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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  October 29, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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a fox 13 news alert - a fox 13 news alert - the sea a fox 13 news alert. the search is on for hit-and-run driver. a woman is dead and a polk coun county deputy is seriously hurt. a school bus driver is behind bars after he had sex with a student. how facebook had a part in this. a hillsborough county man is killed in a road rage incident. how his heart of gold may have killed him. >> announcer: from tampa bay's number one news station, this is "good day tampa bay." >> sorboni: welcome to "good day tampa bay" at 9 a.m., i am sorboni banerjee filling for
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>> alcides: thank you for being on board for the next couple of months. >> sorboni: we are waiting for news for. >> anjuli: as we -- for anjuli as we wisher the best. a baby. >> lindsay: fall-like weather. a tease last weekend and this weekend a little more warmth to enjoy because the breeze makes us feel milder. climb to 73 with a northeast wind at 7 miles per hour. some high clouds. you will notice those streaming from the south and west. if they hang on, the tonight will be beautiful. snap some photos and send them my way. sirata beach. fewer 60s this hour and more 70s. 72 venice and lakeland. wesley chapel at 71. and how about those winds, the gusts at 18 in lakeland. not just near the coast where we will watch those gusty winds today. to our south, well to the so south, showers in the keys, but for us, high clouds to con tend
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day where we will be 4 to 5 degrees above average in the mid-80s. a look ahead to halloween coming up. right now we are following a news alert out of polk co county. one person is dead and a polk county deputy has serious injuries after a hit-and-run crash. >> alcides: happened after midnight and appears that a deputy was trying to hit a driver when they were both hit by another cap. kellie, i believe you are off of guess because in the rural part of polk county and not a lot of information at all and that is the big issue at this point. >> reporter: yeah, not a lot of information as far as who did this. we have a hit and run driver who at this time has yet to be identified. right now sheriff deputies have not released a suspect vehicle, but they are as far as i am told by businesses in this area heavily looking for that vehicle. they have been going along state route 60 in both directions asking businesses to
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footage hoping to see if they can find a vehicle that they believe will have extensive front-end damage and that they believe will be the vehicle involved in this accident. i want to take you back to just after midnight lapse night when this all began. we had a woman traveling down state root 60. she veered off the roadway. you can see over here in the brush, this is where her car kind of hit a small tree in this area. she veered off. she was injured in this crash. she gets out of the vehicle heel now she crosses the roadway here to try to flag down a car. we are told she entered the median of state route 60. she was able to flag down a deputy and that deputy stopped to give her help. now here is what we have from the polk county sheriff's office so far. detectives say deputy sheriff adam pinel saw 33-year-old jessica ontero sitting in the
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stopped his car in the l left-hand lane and then radioed in asking for medical help. now we have a timeline of his dispatches of his calls into dispatch. the last one came in at 12:38 this morning. that is when deputy pinel made his last transmission to dispatch, and we also know that emergency crews arrived on the scene just about 7 minutes later, and that's when they found both deputy pinel and miss significant injuries in the median. they could tell that a car swerved around pat troll car, into the median and hit the two people and kept on driving. now polk county deputies want to find the driver. they are asking anyone that knows anything who has seen a suspicious car. they will have extensive fr front-end damage to it to go ahead and give them a call. as they mentioned they are also asking businesses in this area
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happen to catch something on there last night. live in polk county, kellie cowan, station news. >> alcides: kellie, sorboni and i were talking about how busy that road. be careful and stay safe. our thoughts and prayers for the woman who was killed and the deputy seriously injured. kellie in lake wales, thank you so much for being with us. new this morning, deputies arested a school bus driver they say had sex with a stu student. deondre davis started talking to a 16-year-old on social media last week, and davis drove the girl to an off-campus location on that bus. that is when the 24-year-old had sex with the student. it was reported to the school yesterday. officials say davis admitted to having sex with that student and charged with unlawful sexual activity with a minor. also new this morning deputies are searching nor escaped inmate. shannon holmes was last seen
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avenue east in bradenton. she had been serving time there since may on burglary and drug charges. the 39-year-old was lapse seen wearing a pink polo and blue jeans. also developing this morning, police are searching for the driver who hit and killed a motorcyclist in in ruskin. this what we know. 3:30 at 19th avenue and 30th street. officials say the two drivers got into an argument down the street. it zack believes it had to do with a friend being abused. marcano got on his motorcycle trying to leave but the pickup truck followed him. the driver hit him and knocked him into a van. >> he got hit from the back, went across the road and got hit again. >> deputies are searching for that blue truck. unfortunately not much to go on. no make or model at this point. if you have any information at all, contact local law enforcement. the search is on for a home invasion suspect in citrus
