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tv   FOX 13 600 News  FOX  January 26, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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p>> from tampa bay's number one pnews station, this is the fox p13 6:00 news. p>> good evening, i am mark pwilson kept i'm killing frank. pthank you for joining us ptonight.we have an alert from pst. peter's. pskybox over the scene of a pshooting on 17th avenue south, pand officers were called out to pthis location for a domestic pargument at a home, and they pwere talking to the woman at pthe home when they say she went pinside, she got a gun, and she pshot her boyfriend.that man phas been taken to the hospital, pwe are told, and the woman, the psuspects kelly done for he is punder arrest tonight. pwe will let you know as we get pit more information. pthis is all developing just pwithin the last few minutes in pst. petersburg. palso developing tonight, a regame prayer controversy pcould in the up in court.
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pallowed to use the loudspeaker pto pray in a state high school pfootball championship. psome say it is the separation pof church and state, but pcambridge christian school says preligious freedom is being pviolated. pfox 13 aaron mesmer is life dc ptonight. pwhat does the school wanted pthis lawsuit? p>> reporter: administrators pwant an apology but this time pnext month, otherwise a lawsuit pcould be coming. pbut this could come down to is pwhether the separation of pchurch and state applies to two rivate schools using public roperty during a state-run of pit. p>> man: dear heavenly father, pwe thank you so much for this pbeautiful evening. p>> the pregame prayer is a ptradition a cambridge christian pschool from the 1960s. p[cheering] >> through this pseason with the team advances pto the state championship on a pgill winning field goal by pjacob ends. pand never thought the biggest pbattle within the up centering paround the prayer.
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pbe able to pray ust because it pis something we have done for pthe season. p>> days before the title game pagainst university christian pfrom jacksonville, cambridge is pheadmaster email the florida phigh school at the association pasking for permission to pray pof the loudspeaker. pthe request was denied.>> pman: frankly, it was pfrustrating and it hurts. pwe were upset about it. p>> the f ace haa says it was pagainst federal law to use the plast year for pray because the pcitrus bowl facility is public roperty, and it would be pillegal for state governing pbody to allow. pan attorney for cambridge pchristian says this violates pthe first amendment. p>> man: religious liberty is pnot something the government pgives to us, it is something pthat god gives to us. pthe government is duty bound by pthe first amendment to respect pit. pthey did that. p>> 'sschool is demanding they papologize in 30 days. pif that doesn't happen, the pcase could and up in court. p>> they are telling the entire
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pi have a message for each pstudent athlete in florida, it pis not wrong to pray in public. p>> the two teams pray just plike this, in a joint, quite rayer at was a pmoment they will all remember pbecause of what they say is pstill four. p>> man: we need to stand up pfor what is right, to set an pexample for others who are pcoming after us. p>> if this doesn't up in the pcourts, the school's attorney pis not ready at this point to ut some kind of monetary value pon what the school might be pasking for. pwe did contact f ace haa but phave not heard back this point. p>> aaron msmer, reporting for psite.thank you, aaron. p>> a troubled attorney will pnot be fighting to keep his plicense. pattorney stephen dion coaches pfiled a notice of dismissal for pthe state's supreme court. pin august, the court found him pand to others guilty of porchestrating the arrest of a prival attorney. pthe same judge recommended ermanent disbarment, and the particle says he will not fight
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pthe other two attorneys have pnot agreed to that yet and are pstill fighting to save their pcareers.the supreme court pcould hear those arguments pcoming up the summer. p>> new at 6:00, and alabama pman accused of attacking f5 pfound chihuahua named dixie pcustody of the state of pflorida. parthur jewell was facing animal pcruelty charges, at late last pnight they cannot come up with pa verdict. p>> he did not want another pjury or to go to jail, so i pcame up with india.>> man: i pdo not do that thing on dogs pand i've never seen it before pbut.>> and with that, arthur pjewell took what is called a pbest interest plea.that means phe does not admit guilt. p>> how do you wish to plead to pthis charge? p>> guilty. p>> when he pleads guilty panyway, but it is in his best pinterest if he was to avoid rison. pthis is a much calmer arthur pjewell them five days ago. p>> man: i am tired of being in pthe county jail for something i pdid not do so why don't you
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p>> when he lost it after a pjury was deadlocked on animal pcruelty charges against him. pwhen the jury did not find him pnot guilty, he blamed his pattorneys. p>> man: i cannot believe y'all pjust did this to me. pi can't believe you let this phappen to me. p>> i wanted to get rid of pthem. p>> man: if i can have just a pfew minutes to sit down and ptalk with mister jewell about pthe consequences. p>> man: can i fire my attorney pand go ahead and appeal this? p>> man: hold on. phold on. phold on. pyou need to go to a microphone pi can discuss something with pyou now that you raise that pagain. p>> jewell has always denied peating the lacy. pthe five actual lost her left peye and suffered internal pinjuries during the attack. pdixie survived and continues to precover. pdixie's former owner, donald pupton, pointed the finger to pjewell, but you'll tonight. pi even admitted under oath pthere is bad blood between the ptwo. p>> is it bad to say that you pand mister jewell did not like peach other and did not get palong?
