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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  November 9, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> as i've said from the beginning, ours was not a campaign but rather, an incredible and great movement made up of millions of hard working men and women who love their country and want a better, brighter future for themselves and it's a movement comprised of americans from all races, religions, back grounds and beliefs who want and expect our government to serve the people and serve the people it will. >> this morning america wakes up
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and renewal. >> with most of the votes counted, here are the results. trump earned 274 electoral votes, more than enough to put him in the white house. popular vote is virtually tied 48-48% with trump wined by 210,000 votes over hillary clinton who called trump to concede earlier this morning. >>russell: trump didn't speak until just before 3:00 this morning so this may be the first time some of you are hearing ages. doug has more from trump tower in new york. >> sorry to keep you waiting. complicated business. complicated. >> complicated business is right. trump and the rest of america had to wait until some of the final results began to trickle in, showing what his supporters predicted all along, an upset and the fiery candidate tried to grant a gracious note as president elect. >> for those who have chosen not
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which there were a few people, i'm reaching out to you for your guidance and your help so that we can work together and unify our great country. >> trump said he just received a concession call from hillary clinton but there was a question whether the clinton campaign would accept the results. >> listen to me. everybody should head home. you should get some sleep. we'll have more to say tomorrow. tried to send supporters home in what was supposed to be a celebration in new york complete with a glass controlling and planned fireworks. in washington, outside of the white house, a raucous scene as trump supporters mixed with disappointed clinton backers. >> disappointment is honestly -- that doesn't do it justice as to how i feel. >> but the gop victory goes beyond the white house. republicans defended enough seats in congress to keep
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the house. dealing soon to be president trump a remarkable hand. >>russell: that was doug reporting. florida the first sign that there were cracks in clinton's path to victory. in the weeks before the election, polls showed a race too close to call. not long after the polls closed, trump took an early lead and he held on to it with 98% of the votes counted, trump won the state with j up florida's 29 electoral votes. reflecting the presidential election, republicans have retained control of the house and the senate. >>laura: marco rubio won a second term, defeating challenger patrick murphy. not a big surprise but a big win for the gop to be sure. good morning. roich >>reporter: well, good morning.
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but you know, it's a big win for marco rubio. it was a convincing win and when he gave his speech last night to a group of supporters, there were maybe three or 400 people there to see him. he said that whoever wins the presidency, this is before we knew who would win, he said whoever wins the presidency, we're going to have strong disagreements with that person so that was even before we knew. now we know it's donald trump and that's a bit awkward. we know that marco rubio may have won so of how well donald trump did in the state of florida. so that's kind of an interesting predicament that marco rubio is now in. we know that marco has certainly said that some of the things that donald trump has said during the campaign were unacceptable so we'll see how that dynamic plays out. how does marco rubio position himself in the white house? he promised to serve six years
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he said we have to pray for our nation either way and that we simply can't have more hate between americans. >> and the days and weeks to come, i hope that we as a people here in florida, i hope we set the example in that great state that while we can disagree on issues, we can't share a country where people hate each other because of their political affiliations. we cannot move forward as a nation if we cannot have enlightened deb issues. you can disagree without hate. >>reporter: also in stark contrast to what we heard donald trump say the last few months of his campaign is marco rubio said you're not going to be saved by what happens in washington. it's going to have to start within ourselves, within our communities. so rubio definitely taking a different path, at least rhetorically from what we've seen from donald trump.
