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tv   FOX 13 500 News  FOX  March 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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stalker altered the peephole of her hotel room and recorded her getting out of the shower and recording her nude. he found out which room by calling the main desk from the restaurant phone and asking the desk to connect him to the room. today andrews testified about how that video has made difficult every facet of her life from her relationships to how she does her job on tv and to her ability to be a role model for girls. >> i think the thing that has hit home for me and hurts me the most is when girls, high school, college they tweet me say i want to be erin andrews but for the marriott stalker thing. ky not control that. that's every day. that does not get better. >> reporter: she testified that the video has put a strain on her relationship with her boyfriend who she says doesn't understand and trust issues and
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obsessive about checking the internet. >> he is an athlete he is just like you got to move on go to the next game. tough leave it alone who care was people think. it is not that simple. i feel sad because i think he would have loved the girl more that was there before this happened. i feel very guilty about that. >> andrews today had to answer some tough cross-examination questions by the attorney for the hotel. he suggested that the nude video was good for her career pointing out she got higher paying contracts with espn and fox sports and cohosting dancing with the stars after that was posted in 2009. marriott has maintained this incident is terrible, all of the blame goes to the stalker michael barrett who was sentenced to two and a half years in prison. a big day to start march. stocks kicking off the month
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in three years. the dow soaring nearly 350, the nasdaq up 131 points. the s&p gained 46. it was a rise in oil prices that gave the construction spending and the highest levelled in 8 years. developing from pasco county a deputy out of a job and under investigation. the sheriff fired the deputy yesterday following an internal investigation. the sheriff says that he targeted a criminal in his patrol area. investigators say that he patrolled the area when he was off duty. 31-year-old thomas pirezi has a long history and the sheriff said the deputy crossed the line by asking someone to go inside the home and plant drug items in his bag. some of that exchange was captured on the deputy body camera. he is now under criminal investigation. marco rubio still hurling insults at donald trump but the polls are showing that donald trump will roll through super
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gop race up for grabs. and craig patrick is here with the projections. he has been catching it. >> based on the models ted cruz will win texas but donald trump could win all the rest. and with that he could run up the score tonight. the pollsters project cohave a lead of 200 delegates after tonight's results come in and that will make it hard. not imfootball for his rivals to catch up. that's why marco rubio is hammering trump with all he has. >> donald trump is a first class con artist and con artist is trying to get hold of the party of lincoln and reagan. he has not contempted the -- condemned the kkk. we never had a candidate in either party that refuses to condemn a racist like david duke or the kkk.
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when will he condemn them after super tuesday? it is a outrage. he is unelectable and unfit for office and a con artist. we cannot elect him. >> marco rubio's best shot at winning a state is the state of minnesota. we don't have the polling there. he is making a play for that state, the republican race is fairly close in the state of arkansas. trump has a lead in the polls there but ted cruz is on his tail and pull off a win there. i would say those would be the key states to watch in the race. >> and we just heard marco rubio what he is saying. how is he responding to that. >> we heard a -- we heard a lot of this, he is brushing off the attacks as desperation and he is punching back at marco rubio and cruz and let's start what donald trump said about marco rubio
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>> he said he is 6'2" but he has small hands. i never heard of that one. he is very nasty and desperate. and cruz, look, he is a friend of yours he does not truthful. i think that's why i'm doing well with evangelicals they like the truth. >> we have an interesting democratic race. they will weigh in 12 states, 1 1 of the democratic race of those look at oklahoma. that is close between sanders and clinton. sanders will win big in vermont but hillary clinton is dominating all the rest. we're going through the numbers there. we'll take a look with the pollster and the republican and democratic race. >> you have your plate full tonight. >> and keep it here on fox 13 for coverage of the super taoulz primary results with craig. we'll keep you upto date and a wrap up of the results starting
