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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  March 12, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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america runs on dunkin'. @ @ if you are just now joining @ounce this saturday morning. @we start with a news alert out @you have hillsborough county. @a deadly wrong-way accident on @the crosstown expressway. @it killed a wrong-way drive and @took the life of a hillsborough @county deputy. @>> anjuli: kelly cowan is live @at the crosstown. @what can you tell us. @>> reporter: absolutely @heartbreaking. @standing at the entrance where @the wrong-way driver probably @took to enter the eastbound or @westbound lane, traveling the @wrong way. @so eastbound lane for the
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@was going westbound this @morning. @now you can see behind me, @there are barricades set up, @flashing lights, all kind of @alerts for a driver to know @that they are not to enter that @lane which does. @it is a center lane. @a raised portion of the highway @a raised portion of the @highway. @and it does change over @depending on the time of the @day, but these are here to @allow a driver to know they are @not to enter. @they believe that he would have @gone on the other side of the @road here in order to get on @and just before 3 a.m., he @struck a deputy nearly head on. @now we did have a picture of @the deputy's car sent us to by @the hillsborough county @sheriff's office. @that car barely recognizable @after this collision. @the driver of the wrong-way @vehicle we are told died on the @keen this morning, and the @officer -- the deputy, rather, @inside his patrol car, he had @to be extricated. @the roof cut off of the car. @he was rushed to tampa general @hospital where he unfortunately @passed away. @now when we spoke to @hillsborough county sheriff
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@were all very emotional. @this deputy was with the @hillsborough county sheriff's @office for over five years, and @he comes from a law enforcement @family. @we are not told the name of the @deputy or the wrong-way driver @just yet. @they are still working to @identify family members and @inform them before -- before @they let them know, but this we @are told is just a tragedy, and @felt so strongly by these @deputies here who, you know, on @a daily basis put their lives @on the line. @we are always thinking of them @wearing bullet-proof vests and @shootings and things like that, @but traffic accidents, @sometimes far more dangerous to @these officers and deputies, to @law enforcement than what you @might commonly expect. @>> we worry about getting shot. @we worry about all these other @things that go on in our @careers, but, you know, here is @an example right now that i @think it is the second or third @leading cause of death for law @enforcement are these traffic @crashes.
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@have been avoided, that makes @it even worse. @>> reporter: as i mentioned @this crash occurred just before @3 a.m. this morning. @now police and sheriff deputy @now police and sheriff deputies @are still investigating the @crash. @still no word just yet on @whether or not alcohol play @been a factor. @as i mentioned very early on @this investigation. @so we will have more updates @throughout the day, but for @now, reporting live in brandon, @kelly cowan, fox 13 news. @back to you, guys. @>> walter: i still can't @believe when i look at that -- @that picture of what is left of @the deputy's cruiser. @>> anjuli: heartbreaking. @>> walter: something we will @continue to follow. @keep it right here for that and @many more. @ our weather headlines, @lindsay milbourne is in. @we are going up. @>> lindsay: a warm weekend. @events started with the grand @prix. @if you are headed out. @don't plan on the 0s but the @low 80s. @and a dry day today in st. @petersburg. @tomorrow gets a little more @dicey.
