employee tried to break up the whole thing. >> during the the fight a gaza tend ant attempted to split up 29 females, the gaza tend ant's name is not being released at this time. >> we have to notify family. he was stabbed in the arm. >> police say both women and the worker were taken to the hospital, and none of the injuries is life threatening. 5:09. archdiocese of philadelphia reinstated priest suspended after 2011 grand jury report into child sexual abuse allegations. archdiocese says archbishop chaput decided that the monsignor is suitable for ministry. it cited quote unsomebody is substantiated allegation that is he sexually abused minors more than 20 years ago. the 67 year-old was ordained in 1972 and most recently
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served in lansdale. it the looks like repair crews are making progress on the i495 bridge near wilmington delaware. officials say they're almost done removing a hundred tane of dirt which they believe caused support columns to tilt. they say that will be the first step in getting the bridge repaired and reopened to traffic but transportation officials say that process could still take weeks if in the months. bridge was closed last machine after the problem was discovered during an emergency inspection. traffic has been redirect through wilmington on i-95. repairs are being made to the water main break in north philadelphia. water department was called out to 27th and master this weekend. people in the area did not lose water, but some of them did get flooding in their basements. streets around that break will stay closed until all repairs are made. that is a mess n word when the job will be finish. you could see a major police presence in sussex county delaware as part of the training obsession it starts today at vacant milford middle school.
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law enforcement agencies will be training flaw friday from 8:00 to 4:00 o'clock. it will include active shooter drills. we gave that warning, so often we will get calls saying people they think is there an instant accident. that is just a warning. it is just a training drill. sue serio, tracking the weather not only in delaware but here in pennsylvania. >> we will do a round up of radar because we do have rain falling, yes in, delaware, southern new jersey and philadelphia, other parts of the pennsylvania as well. we will see some rain here around el kton maryland and across the border in to delaware. going up i-95 you'll run into heavy rain there. philadelphia has got steady rain at the moment and that is the case up through montgomery county, northeast philadelphia, across the the river in palmyra, new jersey, cherry hill getting some rain. we will go back to cumberland county and see vineland has been get something rain all morning long and it continues
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right now. so, real quickly to go through future cast it does show clouds and showers throughout the rest of the morning and maybe a break towards end of the morning into early afternoon. seven day forecast, has unsettled weather throughout the rest of the week clearing out once again just in time for weekend. we may get a break from rain on wednesday but even then it will be cloudy and bit on the unsettled side. phillies start a series with the project tomorrow. kacie. taking a look at your majors things look good right now for weather conditions and for all of the construction we have out there on the roadways. north bound side have of 495, not to make a bad situation worse but more construction block ing two right lanes at that southern interchange and new castle northbound side of 495 at edgemore road. we have more construction right lane close that had did clear out, sticking with us for longer than anticipated. you know hugh jackman he knows
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how to strut himself. he dit on stage. we have highlights from your tony awards.
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welcome back at 5:15. topping national headlines more help on the way for americans struggling to pay back their student loans. today president obama will announce he is expanding the pay as you go program, which allows borrowers to pay no
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more than 10 percent of their monthly income, in loan payments. president obama plans to extend the benefits to americans who began borrowing before october of 2007, which is the current cut off. meanwhile president is pushing law make tours support legislation to allow graduates with heavy debt to refinance their loans, the senate is set to debate the bill next week. on capitol hill today, veterans affairs committee is going to be holding another hearing connect to the growing va scandallal. lawmakers will get an update on the latest inspector general report. officials from the va and government accountability office are expect to testify. meanwhile the result of the nationwide audit and number from patients, date air expect to be released to day, on friday acting va secretary sloan bridgeton visited the arizona site where scandal first broke and said department is moving ahead with the investigations. more than a week after that controversial prisoner swap of the taliban we are
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learning much more about how sergeant bow bergdahl was treated during his time in captivity. u.s. officials say he told his doctors he was tortured, beaten and held in a cage after he tried to escape. meanwhile as bergdahl is recovering in the military hospital in germany law makers in washington are still upset they weren't notified before the five taliban members were freed from guantanamo prison. >> to give them back, strategies, it is something that we should take a good look at and be sure that we get something meaningful in exchange. >> secretary of state john kerry dismissed the notion that released taliban members with put u.s. troops in afghanistan in danger. defense secretary chuck hagel will testify about bergdahl's release on wednesday to capitol hill. it is 5:17. taking a look at stories from around the world, pakistani officials say that 18 people had been killed when gunman dressed as police attacked an airport terminal on sunday.