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p>> other than a three-time pconvicted criminals were, the pdefense hammered home that the pstate had no evidence against pjewell. pin the end, the jury could not pagree on a verdict. pwith this deal, jewell walks pout of jail with three years robation. pnow, let's be clear. pthey did find jewell guilty of pa resisting arrest without pviolence assault, but with time pserved already, he walked away pa free man today. pmarkley. p>> man: very interesting. plike a good deal. pspeaking officers were called pout to the blue store on east pchelsea street. pleroy carlisle was leaving that pstore when he was shot. phe was taken to a hospital and phas non-life-threatening pinjuries. olice believe the shooter was pin a silver nissan and there pwas another group of men your pcarlisle. olice believe somebody in that pgroup may have been the pintended target. pthe city of bradington is about pto get their first female olice chief. pmelody bearman will take over pas a top cop. pshe was an assistant chief, and
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psaint pete and she worked for pthe department for 30 years and pwas a finalist for saint police pchief. ptoday, the city of bradington pofficially announced her as a pcheap usual replace michael prosinski who is retiring. p>> the races in iowa are neck pand neck, and for both parties, pwe have new projections for the pcaucus monday night. pour chief political editor pcraig patrick has been going pthrough the numbers. pwhat did you find out? p>> reporter: you cannot always ptrust the polls. pthey're wrong and great britain plester, from increase, and pdrawing in our own country time pand time again. pbecause of this, you have pmodels like the 538 model that plooks at other things beyond pjust the numbers. pthat is where it appears to pfavor still ted cruz. pthe 538 projection model has pbeen updated today giving him a p49 percent chance of winning in piowa on monday night with pdonald trump. pbeginning a 42 percent chance pof winning and iowa. pagain, this is based on turnout
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pand the prior performance in pthose poles. pthese models right now are pbased on if the caucus was ptoday. pof course, it is not. pit is still six days away, and pwhat is working in trump's pfavor is he appears to have psome momentum on the side. pthat is why this is surely very pmuch up for grabs. p>> and what about the latest pforecast in the democratic prace? pany will be there? p>> the movement in the polls phas been favoring ernie psanders. pright now, the polling is split pand chose it will be close. pif you look at the production pmodels, a different story. pthis is where it tends to favor phillary clinton. pjust the history of iowa pcombined with very complicated pcaucus rules that seem to work pin her favor when you have pdiverse support across the pstate as hillary clinton pappears to, as opposed to pbernie sanders, whose support pis more clustered in the east. pthis could bode very well for pher. por specifically, the 538 model pis giving her a 79 percent pchance of winning on monday pnight. pbernie sanders, 21 percent.
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phe knows he is the underdog. pthis has been the year were a plot of people, including bernie psanders, have come out of pnowhere still six days ago.>> phe seems to be enjoying the proles of our. p>> yes, he does. p>> take you. p>> linda: and firefighters are pbanding together to help one of ptheir own tonight. psix-year-old river ross's dad pis a firefighter. phe is at an all children's phospital in a coma tonight. plast week, his mom lost control pof the car crashed into a tree. pfor fractured his skull. phis dad's coworkers went to pfacebook and spread the message pabout what happened to little priver, and they also started to praise a lot of money for the pfamily. p>> man: to see this happen to pthem is heartbreaking. pi have been with the family the plast couple days: that the phospital with them both. pit is hard to see them torn papart like this. p>> oh, yes. pso far the online fundraiser phas generated about $18,000 for
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psurgeons will operate on his pfractured skull tomorrow, and pour thoughts and prayers for psure with the family tonight. pwell, the pirates are here. pit took over downtown today for pa meeting with them in mayor. poh no! pfind out what happens if we phave an innovation of the pweather walkway. p>> we will get all of the bad pweather out, but rapid changes pon the way. plast night, to 77 degrees ptoday.
