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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 4a  FOX  June 9, 2014 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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we begin in the rain in new jersey, this morning where the conditions were a lot better over the weekend when a major star gets hurt and a crash that highlights dangers of the jersey turnpike. we're following a developing story yet another deadly mass shooting this time in las vegas. disturbing details straight ahead. sue serio is tracking what we just saw steve keeley's live shot some rain. >> you could see how wet it is here in olde city, what a contrast to our perfect weekend weather. are we in for another unsettled workweek? we will have your weather authority forecast just ahead, chris. thanks, sue. love triangle turns violent why a gas station attendant ended up getting slashed.
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good day, everybody. it is a monday. the it is june 9th. thanks so much for joining us as we begin this new week good morning chris murphy. >> good morning. >> how was your birthday. >> fun, great wet tear. >> yes, whatever people were doing and wherer they were throughout our greater delaware valley. sue, it is already raining on top of our heads. >> after expecting congratulations over the weekend for great weather and yes, difficult accept them we have a contrast today. its an umbrella kind of day. maybe not constantly but there will be plenty of times where you will need your umbrella before we look ahead lets look back to the weekend. both days, saturday and sunday we ended up with 84 degrees high temperature. it was sunny birthdays. humidity was low. it was really a fantastic weekend. the it was absolutely fabulous. one of my favorite tv shows. anyway ultimate doppler sows difference now. we have heavy rain moving through parts of the area toward lehigh valley we are seeing rain just exiting, from southwest to north east, here
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in philadelphia, we've got steady rain we saw it outside our window around west deptford, new jersey, mantua, rain falling as well as near cherry hill, and also, cinnaminson in burlington county you where to get heavier rain. vineland getting decent rain, pouring around dearfield and millville, this morning down in cumberland county. in delaware newark getting light rain and maybe steady rain in red lion. that is a round up of our radar. 68 degrees in philadelphia at the the moment. really wet. southerly wind at 7 miles an hour. the don't for get umbrella sunrise time 5:32 in the necessarily any unshine at that time. 68 degrees is your temperature you, very muggy out there, 67 lancaster, 59 mount pocono and 69 degrees in dover, delaware. an issue with visibility in trenton, it looks like we are down to 2 miles there, about 5 miles in mount pocono. we will keep an eye on that with all that rain and look at
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the future cast, showing a little break in the action for a couple hours but around 11 or 12:00 showers fire up again, get isolated thunderstorms anytime after 2:00 p.m. and some have of those could be strong to severe and they will last throughout the night. so 80 degrees is our high temperature with the clouds, with the showers and isolated thunderstorms, more rain is possible tonight, some evening storms and then an overnight low of 67 degrees. so that takes you through monday, we will have that forecast, and see how long the rain will last, this week, coming up, but right now kacie, we have wet roadways. >> we do. >> this morning, and other challenges as well. >> yes, we do, thank very much, sue. cristina river bridge still shut down 495 closed terminal avenue to 12th street. that emergency bridge inspection and repair. take i-95 a great all the the nate there. platt bridge closed since friday night at 8:00 p.m. we have an hour left on that closure. i-95 is your alternate.
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we are following a developing story this is out of las vegas, necessity rag a, a shooting rampage leaves five people dead including two officers. the authorities say man and woman ambush two officers eating lunch at a pizza shop and opening fire killing both officers. the suspect then walk to a nearby wal-mart where they shot a third person before killing himself, in an apparent suicide pack. >> i saw the gun in their hands. he just told me, he told the cops it was a revolution and he had just killed two people. >> investigators say female suspect shot the male suspect and then turned the gun on himself. motive is still unclear. happening today a hearing is spector driver accused in the deadly weekend pile up on the new jersey turnpike that left actor tracie morgan critically injured. morgan is said to be more responsive as he is recuperate nothing a hospital in new brunswick. lets get out to steve keeley who is covering this story and joining us from new jersey, good morning, steve.
