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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  January 29, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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pwhy christie 3 3 ((russell- p>>russell: well, he was a no pshow like he promised. pdonald trump did his own thing plast night, skipping the debate. pkrig pcraig patrick is in iowa and pwill join us on trump's unusual pmove. lus -- p>>reporter: why is the fog still pcausing problems at the port of ptampa? ptourists coming and going all pover the place. pwe'll explain coming up. p>>jennifer: another gold medal erformance for michael phelps. ool. p"good day." pi'm jennifer epstein filling in pfor laura moody. prhodes. pweather. pmuch better this morning. pbeautiful shot.
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icture now and the way it plooks, you'll think it's fog peverywhere but it's really not. pvisibilities, everybody preporting 10 miles. pthat's just above the surface. pas you look through that and see art of downtown and see the pclearing skies, it actually is pgoing to be a very, very nice pday. pwe have dropped back to 50 pdegrees so grab your light pjackets, north-northwest winds paround eight miles an hour. poverall today, i'll use the term pseasonably cool. p64 degrees. pit's not bad. pwe have the sunshine back. pbeginning tomorrow afternoon, a psteady warmup which will get us pback to 80 degrees by next week. pwe'll tell you when in a little pbit. p>>vanessa: good morning, dave. pa couple of new crashes to talk pabout. pnew updates as well on an old pcrash. pwe have one that's newly preported, possibly involving a pmotorcyclist. phillsborough avenue at webb proad, two lanes are blocked so pif you do have to head that way, pgive yourself at least an extra pfive minutes out the door based pon delays we're seeing at this oint.
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pwe reported before. pwe weren't sure if there was plane blockage but f.h.p. is preporting blocks in the pintersection. pu.s. 41. pthis crash is causing some plowdowns, minor on u.s. 41. pwe are seeing some bigger delays pso more time here. p>>jennifer: donald trump made pgood on his promise. phe did not show up at the prepublican debate in iowa last pnight. p>>russell: he was a few miles paway attending a charity event. phis decision to boycott the pdebate was what he calls pretaliation against fox news for ptreating him unfairly. p>> all the online polls said i pdid well with the debates and pi've had to kick with it, but pyou have to stick up for your prights. pwhen you're treated badly, you phave to stick up for your prights. pyou have to do it. pand whether we like it or not, pwhether it's something we want pto do or not, that's what our
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p>>russell: the trump campaign psaid that the charity event made p$6 million for veterans. pseven other leading republicans pwere debating issues. pa few couldn't help but mention phis absence. p>> let me say, i'm a maniac and peveryone on this stage is pstupid, fat and ugly. pand ben, you're a terrible psurgeon. pnow that we've gotten the donald ptrump portion out of the way -- p[applause] p>> it's not about donald trump. phe's an entertaining guy, the pgreatest show on earth. pthis campaign is about the pgreatest country in the world pand a president who has psystematically destroyed many pthings that made america pspecial. p>>russell: well, fox 13 craig atrick was at that debate last pnight. phe joins us from des moines. pwe'll get to donald trump in a psecond but let's talk about the pdebate itself.
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prussell. phow are you? p>>russell: we're good here. plet's talk about ted cruz. pi guess he's the one that peverybody else had to go after plast night, right? p>>reporter: a few swings were ptaken at ted cruz. pmore than donald trump, more pthan ted cruz, it was hillary pheat. pit takes us back to the days pbefore trump where one party pwould focus on going after the resumed nominee of the other arty. phillary clinton is not as resumed as the republicans pmight think based on the polling pwe're seeing these days, but it pis clear every candidate on that pstage thinks that hillary pclinton will be the nominee. pthat's where they focus their pfire and ted cruz tried to score psome points. pwe saw one of the examples a few pseconds ago of going after pdonald trump. pbut as they repeatedly quipped pon the stage by him not being pthere, it almost got a little pold after awhile.
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psaid that politically wounded pdonald trump in his absence. p>>russell: one of the people who phad a good night is jeb bush. p>>reporter: jeb bush had a very pgood night. pi wouldn't say that he had a pgrand slam. phe didn't hit it out of the ark, but we saw a much stronger pjeb bush than we've seen in rior debates. pi can give you several examples. pthere was one question posed to phim about wounded veterans' pcharities which is interesting pbut jeb bush deflected that pquestion to a broader discussion pof problems for veterans, pscandal of the department of pveterans affairs which is a hot pbutton issue in the race and he palso said that americans need to pbe more welcoming. phe was definitely on message plast night. pand we got a chance to see what pthe world would be like in the prepublican race without donald ptrump directly involved in the pconversation. pwith that different dynamic, it pseems to bode well for jeb bush.