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@the morning and look at @futurecast so you can look at. @strawberry festival looks @fantastic. @the gates open at 10 a.m. @64 degrees mid- to upper 80s. @74 in west palm beach. @71 in new port richey. @a mixed bag of temps. @a little rain, and a couple @showers. @a few near 64 in duette and @near frostproof and bowling @green on skyfox home tarly. @what happening that high @pressure breaking down. @rain to the west not all of it @but some of it slides our @direction tomorrow. @i think the morning starts dry @sunday, but the afternoon a @different story. @today a 10% rain chance. @highs in the low 80s. @we will discuss our best rain @chance on the seven-day coming @up tomorrow coming up. @>> lindsay: thank you, -- @>> anjuli: thank you, lindsay. @ following a hit-and-run @story a person on a bike that
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@off. @happened 5:00 this morning at @30th avenue east and 50th @street north. @tampa police say that area will @be shut down for several hours @while they investigate. @the bicyclist has @life-threatening injuries. @police are asking anyone who @was in that area early on this @morning who saw anything, to @call them and help them with @their investigation of tracking @down this hit-and-run vehicle. @ new this morning, st. pete @police arrest a man they say @showed up at a gas station with @ingredients to make meth. @around 10:30 @around 10:30, officers were @called to the wa-wa about a @trespasser. @when they got there they found @gregory lawrence with a bottle @-- with chemicals to make meth. @the area behind the store was @closed until the narcotics unit @could dispose of that potle. @-- of that bottle. @ of course the big national @story when it comes to politics @story when it comes to @politics. @donald trump force to cancel @his rally in chicago after @fights broke out among @supporters and protesters. @the trump campaign postponed @the rally to make sure that
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@the phone. @craig, happy saturday to you. @>> walter: thanks for joining @us. what is going on, a fight @at the trump valley. @>>caller: hundreds of protest @>>caller: hundreds of @protesters representing @themselves as trump supporters @getting inside that event in @chicago. @once they got inside they @unveiled themselves and @protesters. @and with that -- keep in mind @we had rowdy events with donald @trump for some length of time. @trump was asked just during the @last debate about some of the @clashes that had pwrongen out, @some of the violence that had @-- broken out. @some of the violence that had @been and if his words were @responsible. @trump said he would hope not. @in the past he said if @protesters arrived we want to @punch one in the face and wind @up on a stretcher and trump @supporters took that and rolled @with them. @when you have hundreds of
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@showing up in chicago they @began to clash with the trump @supporters and reached a point @where the trump campaign @decided for the sake of safety @that they just could not go @forward with that. @and then trump himself later @said that he felt that his @right to free speech was @infringed upon. @he is ultimately blame @he is ultimately blaming the @protesters. @the concern, of course, among @many other things is that one @large-scale protest like this @could lead to another and keep @in mind, we are still a long @florida. @something that bears a lot of @watching here in our state as @well. @>> walter: craig, is this is @thing? @are we going to see more of @this? @>>caller: it has been a thing. @you start playing -- the media @starts playing the protests and @feedback loop. @the danger is it could incite @other protesters. @it could anger trump supporters @and you are talking about @supporters that are very @frustrated about the direction @of this country even more. @i think the candidate himself, @donald trump, has a big role to
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@supporters -- now -- how his @protesters respond not only for @the sake of calm at his events, @though you don't have future @clashes, but in something that @could have some bearing on the @results as well, because when @you are seeing clashes of that @magnitude play out on national @tv, that is something that can @drive voting behavior and cut @both ways on tuesday and beyond @both ways on tuesday and @beyond. @>> walter: craig, marco rubio @is in town. @he is speaking in largo i @believe today. @did i read an article correctly @that he is pulling for kasich @in kasich's home state of ohio @on tuesday? @call call this is a strategy @that is -- @>>caller: that is a strategy @that is being put out there. @the logic is that marco rubio @cannot win in the state of @ohio, therefore if someone @wants to vote for rubio in @ohio, vote for kasich instead @because he has a better chance @of beating trump and that way @off better chance of driving
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@or a contested convention in @cleveland giving marco rubio. @that is an awful lot to ask of @voters. @don't vote for the person you @really want you have to vote @for someone else because we @have in nonaggression pact. @i don't know how far that will @go, and it is kind of a @tortured argument for rubio to @make. @and notice the camp did not @respond in kind. @thanks but no thanks. @our folks in florida who want @kasich, we want them to vote @for john kasich. @>> walter: craig a lot to get @to before tuesday. @what are we talking about for @the next show? @>>caller: money, power and @politics one on one interviews @lined up with marco rubio and @with bernie sanders. @we will interview the @candidates and drill in the @florida issues and talk @hurricane insurance, flood @insurance, the future of the @space program and much, much @more and have charlie ledufn @town and takes a tour through @swing country through the i-4 @corridor to break down the @issues.