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plays out the next six years and one more point i want to leave you with. he did say that he thought patrick murphy ran a very good campign and that mufby had a very bright future in front of him. he's still in congress. he said he looked forward to see how patrick would serve the american people going forward. that's the wrappup from rubio campaign headquarters in miami, a convincing win for him and possibly tails of donald trump, two people very much at odds between each other during this campaign. >>russell: sure was. thanks. we'll talk to you later, okay? >>laura: florida's historically republican 13th congressional district has flipped for democrat charley crist. former governor beat congressman david joly last night. crist pledged to bring stability to washington and thanked his
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and they can be tough sometimes. it turned out well for us, but i want to thank david jolly and his wife florida. he was never any enemy. i wish them well and wish them the very best. >>laura: and jolly was originally set to run for rubio's seat after he planned to retire after his republican primary. he said he felt abandoned by the republican party. >>russell: we have the outcomes of two controversial constitutional amendments. florida vote rs rejected amendment one. it was called misleading. got 51% of the vote. needed 60 to pass. it was a blow to utility companies who poured more than 20 million into backing. >>laura: and yes on amendment two legalizing medical
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above the 60% needed to become law. it specifically allows prescriptions for 10 illnesses, including cancer, epilepsy, and aids. those are just a few big races. you can find all the election results on our website at we also plan to keep scrolling them at the bottom the screen ad at 7:00 this morning and it's been a long night but he's back with us. craig talk about some of the night's biggest twists. >>russell: 6:08 right now and there's other news. st. petersburg, flowers and balloons mark the spot where police say a drunk driver hit and killed a crossing guard. >>laura: this is a tragedy. five minutes later, it could have been worse. shayla reaves is live for us at the intersection of 45th street north and ninth avenue. this is going to be a very sad
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good morning. >>reporter: good morning to you, laura. a sad morning for the students at mount vernon elementary school and their parents who came to describe the familiar face, one they could trust to protect their children every day. not only is the school community mourning him but also his family. i'm joined by maybel, his wife of 22 years and his son, williams here. this is the first time to see the growing memorial. what are you feeling right now? i know it's been a difficult time for you. >> terrible. terrible. he come home and i saw him every day and the lady next door came to my door and told me he had got ran over. he had an accident, somebody hit him.
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police was walking up the sidewalk. i sat on the porch. that's when the police informed me. >>reporter: 22 years, that's the amount of time you had to spend together. dana williams, his son here, we're looking at a picture. >> very happy times. >>reporter: how difficult have the last 24 hours been for you? >> it's very stressful. very it's hurt to the core. it don't get no worse than that. you can swallow a lot of pills, but i cannot swallow this one. this one hurt. >>reporter: you and your dad were very close. >> very night. every day. i could see him every day or he'll call me every day. matter of fact, the day me and dad, we wanted to cut the church yard and clean the church and that's something we did periodically until i found
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>>reporter: and quickly before i let you go, what can you tell me as far as if you could say anything to the person responsible for taking the person you shared 22 years with, what would you say to the young man? >> he took somebody that i love. he took a life of my husband. >> i would say god bless you and lord knows, i pray that he'll get some help. you know, do you know what i'm saying? i really can't talk. i'm hurting. it hurt me to death. >>reporter: i understand. thank you so much for your time and i wish you continued strength as you all continue to deal with the next time here. right now we can tell you 21-year-old charles walton is expected to appear in court. he's facing a charge for dui manslaughter in connection with the crime. again, 72-year-old david
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continue to keep you posted as any new information becomes available. back to you guys. >>laura: we know you will. thank you. >>russell: all right. 6:12 and after months of back and forth, the battle between ride sharing companies and the hillsborough public transportation commission could finally be over. today commissioners will vote on a temporary operating agreement to make uber and lyft legal. agreement includes tougher background checks but not fingerprinting. we also hope to learn more about an into the commission's executive director. he's accused of dealing with taxi and limo companies and taking sides against ride share drivers. cochran says he was just enforcing regularregulations. >>russell: at 6:30, world markets fall in response to trump's win. we'll see how the futures are looking before the opening bell on wall street. some americans are looking to
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how unhappy voters are breaking the internet with their plans to move to canada. >>dave: we do have a couple of sprinkles on skytower radar this morning. however, they're few and far between and mainly well to the north. levy counties and areas north of i-10. less than 20% the rain chance for today. we're starting at 68 degrees and finish in the upper twenty four meals under four dollars! just like in 1934! four dollars was a lot in those days. that can't be right. no, i was there! back then, you not only got to choose from 24 meals under four dollars, you also got a shave, a shoeshine and a new suit. used to be called "steak 'n shake 'n shave 'n shoeshine 'n suit."
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is that a steak 'n shake suit? walter, does this look like a steak 'n shake suit? get 24 meals for under four dollars.