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officials say the gun man were armed with machine guns and rocket launcher. the siege happened at an old terminal of the airport and lasted several hours, all of the terrorist were reportedly killed. >> our security forces confronted and killed them. at first they killed five terrorist, they killed another five in the second attack. total of ten have been killed good no one has claimed responsibility for that attack. 5:18. topping our health news researchers link pollution to autism and schizophrenia. from the university of rochester those researchers say they have discovered a biological medic is in that many may explain how pollution can put people in higher risk for both autism and schizophrenia according to the study, children exposed to heavy traffic-related pollution during first year of their lives were three times more likely to develop autism. these findings appear in the environmental health. children treated like little princesses at home are
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at risk of getting sick later in life. new research now suggest that girls are less active than boys by the age of eight and only 12 # percent of 14 years old girls are physically active as they should be. that is because boys are encourage to be rough and tumble but young girls are told to be proper and behave like little princesses. if children don't get in the habit of being active it can lead to diabetes and other health risks. a rock star makes a little boy's dream come true. >> this is so much fun. we met this child on friday. he came on to the good day show, with his mom and he was hoping upon hope he wanted to have a alex lemonade stand and asking for two years to have john bon jovi come out and raise money for children with cancer. would you look who came on saturday. we are talking about little mario carpino, bon jovi came. this little boy, ten years old he has an inoperable brain tumor and he had been asking to come. he sings his very favorite song. he made this little boy's
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dream come true there were cheers all over the place. the fire department in swedesboro, new jersey, woolwich fire department. they raised tons of money over this time, they have raised more than a $150,000. we will to have do latest check but thanks to bon jovi and all who just tweeted and got his attention. would you look at the smiles, that is just absolutely a dream come true. >> cool guy, that is great. hugh jackman returns as host of the 68th annual tony awards. >> it is always fun. great the show. >> ♪ i'm the host of your show ♪ >> yes. >> kicking off tony's with a bounce. kangaroo kind of guy, bouncing around from down under. this is fourth time he has hosted. >> look at clint. >> that was totally on purpose. that was totally on purpose.
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yes. >> ♪ >> we know her voice at home because she sings let it go. >> from frozen, idina mansells belts outlet it go from the big disney hit but then on the show last night for tonies because she was singing always starting over. that is from the broadway musical, if/then. >> it is at least five or six times at this point, sue i hear the song let it the go. it used to be 20 times a day, a month ago. >> easing up. >> yeah. >> i should say, hard to imagine her singing a song that wasn't a belting ballot blockbuster. >> yes. >> all right. morning has broken, but don't expect to see a whole lot of sunshine if any today. i put a little bit in the forecast. maybe a few breaks maybe late
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morning but we will be close to 70 degrees as we walk outside the door and it is muggy out there not a good hair day. 77 degrees by lunchtime and anytime after that is when we will start to see those isolated thunderstorms popping up. they will be random. you may or may not see one, 80 degrees is our high temperature to daze and sunset time, 8:28. definitely we will need your umbrella. >> i took it out of mize bag last night, thank you, sue. cristina river bridge, 495 closed between terminal avenue and 12th street emergency bridge inspection there. i-95 totally jammed in delaware. we have our own problems in pennsylvania on i-95, we have that coming up but right new blowing up on social media. you know it, psi's new song something a lot of people can relate to have a the weekend. the rapper hoist lending his street chris to catching trend coming up in the trend.