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pclouds p p and begrudge them the keys to the city. p[explosions] p>> they sure know how to make pan entrance, do they? pthe pirates of the mister crew pof gasparilla storm then today pat high noon to meet with the pmayor but corn.they wanted pback to buckle and begrudge pthem keys to the city but he pbristled and they did not back pdown. p>> and the parents are now romising an all-out invasion. pchris cato who is new to the ptampa bay area and new to all
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pthrough all of this. pjust what, you are into it. p>> can you believe we are at pthe point of teetering at the pbrink of innovation? phopefully we are heading to a pday of fun and merrymaking, but pthey are bloodthirsty pirates. pand surprise the story is not phigher up in the newscast. pwe are talking about a pending irate invasion here, people! phere is how it all went out, pjust as he promised he would, pin a letter delivered to the pmayor signed a blood, of pcourse. phis band of paris this ended pupon tampa in a ship pulled by pchevy, making a lot of noise pand tossing beads to frightened pvisitors. pafter getting off the ship and osing for a few sofas, the pmarauders moved on to the pgaslight park where they met pwith the mayor. pthey tried to convince them to psurrender the key of the city, pavoiding a long and costly pbattle that could of the city. pbut the court would not bow. p>> man: let's take a vote. pshould i hold on and fight to pthe death and make sure that
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pour city? pwhat say ye, tampa bay? p[cheering] we are not giving pyou the keys! pwe are fighting to the death, pand we will see you saturday pwhen we throw one heck of a arty! phow about it, tampa? p[cheering] p>> man: no keys for the irates! p>> they have it. pwe will be pit will happen. pagain, gasparilla 2016 is pofficially on. pi am really starting to like pthe city. pthe celebration begins friday pnight with a prepubescent pcelebration at waterfront park pfeaturing live music with lots pof food and drinks. psaturday at 11 am, the pgasparilla invasion takes place pwith a jose gasparilla docking pat the convention center for pbrunch. p[laughter] you have to marvel pat pirates who can appreciate a pgood lunch. pno wrong for them, they will phave a bow he told.then and ponly then will the mayor hand
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ptradition dating back to 1904. pthe parade of pirates begins at p2 pm. pkelly, rrrr ready? p>> you are doing so great! pi am so proud of you.well, pthe popular bald eagle couple phad a baby today. pwe are all addicted to the feed pa life looking picture of the pnest in fort myers. pthere are two eggs. pthere were two eggs. pone hatched this morning. pthe chick is just a tiny ball pof gray fur. pcan you see that? pit is kind of hard to see, but pthere he is. pthe other should hatched panytime now, we are told. pmother and father are taking pturns sitting on the egg and pbringing food to the eaglet. pwe did see them bring a fish to pthe nest this afternoon. plook at that. pthat is incredible. p>> it really is. p>> you can watch is 24, seven. pthere is a link on a website, pfox 13 news. plook under seen on tv. pit is kind of mesmerizing, paddicting, to watch this, pmother nature at its best.i
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pgotten any work done all day pbecause of the life he. p>> is great watch, and great psound of it. pyou can hear the eaglet pchirping as well. pwho knows, within the next pcouple of hours we make it this pother sister. p>> it is precious!all right, aul. plet's hope for no stormy pweather for them. p>> i hope not. pwe have a lot going on, and pinitially it is incredible to pthink about how cold we were a pcouple of days ago, and today, papproaching 80 and some spots. pweather systems are really pmoving fast.take a look poutside today. pa lot of sunshine for the first phalf the day, and as the day rogresses, these clouds begin pto lower and thinking, and peventually by late afternoon, pthere was not much left. pa little bit of a sunset, but pthis cloud cover is a sign of pthings to come. pthe timing is such that it will pall be gone by the weekend. pand for gasparilla on sunday pshould be fantastic. pa lot of sunshine, with
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phere is the situation first and pforemost. pwe have storms arriving, and pthey could move in as soon as pthree to 4:00 in the morning as pthey come in from the southwest pas a developing warfront pimpacts us from the south. pryan will be heavy by daybreak. pthere is enough wind on the pupper atmosphere, and some of pthe data has a jet streams pabove us. p130 to 140s mile-per-hour. pthe storm winds are aloft and pwill help you thunderstorms protate the could produce a ptornado. pthat is one factor. pnot only that, but heavy rain. pat least an inch or two in some pspots. pit should all be done by pthursday afternoon. pit will not be a case where pfront goes by, france for two phours, the rain goes way, and pthe skies clear. pthat will not happen with this psystem. pit will happen in two ways. pthe first one is from the psouthwest. pthat comes up from the psouthwest by daybreak, sits paround the bay by 1:00, and pbreaks it.
