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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  February 26, 2016 1:00am-1:30am EST

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tag time. viola davis is pumping the brakes on doing any more "how to get away with murder" sex scenes. she revealed how dangerous it can get in shonda land. >> girl, i blew my back out. that was in the billy brown scene. he threw me up against the wall. i mean, look, all i can say is i was totally committed to the scene. >> her co-star billy brown is not sidelined. but a few months ago he told us they generate plenty of heat, those two. >> she brings it every single day we're on set. >> so your game just naturally goes up? >> oh, yeah. it's go time. >> i'm going to get back into it. it's shonda land. they're going to have me doing all kinds of stuff with all kinds of people. the scare that cause caused the crew to abort another local flight. >> we begin at 11 with a news
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gunned down three people in a factory at a plant that makes lawn mowers in hurricane hurricane ers hesston, near wichita. he started shooting people in the parking lot and then went inside and continued his rampage. one witness said he was going after everyone. he killed three people and wounded dozens before police shot him. the wife of another worker was just woashed worried about her husband. >> within seconds after he fired he was going around his pickup truck and right into the building within five seconds. >> how is your husband doing? you were able to talk to him. >> yeah, i was able to talk to him, he said he is okay but he said somebody next to him got shot -- oh my god, oh my god! you can come in here. >> wow, an emotional reunion
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place in hesston. and the gunman is being identified as this man, cedric ford, and one video on his facebook page shows him shooting what appears to be an assault rifle in a field, and another photo of a handgun. his page says he is originally from miami, and we have learned he has a criminal history including convictions for unlawfully carrying a weapon, fleeing police and burglary. >> and the clearwater fire and rescue now has a new public image problem, an accusation of theft against assistance chief ronald jinshein. the threat of a drink from a convenience store, and it's small but it is causing
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>> it's a matter of principle and of credibility. and gives a black eye to this department that has had its share of issues. >> add this to a growing list of embarrassing headlines coming out of the clearwater fire and rescue department. assistance chief of health and safety accused or stealing a $3 five-hour energy drink from this 7-eleven, he claims it was a mistake, and it's a petty crime but pending review, it could cost him in career. >> i'm embarrassed and it makes away from the fine work that 99.5% of my employees do. >> in 2014 a lieutenant was forced to resign after he disitted to admitted to having sex in a fire station with two women and
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and another one put away for live for sexually abusing a teen, and other sex-at-work scandals. >> there are circumstances associated with each incident and so, no, my confidence isn't shaken. i'm still as confident at ever. >> but when asked about this official's future, the city manager appeared less confident. >> the question i have is can he perform in his duties as he has in the past and still receive the confidential of confidence of his peers and the public he serves and i would say at this point that that is really in jeopardy. >> he is scheduled to be in court on march 22. he does not have a prior criminal history. josh cascio, fox 13 news.
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night of fireworks at the republican national debate. marco rubio took aim at donald trump and you might say he unloaded, too. and we've been watching this and rubio came out with zingers tonight. >> bam, bam, bam and this was good for rubio, for people who are looking to see someone who can take on donald trump, and rubio delivers basically throwing the kitchen sink at him from being born on third base to hiring illegal aliens and having his clothes made in mexico, and i think there was one striking moment on the issue of health care where rubio used his gaff his advantage. plans --
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>> no, no, no -- (cheers and applause). >> i don't repeat myself, i don't repeat myself. >> you don't repeat yourself? here is the guy who repeats himself, you repeat yourself every day. >> i watched him repeat himself five times two weeks ago. >> i watch you had repeat yourself five seconds ago. >> i watched, i watched him -- >> and so it goes back and forth and in that moment rubio revealed a lack of detail in donald trump replacement health care plan, and the badgering went on all night long, and i bring up glenn beck because he is a key ted cruise supporter who tweeted rubio is killing it.
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marco rubio than we have seen in prior debates. he has not been this aggressive before, but how will it impact his standing in the polls? >> the polls show trump winning winning among floridians, do you think there is room for change? >> well, it could move the needle, and what you saw a few moments ago could be borne out in the numbers because rubio has his back to the wall. the polls showing him way down, and donald trump at 44%. now, rubio has nowhere to go in he can't win the state of florida. what state does he win, and you can make a similar claim for cruz, and that is why both of them wailed on donald trump tonight hoping it's not too late to bring him down. cruz went off trump on grounds
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general election but watch how trump fired back. >> i'm beating him awfully badly in the polls. >> but you are not beating hillary. >> well, if i can't beat her, you are really going get killed, aren't you? >> and not only where there fewer candidates but it was really just three can't dated and it was cruz and rubio not tearing each other apart but both of them taking their aim on donald trump. and that is very interesting considering the fact that 11 states are coming around the corner on tuesday. >> oh, yeah, coming right up, too. >> thank you. >> developing tonight more trouble for allegiant airlines. one of its planes was forced to abort take-off the airline says due to engine trouble. how passengers reacted to the emergency and why allegiant is
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the faa. >> pilots say loss of power in an engine on take-off is rare but pilots train for it and they prevented a much bigger emergency but keeping that plane on the ground. but it was still a shock to passengers. when passengers heard a boom right before takeoff, it happened just before 3:00 when the pilots experienced a problem with one ofort of the engines. passengers describe a loss of power which made the plane veer to one side of the runway. the pilts pilots had to correct it and bring it back to the gate, some passengers are saying this will be their last allegiant flight. >> my wife and i had a
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probably be our last flight of leejt. allegiant. they are going on our no-fly list. >> well, call it a sign of the times. this year's strawberry festival is beefing up security. it draws half a million people and this year you will find an officer at every admission gate and also some on horseback, as well as more security cameras and they will also use hand-held wands to inspect guests at random. the strawberry festivals running march 3-13. >> i want to go! i have heard great things with it. >> that strawberry shortcake. >> you will need security to keep me away from that.