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pnot being in the race, it would phave been different today. p>>russell: let's talk about pdonald trump. pthat's the big talk going into pthis thing and we won't know puntil monday after the iowa pcaucus if it's helped him or phurt him not being there. p>>reporter: certainly a lot of eople were talking about donald ptrump. pyou saw donald trump landing pwith his jet. pwhile he did not win the debate pitself and while we would score pit in that sense for jeb bush, phe may, in effect, have won the pnight because he showed that he pcan take calculated risks that phe may well lose and in this pcase, we don't see where he's pwounded by this. pi suspect there's some undecided pvoters in iowa who were turned poff by the fact that donald ptrump would not answer questions pin the closing hours leading to pthe caucus.
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psupporters were turned off. pi don't think his detractors are pother. pif the needle moves, it may move ponly slightly and given the lead pthat donald trump has in the olls, that may not take him out phere. p>>russell: i know it's close in piowa, the polling indicates it's pclose in iowa. pdo we expect donald trump to be pthere until monday at least, pworking hard? p>>reporter: well, he's going in pand out of iowa but he will be phere over the weekend on the peastern border of iowa in pdavenport in particular. phe has a couple of big rallies lanned and how well he performs pbasically determined by turnout. pif it turns out around 120,000, pthat may be good news for ted pcruz or marco rubio, if we have p160,000, 170,000 people setting pa record in the republican race, pthat would bode well for donald
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pwith us this morning. pi know you had a late night last pnight. pwe'll talk later, okay? p>>reporter: thank you, russell. p>>jennifer: it is a nightmare pfor hundreds of people in tampa. pthey should be on a cruise ship pright now. pinstead, they're still waiting pto get on. pcarnival paradise wasn't able to pdock yesterday morning. pthe people are still sleeping on pthere. pfox 13 is at the port this pmorning to tell us about the phuge problem for passengers. phey, ken. p>>reporter: good morning. pthis is kind of like the domino peffect. pthe ship behind me, the paradise pby carnival, it got in 12 hours plater than expected at 8:00 last pnight. psome people got on and they pscrambled and got home. pother people stayed on and pthey're sleeping right now, pthey're going to get off in two phours from now. pthey got some free food and they phad some fun but realize, their ptravel plans were all messed up.
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pagenda changed. pfolks who were supposed to board pyesterday afternoon, they pcouldn't do it so they're going pto be getting on later today. paside from that inconvenience, pmoney. pmaybe they had to rent a room or padditional day. pfor. pwhen it comes down to it, what pthis? pwell, you pretty much just have pto go for it. p>> tonight we're going to go pout, get a motel room. pwe can't control mother nature. pit is what it is. pdo you know what? pwe were just going to ride. p>>reporter: fun. pall about? pboarding this afternoon will phave less time to have fun pbecause their trip to kazumel pwas supposed to be four days and pnow it's cut to three days. pthey call it a vacation to pnowhere because they're going to pbe on the water and not get to ptheir destination. pcarnival can make this whole pthing just a little better and pleave folks with a better pimpression of their experiences
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pa deal. pwe're going to take half off of pthe cost of this particular pcruise and if you want to come pback, we'll give you half off pthat one as well. pbut in the meantime, you kind vf pa mess. psome people making the best of pit and other people, you know, pdoing the best they can. pwhat can you do? pa situation like this other than psaying, i'm on vacation? pit's not the vacation i planned pbut everybody else is working plike you and me, so they're pdoing okay. p>>jennifer: they're taking it in pstride. pare you planning on hopping on pthe cruise ship after your pshift? p>>reporter: are you going to let pme? pi have to do something for porlando. pbut if i'm not where i'm psupposed to be, you know where i pwent. pif you're in charge, tell the poffice. p>>russell: 7:10 right now. pdeputies still working to solve pa home invasion in pasco county. pit ended with a teen being shot. pdetktives are looking for panthony steven. phe goes by the name little ant.
