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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  June 8, 2014 10:00pm-10:37pm EDT

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coming up next another burst of deadly gun violence. this final police in las vegas appear to be the target. >> rain moves into the area setting up a slippery commute
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fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of aweso awesome. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10k. >> developing to night at 10:00 yet another horrific episode of deadly gun violence. members of the las vegas police department are in mourning tonight after two of their own were gunned down while they were eaeating lunch at a pizza restaurant and the shooters didn't stop there. good evening, everybody. i'm joyce evans. i'm chris o'connell. according to witnesses, it looks like the suspect may have specifically targeted police officers. fox's dominic dinatale has the very latest developments. >> reporter: police say it all
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started as a shopping center on north boulevard in las vegas two people a mail and female ambushed a pair of officers who were eating lunch shooting and killing them and terrifying people standing nearby. >> they had a backpack and i saw their guns in their hands. and he just told me to tell the cop that it was a revolution and he had just killed two cops. >> the suspects took the officer's weapons and ammunition is walk to a nearby wal*mart. that's where authorities say they shot and killed a bystander before moving to the back of the store. >> we had a number of officers entered the store engaging the suspects, and the suspects are both now deceased. >> reporter: preliminary investigation shows the female suspect shot and killed the male suspect before killing herself. sheriff says the investigation is continuing and calls the crime scene complex adding police have 1,000 or more witnesses. the police department is
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beginning to mourn the loss of two of its officers, 42 year old alan beck and 32 year old saldo. >> we have lost two officers with young families and a family of law enforcement who cares very very much about them. >> reporter: sheriff gillespie didn't know what precipitated at tack but he expected to the investigation to uncover more details throughout the week. he describes the loss of two officers as a very very tragic day for his department and described it also as a day of emptiness. in las ang, dominic dinatale fox news. >> turning now to your fox 29 weather authority. live ultimate doppler radar telling the story here with a new work week will come a new weather pattern. rain will move into you are area very soon. making for a tricky morning commute for a lot of you. let's head on over to meteorologist catlin roth for what sounds like we're going from beauty to bummer, caitlin. well said, joyce. great weather over the weekend. we are track something rain
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moving in. not a whole lot. but the unsettled pattern will begin tomorrow and last all work week long. we've had showers and thunderstorms some strong to severe across parts of the mid atlantic and the northeast today. now things are starting to wayne a bit you can see that lightning fading away. once we lose the heat of the day start to lose intensity of the storms right before they start to come into our area. heavier showers just west of the philadelphia area almost outside our coverage area between harrisburg into lancaster and this is in parts of western berks county even down towards lancaster county heavier rain right there but that's just it. only some rain. fox future cast shows by the time it arrives in the philadelphia area it's pretty spotty. may see a little bit of wet weather early tomorrow morning but more later on in the afternoon i'll have much more on that still ahead. joyce. >> thank you, caitlin. and check weather and traffic conditions before leave your house in the morning by going to and clicking on the weather and traffic tabs at the top of the home page, and be sure to watch the fox 29 morning news tomorrow
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starting at 4:00 a.m. encouraging signs of recovery tonight for tracey morgan the actor comedian remain hospitalized in new brunswick after saturday's deadly six vehicle pileup along the new jersey turnpike. according to his publicist, morgan will most likely be in the hospital for the next few weeks. he's still listed in critical condition as federal investigators have now joined in on the crash investigation. this is what's left of the 2012 mercedes limo bus that killed one comedian and left three others in a north jersey hospital. dead tracey morgan's friend and mentor 62 year old james mcnair who went by the stage name uncle jimmy mack. his facebook page is filled with pictures of morgan and other comedians. morgan suffered a broken leg, femur a broken nose and several broken ribs. his assistant jeff malia and comedian artie far inquiry were
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also injured. new jersey state police charged 35 year old wal*mart truck driver kevin roper with one count of death by automobile and four counts of assault by auto. he is out of jail on $50,000 bail. police say roper failed to observe a change in traffic flow which sent the 18 wheeler crashing into morgan's bus. his entourage was headed back to new york after a comedy gig in delaware. far inquiry tweeted this picture from the venue just hours before the crash. fellow comedians like philly's own kevin har tweeting on this sunday i ask all of to you throw a special prayer up to the big fella for my friend tracey morgan. he's been on my mind heavy. actor samuel l. jackson tweeting, sendin sending out prs for tracey morgan. hope he has a full recovery from his accident. good vibes for a good dude. >> that crash happened just days after congress debated actually easing restrictions on how much