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@pusle of the people. @-- pulse of the people. @that is sunday night at 11:30. @>> walter: i don't know when @you sleep but when you can, get @it. @get it when you can. @>>caller: will do, appreciate @it. @>> walter: thank you for @coming on. @>> anjuli: walter mentioned @ahead of the primary in florida @ahead of the primary in @florida. @senator marco rubio will be @making several stops in the bay @area. @start at 9:00 at a stop at beck @start at 9:00 at a stop at @beckwith electric in largo. @11 :30, ron's barbecue in @hudson. @marco rubio will make two more @appearances in tampa and @lakeland before heading out to @pensacola. @if you want to beat the primary @rush, time is running out. @early voting ends this weekend. @six of our local counties, @today is the last day that @includes polk, pasco, @hernandez, citrus and manatees @counties. @early vote @early voting in hillsborough @and pinellas county ends on @sunday. @and of course the florida @primary is this tuesday, march @15. @ 8:10 the time. @st. pete police have found the
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@the drive-by shooting that sent @a toddler to the hospital. @the dodge challenger that @pulled up at a home on 10th @avenue south in st. pete on @thursday. @the car was found abandoned @around 11:00. @the car was reported stolen on @monday. @forensics unit looked over the @car for evidence. @someone inside that challenger @open fired hitting a 3-year-old @open fired hitting a @3-year-old, kayla mack in the @stomach. @sitting on her grandmother's @front porch. @another man was shot and @treated and released from the @hospital. @his condition is not known but @the little girl is expected to @be okay. @no arrests have been made in @the shooting. @ 8:11 is the time. @he spent 340 days in space, now @scott kelly will enjoy his time @on earth. @two weeks after returning to @earth, kelly announced that he @is hanging up his space suit. @nasa announced his retirement. @the holds the american record @for longest period of time set @in space.
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@1. @kelly said his time in space @allowed him to reflect on what @his next step on earth would be @his next step on earth would @be. @no word on future plans. @but to think, not only figure a @five next step, but your actual @-- figurative next step, but @your actual next step. @>> anjuli: good today him. @deserves time at home. @>> walter: with his family. @>> anjuli: a neat story. @ nasty gulf weather. @what the effect will be. @>> anjuli: the big headline in @the tennis world. @maria sharapova tests positive @for a banned suspect @for a banned suspect -- @substance. @we are talking with our doctor @on call. @ time to head out to the @strawberry festival if you @haven't been out there yet. @plenty of warmth. @64 and really climbs this @afternoon. @a beautiful morning with high @clouds, but we will thicken a @bit today. @slim chance of a shower at the @strawberry festival but it @should generally be dry. @just really warm. @mid-80s with sun and high @clouds.
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@one near frostproof. @a lot of rain building in the @gulf, and some of that heads @our way tomorrow. @so we will time it out so you @can plan y ugh. i really shouldn't. no, you know what? i should. and i will. i deserve this. i'm a bogo findin', weekly ad flippin', couponing mastermind. who's saving big time? this girl! can i help you?
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@ @ just now finishing a @developing story out of @hillsborough county. @a sheriff deputy and another @driver were killed after a @wrong-way crash on the selmon @expressway. @this happened around 3:00 this @morning near the eastbound @entrance ramp to the elevated @level of the crosstown. @the wrong way driver died right
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@hillsborough county deputies @say egg died instantly. @now this deputy was rushed to @tampa general where he later @died of his injuries. @the sheriff's office says they @are not ruling out alcohol as a @factor right now. @the elevated eastbound lanes @headed to brandon are closed @for at least the next four @hours. @we will continue to follow this @we will continue to follow @this. @ severe rain causing @evacuations in mississippi and @clarksdale. @more than 100 homes were @evacuated on one street due to @water overflowing from the sun @water overflowing from the @sunflower river. @emergency responders an boats @are being brought in to help @home. @it is under 3 to 4 feet of @water and more rain expected in @the forecast today for that @city. @what a mess, lindsay. @>> lindsay: this just so sad @to report this because the @much and that's why some of the @up. @on twitter a river that crested @overnight and it crested nearly
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@>> anjuli: wow. @>> lindsay: it is insane. @the livers will have to recede. @the rivers opening up and @system on the move and that @means our rain chances are @going up. @not going to be like the @flooding we have been tracking, @but we will see steady rains at @time tomorrow. @allergy sufferers. @if you want to hear that. @this morning the big picture @because if you are traveling, @the rain starting to deal with @the heating of the day. @the steady stream of moisture @from the western panhandle @through western alabama. @later in the week that was @eastern texas and louisiana -- @hey, walter -- "good day" @goodies. @first one of the week. @>> walter: sorry about that, @guys. @i have not done that this @entire time. @man. @>> lindsay: you almost made it @through the four-hour show. @the gulf of mexico the big @picture and thunder and @lightning in the distance. @eventually some of the @ingredients of our rain not @tomorrow morning or today. @but tomorrow afternoon. @some rain of our own. @spotty showers and not a big
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@intensity. @frostproof, ft. meade. @the sprinkles to bowling green. @off to the west. @one more spot that saw a few @batches of showers, sprinkles @through lakewood ranch. @nothing major and keep the rain @chance away from the breeze and @see a sea breeze this afternoon @primary @primarily east of i-75 lifting @north. @and that coverage is 10 to 20%. @the clouds some are high in @nature and may thicken a bit @throughout the day. @be quite thicker. @today is your beach day. @sirata beach cam looks @fantastic. @seas at -- usf marine science @camera a great feel of all the @action for the grand prix. @looks to get busy. @looks to get busy.make sure you @grab the sunglasses and the way @to protect your ears if you @were headed out today. @clearwater beach looks @spectacular. @high clouds in the distance. @a buoy showing 67 degrees for @the water temp. @the gasparilla music festival. @high clouds here in tampa. @we started off with fog in @portions of polk county. @good visibility in lakeland.