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pbreaking into a home in holiday pyesterday. p16-year-old girl was paccidentally shot in the chest pby somebody else living in the phouse. pbecause that shooting took place pduring a crime, stevens will pface the appropriate charges, peven though he did not pull the ptrigger. pif you know where he is, call pcrime stoppers. pnew this morning, the search for pa thief, the robber stole a cell hone from a woman walking in pthe corner of florida last pnight. pa friend of the victim drove by pand pulled over to help. olice say the thief also shot pand ran off. pthey've not been seen since. pno one hurt. p>>jennifer: there's a good pchance the florida legislature pwill expand the stand your pground law. pa bill putting more pressure on rosecutors has gotten senate papproval. pit puts more of the burden on rosecutors to prove the pdefendant wasn't acting in self pdefense. pright now that burden of proof pis on the defendant. pthe legislation now goes to the phouse.
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p>>russell: role model mothers. pthere's a new evidence to psuggest your daughter may grow pup to be just like you and pcoming up, why that's not pnecessarily good thing. p>>jennifer: and a makeover for pbarbie. pdoesn't look the same anymore. pnew breed of wires -- bar y bies pshould have a wider appeal. p>>dave: a couple of spots to the pnorth have gotten back in the p40s. pit feels kind of damp, even pthough we're drying things poccupant. pi think it's going to be a retty day, albeit unseasonably pcool day. pthere's your 50, 50 wesley pchapel, 40s to the north. pwe'll go sunny skies this
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pget p>>dave: the blizzard in the pnortheast last week is the pfourth worst snowstorm to hit pthe region in more than 65 pyears. pthat's according to the national poceanic and atmospheric padministration, noaa. pthey record stuff like that.
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pconsideration including totals, pgeographic reach for the opulation. pclose to 24 million people in pthe northeast saw snowfall pbetween 20 and 30 inches last pweek. pwhile close to two million had pto deal with more than 30 inches pof snow. pa report now, some neighborhoods pare just now being plowed out. pthis was on sunday. pso it's taken almost a week. pnow, fortunately, they didn't phave a ton of power outages that pthey thought there would be but pthat could have been a lot pworse. p24-hour rainfall totals, we got psoaked yesterday. peverybody got a decent soaking. pif you didn't get it yesterday, pyou did the day before. pthe point is we've picked up pmore rain in the last two days pthan we typically do the entire pmonth of january. pthat's an el nino weather attern for you. pthis is worse than it really is
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pthat you see obscured, here's pabove the ground. pwe have 10 miles' visibility on pthe ground and we've got a plittle bit of cloud cover but pnot completely clear yet but it pis a much, much nicer day. phere's a picture from river view pas you're looking west back to pthe coastline. panother shot where we've got psome clearer skies out toward pthe beach this morning. pbradenton beach, a beautiful pshot. pthere's an obscured look but it pdoesn't look that bad when you pstep outside. pcooler, 50 degrees in tampa. pyou see the 40s sneaking in pbrooksville, leesburg, even pcrystal river at 43 degrees. pthis will not be the coolest pmorning. ptomorrow i think will be the pcoolest morning. pa lot of these lower 50s you see pnow will be replaced by upper p40s this time tomorrow morning. pso just bear that in mind. pwe have to get up in the wee phours of saturday to go out. pit's going to be quite chilly pand i'm thinking about the pinvasion but by the time that phappens, we'll have started to pget into a more mild ptemperature.