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pbut there will be significant pbands of rain on radar. pduring the afternoon, another pbeing afraid goes by and there pcould be a lull until thursday. pfinally, a cold front will move psouth on the peninsula. pwhen that happens, the weather pshould improve dramatically. pas i said, but a rebound. p66 on monday, 77 today. pwith sunshine and more of a psoutheasterly went across the eninsula. pour land-based radars are icking up ryan, now increasing psouthwest of us. pthis is like a developing pwarfront. %pthat alone at night and psometimes produce severe pstorms. pwe will be watching southwest pof us. pand then, this is the rain phere. pthe frontal boundary is back phere, but the rain we get ptonight is really not attached pto the front at all. pjust a huge mass of weather. pthis is the weather that should pbe arriving on thursday. pthat will come in along the pfrontal boundary.
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pa frontal boundary here, rain pnear new orleans heading to the pmouth of the mississippi. pthe rain extends out into the pgulf, lightning here. pall the way to houston, waco, paustin, that is our weather for pthursday. pour weather for tonight is down phere. pthis will come up from the psouth and southwest and robably increasing coverage. pwe will watch that of the radar pthroughout the night. pright now, as i mentioned, a phuge warm-up. pthe mercury now is in the pmid-70s, and you can finally pturn off the heat in your phouse. pthe dew points come up as well pinto the 50s and 60s. pfuturecast shows the plume of pmoisture over the bait area by p4:00 in the morning. pthat will come over for the ptime, and a frontal boundary pwill approach wednesday pafternoon into wednesday night. pthat goes by, and finally, by pthursday, a vast majority of pthe rain will slide southeast pof us. pthe storm prediction center,
6:19 pm
pdaytona south is the highest plikelihood of severe weather. pnot quite as clear-cut as it pwas a couple of weekends ago, pbut it really is a good time to phave your skype calibrator at pand see how things will play pout. pwe have this next you on the pstand at night, in case of a pwarning. pyou get a verbal b or an audio palert to let you know bad pweather is possible, or in many pcases, on the way. pyou have to have the sky tower papp. ptonight, showers and pthundershowers develop after pmidnight, and some will be pheavy. pfor tomorrow, there will be a. pa friend with a few pthunderstorms diminishing later pin the day at about 72. pthere could be one more round pof showers and thundershowers pon thursday. pi'll and with 65 for a high. ponce all the mess goes by, the pweekend should be really nice. p50s and 70s for highs, and the pweather for the pirate pinvasion, perfect. p74 a high, 35 for a low early
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p>> first, the race the test pteams endurance. pwe will catch up with one pdriver who will be behind the pwheel this weekend. pthus, the bulls are back in
6:21 pm
pwin 3
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p now, the us f men's pbasketball team avoided a pdouble digit loss over the pweekend. pthe holes got it done on the proad, which is really important pfull of their next ex games paway from the sun dome. pthe victory gave the bulls a pboost during these tough times. p>> reporter: more than halfway pthrough the season, orlando's pbulls had just three wins. pfor the fourth consecutive pyear, they will finish with a plosing record, even if they win pnow. pthe light at the in that the ptunnel may have dimmed, but it pnever disappeared. p>> man: number zero for the pconference! pthen, send a happen. pthe skin was over. p>> we were one or two ositions away, one of the pdifferences in looking back and preflecting on the houston game pand all the previous games is pwe got to the free-throw line pand we made free throws. p>> their 26 free throws made
6:23 pm
pdoubled their season average. pjamaal mcmurray pulled in a pgame-high 30 points to help plead us after the first pconference win of the season. p>> we just know in the future pwe will start to get winds.we pare been preaching that are pworking towards that. p>> the freshman guard to be a pbig part of the future. phe is averaging 35 minutes per pgame and almost 15 points per pgame. pthere is no doubt he can shoot pthe ball, but it is his pcharacter that has impressed pantigua. p>> his growth, his leadership, phow he has continued to improve phis decision-making of the pcourt. pthose are the things from the pstart of the season to now that pyou see that continues to get pyou excited. p>> as a team, the bulls are pworking to become a more sound punit as well.winds like this pover houston away from the sun pdome are important in the bulls prebuilding process.>> man: pdefinitely. pthere is no environment like
6:24 pm
pwhen you get a win on the road, pit boost guys competence and pyou play well. p>> now we have to move on.we phave a bunch of other road pgames coming up now. p>> it will first work towards utting together a win streak, psomething the bulls have not pdone since november 2014. pmerissa lynn, fox 13 sports. p>> and the cars hit the track pin daytona. pit is the official start, the ractice runs get it going. pone card that is still turning pheads is this delta wink car pthat they took, painted black, pand there you can see it. aint it black, and you don't, pthat man could drive that thing paround. pcatherine lake has been pdeveloping the delta wink roject nearly since its pinception right now. pthe race will be this weekend pfor the 24 hours of daytona. psome call it a supercharged ptricycle. plake just calls it fast and psays it is fun to drive.