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haven't been given many details about the case and spangler is 5'8", brown hair, brown eyes. the home invasion took place two weeks ago now and deputies believe he might be in the area beverly hills or hernando in citrus county if you see him, call 911. a grieving community came together to remember a brother and sister killed in a bad car wreck. the group held a moment of silence before last night's football game to remembe they were killed while driving school yesterday morning when their suv was hit with a pickup truck. deputies don't think that speeding played a factor in this crash. it appears that george pulled out in front of an oncoming c car. three men in the white truck are in the hospital but will recover. family and friends are trying to raise money for funerals. a mother of three whose life was violently cut short and tampa police have named a
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killed latoya smith. he is the last person known to see her alive. smith was found in the middle of west flora street lat week. she died from a severe head injury. band three weeks after hurricane matthew battered florida's east coast, some cities along the shoreline are still picking up the mess. flagler beach is one those cities. people there are still living in damaged homes and debris just scattered all insurance adjustors have been busy since matthews hit that area. people living there say the most difficult part is trying to find a handy man. one resident said a long waiting list for contractors to come out and fix the minor damage. >> just a massive job. i mean, everyone you look, there is something that needs to be picked up. >> alcides: no doubt it is a big mess, but people are happy they still have a place to call home. time right now is 9:08. now to the race to the white
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election. shock waves hit hillary cli clinton's campaign. the fbi is now investigating her e-mail server again. >> sorboni: the messages came to light because of a separate fbi investigation into former congressman anthony weiner's sexting scandal. fbi corrector james comey announced that the agency will investigate whether there is classified information in these newly discovered e-mails on hillary clinton's private server. there were found on anthony weiner's computer. the former new york congrema huma abedin the top aide to clinton. they are calling on the fbi to review more information on the release of these e-mails. donald trump wasted no time seizing on the opportunity. the news broke ten minutes before trump took to the stage for a rally in new hampshire. the republican nominee has been saying that the system is rigged against them in favor of clinton but yes he commended the efforts of the department of the fbi and department of
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calling a grave miscarriage of justice. >> early voting in pasco and highland counties this morning. 12 voting precincts throughout those counties. state law requires two forms of id, a signature as well a photo. you can go to any of the polls in your county until early voting ends. the polls open just minutes ago in pasco county. highlands county actually opened at 8:30 this morning. to find the closest site near your area, visit u meanwhile, we have new early voting numbers here in hillsborough county. the supervisor of elections office says 25% of registered voters have cast their ballot. yesterday was the fifth day of early voting right here in florida. it continues this weekend, and all next week across the bay area. well, virtual reality. it is not just for playing video games. it is actually part of the future of helping patients. florida hospital tampa has
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with surgical planning and hospital education. the first in the southeastern u.s. to provide surgical theatre technology for neurosurgery. dr. raul olivera explain thousand works. >> based on the cts, the m+ r ris. the images are the same. and higher quality and you put on a specific for mat. and you can actually reconstruct them like if it is the real patient. and not only that. you can actually navigate you can give the patient that opportunity. >> reporter: the doctor adds he can plan a surgical procedure advance using detailed model of its own anatomy because provides a better path of at that tumor and aneurysm. 9:11. still ahead, we are bringing out our creative side all in the name of halloween. a little pumpkin carving lesson right here in the studio. are you ready? >> alcides: i am ready. i saw it a little while ago and
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you a epeek in performance during the stretch of the world series. 7th inning stretch. that is bill murray. you can only imagine what he had to say coming up in 20 minutes. good morning, lindsay. >> lindsay: good morning. in five minutes the forecast at wrigley field for tonight's game for the world series right here at fox. starting out this saturday locally, beautiful, breezy r&d bright. 72, brookdale bayshore. the next stop riverview, 73 the next stop riverview, 73 with high clouds. the next stop riverview, 73 with high clouds. we dance on the salsa team together, and it's like a lot of power in what we wear. what i'm wearing i don't look good. t.j.maxx has that variety. i can get a lot for my money. it's like "yay t.j.maxx!" if you're feeling it, just go for it, don't wait.