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>> reporter: well, we are by route 73 entrance and exits, this is exit number four, this accident happening just north of trenton about exit number eight, about a 20 minute drive, saturday night and lets go to the video. truck driver is now out on bail but not likely out of the state of new jersey since he has his first court appearance coming up to day 356789 year-old kevin roper charged with death by auto and four counts of assault by auto. new york tv station reports that police sources say roper told them he may have dozed off just before the crash that injured tracie morgan and killed his friend and injured all of the others in that mercedes limousine bus. now the national transportation safety board is going to use this accident as an example. they are sending a team here to new jersey to look at the safety of major roads. how can they get involved? well, this is a federal trucking lane and it had two commercial vehicles involved. truck that hit morgan and morgan's limousine also a commercial vehicle. last update on the actor himself, he has broken ribs,
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broken leg, broken nose and other injuries, but they were positive signs reported from his family. chris and karen. >> thanks, so much steve. police in philadelphia are investigating a deadly road rage shooting in the city's feltonville section. this happened at fifth street and roosevelt boulevard around 11:00 saturday night. investigators say a motorcyclist and driver got in the heated argument and opened fire in front of the several police officers. >> sometimes we can be so irrational, and it is unfortunate. one split decision cab destroy your life. >> four three-year old pod riley was shot several times. he died at the hospital. a 31 year-old woman was also shot. she's in stable condition. police tell us a suspect is being questioned. so far charges have in the yet been filed. police say two women are facing charges after getting in a knife fight over a man this happened early sunday morning outside that wawa this
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runnemede, new jersey. investigators say one of the women tracked her husband to the store, and then started arguing with the woman, believed to be, the man's girl friend. they said a wife threw a punch, other pulled out a knife, store employee tried to break up the fight. >> during the fight, a gaza tend and attempted to split up the two females. the gaza tend ant's name is not being released at this time. we have to notify family. he was stabbed in the arm. >> police say both women and worker were taken to the hospital, and in of their injuries are life threatening. it the looks like repair crews are making good progress on the i495 bridge near wilmington delaware. officials say they are almost too done removing a hundred tane of dirt which think believed caused the support columns to tilt they say that will be first step in getting the bridge repaired and traffic reopens. but transportation officials say that process could still take weeks if not months. bridge was closed last monday after the problem was discovered during an emergency
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inspection. traffic has been redirected through wilmington on i-95. hugh jackman showed he can strut his stuff on stage. we have have highlights from the tone a ward, but first, is a bean occur cozies live, following a disturbing story of an alleged craigs list predator what is going on there, is a bean owe. >> reporter: cops says a man lured a 18 year-old mother to his home with promises of working as a home health aid but they say the guy had a lot more sinister motives in mind. he allegedly raped her and tried to make her sign a agreement abe think they may have done this dozens of other times before. have done this dozens of other times before. hey, i lost my debit card.
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great day parties up to you it is a monday, maybe it feels like a monday. we have a system bothering us that it will stall in our area, plus several more that are on the waste leading to, yet again, another unsettled workweek. so, as we zoom in closer we will see some rain, kind of streaming up from the southwest, moving through our area, it does look like once this is out on have here we might get a break for a couple of hours but right now wilmington delaware light rain. much heavier rain in pittsgrove, new jersey and around washington township, here in philadelphia, we still have rain going on in palmyra, new jersey, it is raining heavier and then we will go up to the north around warminster, abington, montgomery county, steadier
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rain there. moving away but it is an umbrella time for sure, down in cumberland county is where we are seeing heavier rain at the moment. if you are leaving at the moment. we are under a very slight risk of, thunderstorms, severe thunderstorms according to the storm prediction center, we will get it out, that is for later on this afternoon as we expect these storms to fire up, once again. so we expect to get to a high of around 80 degrees today with clouds, with showers, with isolated thunderstorms and some breaks in the action as well, there may be a few times during the the day when you see some sunshine but it will be very humid and unsettled. sixty-seven with evening thunderstorms and more showers lingering after. that we will have the rest of the seven day forecast, coming up, hi, kacie. >> hi, sue serio. thank you very much. looking at your majors everything looks fantastic. everything is moving along really pretty good for the weather conditions this morning. little bit of the slow down right around the boulevard and route one on 76. you just need to keep that in