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pby the time the invasion rolls palong tomorrow morning. pupper 30s, panama city, ptallahassee, gainesville is at p43. pjacksonville at 41. pit is the northwest wind. pwith that wind shift last night, pit just cut the rain off and now pwe're dragging in the drier, pcooler air which, by the way, is pnot going to last all that long. pwe'll get back into some psunshine for today. pfurther south you go, the more pcloud cover you're going to have pto experience but at least the prain is gone. pwe've got several days to dry pthings out. psunshine returns, breezy, cooler pthan normal today and a high of p64 degrees. ptonight clear, chilly, low 48 pdegrees. pthat is in the city so that pmeans some of you could be in pthe lower 40s as you get to the pouter lying areas and tomorrow, pfast warmup. pit's going to be a lovely, plovely saturday. pnot only onshore but offshore. pso boaters, it may be a little
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pyou're good for the rest of the pweekend so enjoy that. p72 by sunday and look at the pwarmup for monday and tuesday as phighs may touch the 80-degree pmark for tuesday afternoon. p>>vanessa: thank you, dave. pright now we have sky fox that pjust arrived on the earlier pmentioned crash along phillsborough avenue. poriginally we're hearing two peastbound lanes were blocked but pwe're just seeing one eastbound plane blocked. pthis is near webb road and we pwere hearing also that this was psuspected to be a motorcyclist pinvolved crash and we do see a pmotorcycle pull off to the side. pit looks like there might be psomebody sitting there on the pbench. pi can't tell. pwe don't know about injuries. phopefully that means that the erson is uninjured. pit's causing a slowdown in the peastbound direction. lan for delays of five minutes por so. pgood news is, we don't have as pmany lanes blocked as we poriginally thought. pit doesn't look like we have any pbad damage on the vehicles. pmeantime, there is what could be pa serious crash in the largo
7:18 am
peastbound direction we're phearing that two turn lanes on pthe left-hand side could be pblocked and also hearing that pemergency crews are in the rocess of maybe removing psomebody from one of those pvehicles. pso this could be a scene we'll pbe seeing for a little bit while pto come but five minutes is the pdelays we're seeing in the peastbound direction so we'll lan accordingly and let you pknow if you have to give pyourself another route. pfor now that doesn't appear to pbe the case. pwe have a nice look over the psunshine skyway bridge. pit's a lot clearer than we were pseeing yesterday morning at this ptime so that's some good news pfor drivers. plooks like the main delays are psouthbound. p>>russell: a popular toy is pgetting a makeover. p>>jennifer: the barbie of old is pold news. pwalter allen is going to show us pwhat she's going to look like pand why the change. p>>walter: if barbie was a real pwoman, she would have to walk on pall fours because of her thin pankles and wrists. pshe wouldn't have the strength
7:19 am
pthey're coming out with a barbie pthey're coming out with a barbie pthat shows the woman more pnaturally. pmattel is going to change seven pskin tones, 24 hair styles. pa 4% drop in the last quarter of pbash i didn't see. pmattel is hopeful that the new pbarbie will be more relatable to pkids. p>> i talked to a lot of people pand the reaction is poverwhelmingly positive because pwe're not a one size fits all pcountry, world. pit's about customization and pabout having choice. pand with barbie, consumers pfinally have a choice. p>>walter: the diverse pcollections are set to arrive on pu.s. store shelves in march. pnow, there's some reaction to pthis. pone has had her own struggle. pkir pkirstie alley tweeted, bring pback 1965 where barbie just plooked like a freak.
7:20 am
p1950s when a barbie was an padult. pcover reads, now can we stop ptalking about my body? pagain, dolls roll out in march, pjen. p>>russell: wow. pall right. pthanks, walter. p>>jennifer: thank you, walter. pwe have a home town hero coming pup. pit's a young girl who was pdiagnosed with cancer when she pwas just 20 years old and she's pusing her battle with cancer to phelp other young adults who are pfighting the same battle. p>>russell: nice. plook forward to it. lus climbing the peak of a yramid. pit took longer getting down than pit did going up. pwhy this teenager is lucky he pdidn't end up in jail. pgood morning, charley belcher. phow are you doing, man? p>>charley: good day to you, prussell. pyou sound good. pdeeper voice. pi like that. pit's working for you, man. p>>russell: thank you. p>>charley: i'm in legoland and pwe're unveiling, now playing, a
7:21 am
plego movie. pthat was all about our hero pemmitt who went up against lord pbusiness as the evil bad guy. pin this one, it's risky business pand everything out here is 4 d. pthe movie is 4 d, the red carpet pis 4 d which means stuff happens pall around. pstick around, everybody.