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new york city's empire state building, lit up like a giant election >>laura: new york city's empire state building lit up like a giant election scoreboard as the results ce donald trump and hillary clinton in the big apple, campaign headquarters a few blocks from each other. this was the first time since 1944 that both major party presidential candidates were in new york for election night. this is not the first time that the empire state building has put on an election themed show like this but it is a huge upgrade from 2012 when the blue lights were used to signal president obama's re-election. they had picture swiping for social media, you know, just of
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good morning. >>dave: good morning. i know a lot of people are happy, some are upset but folks, guess what? sun is coming up today so let's just enjoy that. it's beautiful outside this morning and while we do have enough cloud cover today, i think it's going to hold our temperatures in the upper 70s for highs. i think as we get into the weekend, our weather to be honest just gets nicer and nicer. for the first time in quite some since we had rain at tampa international. we've got rain on the radar. now, i'm going to tell you this is not much. and watch what happens as it slides to the northeast. starts to fall apart. there may be a few sprinkles north of tampa today but that's about it. we're not looking for any significant rain as this whole weak system just kind of glides through the area.
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brooksville, 63 in lakelan, haines city, 64 in frost proof so a lot of 60s on the map this morning. some upper 50s in the panhandle and 70s down over south florida but i want to show you something. see these dew point numbers in the 50s? this drier air is going to glid in later on tonight and tomorrow so while it's nice outside right now, it's going to get even drier as we get to through early next week, drys it out again. watch the forecast dew points which are sitting in the lower 60s which is not bad at all. it's very nice outside. if you're going to scale back in the 50s, that's what we're looking at. by friday they're running 50 to 52 degrees. very, very comfy air going to take over and even drier than that as you're getting into the weekend so really, the only thing today is that with just
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we're stream some clouds through the state from, let's say, pasco county north. tiniest chance of a sprinkle. that's it, though. the weather is still pretty good. 78 degrees under mostly cloudy skies today. looking at a beautiful sunrise at 6:47. our next seven days, you know, we're going to take you through the middle of next week and you'll see an 80 tomorrow, 78 for veterans day. that's going to be a beautiful day on friday. saturday and sunday look great. maybe some clouds, perhaps a 20% rain notice those temperatures slowly sliding become and staying in the 70s. >>vanessa: very nice. update here to the crash we mentioned in the last hour that's on hillsborough was blocking some lanes in the eastbound direction at veterans expressway. that's now on the shoulder so no delays whatsoever or concerns expected here, but you do want to be careful in case there are tow truck drivers or what not on that shoulder.
6:20 am
have triple for you. between bruce b downs and i-4, plan for eight as well. heading further into eastern hillsborough county to that branch forbes exit. >>russell: well, betting sites in the uk saw record wagers on the u.s. election. >>laura: one bookie lost a fortune. fox takes a break. in hot ic news room as we take on the
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we traveled the world sampling the best cheese for two reasons one, to bring them all back for you to enjoy and two, we got to each a bunch of really good cheese along the way. publix deli specialty cheese.
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it's time to see what's clicking on the web. jen is here >> time to see what's clicking on the web. >>laura: jennifer epstein has a look at hot clicks. >>jennifer: good morning. got to have a little fun this morning, right? while hillary clinton lost the presidential election, she and her staff are winning the mannequin challenge. after a campaign event in north carolina, her staff taped their version after sliding past a few
6:24 am
see? there he is. former president bill clinton followed by, yep, that's bon jovi. it wraps up with clinton and top advisers. they're all smiles enjoying election day. this was recorded hours before conceding the race to donald trump so made me feel a little different now. and the pasco county sheriff's office said their own version, too, showing people around the office in various poses, inluding, wait for it. mid toss of >>laura: how did they do that? oh, well, okay. >>russell: come on. you said -- yeah. you know what you said. >>jennifer: someone appearing to question a lot of person. >>russell: we haven't had a lot of sleep so you can take us anywhere this morning. >>jennifer: some are outside the cruisers. more than 58,000 views in the
6:25 am
not to be outdone, of course, we got our team together for our very own mannequin challenge video. slice of life here in the news room on the historic election day. you can see web producers, other producers, riders all hard at work. even assignment desk staff calling out updates as we follow all the campaigns. i guess this is the thing to do. >>russell: clearly we have t one. i think we can do this. >>laura: we can definitely do it. >>jennifer: i don't know if i can stand still for that long. >>russell: it's way better than that ice bucket thing, you know? >>laura: i'll take standing still over ice cold water every time. >>russell: all right, jen. we needed that. thank you. nicely done. >>laura: we get it. >>russell: still ahead, the world economies are in a tail spin after america elects donald trump for president.