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mind. due to the construction and congestion from 495 you know that closure in place over cristina river bridge. expect delays on dart. they are experiencing ongoing delays of 20 minutes. also coming up we will talk about i-95 at girard and all that construction, guys. >> thanks, kacie. repairs are made to the water main break in north philadelphia, water department was called out to the 27th and master this weekend. the resident and businesses in the area did not lose water but several people did get flooding in their basements. streets around the break will stay closed until all repairs are made. first on fox police say craigs list conn man is praying on young woman offering them honest work and then, forcing them to dot unthinkable. is a bean occur cozies live at the police station in upper dash which more on this, sabina, good morning. >> reporter: chris, details of this crime are just chilling. here's a copy of the homemade sex for hire contract that cops say the suspect forced his victim to sign, before allegedly sexually assaulted
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her. now when they raided 42 year-old kevin cornish's home on friday, investigators say they found 50 of this type of of form, filled out by different woman. police expect the form may lead them to other alleged victims. the investigation began thursday when the 18 year-old single mother came forward to cops, she said cornish raped her after she answered a craigs list ad looking for work. cornish told he he would hire her as a home health aid and then he said he tried to make her fill out a form saying she was an escort. >> he told me to fill paperwork out. when i seen the escort party refused to it. i didn't fill nothing out. i wanted to go home. he put his hand on my shoulder and push me down and said you are not going anywhere until you fill these paper out. >> he is involved in other type of predatory act, sexual assaults. you don't have on the application. he has been doing this type of thing for a long time.
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>> reporter: cornish also allegedly forced the victim to strip and took nude pictures of her. now she says she's coming forward, to stand up for other victims, who may be suffering in silence and police are really crediting this young woman with her bravery, for stepping forward, so they could arrest cornish. meantime this morning he is being held on $250,000, cash bail. back to you. >> okay, sabina kuriakose live in upper darby, thank you. philadelphia has reinstated a priest suspended after 2011 grand jury report in the child sexual abuse. archdiocese says archbishop charles chaput decided monsignor joseph, is suitable for ministry. it finded unsubstantiated allegations that he sexually abused minors 20 years ago. he was ordained in 1972 and most recently served in land dale. topping national headlines, more help could be on the way for americans struggling to pay back their student loans. today president obama will
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announce he is expanding the pay as you go program. the program allows borrowers to pay, no more than 10 percent of their monthly income in loan payments. president obama plans to extend the benefit to americans who began borrowing before october of 2007, which is the the current cut off. meanwhile the president is pushing law make tours support legislation that would allow graduates with heavy debt to refinance their loans, and senate is set to debate this bill next week. we will keep you posted. meantime on capitol hill the health veterans affairs committee will hold a hearing connected to the va scandal. lawmakers will get an update on the latest inspector general's report and officials from the va and government accountability office are also expected to testify. the result of a nationwide, audit and members for patient weight data are expected to be released to day. on friday, active va secretary, storm gibson visited the site where scandal first broke and said department is moving ahead with investigations and improvement. more than a week after the the release after that
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controversial prisoner swap with the taliban we are learning more about sergeant bowe bergdahl's treatment during his years in captivity. u.s. officials are saying bergdahl has told his doctors, he was tortured, beaten, and held in the cage after he tried to escape, meanwhile, as bergdahl is recovering in a in military hospital in germany lawmakers in washington are still angry, they were not notified before five taliban members were freed from guantanamo. >> this is a huge regional and ge o political problem for the united states moving forward. hostages are now currency in this war on terror. that is always dangerous for both diplomates, aid workers, soldiers in the battle will field. >> secretary of state john kerry dismissed the notion that the released taliban members were putting u.s. troops in afghanistan in danger. defense secretary chuck hagel will be testifying aboutberg bergdahl's release. political junkies might to have wait until next year about hillary clinton's big