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rest truck drivers are required to take. >> happening now a man armed with a hand grenade threatens pharmacy workers to hand over the drugs or he'll pull the pin. employees at the vcs is in they'll hilltown township told police they weren't taking any answers. it happened this afternoon at the store on the route 113 and county line road. the robber got away with the drugs he demanded. police k9 units have been searchinsearching but so far noe man. >> a case of deadly road rage has drivers uneasy tonight. it happened in feltonville overnight. let's go to fox's thalia perez right outside police headquarters. hi, thalia. >> reporter: good evening, joyce. a 43 year old man was killed, a 31 year old woman critically injured and tonight police tell us that a suspect is being questioned here by detectives. >> i'm sad people don't have any regard for life. >> reporter: white chalk
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circles where the bullet casings laid on the ground. a stark reminder of last night's alleged road rage incident that left a man dead and his female passenger critically injured. police say just after 11:00 p.m. on roosevelt boulevard and fifth, a motorcyclist opened fire on a driver and his passenger. the alleged incident has drivers like hola talking about it. >> i think the biggest lesson is think before you react. it really is not that -- it's not that deep to take a life over it. >> something you hear more and more about. i don't know. maybe somebody needed to something. change laws. change gun laws to protect the community to make sure that things don't happen like innocent people. >> reporter: this incident is different in that police say they were nearby when it happened. they tell us gunshots rang out and they saw numerous motorcycles surrounding this 2,003 buick century. then they say the suspect was seen running from the scene northbound on fifth street.
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>> it's senseless. something like that should never happen. >> reporter: both victims were rush to the hospital but it was too late for the driver who police say died a short time later. >> sometimes we can be so irrational and, um, it's sad. it's unfortunate. one split decision can really destroy your life. >> reporter: police tell us that the passenger is in critical condition at temple university hospital and, again, a suspect is being questioned here at police headquarters. so far no charge charges have bn file. back to you guys. >> police say two women are facing charges to night after getting into a knife fight over a man. the confrontation happened around 10:30 this morning outside a wawa in runnemede, new jersey. investigators say one of the women had tracked her husband to the store and got into it with a woman believed to be the man's girlfriend. they say the wife through the a punch. the other woman pulled a knife. the store employee tried to break up the fight.
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>> during the fight, a gas attendant attempted to split up the two females, gas to attendant's name is not being releasedreleased at this time dt we have to notify family he was stabbed in the arm. >> both the women and the workers were taken to the hospital. >> crews will be back out in the morning on the scene avenue broken water main at 27th and master. that's in north philadelphia. it happened last night. residents and businesses in the area did not lose water but several people did get some flooding in their basement. streets around the break will stay closed until all repairs are made. no word yet on when that job will be finished. it looks like repair crews will be make something progress are making progress physicianing the problem in officials believe led to the shut down of the i495 bridge near wilmington, delaware. officials say they're almost done removing all that massive mound of dirt suspected of causing some support columns to
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tilt. they say that will be the first step in getting the bridge repaired and reopened to traff traffic. but transportation officials say that process could take weeks if not months. the bridge was closed last monday after the problem was discovered during an emergency inspection. traffic has been redirected through wilmington on i-95. >> the archdiocese of philadelphia has reinstated a priest suspended after a 2011 grand jury report into child sexual abuse. the diocese said today the archbishop charles chaput decided monsignor joseph low grip is suitable for ministry. it cited quote unsubstantiated allegations that he sexually abused minors over 20 years ago. the 67 year old priest was ordained in 1972 and most recently served in lansdale. a pennsylvania boy suspended over something he took to school. some say the punishment doesn't fit the crime. >> but first, new questions
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surrounding the controversial release of sergeant bowe bergdahl. why some are demanding answers how how he was captured in the first place. plus he's headed from florida to new york. the mission that sent a vet on the ride of a lifetime. >> caitlin? chris, we've got rain moving in across the state all day long. starting to make its way into our area. when to expect the rain over your head, if it will be influencing the morning commute, that's all still ahead in your wake up weather forecast.