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@so we have 74 in wesley chapel. @72 in bradenton. @71 in sebring. @mid-60s in brooksville after @you started in the 50s. @muggy too with winds coming in @out of the southeast today. @these are high values for this @time of year. @mid- to upper 60s make it feel @muggy. @combined with the heat. @you guessed it. @just one of those warm days. @high pressure that has been @stuck. @it will break down today and @open the door for not all of @this rain but some of this rain @and this cut-off role north and @east. @the bulk of the steady rain @north and east, but again still @rain to the west that will @provide with us a 40% rain @chance tomorrow. @today a slim chance today. @10 to 20%. @83 degrees under a mix of sun @and high clouds. @future cast as we look at it @tomorrow through the day today. @sun and high clouds into the @afternoon hours. @there there is that chance for @showers developing. @want to show you sunday before @we get to the seven-day @forecast, because we have a lot @of events going on. @the morning is dry. @thicken the clouds. @we are mainly dry.
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@rain moving in. @showers and storms push toward @the east coast, and more @redevelop to west. @here is what we are tracking @for delays in innisbrook @depending on what time the @tournament wraps up. @keep an eye on sky tower. @and under thiser could mix in. @83 for today. @don't forget to spring forward @tonight. @we move the clocks forward @losing a an hour of sleep. @sunset at 7:41 compared to 6:4 @sunset at 7:41 compared to @6:41. @and rain hangs on tomorrow @afternoon and evening. @and monday looks drier and our @moisture late in the week goes @right back. @you @ up. @ we talked about in the last @hour the big news in the tennis @world. @maria sharapova said she tested @positive for a banned substance @and will be suspended. @our doctor in call is joining @us -- in person. @usually we are doing it through @magic of television but we are @here in person. @so who tests for this?
8:22 am
@is -- i never even heard of it. @what is this stuff? @>> there was the world @anti-doping association is a @consortium. @part of the anti-doping agency. @and their object is to make @sure it athletes are playing @clean. @all started in 1998 after the @tour de france debacle. @>> walter: of course, right. @>> 92% of those riding the tour @de france came up -- @>> walter: sorry, what -- @>> 98% in the tour de france. @these organizations came @together and said we need to be @testing and we need to play @clean. @they did 280,000 tests on @athletes from soccer through @tennis, weightlifting, olympic @sports and through surfing. @these athletes are being tested @for sure. @>> are they different? @how do they stay ahead of the @game. @i am sure to stay ahead of the
8:23 am
@with different things they can @take, supplements. @>> right, a cat and mouse @game. @people are trying to cheat. @they update their web site what @is legal and what is not. @this substance, they sent out a @newsletter. @you can't on this drug anymore. @they said in @they said in 2016 it will stop. @2015 the european came ur game, @9% of the athletes were on this @9% of the athletes were on @this. @she got caught with it in her. @you can buy pretty much @anything. @meldonium and parents might @have -- you mentioned a @situation where parent brought @in a number of different things @that they didn't even know what @it was going on. @>> and we see kids in our @sports medicine clinic. @bring in drugs that their child
8:24 am
@physical gains, and you need to @-- as a parent you need @continue to cognizant what is @going on with your child. @if you know they are making @huge gains in the weight room. @in your child is getting big @very fast. @and things that steroids might @cause. @you need to be on top of that. @even with supplements. @a lot of parents know their @kids are on supplements, @creatin and other supplement @stores. @as a parent you need to watch @this and know what they are @taking. @i have seen kids with anxiety @issues, sleep issues, belly @supplements. @a slippery slope. @i am not saying these kids will @go on to taking performance @go on to taking @performance-enhancing drugs and @putting something in your body @to get bigger and you say as a @child take @child taking this to get @stronger. @>> walter: just ask questions. @if you don't know what @something is, ask a doctor. @>> look at the ingredients. @a lot have energy supplements. @know what your child is taking @and have an open dialogue with @them and if you start
8:25 am
@around because they may be on @something a lot stronger or @more dangerous than you @actually think. @>> thank you for coming in. @great information. @>> thanks for having me. @ walter, looking for @something fun to do this @weekend? @a lot going on around the bay @area including a little @something for the sports fans. @two major sporting events take @center stage this weekend. @we will look at the weekend before contemplating $4 dollar menu, one must calm the mind in our zen garden. focus. the garlic double steakburger meal. reflect. the taco salad meal. zen the original double 'n cheese steakburger meal. oh! the $4 menu. where all meals are under $4.