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ptogeth3 3 ((jen 2-shot now that he's back in the u-s, the 18-year-old known as the "affluenza" teen could learn p>>jennifer: 18-year-old known as pthe affluenza teen could learn ptoday where he's heading next. p>>russell: use at a juvenile pdetention center in texas. pauthorities in mexico deported pcouch to the u.s. on thursday. ptoday a judge will have to pdecide what to do with him. pkeep him at the detention pfacility or send him to an adult pjail or release him on bond. pcouch and his mother fled to pmexico after individual yoe pshowed the teenager possibly pviolating probation. pthe judge sentenced him to 10 pyears' probation for killing pfour people in a drunk driving
7:23 am
p>>jennifer: new warning about a pmosquito-borne virus. pthey plan to find ways to stop pthe spread of the zika virus. pthere's a prediction of four pmillion new cases this year. pthe virus has already spread to p23 countries, including mexico. pno cases here in the u.s. yet pbut 31 american tourists to platin america and the caribbean pgot it last year. pthis is good to know. pmore u.s. airlines and cruise poperators are offering refunds pto pregnant women traveling to a pcountry in the outbreak area. psome cases, they can change the pitinerary. pmost airlines are now offering pthose options. pso are carnival cruise lines, proyal caribbean and allegiant. p>>russell: you have to look at pthis amazing video of a teenager pwho climbed the great pyramid. pwe can't recommend this because pit's illegal. pthe german teen went to egypt pwith the intention of climbing
7:24 am
pgetting it all on video. ptook him eight minutes to get to pthe top, 20 minutes to get down. olice took him in for pquestioning and then they let phim go. pthe punishment usually for pclimbing a pyramid in egypt can pbe three years in prison. p>>dave: almost 7:28. pwe have some breaks in the pclouds. pit's beginning the clearing out rocess. pit could be a nice afternoon pcoming at you. p49 at the current temperature of pour friends in new port richey. psome jacket weather in pbrooksville, crystal river, pthey're in the 40s. ptampa in the lower 50s. pbartow through arcadia as well. pwe're running 10 to 15 degrees pcolder than we were yesterday so pit's a noticeable difference but pi think it's going to be nice. p64 for a high today. pwe will get back in the 40s povernight tonight but then 69 ptomorrow and yes, back to the p70s for sunday. p>>vanessa: thank you, dave. pwe want to mention that it looks
7:25 am
pstarting to take over at puncomfortable point along east pbay drive. pwe're following the crash near pthe u.s. 19 overpass with lane pblockage eastbound and the pdelays are getting to the point pwru might want to take an palternate. p142nd avenue and ulmerton road. pmeantime, we're seeing some pdelays northbound 275. pit's going to back upstarting paround dale mabry where we pusually see the concerns. pwest shore boulevard, average pspeeds around 15 miles an hour. pwe prepare for the delays like pwe've been seeing in the area. pmeantime, we're getting you pready for gasparilla, talking pabout the weather, the things pthat you'll be bringing. pwe also want to talk about road pclosures. pdo remember that some of them pstart tonight, including areas palong bayshore boulevard that pare going to close down around p10:00 p.m. pthere's a whole slew of closures pthat are going to start tonight, prun in a staggered fashion pthrough saturday morning so if pyou do want to check that full plist out, you can use my pfacebook page and i have the pfull list as well as more
7:26 am
pdo have a couple of options in pthe downtown area to park. pwe also want to talk about psomething happening later today. pthis is expected to be the preopening of lanes along north p56th street. pthere's been some railroad pconstruction that has closed pthat area north of hillsborough pavenue for the past couple of pweeks so we're hearing it could pbe this afternoon when all of pthat clears out. p>>russell: healthy and happy. pwhere florida ranks on the list. pgasparilla. palcides segui has some advice pbefore you go. pgood morning, alcides segui. p>>reporter: good morning to you. pwe'll talk about transportation, pwe'll talk about alcohol, some pof the wet zones, where you can pfind the best seat in the house pfor gasparilla as well. pa one-on-one on everything, pincluding what time it starts, pcoming up next. pbut first, i have to show you an pabsolutely gorgeous start to pyour friday morning here along pbayshore boulevard. pthe sun is starting to rise.