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we're just days away from we're just days away from halloween. but are you just days away from halloween. are you look for something fun to do to get your kids behind how about pumpkin carving. i am just so sal lented. i whipped them up on the break. no, i didn't. headed over from hyde park to hang out with us and show us how to do serious artwork. we are not talking triangle, nose and eyes. this is pretty impressive. take us through the process of stencilling this throughout pumpkin. >> first thing you want to go
9:16 am
for example, we have one like this. >> you put it along the side. pumpkin. >> you wet it first and put it on the side of the pumpkin, and you trace whatever you want to use and take out the dark size own. i take the skin and it is very trendy right now. >> sorboni: looks very pretty. as far as tools to make this happen things you picked up at the grossly store for pop me a tiny chain saw show us a little bit about how you kind of take the skin off and create this design. >> really you are just going down and come at an angle and the skin kind of comes away there. >> you are not really having to push too hard. i have memories of trying to stab the entire pumpkin >> the skin carving is a lot easier than going all the way through because you don't have to go through three inches of
9:17 am
so whatever little tiny knife you want to use like an exacto knife from michaels, it is perfect for this because not going all the way through. >> sorboni: you have quite the tool doyt do the fancier stuff but keeping it simple. you just got these at the grocery store. you got these options as well. now one added bonus especially in the weather that we have around here, these pumpkins should hopefully last little longer because you are not cutting to the core. >> they will for halloween for sure. >> you told them a little trick at the break. >> in reality, all the things that we do here are to make it easier for you guys. when you go home, you don't have to carve it. all that mess is completely gone. we have done storm troopers that you saw in there. we have done all kind of carvings. >> all of our friends from frozen and you can actually dip these in -- what, bleach?
9:18 am
kills the bacteria and make it last a lot longer. >> sorboni: good to know. thank you so much for impressing us and making me feel a little bad about my own pumpkin at home. this looks beautiful. thank you. it gets us in the spirit. appreciate you being here. >> thank you. now your sky tower radar forecast with fox 13 meteorologist lindsay milb milbourne. >> lindsay: i think some of us would love some more fall temperatures to get us in the halloween spirit. last weekend, crisp and cool. noticeably warmer out the door with lows in the 60s to near 70. the cool spot was 63 in crystal river. 70 in tampa. 6 degrees above average to start. to wrap up the day anywhere from 4 to 6 degrees above average as well. 73 in st. pete currently. bringing the sunshine. 71 in westchase. still 60s. dade city, 67.
9:19 am
here in venice, 973. bradenton at 73. sebring the warm spot at 74 as we are bringing in atlantic moisture and that's why our dew dew points are not quite as low as they were a few days ago. high clouds. that is what ruled the sky the past few days. streaming in from the south and west and from tampa looking west toward the beach. notice that kind of milky appearance to the sky are the high clouds that will we will have to con tend with. 7 in tampa. 72 in clearwater beach. the northeast winds that will stay up today and tomorrow. that is something you should keep in mind if you have boating plans, near shore better than offshore, and winds will be picking up throughout the morning. they are picking up in lakeland gusting to 18. they have been up holding steady near 20 in 1350e9. we won't say goodbye to the gusty winds today or tomorrow. dew points are manageable in the mid-60s. they are higher down in south florida. all the way through the middle part of the week, we are not at
9:20 am
muggy range. we are kind of in between which is manageable. we will prefer this to the higher dew points. high pressure to the north, low pressure to the south. breezy in between. by 3 p.m., 86. that will be our afternoon high for us. we are at 73 right now. let's take to you what is going on around the country where we have mild temperatures there. 47 degrees in new york city. 47 in d.c. but how about the warmth. 60s in late october from kansas city and chicago. that is a cold front that may impact the second half of the world series game for tonight. you can watch it right here on fox 13. indians taking on chicago cubs, of course, first pitch, cloudy and breezy and, then, perhaps a light shower late in the game. most of these will be after the game though. good news. 57 for last pitch. futurecast very quiet. high clouds. notice the wind arrows grow in size as it is breezy today and tomorrow. relax a bit for halloween and won't really lower the
9:21 am
86 today. a warm and breezy afternoon. enjoy. a lot of fall events going on. dress appropriately. maybe fine tune those costumes a bit for the kids. clouds above average. 69 is the low. we are up to 86 on sunday with the breezy northeast wind and high clouds too. here is what the wind does to the water. a moderate chop. our wave heights 2 to 3 feet. northeast winds 15 to 20 knots. next tide is a high tide at seven-day sneak throughout northern part of the state early in the week and tease us. by friday down to 83. still dropping a few degrees, but not many. still ahead, the indians take home a win, and daffy duck sings a solo, sort of. coming up in morning sports. a an officer with a clear conscience pays the price. this
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. welcome back. in order to stay in the acc championship conversation, the usf football team has to dominate in hosting 22nd ranked navy at ray jay did exactly that. they dominated this game. how about this for a quick start. quinton flowers a minute into the game is gone. forget about that sore h hamstring. 62-yard td. still in the first quarter, usf up 14-0. marlon mack goes on 85 yards. taking it to the house. the bulls score on their first three drives of this game.