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announce b. another presidential run. in an interview on abc this week the former secretary of stateside she would not make her decision before the end of the year. for now she's concentrating on her book tour that kicks off this week and helping in the midterm elections. meanwhile clinton is make nothing commitments about testifying before a new congressional investigating committee about the the even gas i attacks. she said that would be up to the people running it. turning now to a stories making headlines around this globe, pakistani officials say that 18 people were killed when gunman dressed as police attacked an airport terminal on sunday. officials say that the gunman were armed with machine guns and a rocket launcher. the siege happened at the old terminal of the airport and lasted for several hours, all of the terrorist, were reportedly killed. >> our security forces confronted and killed them. they destroyed them. at first they killed five terrorist, they killed another five in the second attack, total of ten have been killed. >> no one has claimed responsibility, for that
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attack. ukraine's new president is promising peace, and calling for an open dialogue with the country's east, where more than 200 people have been killed in ongoing violence. in his inaugural address saturday the new president called forearms groups to lay down their weapons, but a sign of the quick resolution to the conflict saying he will in the talk with rebels. he also insisted crimea will always be part of the ukraine. at the vatican pope francis welcomed israeli and palestinian presidents for an evening of peace and prayer. the is rally and palestinian presidents each held a private meeting with the pope before the pontiff led a prayer meeting between all three. vatican officials insist there is no political agenda behind the prayer meeting simply a gesture to encourage peace among the two parties. 4:19. hugh jackman turns host of the 68th annual tony awards. >> ♪ i love the tony's and i'm the host of your show ♪
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>> he is awesome. >> he can do it all he can do musical, theater, action films. >> i saw him back in the day, he is amazing. he kick off the tonies, backs on out of the stage hopping up and down like a kangaroo during the opening number. this is fourth time he has been hosted this awards show. >> ♪ >> that is the the wickedly talented. >> idina mansell. she was singing let it get which everyone has been singing from frozen. she ignited tone a ward stage with the ballet, always starting over from the broadway musical, if/then. let's lot a at ward winners. neil patrick harris, so great, he was given tony for leading actor in his musical performance as a trans gend
4:21 am
wore man in hegwig and the angry itch. jesse miller took home for leading actress in the musical. she plays in beautiful the the carol king musical. best musical went to a gentlemen's guide to love and murder. again, highlight of the video we just ran when hugh jackman hopped around as a bunny. we should cue that up for later. that was priceless. >> it is the tonies. little larger than life. sue, will you head up to new york to see any of those shows. >> i was intrigued by that and once i watch my dvr, because last night, i think it looked like a laden might be a good one to see with the great musical numbers. oh, yeah. we saw pip even last year. that was great. anyway, lets get to the seven day forecast that we promised you. we have unsettled weather, once again, all week long, we have got rain and thunderstorms in the the forecast for today. sun breaks in between maybe late morning early afternoon,
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high of 80 today. up to 58 tomorrow with more showers and thunderstorms. cloudy and humid day on wednesday work a high of eight two. and then on thursday thunderstorms back in the pictures and friday as well with a high of around 80, 83 both days and once again here we go clearing out just in time for the weekend with 84 degrees on saturday and sunday's high 82. you know what we have coming up this week, kacie. >> what. >> friday the 13th. >> i remember that. three is my favorite number. so i don't care. thanks, sue. >> i-95 at girard avenue you will of going construction, penndot is rolling out its four year, i-95 reconstruction plan, so, buckle up and get ready to go. this is only the beginning. we are told three lanes are going to be opened to driver in both directions that is during the day, all bets are off overnight a lot more lanes will be blocked then, guys? >> all tied up after game two of the nba finals how lebron
4:23 am
bounced back from his cramps to help win the g
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good morning, i'm howard eskin. the phillies, they ended their six game road trip the way they started and that is not good. i think all we need now is a win. they didn't get it yesterday. lets go to cincinnati and phillies up one to nothing in the fifth. that is homer bailey hitter against david buchanan.