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@ @the hillsborough county @sheriff's office just released
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@killed in this morning's @wrong-way crash on the selmon @expressway. @his name is deputy john cafila. @this a picture from last year @when he rescued a kitten from a @storm drain in riverview. @he was 30 years old. @a traffic crash investigator @who also a been with the @hillsborough county sheriff's @office for six years. @hillsborough county sheriff @david gee just released this @statement saying, quote, our @hso family has one less today. @the tragic loss of my deputies @have all of our hearts heavy. @most dreaded part of being @sheriff of hillsborough county @is getting the news that a @deputy has lost his or her life @in the line of duty. @i know the citizens of @hillsborough county and from @all corners of this great @nation join a cso as we mourn. @but the sadness is tempered by @an enduring pride that our @deputy fought the good fight. @that is our vow now, then and @tomorrow. @we will embrace our deputy's @family with the honor and @respect due to the one who @dedicated his life to serve and @protect. @thank you for your prayers for
8:29 am
@we will check in with a live @report with fox 13 could you @chow is live at the scene of @the crash coming up in about @five minutes. @ dominating our headlines. @but we have others to get to. @if you want to get out country @house, we have if this for you. @>> hot happenings in the bay @area. @>> anjuli: hot happenings. @come on, walter. @a chance to catch some of the @best players in person. @the valspar championship taking @place at the ennisbrook golf @and country club. @the pga event is going on today @and tomorrow. @and you can catch number one @golfer in the world jordan @speith defending his champion @speith defending his @championship. @those 15 and under are free. @ the grand prix rolling @through downtown st. pete. @the 12th year of the indy car @series takes over the city. @the 1.8-mile-long course has 14 @turns.
8:30 am
@this year's grand marshal. @if you are going to the race, @park at the trough for $10 and @take a shuttle to the track. @qualifying today and the race @itself tomorrow is at 12:45 @barring any rain. @hopefully the weather will @cooperate. @and 50 bands on five sdaijs @start of the gasparilla music @festival taking place at curtis @hixon park in downtown tampa. @erika badu is headlining the @festival. @other performers, charles @bradley. @-- @[inaudible] @-- is that right? @what is it? @tebel stally. @okay. @all right. @well, close enough. @-- this morning from 10 to 2:00 @in macdill park will alsoen @devoted to i don't goa. @tickets for the festival starts @start at $30 bucks. @ the tampa bay boat show is @taking place at tropicana field @this weekend and it will be two @days filled with nothing but
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@also fishing seminars and @exhibits showing off local boat @dealers. @doors open at 11 a.m. today and @tomorrow and admission is free @and will cost you $5 to park. @it is 8:30. the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today.