9:25 am
they never look back. they won this one 52-45. big upset right there. the fall classic shifted to chicago with the series tied 1-1. the world series returned to wrigley field the first time since 1945. the cub fans were loving every second of this. quite an atmosphere inside and outside the stadium as well. the cub fans have waited 71 years for this day. scoreless in the fourth, yeah, double p that was a turning point, i think. scoreless in the 7th inning as well. indians are threatening with runners on the corner. coco crisp drives one to right field. roger davis is thrown out at third base, but the indians take a 1-0 lead and that is all it took. bottom of the 9th, cubs down to the final out. jason hayward at the plate reaches first on the error. tying run at third base.
9:26 am
this game is over. game, set, match. indians win this one 1-0 taking a 2-1 series lead. even though the cubs lost, the fans got a special treat. celebrity -- a celebrity took to the mic and same a solo. listen in ? take me out to the ball game ? ? take me out with the crowd ? ? buy me some peanuts and crackerjacks ? i don't care if i never get back ? ? when we root roar root, root for the home team -- >> alcides: i don't know if i like that. is it just me or -- i don't know, actor bill murray. sung "take me out to the ball game" and he is clearly a cubs fan during the 7th inning stretch. if you thought murray sounded a little funny dead on and we are
9:27 am
he is donald duck or daffy duck. >> sorboni: decided daffy duckish. >> alcides: a poor version of daffy duck. game 4 is tonight here on fox 13 beginning at 7:30. still ahead, a woman spent her birthday behind bars. how police say she took advantage of a teen for money and now is paying the price. also if you are afraid to fly, these stories are not going to help. sorry. two planes catch on fire at two different airports. we have the reasons why ahead is following that deadly is following that deadly hit-and-run crash this >> reporter: good morning, g guys, east of lake wales where that crash occurred and de deputies are searching for the hit-and-run driver. i will tell you about it coming up. at 9:27. high clouds to start out the day. waking up at 73. winds out of the northeast at 19. so breezy morning.
9:30 am
from tampa bay's number one news station, this is "good day tampa bay." >> alcides: good morning and us for "good day tampa bay." i am alcides segui. >> sorboni: i am sorboni banerjee. a quick check with lindsay in a minute, but first a quick check of headlines. pinellas county deputies say a woman shot by her husband yesterday has died. part of a murder-suicide. a family member called the sheriff's office after finding the elderly couple in their tarpon springs home. robert camp shot his wife edith and then killed himself. he was taken to the hospital in critical condition and then
9:31 am
this home. a st. pete woman spent her birthday behind bars after police say she sexually exploited a young girl for money. patilia seymour turned 33 yesterday and she provided a 14-year-old runaway with a motel room and in return, the child agreed to prostitution. seymour posted provocative photos on a web site and collected half of the money men paid her to have sex the girl is in dcf care. the fact if red-light red-light cameras are legal. you camera one, oldsmar, zero. it follows a similar ruling in the city of ventura. but the issue still could be headed to the florida supreme court. opponents say the cameras are illegal because the operating company is a third party and not actual law enforcement. 9:31.