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mexico says it is getting a bad rap during the election. there is a lot of talk about immigration and he said immigrants are rapists and brings drugs to the us mexico has a plan. they will meet with the campaigns of the nominees once they are chosen and convince the candidates that the relationship with mexico is an opportunity, not a threat. scandal. that's participant of the hulk hogan lawsuit against gawker. line. and gloria gomez is here to explain what sides are looking gloria. >> experts tell me, linda, you win or lose a case during the jury selection. they know how important it is to pick the right jury. >> it is a 100 million-dollar
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on one side, hulk hogan; on the other the site gawker. who wins could come down to jury selection. >> be sure to write your number on the front. >> gawker's team could be looking for jurors that believe star's public and private lives are fair game, they subdescribe to us weekly or involved in the lives of stars you know watch reality shows. >> his attorneys will want those who embrace privacy especially in the bedroom. >> you want someone who if you grew up watching him. he is suing gawker after it posted a clip from a sex time with him and a woman who was once married to bubba the love sponge. >> is what they reported news worthy, something that has a value to it. above and beyond just an invasion of privacy. they are arguing yes. >> he gave his consent for the meeting, he never gave his okay
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expect some testimony and bubba will have to explain why he let his best friend have sex with his wife and why he secretly recorded it and heather may be asked about her hole in the drama. >> she is issue of what happens in the bedroom should stay there. she is on the videotape. >> other testimony may come from radio personality matt lloyd, a former employee of bubba, we engaged in a radio war. >> he stole the sex tape in a revenge plot against bubba and hired a broker to shop the tape around. >> the jury will hear it all. >> by the way after the details of the tape were leaked hulk was fired from the wwe. as far as the jury selection is
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last all week long. >> that will be an interesting one. we have a update on the investigation into what happened to a sarasota baby. the father of chance walsh is facing first degree murder charges in the death of his son. and joseph walsh was facing a second degree murder charge. and wall believe is accused of beating the baby whose body was found in a grave in north port. the mother pleaded no contest and agreed to testify against walsh who is scheduled to appear in court later this month. three children suffered injuries after a car slammed into a daycare. and a woman was heading to the daycare she accelerated and hit the academy. one worker was taken to the hospital for treatment, the daycare is taking care of the damage and the driver was charged with careless driving. an accident under investigation in gibsonton a car
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this is approaching man on the motorcycle was thrown off and died. there have been no charges against the driver. new at 5:00 another community wants a ferry service like the one to clearwater beach. unlike clearwater, it has no interest in gondolas. ferries could be available this summer. >> there is a lot of chatter about the city of clearwater's interest in gondolas, specifically elevated transit to connect the spot in downtown clearwater to the congested beech and perhaps grow a network from there. >> we can place this from the beach to downtown from downtown through the main corridor t is pleasing to the main corridor. >> you look you have a highway here that is nobody is using. >> the mayor does not find them pleasing, not after spending
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utility lines under ground. >> why would you want to put something back up in the sky line? >> so it is pursuing another one of clearwater beech's traffic solutions. ferries. later this week it will request proposals from operators in connecting the village to as many a dozen other stops along the inter coastal water way. as in clearwater people who work on the island are a target. >> getting people here to their jobs without bringing the vehicles helps with the parking significant here on the beaches. >> the bid is in addition to tampa's taxy service and the much larger ferries that connect the towns. and elevated transit is gaining loft -- >> if i had one i would take it, they may be the first to absorb the traffic. in pinellas county, steve nichols, fox 13 news. >> and the beach is looking for
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island to the mainland territory and pressure island, st. pete and the va center. someone is about to lose out big time because there is a fantasy 5 ticket worth $73,000 expires tonight. someone bought it six months ago. we're going to give you the numbers if you have one stuck in the laundry somewhere in a pocket. 1, 11, 12, 15, 28. that ticket has to be claimed at the florida lottery district office or the headquarters in tallahassee by midintomidnight. if nobody claims it the money goes into florida public schools. it has to perform well when it is hot and cold, when it is raining. still ahead the search for a better berry. trying to grow a crop and it's not just about the taste.