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welcome back. investors are feeling cautiously optimistic on wall street as major indexes continue to break records but people on wall street are a little will concerned that there has not been a correction in the market which is a drop of 10 percent or more since august of 2011. s and p500 gained nine points to close at 1949, the eighth record in the past ten days. dow jones rose 88 to 16,924
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and nasdaq climbed 25. tezsla is considering three new path opportunities speed up electric car development. the company's ceo says he is hoping to break down technological barriers with that release. electric kara toppings has been slow, which is one reason why the company is considering, operating and offering its technology. the in the gaming world, sony play station has beat its rival nintendo for the first time in eight years. sony sold nearly 19 million systems last year while nintendo sold just more than 16 million. numbers include hand held devices. sony, nintendo and microsoft are expect to announce, new, this week, their titles for video game expo in los angeles. boy, my son would love to be there for that. >> yes. >> are your kids into video games. >> no, i'm keeping them away. teenage romance wins at the box office blasting big stars angelina jolie and tom
5:27 am
cruise. >> i hope you realize you are trying to keep your distance from me. >> i'm like a grenade. >> the fault in our stars earned more than $48 million in the box office debut, starring shealen woodly. the movie cost just two million-dollar to produce, and maleficent and and lean i jolly and tom cruise and the edge of tomorrow round out the top three spots. why he walk, 40 miles, top three spots. w[ male announcer ]es, tv's come a long way.
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from color.
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to the remote. to flat screens. now it's taking a quantum leap. introducing fios quantum tv. record up to 12 shows at the same time. store up to 200 hours of entertainment in hd. plus watch live tv anytime with the fios mobile app. redefining what tv can be. that's powerful. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v
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>> reporter: we will begin in the rain here in south jersey and we may learn a lot more in court about the crash that critically hurt tracie morgan and killed his friend. it happened like so many others here on this busy road a tractor trail are driver not noticing slow traffic and not being able to slow himself or stop in time, karen. we are following a developing story out of las vegas fourth deadly rampage making headlines in the last few weeks, disturbing details of this shooting spree. back here at home a complete turn from the beautiful weekend, you'll be waking up to a rainy, sort of glummy monday. live look at our radar how long will these showers stick around. sue serio will let you know in weather on the one's. >> it is monday, june 9th, 2014. who sang that song rainy days
5:31 am
and monday always get me down. >> karen richard. >> yes good back in the 70's. >> good morning, sue. >> it is true, talking to myself and feeling old. that is every day. lets take a look at our weather, with buddy, it is umbrella time. we have waterproof jacket on. we have got rain out there. a couple temperatures in the 50's but we are in the 60's as we walk out the door this morning and it is, on the muggy side, even when it is not raining. you can see in our corner of the country more rain streaming from the southwest and on and off throughout the area. we have had a break in southern delaware and parts of the other than new jersey down by the shore this morning. it is cloudy every where. here in philadelphia we have still have the steady rain falling, a little more in delaware county around chester and across the river in salem county, new jersey.
5:32 am
cumberland county getting their share of rain as well and an area of heavier rain has moved in between newark and wilmington in delaware. 67 degrees where we are right now. you can see how wet it is outside our studios, southerly winds at seven. what an absolutely fabulous weekend. 84 degrees both saturday and sunday. humidity was low. great weekend. eighty today with rain and isolated thunderstorms popping up later in the day. we are down to 67 degrees, more showers and storms toward evening. that is your fox cast from the weather authority, the at least rain waited until the the weekend was over. >> yesterday was beautiful, thanks very much, sue serio, appreciate it. they don't appreciate this though. they are doing a reconstruction project on i-95 so both directions northbound i-95 girard avenue allegheny. they are working on the interchanges right the now, on and off ramp, southbound work will start on the 19th. we will have a break there,
5:33 am
chris. thinks awful, developing out of las vegas a shooting rampage that left five people dead including two police officers. authorities say a man and woman ambushed two officers eating lunch in the pizza shop and opened fire on them killing both officers. the the suspects then walked to the wal-mart and then they shot a think person. happening today, the truck driver accused in the deadly new jersey turnpike pile up that critically injured actor tracie morgan is expect to be in court today. lets get out to steve keeley in new jersey with the very latest on this. earlier i heard talks, steve, maybe that the driver had dropped off or fall's sleep or something, did you hear anything to that extent. >> reporter: well work these torrential downpours we are hoping that drivers will at least stay awake and slow down with this posted speed limit of 65 miles an hour but anyone who has driven it though knows actual speed limit among the trucks, buses and cars on it