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is getting... a little soggy. >> just a couple of reasons that people don't eat cereal, and the reason that millennials are not bellying up to the bowl. >> but first spying on animal rights groups and the reasons for doing it. next. paul? >> pretty chilly the next couple of days and on top of that the el nio impacts are pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved toprelieve both itchy, watery eyes pand congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase.
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>> new tonight, seaworld has admitted to spying on animal rights group. it's a dhais case that came up during an investors peteing investors meeting today. they admitted sending an employee to pose as a fake activist who was accused or inciting violence at the protest. the employee was only suspended and peta says the fact this they refused to fire him shows that the company condones the actions. >> this activity was undertake with efforts to maintain the safety and security of animals and employees in the face of credible threats.
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the threats were. seaworld says it's hiring an outside firm to review its security practices. >> and today governor scott touring the hardest hit area of deep creek where at least three dozen homes were badly damaged. >> this home is one of the worst damaged in charlotte county. there were 55 homes damaged altogether totally $1.8 million. a tree today down into his backyard and his entire pool area was demolished. he also lost his roof and some windows. the governor says they may be eligible for state aid but it is too early to tell. >> we have great charities, red cross and salvation army who
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>> and chances are it won't hit you but take precautions. >> this maybe a busy few weeks of tornadoes in our area as two grandparents were killed in manatee county several weeks ago. in this case, no one was hurt. >> and once again tonight, they have called off the planned launch of a falcon ix rocket. a technical glitch forced them to scrub, and they have not said when the next launch will be. it was kind of windy out there. >> it was supposed to be 6:45 and i tweeted at 6:44 and i think they are still throughout waiting. the rocket is still on the pad and i feel bad about that. >> but the weather looks good,
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take a look near the skyway from karen madson eliot. this is pretty much the outlook for the next several days. initially chilly, warming up to the 70's. and a little bit cooler along the coast with the wind whipping in all day today. almanac data? 10 degrees below the average, we hit 64 today and the morning low 52 degrees. precipitation 8.71 for the year, almost double the average. and that just screams el nio. and we stay with the west and northwest wind flow. take a look at the water vapor imagery. it may be a little ribbon of clouds going by, late tonight and tomorrow as a reinforcing cold front passes by, but that
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lots of hps and high pressure and lots of red. dry air on the image. and this was the first of the year and it's like we flipped a switch and frrmt went a ridge in the west and a trough in the east, and now it's him the opposite, and if this jet hangs around i think we'll have potentially more severe weather to come. although the el nio impacts are not quite done yet. it tends to wind down in april. and right now temperatures near the coast are milder. tam pal tampa is 56, palm dale is 49 and clewiston is 50.
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this is behind the cold front. temperatures inland are running 10 ta to 15, almost 10 degrees warmer than they were last night at 11:00. the barometer is rising, 30.22 inches of mercury. watching a weak cold front go by, the east coast is fairly quiet because there is wind and lake effect snow fill underway. snowing here detroit, and downwind of the lake, finger lakes and ontario and erie. a quick trip up to sugar mountain or ski beach, a lot of snow and they are making snow right now. a good ski weekend. bands of snow, some of of lake sham
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a little bit on the cool side, 60's. i hope you have a good night and a good friday. we go patchy clouds late and we are down to 49. any clouds melt away early tomorrow. sunshine, breezy and cool, and then coming up on saturday, 60's. sunday is going be a great day, lots of sunshine and back up to 70. and the next potential of having severe weather would be on wednesday. we'll see how that place out the next couple of days. >> up next a survey that may throw you for a loop or a fruit loop. >> my less millennials are not eating cereal.
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carter is retiring tomorrow. >> irish secret, aka harry.
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new at eleven... hold on to your spoon! millennials have >> okay, new at 11:00, hold on to your spoon because millennials have giive given up on cereal.
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time or maybe are too lazy to eat it. >> americans buy $10 billion in cereal every year, but according to the "new york times" sales fell over the past decade at least partially because of the eating habits of millennials. they skip the bowl of cereal because they found the clean-up inconvenient. >> >> >> all of the things i thought would be reasons why they are not buying cereals were validated from my twitter feed. >> her feed told hermie less
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her my lessthan that millennials see cereal as unhealthy. >> we are always on the go. >> and the bowl will it leaves behind -- >> that fits into the lazy aspect and stereotype. >> okay, so. >> i will never -- i will never give up on cereal. >> your frosted flakes? >> it's a great breakfast treat and a great midnight snack and i don't get the problem with the clean-up. it's a bowl. >> because you know most of them probably put it in the sink as opposed to putting it in the dishwasher because that is the way it is at many houses. and toss it. >> and you could just get the
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>> just throw it down dry, why not, it's one less step you have to be worried about, and you have heard the saying what a difference a year makes? that really fits the lightning and i'm going to show you why.


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