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>> philadelphia celebrates the lgbt community a big way at its annual gay pride parade and festival in its 26th year thousands of supporters came out to represent philly gay bride. the parade began at noon in washington square. came through the fox 29 studios right down market street following the pageantry the crowd made their way to penn's landing for the festival complete with food and games. taking a look at national headlines tonight. a man is in critical condition after he fell 42 feet from the upper deck of a soccer stadium. it happened at every bank field in jacksonville, florida. witnesses told police they saw the man running up the stairs and then trying to stand on a chair. police say it did not appear that the victim had been drinking at the time of his fa fall. >> meanwhile concerns continue from all sides of the political spectrum over the exchange of five taliban leader leaders fory sergeant bowe bergdahl.
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fox's steve zen tran knee is in washington with the latest details. >> reporter: lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are expressing concerns over the prisoner exchange that led to the release of army sergeant bowe bergdahl. one concern is that the five taliban who were freed from guantonimo bay could return to the battle felled and harm other americans in the future. another is that americans could face an increased danger of being taken hostage by terrorists hoping to win the release of more prisoners. >> this is a huge regional and geo political problem for the united states moving forward. hostages are now currency on this war in terror much that's always dangerous for diplomats, aid workers, soldiers on the battlefield. >> reporter: bergdahl continues to be evaluated at a u.s. hospital in germany the democratic chair of the intelligence committee wants more information how the taliban will be monitored and casts doubt on the ability of officials in qatar to do the j job. she wants to know about whether
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bergdahl deserted his post. >> even that he still should be freed. i mean we don't want our soldiers held by the taliban because they're very likely to be tortured. they're very likely to be inhumane circumstances. >> that sent many was echoed bisect of state john kerry leaving a combatant on the battlefield is quote offense you have and inn comprehensible much the idea of that u.s. personnel are more vulnerable oversees is boloney. in washington, steve centanni, fox news. >> meteorologist caitlin roth back now with a look at your wake up. caitlin, we've had two great weekends in row. i know. and if we could preserve this weather all week long we'd really be in business. changes ahead more unsettled weather starting to move into the delaware valley right now. some showers and even some thunderstorm last hour passing through lancaster county, berks county, around the harrisburg area but we're seeing a lot of the lightning now lost. the not showing up on ultimate doppler right now. these storms are diminishing
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there's still rain it will be arriving across philadelphia by day break. very mild still 72 in philadelphia as well as pottstown. 69 in millville. 68 in ac and 66 in wildwood. a little bit warmer a little bit muggier throughout today. we will keep that muggy weather with us as we head into tomorrow morning. your 7am wake up weather forecast on your monday, 66 in the city. 61 in the suburbs with scattered showers. how long that rain lasts what to expect each day stick around for that seven day for. chris and joyce? >> all right. see in you a bit. veteran riding his bike from florida to the 9/11 memorial in new york hopes to honor a soldier who lost his life trying to save his comrades. >> today his journey brought him to philadelphia. that's where our drew dickman caught up with him. >> reporter: harry connor keeps pedalling for a purpose. >> i started out in orlando, florida, and through yesterday i've got 1,113 miles. >> reporter: he carries 50 pounds of necessities.
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and the hope will be a recipient of the medal of honor. >> sergeant cash's bravery was far above and beyond the call of duty. >> reporter: in october 2005, cash escaped an ambush and ied attack unharmed in iraq. covered in fuel, he returned to a burning vehicle and pulled out sick others. cash later died from severe burns. but is credi credited with savie lives of two soldiers. >> i al queue lated he had to have been on fire between four and point minutes. >> reporter: connor served in the army for eight years back in the '70's. he never met cash. but feels connected to him. >> sergeant cash was a drill sergeant, so was i. sergeant cash was in the third infantry, so was i. >> reporter: 62 year old has been biking for 32 days now. >> little bit lonely. but i've got plenty to think about all the way. >> reporter: desperate traveling more than a thousand miles, he's not hitting the brakes. >> in comparison to what sergeant cash did on
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october 17th of 2005, ride ago bicycle 1100 miles is a walk through the park. >> reporter: in the course of his journey be performed a relationship with cash's family. he he hopes the relationship he's forming with the road will help pay tribute to cash's legacy. >> i think everybody needed to something really good for somebody else once in their life and hopefully this is mine. he hopes to reach 9/11 memorial by wednesday. sergeant cash was awarded the silver star posthumously but connor is many believe he deserves the medal of honor. to see more chronicles of his journey head to and click on seen on tv. drew dickman fox 29 news. >> you may have seen it or heard about it but you may have never ridden it. the electric bicycle. how you'll soon be able to get a chance to try it for yourself and why it may not be at all what you're expecting. >> but first, a discovery inside a crocodile that sent
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♪ >> little boy in western pennsylvania suspended from school after he accidentally brought a toy gun to class. now according to the boy's parents he realized right away that he had brought the gun to school, and he quickly took it to his teacher thinking he was doing the right thing. but soon after that, school officials called the parents and said their son was not allowed back in class.