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america runs on dunkin'. >> while the campaign is over, the work on the movement is just beginning. we're going to get to work people and we're going to be doing a job that hopefully you'll be so proud of your president, you'll be so proud. again, it's my honor. it was an amazing evening. it's been an amazing two-year period and i love this country. thank you. thank you very much. donald trump, president elect
6:30 am
17 months after stepping into the spotlight, he defeated hillary clinton in the election. >>russell: four states are still undecided. doesn't matter, really, with 274 electoral votes, he has enough to win the white house. florida was called earlier in the night with trump winning 49% of the vote here. >>laura: and we have yet to hear from president elect donald trump on twitter. as we know, he's been everywhere but he's made one his twitter page. he or someone in the management team wasted no time to the biography. it now reads, president election of the united states. trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of united states of america. >>russell: hillary clinton called him to concede. she did not speak to supporters. her campaign chairman told everybody to go home. and despite some long lines and machine snags, there were very few voting problems.
6:31 am
scale fraud, intimidation or hacking as some had feared. scattered problems mostly involve the sort of glitches that arise in every election. outside one florida polling place, a woman campaigning for donald trump pepper sprayed a clinton supporter and outside another, two men got in a scuffle after one slapped a phone out of the other's hand. because the country's voting system is decentralized, it would be very difficult for a hacker to have a sizable effect on the vote. until just after 3:00 this morning so the news is surprising a lot of people who went to bed with the race too close to call. >>russell: alcides segui is live to talk to some folks about the results. good morning. >>reporter: good morning to you. yeah. i want to start off with this. i just spoke with the director of care, the council of american islamic relations and he tells me not only is he surprised of
6:32 am
very, very concerned. as you mentioned, we're live here at tampa international airport because we wanted to kind of find a middle ground. we wanted to find both republicans and democrats and get their reactions and i think we got exactly that. and for the most part, they were surprised by last night. a lot of people are waking up this morning thinking the same exact thing. listening to a couple of folks we spoke with earlier this morning. >> we now have a republican senate house and president. i feel like the checks and balances of the government aren't working well right now. with the brand new supreme court justices like that, i don't see any help for the marriage situation happening any time soon. >>reporter: so we're hoping to speak with more folks throughout
6:33 am
hoping for change, hoping that the country can move forward from the election with all the negative ads and all the negativity but they're hoping that now that this is over, trump will lead us in the right direction but of course, the democrats are very, very concerned what that direction will be. we'll see how it works out. back to you. >>russell: thanks. talk again later on. we're going on check on other big races in just a minute. >>laura: first let's get to dave. >>dave: good morning. sun is up. a couple of sprinkles as you go further north, like levy county further north. in our area we'll have a little cloud cover mixing in today, something we didn't see a lot of yesterday. every day is just a little bit different but you know what? they're all just gorgeous. 68 the start in tampa. 69 in st. petersburg with some clouds. today mixing in with the sunshine, variable clouds overall. highs will likely stay in the
6:34 am
vanessa? >>vanessa: as we typically see this time of morning, we're starting to build the volumes and those cars, particularly on i-4. this is a live look westbound direction. those are the westbound lanes heading away from us there in the area of hillsborough avenue, definitely starting to get slower. we're up from five minutes to six between mlk to 275 but good news is we're still in the green. nothing big is slowing us down yet on our interstates. updates here for the veterans expressway, southbound direction ru looks like we might have some lingering lane closures but nothing serious that will slow you down. you can see still dealing with a 12 minute ride on the entire length of the vets either way you go. >>laura: thank you. more election coverage. now good news all around for republican house speaker paul ryan. in addition to holding on to the majority in the house and the senate, he won his re-election bid in wisconsin's first district. he beat his democratic
6:35 am