5:34 am
year after year, goes up to 80 on that stretch right above south jersey when the constantly rang in the top five busiest roads of the country becomes 12 lanes and high speeds sudden stops and slow downs can result in its worst crashes. >> as it was taken away in the flatbed truck you can see how badly damaged limo busies, rear ended by wal-mart tractor trailer that pushed tonight two other vehicles and flipped over limo bus. just before the group left dover, delaware one of the friend and fellow comedian traveling with him, sent out these pictures on instagram. on the bottom right you can see inside 2012 mercedes bus with the passenger door opened letting you see how seats were set up inside. truck driver from georgia now out on bail but you not likely out of the state of new jersey since he got his first court appearance coming up today. he is 35 year-old kevin roper charge with death by auto and four counts of assault by
5:35 am
auto. new york tv station reports that police sources say roper says you may have dozed off just before the crash. it is believed morgan's writer, friend, mentor jimmy mcnair was likely killed sitting in the last seat the in the back corner of the limo bus where the tractor trailer impact happened. >> from the new jersey hospital the the latest news on the injured seems positive although tracie morgan is still listed as critical his publicist say he has been an inn responsive sign. he has a broken leg ribs and broken nose and is expect to be in the hospital his publicist said for several more weeks. morgan's assistant remain in critical condition. the the the limo driver is already out of the hospital. because this crash involved a much loved tv star it happened in the new york media market it gets more attention from authorities too. same group known mostly for investigating plane crashes and train derailments, the national transportation safety
5:36 am
board said it will send a team here to south jersey and use this accident as a case study to prevent similar accidents. it has got people examining all of the history of the turnpike and along with anything that they have learn so far from the crash that we may learn a whole lot more in court including what that driver told authorities and maybe, an estimate about how fast he was going. new jersey governor chris christie will be in camden county making stops at several schools including california den high school. he is a once noing the camden promise program partnership to help make children make healthier food choices and also improve education. christie was head liner at a fundraiser for pennsylvania governor tom corbett on friday. there will be a second fund raiser with these two governors today in philadelphia corbett is depending heavily on financial support from the republican governor's association, to help this reelection campaign and, of course, christie is the the chair of the rga.
5:37 am
corbett will be facing democrat tom wolf come november. lets stay with politics, new jersey senate president steve sweeney heads to willingboro to promote a hike in the states minimum wage. sweeney will visit a rita's water ice franchise and meet with the owner to discuss his support of the wage increase. last year voter wanted to have a initiative he helped sponsor. psy is gaining a new song gaining millions of views yet again and millions of views in a matter of hours. he is not loan. the rapper lending his star power to the catchy tune coming up
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just in time, for your morning commute, repair crews are making some progress on the i495 bridge near wilmington delaware. officials say they are nearly done removing a mountain of dirt which they believe caused some support columns to tilt. they say that will be the first step in getting the bridge repaired and reopened to traffic but transportation officials say that process could still take weeks if not months. the bridge, as you know, was closed last monday and for the problems discovered during an emergency inspection, traffic has now been redirect through wilmington on i-95. okay. it is 5:40. lets look up at our pocono mountains bushkill falls. sue on friday was telling bus the big nascar race, at pocono race way that happened this weekend which were fabulous but sue, i just saw, channing
5:41 am
tatem was there. >> he didn't let us know that he was coming. >> he is a huge nascar fan now. >> that is right, we would have been high tailing it the right up to the mountains over the weekend and making for big traffic jams, that way. but i imagine that incident is over because pocono 400, of course, is over and now we're dealing with monday morning rain, yuck, what a way to start the workweek. we've got pockets of heavier rain around wilmington, delaware. right now we have got some rain around philadelphia, one little pocket in delco around chester getting rain there. abington southern study rain. we have rain down towards pittsgrove, vineland, cumberland county getting steady rain as well. what is happening is we have a low pressure system dragging this frontal system through and it looks like it will stall here. it is a stationary front when we see red and blue on there and it is probably going to
5:42 am
stay close by over the next couple of days, giving us very unsettled weather pattern for the next couple of days, so really, through friday you can expect rain, anytime. so 80 degrees today. eighty-five tomorrow. muggy both days. it is really humid on wednesday with a high of eight two. we are around 80 on thursday with the chance of thunderstorms and more storms are possible on friday, and then, magically we will clear out just in time for the weekend once again, if this forecast holds it will be the fourth or fifth weekend kacie that the rain got out of the way in the middle of the week and cleared out. >> i will go with fifth or sixth weekend. i love it. i'm on team sue. thanks very much. going to your majors, everything looks good even i-95 looks good with the i-95 construction going on. we have one thing bustleton verree road still closed. that water main break this has been here a few weeks, for