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>> i sended it to a teacher. >> handed it over and said i'm not supposed to have this. >> this kid clearly succeeded in the circumstance and it's a mixed message we're sending it him now by being punished. >> the child finish serving his suspension and he will be in class for the last day of scho school. making world headlines tonight, egypt swears in its new president. the country's former army chief taking reigns of powerless than a year after the previous president was over thrown. today was declared a national holiday for the inauguration. >> and at the vatican pope francis welcomed the israeli and palestinian presidents for an evening of piece prayers. the israeli and palestinian presidents each held a private meeting with the pope before the pontiff led a prayer meeting among all three. vatican officials insist there's no political agenda behind the prayer meeting, simply a gesture to encourage peace among the two parties. >> a shocking discovery made
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inside a crocodile in australia. now, police say they found human remains inside the reptile's belly. investigators believe they may have belonged to a missing 62 year old man who may have been snatched right out of his boat by that crocodile. >> two crocodiles were shot and killed. one of those crocodiles was later scammed and a quantity of human remains were recovered. the crocodile that was shot and killed contained remains was in excess of 4.7-meter. >> authorities say the numbers of crocodiles have grown a lot in the area where those reptiles were found and shot. they are protected by law. still to come the electric bicycle. it's coming to a street near you. while you want to climb on for a ride. whether you're a cyclist or not. >> caitlin. >> and perfect biking weather any type of outdoor weather all weekend long. a little bit warmer today, though. high temperatures in
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philadelphia 77 on saturday. 84 on saturday. we keep the 80s but bring back the rain. your seven day forecast is still ahead.
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♪ >> you may have seen electric bike europe and china, but you don't see them a lot here in the u.s. >> no you don't but that's about to change thanks to couple of friends who got together to develop a fun easy to use version. beth parker takes look. >> reporter: maybe in your world electricity looks like this. or this. or this. but to jeff and amber what is son it looks something like this. >> ♪ >> reporter:. >> amber on her first ever ride --
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>> reporter: this is the first test ride on the electric bike they created jeff was working for solar company he took a trip to china and saw lots of electric bikes even though those bikes looked more like mopeds it made him wonder. >> why aren't these popular in the us? i came back started to talking to people way smarter than me, one being amber. amber had had worked in transportation on flex cars and circumstance later. the electric bikes marketed in u.s. in the past were heavy because of weight of the batte battery. >> they were big, clunky, hard to ride. hard to maneuver. >> reporter: she didn't know how to design bike. >> the only people that actually thought we could do this were amber's husband and my parents. >> reporter: they learned they set out to do something different. >> ♪ >> reporter: battery is in the frame the moat is in the rear wheel. it's called ride bike that ri
10:30 pm
riide, 2is. they say it's 40% lighter than previous electric bikes. >> you can twist the throttle right here. and it will spin the back wheel. and bring you at speeds up to 20 miles an hour. >> reporter: hitting that throttle for the first time is well, kind of a charge. >> oh, my gosh. check that out. wow! i'm not pedalling any more. >> reporter: in january they a kick starter campaign. >> our campaign was 40 days long and we had a goal of raising $50,000. we were really really lucky and hit that goal in the first day. >> reporter: they didn't just hit the goal. they sold $100,000 worth of bikes they hadn't even manufactured yet. >> it was great market validation for us and really let us know we were on to something. we just felt really grateful and lucky that all of our hard work was paying off. >> reporter: as you might imagine they get a lot of questions. things like, how fast does it go? >> everyone wants to know how fast they can go on the bike. so there is a governor that
10:31 pm
controls the speed that tops it at 20 miles an hour but if you pedal you can go as fast as your legs were carry you. >> reporter: how do you charge it. >> it charges in a standard wall outlet it plugs like your laptop would plug in a wall and it charges in two to three hours. >> reporter: where can you ride it. >> it's treat treated as a traditional bike. you can ride in bike lanes. anywhere you ride this regular bike. >> reporter: you would ride to work on hot day and not break a sweat. >> i ride it to work in heels every day. >> i'll be eating outside at lunch and people will be that's can so cool. >> pepper heinz noticed it while we were out doing our interview. can i take it for ride. >> is that the new one? is that your company. yes, it's my company. >> i saw this. it's very cool. >> i would expect something like this to come out of the san francisco bay area. it's cool to see that around here. >> reporter: cool and refreshing are things they're trying to project. >> seeing your city and hearing
