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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  February 6, 2016 1:00am-1:30am EST

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why don't you go ahead and take my new car? >> favorite spot. favorite girl. are you ready for this >> you're messing with the wrong daddy! >>. >> tag time. that is just one of the 19 super bowl commercials that will feature celebrities during sunday's 50th anniversary of the big game. we asked for what main reason are you watching the super bowl, the commercial, the halftime show featuring coldplay and beyonce or the actual game? most said they're watching the game first and foremost but robin says i don't even know who's playing. i'll be watching the commercials and the. y bowl. kelly says, well, the game. but i like the halftime show and commercials and kenya, like me, is going all of the above. stay racing drones. a hot new sport that is really
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>> tonight in one of the biggest and traditionally potentially wildest nights of the florida state fair, we are going inside the security operation. hundreds of deputies and community partners working to keep student day from turning into the night of chaos we saw back in 2014. what deputies are doing to try to keep everybody safe. >> the center of the midway is one of the areas where deputies say they have had most of the trouble in the past. >> you see the guy in the orange jacket? >> this is the joipt joint operations center, where deputies and private security are using more than 300 surveillance cameras to keep an eye on the crowd. >> it's being monitored at all times. >> there!
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after the 2014 fiasco were dozens of students caused a stampede and dozens of students were ejected. one even was killed trying to cross a busy highway trying to get back in. >> any time of rough or aggressive behavior. any kind of illegal drug use, control use. >> the major take us through the crowd for universitied and undercover deputies watched for trouble. we saw several teens being detained and then ejected for what is called aggressive behavior, and they do have a message for anyone looking to cause trouble at any other day at the fair.
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it's zero tolerance from here on us out and the parents have to realize they have a responsibility, too. >> these increased security measures will stay in place for the duration of the fair. >> and we are still following mg story. a martial arts instructor is under arrest, charged with inappropriately touching two young girls, students of his. andrew jin kim was arrested for molesting a 6 and 7-year-old. >> the owner had no idea that this even happened until deputies called him today and said that one of his former employees was being arrested. take a look. here is a mugshot of 23-year-old andrew kim.
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and he was fired for poor performance by the man. and kim also happened to be the owner's cousin. deputies say he followed at least two girls in the path room and touched them inappropriately and then told the girls not to tell anyone. >> i'm keeply sorry for the victims and the families. i'm glad he was cut and is in cut. and we teach our students to defend themselves from people like this. >> one little girl told her mother weeks after it happened. after being arrested, kim admitted it happened and the master says he hopes the community understand this center has been at the center of many
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have not had any other complaints like this. >> thank you so much, evan axelbank, and we have a news alert out of dade city. there has been a home invasion with gunfire. after two suspected broke into a home in majestic oaks park. one of the people inside shot at the intruders and the other intruder ran. police are actively looking for that second you a expect in the area. >> a lakelandman is arrive thanks to his quick reflections and a malfunctioning gun. look at this, he was trying to dodge a drive who was trying to run him down. just previously the man tried to shoot him twice, but the gun al functioned.
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a doctor when outside, her ex husband was confronted by his ex-wife's friend. >> he shows off his concealed carey concealedcarrie permit. and the sheriff says what you will not see is hiacinth pulling out the gun and putting it in the other man's fies and face and pulling the trigger. he try it had again but still it won't work, and so he tried another weapon. his car, but the intended victim was able to side step the vehicle,. >> we are fortunate we are not working a homicide today. gibson went there are love and
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the only thing that stopped him from killing addison was that his firearm would not work. >> that and fancy foot work. -- developing tonight a 6.4 magnitude earthquake has struck taiwan. more 100 people are hospitalized and there is a major search and rescue operation now underway in what is now the rubble of two 16-story residential buildings. the quake also causing water and
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>> the news agencies say fast-acting crews were able to pull out 120 victims, people trapped in the high-raises, some 200 people were expected to be inside the building when the quake hit, and the central weather bureau reports at least five 3.8 magnitude aftershocks and in china tremors were felt in various parts of the southeast. many people there reported tremors from the quake. but the usgs says the earthquake was really shallow, which likely
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>> and the issue of fracking in florida sl is a huge issue. the house passed abill that prevent local governments from putting a ban on fracking and its passage has kicked up a round of protests including a miami dade commissioner who is among those opposed. >> a local county should be able to regulate what happens to the health of its residents and to its local businesses. we don't want to be pre- a. ed e.ed bye.ed empted by the state at this level. we know best. >> the house says their measure would develop regulations and also calls for the state department of environmental will
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fracking, and after more than 80 years a woman in spring hill finally het met her birth mother, and i just can't imagine 80 years apart and then a reunion. >> the search for her mom lasted 50 years but ended with tears of joy. her mother at the time was just 13 years od years old and so butty ended up with adoptive parents. but after they passed away, she set out to find her mom. she was found and is 96 and living in pennsylvania. in january they flew to new york not only to meet her mom but to
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meet many of the siblings she didn't realize she had. she says she has been keeping in contact with her mom and sisters and the plan is to have some of them feet up in florida in the string, and she also says for other people out there who what i be in a similar situation, to keep up hope and never give up. >> 96 years old her mother, and now gets to see her daughter perp person and .>> and when you see their picture. >> you can come on to florida any time. >> one company's unique products are literally flying off the shelves. >> and you've got to meet the guys behind these racing drones.