5:43 am
that one. welsh road to red lion closure. bustling to be avenue will get you around that. if you were watching triple crown horse racing going on, you know that california chrome did not win. why his owners demanding changes to the racing rules, coming up. [ male announcer ] tv's come a long way. from color. to the remote. to flat screens. now it's taking a quantum leap. introducing fios quantum tv. record up to 12 shows at the same time so everyone can watch what they want. store up to 200 hours of entertainment in hd
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so you can binge watch your favorite shows. pause, rewind and play live tv on all your tv's. plus watch live tv anytime with the fios mobile app. redefining what tv can be. that's powerful. upgrade to a fios triple play with fios quantum tv and get $300 back with a two year agreement plus an extra bonus from verizon wireless -- this free lg tablet or up to $200 off any tablet from verizon. go to today. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v
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phillies came out of the six game road trip the same way that they started and that
5:46 am
was not good. i think all of the phillies needed and all we need is a win but that did not happen yesterday. lets go to cincinnati. phillies up one to nothing in the fifth inning. david buchanan the pitch's begins homer bail the the other pitch er and reds with the head. second and third. that knocks in two. two-one reds. two batters later, billy hamilton hits the home run. four runs is hard for phillies to come back from these days. they have lost 25 out of six. they loose to cincinnati. no surprise the winner of the french open. that is joke cities good, but not as good as rafael madal on clay. french opened is played on clay. good volley here. madal will say good night, good-bye in the second set. uneventful win on a uneventful point in the final set, double fault. madal wins. that is sports in a minute, i'm howard eskin. well, 5:46. nba finals, it is tied up at
5:47 am
one game appease after the heat took game number two in san antonio. lebron james bounced back from game one to lead heat to the 98-96 win over spurs. lebron scores 35 points including eight in the final seven minutes of the game to lead miami. series now shifts to south beach. california chrome did not runaway with the triple crown over the weekend and that has the horse's co-owner crying foul. even though he did a lot of talking. his name is steve cowurn and wow like have to have the racing rules changed. he is upset that all of the horse december not race in the kentucky derby, preakness and the belmont, triple crown. now coburn's bitter reaction is getting a lot more attention then the race itself. >> it is in the fair of these horses that have have been in the game since day one. lie at it this way if you cannot make enough points to get in the kentucky derby, you cannot run in the other two races. the it is all or nothing. this is not fair to these
5:48 am
horses that have been grunting their guts out for these people and for the people that believe in them, to have some than come out. this was a coward's way out in my opinion this is a coward's way out. >> some people say that sounds like sour grapes. of the 11 horses who competed in the belmont only three, including chrome, also ran the derby and preakness. so it has in the been a cripple crown winners in 36 years which is why it is such a record to be achieved. meanwhile california chrome is recovering from a gash on his foot which may have caused him the race. miss nevada is being promoted to miss u.s.a. >> and, miss u.s.a., 2014 is ... nevada. >> eve sanchez beat out 50 others in the yesterday's competition. sanchez is a fourth degree black belt and spoke about the importance of being able to
5:49 am
defend ones self. she will represent the the u.s. in the miss universe pageant later this year. michigan teen who wanted to raise awareness for cerebral palsy by walking 40 miles with the younger brother strapped to her back is now finish his journey. four year-old hunter carried his seven year-old brother bray ten from their hometown to the university of michigan ann arbor to go. they aim to raise awareness of the muscular disorder that prevents brayden from being able to walk without help. >> just an amazing story. just a study of spirit. 5:49 is the time. >> in the trend guy behind gangam style is back with a new song and he is teaming up with a popular rapper. >> oh, no, kacie, new dance moves we will have to be learning. >> we know this all too well. we did gang am style at fox 29. you remember psy, would i do it now? no. been there, done that chris murphy. old news. south korea pop star, sing shore brought us gang am style he back and wrapping with
5:50 am
snoop dog. it is call hang over. check it out. >> ♪ >> i don't know about those moves if you are hung over this comes 2,502nd weeks afghans man style is your paced 2 billion views on you tube. it is currently on sale on itunes. whatever. it is monday. we want to know what you did over the weekend. one of my best friend was ordained a priest, so i can show you picks coming up. it was a great ceremony. tweet us pictures using fox 29 weekend as the hash tag. don't forget the hash tag let us know how you spend this beautiful weekend. >> not listening to psy. >> no. >> he would give me a headache in three seconds. >> thanks, kacie. here's what a lot of people did this weekend they were celebrating lgbt community in a big way. they had a huge gay pride parade and festival.