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@ @. @ we are following the @developing story this morning. @over in @deadly wrong-way accident on @the crosstown expressway. @>> walter: unfortunately any @moment now deputies and law @enforcement around the bay area
8:34 am
@on their badges. @kelly cowan is on the story and @just about 15 minutes ago, we @got the deputy's name. @>> reporter: that's right. @we just land the deputy's name. @now the driver of the wrong-way @vehicle, his identity has not @been released just yet, but we @do know that the deputy behind @the wheel who died this @morning, his name was john @robert cafilla jr. @he was with the hillsborough @county sheriff's office for six @years we are told. @he was a traffic crash @investigators. @he was returning from tampa @general hospital on his way @after investigating an @unrelated incident just before @that crash occurred this @morning just before 3 a.m. @morning just before 3 a.m. we @told. @and we have a couple of @pictures that we will show you @of his -- of his vehicle that @he was travelling in. @he was driving a marked 2013 @dodge charger, but as you can @anniversary this image provided @to us from the hillsborough @county sheriff's office. @his car barely recognizable @there. @you can see the front end has
8:35 am
@they did -- he was still alive @when emergency responders @arrived. @they had to cut the top of his @car off in order to extricate @him and bring him to the @hospital, but unfortunately he @did die there at the hospital @this morning. @this is just such a tragic loss @this is just such a tragic @loss. @yet another wrong-way driving @incident here in hillsborough @county, and police officers -- @i am sorry, sheriff deputies @very emotional this morning @when talking about just what a @loss this is for the entire @community. @and we are standing here in @front of the entrance to where @deputies believe that the wrong @way driver may have entered the @selmon expressway this morning. @you can see just behind me, it @is clearly marked. @there are arms coming down @across the lanes with flashing @lights, but deputies believe @that the wrong-way driver may @have diverted around those @lanes that are blocked off and
8:36 am
@gone up this other side and, as @you can imagine at this time of @night, probably not a lot of @traffic coming through here, @and it may have been easy for @him to maybe make that mistake @even though it does as i @mentioned clearly say do not @enter. @before -- before i send it back @to you guys, i want to make @sure to update everyone that @the selmon expressway that the @selmon expressway is closed @right now near the 75 @interchange as deputies @continue to investigate this @crash. @for now, send it back to you @guys, reporting live in brandon @here. @kelly cowan, station news. @>> my thoughts and prayers with @that deputy's family. @unbelievable. @can't imagine that tragedy. @>> just telling how tight knit @the community is. @everybody around the bay area @and other cities around the @nation are reaching out to @hillsborough county to express @their well wishes and a rough @morning on this saturday @morning. @>> anjuli: it is. @ a check of the weather with
8:37 am
@>> walter: hey, lindsay. @>> lindsay: good morning. @8:36. @we are tracking some changes of @our own weather-wise. @starting off the day warm and @temperatures going up. @our cloud cover will be going @up late today, especially @tomorrow. @high clouds too. @and looking toward the beaches @will be jammed. @it is in tampa. @clearwater beach showing some @climbing temperatures as well. @and some people already out @there. @notice how math the water is @today, but i want to you plan @for a sea breeze at @for a sea breeze at the beach, @by late afternoon with a water @temp of 67, it will cool a bit. @in clearwater this morning, we @are in the upper 60s. @not the case in st. petersburg. @sebring at 72. @brooksville, the cool spot at @64. @we had some morning fog. @that is gone. @the high clouds are lifting. @we have got a few little @sprinkles to show you. @but well off to the west, west @of the panhandle and south of @mississippi and alabama. @where the polk of heavy rain @and embedded storms are this @morning. @some of it makes our way @tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow @evening home run @evening @evening, so in the meantime,
8:38 am
@and a few right now east of @fort meade. @east of bartow, 17 maybe a flip @over to the next five to ten @minutes. @in the rain department. @the heat. @make sure you stay hydrated at @the beach. @83 today. @81 tomorrow. @a 40% chance of showers and @possible embedded storms. @those will tend to shift inland @as the day progresses into the @evening watch rain build from @the gulf, keep an eye on the @sky tower. @>> walter: lindsay, thank you. @ torrential rain causes a @tennessee. @look at this. @putting concrete barriers to @prevent more mud from sliding @into the roadway. @large homes should -- should be @okay because their support @beams run under the trail below @the homes that support them. @no injuries have been reported. @ one of two prisoners who @escaped from a transportation @van has been cut. @joseph cruz was taken into
8:39 am
@lionel claw was convicted of @armed robbery. @the two managed to slip away @from prison guards travelling @in a transportation plan from @roswell to las cuces. @took correction officer until @nurse morning to realize the @pair were missing. @>> we need this video today. @we really do. @these are dolphins, everybody. @hundreds of them. @hundreds of dolphins, jumping @california. @whale watchers aboard a @catamaran of captain david's @safari recorded this and got @their money's worth. @the phenomenon is known as @dolphin stampede. @and they say it happens without @reason. @like you mentioned earlier, you @get so excited when you see one @or maybe even two out on the @bay. @>> these folks buy a ticket for @a dolphin tour and you got your
8:40 am
@>> walter: now the captain @from here on out can say -- @remember that radio. @instant advertising. @ spring breakers are here, @and that means beachgoers in @this week's earth watch. @lindsay shows us how you can
8:41 am
8:42 am
@keepin some people don't like to share their wifi, but at bright house networks, we do. login to one of our hotspots and get your code for free wifi
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its free for 30 days. @ @ @ @ . @>> anjuli: @. @>> lindsay: spring break is @finally here and maybe heading @to the number one beach in the @country ranked recently. @i am meteorologist lindsay @milbourne.
