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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  February 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> something that happens but it should have never happened. >> right now at 11:00, tow truck drivers band together to remember one of their own, and drivers. >> he is committed to leading this country in an effective way. >> another day, another endorsement. the latest politician to rally behind donald trump. >> good evening, i'm lloyd sowers. >> and i'm haley hines, thank you for being with us. well, an impressive tribute, a line of tow trucks lined up on the howard frankland bridge to
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roger perez borrotto who stopped to help and was killed by a hit-and-run driver. >> you know you see it a lot on the news and it's something that happens -- but, uh, it should have never happened. >> luis morales says he is still in shock over the best of roger perez borrotto who stopped to help two people who broke down on the howard frankland bridge. >> he was just trying to help someone. it was not a call he was assigned. that's who he was. >> his act of kindness proved fatal and it's haunted everyone connected with the towing
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>> it hit me up the side of the head because it could be any one of us helping any one of you. >> i have family in the tow truck business and since this happened i remember rinking oh thinks, oh my god, is it going to happen to someone else as well? >> it's rit literally a nightmare. >> today a parade of tow trucks with yellow lights flashing and black ribbons tied to the trucks, it was a tribute and a message to the community. >> when you see a wrecker, move over or slow down and give us the right-of-way to do our jobs and that way there won't be no more accidents, nothing like this anymore. >> gop front runner donald trump
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ahead of super tuesday,ing aing a senator jeff sessions is supporting trump. the billionaire introduced him as a rally in madison, alabama the first sitting u.s. senator to endorse trump. on friday, new jersey governor chris christie announced he is behind trump and so is former arizona governor jan brewer. >> all of these people are now endorsing me, i'm becoming main stream, but let me tell you, when i get jeff sessions, that means a lot to me. that means a lot. that means a lot, that is a biggy especially since he has never done it before. he has every ever wanted to do it but he sees this. >> meanwhile hillary clinton is stepping up her message against trump. she was campaigning in nashville after her big win last night.
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america is great right now. what we need is to be whole. we need to be whole. where all of us have a place, where everybody feels like we are all in this together. >> this tuesday marks the biggest day the presidential election, 13 states and one territory, american samoa will cast their votes. >> a virginia police officer is shot and killed on her first day on the job, and authorities have arrested an army staff sergeant assigned to the pentagon. ashley guindon was responding when staff sergeant ronald hamilton opened fire, killing guindon and jurorring
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officers. >> and this pastor's brother is behind bars facing a murder charge -- would you go back to high school? apparently a man wanted to rewind several years and so this ukrainian immigrant posed as a high schooler. he had a fake i.d. and enrolled in high school and was set to graduate in the spring. he even had a 4.16 gpa and was a member of the r.o.t.c. program, but investigators figured out the scam and some of the parents at the school are in shock. >> his mentality and thinking, i mean, you have beautiful girls at this school who are underaged and you have a grown man in here.
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him, like he meant well and they were in shock, he motivates people to do better. >> he stayed in the u.s. after his visa expired and assumed the new name. he is charged with identity theft and tampering with public records. >> and eric piburn has a term terminal heart defect and he has a bucket list and today he got to scratch one thing off. between the constant hospital visits and surgery this is his first birthday party, and about 500 people showed up at old mcmicky's farm helping to make this party possible. his mother says new medication is helping to give him a better quality of life and he already has more energy. >> that long walk never could
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coming off that truck and stranding up where he did, he would have previously lasted about 5 minutes and wanted his wheelchair or to sit on the floor, so it's already working. >> eric's next bucket list item is to visit the kennedy space center, and maybe he will get to see a launch. >> and now astronaut scott kelley's year in space is nearly complete. >> a beautiful weekend out there, with temperatures in the 70's but how about your work week? i will have details on your
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>> as we head into super tuesday, the republican race has turned into a cage fight. >> this guy is a choke artist and this guy is a liar. >> can someone please attack me.
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had the line of the year -- so here we are, rubio and cruz are trying to keep dump donald trump from turning out the lights. >> no, get those lights off, turn off the lights, turn off the lights. >> and so we'll map out the races. we have final projections from our poll sisters sters who have nailed it early on, and that swreel we'll have insights about the race in florida you may not expect, and we always work in humor and tonight we are having fun with ted cruz. >> would could you, would you with a goat? >> it all starts right here at
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>> three, two, one, zero, okay, we have launch abort. >> another day, another delay for the spacex rocket. the lunch was scrubbed again for the third time. it was called off within seconds of ignition. the company says oxygen temperatures got too high after waiting for a boat to move that was out on the range. they were trying to land the rocket on a floating platform in the atlantic. no word on the next launch. >> and scott kelley has been in space for 340 consel consecutive days. kelley and a russian cosmonaut are expected to return to earth on tuesday. >> and lift-off, the year in
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>> it was a year ago in march. astronaut scott kelley blasted off beginning a year-long stay on board the international space station. >> you know the work we do here every day is extremely hard. it takes a lot of concentration, it's complicated and we work hard at it and i work hard at it, i'm just going to be you know, 20 years from now i will think back and just be proud that i had basically a 20-year career here with four very successful space flights that you know accomplished most of our mission objectives. >> at the end of the mission, commander scott kelley will have set two records, one for 340 consecutive days on the station and another for having spent 520 days in space cowping the
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from his previous trips. >> the thing i like about space is not the view or the floating or riding the rocket or coming back to earth. the thing i like about it is doing something i feel very, very strongly about, very passionate about. >> he lightened things up recently by putting on a gorilla suit, a gag gift from his brother, retired astronaut mark kelley of tucson. back in august, kelley and his crew grew red romaine lettuce, an experiment for a future flight particularly to mars. >> it's something i feel very strongly about, and there are time when is you transition from one thing to another, but you know, this has been my life and it's something i feel very strongly about and want to be you know, a big part of for the rest of my life.