5:51 am
>> this weekend's marked the parade's 26th year. thousands of supporters came out to represent, philly gay pride, the parade began at noon in washington square. following the pageantry the crowd made their way to penns landing, for the psy festival complete with food and games. 5:51. we saw people heading up to the pocono mountains and nascar races. were you down the the shore in atlantic city. >> just beautiful good you were at your daughter's games. >> yes good my daughter plader n media there was a lot going on. if you stayed where you were and coming home today you will probably at some point need your windshield wipers. it is a maybe, maybe not situation for this morning. cloudy skies and shower or two around, by 9:00 o'clock we are up to 72 degrees and it will be muggy and then watch out this evening for a chance of
5:52 am
pop up showers or thunderstorms. it could happen any time. if we see sunshine that increases chance unfortunately of some thunderstorms popping up, so 80 degrees will be our high temperature and we have potential for a messy commute. let see how those wet roadways are doing this morning. >> sue, i told you not to come here. this is i-95 at girard. we have all this construction going on around girard avenue interchange. if you are heading northbound, heading southbound thinks just regular volume, it is limited visibility out there. it is a mess. lots of young to look out for. we will update you on that construction at i-95 but that is not only thing you are autopsy begins this morning, chris and karen. heart warming reunion at a young woman's graduation how her mother managed to surprise her.
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
no more cart wheels, that is their public meetings, former ohio state cheerleader, still has been banned from acrobatics at the the meeting. she said she follow the order but don't expect her to be on her feet the whole time. >> there you go. >> yes. >> that is what makes the world go round, it keeps news business. >> yes, a graduation surprise. this is for a daughter whose
5:56 am
mother was away on military leave. she returned home. she kept her plans to go her daughter's graduation completely a secret staying out of sight from everybody except her own mom in. she appeared via satellite to wish her daughter well. but then stepped on the stage to the as extonish. of everybody in the room. >> i was completely surprised and i was going to my head you like me. i asked you if you were coming and she said no. >> well, she had to lie about. white lies. she was in michigan for two weeks before going back to service and duty. >> talk about being in the right place at the right time how two sanitation workers saved a teen in trouble. our steve keeley live on the new jersey turnpike following this weekend's deadly crash, good morning, steve. >> reporter: yes, story about the wrong place at the wrong
5:57 am
time anybody that drives on the turnpike knows how dangerous it can be, it takes in a billion dollars of tolls every year. that is why it is always one of the top five busiest roads in the country and with all of that traffic it can make for awful crashes at speeds that go way above 65 miles an hour limit. [bell rings] [prof. burke] at farmers,we believe what you don't know can hurt you.
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he just told me, that it was a revolution. >> it has happened again, a mass shooting in las vegas leaves five dead, including, two police officers and the investigation this morning. signs of improvement this morning for comedian tracie morgan after a deadly crash in the new jersey turnpike, what we're learning about the driver of that tractor trailer and what he did moments before the the chain reaction crash. what happened, i wouldn't wish it upon anybody. it was worse thing you could go through. >> young mother just trying to look for work brutally attacked hugh her bravery may help other victims of the same suspect. what a difference a day makes from a gorgeous end to your weekend to a wet start to the week. sue is tracking when next round have rain will hit. good morning. it is 6:00 o'clock as we begin this new day and week. we are


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