9:32 am
ac in some spots. crack the windows here in ta tampa. limited clouds. high clouds continued on adds 72 degrees at least this morning. the clouds may nil a bit this afternoon and they are really going to aid to the beauty of the sunset. 73 usf marine science cam and gusty northeast winds and there are 70s. green to the north and orange to the east coast. that surge of milder air from the east wind. most of us in the low 70s. brooksville at 69. of sun this morning, more opaque clouds south of our area and the winds will be whipping at times today out of the northeast, holding near 20 all morning st. pete. we will stay dry today. any showers closest to us down in southeast florida. steady rain in the keys. next few days feature above average temperatures and rain chances are low for outdoor
9:33 am
reward being offered for information leading to a hit-and-run driver. >> overnight, a driver killed a woman and injured a polk county deputy. fox 13's kellie cowan joins us live from state road 60 in lake wales with the very latest. busy road. cars are zooming by and what can you tell us about the search here? >> reporter: well, the search is on right now for that hit-and-run driver. as you mentioned there is a reward on the table at this point. as i was coming in, i stopped fo businesses a few miles down the road. and deputies have already been by, asking them to turn over their security footage there on the hunt for this hit-and-run driver that killed a woman overnight and severely injured a deputy. here is what happened. after midnight, a woman wrecked her car. could you see the trail marks from state route 60. traveling eastbound on state route 60 here. she crashed her car into this brush here and had to go out
9:34 am
the roadway. she crossed the roadway into the median here and that's where she was trying to flag down anyone to help her out. this woman was apparently injured and a patrol car actually came to her rescue and he stopped his car in the left hand lane here on state route 60. detectives say that deputy sheriff adam pinel was the man trying to help 33-year-old jessica ontero. was over here and stopped his patrol car, radioed in for help and we have a time log of his last radio"transformers: age of extinction missions. we know at 12:38 this morning, deputy pinel made his last transmission to dispatch and ems arrived just seven minutes later and there they found just a horrific scene. both of them on the ground. a driver had apparently swerved around the patrol car and into the median hitting both people and then taking off.
9:35 am
that driver. they say that car will have significant front-end damage. as i mentioned, they are reviewing the tapes from security cameras on businesses up and down route 60 here, and they are also asking the public for help if you know of anybody or you have seen anything you think might be suspicious. asked to call crimestoppers or the polk county sheriff's department. i will send it back to you l live. >> sorboni: thank you, kellie, hopefully something was cgh police are investigating a deadly crash in the 1800 block of east kennedy boulevard. kennedy boulevard from rome to howard was shut down for several hours during the investigation. so far no information on the victim or cause of this crash. new this morning, clearwater police are searching for an armed robber who held up a wal-mart store on north highland just before 10:00 last night. officials say he implied he had a gun been running away. if you know anything, call police. and police are searching
9:36 am
-- he actually ran himself over in casselbury. the man was leaving a strip club early tuesday morning when less than a block away that guy fell out of his truck. the pickup truck ran over the man's leg and kept on going and actually crashed into a house. a 58-year-old woman inside that home suffered minor injuries but by the time police actually got there, the man was gone and his truck was actually still there and his more than a dozen people are hurt after a plane catches on fire that happened at chicago 'o'hare airport and burst into flames. passengers heard a loud bang and saw an explosion. officials say air traffic control reported an engine fire. some passengers did suffer minor injuries from evacuating down the slides and they are doing okay now. the fire is under invest investigation. sooetd cede seeing new video of another plane fire here in
9:37 am
lauderdale, hollywood airport. aviation officials say the plane's landing gear collapsed shortly after landing starting that fire right there. 00. it was put without within minutes. both pilots escaped unharmed. the national transportation safety are investigating that fire. from central avenue to the city of st. pete looks to be great to the area for some, but there is a hang-up. the of support from st. pete and the pinellas suncoast transit authority and an icy reception from the city of st. pete be beach. the city won't comment if they are for or against the program. thill have to pitch in $700,000 to make it happen. the shuttle bus could bring a 10% boost in value to properties along the route. they will take it to other communities if st. pete beach rejects it.