6:25 pm
phalf the power, half the down) pthe devils are underneath the pcar, and yet, we do the same pspeed as the prototypes. pone thing for sure is you pcannot walk past it without an popinion. pyou see a porsche, you see an paudi, easy b it is pretty pcommon. pbut you walk past this and say, pwow, what is that? pit is the delta wink and has a plot of attention and it is a pcool project to be a part of. p>> that is a crazy looking pcar. p>> it looks like a rocketship pout there almost. pi hope she can keep it on the ptrack. pit looks like it was for pstealing a little bit. p>> the speed makes it fast pthough. p>> is right.
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pwhen p p with less than a week to pgo into the iowa caucus, the residential hopefuls are out pin full force. pboth sides continue to campaign pvery hard across the hawkeye pstate is a scramble to gain any plast and it momentum they can. pthese are the latest poll pnumbers revealing republican privals donald trump and ted pcruz are at a virtual tie. p>> the democratic rivals are pclosing in. p>> reporter: a university poll pshows that is still very much a
6:27 pm
pgop rivals donald trump and ted pcruz. pseparated by just two ercentage points, but being a ptop the polls comes with its pchallenges. pcrews taking heavy power from phis opponents as the battle for piowa just six days away bridges pon. p>> man: he represented a pchinese company that is still pin seekers from an american pinventor. pthis is part of a broader roblem or test is one things pon some issues and really his precord is some different. p>> cruz getting right back. p>> man: is a false attack. pit is a bogus attack. phe did not work them. pi was to justify the candidates pare going that direction, that pthey are very frustrated by the pdynamic that is playing out on pthe ground. p>> when it comes to democratic plikely caucus goers in iowa, pbernie sanders appears to be pclosing the gap with hillary pclinton. pthe latest poll shows clinton's p14 point lead has been slashed pto just six points with each pmaking their final pitch in
6:28 pm
p>> woman: i believe i am the pbetter person to be the pdemocratic nominee, and, to be pthe president and pcommander-in-chief of the pcountry. p>> man: secretary clinton was psecretary of state for four pyears. pthat is a lot of experience. pbut, experience is important, pbut judgment is also important. p>> republicans will have one plast chance to exchange jabs pfor next week's caucus as the pcandidates go head-to-head in pthe fox news gop debate this pthursday night in des moines. pin washington, joe waldman, fox p13 news. p>> another news tonight, you pknow him from his roles as tvs pernie miller and the god father pmovie. ptalking about a pagoda. phe played detective fish and pthe spinoff of fish in the 80s. phe also played south sco in the pgodfather and in series of tv proles. phis daughter said he died in phis sleep at his home in new pjersey and died of old age, he pwas never sick and he was 94.