4:26 am
homer bailey gets the hit to give reds two runs and the lead. two the batters later, billy hamilton with the home run and that makes it four -one. that is all of the runs they needed. cincinnati wins four-one. phillies lose five out of six and they are home on tuesday. no surprise is winner of the french open lets go to paris. in the near court joke sick, ra fey yesterday madal on clay is almost unbeatable. he has been that way in the french open. he wins his fifth in a row and nine french opens. winner right there in the second set, final set he end up winning and he wins three-six, seven -five, six-two, six-four. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. more sports, nba finals tied at game one after the heat, take game two in san antonio. >> lebron james bounced back with his battle from cramps to lead heat to the 98-96 win over the spurs. lebron scored 35 points including eight in the final
4:27 am
seven minutes of this game to lead miami. series new shifts to south beach, in the the air conditioning there. young boy gets sent home for what he thought was doing the right thing, what he did with the toy gun that got him in so much trouble. and also, a veteran on a mission, why he is huddling from florida to new york for a
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driver charged in the deadly accident on the new jersey turnpike is expect in court today. how hollywood is reacting to the crash that injured comedian tracie morgan and killed his friend. we're also following a developing story out of las vegas fourth deadly rampage making headlines in the last few weeks, disturbing details of this shooting spree. back here at home, maybe a pretty messy machine morning, live look at our radar right now, most of our area seeing showers if you are waking up this morning. when will it clear out? sue serio has weather on the one's. there is one right there in the garage. >> a promise kept for decades, first what happened that brought that man to tears. good morning it is monday june 9th, 204. it is a great way to start a machine morning. >> i can't wait to see what
4:31 am
happens with that story. >> yes. >> whether it is dog or the cat. >> once you see somebody crying, yes, it makes me want to cry. >> let's just start this week off right. >> heavens are crying as well. we have some rain out there this morning. check it out on ultimate doppler radar. it is a monday. and, it feels like it in many ways. we've got some steady rain moving through some area, some light rain in delaware. let's zoom out to philadelphia. it looks like we are eating up but we will still have some showers coming threw upper darby there is some rain, media in delco, we've got vineland with some pretty steady rain, right now, and newark, delaware, tiny break but wilmington and rest of the new castle county looks like we have got some rain going on right now. 7 miles an hour wind out of the south, it is humid out there. 76 percent. sunrise is at 5:32 this
4:32 am
morning. here are some more temperatures. 64 degrees in pottstown. sixty-nine in atlantic city. 67 degrees in lancaster. visibility, it is down to .3 of a mile in mount pocono. every place else is kind of of okay. it looks like we will get a break in the action after about nine or 10:00 o'clock for a little while. but socked in clouds with many place necessary between and then firing up with some thunderstorms, between two and say 8:00 p.m. tonight. even after midnight, we will have some more rain. so 80 degrees is our high today with clouds, showers and isolated thunderstorms. tonight we're down to 67 degrees with evening thunderstorms and some more clouds, the rest of the night. that takes care of your monday morning forecast. once we get monday out of the way? will we get a break from the rain? short answer is probably not. seven day is coming up. thanks very much, sue. northbound on i the five you can see a slow down up here, just past betsy ross bridge.
4:33 am
we do have that, construction starting right around girard avenue area. that started northbound, this morning, it will start southbound on the 19th. a whole reconstruction project is lasting for four years. so of course we will update you on that, expect ongoing delays, guys. let's follow this developing story, in las vegas, nevada a shooting rampage left five people dead including two police officers. authorities say a man and woman ambushed two officers eating lunch and opened fire killing both officers. the the the suspects, they be walked to a nearby wal-mart where they shot a third person, before killing themselves. the this is an apparent suicide packet. >> i saw the gun in their hand. he told the cops it was a revolution. he killed two cops. >> investigators say female suspect shot the the male suspect and then turn the gun on herself. motive is still not clear. happening today new jersey governor chris christie will
4:34 am
be in camden county making stops at several schools including camden high school. christie ace announcing the camden promise program partnership that help kids make healthier food choices and time prove education. christie head lined a fundraiser for pennsylvania governor tom corbett on friday. second fundraiser with the two governors will be held today in philadelphia corbett is depeping heavily on financial support from republican governors association, for his reelection campaign. christie is chair of the rga, corbett will face democrat tom wolf in november. students, parents, teachers plan to protest governor corbett and christie for disastrous school reforms in newark and philadelphia. i should say newark. new jersey senate president steve sweeney heads to willingboro to promote a hike in the state's minimum wage. sweeney will be visiting a rita's water ice franchise and meet with the stores own tore discuss his support of the increase. last year voters approved the state minimum wage hike ballot initiative that sweeney helped