9:38 am
he ticketed himself. last month officer jim glover did not notice a light had turned red right before he made that left-hand turn. you can see it there. pretty interesting.? he is the officer that reviews the issues and actually tickets everyone who, of course, takes that red light. he didn't even realize he submitted the violation until he saw images of his own patrol car coming across his desk for review a couple of weeks after. he says he couldn't cut himself a break sxoy have easily hit nobody would have known, but me and god, you know, but i am not that type of person. >> alcides: sure isn't. he is an honest man. he already paid the $158 fine. a reigning record holder here in the bay area remains just that. >> once again snooty the manatee has been named the oldest manatee born in captivity. the title will be added to the 2017 guinness book of world
9:39 am
birthday. can you guess how long he is? 68 years old. living happily at the south florida museum in bradenton. his home since 1949. over the years it is estimated that snooty had more than 1 million visitors. he has been used to study -- to determine how long manatee manatee county actually live, but everybody knows him as the friendly manatee. >> sorboni: er doesn't love the camera or anything up there with the nose, eating his snacks saying what it was it 68? >> alcides: 68. >> sorboni: still out there swimming around. >> alcides: sea cows, got to love them. >> a lot more to come on good day. a bell ringing at the international space station. we will explain the significance of that coming up. plus i got a first hand look at one of the creepiest haunted houses in the bay area. not a house. actually a polk county jail. transformed into a haunted jail. we will take a closer look
9:40 am
lottery numbers.
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like hearing the sound of your own voice. (softly) like hearing the sound of your own voice. time now for a look at get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. headlines from around the world.. in mexico.. a headlines from around the world.. in mexico.. a 9:42. time to look at headlines in mexico, a large demonstration of the violence women face. they commemorate women who have been killed in the sex industry. this march has been taking place for 20 years and an opportunity to protest violence against women. in new zealand, the largest meth seizure ever. agents stopped $176 million worth of drugs from entering the country. one man was arrested. he is charged with trying to smuggle meth from china. and a new crew has taken
9:43 am
the commander of the russian federal space agency officially handed over control to nasa astronaut shane kimbreau with the winning of a bell. the previous crew will return to earth. it was extremely unique and pretty reluctant to close that hatch and head back here. to nice weather too. 9:43. starting off our weekend beautiful. 73 here in tampa with a northeast wind which is light here, but we ha conditions near the coast. i spoke too soon. mid-80s for highs today and average wise, 82. on track for 86 this afternoon. >> sorboni: not at all, 86. getting used to the weird fall weather that is not fall weather, right. how about showing up on your doorstep in sarasota. >> alcides: believe me you will not walk out your door without glancing out the window and hear that story coming up after the break.
9:44 am
divorce court. how a judge ruled when a divorced husband and wife filed an emergency claim over two
9:45 am
i served under president bush and obama. i fought the taliban. i was asked to form a global coalition to counter isil. when someone makes the comment that they know more about the islamic state or isil than do the generals,
9:46 am
but i believe secretary clinton really understands the threat that the islamic state poses to the united states and to the american people. and i believe she understands how to wield american power to ultimately defeat this threat and to keep us safe. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i'm hillary clinton welcome back. the time is 9:46. and a world series battle, w well, it is going to two chicago fans are getting divorced. the problem is they share world series tickets to tonight's game. so they filed an emergency petition. i mean this an emergency, right. and they ended up in front of a judge. >> alcides: 71 years since chicago had a world series, that's why. the husband can take the two tickets and take the couple's 12-year-old son to the game, but he must buy his estranged wife a new ticket in a comparable section to his. right out in cheapest ticket for tonight's game are running
9:47 am
pretty penny to go to that game with his son. >> sorboni: a similar seat but not a similar price anymore. you may expect to see trick trick or treaters new yorking on your door, right. new this morning a woman found this snake. this was on north beneva road in sarasota. she did what any sane person would do, went right inside and called this guy, called police. several officers showed up and brian -- officer brian lunstrum was able to wrangle the s six-foot boa the snake is at animal services and they are trying to find out where it came from. business smile holding onto a 6-foot snake. no thank you. >> alcides: in all a day's work is right. we should caption this next story halloween parenting go goals. >> sorboni: one mom goes above and beyond to catch outrageous and creepy pictures of her husband and daughter in 2014. >> alcides: oh, wow. >> sorboni: her husband
9:48 am