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>> yeah! >> holy (bleep). >> no fear. still ahead meet the python hunters who dominated the challenge. how in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. home of the original
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(cynthia-) proposed changes for florida's gambling industry may be and changes for the gambling industry may be dead and the elect tour this session. the apreparations committee decided not to take up gaming bills one included proposals to allow slot machines and a pair of facilities and parts of the state. another to ratify another gaming compact with the tribe of florida. when you put a gaming bill you have the different interests
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their piece of the pie and then it dies under its own weight. >> the legislative session set to end march 11th. another launch delay for space x it was supposed to launch this evening but it had to be scrubbed. winds in the atmosphere are to blame. this is the fourth scrubbed launch just this last week sunday's launch was aported when it went into the launch pad. they are trying to send a satellite that will support broadcasts in asia and return it on a floating barge. a mission year long in space is about to end for scott kelly. >> he is now scheduled undock from the international space station just after 8:00 tonight and then he will land back on earth around 1125 and landing in eastern europe. he spent 340 days in space.
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the iss. and a smart person said one time, team work makes a dream work. and it is the biggest team sport there is. and it is you know incredibly important that we work together to make what is impossible and possible. >> this has been a huge experiment for nasa. they are studying weightslessness on the body. they will compare his fizz physical condition of his twin mark kelly and the mission is a stepping stone for a journey to par mars. >> that's cool. >> kelly completeed 5 400 laps around the planet. he logged 144 million miles, listen to this, drank 200 gails of recycled urine and sweat collected from him and everyone, that may misqualify me. >> i don't know.
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>> the biggest change are his tweets and pictures. they are amazing. he posted his today titled my last sunrise from space. that's beautiful, he mosted this last fall of joaquin. he tweeted one a year ago as it flew over japan. and one of several he sent over the earth, you know who they remind me of, the people all the time. they're that good, you know. >> he was a must follow on twitter. he had a couple flying over the state which are great. pictures of florida and i think back to the urine. ready for dinner, be okay. >> and mars there is no telling where they will be. whatever it takes. and spring today and we had a spring like day. take a look outside on the beach camera. patchy clouds in the distance.
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that view. there was a nice crowd despite chilly gulf waters. you know in the state the water temperatures warm up in march and april. it should be a good sun set. and the case share the photos on the social media. post a bunch. now we're moving into march we consider december, january and february as the winter months and march 1, we talk about the start of spring. this is all el nino induced. look at what happened in miami in fort lauderdale. smashed. they smashed the record and over 20 inches and it broke the old record by 5 inches plus. and the wettest winter not far away to the south and fort myers at 18.71 and tampa it was the 15th wettest the record goes back to 1890.
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all of these high numbers are what you expect during the strong elnino and played out nicely going all the way back to early last summer a year ago we saw a wet winter and stormy winter coming up. and for the number of tornadoes across the state. and high clouds coming from the west. rain in the deep south. and the sea breeze doing its thing. you have 70s in pinellas, you just away from the water. it is 81 in brandon and it is 80 in plant city. brooksville 75 east etch pasco. you slide south. wind off the water.
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readings now are up near 80. we're 74-dew point 56. west southwest winds at 8. there is a front this is the one a tough call rain in the forecast. and i don't expect the impacts. and snow and wind and new york city a cool 46. >> and atlanta and louisiana.
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and we do 50s and the 60s. 80s. and chance of a sprinkle. and on thursday. if you are boating. and less and next tide. >> and and a small chance. and and in the mid70s. >> we're in the greend house in temperature of
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inary salad, this is a florida berry and citrus salad. mix arugula, fresh strawberries, blueberries and oranges. smile and serve. look for fresh from florida products when you shop. remember, delicious is always served fresh from florida. 3 plant city is getting ready to celebrate strawberries, but plant city getting ready to celebrate strawberries again. these days the berries are under attack. >> edas we see the future of the strawberries may depend on the search for a better berry. >> this is our tissue culture growth room. >> plant scientist vance
5:26 pm
they grow into the strawberry plants and fags and numbers. this is literally a breeding ground. >> this is where we choose the parents and put it on the flower, they are not modified or gmos, this is traditional breeding that they hope will produce a new variety of straw wherery. >> it is critical now the last four, five years have seen an explosion of imported fruit from mexico. >> and the growers are looking to whitaker and the scientists here the research center. they are experimenting with howsnd yas of plants. >> this plant here is a variety called sweet sensation, trying to breed the best. >> it has to perform well when it is hot and cold. when it is rainy. >> now in a field. he believes he is closing in on the best berry yet. >> they have a nice sweet flavor. you would like to try one.