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3 (jen- 3 get ready for the annual pirate invasion. gasparilla is tomorrow about 200 p>>jennifer: pirate invasion for pgasparilla is tomorrow. p200,000 people are expected to pflood the streets of tampa. palcides segui is along bayshore pboulevard where final
7:29 am
pgood morning, alcides segui. p>>reporter: good morning to you, pjen. pthe event is free. pif you want a great seat, it may pcost you $45. pit depends on what time you want pto come out here. p$45 will reserve you a seat palong the bleachers. pit's a front row seat so all the pfloats will be coming by and you pcan see there's a lot of traffic pnow but this will definitely be pclosed on saturday. pas you mentioned, 200,000 people pare expected out here this pweekend. pbelieve it or not, gasparilla phas one of the largest parades pin the country, generates pmillions of dollars for the city pof tampa. pmuch. pas dave has been talking about pall morning long, expect great pweather this weekend. irates. psaturday's festivities begin at p10:00 in the morning with live pmusic at curtis hixon as well as pmacdill park. pflotilla shows up at the tampa pconvention center around 11:30
7:30 am
pthe poo raid of pirates along pbayshore boulevard starts from p2:00 to 5:00 from bay to bay pboulevard north to downtown ptampa, ending at ashley drive. pstreets around the parade route pwill be closed tonight. pat least some of the street paround this area. pboats are allowed in the area paround the parade and the pinvasion themselves but those ptoo close to the pirate ship pwill be stopped by law en pfortsment. pif you're drinking, remember, olice will be out in full force pso make sure you drink in a pdesignated we tell -- wet zone pwhich is the parade route only. pgetting around, no doubt, will pbe a nightmare. phart bus services as well as the ptico street car line will be pavailable. pyou can buy all day passes for a pcouple of bucks. pno drones allowed. pa couple of things that you need pto leave at home, alcohol. pyou can drink alcohol here if pyou buy it here, which you pcannot bring it in. pglass bottles, coolers, all of
7:31 am
pagain, no drones allowed. pthe safety guidelines prohibit pthe use of drones. pno doubt it's going to be a lot pof people out here, 200,000 eople. pit's going to be a lot of fun. pbe extra careful. premember, it will be a lot of plaw enforcement officers out phere. pback to you. p>>jennifer: i'm going to stay pfar way from gasparilla this pyear. pit. pi've been to so many, i'm good. p>>jennifer: the weather can't pget much better. pdave says the high temperature pwill be around 70 degrees ptomorrow under mostly sunny pskies. erfect day for a parade. p>>russell: donald trump did his pown thing, attending a charity pevent for veterans. phe didn't show up for the prepublican debate for fox news pchannel and by now, most of you pknow about his feud with fox pnews anchor megyn kelly. phere we go. phe sent out a tweet yesterday
7:32 am
pmegyn kelly posing for gq pmagazine. pthis is one of his tweets, one pof his tweets said, quote, and pthis is asking presidential pquestions. pwell, people who saw it were pmedia. pone person said, quoting here, pi'm mortified that you would pretweet this. pit is wrong on so many levels. panother tweet said, appalling. pa woman can't be sexy and smart, pno to president trump. pother social media users put up ptrump's family members, include phis wife and daughter. phe had a share of supporters on psocial media as well. pthey pretty much told everybody pto leave him alone. p>>jennifer: hundreds of pthousands much lives could be psaved each year if every new pmother breastfed. presearchers found that more than p800,000 children under the age pof five would be saved if pbreastfeeding was universal and pthe health benefits don't stop pthere. pevery year 20,000 breast cancer pdeaths could also be prevented
7:33 am
pbecause more women are making up pthe work and the work force, pbreastfeeding rates are lou, he pu.s. phealth care providers need to rovide more support and legal pchanges need to be made like plonger maternity leave. pexperts also noted that pbreastfeeding isn't an option pfor some mothers. pformula is not dangerous. pwhile breastfeeding does have phealth benefits, getting enough prest and exercise and financial pstability are equally as pimportant. pa new study says that women psuffering from depression might phave their mothers to blame. presearchers discover that part pof the brain that regulates mood pis passed from mother to pdaughter. pthey look at mothers, sons and pfathers and saw no coalition pthere. pjust because a woman suffers pfrom depression does not mean pher mother is solely at fault. pall kinds of factors are at lay. presearchers hope to use this pinformation to identify people pat risk for other disorders as
7:34 am
p>>russell: those of us who live pin florida are happy and phealthy. p12th place showing, the best yet pon the annual gallop health ways pindex. pit measures how americans feel pabout the physical help, pfinances, community and sense of urpose. pthose who live in hawaii have pthe highest overall well-being. pit's the fifth time it's come in pthe top spot since 2008. palaska, montana, colorado and pwyoming round out the top five. pother end of the spectrum, west pvirginia coming in at 50th for pthe seventh year in a row. p>>russell: us 20-year-olds have pa big plans, high hopes for the prest of their life. pthis week's home town here owes -- phero's cancer diagnosis stopped pthat. p>> i was only 20 years old when
7:35 am
pi was blessed with only a year pin the war. pon february 5, 2014 i entered premission. p>>jennifer: it's a story that pmadison miller is proud to tell pand she shares her battle with pnon hodgkin's lymphoma to her pnon profit organization, spark pthe way. p>> when they diagnosed me, it pwas one of those surreal pmoments. pi thought it only happened to pold people. phonestly. pwhen you're that age, you think pyou're invincible. p>>jennifer: when the shock peased, she felt peace. p>> i knew that god had it and i pwas okay with it. p>>jennifer: she also had support pfrom friends and family, pespecially her grandfather who pwas going through his own fight pwith cancer at the time. p>> watching him fight his pbattle, he did that. p>>jennifer: they fought together pand madison documented every art of her journey. p>> day two. p>>jennifer: good days, bad and pthe worst.