this is his ninth win in congress but first as speaker. in his victory speech, he talked about the work still ahead. >> i'm so eager to get back to work with you, to get on to fixing our country's problems. we have so much potential in this country. so much potential. and if we can just tap it, that's ahead of us. >>laura: while he was initially reluctant to support trump, he did eventually vote for him and despite the tension on the trump to congratulate him. >>russell: then there's this. arizona voters have given the sheriff the boot. he lost his bid for a seventh term after legal problems and a racial profiling case. 84-year-old became a national figure by cracking down on illegal immigration, and forcing jail inmates to wear pink underwear. two weeks before the election, he was charged with contempt for
6:36 am
patrols favoring latinos. >>laura: california legalize recreational use of marijuana. over 21 can legally possession up to an ounce of marijuana. massachusetts and nevada passed similar measures. maine is up for grabs right now. arizona rejected it. >>russell: and this morning, stock futures starting to rebound after tumble after hillary clinton conceded the presidential election to donald trump. dow futures are down about 300 pounts after falling 800 points at one point. investors in russia are happy. traders in japan and germany are not taking the leaders well. leaders in mexico are holding a conference about the drop in the value of the peso. there's a spike in americans
6:37 am
there is a direct connection to this but canada's immigration site was down for hours. server error, presumably due to a surge in traffic. >>russell: google noted a spike in searches for the word "immigrant." moving to canada involves applying for permanent residency and a number of ways to do so. most require a work permit or permission just in case you're wondering. celebritie their candidate does not win, they will move to another country. and here's a look at a few who said they will move if trump won. barbara streisand, amy schumer and chelsea handle ler say they're going to pain. cher has her eye on jupiter. >>laura: in the uk, bets on whether trump would be next president set new records for political gambling. bookies are nursing a huge loss
6:38 am
$186 million in bets last night. that's more than wagers placed on scotland's 2014 referendum on its membership to the uk and june's brexit vote. some are calling trump's election america's brexit. >> honest opinion, i've obviously got big egos and personalities but that's not part of running a country, is it? >> it's very dramatic but the level of that is -- has been going backwards and forwards, it's not about a political discussion any more. it's about character assassination. >> it's the most weird and comical election i've ever heard. they simply cat and dog each other. >>laura: well, hoping to prevent
6:39 am
who backed clinton. >>russell: scientists say they may have found a way to protection babies from the harmful effects of zika while the babies are still in the womb. virus can cause a birth defect for the baby born with an abnormally small head. antibody may eventually lead to therapy for women who catch the virus. it's made using blood cells from people who have recently fought off zika. mice. human trials will be needed. >>laura: cancer experts are meeting in the uk and they're sounding an alarm saying many cases of breast cancer go undetected because they don't start with a suspicious lump. one in six cases begin with symptoms other than a lump. researchers examined symptoms in 2,000 people recently diagnosed and they found that women with non lump symptoms were more likely to put off visiting their doctor.
6:40 am
with breast cancer early will survive at least five years. about six in 10 can expect to survive more than 20. >>russell: they've been nice but the temperatures have been above normal. not exactly fall-like. dave is up next with the forecast. >>laura: good news for people taking a road trip. a look at what our gas prices are up to now. that's in 15 minutes. theme park in australia makes a big decision after the deaths of four people. walter allen we traveled the world sampling the best cheese for two reasons one, to bring them all back for you to enjoy and two, we got to each a bunch of
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publix deli specialty cheese. over 36 varieties to fall in love with.
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>>dave: just a couple of have for you. now, granted, we do have a little more in the way of cloud cover this morning, but i'm also seeing a few breaks in clouds. we're at 69 degrees. usf marine science camera, south-southeast wind at seven miles per hour. different look when you're looking at the brookdale bayshore camera is you've got that milky sunshine start with an east-southeast wind at three. we're also in the low to mid 60s getting over into lake mirror area.