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comes toppling down in manhattan. what is believed to have caused this. >> more action coming up and a bit of rain on the way f aha! oof! weee! slurp. mmmmmm. cinnamon. milk. cinna-milk. cinnamon toast crunch. crunch! crave those crazy squares.
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>> a store owner is hoping that his crystal clear video surveillance will lead to the person who stole a drone from his store. he came in and when the sales person was distracted he took the drone and left but the cameras got it all. >> he obviously didn't realize how many cameras were pointed at him. >> and they are really good cameras. this footage is getting thousands of views. >> and on the subject of drones, flight. a new sport rising in florida and the wright brothers couldn't have imagined anything like the
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a group of whiz kids went from tinkers with pieces so a sport that is making off. >> building drones has become big business, and voodoo quads is on t leading edge. >> this is designed to go 80-mile-per-hour. >> these are not your off-the-off shelf-machines. >> they want a light frame that is durable. we ship to australia, all over the world. >> and this is why. take a look. >> we are one of the very the u >> this is called fpv, or first person view of video in a parking lot. codey is at the controls and he
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>> i've waited in a couple of nascar-like racebooks, one at the georgia dome, and it was a bunch of high-speed laps with pit stops and it was a really intense race. >> so how do you learn more about this. >> you need a flight control board and then a receiver and a video transmitters. >> it's taken off, and it's been like wildfire. >> you can somize your own drown and make it any way you want to. >> and code red has an issue. >> it's just going to get better and better. the last couple of years they've
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building custom quadded. >> perp and this is the fastest inland boat, and there will be hydrox-cross racing. and boy, when i see that, i think i'm just glad someone else is doing it. >> good times and tomorrow i'm not sure about the beach, but the wind has been up, not good to be oit on the water, but it's amazing how we can imo from a day to without a cloud in the sky and no water in the atmosphere, and i think afternoon light rain or drizzle. and if you look closely at the
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group and you kind of see clouds here increasing from the northeast, and already our resistal clear skies with giving way from the east and we are watching and waiting for clouds also to arrive from the west, and then you have the fast subtropical jet, with el nio. well, all of the ingredients are in play for the weather to change dramatically. and there could even be areas of light rain during the afternoon and so plan your weekend accordingly. this is from oklahoma city, this area of lldz is low pressure will speed to the northeast and then we'll be
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backside of that system, and so it really is never a dull moment. today won't be as cold as early today, because of the increase in cloud cover. our southern countries holding near holding50. you get the idea, it's just a cool winter night. and we cloud up rapidly with raip developing late tomorrow, and once it starts raining, temperatures may drop into the 50's because water drops and helps to cool the atmosphere, we call that our radiational cooling. we'll have a cold win on sunday, and if you're planning your super bowl sunday, i recommend
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get cranked up and you come up with some chilly. dewpoint 38, winds north-northeast at 8. around the country, northeast snow storms and it's gone down. raiping down, raining up near newfoundland. raleigh is freezing. tonight on average, 45 to 50, and probably it will drop a couple of degrees during the afternoon. and so the rain maker is gone, and clouds increase over us tomorrow, and lp low pressure raising from the east. monday it's going to be chilly with another front coming through on siewz tuesday that will
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reinforce the air. and we are down to 47. chickening clouds thickening clouds and on sunday, mostly sunny, breezy and chilly. everyone is different but another film goes by on tuesday, and so we'll see you at the state fair tomorrow. >> all right, see you out there, powell.
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3 a massive crane collapsed in new york city today... killing one person. 3 (cynthia vo ) >> a massive crane collapsed in new new york city today, killing a
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it was a crawler, and work crews were trying to security it when it collapsed. >> a missouri couple called a modern-day bonnie around clyde. one of them is dead now. the pair was wanted for a number of armed robberies and kidnappings. fitzgerald reportedly tried to use harper, his girlfriend as a human shield. he was killed and she was injured. >> the suspects refused to surrender and they attempted to exit the vehicle and enter an ak occupied dwelling. after shots were fired, one was
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declared dead and the other taken to the hospital with injuries. >> and the candidates continue to rip into each other four days before the new hampshire primary. >> heading into the final stretch, gop candidates continue to jockey for position. with trump still leading the pack but rubio replacing cruz in second, the texas senator slipping to third, but with over half of voters still undecided, christy tried to pick up votes by putting down hillary clinton. >> not only do we have to have someone who is competent and ready, we need someone who can beat hillary clinton. >> and sanders dropped in haymakers of his own.
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argument as you all know that banks were too big to fail and turns out today that three out of the four largest banks were biller than they were when we bailed them out. >> taking in-coming fire is not clinton's only problem. during a debate last night, the former secretary of state insists she is worry free despite the state department # calling several of her e-mails too top secret to release. >> this is a security review and it is being cared out and it will be resolved. >> in washington, joel waldman, fox 13 news. >> you have a great story coming up and a little bit of a mystery question for you.
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