4:35 am
sponsor. 4:34. the truck driver accused in the deadly new jersey turnpike pile up that injured actor tracie morgan is expected in court today. we have steve keeley out on this one live at the turnpike in mount laurel, steve. >> reporter: as dangerous as the new jersey turnpike has always been since it opened 63 years ago, last year was the most safe year since traffic first ran on it in 1951. nine people were killed on it last year. that is less than half of the 24 killed on it the year before in 202, and 70 less than the all time record of 79 killed in its deadliest year in 197 36789 as it was taken away from a flood bed truck you can see how badly damage the limo busies, here ended by wal-mart tractor trail their pushed tonight to two other vehicles and then flipped over the limo bus, just before the group left dover, delaware one of the friends and fellow people traveled with him sent out these pictures on
4:36 am
instagram. on the bottom hand right you can see inside of the 202 mercedes bus with its passenger door opened letting you see how seats were set up inside. the truck driver from georgia, new out on bail, but not likely out of the state of new jersey, since he has got his first court appearance coming up today. he is 35 year-old kevin roper charged with dead by auto and four counts of assault by auto. new york tv station reports that police sources say that roper said he may have dozed off before the crash. the only news on the injured, that has come out publicly since, seems positive, all they tracie morgan is still listed as critical his publicist says he has been more responsive and incredibly encouraging sign. he has a broken leg, ribs and nose with other injuries, expected to be in the hospital and his publicist words for several weeks and he and morgan's assistant also traveling with him remain listed as critical at this new jersey hospital. limo drive, chris and karen,
4:37 am
already out of the hospital and trying to help police and federal investigators figure out exactly what happened. but they think they know what happened and that truck driver and wal-mart, even said fit is their truck driver and their truck, they take full responsibility for this fatal crash. >> we're wishing him a speedy recovery. >> thanks, steve. a teenager puts his family first by putting his brother, on his back. why he walk, 40 miles, with his kid brother hitching a ride. plus, he helpedded from florida all the way to new york city, the mission that florida all the way to new york city, the mission that sent this vet onhiiiii. ride
4:38 am
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a new casino is set to open later this sum inner las vegas, looking to hire veterans. the new casino held a hiring event over the the weekend where hundreds of veterans showed up for a chance to land a job, according to state officials southern nevada has a high population of veterans and their than employment rate is higher then the general population. there will be a career fair for veterans in south jersey to day. >> this is gi go fund veterans job fair from 10:00 to 2:00 at the loft hotel in mount laurel. more than 80 employers will be there, some companies like sears, verizon and amtrak. rain a lot right now coming into work, sue serio. >> yes, some of the is making it to the ground. it is, just the amazing timing how it clears up beautifully
4:41 am
for the weekend and then monday comes and here comes the rain. that is what we have going on today. plan on needing that umbrella at sometime today. we have a few breaks of sunshine probably late morning, and with 70 degrees, your average temperature throughout the morning drive but there will be some rain around. have that umbrella nearby. isolated thunderstorms are possible, anytime after lunchtime throughout the evening drive, it could be a stormy time for you. but, isolated thunderstorms means you may get one, you may not. sunset time regardless of the weather will be at 28 minutes after 8:00 o'clock this evening, kacie. >> thanks very much, sue. just talking about construction it will start to see a ohio down on your majors because of the weather this morning. southbound side of route one city avenue between conshohocken state road and bala avenue. we have lane blocked. touch and go there repairs to the bridge at the septa bala station, chris. >> kacie, thank you. birthday present brings a man to tears the the promise
4:42 am
his son made to him when he was only eight years old.
4:43 am
4:44 am
welcome back. a little boy in western pennsylvania was suspended from school after he accidentally brought that toy gun to class. according to the child's parent, she realized right away he brought that to school and knew it wasn't proper thing to do and he took it right to his teachers thinking
4:45 am
that would be right way to handle the situation but soon after school officials call parents and said their son was not allowed back in class. >> i handed it over to the teacher handed it over and said i'm not supposed to have this. >> this kid succeeded in the circumstance and it is a milk message that we are sending him now by being punished. >> the child has finished serving his suspension and he will be in class for the last day of school. michigan teacher, i should say teenager who wanted to raise awareness for cerebral palsy by walking 40 miles with his young are brother strapped to his back, is now finished his journey. fourteen year-old hunter, carried his seven year-old brother, brayden from their hometown to the university of michigan in ann arbor. today they aimed to raise awareness about muscular disorder that prevents brayden from being able to walk, without help. >> i cannot put it into words. it is awesome. he is always there for me.