5:27 pm
>> it is a new generation strawberry. taste will not win. earlier. the berry plant has to be able to survive hot and rainy weather in late september to hit the sweet spot on the calendar. >> they need earlier fruit and by the time it rolls around they want to have volume, for years the varieties sweet sensation have careered the crop but they are narrowing the field for the new newberry. they have number nos names. the research never stops but the competition from mexico has made it even more critical. >> there is no such thing as the perfect strawberry we can make progress, perfection may be out of reach. to gets a close as they can to the perfect strawberry is what the growers are depend oggen.
5:28 pm
the last variety introduced was sweet sen station three years ago. the target date for the newberry is fall of 2017. we'll keep you posted. >> they caught the most snakes in the python challenge. now they'll tell us how they did it. the video that you have to see to believe. >> they are 30, today i have a 24-inch waist, how safe are the trainers for the know you can keep your financial big picture under control. know you can see how much you have to spend and whether you should transfer funds. know you can easily keep track of what you're putting away. and know you're budgeted for the great escape.
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(cynthia )(vo) the florida everglades is no place for burmese pythons. but the giant invaders are living there and the ever glades is no place for a python. fish and wildlife call them hunters. and the hunt ended and the final count was 106 a third of them captured by a team of hunters from manatee county. we find out how they did. >> this takes guts. >> my gosh,. >> the boys are up to the challenge. >> can you barely see that. >> this is dwayne, member of the cyprus boys, that's a python. he caught it with his bare hands.
5:32 pm
crumb scoured the ever glades, during the challenge. >> it is like finding a need until a hay stack. but you know there is just so much area to cover and the snakes all they have to do is just drop in the grass. they had help. >> this is my python in training here riley. they relied on the eyes and each other. you have to put in the miles to have the success. most people walk in a couple of miles not seeing anything and walk out. it take as lot of luck. if it is cold it is an easy watch a warm day the snake is active. he is trying to strike. are you dancing with him. >> when they find one, your heart is pounding and what is next to do. the approach is go slow up to the snake. >> the they bagged 33 pythons
5:33 pm
the true reward is snowing they made a difference. >> i enjoy getting out there and helping the ever glades t is my backyard. you have the invasive species in there that don't belong there. i want to do my part to get rid of them. >> want to go? >> and the boys caught the biggest of the contest. 15 feet long. it put up a night. kimberly shows us how they came out on top on that one. >> interesting. the president has a sit down with leaders vowing to block his support nominee t is the first time they met since the just tis scalia's death. he and the gop have flashed over his replacement. the republicans will block his nominee. they want to wait until a new president is in officials.
5:34 pm
constitutional duty. >> it would be unprecedented for the president to put someone forward and have republicans refuse to meet with that person, all that would fly in the face of decades and fly in the face of the constitutional responsibilities. >> and neither side will back down on the compromise. family, friends and police remembering that virginia police officer killed her first day on the job. the 28-year-old ashley guindon was laid to rest. she was shot and killed on domestic dispute. they will be okay. they are recovering. ronald hamilton shot and killed them. he is being held without bail. we're learning about an amber alert when a baby was taken from her bed in the
5:35 pm
a woman charged with taking her cousin's baby had a miscarriage. she told people she had given birth. she is being held without bail and undergo a mental health evaluation. she and her cousin are charged in the kidnapping. he is the one who pointed the gun at the baby's mother. the lawyer said it was a bb gun. the baby was found at an orlando apartment. a woman lost everything when fire ripped through her mobile home. it was off state road 54. and she was staying at her daughter's home to take care of a baby. now she is left with the stuff she packed in her bag. >> everything. i all i have is the clothes that i brought here for my stay. >> and they're investigating the cause of the fire which damaged two nearby mobile homes. baseball is back.
5:36 pm
up spring training. >> 1, 2, 3; the spring training season for the tigers in lakeland. today's game was against the pirates. it was a near sell-out. the mayor of lakeland said it is a great time of year. >> , it is a reavikenning, they come to town the world comes alive again. we have all the great visitors from other areas that come to see them. >> and unfortunately the tigers did not win. they lost 2-4. they rays play tomorrow. >> she has been wearing core sets since her 20s. how healthy are they.