7:36 am
pday of my life, losing my hair. p>>jennifer: she did not hide pbehind a wig. pinstead she proudly showed her pface and her bald head. pin hopes of sparking a pconversation with other young padults just like her. p>> i'm in this for a reason. pif i'm going to go in public and pencourage someone, i'm going to pstart a conversation, do psomething where i can help psomeone, love someone or ebb pcourage someone else going pthrough it. pthat's why i'm here. p>>jennifer: two years into premission and she continues psparking the way for others to ptell their story of hope and rogress, too. p>> victory doesn't come, in my popinion, just when you're phealed. pit comes from you can look at pcancer and say, you've got pnothing on me. plike i'm going to win this. pyou know? p>>jennifer: madison continues to pspread message of hope through pher website. pno one has to take on the cancer pfight alone. pshe wants to have a remission pretreat house where people can
7:37 am
ptheir cancer treatments are pover. p>>dave: almost 7:42 on this pfriday morning. pa little sports now. pstadium site isn't the only pthing rays are searching for. palso new players and they just psigned one. poutfielder cory dicker son joins pthe team following a trade from pthe colorado rockies. phe had a 304 batting average plast year, 10 homers in 65 pgames. phe was injured most of last pyear. pnow, one of them may end up as pdesignated hitter. art of that trade, the rays psent jake mc gee to the rockies. phe's a power left hander with 25 psaves the past couple of seasons pbut he also has had problems pstaying healthy. ptake a look at this, right? prays will have a new look when pthey start spring training in ort charlotte.
7:38 am
pthey'll be wearing the light pblue jerseys with the rays star pburst logo on the front. puniforms last year were a darker pblue. itch he weres and catchers will preport on february 21. peveryone else a few days later. pso how do you distract pbasketball players who try to pmake free throws? phow about bringing out none pother than olympic champions. ull the curtain. pmichael phelps, everybody. parizona state university invited helps to take part in their pfamous curtain of distraction. plast night's game against oregon pstate. pguess what? pfreeman missed both shots. p>>russell: that's not fair. p>>dave: look at him. p>>jennifer: look at that tiny,
7:39 am
pwe should have a curtain of pdistraction here. p>>russell: does he have a pconnection to that school? pall right. p>>dave: my gosh. plook at the olympic gold medal paround his neck. pthat's just impressive. p>>russell: sure is. p>>russell: he's still swimming. pyep. phe's still training. pabsolutely. p>>jennifer: curtain of pdistraction. pi love it. p>>dave: who is up next for the pcurtain of distraction? p52 degrees outside. retty, pretty start to the day.
7:40 am
p>>dave: oh, so much nicer to pstart the day off. pwest on kennedy, it looks like pfog. pthis is above the ground. pjust over alcides segui's live pshot, it's pretty. pwe're beginning to scour out the pmoisture, clear out the skies, pbringing all that sunshine and ptemperatures should rebound in pthe 60s for today. pgranted, it's going to be below pnormal but still, i think it's pnice, nice afternoon overall. premember yesterday morning? plooking at this camera, it was pjust dark. prain was moving in and then you plook this morning and the fog phas lifted. pwe know that because that pdoesn't typically last that plong. p47 degrees. pwaking up in the new tampa area. pjackets are needed for all of us pthis morning. pbrandon, plant city, tampa, west pchase, right at the 50-degree pmark at this hour. pthen you go north and everybody pis in the 40s.