4:46 am
i just wanted to give back to him in some way. >> now that is brotherly love. >> it is just so great. >> in total he has raised 50 you this dollars for the university of michigan, cerebral palsy research program what a great big brother. >> best stories of the day. 4:46. the is in nevada is now miss u.s.a. >> and, miss u.s.a. 2014 is... nevada. >> her name is nia sanchez, leaving out of the other contestant. she is a fourth degree black belt and spoke about the importance of women being able to defend themselves. she will represent our country in the miss universe pageant later this year. >> stunning. this next story, may bring tears tour eye, yes, a sun fulfilled the promise he made to his father when he was eight. he told his dad wow buy him
4:47 am
a 57 chevy, the kentucky man turned to go funding to help make this promise a reality. >> dad, there is one right there in the garage. is there one right there in the garage >> it needs work. >> that is the one you have been showing me. >> how cool is that? more than 8 million people have viewed this touching moment. >> it just makes you want to cry. let's tell but this veteran riding his binding from florida to the 9/11 memorial in new york hoping to honor sold shore lost his life trying to save his comrades this weekend his long journey brought him to philadelphia where our drew dickman caught
4:48 am
up with him. >> reporter: harry connor keeps pedaling for a purpose. >> i started out in orlando, florida, and through yesterday i've got 1,113 miles. >> he carries 50 pounds of necessities and hope that agent allen cash will be the recipient of the metal of honor one day. >> sergeant cash's bravery was far and above the beyond of call of duty. >> reporter: in october 2005 cashes scandal bush and ied attack unharmed in iraq. covered in fuel he returned to the burning vehicle and pulled out six others. cash later died from severe burns but is credited with saving the lives of two soldiers. >> i calculated that he had to have been on fire somewhere between four minutes and 15 seconds, and four and a half minutes. >> reporter: veteran himself, connor also serve in the army for eight years, back in the 70's. he never met cash, but feels connected to him. >> sergeant cash was a drill sergeant, so was i, sergeant cash was in the third infantry, so was i.
4:49 am
>> reporter: the six two-year old has been biking for 32 days now. >> little bit lonely, but i've got plenty to think about along the way. despite traveling a thousand miles, he is not hitting the breaks. >> in comparison, to what sergeant cash did on october 17th of 2005, riding a bicycle 1100 miles was a walk through the park. >> reporter: in the course of his journey connor has form a relationship with cash's family. he hopes the relationship he is forming with the road will help pays tribute to cash's legacy. >> i really think everybody needs to do something, really good, for somebody else, once in their life and hopefully this is mine good connor hopes to reach 9/11 memorial by wednesday. sergeant cash was awarded the sill letter star posthumously but connor ace monk many who believe he deserves the metal of honor. to see more chronicles head to my fox and click on seen on tv. reporting from the news room drew dickman fox 29 news.
4:50 am
>> 4:50 on this monday morning. the forty-third annual met or city flag parade was held in detroit. it was first parade since michigan's ban on gay marriage was lifted and ruled unconstitutional earlier this year. hundreds of parade goers came to show support for lgbt community as they marched up jefferson avenue. parade marks the end of the weekend's two day pride festival. philadelphia is celebrating the the lgbt community in a big way with the annual gay pride parade and festival... cheers this weekend marks the pair raid's 26th year. thousands came out to represent philly gay pride. it began at noon at washington square following all kinds of fun and flags and pageantry. they made their way to penns landing for pride festival with all kinds of food and games. >> truly ideal wet tore do anything outdoors. how about this though, severe weather hitting parts of the new mexico.