8:44 am
@beach, we want you to be @responsible. @this year new for spring break, @we have sponsored the @clearwater ferry so you can @park in downtown. @a lot of free parking in @downtown clearwater. @you can take the ferry and this @goes on the hour every hour for @the times that they are open. @and it will be $2 each way to @take the ferry. @you can avoid all of the @traffic on the bridge and avoid @the all-day parking. @>> love it. @because that is such a hassle @too. @you are waiting and loving the @spot and you are going green @because you are already @together. @>> yes, you are all riding @together. @you don't have to worry about @parking. @you are not silting idling in a @car on the bridge. @this is the time we start to @have the eight weeks of traffic @coming to the beach. @so you can be here at noon. @it will be a traffic wait for @to you get over. @>> reporter: once you get here. @be responsible. @we want to respect math mother @nature. @are are some of the things that @you can do. @>> some of the this i think so @that you can do is clean up @after yourself. @some of the most dangerous @things for our city and bird
8:45 am
@cigarette butts. @any of the plastic bags that @would you have. @a shopping bag that you would @leave. @and also realize that some of @the kids realize that is fun to @play on some of those sand @dunes and the @dunes and where @dunes and where sea oats are @and they are environmentally @and have a purpose and holding @back some of the dangerous @waters in the hurricane. @they are not to be played with. @nesting shore birds. @if they get scooped away, they @can leave their nests for good @and don't want them to leave @their nests. @>> lindsay: how about your @sunscreen. @make sure you put it on but @thats is environmentally @friendly. @>> a responsor that is spf 30. @it is safe. @it is biodegradable, and it is @nontoxic for sea life. @so another way that you can be @environmentally sensitive. @>> reporter: about recycling. @>> we have recycled bins in the @city and single stream @recycling and also not create
8:46 am
@those recycled to begin with @and use reusable things. @put i didn't remember self in @tupperware and reusable @containers and glass and alum @pneumonia bottles. @>> lindsay: something you can @bring any time you go to the @beach for spring break or @summer vacation. @congrats on the big award. @>> number one beach in the
8:49 am
@please l @ @ we continue to follow a @hillsborough county this @morning. @a sheriff deputy and another @driver are both dead following @expressway. @this happened just before 3 @a.m. near an eastbound entrance @ramp to the elevated level of @the crosstown. @the wrong-way driver died at @the scene. @deputy john cofilla was taken @to tampa general hospital where @he later passed away. @the eastbound selmon expressway @is shut down and traffic @diverted into fall kenberg into @brandon. @ now your sky tower forecast @with fox 13 meteorologist @lindsay milbourne. @>> lindsay: at 8:49, @temperatures starting to rise @after a mild and muggy start to @the day. @beautiful high clouds this @morning at 66. @brookdale bay.
8:50 am
@the southeast whether i bring @in the warmth, bring in the @humidity. @take to you the beach. @if i were to pick two weekend @days today will be the day. @sir rat at that beach. @spring breakers. @winds out of the southeast @which is offshore and i am @expecting a sea breeze this @afternoon. @generally dry. @and the strawberry festival in @plant city there will be some @traffic. @take some time there. @temperatures this morning are @starting to warm a bit. @72 in sebring. @66 in lakeland. @67 here in tampa. @68 in st. pete. @the grand prix in afternoon and @tomorrow afternoon. @it is muggy. @look at our dew points well @into the 60s and temperatures @yet again today will be well @into the 50 @into the 78s. @in fact today, temperatures @will be rebounding into the low @80s. @that is the wrong graphic. @today is actually going to be @our 6th day in a row we at @least hit 8 degrees here in @tampa. @our rain chances here slim. @not to say they are @nonexistence.