6:29 pm
pand ice are not the problems. pall eyes are on the crumbling pseawall. ptake a look at this, pacifica, pcalifornia. pstorms are eroding the pcoastline at an alarming rate. pdozens of homes and apartment pbuildings and businesses, all pof these are in danger of pfalling into the pacific right pnow with the cliff itself just pgoing in. psome have already started to pcrumble. pcity employees have placed phundreds of large boulders to pblock the water from the bottom pof the eroding balls. pthey are might not help from pthe state and federal level to ptry to get this to stop, but it pdoes not look like anything is pdoing any good. pand, some scary moments in pwheeling, illinois. pa small private plane skidded poff the runway at the chicago pexecutive airport. pofficials are blaming the pconditions. ptwo pilots were the only ones
6:30 pm
pa 108-year-old bridge in ennsylvania is no more. pthe holton bridge and harmer pwas imploded. pthere he goes. pit took more than 500 pexplosives to blow the steel pbridge across the allegheny priver. pa bridge is already under pconstruction and is expected to popen at the and of october. p>> the are running president pis in rome today. pit is the first visit from the piranian president and more than ptwo decades. pamy kellogg's tells us that pthis lifts the sanction on pimports. p>> it is a state visit with phuge international pimplications. phe is here in rome, the first pmajor stop in a european trip pdesigned to drum up trade and pinvestment. peconomic sanctions were precently left as part of the pnuclear agreement. pdeals with some $18 million phave already been signed. p>> translator: iran is the psafest most stable country in pthe entire region as no pinterest in attacking or pevading any nation, and we do pnot wish to fear in the affairs pof any country. p>> there also meeting with ope francis, the two leaders
6:31 pm
pminutes. pthe pope asked connie to help pstop the spread of violence in pthe middle east, underlined the pimportance of diplomacy and pextremism. p>> signing the nuclear accord pand the certification date pwhich followed permitted a pchapter between iran and the pinternational committee. p>> some lawmakers have been pcritical of the new outreach pfrom iran and the nuclear deal pthat facilitated it. pbut the obama administration is pstill insisting that engagement pis the best way to contain any pthreat from iran. p>> runs path to building a pbomb has been closed off. pin an additional source of pdanger in the middle east, has pbeen removed. p>> next up is a trip to paris, pbut no steak dinner. pthat idea was canceled after an pa running request not to serve pwine at the palace for the pevent, a protocol conundrum pthat the french decided simply pto avoid. pand rome, amy keller, fox 13 pnews. p>> is it a separation of pchurch or state, or a violation
6:32 pm
p>> up next, we 3 it was the p p it was one of the biggest pgames of the year on one of the pbiggest nights of their lives. pthe state football championship pin. pwhen one for both he wanted to psay a pregame prayer of the ploudspeaker, the florida pathletic association said no pbecause the game was being layed in a taxpayer-funded pstadium. pour tampa attorney and legal pexpert jeff brown is here to ptalk about this tonight.first pof all, thank you for being phere, jeff.
6:33 pm
pamendment rights were violated. pwere they? p>> let's talk a little bit pabout the basis a structure for pthis.the florida high school pathletic association, they are pan organization that is precognized by the legislature, pus, they are the governing body pfor all public schools in pflorida. pthey have to follow the law and pbound by the u.s. supreme court pin the state of florida. pthey have to respect the pseparation between religious or pgovernment-funded organizations pwhere there is taxpayer dollars pinvolved. pwhy they allow there to be rayers both for the team pbefore the game or maybe after pthe game, they can just not put pit over the loudspeaker to make pthe religion. pand in fact, in this game, both pschools were able to have their pown prayers on the field for pthe team before and after the pgame. pwhat people are missing is that pboth of the schools are not ublic schools. pthey are private schools.
6:34 pm
pthe fha a. they did not have pto, they chose to do so. pbut they chose to join that, pthey must then fall under the prules that govern all the ublic schools. pif they do not want to do this, pif they want to be able to have pa prayer over the public ploudspeaker, they can form ptheir own leak and conference pand be with other christian pschools or whatever religious pschools they want. pthen, they will be able to do pwhatever they want for prayer pof the loudspeaker. pthe issue really is not that pthey cannot have their prayer, pthe issue is they cannot do it pof the loudspeaker. p>> so does not matter that the pgame was played in a text but pit stadium? pthat really has nothing to do pwith this? p>> the issue is, what kind of pa prayer are they all have to pdo? pone of the things that the u.s. psupreme court repeatedly has psaid that you cannot look as if pthe school is endorsing a preligion. pyou cannot have that in a ublic stadium where there are ublic schools. pso that is the separation, that pis the line the drawer.