6:44 am
i don't see any problems in today's forecast. i know. you're looking at all this rainfall here and notice how it is moving toward the northeast and areas north of tampa, you do run that chance, and i pause for a second. it's really not much of a chance. 20% that you get a quick sprinkle or a tiny little shower but that's really about it. you know we've gone 24 days, 24 days since any rainfall at international. i know some spots have picked up a few showers here or there but the official measurement at the airport and just nothing. wow. 68 degrees the current temp in tampa. 63 in brandon. 69 degrees in st. petersburg. i got upper 50s for you in bartow all the way down through arcadia. lower 60s in 10. 70s in south florida and do you know what? waking up the dew points in the
6:45 am
it's going to get drier as we get into the weekend so we're going to drop the numbers into the lower 50s come friday morning. but it gets drier than that. let's go to the weekend. whoa. mid 40s for dew points so yeah, it is going to get -- when i say nicer, nicer but also a lot drier so if you don't get that sprinkle or that tiny little shower north of tampa today, it's not going to happen until at least early next week. i weather pattern. your only excepton would be today but even that rain chance is less than 20%. 78 degrees for a high temperature today. clearing late tonight with a low temp of 64 and tomorrow we're back to 80 degrees, lower humidity, sunshine returns in full force. looking at boaters today, seas less than two feet with light chop for you and high tide at 8:54 this morning following that
6:46 am
next seven days, look at that. i got six out of the next seven days we're likely going to be in the 70s for high temperatures and we'll sneak upper 50s in there for lows likely as well. >>vanessa: sounds good. thank you, dave. and it's 6:46. checking the roadways, we see one new lane blockage crash mentioned in the seffner area, u.s. 92 is going to be affected here at the intersection with mango road. westbound direction, sounds like we have at least one lane blocke maybe plan a few extra minutes. we're starting to get more cars on the roadways and as always, use caution. we'll get to charley belcher right now and see what he's up to for us this morning. >>charley: sorry. >>vanessa: where did you go? hello. thanks for joining us. >>charley: i walked over to the news car over there. the door i left open. i walked over there. i forgot my paper in the car. how are you? >>vanessa: i'm good.
6:47 am
like most sporting events, i can't stay up to watch it until the end. i tried but like monday night football, i ended up going to sleep. >>vanessa: our shift, that would have been really, really tough. >>charley: yeah. polls can close at noon. new president coming in january, exciting times, interesting, hope the whole country can come together and americans. we'll see. exciting times and i'm interested. all the local races and i know we have all the coverage this morning on fox 13 so i'm all excited to hear about that. speaking of percentages, we've been knowing about percentages the last few weeks. >>vanessa: maybe a little too well. >>charley: all about percentages, right? how about our old game of percentages? we figure out if we're in the minority or majority of what other people are thinking.
6:48 am
on bathing suits. >>vanessa: it depends on how dirty the bathroom is and how small the bathing suit is. >>charley: good point. i don't like cleaning up bathrooms. i would probably rather clean up the bathroom, too. 60% of us have fallen asleep while holding a phone. i don't think i've ever done that. >>vanessa: i don't think so, either. i'm proud of that. >>charley: how boring -- i guess you're tired talking late at night. i have a sleep on the other end of the phone. sometimes i'll call russell after work. russell, are you there? don't call russell during nap time. >>russell: i cut him off yesterday. i said i have to take a nap now. >>charley: russell did. we were talking about election. look. i have to take a nap. at least he told me before he fell asleep. 50% of men have never seen their partner's natural hair color. i have appear idea what my
6:49 am
>>vanessa: it's just darker. you can tell. i just have highlights. >>charley: 39% of first daters try to friend their date on facebook. i love you, too. thank you, sir. sorry. >>vanessa: we like a little love. >>charley: i was afraid of what he might shout. he said he loved me so i'll take that. 39% of first daters try to friend their date on facebook before going out. >>vanessa: yeah. i guess. >>charley: thank goodness i was to happen. 20% of parents say they are more -- 20% of parents say they're more than willing to bribe their kids to stop fighting. >>vanessa: to stop fighting. >>charley: yeah. stop fighting. >>vanessa: laura moody is like, yes. >>laura: i'm not above linery at all. >>russell: what's the best bribe? >>laura: money. >>charley: laura is the expert on that one.