dead theme. she took these pictures and it was off is hit. dad and daughter dressed up as vampires and tried to make it as spooky as possible by traveling up to old castle ruins in oklahoma. so this year -- look at the windows -- like a horror movie. they dressed up like ghosts and the little girl gets into the creepiness of pictures, she has got to slump. this is the kind of reason i can't do haunted houses because i am scared of things that look real like this. quality. >> alcides: really amazing pictures. >> sorboni: i am i pressed ... and a little scared. can we get lindsay to talk about something much better than that. i am frighten -- no, it is very artistic and pretty cool. >> lindsay: the make-up really good too and the costumes. they were on. makes me feel bad i don't have a costume. my dog has a costume. >> alcides: do you have a pumpkin. >> lindsay: sophie will be a
9:49 am
costume. >> lindsay: sophie has a costume. we are talking warm temperatures all the way through halloween. 73 overlooking tampa. northeast wind. high clouds. 73 in sirata beach.those winds are gusty though today. something to keep in mind if you had boating plans. maybe you are better off parking near the sand here at 73 degrees on sirata beach looking good. 77 in sebring. 69 in brooksville. low to mid-70s. heating up after that abo the only good thing is, well, our dew points have climbed a cup of degrees in the mid-60s. we are still talking about manageable, moderate humidity. not just today but tomorrow through halloween. while the weather is warm, we can handle dew points in those ranges. winds breezy, gusting up to 18 in laibingd. sustained at 20 in st. pete. we will watch those gusts today and we are watching some showers outside of our area today hanging out in south florida. the keys dealing with some
9:50 am
well, not from the rain holding to the south. high clouds will overreturn the area at times today. and as we are sneaking in enough, the sunthe rewill look nice tonight. high pressure to the north, low pressure to the south that won't develop tropically. the squeeze play with those gusty winds. notice the winds late in the week that low is still hanging around. snow has exited the northeast and chilly there mainly in the 40s. cold rain showers might as well be snowing with 40 degrees with showers in burlington vermont. warm front lifting through the area and cold front through the midwest will drop temperatures at wrigley on the game tonight. where the weather is looking great for local home games. big one, florida, georgia and jacksonville headed to that game, lucky you, 3 with 30 kickoff. sunny and warm mid-80s. breezy in jacksonville as well. 73 for my seminoles taking on
9:51 am
good luck to all your games if you are cheer on football games today. mid-80s the next couple of d days. 86 today down to 85 for halloween. during the day on season, the warmth. watches what happens when the sun sets. the forecast too shabby. warm for some of our likings. 80 not bad at 7:00, dry for the trick or treaters come monday night. last year, it was really warm at 89. we will take this year's 85. 786 warmnd and high clouds. 69 tonight with above-average temperatures. seven-day forecast show rain chances pretty much nonexistent toward the end of the week, we hang on to above-average warmth though. so as if jame isn't scary enough, polk county is stepping
9:53 am
foster farms presents appetites. even a small one can throw you off your game. they can happen anywhere. and they only get bigger as time goes on. serve foster farms corn dogs, a corn dog with 7 grams of protein makes a big appetite go away. foster farms corn dogs.
9:54 am
legend has it, all right, legend has president old polk county jail in bartow was haunted closed in the 90s. the first floor is for inmate booking but the second floor is vacant except for the remnants of the old jail. >> sorboni: the polk county sheriff's office thought what better than a haunted house.
9:55 am
laughter] >> hello, i am sheriff grady judd. the city of bartow has been overrun by zombie, here i -- [screaming] -- [scary music] >> our demon is preaching sa satan's word. for $5, this is the you are going to get. probably the most fun. in here 10, 15 minutes. you are coming through and you will be scared. >> start making the noises. [screaming] ? ? ? >> this is the old jail built bags in 1972. a lot of people come up here think they have heard things, seen things and thought things, so we use that for many years. it is haunted.
9:56 am
somebody hiding behind here. when you come by, they reach out and try to grab them and scare them. >> united way. the money donated about $10,000 just in the four days that we do do it. again, it is just about having fun and just raising money for a good cause. going to want to come back again right after or come back again the next year bec don't want to miss what we have. sitting in this door way. ? ? ?. >> sorboni: too much for you? you can tour the haunted jail online instead. all the info on click on seen on tv. >> lindsay: you were there? >> alcides: i was there
9:57 am
wasn't good. at night, 10:00 at midnight and you are there. that is not for me either. i hate haunted.houses. >> sorboni: a lot of gross stuff. >> lindsay: aloved blood there. looking forward to halloween. >> sorboni: remember keep up to date on all your news by logging on to our web site at thanks for being with us. >> alcides: follow us on facebook and twitter. facebook and twitter. thank you. facebook and twitter. thank you. follow your own sense of style... because, you want to be confident. tive side. that's the best part. you don't know what you're going to find. i always find great deals on shoes... purses... we're a team.
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