6:35 pm
pspecifically is being held to plook as if you are endorsing a preligion. pcan you have your praise? pyes you can. pjust not of the loudspeaker. pif you want to go and have pmore, you can do that too. pjust joined the fha as a and phave your own conference and do pall the prayers you want pwithout having to worry about pthe government saying you are pviolating church and state. p>> the school said that they pwant an apology or the mess pwho? pbut you think they will get an papology and they don't have a pcase? p>> they don't have a case and pi doubt they will get the papology. pthat is not the issue though pfor a lot of people when we ptalk about religion. preligion is an issue that preally goes we are just having pa public debate about it. eople feel very strongly about ptheir religious stains. pdo i see them soon? pyes, i do. pit comes to religion, nothing psurprises me. pi see that they might sue, and punfortunately for them, the pu.s. supreme court has already
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6:38 pm
pbackyard but have not found it pyet. p>> meyer lansky's fortune has pmysteriously disappeared. pthe search details tonight at p10:00. p>> the price of crude oil went pup today, the s&p was up 26. psprint has announced more job pcuts today. pthe cell phone company peliminating 2500 positions, peight percent of its workforce. plast week, sprint notified pemployees that six of their pcustomer service centers around pthe country will be closing pthose locations or at least preducing staff. pthe recent round of layoffs on pthe first since 2014. pand gopro has their gopro hero pfor cameras that you can attach pto your iphone. pjust open the periscope on the piphone, hit the broadcast pbutton.
6:39 pm
pusers can switch between the pgopro and the iphone feasible pbroadcasting as well. p>> impressive. pnew at six tonight, pst a, the ublic bus company, search and preshape itself after voters pdenied the green light sales ptax. pthere are many other money psaving ideas, including poffering cooper and taxi cab pcoupons to help some writers pget to a bus stop. pa lot of changes, and fox 13 psteve nichols tells us lots of pquestions from bus riders. p>> man: if you ride buses in pand out of saint pete's, pwilliams park, and lots of eople do. p>> man: i write the bus if i phave to. pdoes my transportation prenounced for a really rely on pmy pst bus situation. p>> you would notice that the lexiglas is now gone for the ark. psaturday night, the frames will pdisappear, and two weeks later, pthe buses move away to. p>> man: has this been on the pnews? p>> not so much. pbut when the pronounced letters
6:40 pm
pcompany shifted into make do pgear. p>> man: we are not going under pand will find a way. p>> buses can ride in straight palliances that use transfer phubs like williamsburg. phere's today's downtown saint ete robinette. pthis is what it will look like pin three weeks. pmore to follow. p>> man: next fall we will robably be doing some pstreamlining and rate pstraightening difference in pnorthern patel's county. p>> another possibility? pelectric buses that stop more pup front but may save more pmoney over time. ptsa is also going to try to pstart offering three dollars puber and united taxi coupons to pget the writers get the bus pstops. p>> woman: obviously not peveryplace who want to serve pinfidels county is a part preally served with a big 40 pfoot bus. p>> but the most immediate pchange is in williams park, pwhere this weekend, the pemployees will have to start pexplaining route changes pface-to-face.
6:41 pm
pi would really appreciate the pinformation. p>> infidels county, steve pnichols, fox 13. p>> child: and that is a wrap! p[laughter] p>> the biggest challenge now pis buying buses. pthey have enough to buy seven por eight a year. pthey need to be by twice that pmay. p>> construction is noisy and ploud and can be an eyesore. psome lakeland business owners psay it is turning away people. pthe real estate company built pthe land from north a street on peast kentucky avenue. pthey will have residential pdining a real talent shop just psouth of lakeland. pbut the construction is hurting ptheir business. prt johnson, she comes home pessentials and says that the pconstruction blocks street pvisibility and make it hard for pcustomers to even get into her pstore. p>> woman: it is just the lack pof visibility that has totally pshut down this. pwe were fine before christmas, palthough we were down, but we pwere running b we still are
6:42 pm
pattract people in here. p>> bernie said neither the pcity nor the developer has rovided any source of pcompensation or assistance. pconstruction is expected to pfinish sometime this fall.>> pat eagle in brooklyn is making pheadlines after a group of pfriends try to rented out on pair b&b. pthey built the snow house pduring the height of the pweekend was her. pthey dumped it a boutique pwinter igloo for two and tried pto rented out on air b&b for p$200 night. pbut, air b&b pulled the posting pbecause it does not meet pguidelines. pfive people contacted them, but pnobody follow through. pit would not be very comfy pcozy. p>> i would say not. pwhat a contrast to, for much of pthe day because it felt like pthe temperature dropped 20 pdegrees. p>> a day. p>> the problem with the igloo pis it was 48 degrees today.