6:50 am
can just shut up. >>vanessa: i have dogs. it doesn't work for them. >>charley: 2%, only 2% of pet owners have dressed their critter in a goofy outfit. that has to be more than 2%. my wife alone, it's more than 2%. there you go. those are some fun percentages and you'll hear plenty more percentages as the morning goes on. >>vanessa: they were entertaining. >>charley: i have a that has stood the test of time. ward's seafood market has stood here at the corner of mlk and belleair road in clearwater since 1955. this place has it all. from a deli to the fresh seafood market to a hot meal to go on this end, great place. it's stone crab season so we're going to talk stone crabs, tell you how -- the best way to crack into the stone crabs, give you
6:51 am
about the seafood. seafood so fresh, it was swimming in the gulf yesterday. that's how fresh it is. we'll have a "good day tampa bay." uniting as one country, having a "good day tampa bay." >>vanessa: yes. more love. more love. thank you, charley. >>walter: if you're just now waking up. the united states has a new president elect. he's calling on america to unify under his leadership. donald trump accepted the presidency around 3:00 this morning. in his speech he said, quote, the forgotten will be forgotten no longer. hillary clinton has yet to publicly concede the election. she's expected to do that sometime this morning. the owners of australia's dream world theme park announced they will demolish the water ride where four people died last month. two people were thrown from the raft at thunder river rapids and two others were trapped inside. the owner said demolishing it is the only proper thing to do. entire theme park has been closed since the accident on
6:52 am
and happening right now, a huge four alarm fire burning out of control at a warehouse in wilmington, delaware. roof collapsed. you can see flames. this fire start around 3:00 this morning. firefighters have set up tankers around the entire building but there are some water supply issues. no reports of anyone injured. >>russell: thanks. hiring is up, gas prices down. there's a lot to talk about in business this morning. >>laura: and interesting developments in the world markets, too, as they react to first they plummet. we'll dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers. america runs on dunkin'. havertys furniture helps your home look perfect experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers. even when life isn't.
6:53 am
hey. umm... sign here? sure, you got a pen? i do! thanks, sweetie. the veterans day preview is on now at havertys.
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6:55 am
in just over an hour,, mexico's central bank will hold a news conference to address the falling value of the peso.. >>russell: mexico central bank will hold a news conference to address the falling value of the and it's not just mexico. >>russell: investors around the world are uneasy at the thought of a trump presidency. here in the u.s. futures are trading down on post election jitters but after president elect trump gave his acceptance speech, markets started stabilizing. >>laura: also in business news this morning, the firings are down, hirings are up and gas is getting cheaper. here is lauren simonetti with some financial headlines now. >> fewer americans are told you're fired.
6:56 am
percentage of employees fired or laid off dropped to 1% of all workers in september. that's the lowest level since they started creeping crack in the year 2000. maybe that's because more bosses are planning to say, you're hired. the same report saying employers are seeking to fill around 5.5 million positions up slightly from the last month. election day rally. dow, s&p 500 finishing higher again on tuesday after monday's big upspring. spending less filling up your tank. national average for regular gasoline is now $2.21 a gallon. that's a lot cheaper than when you drove to cast your vote four years ago when it was $3.46. despite spendin less at the pump, americans apparently won't be spending more at restaurants. a new report saying folks are still struggling to pay bills so they'll be dining out less than expected next year. that's business. i'm lauren simonetti.
6:57 am
morning, donald trump is the next president of the united states. >>russell: pretty much all the polls were wrong and the swing states swung his way. more on what this means for us financially and what we can expect this morning from the clinton campaign who has just taken the lead in the popular vote. >>dave: 6:57 and 68 degrees. look at that gorgeous sunrise overlooking tampa bay fm john hopkins camera. a couple of sprinkles, not going to be a bother to most of us today. maybe just north of tampa. in general, our temps for the next few days are nice. 78 today and turning drier tomorrow and into friday. high temperatures are running close to normal. normal high this time of year
6:58 am
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>> and i can only say that while the campaign is over, our work on this movement is now really just beginning. >>russell: donald trump pulling off a historc win. he'll be our next president after sweeping the swing states. >>laura: and a spare for democrats. hillary clinton supporters left in shock this morning. they did not see this happening at all. >>russell: and market concerns. stock prices falling all over the world, even here in the u.s. triple digit losses in some places. hey, everybody. welcome to the 7:00 hour of "good day." i'm russell rhodes. >>laura: and i'm laura moody.


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