7:41 am
pclear skies and crystal river at p43 degrees. pstill mid 50s for venice and palso in the lower 50s for bartow pto frost proof southward down pthrough lake placid. pthis is the difference. pyou'll run 10, 15, 16, 18 pdegrees colder than it was pyesterday at this time since pthat front finally moved through pand those north to northwest pwinds have gone kind of take pover for today. pso i do expect it to be a little pbreezy for you out there. psunshine back, we'll make it pinto the mid 60s. ptonight will be the coldest pnight, though. pjust about everybody is going to pwake up tomorrow morning in the p40s but you take that away, pright? ptake that away for a second. pthe rest of the weekend is tiful. psunshine returns, breezy, pcooler, 64 for a high ptemperature. ptonight there it is. pthe 40s. psome may stay in the upper 40s pand others may be back in the plower 40s but you will need your pjackets vjackets very early tomorrow and pfor those of us trying to plan phow to dress for the day,
7:42 am
pyou go down and check out the pinvasion. pthen uh-huhs -- you hustle over pto see the parade. pnice and mild in the afternoon pwith a high temperature of 69 pdegrees. pthose on your boat tomorrow, pthere will be a lot of you out pthere, much, much nicer. ptoday it's a little choppy first pthing in the morning but then pnice the rest of the weekend. pafter that, it gets warm. phow about the upper 70s for next pmonday? ptuesday. pit does look like the rain is pcoming back in for wednesday pinto thursday of next week. pvanessa? p>>vanessa: all right. pthank you, dave. pright now we have sky fox pchecking out east bay drive at pthat u.s. 19 overpass. premember, this is the nasty pcrash we were talking about pearlier that has many lanes pblocked. pactually seeing the two peastbound lanes we were talking pabout, also full blockage we're pseeing in the westbound pdirection so it's certainly pcausing some jams heading pthrough this area, both
7:43 am
plook like they do have a tow pruck on scene so that's good pnews for drivers. pthis is apparently in the pclearing stage. pbut i did take the nap shot when psky fox zoomed in a little pearlier and you can see pfirefighters hard at work. pactually somebody had to be premoved from their their vehicle. pdoesn't look good so we know pinjuries are reported but phopefully everyone will pull pthrough okay. pyour alternates here, 143nd pavenue or ulmerton road and we phave heavy delays. pwestbound is the full blockage. pinterstate travel times, we do phave some usual congestion. pthis is not any more than we're pmorning. psouthbound 275, bearss avenue to pi-4 is a 21 minute ride. pdelays also here southbound palong 75. pthat's a 15 minute ride from pbruce b downs to i-4 and pactually doesn't look too bad pi-4 westbound. pjust a nine minute ride from mlk pto the interchange. ptime is 7:51. plet's get out to charley. psound like everything is awesome pwhere you are.
7:44 am
peverything is great when you're art of a team. pyou know, a news team. pit's awesome. plegoland, that's where we are pand i'll tell you what's also pawesome is a brand new chapter pin the legoland -- i want to pmovie. pit's the lego movie. pthere's a little mini 4 dlego pmovie right here. pnow playing, not at a theater pstick around. pi'll tell you everything you pneed
7:45 am
p during this extended visit from your extended family, all you want is a peaceful moment to stream your show. and you need enough bandwidth to share with a full house of hungry users. lightning internet from bright house networks. the speed you need. and now connect to... premier tv, 15 megabit internet and hd-dvr service... only $92 a month
7:46 am
p>>charley: legoland florida is pwhere we are. pforever. pthe lego movie takes it to a pwhole other level. pthe excitement around the lego pmovie is now playing here with a pbrand new movie. p>> we have the lego movie 4 d. pthis is the first time the pmaster builder heros have gotten ptogether. p>>charley: we have some sneak eek, exclusive clip. pand i assume the 4 d means that
7:47 am
pthere might be mist or smoke. p>> it's wind, it's water, it's pfog, it's strobe lighting. pthe film pops off the screen pinto the seats. p>>charley: that's cool. p>> a brand new villain. prisky business. p>>charley: lord business, will pferrell, was incredible in the pmovie. pbut this is his brother risky pbusiness. p>> voiced by pat oswald. p>>charley: he's hilarious. p>> he has some interesting plans pin the works for our heros. p>>charley: and it's a equal to pthe lego movie that's going on pnow. p>> rob who is making the sequel pin 2018 co-wrote our attraction. pit has a direct link to the pquality and the story telling pand the visual style of the poriginal movie. p>>charley: that's fun. pit's going to be popular.
7:48 am
pall day every day? p>> continuously all day starting ptoday. p>>charley: thank you very much. p>> my pleasure. p>>charley: there you go. pif you missed emmitt, i can't pwait to learn more about risky pbusiness. pthey're here, now playing. p>>russell: see you later. pwhile charley is having fun at plegoland, the company behind the ark wants to make sure everyone pfeels included when playing with pthe toys.
7:49 am
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