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(music playing) i feel pretty not every cake can be handcrafted in store by skilled decorators layered with fresh berries and frosted to perfection like our publix bakery chantilly cake it'll be remembered for all the right reasons. publix.
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a waist tr it is a waist trainer it is like a core set on steroids. it bring your waist in and gives you the hour glass look. we asked a believer in the waist training why she does it, i'm having trouble breathing thinking about it. dr. jo has the story. >> dion loves wearing core sets, they are putting on a hug from a friend. >> she has been wearing them since her 20s and started waist training a few years ago, investing in the core sets she wears four, five times. she sleeps in one she said they work. >> i have a about 0 -- 30-inch waist.
5:40 pm
by wearing itky reduce the size when i'm not wearing it. >> and a doctor it trained in spinal manipulation. she is not a fan but what is old is in right now. >> that's increasing rapidly the amount of use people that don't know the long term sers effects on the body. this week i had a parent who was injured her spine was injured from wearing one of these. and she wore it during a zumba class. she has pain down her leg, she is concerned about the long term use which push the stomach up and pelvis muscles out. that can cause heart burn. weakening of the pelvic muscles. and she said the look does not last. >> as soon as you take that off that's going to start to dissipate. over time even if you wear it for extended periods that's not
5:41 pm
>> and she gets the attraction. >> and the harm they may be doing to their bodies. >> do you listen. use common sense. and it is not right. they agree in moderate and it will not hurt you. she is hooked. >> i love it. i love the way i look and it feels. >> for the fox medical team. >> and use a softer body shaper when you have a big night out f you want to slim down the best option is the old-fashioned approach. watch your calories and screened training it is work. >> linda breaking news out of the rays. they announced a trip international trip that's coming up. and the boss is calling. and making the first visit. a big deal when the owner is in town and gets a report where
5:42 pm
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time to check out what is trending. what have you got.
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see what you think this woman found a sky high way to let her husband know they're expecting. watch. >> you did not strike it rich you hit the jackpot. congrats, are you about to be a dad. [ applause ] >> that was the captain speaking. >> wow, he made a pa announcement that eric right there in seat 23, and i'm not sure he knew what to think. >> it is kind of overwhelming. he gets emotional. >> i don't know if i want to find out from a pilot, i want him to pay attention to the controls. >> i was thinking he was on auto pilot. >> that's fine, i prefer a text message. we have nice weather here and it is nice right now in australia
5:46 pm
having fun. >> get the bucket. get the bucket. >> put it in. get the bucket. >> it is a mud crab. i don't know what i would rather not do search for pythons. >> look how big these are. and then of of course the end of the day. they are having a roast. it is wild kingdom. they have toxic things. >> the dog that exists. he was great. and they sort of let the other
5:47 pm
see how they react. i don't think they like that dog. >> first of all the robot does not have a head. >> that bothers me, something out of star wars. >> yes, they walk in and grab a drink. >> i'm like send that back to the lab he needs more work. >> and needs more work. >> interesting. >> it was solid. >> and giving us back. a 7.5. >> okay that is good. yesterday was good. we had three. >> and tomorrow inside and the
5:48 pm
crowd clouds they go hand in hand. the formation are about the same as man made con trails from jetsment when you see one and high clouds will be around tonight the climate data the almanac is good. for the first day of our meteorlogical spring the low was 57 degrees. a few degrees above average. it is a sign of things to come. winds are strong. you know how they post tone the space x launch. you ged a sense of how they are looking at the high clouds. they are racing from west to east on the pesky subtropical and high pressure is over us rain not far away. but the chance of rain tomorrow is going to be a sprinkle or shower, that's at this time. 70s around the bay area. brooksville.