8:51 am
@from bartow to ft. meade. @this started out into highlands @county and lifted north. @for now it is just the high @clouds. @more opaque clouds to the west @and embedded in these clouds to @the west is where our rain will @be moving in not today by @tomorrow afternoon and evening. @all associated with this low @that has been stuck because @that high right here. @this retreats. @the moisture lifts north and @east and some of it slides in @another direction. @a 10% rain chance today to a @40% chance tomorrow. @while the rain will be adding @up in a few spots. @not nearly as much as the @not nearly as much as past few @day. @the river issue from @mississippi and alabama. @timing out the rain today @afternoon and evening and a sea @breeze. @perhaps the line of showers @effort @early this evening away from @the beach and the grand prix in @valspar. @to the best a band of showers @and embedded storms. @while the rain shifts inland @into the evening perhaps a few @thunderstorms between 4 and 9 @p.m. then into monday, hang on @to our rain chances.
8:52 am
@stay pretty warm this workweek. @spring breakers. @83 for today. @sun rises at 6:42 @sun rises at 6:42. @don't forget. @spring forward tonight. @sun sp set at 6:47. @we lose the hour of sleep. @tomorrow the sunrise at 7:41. @that is the change. @81 tomorrow with that rain @developing, shifting inland and @more coming in from the gulf. @you have to watch sky tower and @plan for a few delays tomorrow. @midweek, temperatures staying @warm. @by late week moisture going up @and probably will be different @this weekend because we will @see more rain. @a couple of first birthdays for @you. @gatl irk n. @happy birthday, buddy. @he obviously likes to play @baseball with his daddy, @brother and sister and he loves @playing on his drum. @enjoy your day. @happy first birthday to evan. @he has been through so much. @when he was 3 months old he had @to have a full heart transplant @and has been living at all @children's hospital his entire @life. @i know they are taking great
8:53 am
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@ @ we continue to follow a @news alert out of hillsborough @county. @if you were just now joining us @on your saturday morning at 8 @on your saturday morning at @8:55. @a sheriff deputy and another @driver are dead following a @wrong-way crash on the selmon
8:56 am
@the crash happened. @the wrong-way driver died at @the scene. @deputy john cafilla was rushed @to tampa general hospital where @he pass aid away from his @injuries. @he was 30 years old and he was @six years. @the elevated eastbound lanes @into brandon are closed. @traffic is being diverted into @fall kenberg road and sheriff @david gee have ordered all @flags at hillsborough county @sheriff facilities to be flown @at half-staff. @ in california, friends, @family and loved ones of former @first lady nancy reagan gather @first lady nancy reagan @gathered for her funeral. @mrs. reagan passed away at the @age of 94. @guests cameing to to celebrate @her incredible life and @devotion to her husband the @late president ronald reagan. @the service included family,
8:57 am
@the hollywood elite all @gathering to say their final @goodbyes. @mrs. reagan's funeral brought @together democrats and @republicans and an unusual mix, @deep didivision in washington. @but the focus remained on her @contribution to the nation and @her devotion to her husband. @eulogy also @eulogy were given by former @reagan advisor and son ron @junior and daughter patti davis @davis. @>> my parents were two halves @of a circle, closed tight @around a world in which their @love for each other was only @sustenance they needed. @while they might venture out @and include others in their or @and include others in their @orbit, no one truly crossed the @boundary into the space they @held as theirs. @>> mrs. reagan was pureed next @to her husband facing west @toward the pacific social. @she was intimately involved @planning her fine, a, her staff @added a special tribute.
8:58 am
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left at the river. tarzan know where tarzan go! tarzan does not know where tarzan go. hey, excuse me, do you know where the waterfall is? waterfall? no, me tarzan, king of jungle. why don't you want to just ask somebody? if you're a couple, you fight over directions. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. oh ohhhhh it's what you do. ohhhhhh! do you have to do thattright in my ear? @ @ developing this morning in @tampa. @hillsborough county deputy john @cafilla has been killed by a @wrong-way driver. @it happened early this morning @on the selmon expressway. @ plus, florida will be a @prized possession on tuesday,


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