4:51 am
thunderstorms moved across the state yesterday. tornado watch was put into effect and baseball sized hail storm had people ducking for cover. weather is expect to calm down today but chances of more storms remain. still ahead, over the weekend which was perfect weather-wise but back in denver they had tornado issues there yesterday. >> they did, lot of severe storms in that part of the country as we look out towards our west here. we will see a around omaha, nebraska they are about to get heavy rains and we have got rain to look at in our area as well. first of several systems that will be heading our way, throughout the the week. so heavier rain is moving up towards insuring but we still have decent rain in many places, as we look down at new castle county and el kton maryland. heading down i-95 we will run into pockets of downpours and as far as philadelphia is concerned, still some light rain falling in the area, some heavier rain, down towards evesham township.
4:52 am
we have got a break in montgomery county, but as far as, southern new jersey, there are some spots with some heavy rain as well. that is our radar round up as we look at the rest of the morning. we will have some rain around, you'll need your umbrella in places and socked in with clouds, otherwise by nine or 10:00 this morning and then we will see more showers fire up anytime after lunchtime and we could see severe thunderstorm here and there as well. that is the case for the rest of the day to day. here is your seven day forecast, we will hit 80 degrees, depending how much sunshine does come out in between the rain. eighty-five with more storms in the forecast for tomorrow, cloudy and humid on wednesday, we may get a break from rain but it will be on the unsettled side, 80 degrees on thursday. eighty on friday. thunderstorms in the the forecast. phillies coming back home as well, and right now we will to have see each and every night whether they will get those games in. high of 84 on the saturday and 28 on sunday. it clears up again just in
4:53 am
time for the weekend, kacie. >> looks great, thanks sue. talking about i-95 construction northbound side is what they are starting on. thinks a four year reconstruction project and right now they are focused on the girard avenue interchange. that means on and off ramps right there all the way up to allegheny avenue. southbound look that will start on the 19th of this month and you can see we have a big delay leading past this scene, all the way up here past betsy ross bridge, karen and chris. these grazing goats were brought into spruce up destroyed's abandoned buildings. destroyed's abandoned buildings. why the city now say they had
4:54 am
4:55 am
the answer to treating your dog's fleas and ticks is staring you right in the face. nexgard, from the makers of frontline® plus. it's the only soft, beef-flavored chew that kills both fleas and ticks. vets recommend it. and dogs, well, they're begging for it. nexgard is for dogs only. and hasn't been evaluated for use in pregnant, breeding or lactating dogs. reported side effects include vomiting, dry flaky skin, diarrhea, lethargy and lack of appetite. use with caution in dogs with a history of seizures.
4:56 am
recommended by vets. loved by dogs. from the makers of frontline plus. is there has been shut down by city officials. idea was to have the goats, clean up over grown grass. city leaders refused to approve the plan citing an ordinance that bans farm and wild animal on property. those behind the project say they have community support and pretty disappoint ed that the project could not have been given more time. unlikely friendship between a pit bull and a deer has the interest net. >> we're talking about five-year old pit bull mixed adopted by georgetown animal outreach. a couple weeks ago his owner john and margaret ray caught the little guy playing hide and seek with one of the many neighborhood deer. when they heard him barking at the back door they went to check it out. >> ever since he arrived he has been fascinated with the
4:57 am
deer but the deer aren't all that fascinated with him. this one seemed to be interested in him. >> margaret says the the video was her first pose as the story air it is fast approaching, a million view. >> great thing about that is you never to have walk that dog. he just runs back and forth, back and forth and he is tired, that is great. thank goodness for that deer for that home owner. college grad may dread about paying back all of those student loans. the program president obama plans to unrail today that may help ease the burden. also, do you treat your daughter like a little princess? well, they are saying it could harm her health years down the line.
4:58 am
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this is the "name your price" tool. it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at we are following a developing story on this monday morning yet another deadly mass shooting this time in las vegas, disturbing details straight ahead. >> unaudible. >> horrifying allegations made by a young woman, looking for work on craigs list. why police believe there could be dozen more women out there just like her. also sue serio tracking messy weather for your monday morning, good morning, sue. >> it looks like we've got some rain here and more rain on the way, so, when does this end and will we end up with


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