5:49 pm
venice and a sea breeze. 70s and 80s. inland. and dew point is 56 degrees west southwest at 8:00. here is a front that is producing rain in the deep south. raining in birmingham now. storms in louisiana. we stay mild tonight. 50s to near 60 tomorrow. cooler along the coast a mixture of clouds and sun. the pros suspects for rain will hinge on the approach of a front. as i mentioned first pitch tomorrow in port charlotte, the rays open up against the nationals. the regular season starts in april. against the blue jays. 78 during the first pitch. maybe two and a half three hours later. 74. don't forget the sunscreen. here is the front that will drift our way. can you see the models -- you you
5:50 pm
of showers. partly cloudy. mild. 60. a mix of clouds. a sprink sprinkle. shower. we're back to good weather. lots of sunshine. coolest at the coast. the 7-day forecast one more chance of rain on friday. i'm digging deep here. i don't see much. after that the time something good that this weekend coming up should be great. highs both days in the 70s. that would make three good weekends in a row. good stuff. what have you got, kevin. >> the trip to cuba for the rays is a go. this is the worst kept secret. they can confirm the trip for the 22nd is all green. they'll play the cuban national team. the first to play in cuba since 1999. it is three weeks from now. this going to be cool there. >> they don't have the stadium there. and it is filling better this
5:51 pm
and they're seeing progress and if things stay on track. the rays could be in a stadium within five years. that's still a long way to go. >> the first visit in port put together. has the rays on the radar he heard of the predictions winning the division. that's a surprise. the biggest improvement and for st. pete that lets the team another the sites. most places. we have a stadium.
5:52 pm
where you pay for it. >> the question is look. >> you have a to show us there is a report rate support out there and it is meaningful. he is hoping to have a location by the end of the year. >> one of the pickups for the rays made well getting hank konger in. his skill set is right. he fits in. and as we see he brings his enthusiasm and a dance to the post season. , he earns the trust of the pitcherring like chris archer, that is huge for me when you come into a team as a catcher the focus is trying to get on the same page. >> he is working extra hard at improving his throwing.
5:53 pm
attention to detail catches the manager's eye, that is a long way and a lot that the guy cares. and we were, we're pitching based here that we need them to be their priority. >> no one works harder than hank at the art and craft of catching. he is fully committed to everything that he does on the field, including celebrate. i could tell you what he does but it would be easier to show you. >> he is at it. >> it is known as the zombie robot. >> and no one does it better than hank conger. >> i take pride in that. >> you like to keep it loose. dance something a form of that. we're trying to get the team going. >> a left-handed bat with power improved throwing mechanics and the zombie robot. he may have a movie audition in his future.
5:54 pm
magic mike three i would not be opposed to it n port charlotte. ky not stop thinking about the trip to cuba, we heard about this. we'll be hush-hush. >> it there is -- there are many hurdles to get this approved. the field is an issue. and they have taken care of that. i hope so. >> we don't want hurt people there. >> no not at all. >> we want them healthy, and the president may be there throwing out the first pitch. >> rolling stones but not the same time. >> and speaking of the stones. another big announcement from the stones a historic concert. they added to their latin american in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used
5:55 pm
seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake, home of the original steakburger. some people don't like to share their wifi, but at bright house networks, we do. login to one of our hotspots and get your code for free wifi at over 50,000 bright house wifi hotspots. its free for 30 days. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to
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(elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan. 3 (cynthia)
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mentioned added a new location to their tour, cuba, they will perform a three out- free outdoor concert on the 25th. this is big where the government once banned their music as ideological deviation. >> one of the biggest concerts in cuba. they are embarking on a latin america tour and kicking off march 17 in the mexico city. super tuesday for stocks as well. the dow is soaring 350 points. the nasdaq sun by 131. the s&p gaining 46. >> that's a good day. >> it is. the 6:00 news is next. >> here are mark and kelly. ladies, thank you. they're talking divorce at the legislature in tallahassee. >> a bill which could affect hundreds of thousands of people. tonight at 6:00 the changes that could be on the way for custody and alimony laws, how this bundle of joy is helping others
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
drugs, graffitti and evidence tampering. the bizarre case leading to the firing of a pasco county sheriff's deputy. 3 yep. it's a lot of money.... the lottery jackpot that may go unclaimed. 3 and you could call them bounty hunters for pythons. wait until you see the big
6:00 pm
3 from the number one news station, this is the fox 13 6:00 news. good evening, everyone, welcome i'm kelly ring. >> i'm mark wilson. and framing and outside of details. >> i can tell you that the sheriff said the deputy crossed the line. the deputy was patroling an area when the shift was over and out of uniform. he had his eye out on one resident. the relationship was contentious, he would tell people i'm going after this person. i have to go after him. >> the sheriff said a former


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