6:43 pm
ptime check out, it is gone and pbelted so you are sitting in a ool. pit you are right, the dramatic pincrease in temperature is a psign of things to come. pmoisture is back in a big way. plet's take a look outside pbecause today, it is 2:00 in pthe afternoon. pyou can see the streams of pcloud, mostly serious, serious pcialis coming in later throat pthe day. pyou see the sunset way off in pthe distance, and the ptemperature now is decidedly pwarmer than it was yesterday, pand incredibly higher than it pwas a couple of days ago.77 pdegrees, so here seven degrees pabove the average. pall of you were shivering, just p24 hours ago. plet's talk about what happened pin the el nic winters. pyou have rapid weather changes pbecause you have a jet stream pon top of us or on top of you pand that pushes things along. pthat is why we really get one pday in a road complete with psunshine. pwe actually just missed the precord by seven degrees. pwe are closer to a record high pat a record low for sure. psebring, sebring over the
6:44 pm
pthey were 81 degrees today. phow about that? pfrostproof double sevens, plakeland 75, up near 80. pthey were in the 20s a couple pof days ago. pthat is incredible! pyou have clouds moisture pincreasing south and west of pus. peven though, the tet line is, pthere's a friend approaching us pfrom the west, it really is not pthis front initially that will pbring us rain. pit's will be this slug of ptropical moisture increasing pfrom the southwest. pi think by 4:57 am, there could pbe some rain around, could be psome thunder, too. pwe will watch out for the risk pof severe weather, but it does pnot look as bad or as honest as pit did a couple of weekends pago. pbut anytime b you have a fast pjet spring overhead. pyou at least have to watch for pthe possibility of strong pthunderstorms. pall it takes is one pthunderstorm to rotate and
6:45 pm
pthen you talk about the ossibility of a tornado. pthat threat does exist early ptomorrow morning. pheavy rain, new orleans, the pmouth of the mississippi and pthe parishes of louisiana. pthat continues tonight. pryan near houston with more pthunderstorms over the gulf. pthis is heading our way, but pnot our weather for tonight. pour weather is this, then we pwill head our way from the psouthwest overnight. pwest today, 69. pst. pete had a 70. p74 tampa, 74 sun city center. psame in brooksville and/or land po lakes at wesley chapel. pwe are again dear 7771, bartow pgot 66 degrees. pso, future cast shows the band pof rain moving on four by 4 am. psome of this will be heavy. pthe morning commute, probably pnot good with areas of heavy prain and thunderstorms, too. ptomorrow just looks like a wet pday. pthis is not usually one of our pwinter winter months, but it pmay in that being in one of our
6:46 pm
pjanuary is on the record with a ploop moving across state monday pand thursday. ptonight, rain with a few pthunderstorms developing after pmidnight. pwe are in the mid 60s with rain pand storms off and on tomorrow. pit may diminish a bit during pthe afternoon, and there should pbe another round of rain is pfrank goes by early on pthursday. p68, and once all that axis to pthe right, the weather is pshaping up really good for the pweekend. pwe will do 65 on friday, 66 for
6:47 pm
3 tonight at eleven... it's the device credited with saving a man's life... hear why sarasota deputies are growing more confident that these injectors could help reverse a heroin epidemic.
6:48 pm
( and... nearly ten months after her husband was killed in a helicopter crash... this florida woman says... he isn't gone for good. p p plet her know he is still by her pside. pyou have to see that story and pmore tonight at 11:00 p>> thank you, is. pshe's competing in a worldwide pla competition that could pchange your life. pit has a hard beds quest for pgreatness is what is right with ptampa bay. p . p>> 15-year-old tessa hartman pdances a cross the floor with recision and grace. p>> woman: it is different than pa lot of things. pyou need a lot of strength but phave to look good while doing pit quest tessa has started pballet dancing four years ago pand has become a rising star. p>> i like doing performances.
6:49 pm
pon stage. p>> tessa's dedication has presulted in an invitation to pcompete in the world's most restigious ballet competition pand switzerland. p>> man: he gives her a lot of popportunities to choose from. pif she does well and is in pfavor, she can basically select pwhere she wants to pursue her pcareer, whether in this country por abroad. p>> tessa is one of four pdancers in the country who pqualified for the competition. pache total of 71 dancers from p19 different countries were pselected. p>> woman: i feel really pexcited. p>> man: it discovers the best pand brightest of students who phave a trajectory toward a rofessional career. p>> woman: i feel like i have pgrown a lot here at next pgeneration with the training
6:50 pm
p>> a young lady determined to pmeet her destiny as the next pgreat dancer. p>> chris: how about that? p>> she can, too. pshe has prepared, and we wish pher tremendous luck. p>> before we go, we want to pleave you with one more live plook at the eagle cam in south pflorida. phere is mama taking care of the pfirst one, but there is another pache down here. phopefully we will get another pone for the into the night.
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