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conference from the space station. he will check out tuesday riding a russian capsule back to the planet and then hustled home to tucson. >> scott conducted an experiment with his identical twin brother, a retired astronaut. nasa can study through them how long duration space flights impact the body. >> you can't blame the weather on that one, though. >> no, you can't and if they do it over the next couple of days i can't see weather being an issue for that. but what a popular spot to be? the beaches today. temperatures in the mid 70's even out at the beaches and that is the way it's going to be the next couple of days and so if you have off, certainly enjoy it.
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slightly below average which now marks several -- 15 days, actually -- of days below average in the month. something we didn't see a whole lot of toward the end of 2015 because we have seen a whole lot of it over the past couple of months. the cool spot, 45 in crystal river. tonight's lows not droppin' off too much. no patchy frost to worry about up there. upper #'s along 50's along the coasts and so overall a pretty mild night. 58 up in buffalo at this hour and 37 in home had omaha, you have to go all the way to canada to get the cold. for the most part that cold air
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it's not going to drop too far south over the week and really maybe for the rest of the winter. we will see more in the way of the high clouds coming in overnight and this is going to help us keep the temperatures a little bit warmer. we'll continue to see near average or even above-average temperatures heading into the day on tuesday. this cold front starts to drop in but not a whole lot of rain with this. 5 # 4 4 54 tonight and partly cloudy for the day tomorrow, mid to upper 70's the next few days and some area it is may approach the 80's. we'll have another 20% rain
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>> go ahead! anybody? >> i'll go. >> are you ever caught yourself staring at someone else's food? >> yeah. >> maybe in a restaurant, it can be awkward and apparently that goes for dogs dogs, too. watch as this owner is trying to enjoy his sandwich, lounging next to his dog.
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the dog looks over but when the owner turns away, the dog switches his glance. and this goes on and on. >> the dog looks away, so guilty. >> up, oops, nope. >> usually the dog is waiting for an opportunity to lunch for the food. >> well, if someone invited you to watch a sand marble race it may not sound that interests but you would be wrong. it's actually mesmerizing. pick your marble and watch them roll down the sand hill. and this actually goes on for minutes, and it looks like the white is winning here, but red wins at the end and beats to the very bottom of the hill. yeah, who thinks of these things.
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up, looks pretty quick. well, coming up in sports they are the hottest team in the eastern conference, and do you know who they are, haley? not the bruins because they are falling down on the ice. the lightning go in and beat up the bruins and (music playing) i feel pretty
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the lightning >> the lightning are on a fast charge and they are playing like the ones we expected to see all season. they are still not fully healthy, but that's okay. they just ripped off six straight wins and took out the team they were tied with, the boston bruins. and strommman breaks through the defense and he puts the biscuit in the basket. that ties the game at 1, and then it's time for the boston blooper, down on the ice, and it's a two-man, odd-man rush, and the bolts are winning here.
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watch this cheap shot, but it pays off because there is a penalty shot awarded. and the bolts take over sole possession of first place in the atlantic division. and kenseth's fueler placed a wedge wrench on the deck and you can't do that. a black-flag penalty right there, but then logano is run off course a little bit, takes out a cone and then nearly his crew member. he jumps over the hood, but johnson passes him and kyle busch is 40 laps to go and with three laps left, newman blows a tire, his car up in smoke and it's into overtime to decide
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johnson with the lead on the restart and then a wreck. and j.j. is going to run the checkered flas for ered flag for the 76th time for his career. and so two weeks in a row we
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>> all right, moan, stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stre-eam stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stream when i want you in my arms when i want you and all your charms whenever i want you all i have to do is
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pwe won with highly educated. pwe won with poorly educated. pi love the poorly educated. pthis guy's a joke artist and pthis guy's a liar. pi'm beating him awfully badly in pthe polls. pif i can't beat her you're preally going to get killed, paren't you? p>> throw out everything you know pabout presidential politics pbecause this year's very pdifferent. pnow he's repeating himself no pi'm not. pmr. trump. pi watched him repeept himself 5 ptimes four weeks ago.


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