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your city and smelling your city in a different way it brings you back to childhood when you were riding your bike for the first time. >> reporter: it's pretty fun zooming by people stuck in eighty four cars. >> absolutely. >> it's hard not to grin when you pass guy in an expensive car sitting in traffic. >> reporter: the ride bike will sell for $1,799. >> my dream is to see riide bikes every and people with smiles on their faces. >> reporter: it seems they're on the way. >> ♪ >> reporter: in washington, beth parker, fox news. >> i want one of those. turning back to your fox 29 weather authority now, i want one of those bikes and i want more of the weather we did. >> gorgeous. >> seriously. makes you want to be outside all day long. hopefully you were at some point today hopefully everyone was we -- the weekend fabulous weather. >> for a change. looking ahead to next weekend. >> pay back. next weekend looks great. monday through friday that's the pay back. >> we have rain moving in it
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will be arriving later on to night let's take a look the ultimate doppler. national view. it was a busy weather day nationwide. there were numerous tornado touchdowns in parts of colorado and wyoming. severe weather all along the gulf coast and the mid south even severe weather in our neck of the woods. tornado outside of frederick maryland it did not produce a tornado but there were severe wind reports across maryland, virginia, just west of the dc baltimore area. now, a lot of these storms fiss link out right now. this tends to happen once you move past sunset doesn't mean you still can't get a lot of rain went do still expect heavy downpours into the overnight and early tomorrow morning. right now we're seeing one downpour west of the philadelphia area. pretty far west. even west of reading this is in between pottsville, in schuylkill county and reading in berks county and anywhere along 78 seeing downpours and that's going to drift further eastward we'll see if it will hold together. verdict showers overnight. high temperature today 84 in philadelphia. the normal 81. the record high 97 that was set
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back just a couple years ago in 2011. 72 in philadelphia right now. it was a very mild afternoon. a big muggier, too. still got that humidity it there as these showers start to move in it will stay humid and get used to the humid weather sticking around all week. fox future cast shows the showers start to move into our area during the overnight hours. mainly while we're sleeping we could still see heavy downpours i don't think easy much in the way of thunderstorm. a rumble of thunder or two. by 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, showers are on their way out this could slow you down early tomorrow morning. pay attention to fox 29 morning news beginning at 4:00 a.m. sue serio will get you out the door in matter what the weather s even into the afternoon it will look like it's clearing out a bit. we'll see a little bit of sunshine. that's going to refuel the chance for showers and thunderstorms late tomorrow afternoon. so rain tomorrow morning is likely. at least early in the morning. and then we all could see a chance for thunderstorms in the afternoon. wet weather sticks around at the boundary just stalls out right overhead and that means we
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remain unsettled that chance for rain will extend through tuesd tuesday. wednesday and beyond. it won't be raining all day every day but there's at least that chance it will probably see wet weather at least once a day. again for tonight 66 in the ci city. 61 in the suburbs that's rain is arriving now probably move in around two, 3am here in philadelphia. might linger into the early morning drive. otherwise mostly cloudy scatterescattered showers againe afternoon. a high of 80 degrees. bus stop weather you need the umbrellas for the kids. it's not raining at eight, 9:00 a.m. heading to the bus stop temperatures in the 60s. they could as they leave school later on in the afternoon start to see scattered showers and thunderstorms. unsettled the name of the game through the seven day forecast. tow chess in the low 80s. humid and mostly cloudy with chance of thunderstorms every day. best chance good drenching storms i think not until friday but at least then look at the weekend again salvageable. it looks really nice by next saturday and sun today. >> if we can muddle through the week and get to the weekend.
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we're always trying to muddle through the week. >> except we're working. right. >> that's going to do it for the fox 29 news at 10. keep it rye here for sports sunday. howard eskin. howard, how bad are these phillies? >> ♪ >> chris, they're bad. all right we'll leave it at that. we got more on that. mike schmidt shares his inner feelings and his days here as a player and the phillies just ended their six game road trip and unfortunately they have dropped to the worst. that and a whining owner of


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